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Stock Market Investing for Beginners

Learn all the Basics of the Stock Market, through comprehensive, interesting and fun lectures!

Created by John Ducas - 


Students: 301516, Price: Free


This course is all about introducing you to the exciting world of the stock market, taking you from the very foundations of "What is a stock?" to teaching you about different investing strategies, like Fundamental and Technical analysis. We also discuss the investment strategies used by some of the most successful investors in the world, like Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch, who both achieved tremendous track records over 40+ year long careers. After each set of lectures you will have the chance to test your knowledge by taking quizzes on the material covered. By the end of the course, you will receive a certificate showing you successfully finished. The course is designed to give you a solid introduction of the markets and its ins and outs.

Feedback from past students of the course: 

  • "This is a great introduction about stocks, finally i was able to make sense of all those news about finance that you see in news. Good examples, subjects introduced with history and well structured this is definitely a good course."   -   Benjamin Estrada Murguia

  • "I am actually a novice when it comes to stock-trading, but with this few tips basic tips, I think I can make an advancement from here.  Nice Lecture!"   -   Joseph Ezeala

Commercial Real Estate Investing for Beginners

The basics of investing in commercial real estate from Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies author Peter Harris.

Created by Peter Harris - Commercial Real Estate Investing Coach and Mentor


Students: 48592, Price: Free

Commercial real estate is a foundational asset in the portfolio of the majority of world's wealthiest people. But for the average individual investor, owning commercial property can be very intimidating. In this course, you'll discover how you can become a commercial real estate investor from the author of Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies Peter Harris. The confusing terminology and complicated transactions will be simplified so that anyone can understand the many different facets of commercial real estate and how the "little guy", the individual investor, can win big. And ultimately, how owning commercial real estate can be your ticket to lasting financial freedom (where your passive income exceeds your monthly expenses).

You'll discover:

  • How and why anyone can become a commercial real estate investor.
  • The different types of asset classes and which ones are best for individual investors (and which ones NOT to compete with the Big Boys on).
  • How to evaluate a property quickly and easily so that you know when to hold them and when to fold them.
  • The many pitfalls that investors in the past have fallen into and how you can avoid them.
  • Secrets to successfully building generational wealth.
  • Tips for specific asset classes (apartments, self storage facilities, mobile home parks, shopping centers and office buildings)
  • And MUCH, much more

This course was designed for the beginner who either has interest in getting into commercial real estate investment or owns a property or two. As the Education Director of Commercial Property Advisors, Peter Harris shares wisdom that will save you several years in learning lessons the hard way.

5 Keys To Investing

Learn the 5 key principles and become a better investor in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF, real estate, and more!

Created by Steve Ballinger, MBA - Millionaire Investor|Stocks|Cryptocurrency|Teaching 360,000+


Students: 31578, Price: Free

There are 5 key investing principles that beginning investors must know and experienced investors need to always keep in mind in order to enjoy long-term investing success. 

Unfortunately, investors can get caught up in the details of investing or be intimidated from some investments that they lose sight of these core principles.


In this course you will learn:

  • The benefits of starting investing as soon as you can.
  • Understand that its not too late to invest.
  • Calculating what is the right amount to invest for you.
  • Learn the trade-off between Risk and Reward.
  • Learn how FEAR can impact the markets overall and ourselves as well.
  • Learn how GREED can impact the markets overall and ourselves as well.
  • 4 Action-Steps to get started.

You learn everything in about 45 minutes from a long-term successful investor and top Udemy instructor.

Course includes SPECIAL OFFERS on other courses such as the top rated,13.5 hour, INVESTING SUCCESS: LEARN KEYS FROM A MILLIONAIRE INVESTOR course.

"I know that I go back to these basic concepts all the time and it really grounds me to make better investing decisions plus gives me hope as a long-term investor and my hope is this course will help you in the same way"


Steve Ballinger

Basic Investing Concepts

Learn about Basic Investing Concepts such as investment objectives, risk-return trade-off and investment strategies.

Created by Institute for Financial Literacy - Unbiased Financial Education Courses


Students: 27996, Price: Free

This is an introductory course on basic investing concepts. Learn about the following investing concepts:

  • Investment objectives
  • Risk-return trade-off
  • Investment strategies

Sub-concepts include:

  • What you need to know before investing
  • Understanding your investment objectives
  • Understanding your investment horizon
  • Life Stages of an individual
  • Market risk vs specific risk
  • Return on investment
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Asset Allocation
  • Market Timing
  • Constraints on Investment Strategies

Value Investing Fundamentals For Beginners (Updated 2021)

Learn Value Investing Fast. Stock Trading Strategies For Value Investors, Dividend Investors & Stock Market Lovers!

