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Find the best online Latin Language Courses for you. The courses are sorted based on popularity and user ratings. We do not allow paid placements in any of our rankings. We also have a separate page listing only the Free Latin Language Courses.

An Introduction to Classical Latin

Classical Latin Course for Beginners

Created by Benedict Atchley - Latin Teacher and Student


Students: 4203, Price: $29.99

Students: 4203, Price:  Paid

Learn the basics of Classical Latin in this first of two introductory courses.  Students who take this course will learn basic Latin grammar and syntax, as well as a comprehensive vocabulary, which expands with each lesson.

Benefits of taking this class include:

- Learning the father language of all Romantic languages (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French).  This is an excellent gateway language to learning many new languages in the future.

- Learning  the etymology of thousands of English words which derive their meaning from Latin.

- Learning the mechanics of a new language will help students come to a better understanding of grammar in their own language.

Materials Included:

- Short 3-7 minute lectures for each lesson

- Document accompanying each lesson subject, which includes 10-15 vocabulary word list

- Sentences to translate from Latin to English and English to Latin

- Self-test exams every five chapters

- Answer key for exams and translation exercises

- Bonus vocabulary list (which I will continue to add to)

Implementing Azure Cognitive Services for Language

Gain foundational knowledge of the text analytics API to understand the Microsoft Cognitive Services suite

Created by Packt Publishing - Tech Knowledge in Motion


Students: 43, Price: $89.99

Students: 43, Price:  Paid

Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs allow developers to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to create apps that can more effectively understand and interpret the needs of users. Even the simplest of business applications can have a global reach, requiring developers to consider the culture and languages across regions.

This course focuses on how to implement Cognitive Services in your business or organization for day-to-day operations based on language-related services. In this course, you'll learn how to understand, configure, utilize, and work with text analysis, translator text, content moderation, Bing spell check and the Language Understanding Intelligence Service (LUIS). You'll learn the type of data that these APIs analyze, what scenarios they are best suited for, and how to leverage them in your code. You will be able to detect language, key phrases, entities, and sentiment and translate between languages in real-time. You'll delve into the exciting Language Understanding Intelligence Service (LUIS), which allows apps to accept a user's input in natural language.

By the end of this course, you'll gain foundational knowledge of the text analytics API that will help you take your overall understanding of the Microsoft Cognitive Services suite to the next level.

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