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Free Digital Marketing Basics Course

It's time for Digital Transformation

Created by Sorav Jain - CEO of echoVME


Students: 106929, Price: Free

Have you learnt Digital Marketing? You haven’t? Well, not to worry! Here is an opportunity for you to start everything from the scratch. I have made 21+ Free Video Lessons to Empower the world and embrace people with my knowledge in digital marketing and my passion for teaching.

I am in a mission to reach out to people and tell them Digital has a business side and it can be used for a purpose.

Like how you define the purpose of Life, I believe you should also define the purpose of Digital Life and here are those 21 lessons that you shall get every single day to master Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals with Live Projects

Jump Start Your Career Growth & Earning Potential. Learn Digital Marketing from Global Experts.

Created by Sangeeta Kumar - Vice President Training


Students: 98261, Price: Free

This course introduces Concepts of Digital Marketing. It provides formats, hands-on experience and worksheets to create digital marketing strategies in consonance with business objectives. It gives a complete knowledge of the channels of digital marketing so that a marketer can decide which channel would be the most profitable for the business. Identifying KPIs in digital marketing are important and in this course I will show you how to identify KPIs..

The course aims to introduce digital marketing concepts and provide a systematic overview of all channels and components of digital marketing. Digital marketing is an integral part of any marketing process. By itself it is completely specialized and extremely vast.

Complete with formats and worksheets, that you can apply instantly.

SMstudy® Digital Marketing Associate certification Course

Overview of Digital Marketing. Get free 'SMstudy® Certified Digital Marketing Associate' Certification with this course.

Created by SMstudy Certifications - Global Certification Body for Sales and Marketing


Students: 84637, Price: Free

This course contains overview of Digital Marketing and is based on the SMstudy® Guide. It has 28 high quality videos on Digital marketing including a brief about a brief history of Digital Marketing. Upon completion of this course, students can get free 'SMstudy® Certified Digital Marketing Associate' certification from . The course also touches upon the benefits of SMstudy® Guide. The SMstudy® Guide is developed by VMEdu, Inc., a global certification course provider that has educated over 400,000 students world-wide in more than 3,500 companies. It explains Sales and Marketing concepts through a practical, process-oriented approach. The course includes all marketing activities that use electronic devices connected to the internet to engage with customers (e.g., computers, tablets, smartphones). This includes activities related to creating and managing effective websites and mobile apps as well as promoting a company’s products and brand through various online channels that help meet Marketing objectives. Some of the tools pertaining to Digital Marketing include Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing. This Aspect also demonstrates how an effective Digital Marketing Strategy can act as a force multiplier for the other Sales and Marketing Aspects. The course can be taken by professionals and students interested in gaining a basic understanding of Digital Marketing. The many authors, advisers, and reviewers of the course have worked in numerous Sales and Marketing areas and geographic regions across a variety of industries. Thus, insights provided by them make this course industry independent. The course defines Digital Marketing in terms of processes that comprise a series of actions that leads to a particular result. Each process requires specific inputs and then uses tools to create specific outputs.

Quote Images for Pinterest, Facebook, & Instagram

How to create amazing quote pictures for social media Fast, Easy & Free

Created by Anna Lynd - Free Traffic Expert


Students: 36428, Price: Free

Create your own amazing quote images in 30 seconds or less!

Using viral quote Images is the fastest way to become popular on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media.

This course is ideal for those who wants to dramatically increase the number of likes and comments on their social accounts by lavishing their audience with amazing quote images.
It also would be handy for those internet entrepreneurs who use viral images for getting free traffic to their online projects.

Are you excited? Great!
Take action and click on the "Take This Course" button Now!
You are going to have a lot of fun!

What is covered in the course:

In this course, I will show you how to create viral quotes images that are in great demand on any social media. By the end of this course, you'll be on your way to having hundreds of your own amazing quote images, all for free!

I look forward to working with you.

Anna Lynd

2020 Complete Instagram Marketing Masterclass: Become a Pro

20 Instagram Marketing Strategies to Grow a Page, Get Real Followers, Sell Online Using Instagram Marketing Sales Funnel

Created by Pouya Eti • Digital Marketing Expert - Digital Instagram Marketer, Author & Entrepreneur


Students: 29224, Price: Free

Learn and master 20 Mega Instagram Marketing Strategies to Grow a Page, Get Real Followers, Sell Online Using Instagram Marketing Sales Funnel

During this Instagram marketing course you will learn how to:

  • A powerful Instagram marketing strategy to get 20 times more engagement on your posts

  • Getting access to powerful Instagram marketing documents

  • Learn the fundamental to advanced building a Instagram business page

  • VRIN - The highest post quality possible

  • 8 Rules for a better Instagram post

  • 4 Mega Instagram Marketing strategies

  • Instagram Sales funnel

  • And much more ...

Most people think they know everything about Instagram marketing and how to create a successful page, but after you learn what we have in this course, a lot of new doors will open for you on Instagram marketing.

If you really want to become a pro on Instagram marketing, join this course NOW! and lets build your advanced Instagram profile, attract followers and market your page together.

