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92 Best Authentic Japanese Food Recipes Cooking Class

The complete online cookbook for homemade Japanese dishes featuring the most popular dishes from Japan.

Created by Pearl Ishizaki - YouTuber & Home chef from the Philippines who lives in Japan


Students: 1978, Price: $129.99

Students: 1978, Price:  Paid

In this online cooking class, we have compiled the recipes for the most popular homemade Japanese food and will be teaching it to you in a simple and easy to understand approach. It includes traditional Japanese recipes like iritori, saba misoni, tonjiru; classic Japanese recipes like sushi rolls, chawanmushi, karaage, nikujaga; as well as Japanese versions of mabo tofu, potato salad, stuffed cabbage rolls, and sweet and sour meatballs.

In this course, you will learn many cooking techniques which are very helpful in improving your kitchen skills.

Step by step instructions, and demonstrations as well as helpful tips will guide you to prepare healthy and delicious Japanese meals at home. Useful information such as the cooking time and calorie count has been added in the lectures. Also, you can find a course ebook at the end of this course which students can download. The ebook contains the complete recipes for the dishes taught in this course.

Learn more about Japanese cooking. The recipes are very simple and requires minimum effort. Simple recipes using simple ingredients can be delicious when done right.

This course is a work in progress. Recipes will be added as time goes by. In this course, you'll find lectures which have been filmed a few years ago as well as more recent and improved cooking videos.

Healthy Japanese Sushi Roll Cooking Class!

Learn about how to cook various sushi rolls and healthy tips to make it!

Created by Asako Nonaka - Healthy Japanese Cooking


Students: 1850, Price: $59.99

Students: 1850, Price:  Paid

You will learn what is a sushi roll and the tools to make it. You will also learn the tips to cook healthy Japanese sushi rolls. You will be able to watch from the preparation to the decoration to cook beautiful sushi rolls. After watching the video, you will be able to cook your own healthy, tasty and beautiful sushi rolls!

The Complete Lekue Steam Case Cooking Recipes

Japanese food inspired healthy salad and side dish recipes prepared using the microwave and Lekue Steam Case.

Created by Pearl Ishizaki - YouTuber & Home chef from the Philippines who lives in Japan


Students: 655, Price: $89.99

Students: 655, Price:  Paid

Welcome to Cooking Class - The Complete Lekue Steam Case Cooking Recipes

Make the most of your microwave and Lekue steam case. You will learn new simple, healthy, easy to make salads and side dishes which are Japanese inspired. There are twelve new vegan recipes presented in this cooking class. You will be surprised by these recipes because it is so easy to make, you can prepare almost every dish in just about 10-20 minutes.

Each section of this course presents a new recipe. Each section is composed of two lectures. The first lecture will show you how to make the dish and in the second lecture, you can find the recipe. You can also find a downloadable file under the second lecture in each section which you can print out for yourself.

At the end of each section, you can prepare the dish yourself. You'll have 12 new salad and side dish recipe for a healthier eating. Good luck in the kitchen!

Japanese Popular Dishes Cooking Class

Find Japanese food culture and improve basic cooking skills

Created by Fumiyo Okamoto - Instructor of Japanese cooking class


Students: 301, Price: $59.99

Students: 301, Price:  Paid

Welcome to this course! I‘m Fumiyo Okamoto, the owner and chief instructor of a Japanese cooking class for foreign visitors in Osaka, "Sakura Cook".

What you will learn in this course is authentic Japanese dishes. These can be cooked with basic techniques and improve your knowledge and cooking skills of Japanese dishes step-by-step.

  • Understand real Japanese food

In 2013, Japanese cuisine was registered as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. Japanese food, which make the most of natural qualities of ingredients and is nutritiously balanced, has been inherited from generation to generation and is now loved in all over the world.

If you want to learn real Japanese food, this is your course. This course provides you more than just the techniques of cooking, but also deep knowledge about Japanese food and its background. It is not sufficient to understand real Japanese food without knowing about DASHI (Japanese broth) and UMAMI flavor. Or getting to know the world of fermented foods, MISO and soy sauce, will enhance your interest and help understanding in Japanese food.

