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SimPLife: The Way of the Practical Life

Dedicated to Your Simpl, Sensible Self-Reliance, via Practical Logic, Investigation & Life's Example

Created by im Simpl - Environmental Engineer/Organic Farmer/Builder/Designer


Students: 10135, Price: Free

Students: 10135, Price:  Free

          Welcome To SimPLife: The Way of the Practical Life
Hey, It's SimPL:

* what SimPL stands for,  an intro
* defining, refining the idea of simpl, practical living
* factbytes on this human world as it operates
* shared experiences of the author
* insights borne of efforts failed and won-
  (that you don't now need to repeat)

              WHO DOESN'T GRAB AT FREE STUFF?   (I DO!)

SimPLy put, this is an ideabank;
conscious, practical uses of permacultural and SimPL philosophy-

THE OVERALL IDEA IS, you get several things to muse upon.
THE QUESTION IS, what are you going to do with it?

IDEALLY, YOU can use this course wisely for your own life.
SimPLife can only lead you to water. 

that's me.  hi, i'm im.

Perhaps you long for a more balanced, intelligent-based environment- 
You are NOT alone in this

This course is for YOU, the Creative-Activist. seeker of the sensible, ready for change,  and not imprinted for inertia, ignorance or inactivity.

SimPLife is a thought-out collection of self-reliance tools and useable knowledge, and
SimPLife is NOT for everyone.

"ask NOT
what this world can do for you, ask what together we can do for the  betterment of this Planet, and for all Beings of open hand and heart." 
- i just said that.

if you're OK with that, then SimPLife is OK for you.

POINT. glaringly obvious- WE NEED EACH OTHER
to shake free, to live sensibly, sanely, practically-
and to make irrelevant, certain dominating negative influences.

please take NOTES, ENGAGE often- ADD to this body of work!
               because, THE WORLD NEEDS YOU.
this is not a joke, nor a rehearsal.

multiplicity for 


Criminal Investigation in the New Millennium

The Present, the Past, and the Future: A Community Policing Approach

Created by Robert T. Meesig - LtCol, USAF (retired), Ph.D.


Students: 9261, Price: Free

Students: 9261, Price:  Free

This FREE course addresses the following issues:

- How good are we at solving crime in the US? (Hint – not so good~~)

- Who are the detectives and what do they do?

- How did we get into this situation, and why?

- What can we expect in the future?

- And just how much can forensics and technology be expected help investigations?

To find answers to these and other questions, we explore the criminal investigation process of the present, the past, and the future.

We present an overview of the subject in a listener-friendly and informative way. It is scripted to be understood by the casual observer, as well as the experienced investigator and the aspiring academic.

This course is rooted in the research literature and is amply referenced and well-cited. It provides some of the most comprehensive and current information available on the process.

It does NOT teach how to be an investigator. Instead, it teaches ABOUT the investigation process itself.

The course consists of about 58 lectures ranging from five to 20 minutes in length (about 12 hours total). The lectures are divided into six sections addressing the following:

(1) Where are We?
(2) Who are the Detectives and What Do They Do?
(3) How Did We Get Here?
(4) Where are We Going?
(5) Where Do We Want to Go?
(6) The Year “2084.”

To guide us through the sections, students will learn to use a HANDY FRAMEWORK to do the following:

1. IDENTIFY a crime problem (in terms of the phases of a crime).

2. DESCRIBE the availability of crime information and sources in each crime phase (in terms of space and time).

3. UNDERSTAND how the various detective models of the past have investigated crime (to see their strengths and weaknesses).

4. MANIPULATE what we learned to project how developments in forensics and technology, and a new detective model, can address the crime problems of the future.

The PEACE Model of Investigative Interviewing

Learn to interview using the UK's PEACE Model of Investigative Interviewing

Created by Daren Jay - Professional Law Enforcement Interview Trainer


Students: 5181, Price: Free

Students: 5181, Price:  Free

This FREE course is designed to provide you with an overview in relation to the use of the PEACE model of investigative interviewing which you can use to plan, conduct and evaluate investigative interviews in any investigative context. The PEACE model remains the UK Home Office approved investigative interviewing methodology and is widely used by Police forces in Canada, UK, wider Europe and also in both Australia and New Zealand.