Start A T-Shirt Dropshipping Business With Shopify (POD)

How to launch your t-shirt business and do it faster, better & cheaper

Created by Brian Brewer - Professional Digital Marketer


Students: 27940, Price: Free

This course will allow you to take advantage of one of the hottest opportunities.  Now is the time for you to get in on the explosion because while you are ahead of the curve right now, competition will only increase as time passes.

Learn how to get your store set up and start selling t-shirts and other merchandise today.  And do it quickly, easily and as cheap as it can possibly be.

The Complete Instagram Marketing Course for Beginners 2018

Learn how to market your business, products and services using Instagram, Influencers, Ads and Social Media Marketing.

Created by Adam Reed - E-Commerce Entrepreneur and Best Selling Udemy Instructor


Students: 25704, Price: Free

The Complete Instagram Marketing and Instagram Management Course for Beginners 2018

This course aims to take you through beginner, intermediate and advanced Instagram marketing and management training.

You're going to learn the complete basics; from how to set up an Instagram account and make your first post on the platform, as well as the intermediate and advanced topics: Influencer marketing, User Generated Content and URL Tracking for E-Commerce.

By the end of this course you will be able to manage your personal and/or business account effectively on Instagram. You'll learn how to create, schedule and post engaging content at the best time for your audience, how to use hashtags to your advantage and how to analyse competitor accounts plus much more, and you'll be taught all of this by Zack Meays - a professional Instagram photographer, marketer and manager.

You'll be taken through a series of videos on Influencer Marketing and User Generated Content, and how these can help boost the sales of any E-Commerce business. You'll  receive further training more focused on the use and application of Instagram for growing an E-Commerce business, and will be taught this  by Adam Reed  - a best selling Udemy Instructor and E-Commerce Instructor.

In this course you'll be taught by two instructors: Adam Reed (Best Selling Udemy Instructor and E-Commerce Entrepreneur) and Zack Meays (Professional Instagram Photographer, Marketer, Manager).

This course will help you if you:

  • Are a complete newbie to Instagram and want a step by step guide on how to get started the right way
  • Want to learn how to improve your Instagram marketing strategy; e.g. improving your posting plan, working out the best time to post, creating and/or sourcing better content, using better hashtags
  • Have set a personal or business goal to grow your Instagram account
  • Want to use Instagram to sell products on your E-Commerce store
  • Desire to learn about influencer Marketing; what it is, how it works, and how you can implement this marketing strategy today
  • Need to know how to track clicks and sales through your Instagram Bio Link
  • Would love to use the Instagram stories feature to grow your following and increase your brand awareness and product sales
  • Are looking for a concise, detailed, professional course on Instagram so that you can learn more and earn more through social media

Enrol now and learn how to improve your Instagram Marketing strategies today.

We'll see you on the inside!

Your instructors,

Adam Reed and Zack Meays

Instagram Marketing for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Your Road Map to Instagram Success as a Lean Startup in Getting Your Minimum Viable Product to Market and Making Pivots

Created by John Chang - Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker,Small Business Coach / Advisor


Students: 25659, Price: Free

Join over 300 million active monthly users in the fastest growing social media platform to grow your business. Instagram marketing is the rising social media platform you need to master.

Instagram posts receive follower engagement rates "15 times higher than Facebook and 120 times higher than Twitter!"

Many businesses are still unsure how to use Instagram for social media marketing. We'll show you how to get started with some easy tips and strategies to use this social media app to get more customers and make more sales.

Whether your a brand new startup entrepreneur or established local business, you need to learn the strategies that 86% of the top 100 brands are using to sell their products and services.

By the end of this course you will know over 12 of the best strategies to use Instagram for marketing.

Instagram Small Business & Startup Marketing Foundation

A step by step guide to building an account specifically designed for SELLING and avoiding damaging startup mistakes!

Created by Dave Rotheroe - Serial Internet Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer


Students: 23698, Price: Free

Marketing a business on Instagram can seem tough:

  • You've got no outbound links on posts. 
  • There's no native way for people to share your content. 
  • Getting followers seems almost Impossible! 
  • And you can't schedule posts like Facebook or Twitter. 

How on earth are people building 6 figure businesses using this platform?! 

And where do people find the time in the day to keep up a posting schedule whilst living a life?! 

Over the last 2 years I've built my own companies and my client's accounts to hundreds of thousands of $ in revenue using Instagram as a core customer acquisition channel. This course is the step by step blueprint I use when creating any of these accounts from scratch.

It's true, Instagram is a pretty unique platform and at first it may seem inhibited and impossible to drive sales. But what seems like a lack of features are in fact the reason it is so effective when you know why. 

If you're building a brand profile on Instagram you could be falling into one of the many traps or easy routes out that so many small businesses fall prey to and be well on the way to creating a useless account that's weighing you down and taking up your time without doing anything for your bottom line. 

Selling on Instagram starts with building a strong foundation for your account, if you start of strong it just gets easier and easier.

This course teaches you not only how to build that strong foundation but also how to use Instagram specifically as a business owner to make sales and also how to bend the rules to have Instagram work in your favour.

Enrol now to uncover a trove of free insider info which will get your Instagram account cooking on gas!

