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Personal Finance 101: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about personal finance in the U.S, presented through concise, engaging, animated videos.

Created by . - Education Startup Backed by Financial Professionals


Students: 47988, Price: Free

This course is designed for anyone looking to gain an excellent, practical knowledge of personal finance, covering everything from to taxes to credit cards. Sound intimidating? Don't worry! This course is designed with complete beginners in mind. No previous personal finance knowledge (or math!) is required, and you will never need outside software or materials. 

As for how this course is structured, we designed it to maximize your enjoyment and engagement. That’s why we teach you an entire personal finance curriculum through a series of short (<5 min), engaging, animated videos. Each video teaches you everything you need to know (practically-speaking) about a specific topic, like investing, in a way that even a total beginner can understand. And with over 52 videos in total, more than 3 hours of content, you’ll learn everything you need to know about personal finance, from how to pay your taxes to how to buy a car to how to pay off your student loans! 

Finally, as for our background, we're MoneyCoach, a financial education startup that has spent the past year developing this curriculum (with the help of a financial advisor) to fill the void in financial education and to teach people personal finance in the most effective way possible. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!  

Types of Life Insurance

Find out about the importance of Life Insurance and select suitable plans for your needs.

Created by Ferris Wee - Financial Literacy Trainer


Students: 14820, Price: Free

In this course, we will learn about the purpose of insurance and how we can go about determining our insurance needs. We will learn how to compare between different life insurance products and learn strategies in selecting the right types of insurance for our needs.

Different types of Life Insurance policies are covered:

  • Term Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Endowment Insurance
  • Annuities
  • Investment Linked Insurance
This course will help you select the right type of life insurance policies based on your needs.

Types of Health Insurance

Knowing your CPF Insurance Schemes

Created by Ferris Wee - Financial Literacy Trainer


Students: 11117, Price: Free

This E-learning module aims to help you understand various types of health insurance, specifically the basic insurance schemes provided by CPF Board to protect you. CPF stands for Central Provident Fund. It is the social security savings plan for Singapore. In this module, we will cover the following: Understanding Health Insurance; Types of Health Insurance and Understanding CPF Insurance Schemes.

Health insurance prevents you and your family from suffering a financial loss as a result of an accident, illness or disability. There are different types of health insurance policies to help you and your family cope with expenses during these times. Do note that some health insurance policies are short term, i.e. they may cover you for only a limited period. Do check that your product covers the duration that you need. If you buy a short term policy, check whether there is guaranteed renewability if this is important to you.

Health insurance is marketed as a standalone policy or added as a rider onto life insurance by charging extra premium. Depending on the type of health insurance, premium may be level throughout the policy duration or it may increase with age.

MediShield is a basic medical insurance scheme designed to help pay part of the expenses arising from the insured’s hospitalisation and certain outpatient treatments for major illnesses at approved medical institutions. It is most suitable for hospitalisation at Class B2/C level in restructured hospitals in Singapore.

MediShield Life – Starting 1 November 2015

The Ministry of Health (MOH) is working to further enhance MediShield to provide all Singaporeans with greater peace of mind and assurance against large bills.

These enhancements are aimed at:

1. Better coverage of large bills so that Singaporeans who incur large bills will pay less;

2. Life-long, universal coverage. There will be no more maximum coverage age. Those currently uninsured and uninsurable will be brought into MediShield Life protection. Pre-existing conditions will also be covered.

This module contains several case studies which will help you make relevant comparisons among various plans and take up cover which will meet your needs.

The material covered in the course is mainly applicable for Singaporeans and people living in Singapore.

Shiny Happy Marriages: What to Know Before Tying The Knot

Your New Relationship Life Insurance Policy and Survival Guide

Created by Joseph Jay Mellon - Certified Marriage Educator, Coach, Author


Students: 1686, Price: Free

Learn concepts, skills, and strategies to preserve the healthy relationship you have with your fiancé or spouse.

Discover the Secrets of Healthy Relationships in this Comprehensive Step-By-Step Program.

  • Build a firm, “perma-fresh” relationship with your partner

  • Become proficient in proactive and effective conflict resolution

  • Battle the root cause of relationship issues, not your partner

  • Tame your natural defensive reactions when dealing with conflict

Learn a unique perspective of what conflict really is, as well a groundbreaking and practical approach to resolving it.

A reporter once asked a couple, “How did you manage to stay together for 65 years?” The woman replied, “We were born in a time when if something was broken we would fix it, not throw it away.”

So how do you “fix” a relationship? The goal of this course is to answer that question.

By any standard, the extent of failed and failing relationships has been at epidemic proportions for quite some time now. This is easily demonstrated by the track record of couples who took a solemn vow to stay together forever. Even with all of the initial dedication, devotion, and pressure to remain intact, around 50% of all marriages end in divorce, with the rate rising at least 10% with each subsequent marriage.

And what about all the unhappy marriages that would mercifully end if not for situational circumstances? Since they haven’t figured out how to fix their relationship with each other, many couples feel emotionally imprisoned. They stay in a troubled, often mostly sexless marriage just because they feel financially trapped, don’t want to upset or leave their children, or simply don’t want to be on their own.

Of course, deteriorating relationships do not plague only married folks. Partners in any kind of relationship will suffer the same fate until they learn the root cause of relationship issues, and how to resolve them. Although some people may instinctively understand the principles of successful conflict resolution, the vast majority of us have not been properly and effectively taught how to “fix” our relationships.