OSINT – Tools & Techniques – Free Demo

Learn the tools and skills of an OSINT professional from a certified expert with a law enforcement background.

Created by Steve Adams - Certified Intelligence Professional & OSINT Practitioner


Students: 4486, Price: Free

Students: 4486, Price:  Free

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) - Tools & Techniques is a course developed by Intelligence with Steve, a specialist Intelligence training company based in the UK. The course has been designed by an expert in criminal investigation, who has successfully utilised OSINT techniques during both Police and Private investigations. The trainer has a law enforcement background and successfully used the skills demonstrated within this course to identify and locate criminal individuals.

This course is a free demonstration version made up from excerpts that all feature within the full course, Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) - Tools & Techniques, which can be found on Udemy. This is an opportunity for you to try before you buy and to test out some of the content of the full course, before you part with your hard-earned cash. This short demonstration version shows by explaining how to conduct your own investigations, with flowcharts showing the Investigative process. The course also covers basic OSINT theory, virtual machines and searching LinkedIn by email address. The full course can be found at on the Intelligence with Steve Teachable site, which can be found through our website at www(.)intelligencewithsteve(.)com

See below a full description of the full course, followed by a list of all of the content:

"The Internet is a vital tool for investigation, with individuals now sharing more information on themselves than ever. Through the effective use of web browsers, search engines and social media you can find a plethora of information on an individual, this is referred to as Open-Source Intelligence. This course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and has been expertly crafted to cover all of the core basics that you will need to know so that you can conduct your own OSINT investigations.

This course is suitable for anyone in either the public or private sectors, particularly those within law enforcement, corporate security, investigations, journalism and human resources, who are all heavily involved in the collection of information for intelligence purposes.

Through this course, you'll learn the best way to set up your machine to conduct investigations, as well as the current techniques utilised in the day to day work of an OSINT professional. This course will demonstrate tools currently available to aid OSINT practitioners in their investigations and research into individuals and businesses.

At the end of this course, you'll be able to conduct your own OSINT investigations and will have a thorough understanding of the tools at your disposal. Whether you're a solo practitioner just starting out, someone just interested in what an OSINT specialist does or can find out about you, or you're a seasoned professional looking for a refresher and an overview of the best systems currently available, this course will suit your needs."

Forensic Investigator Practice Exam

Practice Exams for Forensic Investigators

Created by Kenneth Underhill, CEH, CHFI - A guy trying to impact the world.


Students: 3782, Price: $99.99

Students: 3782, Price:  Paid

IMPORTANT before purchasing

**This course is not intended to replace studying any official vendor material and you will not be getting the official material as a part of this practice test course.  You will only get the notes I used to study for my exam. 

**This course contains practice tests only and not an actual video training course for any forensic investigator exams.

**It is highly recommended that you do more to prepare for the exam than just taking these few practice tests.

**This course will not grant you the official certification.  You will still need to sit for the real exam. 

NOTE: The link to the FREE notes/guides is in the welcome email for the course.

You CAN Pass the Forensic Investigator Exam.

Check out these recent reviews from students:

"Awesome value - learned more than in class; An absolute must have." -- Andre R.

"I just passed last night. This course really helps to prepare for the exam. I also really appreciate the time he took to put in detailed explanations for the correct answer." -- James R.

"Great questions, good format. I bought this after I failed V9 and then passed it the second time." --Gregg M.

"Awesome notes. Used the 48 page notes along with the crash course and tool notes. Took all the sample test at least once. I committed myself to one week of intense studying. I did nothing all week but study and study CHFI. Passed the exam one time. This course helped me massively. Trying to write my own notes from the official study guide was frustrating. I used it to fill in where I clarification was needed. Good luck." ---- A.K.

