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Applying Innovation

Step by step guide to applying innovation within an established organization

Created by David OSullivan - Author and Researcher


Students: 43715, Price: Free

Students: 43715, Price:  Free

Develop the essential skills for planning and executing innovation within any established organization - large or small. These skills are guaranteed to increase performance and quality, make your organization a better place to work, and help you become a more successful manager. Learn how to build an innovation community capable of transforming your organisation into a great place to work. This course draws on best practice within world leading organizations to present you with a step by step approach for planning and executing effective change. Class projects will help you practice what you learn. Carefully designed templates will allow you to effortlessly create innovation plans within your own organization. Course includes access to an extensive library of reading notes, slides, case studies and sample Innovation Plans. This course is based on the popular book Applying Innovation by O'Sullivan and Dooley (SAGE Publications)

Creativity, Design Thinking, and Innovation for Business

Creativity that Create an Innovative Corporate Culture Using Design Thinking & Problem Solving for the Workplace

Created by Joeel & Natalie Rivera - Top instructor with over 300,000 students


Students: 36328, Price: $124.99

Students: 36328, Price:  Paid


We are top Udemy instructors in the personal development category. Our courses have been taken by over 300,000+ happy students from 195 countries.

We have a thriving community in the course and we are actively involved and answer questions within 24h.


Use creativity and design thinking to transform your work environment!

Do you want to add creativity and design thinking to make product improvements, better meet your customers’ needs, or solve problems that are holding your company back?  

Do you want to want to use creativity and design thinking to create innovative new products, services, or systems that will expand and evolve your business to the next level?  

If so, you need to create an innovative corporate culture and a creative friendly workplace environment. In this course, you’ll explore why creativity and innovation are more important for businesses today than ever before. You’ll examine why and how leading edge companies have turned conventional business culture models on their head through embracing creativity and how to protect your organization from being disrupted or left behind in a rapidly evolving business climate.  

You’ll learn how to create a cultural environment that fosters creativity, including creativity blocks to avoid, like micromanaging and an over emphasis on efficiency, and how to establish an idea-response system for your managers, in order to encourage the open the sharing of ideas. Plus, you’ll find out why a creative corporate culture is the key to attracting and retaining great talent, increasing moral and productivity, and ultimately you’re company’s bottom line.  

You’ll learn best practices for unleashing your creative team’s potential by bringing together diverse perspectives and creating an environment that embraces risk taking and removes fear of failure.  

You’ll learn what “thinking outside-of-the-box” really means and how to overcome the mental traps that hold back individuals and organizations. You’ll master your own creative thinking, so that you can bring your full potential to the team and accelerate your career. And, you’ll be able to teach creative thinking skills to your team, allowing them to reframe challenges into possibilities.  

You’ll learn how to apply a powerful creative-problem-solving technique called DESIGN THINKING to your business. The design thinking process will provide a blueprint for creating innovative creative products and services by helping your team:  

·        Understand the needs and problems faced by your customers and clarify the true problems holding back your business  

·        Question assumptions and explore alternative solutions that are beyond any preconceived limitations  

·        Identify requirements for a satisfactory solution and criteria for testing and identifying when goals have been met  

·        Generate out-of-the box ideas and a broad range of possibilities by using proven strategies like story mapping and powerful brainstorming processes  

·        Use hands-on approaches and tangible prototypes to experiment and test your ideas, helping you identify the best solutions that will make the biggest impact for your users and your organization.  

If you are ready to transform your organization by bringing in creativity and design thinking this course is for you!

So, are you ready to transform your department, company, or business? If so enroll now, we look forward to seeing you in the course!

Guarantee: We know you will love this course. However, we offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee if the course does not meet your needs for any reason. 

So who are we?  

We are Joeel & Natalie Rivera. We own a digital media publishing company called Transformation Services, Inc. We provide training programs and curriculum development for entrepreneurs and small businesses. We also run a magazine and live events and conferences. We’ve worked with 300,000+ students, coaches and businesses from 195 countries. All of our programs are created based on over a decade of experience in education, business development and coaching, as well as my background in psychology, including my Master’s in Counseling and Education and my research on happiness for my dissertation for my PH.D. in Psychology.   



Copyright ©️ Transformation Services, Inc. | All Rights Reserved

The Complete Creativity Course: Unleash Your Innovation Now!

Turn Your Creative Energies On Daily. You Are the Source of Innovation, Creative Writing and New Ideas

Created by TJ Walker - BestSelling Personal Development & Habits Expert


Students: 35980, Price: $99.99

Students: 35980, Price:  Paid

The Complete Creativity Course: Unleash Your Innovation Now!

Turn Your Creative Energies On Daily. You Are the Source of Innovation, Creative Writing and New Ideas

Creativity is innate to all human beings. You can quickly build, refine, improve and strengthen your creativity and innovation muscles. Creativity is not something allocated to only a few of life's lottery winners. Instead, it is a habit that can be built by anyone--if they know the process and are willing to do a little work each day.

Creativity and personal develop expert TJ Walker will teach you the simple habits and practices that you can use daily to become your own major source of creativity and innovation in the world. Walker has created more than 140 online personal develop courses, 10 books and numerous other digital and non-digital products over the last 30 years. He shares with you the latest technology solutions to guide you down a creative path in your own life.

Walker is the creator of the SelfieSpeak Programming (SSP) model for changing human behavior and habit acquisition. He will show you how changing your mindset from mere consumer of other people's creations to becoming your own creative force all starts with something as simple as pushing a button on your own cell phone.

Anybody can 10x their creative output quickly, if they follow the techniques taught in this course. You can be a major source of creative ideas for yourself, your career and the world.

Here is what Udemy students say about this course:

"Yes , the facilitator is amazing." Tulsiram Vardaraj Parigirin

"Creativity used to be something I struggled with. TJ makes it so easy to take my time and just make what ever I feel. His confidence in me gives me confidence. Highly recommend." Marceau Lewis

If you are ready to start living a more fulfilled and creative life, then please enroll in this creativity course today!

This Creativity course is ideal for anyone searching for more info on the following: design thinking - innovation - creativity - creative - thinking - problem solving - graphic design - procreate - thinking - creative problem solving. Plus, this course will be a great addition to anyone trying to build out their knowledge in the following areas: creative writing - writing - innovation.

Business Model Innovation: Differentiate & Grow Your Company

Use these simple innovation strategies for your business model to accelerate the growth of your business

Created by Pavel N. | Business | Innovation | Video - Reverse Engineering Successful Business Strategies


Students: 34590, Price: $109.99

Students: 34590, Price:  Paid

This course will give you plenty of practical business strategies and examples to improve any business!

In this course you will learn about Business Models: what are the different components of a business, it's "system", how it works. The Business Model Canvas is a great tool to map out and get an overview of how a business works.