  • Learn five popular dishes

After mastering the most important element, DASHI, you will learn five dishes, MISOSHIRU, DONBURI, OKONOMIYAKI, UDON and RAMEN. These are popular not only among Japanese but also foreign visitors in Japan and are the most appropriate dishes for you to start with. Don't worry, the cooking techniques are arranged for beginners.

While the cooking skills of this course may not seem enough for intermediate to advanced cooks, you will find this gives you deep knowledge of Japanese cuisine as a part of Japanese culture.

  • Discovery in variation of dishes

There are many variations of the foods actually eaten in Japan. In this course variations of dishes are shown with numerous photos. Maybe you'll feel like you are enjoying a foodie trip with your eyes. Knowing and understanding variation of dishes may allow you to find a new path arranging your original Japanese food.

  • Course structure

Each section describes one dish. Consists of three lectures of "the back ground of the dish", "preparation" and "cooking and presentation". Please see the course outline for the detail. You can review the recipes repeatedly in PDF files as well.

Now, let's start a Japanese cooking journey, together!

Japanese RAMEN and GYOZA Cooking

Master various types of RAMEN and GYOZA, including for vegans

Created by Fumiyo Okamoto - Instructor of Japanese cooking class


Students: 155, Price: $64.99

Students: 155, Price:  Paid

Welcome to this course! I‘m Fumiyo Okamoto, the owner and chief instructor of a Japanese cooking class for foreign visitors around Osaka, "Sakura Cook".

What you will learn in this course are several types of Japanese Ramen and Gyoza / dumplings. You will make all the dishes from scratch. The cooking techniques you will learn in this course are not easy, but after mastering them you will have a great sense of accomplishment.

Also, the recipes marked with an asterisk (*) in this course are vegan and vegetarian friendly.

What you learn about Ramen

  • 3 types of noodles (basic Thin straight noodles*, Thin wavy egg noodles, Thick straight black sesame noodles*)

  • 5 kinds of toppings (Char siu /Seasoned cooked pork, Ajitama /Seasoned boiled egg, spicy Ebi /shrimp, boiled Chingensai /Bok choy*, and steamed Yasai /Vegetables*)

  • 3 kinds of broth and soup (soy sauce flavored soup with pork broth, salt flavored soup with shrimp broth, Miso flavored soup with Kombu /kelp broth*)

  • How to boil the noodles and dish up.

What you learn about Gyoza

  • Two types of wrappers* (round and rectangular)

  • Two types of filling (vegetables with pork, vegetables with mushrooms*)

  • Two ways of folding Gyoza and cooking method.

  • Tare /dipping sauce

In this course, each section is independent, so you can start learning from the recipe you want to make.

The lists of ingredients are available to download as PDF files. They will help you to cook again on your own after finishing this course.

Now, let’s start!

Japanese Quick, delicious, healthy home cooking w/8 recipes

Make standard dishes time-saving & exquisite with "Yakuzen Tsukurioki", [Hottoku-ni] makes your daily cooking easy & fun

Created by 東 洋美(Hiromi - 忙しいママでもできるカンタン薬膳とセルフケア


Students: 31, Price: $59.99

Students: 31, Price:  Paid

Free yourself from the guilt of cooking time, hassle, and omissions! Make your standard dishes time-saving and exquisite by utilizing "Yakuzen Tsukurioki", which was born from the theory of yakuzen and kasane-ni. Just cut it, stack it, put it on low heat, and leave it alone! [Hottoku-ni] makes your daily cooking easy, fun and delicious!

Course content

〈Do you have such a problem?〉

・ It is a burden to cook every day.

・ Want to make delicious and healthy meals even if you are busy.

・ Feel guilty about omissions and takeouts.

・ Want to have more variation on recipes.

・Don’t have time to go to cooking classes.