"I've just passed on CHFI v9 exam and I can say this practical course helped me a lot. Through this course, I could assimilate and memorize forensics main concepts and tools. Also, Ken shared his personal notes for the exam, the Crash Study Guide is fantastic. I would say this practical course is great and together with the official course, it's a must-have material for passing the exam. Ken did a great job here. I truly recommend this course." --Eduardo M.

"Thank you for the valuable and highly relevant study material and quizzes. There seemed to be a disconnect between the EC-Council text and the content coverage they determined critical on the exam. It seemed only 60% of what was quizzed was on the exam. This helped fill in the gap." ----- Samuel G.

"Took the tests, studied what I got wrong, and passed the official certification! Great job!" --Michael P.

**All course tests have been updated to add better explanations and to better match the type of content tested on the Forensic Investigator exam.

  • You will get over 300 questions throughout these exams, including a timed 150 question practice exam to simulate the real exam.

  • Free study guides and notes are also available.  These are the same guides and notes that I used to PASS my exam. (please see the course welcome email for instructions on how to get the notes/guides)

Any Security Professional can find their areas of weakness for the Forensic Investigator exam by using the Forensic Investigator Practice Exam Course because it covers the major areas seen on the actual exam, based on my first-hand experience.

  • Are you studying for the Forensic Investigator exam?  If yes, then this course is for you.  

  • Are you just wondering what types of areas are covered on the exam prior to making a decision on whether to take it?  If yes, then this course is for you.

This course comes with a no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee from Udemy, so click the Enroll button now.

I passed my Forensic Investigator exam and so can you.

Like YOU, I was frustrated with the lack of study materials out there for the exam.

*If all this course did was save you a few hours of studying, so you could spend more time with family and friends, would it be worth it to you?

These practice exams are designed to help you gauge your readiness for the exam.  The latest version of the exam is much more difficult than previous versions and many individuals fail their first time on the exam.  The questions for these tests were created off the knowledge areas seen on the actual exam itself; however, I have not included any actual exam questions in this training.

You will have six (6) exam options: 25 question mini-exams that focus on many of the tools you will see on the actual exam, a 40 question exam that covers many knowledge areas on the real exam (including Dropbox and Google Drive), a 50 question practice exam covering a broad-scope of knowledge, and a full 150 question exam to help simulate the real exam.  All exams are timed to help you with your time management during the actual exam.

I have included the heavier tool testing, based on my studying and exam experience.  You should realistically be scoring 90% or above on all of these practice tests before considering an attempt at the actual exam.  

Complete these practice tests and focus your study on areas of weakness.  As always, feel free to contact me with any questions as you study for your exam.

This course comes with a no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee from Udemy, so click the Enroll button now.

Management of WSH Incidents

Part of WSQ - Advanced certificate in Workplace Safety in Health

Created by GREENSAFE INTERNATIONAL - Consulting, Training, Auditing & Outsourcing organization


Students: 2703, Price: Free

Students: 2703, Price:  Free

This is a blended course. There are 2 parts to this course- an online portion and classroom training. On completion of both components, the participants of this course will gain the knowledge and skills for fulfilling the role of a coordinator and supervisor in accordance with WSH level B Competency- based training programme.

This course provides learners with the skills and knowledge Coordinate and monitor the implementation of WSH management systems and programs for recognition, assessment, control and management of WSH risks.

The course fee reflected is only for the online segment.

Is Clean Eating Real? | General Nutrition Debate

Nutrition skill building topic for investigation with 17 year pro Coach | Learn meal plan basics

Created by Johann Francis CSCS - Certified since 2003, 35,000 + hours coached and trained!


Students: 2425, Price: Free

Students: 2425, Price:  Free

Clean eating is the default suggestion for dieters and for coaches to you and other trainees.

That's because - clearly - coaches are clean eaters, right?

Well that's the hypothesis amongst those who suggest or believe in perfect eating. Let's see if it is a real idea or lacks any form.

Largely, let's figure out an alternative.

Find out how I share with my trainees, both current and past, how to stagger their foods.