You will also learn about business model innovation strategies and especially the "new" types of innovation used by startups and large corporations such as Design, Customer Niches, Sales & Delivery Channels, Customer Engagement, Processes and Revenue Models. They will help you to find new sources of growth for your business and differentiate from competition. We will illustrate all these innovation techniques using dozens of recent examples from startups, small and medium businesses and large corporations. 

This course is divided in three big parts:

1) Introduction to Business Models
2) Business Model Innovation
3) Revenue Models

For all the innovation strategies that we mention, we provide dozens of examples of startups, small and medium businesses and large corporations how they apply them. This Business Model Innovation course will give you many strategic insights into some of the best and most innovative business practices. You will be able to analyze any business, whether it is your own, the company you work for, or any other company, and brainstorm innovative ideas to accelerate its growth using business model innovation techniques.

(Disclaimer: The "Business Model Canvas" tool used in some parts of this course is used under Creative Commons license and attribution goes to Strategyzer. This course has no affiliation with and is not endorsed by the authors of the Business Model Canvas.)

Note: There are now "copycat" courses of this course. Some "instructors" used a similar name, content structure and examples. But as you can see from the amount of students and reviews, this is the true original course.

✅ Created by Business Disruptors


In order to come up with the content for this course we worked with, analyzed and reverse-engineered many tactics of successful and innovative companies. You'll see examples from Airbnb, Uber, Tesla, Twitch, Amazon, Spotify, Buzzfeed, Facebook, Google, Apple, Dyson, Reuters, Virgin, Tinder, Nintendo and many others!

Here are some of our reviews:

★★★★★ "The best course I have ever taken in innovation.I thank the authors for providing this very useful online Mooc."

★★★★★ "Amazing content! Very clear. Wonderful examples of how strategies have been implemented by extremely successful companies. Throughout this course, I went back through my business model canvas and strategized how I could innovate in each of the 9 areas."

★★★★★ "Enjoyed this course! Well done. Great brainstorming questions for new and mature business owners."

★★★★★ "Really good course. I can recommend it to all new entrepreneurs!"

★★★★★ "Very relevant topic, nice to look at slides, concise & brief explanation - no fluff"

Innovation & Startups: AB Testing Of KPI With Lean Start-Up

Learn To Grow Startups & Boost Innovation With The Lean Start-Up Methodology With KPI, Data, And Growth Metrics

Created by Alex Genadinik - Business, Entrepreneurship, SEO, Marketing, Amazon, YouTube


Students: 24383, Price: $49.99

Students: 24383, Price:  Paid

1) Learn to start an innovative startup

2) Learn to identify the right factors that will catalyze growth

3) Use Google Analytics to monitor the correct metrics and KPI

4) Use that data and insight to focus on and fix the right things

5) Grow and succeed with your innovation or start-up.


Start-up and innovative businesses must focus on growth. Most entrepreneurs focus on money too quickly. But start-ups must focus on growth, which is why identifying the most important growth and engagement metrics is the most important part of starting an innovative new company. 


Everything in the course is up-to-date for this year.


All the tools in the course like Google Analytics are free. You won't have to pay for any additional tools or software after you enroll.


If you have questions, know that I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don't respond. Well, I do because

1) I care about my students.

2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money's worth from the course.


* Lots of extra freebies, downloadable worksheets, and exercises to make the course more interactive and valuable

* Personal invitation to my Facebook community after you complete the course

* My list of 50 business-success skills when you complete the course

Invest in yourself and your innovation! Enroll today!

Innovation Master Class

The Most Comprehensive Course Available on Developing an Enterprise Innovation Practice

Created by Thomas M Koulopoulos - Chairman Delphi Group, Author of The Innovation Zone


Students: 21581, Price: $89.99

Students: 21581, Price:  Paid

    The Innovation Master Class is a comprehensive course that covers all of the topics you need to understand in order to build an enterprise innovation practice. The course covers everything from the current context of innovation in a climate of economic volatility and uncertainty, to the role of leadership and innovation metrics. It also includes in-depth case studies of  organizations that have achieved exceptional improvements in their ability to innovate. The course goes far beyond the high level coverage of most innovation courses to deliver detail on how other  organizations are achieving radical improvements in their innovation capability. 

  • 57 Video Segments!

  • 4 hours of Instruction in short easy to digest nuggets!

  • Taught by one of the foremost experts on innovation who has taught innovation to more than 100,000 professionals, as well as graduate classes at Boston University, and Executive Education at Babson College and Harvard University.

  • Engaging video with a live instructor instead of drab and boring PowerPoint slides with voice overs!

  • 4 assessment quizes to reinforce learnings

  • 12 Exercises to apply learnings to your organization

  • Numerous real world case studies of companies who are great innovators. Includes Apple, Sony, GM, Boston Beer Company, Kodak, NASA, 3M, iRobot, and others.

Design Thinking & Innovation Masterclass

Assess your organization's readiness & maturity for design & innovation | Includes 4 case studies

Created by Govind Kumar - Artificial Intelligence and Business Transformation Expert


Students: 14601, Price: $24.99

Students: 14601, Price:  Paid

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is an approach used for practical and creative problem-solving. It is based heavily on the methods and processes that designers use (hence the name), but it has actually evolved from a range of different fields — including architecture, engineering and business. Design Thinking can also be applied to any field; it doesn’t necessarily have to be design-specific.

Design Thinking is extremely user-centric. It focuses on humans first and foremost, seeking to understand people’s needs and come up with effective solutions to meet those needs. It is what we call a solution-based approach to problem-solving.

What is the purpose of Design Thinking?

Now we know more about how Design Thinking works, let’s consider why it matters. There are many benefits of using a Design Thinking approach — be it in a business, educational, personal or social context.

First and foremost, Design Thinking fosters creativity and innovation. As human beings, we rely on the knowledge and experiences we have accumulated to inform our actions. We form patterns and habits that, while useful in certain situations, can limit our view of things when it comes to problem-solving. Rather than repeating the same tried-and-tested methods, Design Thinking encourages us to remove our blinkers and consider alternative solutions. The entire process lends itself to challenging assumptions and exploring new pathways and ideas.

Design Thinking is often cited as the healthy middle ground of problem-solving — it is not steeped wholly in emotion and intuition, nor does it rely solely on analytics, science and rationale; it uses a mixture of both.

Another great benefit of Design Thinking is that it puts humans first. By focusing so heavily on empathy, it encourages businesses and organizations to consider the real people who use their products and services — meaning they are much more likely to hit the mark when it comes to creating meaningful user experiences. For the user, this means better, more useful products that actually improve our lives. For businesses, this means happy customers and a healthier bottom line.