Marketing Principles A-Z, 3 Marketing Tips & Techniques Free

increase sale, customers & attention by using 3 cognitive biases of marketing

Created by Alireza Etemadi | Marketing Strategy Expert | - Photographer, Digital Marketer


Students: 16045, Price: Free

Learn and master 3 powerful marketing principles to become successful at any marketing campaigns, attracting people and making them your customer.

You will learn how to:

  • 3 powerful & exclusive techniques

  • Run a successful marketing campaigns

  • Increase sale in any business you have

  • Convince people in digital market, social media, business meetings, websites and ...

What are these 3 marketing tips & techniques?

These are 21 cognitive biases of marketing which have been developed by marketing and psychology experts over the pas couple of decades.During this course we will only learn 3 of them. There reason that these biases are rare is that people who knows these, they try not to share them with others because they are very powerful and effective. Beside here you can find some of these in the book of "influence" written by Dr. Cialdini or in the book "poor Charlie's Almanack" written by the self made billionaire, Charlie Munger.

Situations you can use these marketing principles:

  • Any marketing campaigns (social media marketing, digital marketing)

  • designing a suitable and convincing website, store, business.

  • convincing business partners, inverters and so on.

If you really want to achieve everything said above join this course because these are the core of a successful marketing and business.

Digital Marketing Leads Generator

Lets Invest in Your Business and Take It to the Next Level

Created by Empire Thoughts - Let Us Help You Scale Your Business


Students: 15375, Price: Free

This course is for ANY small business owner! Brick and mortar businesses, corporate marketing professionals, or ANYONE who wants to kick start their business. This course we will show you how to leverage the POWER of digital advertising and implement some simple, yet powerful tactics to start putting your product or service out in peoples eyes!

Instagram Influencer Marketing For Businesses

Tap into hundreds of thousands of influencers who are waiting to recommend your product

Created by Josh MacDonald - Entrepreneur


Students: 14900, Price: Free

It's clear that the majority of people rely on internet reviews to decide whether a product is good or not. What if you could access thousands of people who are willing to review your product on their YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter? In this course, I will provide you with a framework to brand your account and then grow your brand and following with influencer marketing.

Shopify Course For Beginners: Creating A Store From Scratch

How To Create & Launch A Shopify Store Without Any Experience. Learn How To Do Product Research & Market Your Products.

Created by Rohan Dhawan - Digital Marketer & Founder UAbility


Students: 13784, Price: Free

Want to learn how to launch your very own eCommerce store from scratch?

Find out the exact step-by-step method to creating a brand new Shopify store from scratch. Let me take you over the shoulder and show you the correct way to get started with dropshipping and online marketing. Why eCommerce? Cause it is the quickest source to get effective results online.

In the course, you will be learning -

  • How to select the most appropriate products that aren't saturated 
  • Find out how to launch your store in less than 10 minutes without any technical background
  • Learn how to market your products effectively using Instagram influencers
  • Discover how to advertise on Facebook by using my simple formula

So what are you waiting for? Enroll now! :)

Advanced Shopify Dropshipping

Learn How To Become A Better Dropshipper In 2 Hours!

Created by Efe Elmacioglu - Entrepreneur


Students: 8817, Price: Free

Note: This course is free because I'm not dropshipping anymore. Do not think the value is low, because I put everything I know about dropshipping in it.

In this free yet super comprehensive method, I didn't teach how to click on buttons or do things on Shopify. I showed only the strategies that will make you money, and increase your revenue.

If you're a dropshipper, or wanting to become one, come join me at this free training that enabled me to scale my dropshipping business to five-figures in only 6 months.

Social Media Marketing – How to Make Engaging Content FAST

Master Creating Content: Blogs, YouTube, Facebook Marketing Strategy, LinkedIn & Instagram

Created by Jordan Harry - CEO at StudyFast | TEDx Speaker (2M Views) | 30,000 Learners


Students: 8798, Price: Free

You'll go from spending hours creating content to making engaging content fast and Jordan will take you through each step on screen.

By the end of the course, you will have defined your audience, understand that not all platforms are made equally and be driving traffic to the major marketing channels. You can implement the same steps at work or for your clients.

Inside the course, you'll learn how to:

  • Avoid common mistakes that cost beginners a fortune

  • Define your audience and unique selling proposition

  • Get found in the search engines

  • How to reuse a piece of content

  • And much much more!

All the strategies, tips and tools recommended are either free or very cost effective.

You'll also get:

✔ Lifetime Access to The Course

✔ Fast & Friendly Support 

Enrol today to learn how to make engaging content FAST!

Instagram Bootcamp 2019: Get More followers and Engagement

5-Day Mini Course to Jumpstart your Instagram Growth and Get More Engagement

Created by David Dundas - Helping Entrepreneurs Build Amazing Brands


Students: 8521, Price: Free

Are you struggling to grow your Instagram? 

You've been working hard to get more followers, but your followers are growing too slow.

Maybe you have thousands of followers, but your growth has stopped. Worse yet,  maybe you're LOSING followers.

Do you wonder whether it's worth it? 

Instagram is getting more competitive than ever, and I want to give you the fundamentals to help you succeed.

