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QUICKLY Become a Jazz Chords Master (Guitar)

Mix Sexy Chords into YOUR Favorite Rock & Pop Songs + Effortlessly Play Jazz and Any Other Beautiful, Advanced Song

Created by Cooper - Guitar Songs Masters - 100K+ Students | Founder @ Guitar Songs Masters


Students: 10478, Price: $39.99

Students: 10478, Price:  Paid

How would it feel like, to know that...

- You can EASILY play even the fanciest, prettiest jazz songs (those that seemed completely out of your league not long ago) - and people will just be blown away by how special are the sounds that are coming out of YOUR guitar.

- You will never again find yourself looking at a professional player playing a fancy, beautiful-sounding chord, and not having a clue what kind of chord it is and how to play it yourself.

- You can take your favorite rock & pop songs, that are originally only played with simple chords, and start mixing fresh, fancy-sounding chords into them (9 chords, 13 chords, 6/9, and plenty more), to create GORGEOUS new cover versions out of them. Versions that no one has heard before - and you made up on the spot.

- You can jazz-up, funk-up, and beautify ANY song that you want.

- If you are writing songs, you now have an insanely colorful "palette" to write your own songs with - using these gorgeous chords.

- You finally UNDERSTAND advanced chords theory, and you will never need to shy out again out of conversations / lessons on advanced materials from fear that you cannot "keep up".


WELCOME! Your music life is going to be divided into two – before this course, and after this course.

In this course you’ll get the quickest, easiest way to be able to play any jazz tune, or any similar style such as bossa nova, funk, R&B and more.

You’ll master the 21 most useful, and most beautiful-sounding chord shapes that are out there, you'll be able to FLUENTLY use them in songs, and people will be blown away by what you are playing and how you sound like.

This course will teach you how to do that in the quickest way, by using extremely powerful SHORTCUT exercises.


It will also happen while HAVING FUN, understanding the theory in a practical, musical way, and while widening your repertoire.

HOW - Because you’ll be learning by using gorgeous, funky & unique versions of some awesome songs (which include the sexy chords) that you’ll just be proud to play to your friends or on stages.

I guarantee that these are going to be the most fun to play songs on your repertoire.


· Fly Me to The Moon

· Stand By Me

· Just the Two of Us

· The Girl from Ipanema

· You Are My Sunshine

· Autumn Leaves

· You Sexy Thing

In young, lively and funky versions that you've never heard before - and with more songs added regularly every month.


Extra: The Guitar Songs Masters Complete E-Books Library: On top of everything that's above, you'll get 7 more fancy guitar E-Books that'll help you improve your guitar life.

1. The 14 Best Guitar Apps That You'll Actually Use

2. 11 Guitar Practice Tips for Speedy Improvement

3. The Complete Guitar Chords Cheat-Book

4. The 13 Best Guitar Accessories That You'll Need

5. My Secret Songbooks Link-Bank: Get Access to 7 Songbooks with 5000+ Songs

6. 9 Cool Ways to Customize Your Guitar

7. Improve Your Sense of Rhythm Cheat-Sheet


Why Should You Listen to Me?

Hi, my name is Alon Cooper. I am touring the world while running my online teaching business, playing venues (solo or with a band), and learning from the best musicians wherever I go.

I am the founder of Guitar Songs Masters, one of the top five most read guitar blogs worldwide, and of the GuitarSongsMasters Video Courses Academy, which has over 70K students in more than 10 unique guitar courses.

In the last several months, I worked hard on figuring out the best, quickest way to learn these chords (and testing it on many students) – and now I am ready to share it with you.

So if you want the quickest route to the next level in your journeys – sign up now and let’s begin.


Jazz for the Curious Guitarist

Complete jazz guitar lessons course. Extended & altered jazz guitar theory, chords, scales, & arpeggios. All levels.

Created by Dan Dresnok - Guitar Teacher


Students: 7511, Price: $109.99

Students: 7511, Price:  Paid

What Students are saying:

  • 5 stars, "This is an awesome jazz guitar class."  -Ike H.

  • 5 stars, "Really straight forward and simple. He makes the material easily digestible and shows how to implement the music theory. It isn't a "here's a scale" type of lessons, he goes over the function of everything very smoothly."  -Nicholas P.

  • 5 stars, "I learned a lot of fun stuff on jazz guitar and for the first time was able to get through a guitar course because it was made very well."  -Simo H.

  • 5 stars, "If you are looking for an excellent course, this is well worth the money."  -Daniel S.

  • 5 stars, "Very clear, precise, easy to follow and understand."  -Brandon J.

Welcome to Jazz for the Curious Guitarist!  If you are ready to finally learn how to play real jazz guitar, then this course is for you.  I will take you from the very beginning to show you the basics of guitar playing through to a high level of jazz in which you'll have knowledge of all chords that exist, basic & advanced scales & arpeggios, rhythm, and music & guitar theory.

I start the course assuming that you don't play guitar at all.  I assume you are a complete beginner.  The first section of the course is all about teaching you the guitar basics to get you ready for the jazz lessons.  Every lesson video in this course has PDF attachments in the additional resources tabs.  Some lessons have multiple attachments.