Design Thinking is both an ideology and a process, concerned with solving complex problems in a highly user-centric way. In this course, we’ll give you a detailed definition of Design Thinking, illustrate exactly what the process involves, and underline why it matters: What is the value of Design Thinking, and in what contexts is it particularly useful? We’ll also analyze the relationship between User Experience Design and Design Thinking.

We also cover in this course how an individual or an organization can innovate and design products or service using the 5 step design thinking methodology.

Reframing: Creativity for Innovation

Learn how to create innovative ideas and perspectives.

Created by THNK School of Creative Leadership - Global executive education institute for Creative Leaders


Students: 12768, Price: Free

Students: 12768, Price:  Free

This is a short introductory course to Reframing. For more extensive instructions and examples:

  • Reframing Corona - using Reframing and Paradigm Shifts to rethink life and work during a global pandemic

  • Reframing personal questions: see my Reframing Your Life course.

  • Reframing work, organisations, leadership, and business models: see my Innovation Mindset course.

  • Reframing societal change: see my Paradigm Shifts course.

Reframing is an easy, four-step process that generates creative approaches for your own life and work. Reframing strongly held beliefs will help you to expose conventional wisdom that stands in the way of progress. By overturning conventional wisdom and gaining a novel perspective you will disarm skeptics and exploit the inability of others to think differently. Push the boundaries of innovation by completely flipping an idea and create new possibilities,

Reframing will take you out of your mental comfort zone, enabling you to discover new perspectives and creative solutions. If you  can make yourself chuckle during the process, then you’re on the right  path. Anyone, anywhere can apply this technique without prior training. 

The technique of reframing has been developed by Karim Benammar. The tool is extensively used at THNK School of Creative Leadership.

In order to help you with the steps, THNK has created an online tool called ReFrame that takes you through all the steps automatically, and mails you the outcome of your Reframe.

The methodology of Reframing is rooted in the theory of paradigms by Thomas Kuhn. The methodology and its background are explained in detail in the book Reframing - The Art of Thinking Differently, available on Amazon.

Develop your innovation – Certified Design Thinking Bootcamp

Make your own innovation using powerful tools.

Created by Marcin Stasko - Freelance Biochemist, Chemical and Process Engineer


Students: 10157, Price: $89.99

Students: 10157, Price:  Paid

Why Bootcamp?

Problem-solving, their creative solving, and then seamlessly using the results of this process - in short, you can define the essence of Design Thinking, a method developed by the owner of the company IDEO!

The goal is to get innovative solutions by using such methods to stimulate creativity. As a result, actions are translated into the business schema. Design thinking is based on project thinking, whose task is to provide creative solutions ready to be implemented.

One of the advantages of this training is the ability to use it from start-up to corporation. The universal method is to use it in designing new products and innovative solutions for a given situation.

Bootcamp learning philosophy:

The course is divided for the phases of the design thinking process. After each step, you can follow up with your project. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Try to implement the knowledge of your project. You will able to challenge yourself with the project and the final exam. After finalizing the whole Bootcamp, you will receive the certificate.

Target Groups

1. For business and education

2. For project managers and their teams

3. For Coaches and peoples dreamed of their start-ups

4. Project Managers

5. For everyone who wants to create new products in an extremely efficient way

Learning objectives

1. Learn from scratch how to go through Design Thinking

2. Learn Design Thinking tools

3. Conduct and manage the Design Thinking process at your daily work

4. Create your real case project and implement it directly to work

Candidate Profile:

1. Can develop the innovation process at the company within the Design Thinking requirements

2. Can use Design Thinking tools not only for DT purpose

3. Know the value of feedback and how to prepare for feedback gathering task

4. Understand the end-user needs and tailor the product for them

Urban Innovation 1: Sustainability and Technology Solutions

An introduction to innovators and initiatives in urban sustainability and connected technology: smart cities & transport

Created by Meeting of the Minds - Global knowledge sharing platform on urban innovation


Students: 9419, Price: Free

Students: 9419, Price:  Free

This course is an introduction to various innovators and initiatives at the bleeding edge of urban sustainability and connected technology. It focuses on real world examples within two key themes - smart cities and transportation - as a way to look at the challenges and practical responses related to urban sustainability.

Course material is based on case studies, seminars, and conference sessions from the Meeting of the Minds international network and annual summit. Lectures are presented by topic experts and presentation slides and other helpful resources are included where applicable.

Optional multiple choice quiz questions follow the lectures for those students wishing to test their new knowledge or obtain a course completion certificate. No commitment is required to do the entire course. Students can proceed at their own pace and may view as many - or as few - of the lectures as they choose.

This course was developed with support from Cubic Transportation Systems, a leading integrator of payment and information solutions and related services for intelligent travel applications. Cubic delivers integrated systems for transportation and traffic management, delivering tools for travelers to choose the smartest and easiest way to travel and pay for their journeys, and enabling transportation authorities and agencies to manage demand across the entire transportation network – all in real-time.

"Urban Innovation: Sustainability and Technology Solutions" (part 1 and 2) was created by Christina Olsen for Meeting of the Minds.

Facilitate Innovation and Manage Change Effectively

Innovation and Change Management

Created by Organisational Development Concepts Pte Ltd - Building Connections, Bridging Perspectives


Students: 8918, Price: Free

Students: 8918, Price:  Free

This course imparts the ability for managers to work effectively with team leaders to manage change processes. It also includes implementing change strategies and processes and evaluating the impact of change on the employee and the organisation. Learners will also learn methods to encourage innovation in the workplace by creating a conducive environment to support innovation. Learners will also be taught how to maintain a conducive environment for innovation in the section on conflict management.  The course covers the signs and stages of conflict as well as strategies for conflict resolution.  Also included is a section on the barriers to communication.

Innovation & Personality

How to motivate innovative individuals and boost innovation in your company? How to increase individual innovativeness?

Created by Elena Davydkina - Unleashing potential, Peak performance, Positive psychology


Students: 7988, Price: $69.99

Students: 7988, Price:  Paid

Learn more how to identify, evaluate and motivate innovative people to boost innovation in your organization.

Discover how to boost your own individual innovativeness.

Explore the innovator’s persona.

It might be challenging to identify whether a person is an innovator or not. However, several personality traits are closely related to the innovative personality.

Innovative people usually express a strong desire for autonomy, are imaginative, curious, energetic, and confident. They are open to new experiences having flexible mindset and propensity to successfully generate ideas.

Furthermore, innovative thinkers are usually the rebels breaking  the current systems and approaches.

Create a better understanding about the important predictors of innovation.

Gain a deeper insight into the intrinsic motivation as the key resource for innovation.

Boost your inspiration by learning how innovators behave in the face of obstacles.

Google hires people having ridiculously high standards. But are the most innovative employees conscious and easy to manage?

Discover about the most innovative companies  according to BCG survey.