Whether that's getting more customers or becoming an influencer Instagram is the best platform to be on today.

In this detailed Bootcamp you'll learn:

  1. How to make Instagram happy by understanding what it wants you to do.

  2. How to get more exposure by using hashtags.

  3. How to use content to build a bigger audience.

  4. How to engage with others to increase your engagement.

  5. Why consistency matters.

Instagram Business Mastery 2019 – Expert Strategies

Grow your brand or business on Instagram like the pros, gain your first 10k followers for free.

Created by Liam Evans - Ecommerce Expert


Students: 8107, Price: Free


This Course Will Help You ...

  • Grow your Instagram follower count organically to over 10,000 real followers.

  • Building a solid brand and business on Instagram.

  • Maintaining your brand and business on Instagram.

  • Go viral with your content and reach the masses.

  • Understand how Instagram works and how you can utilize it for business.

  • Learn how to convert your followers into paying customers.

  • Automating your Instagram methods with expert strategies used by global agencies.

If the above sounds like something you'd be interesting in then this course is for you!

With over 800 million people on Instagram, don't miss out on the potential business revenue you could be earning from the internet's most powerful social media tool. Once your account hits 10k followers, it will unlock features on Instagram you might not even know existed. It will help get you noticed by potential customers as well as other brands and is the starting point to becoming an influencer on Instagram.

Are you looking to build your own Instagram page?

If you are simply looking to build your Instagram for entertainment with the vision of making some money through paid promotions or becoming an influencer, this course is for you. You will learn how to position your brand as an influencer and how to maintain a successful brand.

Are you a business owner looking to grow the companies Instagram?

No matter what industry you are in, this course will help any business owner grow and succeed on Instagram, with both your competition and customer on the platform its essential that you manage your Instagram professional and efficiently.

What makes this course different?

  • Full setup support

  • Private Facebook support group managed by Liam

  • Expert strategies and tools that global agencies use to grow their Instagrams

  • Over 8 years of experience boiled into one easy to follow course

  • Professional and expert support throughout the course

  • 30 day money back guarantee

Start today, what's their to loose? See you at the top!

Who this course is for:

Grow your Instagram follower count organically to over 10,000 real followers.

Building a solid brand and business on Instagram.

Maintaining your brand and business on Instagram.

Go viral with your content and reach the masses.

Understand how Instagram works and how you can utilize it for business.

Learn how to convert your followers into paying customers.

Automating your Instagram methods with expert strategies used by global agencies.

Profit Map 2.0: The Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Marketing

Basics are the most important step. Get sponsored, make a profit when you post, learn the in's & out's of Instagram.

Created by Level Up Academy - Expert Instructors Giving You A Competitive Edge in Life


Students: 7513, Price: Free

Want to Learn How to Turn Instagram Into a Long-Term Profit-Pulling Machine... The Right Way?

It's no secret that Instagram has grown to be a powerful social media platform.

In fact, even Facebook saw the opportunity and bought the company out in its early stages.

This means more opportunity for you as an advertiser and brand.

But like any other social platform, Instagram has its own atmosphere.

There's a way to do things and there's a way not to do them.

Have you tried making money with this platform before and failed?

Here’s why…

Many people fail to create successful profit-pulling machines simply because they don't know how people behave inside Instagram.

They treat it like a direct sales platform or worse, treat it like Facebook.

It's neither.

How would you like to learn how to do it right?

How would you like to learn how to invest your time and money the right way?

Instead of realizing months later that it's all wrong, and you've wasted precious time that you can't get back.

How do you build a social property that creates a profitable opportunity for you in the long haul?


Instagram Profit Map

Video #1 - Introduction In this video, you’ll be given a quick overview of the video course as well as tips on how to get in the right mindset, to get you on the right track. While it’s tempting to jump ahead and talk about profit pulling strategies, we’ll first focus on what you need to ensure you’re set up for success.  

Video #2 - Platform Comparison Did you know that there is a big difference between Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram? In this video, I will share how the users behave and their expectations for each of these platforms, so you will know sales strategies that work and what don’t work in these platforms.

Video #3 -  Starting on the Right Foot By now, you have a clear understanding of how the Instagram platform is set up, and you’ve learned that you can't just jump on there and sell, sell, sell – which is what most people do and why they fail. What is the right approach to take? In this video, you will learn the formula to profiting in Instagram. 

Video #4 - How to Build a Brand or Lifestyle You might be thinking, “I want to make money now!” and “Where are these profit-pulling ideas?” There is no get-rich-quick strategy with Instagram; but once you learn the secret, you will easily make money. You first need to build a brand or lifestyle so you can get tons of avid followers. No influencer can get a huge following immediately, right? In this video, I’ll show you step-by-step how to build a brand that attracts avid followers, including tips on creating an identity that people want to follow and be a part of.

Video #5 - What Creates Inspiration? Once you learn how to build a trusted brand and engaging lifestyle, you would want to think about the best ways to inspire your audience. In this video, we’ll talk more in depth about real-life strategies you can implement right away. 