The next five sections are the jazz lessons.  They are: Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, & Expert sections.  The lessons are cumulative (each lesson builds on the previous lesson.)  We will work extensively on chords, scales, arpeggios, rhythm, music theory, and various jazz concepts.

Any kind of six-string guitar will work well for this course - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or classical guitar. 

It's well-known that many of the best guitarists in the world are jazz guitarists, so we have a lot of work to do, but I will get you there as quickly as I can!  I know exactly what you need to learn.  I know exactly how to teach you.  

I'm excited that you're here!  The world needs more jazz guitar players. 

This is going to be a lot of fun!  Let's begin.

Jazz Chord Base: a new Approach for Jazz Chords on Guitar

Learn how to accompany Jazz Tunes on Guitar in a structured and logical manner.

Created by Stefan Mens - Musician and Orchestrator


Students: 1754, Price: $74.99

Students: 1754, Price:  Paid

Do you like jazz? But playing and understanding all these fancy chords seemed hard for you?

The Jazz Chord Base is a system to accompany jazz tunes in a way that will let you understand the chords quick and easy. The course is filled with explanations of the chords, many exercises and every once in a while Stefan tells funny stories of his life as a musician.
Learn the structure of chords, understand how they are developed and then practise them with the many exercises. All the exercises are demonstrated on video, include the lead sheets and come with files to use in iRealBook (an app (not included in the course) that plays a band on your computer with bass, drums and piano in your desired practising tempo). And if you don't own iRealPro: each exercise has an audiofile for download to play along.

Learn to find your way on the fretboard in a logical system and start playing these cool jazz chords from the scratch.

Completing the course will make you a great accompanist either as a single player with a singer/soloist or in a band. Also included is: Playing Chord solos and playing with a conductor.

Here are some statements from guitarists, who have taken the course:

P.O. writes: «… this course seems brilliant. Just enough simplification to make it pretty easy …”

T.T. writes: “… Simplified and broke down the complicated chord theory in to pieces, easy to digest, step by step exercises make the whole learning experience fun and achievable!! Excellent!!!”
C.B. writes: “I have learned more in the last three days than I did in six weeks!...”

This course is also available in German.

Gypsy Jazz Guitar

Gypsy Jazz Guitar course. Rhythm and solo / improvisation.

Created by Tolga During - Gypsy Jazz guitarist


Students: 1315, Price: $124.99

Students: 1315, Price:  Paid

In this course we will look at many aspects of Gypsy Jazz guitar:

- Right hand technique (9 lessons)

- Left hand technique (4 lessons)

- Ornamentation

- Swing rhythm (La Pompe)

- Bossa & Bolero Rhythm

- Typical Gypsy Jazz chords

- Timing

- Arpeggios (14 lessons)

- Embellishing arpeggios

- Special arpeggios

- Gear (guitars, picks and strings)

- Typical Gypsy Jazz arpeggios

- Scales (4 lessons)

- Licks and phrases (18 lessons)

- Improvisation techniques

- Phrasing

- Endings

and many more topics ...

Foundations of Jazz Guitar w/ Chip Henderson

Jazz Guitar Basics, Electric Guitar Lessons, Music Theory, Guitar Chords, Guitar Scales, Guitar Arpeggios, Guitar Etudes

Created by Chip Henderson - Jazz Guitar Instructor


Students: 643, Price: $39.99

Students: 643, Price:  Paid

Are you a guitarist who has always wanted to study jazz but found many of the methods on the market either too confusing or based around concepts that needed to be navigated before ever playing the first note? Have you been looking for a way to take your existing knowledge and skill set on the instrument and apply it to playing in the jazz style? If you have said yes to either question (or both), this course, Foundations of Jazz Guitar, is for you.

The Foundations of Jazz Guitar course was developed to meet the needs of the guitarist looking to take those first steps playing jazz. This will be accomplished through developing the player’s knowledge and proficiency in three areas: major scales, 7th chords, and arpeggios. Each topic will be discussed and later demonstrated on the guitar. Each lesson will have a number of supporting PDF files and backing tracks that will assist you with taking the topics discussed from the paper and to the fingerboard. The backing tracks are to used with the numerous exercises and etudes designed to help you gain proficiency in each area. The goal is that by the time you complete the course, you are ready to  to take those first steps playing this music as well as being ready to take on more advanced ideas dealing with harmony and improvisation.

So, if  you are an ‘accomplished hobbyist’, college music student, seasoned professional, or something in between, this course is for you. All you need is a guitar, a desire to learn, and an open mind. I look forward to working with you in your journey through this course.

This course includes

  • 39 Lectures/Videos

  • 100 + pages of corresponding PDF lesson and bonus materials.

  • 180 Backing Tracks

  • 1+ Hour of Video

  • Keeping track of each videos you have already watched is super easy with Complete and In Progress buttons

Scroll down and preview a few of the videos inside the course for free and get a sneak peek at the content within this course.