Created by Wealthy Education - Millionaire Investor | Investing Strategies That Work!


Students: 16970, Price: Free

Attention Value Investors, Stock Market Lovers & Wealth Seekers!

Finally You'll Become a Wiser, Unstoppable Investor Who Knows Exactly The Ins and Outs Of Value Investing In 2 Hours or Less. Learn It, Apply It, and Start Growing Your Portfolio Today!

The Value Investing Fundamentals Course is designed to provide you with a strong value investing foundation so you can get started right off the bat. We'll go over the most important topics of value investing and eliminate unnecessary ones so you can learn faster and much easier.

In this course, you will learn how to invest profitably in cheap or undervalued companies by following 7 golden investing principles that every investor must live by.

You'll learn how to evaluate a company's performance by looking at factors like cash & debt balances, its management team, and competitive edges so you can determine whether or not it's a worthwhile investment.

You'll also learn 5 proven, easy ways to identify a company's economic moats to make sure you'll always invest in companies with strong, sustainable, and unbeatable competitive advantages.

We'll also talk hacks like how to use a Margin of Safety to reduce risks on your investment, how to determine when to buy and sell your stocks, your next steps, and a lot more...!

In this course, you will learn...

  • How to Invest Wisely in The Stock Market

  • How to Implement the Value Investing Strategy The Right Way

  • How to Find & Evaluate 3 Different Types of Value

  • How to Use Margin of Safety to Reduce Your Risks

  • 7 Golden Principles For Your Value Investing Success

  • How to Easily Determine If a Company is Financially Strong

  • How to Invest in a Cash-Rich Business

  • How to Invest in a Low-Debt Business

  • How to Evaluate a Company's Management Team

  • How to Determine When to Buy & Sell Your Stocks

  • How to Identify a Company's Economic Moats

  • Understand The Advantage of Lower Cost

  • Understand The Advantage of Greater Size

  • Understand The Benefits of Owning Unique Assets

  • Understand The Benefits of the Network Effect

  • Understand The Ability to Command High Switching Costs

  • Your next steps... and a lot more!

What is more?

  • You will get a lifetime access to this course, without any limits!

  • The course will keep updating frequently with more up-to-date learning resources.

  • Get dedicated support from the course Instructors and the learning community anytime you need!

So let me ask you this... 

Will your investment portfolio grow much faster in the next 12 months after effectively applying the value investing strategy...

Do you have some money to invest?

Are you reasonably intelligent?

Does your family need extra care or support?

Are you willing to learn a new skill that guarantees you a second income for the rest of your life?

Would you like to work less and make more?

I will assume your answers are the same as mine...

Then You Have 2 Clear Choices

1. Keep doing things the way you have been and remain frustrated, lose money and simply get use to your average life...


2. Enroll in The Value Investing Fundamentals Course and become a wiser, unstoppable value investor, and start growing your investment portfolio today!

Now You Have a Big Chance to Become a Wise Value Investor

Listen, if you don’t get how important value investing is then don’t enroll in this program.

Keep shlepping away in the same manner you have been, maybe you’ll get a different result :)

In that case, you're going to wake up 6 months from now, with everything still very much the same as it is today - don't know how to invest, have no clue about what's going on with your money, stress, feel frustrated… you know how it goes.

Is that you want for yourself?


I don't want that for you either… which is why I want you to do something right now. Sign up for this course, learn value investing, become a smarter investor, and start growing your investment portfolio today.

Simply click the Enroll Now button to get started now!

Value Investing and Fundamental Stock Analysis

A step by step approach to stock investing and analysis for the prudent value investor

Created by Kagwe Njoroge - Director at Prosaic Invest


Students: 16625, Price: Free

FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!! And what a time it is for value investing.

Don’t believe us, according to a June 5th 2020 FT article by Merryn Somerset Webb, in “1904, value had been underperforming for 14 years and by 59%. It showed its best performance ever over the subsequent 16 years. This time around it’s 11 years of value underperformance and by 59%.”

The historic divergence between growth and value stocks presents a huge opportunity for those willing to learn.

This course is meant to empower those looking to invest and create stock portfolios, with tools for value investing and selecting stocks based on strong long-term fundamentals.