Video #6 - You Get One URL? People ask this all the time. With Instagram, you get one URL - meaning one place to add your blog, your website, or your offer. So, you must use this one spot wisely. In this video, I will share the exact blueprint to maximize the benefits of this piece of real estate.

Video #7 - How to Sell on Instagram As I mentioned earlier, this platform is not for direct sales - it’s for inspiration. So how do you get people to buy your products or services? What about your Shopify ecommerce store products? What about affiliate products? We’ll dive into these in this video and you will discover just how powerful Instagram is.  

Video #8 - Sponsored Posts Congratulations! By now, you already know the secret to making money on Instagram. As a bonus, we’ll show you how to rapidly grow your following via sponsored posts.  I’ll share with you exactly how it’s done without using any hacks or software. 

So... with that said, grab this video series today and learn how to build a brand people want to follow and make money with Instagram.

Copywriting for Beginners: SEO, Content & Copywriting Course

Introduction into Content Marketing & Copywriting 2021 for Beginners: Be a SEO, Copywriter and Content Marketing Expert.

Created by Ing. Tomas Moravek | SEO, Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Expert - Awarded SEO, Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Expert


Students: 6930, Price: Free

Learn HIGHLY PERSUASIVE SEO Copywriting Techniques – seamlessly boost your SEO while pushing your customer’s buttons. Copywrite for SALES SUCCESS with our EXPERT guide from a pro content creator – includes easy walkthroughs to MAX your SEO copywriting results. Free Course for Beginners. This Copywriting course is completely animated and optimised for beginners to learn FAST. This course also includes a pro copywriting PDF guide and PDF checklist, so you can create content like an expert, and sell more.

We know many marketers wonder if copywriting is still relevant, as we live in an age where video, visual and podcast content are the most shared mediums. Yet copywriting is still so vital, as it has the power to improve nearly every aspect of your marketing. If you know how to write content that grabs people from the start you can raise your game and boost customer engagement massively.


From your sales pages to your press releases, video scripts, blog post headlines meta descriptions, and email campaigns to your Facebook posts and Press releases, knowing how to create great copy will help your marketing efforts enormously.

When you learn how to do it right, you'll be able to get higher conversion rates on key pages, improve the structure of your blogs, get more engagement in social media, and have many more people share your content.

Most importantly of all, you'll be able to understand your customer’s needs, which will help you connect with your target audience much better.

To create truly great copy, you first need to know your audience. You must understand what drives them, their hopes, dreams, thoughts, fears and desires.

Once you have this knowledge, you'll be able to write copy that immediately connects with the people you're trying to reach, because you'll be speaking their language. This will make all your content 100% more effective, and you'll find it easier to be able to get people to take the action you want.

Knowing how to write good copy is an essential marketing skill, that will help you boost your reach, sell more, and get more customer engagement.

It will also make you much more employable, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 73% of employers want to hire people with strong writing skills.

Get the knowledge you need to expand your skills, and effectively market your business in today's fast-paced digital business environment.

We look forward to welcoming you on board as my newest student,


Ing. Tomas Moravek & Beck Robertson, NCTJ qualified journalist and copywriter with over 10 years’ experience

The Complete Instagram Marketing Masterclass 2.0 ®

2020 The Complete Instagram Marketing Masterclass - Everything you need to know about Instagram Marketing in one course

Created by Louay El Charif - Senior Financial Operations Accountant


Students: 5462, Price: Free

I am very excited to share all my knowledge with each and every one of you. One of the best things in the world is seeing people grow. I uploaded this course for each and every person out there to benefit from it, learn from it, and hopefully, change his life through it. If anybody needs any extra help, please do let me know. 

This course is not for you if you are not willing to commit to using the formulas and systems you will learn.

I noticed that the majority of people who disliked the course had a progress rate of 5%. Those who enjoyed it learned from it and applied what they learned became successful, and you can do the same if you are willing to commit to it.

This training program is not going to be a bunch of random information thrown at you. We built this training program to specifically tackle every problem you can encounter when you are trying to grow your account.

You will learn through video presentations that we provided, as well as articles, e-books, schedules, youtube videos and websites you can use to help you grow faster and better. Every single lecture is positioned to tackle one problem at a time. .

Want to Become An Instagram Business and Marketing Genius? Want to Grow Your Business, Scale It, and Automate it? Want to Increase Sales Through Organic Funnels? Want to Become an Opinion Leader on Instagram and Grow Your Page. This course will go through the ins and outs of Instagram!

Enjoy it!

Instagram Cash Machine: Affiliate Marketing On Instagram

How To Successfully Do Affiliate Marketing With Instagram

Created by Daniel Barada - Founder & CEO


Students: 4396, Price: Free


Finally Revealed! A Weird, NEW Money-Making Method That Is Turning Average Folks Into 6 Figure Earners In No Time Flat!

Dear Friend,

If you would like to know exactly how I and a few others make upwards of $700 per day, every day, from Instagram in as little as 20 minutes of work…

Then read on, because this is just for YOU.

Yes, it’s true.

I was also a total skeptic when I heard about this for the first time...

Until about a year ago when I decided to try it out.

I wouldn’t lose anything after all, right?

It certainly doesn’t cost anything.

