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Knitting 101 | Beginners Guide to Knitting

Learn Knitting from Beginner to Confident with this Knitting 101 Course. Beginners Guide to Knitting.

Created by eqp us - Equipping Digital Entrepreneurs


Students: 2305, Price: $74.99

Students: 2305, Price:  Paid

In this course I will take you on a journey from beginner knitter to someone who understands knitting terms and can follow a pattern and create new pieces.  Learn how to knit  with easy to follow videos and exercises. No experience required!

Have you ever wanted to learn to knit? This is a fun and full course that was designed for you in mind.

Knitting 101 is for Beginners and is a self paced course. Designed to guide novice students on how to get started Knitting. This course starts right at the beginning. By understanding the tools and techniques needed to start knitting today. You will learn all my top tips and tricks as well as be guided though multiple patterns using the basic knit and purl stitches.  How to make a scarf, how to change colors, how to knit in the round, I teach more advances stitches And so much more. This course also contains practical exercises, all the resources terms, patterns and demonstration lectures.  Which you can follow along at your own pace, and share your final projects in the Q and A section if you wish.

In this course we use

2 sizes of knitting needles,

  • Recommended for Beginners, Big needles, US size 11 -17 mm range

  • Also Needles that are small US size 3-7 mm… range.

2 sizes of yarn, 

  • sizes  5-7 Bulky- jumbo recommended for beginners,

  • 2-3 light for final project.

a tapestry needle

a pair of sizzlers,

Circular needles,

crochet hooks, (to fix mistakes)

and stuffing for the final Project.

Each section builds upon the last. Accompanied with practical exercises for you to download.

The course consists of over Four hours of video content. Segmented into 35+ modules. Plus, as a lifetime student you have the opportunity to request new topics. At no extra cost to you.

Have Questions? No problem. This course has a dedicated Q&A section where you can post your questions. Ask for some feedback. Or share your results from the course. I will reply to questions within this course, and would love to hear if there is anything I can do better as well.

So, if you have ever wanted to learn to knit, but did not know where to begin. This course is for you. Come join and we will begin this journey together.

Who this knitting course is for:

  • This knitting course is ideal for anyone who wishes to learn how to knit.

  • Even if you have never had any skills crafting before, this highly structured course, can teach you the fundamentals to developing your Knitting skills and give you the tools to succeed

  • This course may NOT be suitable for someone already an advanced Knitter.

The basic patterns I teach in this course that involve the Knit + Purl stitches Include:

The Garter stitch• The Stockinette Stitch • The Sand Knit Stitch • The Seed Stitch • The 1x1 Rib Stitch and • the Moss Rib Knit Stitch I have more that I plan to cover in later videos as well. Each of these you can learn and add as a piece to your blanket.

I share a glossary of terms and Abbreviations you might run into. And let you know everything I use for this course.

The Complete Guide to Knitting | Beginner to Advanced

Learn how to knit like a pro from a complete beginner on this knitting journey with fun projects along the way!

Created by Lily Love - Knitting Instructor


Students: 347, Price: $49.99

Students: 347, Price:  Paid

This knitting journey is perfect for you if you are a complete beginner or if you just want to build on existing skills because we will be learning EVERY aspect of knitting!

We will start by learning the core skills of knitting and understand the different textures and sizes of knitting utensils. We will advance our skills to learn different patterns and textures and how to add shape to our projects with increasing and decreasing stitches. This will lead us to discover how to read knitting patterns and how to put all our new skills together to create a plethora of projects to your creativity or desire! Once you are confident with these skills, we can progress to learning the advanced techniques and equipment of knitting.

Although we will be learning a lot, we will learn at the pace you are comfortable with on our knitting journey so you will eventually be able to knit like a pro and have fun learning without an ounce of stress. Along the way, we will learn how to make all different types of projects. But the main goals of this course are for you to love the wonderful art of knitting and have fun!

Learn to Knit in 3 Easy Lessons By The Knitting Channel

Three lessons take you from beginner to advanced knitter, hosted by Celebrity Knitting Coach, Jill Moray.

Created by Jill Moray - Celebrity Knitting Coach


Students: 339, Price: $29.99

Students: 339, Price:  Paid

Declared "The Best How-To Knitting Videos Ever Produced," The Knitting Pretty series will teach you an easier, faster and more enjoyable way to knit than traditional knitting.  

Hosted by celebrity knitting expert and host of The Knitting Channel, Jill Moray, these videos take you from absolute beginner to advanced knitter in three easy half-hour lessons.  Each lesson has it's own knitting project which you create with Jill.

Knitting Pretty Volume 1: Basic Knitting - This lesson will teach you all the knitting basics and more!