It introduces and covers practical aspects of evaluating company financial statements, utilizing and calculating investment ratios and come with a practical model for analysis and comparing different stocks.

A course with all elements to help the student start from scratch in investing in stocks and ensuring their approach is one that uses conservative, long-term value based investing principles.

How to Start Investing for absolute beginners

How to get past information overwhelm and conflicting advice about investing and start investing. And have fun at it!

Created by Jalpan Dave - Nerd, Engineer, Economics, Investing


Students: 16044, Price: Free

Are you looking to start investing but are confused by all the ton of information out there? Does the conflicting advice confuse you?

Or perhaps you have some limitations such as you hate financial statements? Or charts?

At age 13, I read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad which planted in me the seeds of making my money work for me through investing.

Hence, I constantly read about investing and learned as much as I could. After getting my first job and managing to save some money, I bought my first stock and watched it drop 90% over the next few years. I was devastated and vowed to learn as much as I could about investing. 

However, the more I learned, the more confusing it got. There were so many things to learn - Financial statements, Ratios, Charts, Options, Stocks, REITs, Forex, Futures, Value Investing, Dividend Investing, Growth Stocks......AAAHHHHHH!!

To make things worse, I found so much conflicting advice. Some say you should buy and hold forever. Others say that's suicide.

After much struggle and spending almost $5000 on training and mentoring, I finally understood what investing is all about. I realised that we need not know everything - just enough to get results but in a way we like and enjoy.

There are many different ways to invest - we need not know them all! If you're getting confused on whether you should take the value investing course or the trading course or some other course....STOP!! 

You first need to understand yourself. In all the seminars I have attended, I found that even after spending $1000s on the training, a lot of people don't take action. Some don't even open their brokerage accounts! After talking to people, I found that this is because they come across something they don't like and it becomes a barrier for them. For example, some people hate financial statements. Others dislike charts. 

No matter what your preferences, there is a investing style that will suit you and allow you to invest in a manner you will enjoy.

This course is all about understanding that there are various ways to go about investing and the course will show you how to select one for yourself.

As a bonus, I show you a strategy that you can start investing:

1) With as little as $5000

2) With only 30 mins a year

3) Without having to pick stocks or read financial statements or stare at charts. 

I hope you enjoy the course. I look forward to your feedback!

Beginner’s Guide To Investing In Asian Stock Markets

Learn a step-by-step process on how to invest in Asian stock markets

Created by Stanley Lim - Value Invest Asia


Students: 9563, Price: Free

You want to learn how to let your money work for you. You feel that Asia has a bright future ahead of itself and want to know how you can benefit from that growth as an investor.

Yet, investing in the stock market can be a confusing task. This is especially true if you no prior financial knowledge at all.

We understand that frustration and we’ve designed a FREE course for complete beginners to start learning about how to invest in the stock market.

Investing Online : Secret Jugaad to Identify Multibaggers

Learn to Identify Multibagger Stocks by Secret Jugaad in NSE & BSE

Created by Jasmeet Singh - Tax FREE Niveshak, Coach & Premium Udemy Instructor


Students: 9520, Price: Free

ValueGuyz presents Investing Online : Secret Jugaad to Identify Multibaggers on NSE & BSE.

When you're done with this course...

Multibagger Stock Investing will no longer be a foreign thing to you. Instead you will already have got your first couple of Multi-bagger Stocks and have the skills to get many others. You'll be a part of the 1% of people that actually know how to spot Multi-bagger Stocks online and have a life-changing new skill set - the power of Tax FREE Nivesh.

Best Cities for Real Estate Investing

HANDS ON WORKSHOP: The 90-minute ultimate guide to finding the best cities for profiting in real estate.

Created by Neal Bawa - Uber technologist turned Multifamily Real Estate Investor


Students: 8858, Price: Free

Watch or follow along as the Mad Scientist of Multifamily, Neal Bawa, performs a series of data driven web demos and exercises that will instantly turn you into an expert on ANY CITY the U.S. in just 90 minutes flat. Neal will take you on a fascinating and eye-opening map-driven journey through the U.S. where you will learn how to use critical metrics like household income, poverty level, and unemployment levels to select cities, in a graphical, simple to use way.

Watch in amazement as Neal shows you the path of progress as it flows like a river through a city, visually identifying the best investment locations. By the end of the workshop, you will be able to pull up any city in the U.S., and confidently pick the fast growing portions of the city, point out the path of progress, and outline the zero-growth (and negative growth) areas of the city. All demos will be performed using free tools that you can access without a subscription.