Instagram Essentials

Learn Instagram from the Setting up you Profile to investigating some Instagram Revenue Streams.

Created by Denis Slota - Education on Building a Successful Online Business


Students: 2211, Price: Free

Students: 2211, Price:  Free

In this course we are focusing on 5 different Instagram topics:  the Instagram profile setup (the basic Instagram setup); Instagram Growth Tactics (how to gain followers); Instagram Content Strategies (utilizing stories and posts to gain a personal connection and business respect with your followers); several Revenue Streams that you can profit from; and the exposure to the Instagram Direct Messaging  (DM) Method that utilizes what you have learned in the earlier lessons and Instagram’s DM to generate some more revenue.

Each lesson of the Instagram Essential course builds on the previous lesson.  Topics are arranged in an order that even somebody never exposed to Instagram will be able to understand.   As lessons progress, new topics are explored and previously taught topics are reinforced and built upon.  The final lesson incorporates many of the previous lesson further detailing a single method of making money by closing deals and making sales using Instagram’s Direct Messaging.

At the end of this course, the student will: 

  • be able to setup an Instagram profile; be exposed to several Instagram growth tactics and different methods of obtaining Instagram followers, both paid and organic

  • learn a specific content strategy utilizing both posts and stories

  • learn several ways you can make money from Instagram

  • finally, you will learn how to close deals and make sales using your Instagram Direct Messages.



Created by Vishal wani - DR.VISHWA MEDICAL COACHING- live online lectures for all sub


Students: 2008, Price: Free

Students: 2008, Price:  Free






Forensic Accounting: Fraud Investigation!

Fraud Examination, Fraud Prevention, Fraud Detection, and Fraud Correction

Created by Stefan Ignatovski, Ph.D. - Award-Winning Professor, Investor and Entrepreneur


Students: 1471, Price: $99.99

Students: 1471, Price:  Paid

Learn how to Prevent, Detect, and Correct Fraud in your organization. Learn like you have never learned before!

This course is packed with bite-sized, animated, cartoon-like video lectures. Each video is no longer than 5 minutes. These videos do not only make it easy for you to learn and understand, but to also have fun learning. Additionally, when you enroll, you will gain access to the free digital textbook, written just for you.

Each video lecture is followed by a short quiz, so you can assess your knowledge. At the end of each learning section, you will find a real-life case, that you will need to solve.

The topics covered in this course include:

  • The Nature of Fraud

  • Skimming Schemes

  • Larceny Schemes

  • Billing Schemes

Enroll and learn about this exciting topic! Enroll, and learn like you never learned before!

Analytic Investigations (Intermediate Level)

Managing an Investigation with an Association Matrix

Created by Eugene Matthews - Criminal Justice Scholar/Practitioner


Students: 760, Price: $89.99

Students: 760, Price:  Paid

If you conduct investigations - then you need this course! In it I will teach you how to:

· Develop an Investigative Plan from information mined from your case files

· Construct an Entity of Interest Worksheet from an analysis of your case files

· Prepare an Association Matrix that ensures everyone related to the investigation is accounted for

· Determine Investigative Next Steps based on your analysis of the Association Matrix and related tools

This course is designed for investigative professionals across job fields and industries including:
Attorneys, Private Investigators, Insurance Investigators, Military and Civilian Police Investigators, Fraud Investigators, Journalists, Consulting Detectives, and more!

This course will show you how to manage your investigations, reveal hidden leads, and position your case for a successful resolution, while reducing potential issues of bias.

This is an Intermediate level course (part 2 in the Analytical Investigations Training (AIT) series) developed for practicing analysts and investigators.

Investigative Interviewing

An entry level course that equips delegates with the skill set necessary to carry out a basic investigation & interview.

Created by Ian Kirke - LLB (Hons), MSc., Cert Ed - Managing Director, TFS


Students: 636, Price: $29.99

Students: 636, Price:  Paid

Interviewing is carried out on a frequent basis across the globe. Investigative interviewing is the narrower band of criminal & disciplinary enquiry although it still connects with the fundamental process of speaking to people.