And it is very, very easy to start.

The worst thing that could happen was to not earn a single dollar.

Well, let me tell you this…


Let me tell you the story…

My name is Daniel Barada, and I have a multiple 6 figure digital marketing agency.

Every month I make thousands and thousands of dollars helping people market their businesses and make more sales.

But there was one BIG problem.

I wanted to create a second flow of income.

Something that would make me money even if I turned off my computer and went on a vacation for a month.

The method I willnreveal to you is something I heard about from a friend, but as expected, he didn’t share his EXACT strategy with me so I was left out in the dark.

I wanted to try this out but I didn’t know where to start.

I searched online, on forums, on YouTube, everywhere I could…

But nobody would share their strategy.

I felt miserable and frustrated.

Why is everyone hiding this?


I decided to take a leap of faith and do it myself.

So I started aimlessly…

After months of failing miserably, starting over, tweaking and learning…

I found a pattern…

A step-by-step system that allowed me to multiply my results 10X and do it faster than anybody else.

After about 2 months, I had multiple accounts that were cashing in more than $500 A DAY – every single day.

I taught this to a few of my friends…

And in no time flat, they were able to quit their jobs and do THIS for a living.

I decided to take a leap of faith and do it myself.

So I started aimlessly…

After months of failing miserably, starting over, tweaking and learning…

I found a pattern…

A step-by-step system that allowed me to multiply my results 10X and do it faster than anybody else.

After about 2 months, I had multiple accounts that were cashing in more than $500 A DAY – every single day.

I taught this to a few of my friends…

And in no time flat, they were able to quit their jobs and do THIS for a living.


You may have already heard about Affiliate Marketing.

It is a quite popular way to make money online.

But in order to succeed with it…

You have to go through months and months of writing blog posts or even worse…

Create very expensive online advertising campaigns and build sales funnels that go on forever…

That doesn’t sound very passive to me…

And it’s certainly not very beginner friendly…


I developed a new, better way to make money through affiliate marketing without all the confusion, tech skills and without actually having to spend ANY MONEY!


This is the exact step by step system me and my friends have been using for the past few months to generate thousands upon thousands of dollars through Instagram and Affiliate Marketing.

The best part about all of this?

Once you set it up (which takes less than 30 minutes)…

You can work for as long as you want and still make at least $100 a day!

How cool is that?

Imagine going out with friends and buying everyone a drink because you know you’ll be receiving more than $100 in your bank account AGAIN on the next day.


Imagine being able to provide for your family and loved ones WITHOUT having to spend hours and hours working a 9 to 5 job.


Imagine being able to create a stable income online WITHOUT having any tech skills, spending a ton of money, and without all the confusion those fake get rich quick gurus create.

Here’s Only SOME Of The Things You’ll Learn In This Amazing Content Packed Training:

  • The Secret Best Selling Niches That Are PROVEN To Bring In At LEAST $500 Every Single Day! (You HAVE To Know These Niches To Make This Work) - $697 Value

  • How To Set Up Your Instagram Account So You Can Gain Thousands And Thousands Of Followers That Literally WANT To Buy From You (This Simple Strategy Alone Will Pay Off This Course) - $997 Value

  • The Simple “Money Catcher” Sales Funnel That Is Responsible For More Than $50,000 Profit! - $1997 Value

  • The 3 Highest Earning Affiliate Programs To Join That Will Make You Money In Your FIRST WEEK (If I Knew These In The Very Beginning I Would Have Made A LOT More Money) - $997 Value

  • The Weird Trick I Use To Choose The Best Offers That Make Me Money In The First 24 Hours (I Reveal EVERY STEP) - $997 Value

  • How To Automate Your Instagram Cash Machine So It Makes You Money EVEN IF You NEVER Touch Your Computer Again $1997 Value

  • The 5 BEST Ways To Sell Your Offers On Instagram For Instant Profit (Everything Else I Tried Didn’t Work Except For These) - $997 Value

  • How To Set Up Your Instagram Cash Machine To Become Your Personal ATM So You Can Live The Life You Want - $697 Value

  • The Secret Fool-Proof Strategy To Network With Million Follower Influencers And Leverage Their Following So YOU Can Make 10X More Money - $497 Value

  • How To Scale Your Instagram Cash Machine To $3000, $5000 Or Even $10,000 A DAY (And Beyond) - $997 Value

  • And Much, Much More…

I Want To Make This Clear:

This Is NOT For Everybody

If you are one of those people that is looking for a quick fix or a get rich quick scheme and is not ready to put the work in… You will not find it here.

Building a sustainable, long term, passive income business requires some work up front. And if you’re not ready to put even a little bit of work in… I have no hope for you and it’s better for you if you don’t buy this course.

This is for people who want to build real, sustainable businesses that are going to make them money over the long term. For people who are NOT afraid to work hard at times. For people who do NOT give up easily.

If that’s you, you’re welcome.


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Hacks to Organically Grow Your Instagram in 2018

5 Hacks to Massively Grow Your Instagram Following

Created by Luna vega - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant, Author


Students: 4295, Price: Free

Confused as to how the Instagram algorithm work In 2018? Wondering how you can organically grow your Instagram audience & build a community with all the ongoing changes?