Armed with this detailed knowledge you will be able to accurately identify hot and emerging real estate markets and avoid wasting your time and money in flat or declining markets! Here is what others say about Neal Bawa's training:

Peter B - 5 stars - "Neal's presentations are fantastic, always extremely informative, detailed and well organized. He is always happy to share his knowledge and great tips with group members and this is very helpful."

Carlos Molina - 5 stars - "Neal's presentation was filled with invaluable information that is not readily available to the average investor. Many many hours of research must have gone into this presentation! Thank you guys for sharing it with me!!

Who This Course is For:

  • New and experienced real estate investors

  • Experienced residential and/or commercial real estate investors

  • People that want to invest in rental properties, apartments, or house flipping

  • Excellent for private investors and investment teams

  • Real estate agents who work with investors

  • Anyone who wants to find hot markets for Airbnb

Fundamentals of Share Investing

What you need to know before investing in shares

Created by Institute for Financial Literacy - Unbiased Financial Education Courses


Students: 8576, Price: Free

In this module, we will consider the following points that everyone needs to know before investing in shares:

  • What you need to know before investing - Your investment objectives, risk tolerance, investment horizon, investment strategies and types of financial products.
  • Strategies in stock investing
  • Stock Appraisal & Analytical Tools
  • Financial Ratio Analysis


This module aims to help you evaluate information. It will not involve any advice in stock selection. Any mention of industries, companies or reference to products is solely for the purpose of illustration and application of concepts. You should consult a licensed financial advisor before making a decision to invest in any products.

Online Investing Fundamentals: Understanding Core Principles

This is the course you need to be prepared when venturing into the stock market for the first time

Created by Joshua Deats - Trader and Trading Coach


Students: 7946, Price: Free

This short course is ideal for those with little or no stock market experience who want to find out what it's all about. We created this course for those who want to know more about buying and selling stocks online but get overwhelmed with the mass of information available online.

We will cover some basic but important topics such as:

  • What is a stock?

  • What is the stock market?

  • How do people buy and sell stocks online?

  • A introduction to brokers and brokerages

  • Some key terms you will hear when looking at charts

  • Basics of supply and demand economics (why the price can go up or down).

There are tons of online courses about complex trading strategies that can be overly complicated and confusing. We believe in building your skills from the ground up.

Far too many people buy and sell stocks online and have little idea as to what they are doing and why. This can lead to huge financial loss, confusion and in some cases personal ruin.

This course will give you a strong foundation on key terms used in investing which will enable you to find your own strategy in the near future. It's super easy to follow and will give you some useful tools in building and developing an investment strategy to help you achieve your financial goals in the future.

Remember, to build any skill you need a strong foundation. This course provides the foundations I wish I had when I started trading 10 years ago.

I hope you enjoy the course as much as we enjoyed making it!

Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Investing for your Retirement 2021

A Beginner to Intermediate Guide on Cryptocurrency investing to build your retirement fund

Created by Suppoman ™ - Superhero Instructor! I teach 330,000 Students in 30 courses


Students: 7008, Price: Free

If you have heard of Bitcoin and/or Cryptocurrency, wonder what all the fuss is about and want to invest in it, you will love this Udemy Course.

In this free course, I will guide you through the world of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain investing. You will fill all the gaps in your knowledge when it comes to Cryptocurrency aptitude and understand what to look for when investing.

Cryptocurrency is one of the most exciting and effective ways to make money online. No matter what your financial situation, you could be owning Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency within minutes of taking this course and open yourself to a world that has been discovered by 1% of people.

So take this course if you want free and in-depth knowledge that will help you build a retirement fund though Cryptocurrency.

Don't delay - every second could be costing you money!

Introduction to Value Growth Investing

A step-by-step hands-on system for investing in the stock market by finding growth stocks that are good value.

Created by Bill Wheeldin - Retired doctor, full-time investor.


Students: 6388, Price: Free

This course will introduce you to value growth investing, a method of investing that seeks out growth companies and identifies when they are good value for money. It is a relatively safe method of investing that builds on the guiding principles of Warren Buffett, the world’s most successful investor.

The course will also help you to decide whether investing is for you and is intended for beginner or intermediate investors, though some prior knowledge of the stock market would be helpful.

You will also be taken step-by-step through the process of screening for stocks online and downloading financial statements to import into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

It is not a course packed with investment theory since there are many good general investment courses around already. It is more practical and introduces a tried and tested system of investing that has returned 20-30% per year since 2001.