This course is a 1-hour, 10 lesson lecture with handout tests and reading assignments after each lesson.

Introduction to Course and Why It’s Important for You Right Now

How to Keep the Attraction, Respect and Trust

Resentment is Kryptonite to Your Relationship

The Secret to Healthy Relationships

What Needs to be Done to Keep Your Relationship Healthy

Our Normal & Natural “Fight or Flight” Response to Threatening Information

You’ve Got Both Pieces Now, and Can Resolve Any Issue

The Five Magic Words to Stop Any Argument

How to Train Your Egoity

What You Can Proactively Do to Help Your Relationship

Enroll now, and learn what to do if and when “problems” come up in your marriage.

By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and tools to resolve any and all conflicts with your partner and restore your relationship, without the common roadblocks that we have all no doubt experienced. You will be provided with step-by-step instructions on zeroing in on the real causes of relationship problems, and how to pull them up the roots!

The ideal student for this course is anyone who wants to fully understand the real causes of relationship problems and how to get rid of them effectively. As the issues are resolved, the attraction, trust, and respect you have for your partner are naturally restored. There are no requirements necessary to enroll. We only ask that you come open-minded and ready to learn.

After learning and applying the simple yet powerful lessons, you will be able to look at detoxifying your relationship in the same way as cleaning your kitchen, without sweeping any issue under the rug. No compromises, no sacrifices, and no forgiveness needed. You will learn how to simply remove the toxic barrier that naturally develops between you and your partner over time, restoring and even enhancing the initial attraction, trust, and respect.

Introduction to Insurance Adjusting

So, you’re thinking about becoming an Insurance Adjuster

Created by John Walker - Experienced Muti-Line Insurance Adjuster


Students: 1229, Price: Free

This course will introduce the student to the world of insurance adjusting.  Most people I speak to are not aware of what an insurance adjuster is and even fewer have a clue how to become one.

We will cover:

  1. License Requirements

  2. Job Description

  3. Types of Adjusters

  4. Work Environment

  5. Tools of the Trade

  6. Catastrophe Adjusting

  7. Who's Hiring

  8. Professional Designations

  9. Pay

A Brief Overview of Insurance Investigation

Explore the qualification requirements, job description and actual cases of an insurance investigator

Created by Linda van der Westhuizen - Medical & Healthcare Fraud & Syndicate Specialist


Students: 381, Price: Free

Welcome and thank you for joining me this free talk! I provide you with an understanding of the field of insurance investigation by sharing some of the cases I have dealt with in the past and these include examples of individuals who abuse insurance products or commit fraud as well as how both new and sophisticated syndicates operate and what weaknesses they exploit for the purpose of fraud. These examples included examples of medical or health related fraud as well as those related to motor vehicle accident or theft claims.

We discuss what qualifications are required of investigator and while having studied into the field of forensics and/or criminology is beneficial, it is not the only way to get into the field. Experience and being willing to learn as you go are also ways to get into this exciting line of work.

I share with you the day to day work of an insurance investigator and this includes verification and validation of information as well as gathering of evidence to prove or disprove a specific rea of concern.

The talk is presented in a conversational way, so please grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit back and have a listen. It is my passion to teach all I have learnt and to share my findings and insights from actual investigations I have worked on. I know you will enjoy the talk and hope that if you are an assessor or investigator and want to broaden your knowledge base, you will check out the courses I have developed to help you grow professionally.

Insurance for Entrepreneurs

Information Vital to the Entrepreneur

Created by Irvine Learning Management Systems - An LMS for Human Resource Professionals


Students: 312, Price: Free

Welcome! My name is Shane Patrick Irvine and I am both the author and the narrator of this series of videos on pre-law business subjects. I consider this collection of business classes to be excellent pre-law material. I offer three free courses; insurance, finance, and dispute resolution as well as my feature paid courses; Pre-law and Executive Juris Doctor. Udemy provides certifications for completion of all of my paid courses, but not for my free courses. Collectively, all of the courses I offer, paid or free, are intended to be absorbed at a pace the student is comfortable with. I recognize that not everyone has access to business college and law school, and these video lectures, featuring my alter ego instructors, are especially designed to provide you with information that would be provided in a typical accredited institution. It’s generic information. The way we acquire our personal and professional education has changed with the advent of the internet and those who chose to educate themselves, should have more options. This is my contribution. For a small sum of money, I provide the same information others paid beaucoup bucks for. How long and to what depth you take to absorb the information is up to you

I wish you well in your business knowledge endeavors.

Insurance Internship/Co-Op Need to Knows

Risk Management, Business, Marketing

Created by Peter Hughes - Principal


Students: 221, Price: Free

In this class, you will get a quick rundown of the basics you'll need to know entering this internship. This will include about Pinnacle Partners, about our partners (Keller Williams), industry terminology, common tasks, communication tips and a few others things! Also included are a few videos, quizes and assignments that will help the student reinforce what they have learned! This course should be taken and completed prior to starting your first day.

Also included in this course is examples of actual insurance policies with the coverages and forms a real client would have with our company. We feel this will be a hands on way of learning how to read and interpret policy language!

Sections included in this curriculum:

1. Who is Pinnacle

2. Who is Keller Williams

3. Basics of Risk Management

4. Basics of Acquiring New Clients

5. Inbound Phone Calls, Client Retention and servicing clients

6. Ways to learn new things

We look forward to having you complete this course and reviewing these concepts with you on your first day. Please send any questions about this course to Jessica Vermillion at

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