Gain ideas from AI and ML examples of the most innovative companies.

This course containing 20 lectures with an assignment will walk you through the connection of innovation with intelligence, knowledge, motivation. You will have an idea about personality and behavior of innovative employees.

You will have an idea about some challenges the most innovative companies were facing in 2019-2020.

You will walk away from the course being more confident what advantages the innovators have.

You will gain more insight into boosting your individual innovativeness.

From beginner to advanced.

Innovation Mindset

Make radical changes to your work and business model

Created by Karim Benammar, Ph.D. - Philosopher and author


Students: 6847, Price: Free

Students: 6847, Price:  Free

This course is part of a series:

  • Reframing Corona - using Reframing and Paradigm Shifts to rethink life and work during a global pandemic

  • Reframing personal questions: see my Reframing Your Life course.

  • Reframing work, organisations, leadership, and business models: this course.

  • Reframing societal change: see my Paradigm Shifts course.

The world is changing rapidly on many levels. This is a challenge for established businesses but also provides great opportunities for  innovative approaches. By questioning our assumptions, we can start to  think differently about organisations, products, projects, business  models or customers.

Why do you do what you do, and why do you think what you think in your work?  Are there underlying assumptions that you are not seeing?  Using the Reframing tool, you will learn to challenge cherished  assumptions and reframe these to design radically innovative approaches.

You will design an Innovation Experiment based on these radical proposals, which you can immediately put into practice.


  •        Insights into assumptions underlying current business practices

  •        Training in using the Reframing methodology for innovation ideation

  •        Translating radical proposals into Innovation Experiments

Disruptive Innovation in Higher Education

Tools to Help Bring Change in your College or University

Created by Andrew Sears - University President focused on Disruptive Innovation


Students: 6602, Price: Free

Students: 6602, Price:  Free

This course provides the latest expertly curated materials on this topic by a university president focused on disruptive innovation who spent years developing them.

I've tried to curate the "best of the best" of materials in this field including: unbundling universities, unbundling faculty, online education, emerging markets, Base of the Pyramid strategy, Lean Startup for education, Blue Ocean Strategy for education, accreditation, for profits and MOOCs and examining implications for specific markets like faith-based/Christian higher education. I provide a summary of "Cliff's Notes" on each topic in a brief video, and have links to the top videos and bibliography on each topic. While most people will take this course individually, this course is designed to also be used by individuals or as a "flipped classroom" discussion among students or leaders at your institution to discuss these materials after reviewing them.

I am the President of City Vision University where we are bringing radically affordable education through a $2,000 associate's degree and a $5,000 bachelor's degree. I previously co-founded MIT's Internet Telephony Consortium with one of the fathers of the Internet (David Clark) focused on disruption in the telecommunications industry. Before spending the past 20 years living with and serving the poor with disruptive educational technologies, I worked as a consultant to Sprint, venture capitalist and internet startups.

I just finished reading tens of thousands of pages and hundreds of articles and videos as a part of my doctoral dissertation. I have literally put thousands of hours of work into the materials in this course just as if I were publishing a book. I am providing it for free because I want to see change happen in this industry.

My hope is that you could use this course materials to be a change agent to bring innovation to your institution.

You can also find versions of this course on: iTunes University, YouTube and Slideshare.

Urban Innovation 2: Urban Social Equity

An introduction to innovators and initiatives in urban sustainability and connected technology (social equity focus)

Created by Meeting of the Minds - Global knowledge sharing platform on urban innovation


Students: 6141, Price: Free

Students: 6141, Price:  Free

Urban Innovation: Sustainability and Technology Solutions

Course 2: Urban Social Equity

This course is a second introduction to various innovators and initiatives at the bleeding edge of urban sustainability and connected technology. It is a look at the challenges and practical responses related to urban sustainability through the theme of urban social equity. For those interested, a separate course in this series focuses on real world examples within two other key urban innovation themes: smart cities and transportation.

Course material is based on case studies, seminars, and conference sessions from the Meeting of the Minds international network and annual summit. Lectures are presented by topic experts; presentation slides and other helpful resources are included where applicable.

Optional multiple choice quiz questions follow the lectures for those students wishing to test their new knowledge or obtain a course completion certificate. No commitment is required to do the entire course. Students can proceed at their own pace and may view as many - or as few - of the lectures as they choose.

"Urban Innovation: Sustainability and Technology Solutions – Part 2" was created by Christina Olsen for Meeting of the Minds.

Accelerate Innovation & Creativity, a Research based Guide !

Lessons from the Research: Improve Innovation, Creativity, Expertise & Mastery; in yourself, your Team and Organization!

Created by Sivakami S ; MBA ; Ph.D (ongoing) - Experienced Business Leader, Academic, and Research Scholar


Students: 5565, Price: $84.99

Students: 5565, Price:  Paid

This Course is a Comprehensive Guide to accelerating Creativity, Creative Thinking and Innovation! Become an Expert or Master at what you do, and enhance and boost Creativity and Innovation in your team and organization, by learning from the Research and Science !

Are Creative and Innovative geniuses born with it, or is it something that can be developed later
Is Intelligence important? What other factors are a good predictor of Creativity, Innovation, Expertise or Success?
Does sheer hard work and practice make a difference?
What does the Research in Psychology and Neuroscience say about these things? 

We deal with all of this, and more, in this Course. A unique look at Creativity, Innovation, Expertise, Mastery and Success, from a research point of view. It can help you personally and professionally!

Learn about the evolutionary perspective. Was there innovation during evolution? 
Learn about environments which encourage a free flow of ideas, each connecting and building over each other, which is great for Innovation Management.

Become well-informed and successful Leaders and Managers, who cultivate creativity and innovation, not just in themselves, but also in their Teams and Organizations

This Course will cover critical insights from Cognitive Psychology for Leadership and Management.

Some Images and Videos courtesy Pixabay, Pexels, Pressfoto and FreePik. Some Music snippets courtesy Bensound.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

Learn The Principle of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

Created by Sentinel | 9 - Industry-Leading University Level Business Programs


Students: 5161, Price: $24.99

Students: 5161, Price:  Paid


Entrepreneurship and Innovation is important in all areas of business and plays a crucial role in the economy. An understanding of the relationship between entrepreneurship and innovation is essential for identifying new opportunities, allocating resources efficiently and for achieving sustainable competitive advantage. Therefore, it is imperative that decision makers understand the key concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation and be able to apply this knowledge effectively to create solutions to consumer, market, environmental and social problems.

This course aims to provide students the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. The unit includes the following topics: Entrepreneurship, corporate intrapreneurs, innovation and creativity, entrepreneurial start-ups, IT systems for innovation, strategy and succession planning.

As mentioned above, upon completion of this course students will have the skills and knowledge to identify, plan, develop and launch their own entrepreneurial and innovative ventures.