Course structure

The course takes you through a basic overview of investing in general and introduces you to the concepts of value growth investing using graphic intensive slideshows with voiceover.

You then get a walkthrough of the process of screening for stocks, downloading financial data and importing it into a spreadsheet, using recordings of the computer screen with voiceover (screencasts).

Why should I take this course?

Do you have questions such as:

  • Should I be investing in the stock market?
  • How can I organise my time and investing resources?
  • Is there a step-by-step method of investing I can follow?

If so then this introduction to value growth investing should help you to take the next steps to securing your financial future.

How To Invest With Tiny Capital In Stocks ?

A tiny sum in bank earning next to nothing. ? Make it work for you.

Created by Chandra Sekhar - Stock And Options Trader


Students: 5675, Price: Free

The video centers around a simple example where about $370 was made on an investment of $14,000 in under three months.  I go through the theory behind how to do it and also use ThinkOrSwim to show how to do it yourself. No experience needed and you do not need to look at expensive financial advisers to help you with it. 

You can do it yourself  with as low as $1000  and ideal for those who do not have much experience or know-how.

Stock Investing Level 1

Explore Stock Investing

Created by Gilad James, PhD - Researcher of hidden knowledge


Students: 5554, Price: Free

Investors adopt many different approaches that offer little or no real prospect of long-term success and considerable chance of substantial economic loss. Many are not coherent investment programs at all but instead resemble speculation or outright gambling. Investors are frequently lured by the prospect of quick and easy gain and fall victim to the many fads of Wall Street. 

My goals in writing this book are twofold. 

In level 1 I identify many of the pitfalls that face investors. By highlighting where so many go wrong, I hope to help investors learn to avoid these losing strategies. 

In level 2 I recommend one particular path for investors to follow - a value-investment philosophy. 

How to invest in Stocks ? A Complete Guide for beginners

How to Invest in Stocks: A Step-by-Step for Beginners

Created by The Apex Entrepreneurs - Entrepreneurship . Investing . Financial Freedom


Students: 5355, Price: Free

Hello guys and welcome,

If you are a beginner and want to learn how to invest in stocks and how to actually make money out of them, then you are in the right place.

We have exactly prepared this FREE Video course to help you out!

Too Many people thinks that investing in stocks is complicated!

They don't teach us things like that in school!

So many people don't even consider investing in stocks or even if they do, they feel very insecure about it!

"I want to invest in things that bring me passive income! I am not sure stocks can do that!"

"How can I know which stock is a good investment or not?"

"I am very scared I might invest in stocks then a crash happens and I lose all my money!"

"I don't know when it is the best moment to invest and where should I invest!"

These are the kind of questions people ask all the time when considering investing in stocks!

and most of the time they are the kind of things that hold them back from investing!

In this course we will do our best to reply to all of these questions!

In the first section of this course we will explore what are dividends and how you can actually make a passive income out of them! Well yeah we are talking about making thousands of dollars here!


yes you heard, well, if you invest in dividends you can earn money without doing litteraly any single effort.

then we will give you our Top 3 tips to make PASSIVE INCOME from Stock Market!

and in the third section of this course,we will show you How to value stocks and how to know which ones you should be buying! together we will see the different ratios that you can use to know which stocks are overvalued and which ones are undervalued!

Investing in Stocks provide high potential returns and it can be an excellent source of passive income! and one small tip! The earlier you invest in stocks! the better it is!

That is why, in this exact moment, you should take action and enroll in this course!

Hurry up!

Newbie Property Investor

Start you property journey with us.

Created by Sourced - The largest property investment platform in the UK - Free online property investment training course.


Students: 5311, Price: Free

We have handpicked some of our bespoke training videos to create a training course for new property investors, that provides an overview of strategies, tips, pros and cons. If you are looking to start your investing journey or need to update your knowledge, then this is the course for you.

Invest Successfully and Easily with Social Trading!

A comprehensive guide to the revolutionary social trading, by a popular investor with a unique track record.

Created by George Thomson - Social trading guru, financial consultant & entrepreneur.


Students: 4578, Price: Free

Course Description

It's a well known fact that successful trading and investing are not a simple art to master.  It's estimated that over 90% of people who venture into FX trading lose money.  And yet, some manage to make an absolute fortune - how do they do it?