In this class, I will share 5 hacks you can start using ASAP to massively grow your following. I will also go over, best practices so you don't get your account shadowbanned. I will share top mistakes brands make which spurs their growth & how you can avoid following. We will discuss the importance of having a cohesive strategy so your audiences have a clear idea of the purpose of your account. 

This class is for small business owners, freelancers, artists, fashion designers, bloggers and anyone else wanting to exponentially grow their Instagram Marketing game.

Powerful Instagram Sales Funnel to Grow Your Business

The Art of converting your followers into customers

Created by Luna vega - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant, Author


Students: 3434, Price: Free

Instagram has over 700 million active users ready to discover your brand. However, there’s no clear way to drive traffic back to your website and get sales. The solution lays in building powerful Instagram sales funnel to convert someone browsing into a customer. 

In this class, we will discuss: 

  • How you can transition a customer from discovering your brand to following you & eventually purchasing from you

  • How to track your customer's behavior & retarget them until they purchase from you

  • How to set-up reward systems to attract your customers

  • How to continue the conversation to transform them into loyal customers

This class is for freelancers or individuals looking to grow their business. You will get specific tactics you can use & test to start converting your Instagram traffic into raving customers. 

Instagram Essentials

Learn Instagram from the Setting up you Profile to investigating some Instagram Revenue Streams.

Created by Denis Slota - Education on Building a Successful Online Business


Students: 2211, Price: Free

In this course we are focusing on 5 different Instagram topics:  the Instagram profile setup (the basic Instagram setup); Instagram Growth Tactics (how to gain followers); Instagram Content Strategies (utilizing stories and posts to gain a personal connection and business respect with your followers); several Revenue Streams that you can profit from; and the exposure to the Instagram Direct Messaging  (DM) Method that utilizes what you have learned in the earlier lessons and Instagram’s DM to generate some more revenue.

Each lesson of the Instagram Essential course builds on the previous lesson.  Topics are arranged in an order that even somebody never exposed to Instagram will be able to understand.   As lessons progress, new topics are explored and previously taught topics are reinforced and built upon.  The final lesson incorporates many of the previous lesson further detailing a single method of making money by closing deals and making sales using Instagram’s Direct Messaging.

At the end of this course, the student will: 

  • be able to setup an Instagram profile; be exposed to several Instagram growth tactics and different methods of obtaining Instagram followers, both paid and organic

  • learn a specific content strategy utilizing both posts and stories

  • learn several ways you can make money from Instagram

  • finally, you will learn how to close deals and make sales using your Instagram Direct Messages.

The Complete Instagram And Twitter Client Getting Guide

The Exact Instagram And Twitter Strategies I Used To Grow My Social Media Marketing Agency And Get Clients Fast

Created by Daniel Barada - Founder & CEO


Students: 1802, Price: Free

"Discover The Secret Instagram And Twitter Client Getting Strategies You Can Use FOR FREE To Get Hundreds Of Digital Marketing Clients And Finally Start Making Money With Social Media Marketing"

Here are just some of the things you'll learn when you purchase this course:

  • Over 10+ Strategies To Get Clients From Instagram And Twitter FAST

  • The Instagram Story Client Getting Machine (DO NOT Overuse This, It's VERY Powerful)

  • How To Use Instagram Hashtags To Find INSTANT Buyers

  • A Little Known Instagram DM Technique That Made Me $5000

  • A Twitter Posting Technique That Will TRIPLE Your Sales

  • How To Create Groups Of Instant Clients On Twitter

  • The Twitter Poll Strategy Make Clients Come To You

  • How To Close Clients With Twitter DMs

And you get ALL of this for less than the price of a breakfast in Starbucks?

Yup, that's right.

Purchase the course now to learn all of these strategies!

2021 Social Marketing On Instagram A Beginners Guide

In these lectures you will learn the basics of marketing on Instagram. Where to start, What you need, and How to do it.

Created by Christopher Roth - Online Entrepreneur


Students: 1136, Price: Free

This is a series of lectures for complete beginners to "Social Marketing On Instagram". If you are wanting to start a Instagram page or you already have a Instagram page and you want to start building a quality following, then this is the information you have been looking for. We will take you through the basics and so much more. So don't worry ! You can do this !

This is what we will cover in this course:

  • Your Profile Setup - Why does it matter how you set it up?

  • Growth Tactics - How do I do this correctly for quality followers ?

  • Content Strategies - What should I use ? How do I use them ?

  • Revenue Steams - What kind of revenue stream are there and how do I use them ?

  • The DM Method (Direct Messages) - What is the DM Method and how do I use it to close more deals ?

This is a course for the complete beginner. The only thing you need to know is how to watch the videos and download the handy lecture notes.

We look forward to you starting this today. Do not delay the time is now ! We are doing everything online, work, school, shopping. Take advantage on this major shift in how we do things today.

Hurry and sign up now as we plan on charging for this lecture series in the near future.