Upon the completion of this course, users will be able to:

  • Understand the theoretical and practical knowledge in entrepreneurship and innovation, including recent developments in the discipline.

  • Apply critical thinking to relevant research articles of contemporary relevance in entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • Critically analyse information from a wide range of sources to create solutions innovatively to improve current practices.

  • Examine the key challenges faced by entrepreneurs and conceptualize a strategic response to overcome these challenges.

  • Critically evaluate and synthesize information from a wide range of sources to demonstrate research skills, show initiative in consulting literature and demonstrate the capacity to document the outcomes with sound analysis and recommendations.

Business Model Innovation For Brand Growth | Module 1

Digital Business Models, Platform Strategies & Financial Planning

Created by Expert Academy - Supercharge your learning with the world's leading experts


Students: 4877, Price: $49.99

Students: 4877, Price:  Paid


Corporate leaders are worried. In this time of pandemic crisis, new ways of thinking and acting are needed more than ever. Even without the current crisis, digitisation has been shrinking traditional profit pools, and growth has been harder than ever for incumbents.

Surveys have demonstrated the scale of the problem:

  • 80% of CEOs believe their business models are not economically viable as their sector digitalises

  • 94% of CEOs are unhappy with innovation efforts

  • 85% of digital investment has generated zero or negative ‘Economic Value Added’

  • 90% of corporate start-ups have failed

  • While we have to stabilise things right now, we also need to plan for the future and renew how we think about strategy, innovation and where best to invest.

Every company has the potential to grow like Amazon, Apple and Alibaba. They (simply) need to:

  • Invest in digital business models and platform strategies

  • Re-structure their operations

  • Innovate and execute in new ways

  • I spent a year analysing in-depth which business models work best in a hyper-connected world and how traditional organisations can, in practice, adopt and adapt them.

This easy-to-consume online video course shows you how. It is based on an in-depth analysis of the relationship between business models and financial performance; world-class case studies; best-practice methods; and frameworks.

About The Course

The course includes 5 x 45-minute modules:

  • Part 1: The New Growth Agenda – the new sources of value in the digital economy (THIS MODULE)

  • Part 2: Platform, Network And Ecosystem Know-how – the 10 key platform strategies and how (in practice) to apply them

  • Part 3: Business Model Pioneers – 10+ case studies from 4 continents of bold strategies that have moved the valuation needle

  • Part 4: New Business Model Portfolio – how to re-allocate capital and resources to create new growth flywheels

  • Part 5: Renew – the 5-step holistic process to rejuvenate your organisation’s ability to respond to market opportunities at speed

Engagingly conveyed using easy-to-follow graphs and images, this evidence-based and highly graphical course comprises 40 short videos (2-10 mins each) in total within 5 modules, so you can consume in the way that suits you. You’ll be further supported by actionable check-lists and specific learning tasks.

Who Is This Course For?

This course has been designed with senior executives and their teams in mind.

What Will I Learn?

This course helps by answering important questions:

  • Which business models perform best in a connected world? Why and How?

  • How exactly do the tech giants and Unicorn startups grow so fast, and how can traditional companies emulate their methods?

  • How do digital, platform-based business models work and what are the requirements to execute them effectively?

  • Which incumbents have transformed their business economics? What can we learn and apply from their stories?

  • How should we re-think our innovation portfolios to increase economic profit and valuation multiples?

  • How can we re-structure our organisations to grab new growth opportunities much faster?

Design Thinking | Unlock Innovation and User-centricity

Learn the concepts, tools and techniques & create the right environment to apply them successfully in your own work

Created by Tony Bulcaen - Founder at IQ x EQ


Students: 4731, Price: $89.99

Students: 4731, Price:  Paid

This course will give you all the concepts, tools and techniques of design thinking together with the user manual to apply them successfully to your own work !

In this course you will learn everything that makes up the entire Design Thinking process ; a methodology which is fundamental to ingraining innovation and user-centricity within your company.

For every tool I teach (what), I share the best practices on its application (how) and highlight its purpose and benefits (why). I illustrate each one of them using practical cases and homework for you to learn, practice and reflect in a safe trial environment.

You will also learn that, beyond adopting a process, applying design thinking means adopting a new mindset and new ways of working which will shake up your established organization in its management and leadership models, culture, skills and processes.

This will give you a head start on the understanding and identification of the many challenges and changes your company will need to be managing to optimize the benefits of its design thinking projects.

This course is divided into three major parts :

1) Understanding design thinking’s core principles and key benefits

2) Mastering the process by learning its concepts, tools and techniques

3) Creating new ways of working to ensure a successful application of the process and the adoption of the right mindset

This design thinking course is designed as a comprehensive course together with its user manual. By the end of the course, not only will you be able to run the entire process on your own but you will also get to grips with the many organizational and human dynamics at play within your core cross-functional project team and with their internal stakeholders. The combination of both learnings will set you up for success.

Organizational Innovation

Lessons from Silicon Valley on how to operate like a Silicon Valley startup, no matter how big an organization.

Created by Paul C. Wilson - Organizational Innovation™ Author, Founder Coach OI. Join us


Students: 4268, Price: Free

Students: 4268, Price:  Free

This course puts you on the road to becoming a registered OI Coach. OI Certification is considered an evolution in growing your Project Management, Change Management, Agile Coach skills, and career. This course takes lessons from Silicon Valley organizations and offers them to students as a way to help you create a more innovative organization where you work, or for your clients as an OI Coach.

Business intelligence: The Biblical Innovation Model

8-Things you need to know to GROW your BUSINESS!

Created by Michael L. Williams, Jr - My Purpose is Greater than my struggles


Students: 3899, Price: $89.99

Students: 3899, Price:  Paid

8-Things you need to know to GROW your BUSINESS!

If you are a new business owner struggling to grow your business or even if you have been an entrepreneur for a while with little success, the tips in this course will provide you with some clarity, and give you an idea of what you can do to turn things around in your business.

The principles discussed in this course are time-tested and right every time, as expected from a perspective that launches God's truth into the business world. This course is a great resource to lead discussions on how God's truth can increase business leaders' and executives' by framing the fundamental business disciplines in God's Word and design.

Well Done! Although the phrase “Well Done” has a noble connotation to it, many business leaders, have difficulty describing and defining what those words look like in the life of a business led by a person of faith. In this course, Michael describes 8-Things you need to know that can help any leader who desires to grow their business and its Kingdom impact.

These principles help to create a strategic roadmap for leaders to hear the words “Well Done” at the end of their journey. Every leader deserves to hear the words Well Done. Life is too short, and business is too difficult to work throughout life and miss what matters most.