Introducing you to social trading, the new way of investing.  Easily scan through millions of traders ranked by their performance, learn from them, and automatically copy their trades in order to gain the same returns as them!

A comprehensive guide to the revolutionary 'social trading', by a popular investor with a unique track record.

This course will teach you everything you need to know in order to excel at social trading, which is a nice and easy stepping stone into 'normal' or solo investing.  We'll start from the absolute basics and work our way through a mix of fundamental investing concepts and also social trading specific ones.  Students of this course will be given access to their own demo account with $100,000 of virtual money, and work alongside the teacher as they go through the lessons.  This is a much more powerful (and risk-free!) way of learning.

How is the course delivered?

The classes are mostly delivered via video screencasts, but there are also some slides and some quizzes.  I'll also offer weekly office hours and/or live streaming to tackle any questions and continuously improve the course.

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who is looking to venture into investing/trading, but isn't quite sure where to start.
  • Experienced regular investors who want to learn more about social trading.
  • Social traders who are looking to learn how to improve their performance

Please note that the main audience I have in mind when developing the course are absolute beginners.

What are the requirements?

  • An internet connection.
  • A screen.
  • Seriously - no prerequisites.  I'll be starting from the ground up - step by step.

How am I going to benefit and what am I going to learn from this course?

  • What social trading is and why it makes more sense than traditional trading and investing.
  • How to set up a social trading account.
  • Know how to find knowledgeable investors to follow, talk to and learn from.
  • Know how to copy top traders automatically.
  • Differentiate between poor/good/excellent traders and then learn from the best ones.
  • Avoid the most common mistakes the majority of people make when trading and investing.
  • Confidently understand concepts such as leverage, stop-loss levels, variance and risk.
  • Construct a sensible and profitable portfolio.
  • Find good stocks to invest it and place the trades yourself.
  • Understand and place FX (currency), commodity and index trades.

Investing: Never Lose Capital Again

Investing 52 minutes in this course would teach you more about wealth than 15 years of formal education.

Created by Nipun Sachdeva - Never Worry About Money Again !


Students: 3672, Price: Free

By investing 52 minutes in the class, you'll learn that its impossible to lose money while investing and no matter what happens,  you'll become wealthy in the long run.

  1. You will learn how much money is required to attain financial independence today

  2. Different asset classes to consider for investment

  3. Will learn how to invest to never lose money again

  4. Will know how money has been made in last 15-20 years

  5. Housing decision simplified

  6. How different asset classes have performed in last 20 years

Note: most of the examples & numbers would be from Indian financial market but the fundamentals do apply across the globe

Value Investing: Discover Pro Level Value Investing (2020)

Learn the Secret Sauce of Value Investing From Real Professional Investors in Less Than 1 Hour!

Created by Eli Mikel, CFP®, CRPC® - Professional Value Investor & CFP® at ProfessorPortfolios


Students: 2979, Price: Free

  • Do you want to understand the secret sauce of investing from real professional investors? Here's your chance!

  • This course is for investors at all levels who want a quick and dirty breakdown of value investing from the perspective of the pros.

  • You'll learn tools you can use for the rest of your investing life.

  • Unlike most investing courses, this course style is fun and easy to digest.

  • "An individual's objective in a capitalist economy is to dislocate their time from their income production, sufficient that there is zero correlation between their time spent and the amount of income they produce. This is achieved in one of two primary ways, a business and or, a portfolio. We advise on portfolios."  -ProfessorPortfolios

Course List:

  1. Stock Market Investing Simplified

  2. Value Investing Overview

  3. Searching For Companies

  4. Current Value vs. Historical Value

  5. Calculating Future Cash Flow

  6. Applying The Discount Rate

  7. Calculating The Range of Values

  8. Defining Risk

  9. Managing Your Portfolio

  10. Value Investing Review (Whirlpool Example)

  11. Bonus 2020 Outlook: Surviving Next Decade

Disclaimer - This course contains the personal opinions and ideas of the course providers. The content and information contained in this course is strictly for educational purposes only. There are no recommendations, or advice of any kind. The course providers are registered investment advisors, however, the information given in this course is not to be treated as advice, nor seen as a recommendation to take any investment, or financial related actions. Individuals should find a registered investment advisor to help them make investment related decisions. The course providers are not Accountants and any tax related information is for educational purposes only. Individuals should seek the help of a Certified Public Accountant for any tax related advice. Although the course providers attempt to provide the most accurate information, there is no guarantee, or warranty that all, or any information provided is reliable, accurate, or complete. Individuals are solely responsible for all investment, financial and tax related decisions. The course providers are not responsible for any losses, or liabilities, which may arise from the use and application of the information and strategies discussed in this course.