Often steeped in mystery and conjecture the thought of conducting such a process fills many with fear and trepidation.

This entry level course provides the practical tools to enable you to confidently conduct an investigatory interview with both witnesses and those individuals that may have contravened your organisations disciplinary code or are subject of a grievance and reach a decision that is both fair and lawful.

Used widely across the business community and the public sector the same elements have been adopted by the UK Police.

Ian Kirke is the Managing Director of leading UK Risk Consultants TFS (

"TFS is providing Hertfordshire with a bespoke "out-of-custody" interview package to enable us to train all our uniformed response and neighbourhood officers. This training is providing officers with skills in recognising when out-of-custody interviews should be staged, how to stage such an interview, interviewing both cooperative and non-cooperative suspects, and dealing confidently with legal representatives; all in all professionalising and adding a consistency to out-of-custody interviewing in Herts.”

Shane O'Neill, Detective Chief Inspector, Hertfordshire Constabulary

What others have to say:

“As an experienced LP professional I believe that that the TFS approach to interviewing is like a breath of fresh air. The process driven methodology provides a practical framework that can be used to match all investigatory outcomes from low level disciplinary & grievance procedures to complex criminal investigations. An invaluable tool providing a significant ROI for investigators, especially those with limited experience, I highly recommend the programme.”

Gary Tattersall, Group Risk Manager, Jack Wills

“As an experienced investigator working within an ever changing company, time considered for investigations has always proven to be limited. The TFS investigation and interview techniques offer a structured process that is easy to follow, quick to prepare and gets the results required whilst demonstrating a clear understanding of investigations in business and knowledge of employment law. I also liked the approach to the training, particularly with the role-play exercises, it makes it go beyond just theory.”

Leyton, Morgan Head of Business Protection at Sally Salon Services

Some of the best bits:

How to manage different personalities presented: Liar, truth, silence, mixture, etc. Tested repeatedly via Employment Tribunals G.D, Space.UK

Knowing that failure to obtain an admission is not the end of the line S.D, JD Sports

Confidence in doing the right thing practically and legally O.C, Sainsbury’s Supermarkets

Applying a consistent model to unique situations A.H, Waitrose

Flow chart system OC, TSS

Fantastic structured way / process to investigate TP, Tesco

5 WH, flowchart of events MB, Selco

Learn Basic of Emerging Trends in Computer

Emerging Trends in Computer & Information Technology

Created by Abdul Aziz Patel Khan - Lecturer


Students: 592, Price: Free

Students: 592, Price:  Free

The aim of this course is to  help students to attain the industry identified competency through various teaching learning experience: acquire knowledge of emerging trends. Advancements and applications of Computer Engineering and Information Technology are ever changing. Emerging trends aims at creating awareness about major trends that will define technological disruption in the  upcoming years in the field of Computer Engineering and Information Technology. These are some emerging areas expected to generated revenue, increasing demand as IT professionals and open avenues of entrepreneurship. The Objectives of the course are Differentiate between Machine Learning & Deep Learning, State IoT issues & Challenges in deployment, Describe the given model of Digital Forensics Investigation, Describe the given evidence handling, Describe the need to hack your own systems, Describe Database Vulnerabilities. The outcomes of the course are Describe Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning: Describe the concept of AI, State the components of AI, Differentiate between Machine Learning & Deep Learning, Interpret IoT Concepts: Describe IoT Systems in which information and knowledge are inferred from data, State IoT issues and challenges in deployment, Compare Model of Digital Forensic Investigation: Describe the given model of Digital Forensics Investigation, State the ethical and unethical issues in Digital Forensics, Describe Evidence Handling Procedures: List the rules of digital evidence, Describe the given evidence handling procedures, Describe Ethical Hacking Process: Describe the need to hack your own system, Detect Network, Operating System & Application vulnerabilities: Network Infrastructure vulnerabilities (Wired/Wireless),Describe Messaging Systems vulnerabilities.