8-Things you need to know to GROW your BUSINESS challenges the Christian CEO to shift from an owner to steward mindset; recognizing that the business belongs to God and that their mission must align with His mission. Michael provides eight biblical principles that every Christian leader should adopt within their organization if they want to have a real kingdom impact. Each video and chapter present a single principle supported with scriptural references and real-world examples.

Are you a Christian businessman or woman? What are your biggest business challenges?

Smart Tips: Innovation

Become a strong leader and innovator: get recognized for the innovation, influence, and value you bring.

Created by Tamara Ghandour - Innovation


Students: 2496, Price: $79.99

Students: 2496, Price:  Paid

If you are an individual contributor looking to make an impact, an emerging leader looking to get recognized for your ideas or a leader of a team, big or small, seeking to build a culture of innovation, you will need to develop the mindset, skills, and tools to become a confident innovator. 

Welcome to Smart Tips: Innovation! In this course I’ll provide short lectures to help you do something new - fast, so that you can immediately apply it to your work or life. The videos in this course are standalone. That means you don’t have to watch in any particular order. If you’re searching for a specific skill or topic that’s relevant for you, take a look through the available tips to find the knowledge you need when you need it.

In this series of engaging videos you'll discover key insights to help you tap the power of innovation to ignite ideas, influence others, and be valued for your contributions. The tips in this series are specifically designed to make innovation tangible, actionable, and personal so that you can apply what you learn and get results fast.

In the lightning-fast, power-packed video series you'll learn things like:

  • Clearing Up The Confusion Between Creativity And Innovation

  • Avoiding The Four Traps Of Certainty That Are Sabotaging Your Efforts

  • The Science Behind How You Innovate

  • Eliminating The Lack Of Results That Happens When You Think Outside The Box

  • 3 Simple Tools For Overcoming Your Lizard Brain

  • Managing Your Energy To Drive Innovation

  • 3 Tactics To Help You Embrace Instead Of Fear Failure

  • 2 Steps For Creating A Wealth Of Innovation

  • How To Set Expectations So Your Ideas Don't Get Killed To Early

  • 3 Tips For Improving Your Brainstorms

  • How To Innovate When Your Business Has Hit The Decline

  • 4 Simple Techniques To Get Legacy Thinkers On Board With Change

  • How to Avoid Getting Stuck In Perfection Paralysis That Shuts Down Innovation

  • ...and so much more

I want to take the confusion, frustration, and complication out of innovation for you. With these tips I want to help you avoid being overlooked, undervalued, or stuck. I've spent 25 plus years in the innovation space, delving into the neuroscience, understanding the behavioral psychology, and working with clients to transform them into confident innovators that solve sticky challenges and unearth new opportunities. I'm proud of the results my clients across the globe have achieved and I look forward to bringing that momentum and success to you as well.

If you're ready to drive innovation that leads to impactful results, join me in this course!

Introducing the Value Innovation Process®

Discover THE 10-Step Innovation Process, Designed to Drive Business Growth and Proven By Fortune 500 companies

Created by Dick Lee Ph. D. - CEO, Author, Value Innovation Black Belt


Students: 2358, Price: $19.99

Students: 2358, Price:  Paid

This course introduces you to the proven 10-step Value Innovation Process® (VIP) and some enabling tools (templates, case studies, processes, etc.).

The VIP helps you to define your most important customers’ unmet needs. It guides you in the development of new products & services that align with those unmet needs. Ultimately the VIP drives sustainable business growth and profitability for your organization.

Value Innovation is defined as delivering exceptional value to the most important customer in the value chain all the time, every time and shows you how it can be used to drive structured, sustainable business growth in your organization.

The key learning objectives are:
1. Introduce you to the 10-Step Value Innovation Process®.
2. Define a project using the project definition template.
3. Define a Value Chain for your business using the provide tools.
4. Identify your most important customers using the provided template.
5. Understand the power of the Value Curve with Metrics, our quantitative tool and method for evaluating value.
6. Understand how to uncover your most important customers’ unmet needs & the tools to accomplish this.

The course is delivered in 5 sections, each accompanied by a video and slide deck.
Each lecture has “Key Points” at the beginning and “Learnings/Takeaways” at the end.

Tools Provided:
1. PDF of the Value Innovation Process
2. PDF of the enabling tools set
3. Template you can use to define your project including instructions
4. “3 Questions” template to identify your Most Important Customer
5. Instructions on how to develop the Value Chain

•The next course to view is Value Innovation Process® Success Stories and can be found here:

If you have questions, send Dick Lee an email ( or call him at +1-720-291-0758 and he will respond within 48 hours.

The Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Masterclass

An expert-led Masterclass with everything you need to know about launching and scaling a sustainable business enterprise

Created by Kain Ramsay - Social Entrepreneur, Applied Psychology Instructor & Author


Students: 1849, Price: $94.99

Students: 1849, Price:  Paid

Do you have a business idea, but don't know where to start? Are you new to the entrepreneurial journey and feel that you need more confidence and business understanding before launching your enterprise?

Business and entrepreneurship usually go hand in hand; to understand one, you need to have a good appreciation of the other. This unique entrepreneurship training course will equip you with the knowledge, and assurance you need to be able to launch your new business venture.

While innovation and entrepreneurship revolve around the same idea, it is useful to understand the difference. Innovation pivots around creatively solving problems with appropriate solutions. Entrepreneurship, by contrast, rotates around applying the innovation in bringing ideas to life in a financially sustainable way.

During the course, you will learn the true meaning of entrepreneurship, discovering how to plan a business (or product) successfully. You will also learn how to sustain a steady growth rate once your business has got off the ground. If you're an aspiring entrepreneur, this course will give you a firm set of foundations upon which you can leverage your future efforts.

This course is ideal for those who are interested in gaining knowledge about starting a business, either to learn if entrepreneurialism suits them, or because they have numerous entrepreneurial ideas but are uncertain about how best to implement them.

Successful entrepreneurship involves two essential characteristics: business insight and a resolution mindset.

As you work through the course modules, you can learn how to:

  • Develop your self-awareness and business effectiveness.

  • Identify new opportunities for business & financial growth.

  • Learn a useful framework for evaluative business planning.

  • Learn a practical methodology for business communications.

  • Establish appropriate, relevant and inspiring business goals.

  • Cultivate a growth-orientated and entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Be successful when you have restricted financial resources.

  • Apply your learning in real-time entrepreneurial projects.

  • And much, much more.

Entrepreneurship training serves as an excellent foundation for the kinds of innovative ideas the world needs to advance in the 21st century.

Entrepreneurship is more than just starting a business: its creativity, innovation, resilience and leadership all rolled into one. Open to anyone with a business idea or a fledgeling startup, this unique online training offers an unparalleled opportunity for you to develop and commercialise your business idea into something long-lasting.