Basics of Investing – Build your own portfolio

Build an investment portfolio for the future while understanding the fundamentals of financial investing.

Created by Paletta Academy - Approachable, engaging courses from great teachers!


Students: 2503, Price: Free

This is a straight forward introduction to the philosophy and fundamentals of investing and a short guide on how to build your own portfolio. We will look at the great minds of investing, investment philosophy and importance of assets such as stocks, ETF's, commodities, bonds and crypto currencies.

By the end of this programme, you will not only have a better understanding of what these assets are but also how they can assist you in gaining your long term investment goals.

As a business owner I have had to learn about finance the hard way,  experiencing the highs and lows and making mistakes,  but through reading and speaking to highly trained and successful people  I have suddenly found myself building a personal portfolio that works for me.

I hope this short but concise guide helps others to get started in investing, while offering them the building blocks to begin building their own wealth.

Learn How To Invest Like An Expert | Rule #1 Academy

Start learning from 3x New York Times Best-Selling Author and Hedge Fund Manager, Phil Town

Created by Phil Town - Founder of Rule #1 Investing


Students: 1540, Price: Free

The best place to start learning about Rule #1 investing is my interactive online course with 5 easy-to-follow lessons. My step-by-step teaching style will get you started on the road to financial freedom by setting you up with investing basics.

Whether you are already an avid investor looking for better returns, or have never put money into a stock or business on your own before, you need this before you move on to the next step.

If you’re like most people with financial advisors, you’re paying “experts” in the financial industry high fees for low returns. Over time, your financial advisor’s 2% commission eats at your bottom line.

ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS Guide to Start Investing

5 Points to Get You Started To Be A Successful Investor

Created by Justin Low - Guiding Beginner Investors to Success


Students: 986, Price: Free

Starting your investment journey can be very daunting.

Starting out on your own with no help.

Spending countless hours researching information on the internet and on top of that, having to sieve out what's real from the noise.

If you can relate, I want to help you. Especially you who are starting out as an absolute beginner with zero or little knowledge with regards to investing.

Through this course, you will save precious time getting started on your journey to be a successful investor.

I will share with you my learnings so you do not have to sieve through tons of information on the internet to get started.

I will also share all the resources I have and been through and this will save you much time from going through the hassle of finding information for yourself.  I will show you where exactly you can begin your journey to be a successful investor.

Stock Masterclass – Investing explained in less than 2 hours


Created by Aktien. kauf - Podcaster, Investoren, Bestseller-Dozenten


Students: 582, Price: Free

In this course you will learn everything you need to know about stock investing. Whether you're a complete beginner or advanced, this course will take you to the next level in long-term stock investing.

After successfully completing this course, you will never have to worry about your retirement savings, zero interest rates or inflation again. On the contrary, you will finally understand how to make more of your money and become financially successful!

If you still have some of these false beliefs in your head, we will get them out of the way in this course and show you how you can participate in the excellent development of the global economy with the help of stocks.

You will learn what stocks are, why they are an excellent investment opportunity, how you can easily invest in the stock markets and directly participate in the global economic development. With this course we offer you the perfect foundation on how to build a huge fortune in the long run.

After going through this course and understanding all the basics about ETFs, you will be able to successfully invest your money in ETFs.

Also we'll show you what key metrics you have to know and where you can find them.

See for yourself and make the best investment decision of your life!

The Value Investing Journey, Part 1/3 – Money & Mindset

Streams of income, Financial Budgeting, Assets and Liabilities, Investor Mindset, Economics, Stock Exchange

Created by Marco Tägl, M.Eng. MBA - VIA Financial Education UG (haftungsbeschränkt)


Students: 568, Price: Free

This online course contains the first four chapters of “The Value Investing Journey” and is mainly recommended for beginners of investing or those who want to build or complete their basic knowledge.

The presented topics are amongst others the streams of income, financial budgeting, assets and liabilities, the mindset of successful investors, compounded interest, economic knowledge and the functionality of the stock exchange.

During the last years, we have experienced that many people don`t have enough knowledge about the stock market and therefore struggle to start investing. But especially in times of low interest rates, investing is almost without alternative.

Therefore, we want to empower you to become an investor by providing financial education!