Introduction to Internal Investigations

Essential Knowledge for Protection Professionals

Created by Cole Morris - Board Certified in Security Management


Students: 443, Price: $19.99

Students: 443, Price:  Paid

This course defines the internal investigation and its importance to a successful workplace. The syllabus is a  general overview for security practitioners, human resources specialists, and department managers and supervisors, among others.

The student is introduced to six investigative strategies available to the corporate investigator. Likewise, the course presents some potential risks of unprofessional, incompetent, workplace investigations.

Additionally, the course describes the Process of Investigation as five stages:

  1. Preparation and Planning

  2. Information Collection and Fact Finding

  3. Verification and Analysis

  4. Determination and Delivery of Corrective Action

  5. Prevention and Education

This course defines the internal investigation and its importance to a successful workplace.

The syllabus is a general overview for security practitioners, human resources specialists, department managers and supervisors, among others. It serves as a foundational course in the Mastering Security Management series.

The course includes three .PDF documents that supplement the primary course content.

Issues requiring potential investigation are discussed and include workplace accidents, suspected wrongdoing by employees, documented complaints, employee theft, receipt of a lawsuit, regulatory concerns, workplace violence, or unexplained drops in morale or workforce performance.

The course leverages the instructor's extensive experience in private/corporate security. Key themes throughout this program, include:

  • The importance of presenting yourself as a business professional and not a "rent-a-cop."

  • The critical role of organization, confidentiality, and objectivity in all investigations.

  • Assume all investigations, reports and investigators will appear in court.

  • Characteristics of the successful investigator

Learning checks appear periodically to help you assess your understanding of the course content.

A Brief Overview of Insurance Investigation

Explore the qualification requirements, job description and actual cases of an insurance investigator

Created by Linda van der Westhuizen - Medical & Healthcare Fraud & Syndicate Specialist


Students: 381, Price: Free

Students: 381, Price:  Free

Welcome and thank you for joining me this free talk! I provide you with an understanding of the field of insurance investigation by sharing some of the cases I have dealt with in the past and these include examples of individuals who abuse insurance products or commit fraud as well as how both new and sophisticated syndicates operate and what weaknesses they exploit for the purpose of fraud. These examples included examples of medical or health related fraud as well as those related to motor vehicle accident or theft claims.

We discuss what qualifications are required of investigator and while having studied into the field of forensics and/or criminology is beneficial, it is not the only way to get into the field. Experience and being willing to learn as you go are also ways to get into this exciting line of work.

I share with you the day to day work of an insurance investigator and this includes verification and validation of information as well as gathering of evidence to prove or disprove a specific rea of concern.

The talk is presented in a conversational way, so please grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit back and have a listen. It is my passion to teach all I have learnt and to share my findings and insights from actual investigations I have worked on. I know you will enjoy the talk and hope that if you are an assessor or investigator and want to broaden your knowledge base, you will check out the courses I have developed to help you grow professionally.

Investigating the Paranormal

A course in how to be a paranormal investigator

Created by Cindy Little - Paranormal Researcher


Students: 304, Price: $79.99

Students: 304, Price:  Paid

Topics covered in this class will include the history and theories behind residual hauntings, poltergeist activity and apparitions, how psychic abilities may play a role in the paranormal, how to use the scientific method and technology while investigating, how to interview witnesses, the importance of historical research in paranormal investigating and step by step guidelines on how to conduct actual paranormal investigations.

There are a couple of ways you can engage with this material.  You can take the class for fun and not worry about completing the quizzes or assignments or you can take it for a certificate of completion.  If you choose the certificate route, you must take the quizzes and complete the assignments. 

StudiGuide 7: Crimes Against Persons / Death Investigations

Study Guide for the California Police Academy (P.O.S.T.) Written Examination

Created by Michael Rubacha - California Police Academy Study Guide Presenter


Students: 147, Price: $19.99

Students: 147, Price:  Paid

Crimes Against Persons – Death Investigations

This StudiGuide course provides a practice review-testing resource for police academy cadets (based on the state of California’s Commission on Peace Officer Standard and Training 'POST' requirements) to help understand and pass the POST written examinations.