→ This course is exactly for you!


You will learn and practice recipes like you are at a cooking class, you will know the theory and you will acquire these firmly.

As a privilege, PDF materials (text, 8 recipes, 5 days "Yakuzen Tsukurioki" utilization image list) are included.

Useful for reviewing and creating menus.

〈Outline of curriculum〉

Chapter 1: Introduction of the merits of “Hottoku-ni” that realizes delicious and healthy in a short time

Chapter 2: Lecture on making “Hottoku-ni”

Chapter 3: Arrangement recipe commentary (with recipe PDF) that makes standard dishes time-saving and exquisite

Aemono of green vegetables and seaweed

Nimono of Yaki-fu


Ketchup fried

Chapter 4: Summary of "Yakuzen Tsukurioki"


・ "Hotoku-ni" was a great cooking method that could make a week's worth of arrangement recipes based on the basic “Kasane-ni”!

Recently, I used to make simmered dishes by imitating what I saw, but it's best to learn this from a professional as soon as possible! (haha)

From the tips on how to cut vegetables, I learned a lot of things that are not written on the Internet, such as how to sprinkle salt, how long to cook, and criteria for completion!

“Hottoku-ni” has a sweet scent of vegetables and it is very sweet when we eat!

When I put a dash of soy sauce, it was delicious like I couldn’t stop eating it ♡ (ST, 30s)

・To me, “Tsukurioki” is meaning that make a large amount of foods and eat them in several days.

“Hottiku-ni” is a versatile dish that can be arranged and developed based on standard-dishes which is contrary to my expectation. I learnt that it can change to anything! (A ・ O 50s)

〈Not recommended for people described as below〉







Healthy sushi roll&Japanese popular don master cooking class

Let's master●sushi roll●Teriyaki chicken don ●Oyako don ●corn rice ●Agedashi Tofu ●Quick Miso soup ●Pickled vegetables

Created by Lisako Occi - Cooking


Students: 29, Price: $89.99

Students: 29, Price:  Paid


In the course, vol.1 rice special, we will master the basics of rice cooking first and then try cooking some popular Japanese rice dishes such as sushi roll ,don dishes, seasonal mixed rice, and some side dishes which goes well with rice such as pickled vegetables and easiest miso soup without Dash stock.


1.Basics of rice cooking

2.Teriyaki chicken don

3.Oyako don

4.How to make sushi rice

5.Avocado & Salmon roll

6.Corn rice

7.Agedashi Tofu

8.Miso soup without Dashi stock

9.Pickled vegetables with Miso & Yogurt



En el curso, vol.1 especial de arroz, dominaremos primero los fundamentos de la cocción del arroz y luego trataremos de cocinar algunos platos populares de arroz japonés como el rollo de sushi ,los platos don, el arroz mixto de temporada, y algunas guarniciones que van bien con el arroz como las verduras en escabeche y la sopa de miso más fácil sin caldo Dash.


1.Fundamentos de la cocción del arroz

2.Pollo teriyaki don

3.Oyako don

4.Cómo hacer arroz para sushi

5.Rollo de aguacate y salmón

6.Arroz de maíz

7.Tofu Agedashi

8.Sopa de miso sin caldo Dashi

9.Verduras en escabeche con miso y yogur



Dans le cours, vol.1 spécial riz, nous maîtriserons d'abord les bases de la cuisson du riz et nous essaierons ensuite de cuisiner quelques plats de riz japonais populaires tels que les sushi roll ,les plats de don, le riz mélangé de saison, et quelques plats d'accompagnement qui se marient bien avec le riz comme les légumes marinés et la plus facile des soupes au miso sans bouillon Dash.


1. les bases de la cuisson du riz

2.Don de poulet Teriyaki

3.Oyako don

4. comment préparer le riz pour sushi

5. rouleau d'avocat et de saumon

6. le riz de maïs

7.Agedashi Tofu

8.soupe Miso sans bouillon Dashi

9. légumes marinés avec du miso et du yaourt