Value Investing, which was invented by Benjamin Graham, is a stock market investing approach that is based on the fundamental data of a company. With the intrinsic value calculation and the margin of safety, Graham identified companies he could buy for share prices far below their intrinsic value and recieve extraordinary returns.

Warren Buffett adapted this approach from his professor Benjamin Graham and became one of the richest people on our earth. He focuses not only on undervalued companies but also on high-quality companies with a profitable and stable business model over a long period of time. The compounded growth of dividends also became an important aspect when selecting new investments.

Investing For Beginners

Learn How To Start Investing In The Stock Market, Even If You're A Complete Beginner.

Created by Erik Machuca - Creator of Everyday Investing


Students: 561, Price: Free

Getting started investing in the stock market can definitely be overwhelming. If you are unsure of where to begin, my FREE Investing For Beginner's course is perfect for you.

In my easy-to-follow course, you will learn the #1 reason why you NEED to invest, no matter where you are in life. You will also discover the biggest reason why savers are losers at the end of the day. And I don't mean that in a condescending way. I mean that in a literal way. Every day you are not investing, you are losing money.

In the course, I'll also walk you step-by-step as we breakdown the two easiest ways to make money in the stock market, even as a complete beginner.

Lastly, we'll explore the top investing and trading apps that are the easiest to use for beginners. So, whether you are more interested in investing or trading, I will help you discover your perfect investing app.

Take my Free Investing For Beginners video course and let me show you how you can easily get started investing in the stock market, no matter how much or how little you have to start investing.

I look forward to seeing you inside the course!

- Erik


Have 10k - Want to know how to invest it? Here are your options + My Top 10 Stock Market Investing and Trading Tips!

Created by Dan Kraus - Top Rated Stock Market Course Instructor.


Students: 461, Price: Free

In this 30 minute course, I share my insight, suggestions and explain various different ways in which you can invest $10k.

I delve into mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETF's), crypto currencies, penny stocks, meme stocks, 401k retirement plans, real estate investment trust's (REIT's), stocks and so much more.

I will teach you how to establish your investment objectives.
I will teach you how to avoid rookie mistakes.
I will share my my top 10 investing tips.

If you want to know how to responsibly invest $10k or more, my top 10 investing tips and so much more, you need to take this short course.
I’ve been trading stocks for over 15 years and worked at some of the largest investment banks in the world where I learnt all about trading and investing in stocks.

No matter how much money you have, start investing now - it's not too late.
In this course, I simplify everything and explain the best way for you to invest, step by step.

After completing this course, you will have an excellent understanding and know the best way in which to invest your money.
Throughout this course, I explain everything in the easiest and best way possible.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions.
Instructor Dan

Manage your crisis and invest in gold

You get tow courses at one price

Created by Shai Gold - Personal financial coach - I'm doubling your personal equity


Students: 380, Price: Free

You can see only the crisis or can see only the opportunity.

what do you see? I want to teach you to see the opportunity during the  crisis. And there's a great opportunity here for you!

In my course you will learn the following topics:

1 Self-management during a crisis

2 How to invest your time correctly

3 audiobook recommendations that you must hear especially during a crisis

4 How to invest in physical gold during a crisis.

You must know this course for yourself. You should know how to manage the crisis wisely.

So take this opportunity and invest in yourself. This opportunity will not come back. Buy this course now to grab your chance.

Click the Buy button.

And I'll see you on the other side.

Shai fedida

Value Investing Bootcamp – A Free Course

Learn the art of Value Investing and the 10 Key Financial Metrics

Created by Jason Allen - A little Bio about me...


Students: 373, Price: Free

Hello, I’m Jason Allen of AAAEasy, in this course I will be teaching you all about the wonderful world of Value Investing, a Stock Market investment approach that has been around since the 1920s and also modified over the years by various well known investors such as Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger of Berkshire Hathaway fame.

I’ll be teaching you, step by step, the 10 guiding Financial metrics you need to know that will help you make better informed decisions on the types of Stocks you wish to buy. My motto is Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail when it comes to decisions like these. They are so important for your financial future that you simply cannot ignore them and they will also help you avoid the pitfalls of taking so called ‘experts’ advice within Financial research and the media on what they think you should buy.

The fully featured course 'Value Investing Bootcamp with Custom Excel Dashboard' is also available but at a premium, it includes an extra 90 mins of videos, case studies and the all important Excel Dashboard that is linked into Alpha Vantage to get 3 years worth of financial information at the click of a button!

I hope that you enjoy this free course.