RECOGNIZE the crime elements required to arrest for and the crime classification as a misdemeanor or felony:

· Battery

· Assault with a deadly weapon or by means of force

· Elder or dependent adult abuse

· Kidnapping

· False imprisonment

· Child abduction without custodial right

· Child abduction with custodial right

· Robbery

· Carjacking

RECOGNIZE the crime elements required to arrest for murder

RECOGNIZE the crime and classification for manslaughter crimes

IDENTIFY information that should be obtained and documented when conducting an investigation involving the death of a child

IDENTIFY indicators that a child’s death may be due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

IDENTIFY appropriate actions for responding officers interacting with parents or care givers involved in a SIDS Incident

Selected information from this written examination will also appear on your Mid-Course and End-of-Course Proficiency Tests.

Analytic Investigations (Investigative Timeline Analysis)

(Another Powerful Analytic Investigative Tool)

Created by Eugene Matthews - Criminal Justice Scholar/Practitioner


Students: 44, Price: $89.99

Students: 44, Price:  Paid

This course is designed to teach analysts, investigators and others what Investigative Timelines are and how to use them. In this course you will also learn:

  • how the Investigative Timeline answers four key questions in an investigation

  • how the Investigative Timeline can aid in an investigation or inquiry

  • how the Investigative Timeline can be constructed manually, as well as using automation

How to Conduct a Bank Locate Investigation

An Investigative Approach to Locating a Person's Bank Account

Created by Eric Neal - Judgment Recovery Specialist


Students: 39, Price: $199.99

Students: 39, Price:  Paid

This is a full banking investigation course. From debt collectors to private investigators to judgment holders and more, learn the tricks of the trade to conduct a bank locate investigation. A few years ago I didn't know much in regards to conducting bank locates. I called in a bunch of favors and was met with silence. I learned that many professionals were subbing out the bank locate work and didn't actually know how to perform the investigation themselves. Through hours of reading and over a thousand dollars in trial and error, I finally was able to develop a successful system. I'm going to save you that time and money and condense it all into a 3 hour course for $199, less than the cost of most bank locates.

This course will combine on screen tutorials with several lectures to teach you how to conduct a bank locate investigation. We're going to talk about traditional and non-tradition methods to find where someone banks. Learn to search Facebook efficiently for this information and take a deep dive into publicly available bankruptcy reports to see not just the banking information, but data points that you may not have thought to check out. You'll be shown how to search a credit report for banking information and how to validate that information. Learn how to conduct a non GLB violation call to local banks to determine if an individual banks with them.

This course is currently accredited in the state of Oklahoma for 3.25 CE hours.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Essential Business Basics for Private Investigators

Secrets to a Successful PI Business

Created by John Morris - Owner EVCO LLC - The PI Guy


Students: 28, Price: $89.99

Students: 28, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the fascinating and mysterious world of private investigations. One of the fastest growing entrepreneurial businesses in the United States is the field of private investigators. Not only is it exciting it is also financially rewarding and an easy to enter career for most people.

Desire, hard work, and determination is what differentiates the successful private investigator from the rest of the crowd. Those PI’s that are willing to listen, invest in their future, and become life-long learners are the ones that rise to the top.

This course has six primary topics. While many of these could be taught in their own course, I have chosen to teach them in one to ensure you get the most benefit, the biggest bang, for your buck. These topics resonate with myself as I look back many years ago to when I started as a PI. There were very few resources available to the new private investigator and even fewer veteran private detectives that were willing to give up the secrets to potential competitors.

This course is a simple guide that will walk you through, step by step, as you setup your new private investigator business. From choosing a name for your business to what licenses you will need. From how to set your PI hourly rate to contract essentials. From retainer calculations to working with clients. This class has everything you will need to get you up and running your new private investigations business.


- This course is created for educational purposes only.

- This course is not meant to provide, nor should it be construed as, legal, or financial advice.

- It is recommended that you seek professional legal and financial advice to answer questions related to your situation.