You'll learn how to Knit, Purl, Cast on, Bind off, as well as the Garter Stitch and the Stockinet Stitch. Jill then works with you as you knit a hip scarf using two different stitches! 

Materials needed: US size 8 knitting needles, Worsted weight yarn, Yarn needle.  

Knitting Pretty DVD 2: Intermediate Knitting - The fun continues when Jill teaches you Ribbing, Double Ribbing and Binding off in Ribbing.  Youl'll learn multiple ways to Increase Stitches and Decrease Stitches, as well as how to Fix Your Mistakes. 

The knitting project is a warm and cozy hat that you and Jill knit together using the techniques taught in this lesson. 

Materials Needed: US size 11 knitting needles, 2 skeins of worsted weight yarn, yarn needle.

Knitting Pretty DVD 3: Working with Color - This exciting lesson teaches you how to incorporate colorful patterns and designs into your knitting!  Learn how to knit colorful Vertical and Horizontal Stripes, the Intarsia and Fair Isle techniques. You'll also learn how to follow a Color Chart and create your own Yarn Bobbins.

The knitting project in this lesson is a colorful Pillow Top that uses four colors and the Intarsia technique. 

Materials Needed: US size 8 knitting needles, 2 skeins Karabella 8 worsted weight yarn in Cabernet (or color of your choice); 1 skein Karabella 8 worsted weight yarn in Lavender (or color of your choice), 1 skein Karabella 8 worsted weight yarn in Camel (or color of your choice), 1 skein Karabella 8 worsted weight yarn in Denim (or color of your choice), yarn needle.

4 Must know things to be Fabric Expert & Save Money on Cloth

12 Types of Fabrics, 12 Types of Weaving, 3 Types Knitting & How to Take Care of our Clothes - Washing & Drying Tips

Created by Basavaraj Patil - Author, International Trainer & Founder of Retailcoholic


Students: 232, Price: $29.99

Students: 232, Price:  Paid

Imagine for the moment, you are looking at a fabric and you know which type Fabric it is, Which type of weaving it is, what might be the approximate minimum cost of the Fabric, How to Take care your clothes you Love with Increasing their life and Save Money. Most important in your circle If anyone want to know about the fabric in their mind your name will pop up first because you have taken this course.

We hang our clothes till Slow DEATH! With Wrong Washing techniques, wrong Detergents, cleaning agents etc. Clothes not only a need to hide body, Clothes are attitude, Clothes gives us confidence. In the same way Good and clean clothes makes our Image. In this Course we will learn Steps to Wash clothes perfectly so that Life of clothes will increase, Look and feel will be greatly maintained. Which will ultimately save your tons of Time, Money and energy on buying new clothes, which you can spend with your family & Friends. Both Hand Wash and Machine Wash are covered.

Course is divided in 4 Parts -

1. Types of Fabrics - In which you will learn 12 Different Types of Fabrics

2. Types of Weaving - You will know how Fabrics are made from Weaving, and 12 Different types of Weaving

3. Types of Knitting - 3 Types of Knitting

4. How to Take care of Your Cloths for their Long Life and Save Money

          A. How to select Perfect Detergent for Your clothes

          B. How to Select Correct Cleaning Agents for your Cloths

          C. What Our Clothes Want to Say - Clothes' Language

          D. How to Soak and Submerge Clothes - in Handwashing Case

          E. Best Ways to Dry Clothes

Why You Should do this Course?

To be a fabric expert you need to understand Types of Fabrics, Weaving & Knitting thoroughly, so I have given an assignment to you in the course fr Clear understanding of Weaving.

More than 80% of Clothes Damages happen while washing and drying our clothes. Unknowingly we ruin our clothes life with wrong practices. I want to change that practice and attitude towards the buying new cloths and waste tons of money, time and energy.

After this course you will buy clothes not in compulsion but with Pure Wish.

Invest Your Money to Save Your Huge Time, Money and Energy on Clothes. Invest Your Money to be more confident in old clothes too. Because only you will know that your clothes are old, it will definitely look New if you do this course and implement things accordingly.

Best Luck..

Continental Knitting

A different, fun and fast way to knit. Designed for beginners or adventurous American style knitters.

Created by Rita de Maintenon - Fiber Artist, Designer, Author, Teacher, Restorations


Students: 156, Price: $19.99

Students: 156, Price:  Paid

This workshop teaches the continental knitting style, which is
considered a faster and more accurate way of knitting by many who have tried it. It is
especially easy for people who crochet, since we use the left hand to
deliver the yarn. We cover short tail cast on, knitting and purling
continental style, as well as several cast-off options. Students will explore many tips and tricks to keep the practice fun and are inspired to create their own style and designs.

Several beginner projects are included

Beginner level