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SAP Fiori – 1 Hour Introduction for End Users

Learn how to work with SAP Fiori, understand the Fiori Launchpad and the different App types in just 1 hour.

Created by Thomas Michael - SAP guru. Maker of Gin. Drummer. New Yorker. From Hamburg.


Students: 4996, Price: $19.99

Students: 4996, Price:  Paid

Take this course and in just 1 hour you'll know the basics of SAP Fiori!

This course explains SAP's new user interface Fiori as part of the SAP S/4 HANA system. Learn how to navigate and personalize your Fiori Launchpad as well as how to add new groups, tiles and apps. Also, understand how to work with Fiori apps & tiles.  After you have completed this course you will be able to work with Fiori Apps.

Learn How To Create Your Own Launchpad Cover from A-Z!

Do you want/have a Launchpad, but you don't know how to use it? Then this course is perfect for you!

Created by Pro Launchpadder - Launchpadder/YouTuber


Students: 223, Price: $29.99

Students: 223, Price:  Paid

In this course you will learn everything about your Launchpad, and also how to use it.

It doesn't matter which Launchpad model you have, or which version of Ableton Live. It works the same for every type and version!

After this course you will be able to create your very own Launchpad Cover from your favourite song!

Accounting Basics – learn through English and Tamil

Build Strong Basics of accounting with ease. The perfect launchpad for beginners, students , professionals and bankers

Created by Parimala Gururajan - A Passionate Teacher


Students: 76, Price: $34.99

Students: 76, Price:  Paid

The course aims at equipping the learners with the basics of accountancy in an effective way.  The explanations of the topics in the subject are made to understand easily and interestingly. The course is aimed to be useful for students, professionals, bankers or anyone who wish to start their career, involving the subject of Accountancy.

  • Diagrammatic representation of theories provided in required concepts, impactful lectures with illustrative problems relating to concepts, highlights to ease the learning in every slide.

  • The learners who wish for a good start and a great career will find the course very attractive in all aspects in reaching their goal of success.

  • The lectures include basic accounting concepts like accounting principles, concepts, conventions, book-keeping, transactions, account categories, a double-entry system, and so on. The topics in the course covered are the journal, ledger, Profit and Loss account, Trading account, trial balance, BRS, till the preparation of the Balance Sheet. The videos help in the assimilation of concepts, elaborated with appropriate examples and illustrations.

  • To evaluate one's own understanding of the lectures in the videos, various "Test your knowledge" questions, "Try these" problems, quizzes and tests have also been provided on each topic.

  • The contents are explained lucidly in English and Tamil language. The perfect launchpad for Accountancy, for Students and Professionals.

  • The course is well designed to ease the learners understanding,  concepts explained with practical illustrations coupled with animated slides and live classroom sessions. Updates are done monthly to make learners learn further.  As the concepts are explained in both languages, Tamil and English, the course provides a high understanding for sure success.

  • A better understanding of concepts paves way for a better career. Aim high and achieve high. "We can do wonders when the basics are strong".

Wishing the learners all Success and a Happy Learning.

The JavaScript Regular Expression Launchpad

Learn how to write efficient, powerful, maintainable regular expressions in JavaScript

Created by Zsolt Nagy - Technical Development Lead, Mentor, and IT Career Coach


Students: 57, Price: $69.99

Students: 57, Price:  Paid

Most JavaScript developers have a hard time creating and maintaining regular expressions. This is because regular expressions are misunderstood. Regexes are just as imperative as JavaScript itself.

Grab your cheat sheet at the beginning of the course for a quick relief, then proceed to learning the regular expression language constructs one by one.

The Voice Projection Launchpad

Speak louder for longer, without straining, getting a sore throat, or losing your voice.

Created by Carrie Griffiths - Professional Vocal Coach


Students: 8, Price: $24.99

Students: 8, Price:  Paid

Do you ever struggle to make yourself heard? Do you have problems speaking loudly, projecting your voice, or adding dynamic range when you speak? Would you like to be able to speak more confidently and with more authority in the classroom, boardroom, even in day-to-day settings such as the office, or at parties?

It’s a harsh fact that we are often judged by the way we sound and if you struggle to make yourself heard it can kill your confidence. If you avoid loud gatherings, avoid speaking up at meetings, or simply struggle to make yourself heard, this course is for you.

With a sole focus on helping you to speak louder, for longer, without sounding shrill or causing damage, best-selling artist, Speaker, and award-winning voice coach Carrie Griffiths takes you through this step-by-step guide to project your voice with ease.

This course answers the most common questions about how to project your voice, speak louder without causing damage or losing your voice so that you can stop worrying about how you sound, focus more on your listeners, and make a bigger impact.

By the end of the course you will understand how to speak louder for longer, without straining, getting a sore throat, or losing your voice.

With explanations of the body as an instrument, you could be projecting your voice with ease in just a few weeks!

What you will learn:

~ Physical, facial and vocal warm-up

~ Voice technique exercises and activities

~ How to improve your confidence

Future & Options Launch-Pad

Empower your investment with Practical Knowledge of F&O

Created by CA Arun Tiwari - Professional and Practical Learning for Stock Market


Students: 3, Price: $19.99

Students: 3, Price:  Paid

Hello There,

First of All, congratulations on making the right investment i.e. in knowledge, In the Stock market Knowledge, is wealth, As it helps you to create and protect the Wealth.

In this course, You will learn how you can start your journey in F&O Segment. The Course is Purely Practical and Professional from a learner's point of view.

Unnecessary Jargon, Theory, and Concepts have been avoided to provide the point of Practical knowledge that will help you to start taking trade-in F&O with Confidence.

This course is intended to enable people to understand the various requirements like opening a Demat Account, Investment and F&O segment activated, Margin requirement, etc.

I tried here to put everything into a very simple and systematic flow of topics, I also tried to cut down unnecessary chapters that are not useful in today’s Smart trading terminals and outdated formulas.

Most of the chapters reflect today's market conditions in highly automated and technical investing and trading activities

Jump in and let's learn only those points which are required to launch you to be a profitable F&O Investor, without taking the unnecessary risk of Future & Options

See you there, & Hope you will learn something valuable with

CA Arun Tiwari

Chartered Accountants

Chapter Wise Description is given hereby:-

Lecture 2 #  In this Chapter you will learn about Pre-requirements to deal in the Future & Options Segment. All those are explained with the procedure.

Lecture 3 # In this Chapter you will learn to choose the right broker for your F&O investment Journey