Instagram Guide and Marketing Blueprint

FastTrack Your Instagram Marketing With A Blueprint With Guides And High Engagement

Created by Ebonie Caldwell - Real Estate Investors, Business and Marketing Guru, Mentor and Coach


Students: 731, Price: Free

Everyone wants to know how to grow their brand and/or business on Instagram.

This class is perfect for entrepreneurs, freelancers, photographers, videographers and anyone who wants to build a business on Instagram.

Instagram is superb platform for all sorts of creatives. It’s ideal to showcase yourself, your work, product or business. But what if you spend more time posting or thinking about what to post than working or creating.

Ebonie Caldwell will walk you through the business process on how to setup Instagram Guides and how you can use Guides to create an authentic Instagram following. Instagram is always changing and adding new tools. This course will help you gain a whole new perspective on ways you can use the tips, tricks and secrets we will show you in this course to help you work towards your goals, grow an authentic following, and find success on Instagram!

  • Learn How To Setup Your Instagram Profitably

  • Plan And Schedule Your Instagram Posts With A Variety Of Social Media Tools

  • Setting Up Instagram Guides

  • Learn What Instagram Guides Are And How To Use Them To Grow Your Business

  • Learn How To Post to Instagram stories

  • Find Your Best Time To Post

  • Learn Instagram Organic Growth Strategies

  • Strategies For Driving Sales

  • Learn How To Optimize Your Account For Engagement

  • Get Advice For Growing Followers

  • Live Examples On How To Create A Professional Looking Instagram page And Online Portfolio

  • Gain Some Useful Tools That Will Help You Strengthen Your Brand And Business

By the end of this Instagram Blueprint Guide, you’ll have the knowledge to build and FastTrack your  business on Instagram.

Shopify / Ecommerce Traffic Using Free Instagram Marketing.

How to Get Free Instagram Shoutouts Generating Targeted Visitors to any Ecommerce Website.

Created by Ankit Sharma - Simplifying web for Bloggers, Startups and Entrepreneurs


Students: 228, Price: Free

Secret Instagram Marketing for online Business or Shopify Dropshipping E-commerce stores.

Do you have a Dropshipping store or E-commerce store or may be any online business?

then you must have heard about Instagram shoutouts to get traffic. Now to get these shoutouts you need to pay anywhere from 10USD to 500USD. 

But Today in this small series I will show you how I used Instagram marketing for my online business ie. an E-Commerce store and got free shoutouts from 10 different Instagram influencers and got thousands of visitors to my website without spending anything on these shoutouts.

For this Instagram marketing strategy for shopify / Ecommerce stores, I have created a series of sessions where I will guide you step by step about the process that no one is talking about and very few people are secretly using it. 

What you will learn:

1) How to generate website traffic to your shopify store or any e-commerce store using Instagram?

2) How to train your Facebook pixel with targeted traffic so that you can create better Facebook ads.

Disclaimer: With this strategy my Aim is to help you understand how you can generate massive targeted traffic using FREE Instagram shoutouts. This strategy is not for generating sale or I cannot guarantee any sales to your store.

Instagram Marketing Blueprint for absolute beginners

Leverage the power of Instagram to grow your audience and convert your followers into paying customers

Created by Cary Huang - multidisciplinary online entrepreneur


Students: 204, Price: Free

Instagram is one of the biggest and most important social networks for any internet marketer to consider. This unique platform has over 1 billion active users right now, which is super impressive considering that there is only slightly less than 8 billion people on earth. This is about 60% of all adults using the internet plus over 25 million businesses. This is a gigantic audience pool and the one that is constantly growing whereas Facebook is on a slow down

One of the biggest reasons that many marketers overlook the importance of Instagram is that they assume it is less flexible due to its purely visual nature, How can you sell something with just a picture? Little do they know is that the visual nature of Instagram is what makes the platform so unique. It allows creators to minimize the amount of work and time they put into projects

Picture speaks a thousand words. This is particular true on Instagram. Choosing Instagram over other options will give you an advantage to build a HUGE amount of engagement and turn your followers into real fans who are willing to buy the items.

Join me in my Instagram Marketing Blueprint to learn how to really utilize the platform to your advantage

Instagram Marketing 2021: Get Clients With <10K Followers

Grow Your Instagram Following And Attract Your Dream Customers Even With Less Than 10K Followers

Created by Mario Jurik - Entrepreneur


Students: 187, Price: Free

This Instagram Marketing Masterclass has up to date information that gets straight to the point without too much fluff like in other courses.

You will learn step by step how to set up your Instagram account for success and start attracting your dream customers right away.

I will also teach you how to find the best hashtags that works at any given time so your posts actually get seen.

I will show you how to build deep relationships with your audience via stories and Instagram live so they keep following you a consuming your content for years to come.

I will reveal secrets how you can get high paying customers on demand even with less than 10K followers.

You will learn how to grow your Instagram by using powerful strategies like Dream 100, Real Influencers or paid ads.

I will show you how to find the Real Influencers who can actually help you get more reach and attract real followers.

I will teach you how to communicate with people properly so you can convert your followers into high paying customers.

I will even share with you my exact high-converting outreach script so you can close anyone who is closeable.

This Instagram Marketing Masterclass has everything you need to build and grow very successful business via Instagram.