The 'The Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Masterclass' offers you an online experience designed to introduce the essential tools and mindset required to succeed as an entrepreneur. You don't need an idea or a team, just a willingness to explore your entrepreneurial potential.

You will learn from two of Scotlands top entrepreneurs (investors and consultants) who will share the decisions made and lessons learned from guiding over 20 businesses (between them) to national and international success. Drawing on the experience of your instructors; Russell Dalgleish and Kain Ramsay, you can take actionable ideas away from the course and use them to grow and develop your business startup.

Throughout this course, you will get lifetime access to over 16.5hrs of video-based training and further course resources. There is no deadline for completing the course, and you can study it around your current schedule and obligations.

The world has never been more in need of students who want to make a positive entrepreneurial difference. Today, studying and learning the art of innovative entrepreneurship is more straightforward thank you think.

The benefits of taking this course are that you can study it anytime, anywhere and from any device. You're protected by a full money-back guarantee - which means that you can enrol on the course today, absolutely risk-free!

Lean Enterprise: Corporate Innovation Certification

New Best Practices for Corporate Innovation

Created by Trevor Owens - Author and Entrepreneur


Students: 1696, Price: $199.99

Students: 1696, Price:  Paid




Even in a tough economic climate, small startups have found ways to create innovative products in shockingly short timeframes. So why should larger, more established companies take notice? Because they have everything to gain when they examine and adopt the process, strategies, and mentality of high-growth startups. In this course you will learn the tools and methodologies large businesses need to compete with a new generation of highly-empowered startups.

  1. Essential course for innovation managers, directors, senior executives, and even board members of Fortune 2000 companies
  2. Explains the forces that stall innovation in large enterprises
  3. Offers a comprehensive approach for structuring innovation teams and maximizing the odds of success
  4. Includes quizzes designed to maximize understanding of difficult concepts

Don't be mystified by the success of startups. Master the methods of this new era and compete on a level playing field.


"The Lean Enterprise presents a framework for companies to create an environment that empowers the greatest entrepreneurial talent to thrive inside the organization, retaining the great innovative minds and reaping the benefits of their greatest inventions."

- Brad Smith, Intuit President & CEO

"The Lean Enterprise provides savvy insights on the organizational structures, systems, and processes that will maximize success odds with corporate entrepreneurship."

- Professor Thomas Eisenmann, Harvard Business School


For successful completion of this course, it's recommended you read the book, The Lean Enterprise: How Corporations Can Innovate Like Startups.

Masterclass in Design Thinking, Innovation & Creativity

Learn the Design Thinking process from inception to validation. Understand users, uncover insights, prototype & test

Created by Rinat Sherzer - Founder @Of Course Global, Design Thinker, Educator


Students: 1667, Price: $89.99

Students: 1667, Price:  Paid

Design Thinking is the leading discipline in the field of innovation.

In this masterclass, we will embark on a journey and discover new opportunities for innovation led by Rinat Sherzer, founder of Of Course Global, a purpose-driven innovation consultancy.

We'll go through the entire Design Thinking process from inception to validation.

It’s a process of crafting solutions while using creative problem-solving techniques. And is used by the most groundbreaking companies out there such as Apple, Capital One, and Airbnb.

It wisely navigates between wild big ideas and actionable steps.

Design Thinking is a process that not only allows you to create a validated solution but also gets you to know your users at a deep level and solve problems that really matter.

Design Thinking widely been adopted by UX Designers, product owners, entrepreneurs, and social entrepreneurs around the world.

We live in a saturated world of products and services. A world with many short term solutions that fail to benefit our society and environment. Wouldn’t you like to create the next big game-changing idea?

By the end of this masterclass, you will have deeply understood your target audience, uncovered surprising insights, came up with many exciting ideas and then prototyped and tested the chosen idea with real users.

Over the past 12 years, Rinat has helped thousands of people sharpen their creative skills and build purpose-driven solutions.

From managers in Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Capital One and Pfizer to students in acclaimed universities such as Cornell, Parsons and Columbia University all the way to emerging entrepreneurs working on their first venture.

She helped startups grow into multi-million worth companies and designed strategies for global peace movements all by using the tools taught in this masterclass.

In this masterclass, you will learn the ins and outs of purpose-driven innovation through the Design Thinking. You will learn from real case studies and top creative tools out there.

It’s going to be a hands-on experience!

You will be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone, a lot! It’s going to be messy, eye-opening, and fun!

So if value-driven solutions, collaboration, and creative thinking speak to you, this Design Thinking, Creativity & Innovation masterclass is for you!

Music used in the videos by: Bensound

Creativity Course by a Creativity Coach | Art & Innovation

Creativity & Innovation for Innovators, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Writers, & Students - By a Professional Creativity Coach

Created by Gabriel Wallace - Creator of 'Learning English Path' / Identity Coach


Students: 899, Price: $109.99

Students: 899, Price:  Paid

Creativity is the very process of life itself. Creativity is what you've always been doing, since forever. So do you want to create consciously?

Creativity Course by a Creativity Coach | Art & Innovation is a creativity course that gives you extremely practical creative thinking tools to boost your creative genius to whole new levels. This course is perfect for:

  • Artists: Writers, Painters, Musicians, Directors, Designers, Actors, Photographers, Podcasters, Chefs, etc.

  • Inventors

  • Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

  • Leaders, Managers

  • Teachers, Trainers, Presenters, Course Creators

  • Students

  • Parents

  • Problem-Solvers

  • Creatives in Life!

I'm a Professional Creativity Coach and I help people to get unstuck and unblocked and totally inspired, tap into oceans of creative ideas, and to actually create amazing creations. I've worked with individuals as well as teams - creative teams, educators, business leaders, and artists - to not only complete a single creative project, but to transform the way they approach creativity in their work and in their lives.

In Creativity Course by a Creativity Coach | Art & Innovation you can choose which sections are most important for YOU. And you have the option to:

  • Connect with the Foundations of Your Creative Self

  • Master Your 'Creator Psychology'

  • Optimize Your Creative Environment

  • Begin Lifelong Creativity Practices

  • Use Warm-Up Techniques

  • Use Many Creative Thinking Tools to Create New Ideas

  • Use Your Unconscious Mind for Creative Purposes

  • Lead Creative Group Sessions (Great for Teams!)

  • Optimize Your Research Stage of Creativity

  • Enhance Both Divergent Thinking and Convergent Thinking

  • Listen to Creative Visualizations & Meditations

  • Get Amazing Bonuses

Creativity Course by a Creativity Coach | Art & Innovation is very practical. If you have a creative project that you need or want to do, then just one of the many creative thinking techniques will rocket you to fresh inspiration for your creation. And if you simply want to live a creative life, then this course can help you be creative in life.

creativity, Problem solving, and Innovation for Business

Creativity that Create an innovation Corporate Culture Using Design Thinking & Problem Solving for the Workplace

Created by Neeraj Saini - Productivity and Management Coach .


Students: 894, Price: Free

Students: 894, Price:  Free

Creativity is key to innovation. When issues come up, you’ll be able to think of ways over, under, or through the roadblocks.

Why the focus on creativity?

“Creativity is the single most important skill in the world for all business professionals today to master,” one 2019 LinkedIn report declared. We wholeheartedly agree.

Per that report, creativity enables people to solve problems in original ways. This helps explain why additional research finds companies that foster creativity tend to enjoy greater revenue, a larger market share, and higher morale than organizations that fail to encourage creative thinking.

Innovative problem-solving is a skill that is core to being human—and demand for it is unlikely to drop, even as more process-oriented jobs are outsourced to Al and automation technologies. In fact, research suggests the need for innovation will only continue to rise. For these reasons, the success of any team or company hinges on the ability to nurture and sustain creative thinking. This issue is jam-packed with content that will help you do just that.

We cover everything from how to brand, scale, and lead creatively, to how to help your team sustain innovative thinking over the long term.

You'll also hear from several founders who have staked their careers on creative thinking, including Hekla Arnardottir, Konrad Bergstrem, Anthony Casalena, Jack Dorsey, Jenny Ruth Hrafnsdottir, Grant Munro, Clark Valberg, and Helga Valfells.

This is where you start. And it is the perfect beginning!

In no time, you will acquire the fundamental skills that will enable you to understand Creativity, Problem Solving, and Innovation for business , directly applicable to Your Business and real-life situations. we have created a source that is :

  • Easy to understand

  • comprehensive

  • practical

  • packed with plenty of exercise and resources

Teaching is our passion

we worked hard for over 5 years to create the best possible Creativity ,Problem Solving, and Innovation for business course which would deliver the most value to you. we want you to succeed, which is why the course aims to be as engaging as possible. High-quality animations, superb course materials, handouts, and course notes, as well as a glossary with all new terms you will learn, are just some of the perks you will get by subscribing.

what makes this course different from  rest of the Creativity ,Problem Solving, and Innovation for business course out there?

High-quality video/lectures that explain the different terms and concepts with real-world examples and application.

Activities that help you validate what you learned and put it into practice to increase your information retention.

Articles & Downloadable handouts which you can use as a reference or study guide.

1-on-1 instructor support to answer your question or clear up any confusion you might have.

Lifetime access with no expiration so you can complete the course at your own pace, anywhere, on any device, and come back for a refresher.

Why do you need Creativity, Problem Solving, and Innovation For Business skills?

  • Creativity can make you more productive

  • Creativity helps with problem-solving

  • Creativity helps you see the big picture

  • Risk Management

  • Decision Making

    please bear in mind that the course with udemy 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. And why not give such a guarantee? we are certain this course will provide a ton of value for you.

      let's start learning together now!

Innovation – Intro into methods, tools, & working principles

Understand creativity as a learnable skill & learn 9 simple working principles to boost your productivity & outcomes

Created by Fritz Seidel - Innovation- & Startup-specialist with a corporate background


Students: 825, Price: Free

Students: 825, Price:  Free

The World Economic Forum defines "innovation" as the number 1 future skill. "complex problem solving" ranks 3, and "active learning" wins silver. Taking this course helps you to start tackling all three skills.


Success today is harder than ever. Most new-found companies and products fail. Even there is a lot of knowledge out there, it seems we cannot keep up with the changes.

To tackle the challenges and win when it comes to innovation, we need to understand, why failure happens - and one thing in advance: it is not tech-related.

Having a clear process, an innovative mindset, and knowing when to use which tools help to overcome the challenges and win markets.


In this course, you will learn why innovation fails and what to do about it.

We will dig into cognitive science to understand why we make wrong decisions, talk about the importance of collaboration, and learn which frameworks help to get us from 0 to 1. Also, we will share our working principles, that help you as a professional or teams to reduce bias in decisions, collaborate better, and become more creative & productive. Those simple principles can be applied in innovation, but also in your day-to-day work, and are independent of any organizational changes. 

On our way, we touch-base frameworks like Design Thinking, Jobs-to-be-done, and Systematic Inventive Thinking, and will go through a creativity exercise.

I am looking forward to seeing you in the course.

Fritz Seidel

Co-Founder DAY8

Innovation Mastery: How to Create Product Innovation Ideas

Proven tools for innovation ideas in products & services

Created by Amir Elion - Innovation and Learning Author and Trainer


Students: 644, Price: $79.99

Students: 644, Price:  Paid

Innovation! is a set of easy to use tools and practices, clearly explained step-by-step, to help you generate 100s of new product and service ideas in just a few hours. These product innovation tools have been used by leading companies to generate hundreds of innovation ideas for any product or service. This course will teach you this systematic innovation methodology, and provide you with templates and instructions that can be applied to any product, service or industry.

The innovation methods explained in the course have been developed by examining hundreds of thousands of innovations in products and services. Using this methodology, I have facilitated product and service innovation workshops and processes at companies such as Motorola, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Intel, Nestle, Max Brenner, YES Satellite Television and in a variety of other companies from the Food, Construction, Retail, Software, High tech, Finance, Education, Textile, Travel and other industry and service sectors.

Using the product innovation tools in this course you will be able to::

  • Easily create hundreds of product and service innovation ideas for any product or service
  • Quickly choose the best ideas with internal and external innovation screening techniques
  • Grab the attention of your clients with Creative Advertising Templates
  • Download and use resources and templates for innovation for you and your team

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here's what students say about this course:

"Great value for money!

Amir - you have done a wonderful job, introducing us to a structured process, that brings the elusive concept of innovation from 10,000 feet down to earth. Many thanks."

Lior Haber, Experienced VP at High-Tech firms

"Jam-packed with tools and templates

This course exceeded my expectations. I bought it hoping to scan through to get an idea or two... I watched every minute and will re-watch several lessons as I move forward with my own business development process.

Amir is engaging, his slides are visually interesting and easy to follow, his downloadable templates are excellent. I've paid for university continuing studies courses that did not deliver as much value as this course did -- and, at a much lower cost.

At a meta level, Amir's course in product and service innovation is also a course in best practices for teaching a Udemy course! I wish they were all this good."

Donna Barker, Chief MemWow! Creator


So what will you learn by taking part in this workshop?

  1. The important fundamentals of a Systematic Innovation approach and process
  2. The most critical insights and tips for making product and service innovation work for you
  3. Powerful tools to generate innovation ideas quickly and repeatedly
  4. Clear examples from a variety of product and service innovation to learn from
  5. Reusable templates for you and your team to download and apply for your own innovation
  6. Bonus tools! - Creative Advertising Techniques


Join me in the Practical Innovation Workshop now!