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Game Graphics – For beginners. Create amazing art-free tools

Learn how to create amazing art in Inkscape & develop your game art with free tools available for everybody

Created by Huzefa K - Instructor


Students: 19916, Price: $19.99

Students: 19916, Price:  Paid

If you have an amazing game idea, and you wish to develop your own custom graphics, this class is for you!

I’m going to teach you how to use Inkscape, a free design software, and create all the game art you need in order to develop a 2D game!

Because Inkscape is a vector graphics software, the assets you create will be scalable and also highly versatile. You will create them once and then you can use them on any device and also any resolution! From iPhones to desktop computers.

You will learn the core concepts, tools, and functions and you will be able to develop fully functional 2D Games.

Learning the basics of Inkscape and Game Art Design will put a very powerful and useful tool at your fingertips. Inkscape is very easy to learn, it has amazing documentation, and is one of the most used tools for creating vector arts.

Getting Started in Inkscape

Take your first steps creating vector art for free

Created by Paul Gieske - Teacher and Engineer


Students: 11148, Price: $19.99

Students: 11148, Price:  Paid

This course is aimed at the complete beginner, where the very basics of Inkscape are learned. This section is great for getting started in vector art in general and Inkscape in particular.

Inkscape is highly acclaimed vector art software, and it is completely free and open source.
If you want to get started creating vector art without splurging on
license fees then this is a great place to start. Once you have gained the key skills you can easily and painlessly switch over to
commercial software if you want. (Or you can continue using Inkscape of

Contents of this section:

  • The interface
  • Basic shapes
  • Fill and Stroke
  • Gradients
  • Boolean functions
  • Layers
  • Bezier curves
  • Groups
  • Tracing

This course is completely free, and provides the prerequisites for my other Inkscape courses:

  • Creating Seamless Patterns and Tiles
  • Mastering the Filter Editor

You can also bundle the courses and buy "Creating 2D Textures in Inkscape" and get an additional two sections with of examples.

Inkscape for Beginners – Create SVG (3+ inkscape projects)

Create awesome 2D SVG (Scalar Vector Graphics) illustrations w/ Inkscape - over-the-shoulder training with multiple proj

Created by DigiFisk (Programming is fun) - Hands-on practical training | Programming courses


Students: 7812, Price: $89.99

Students: 7812, Price:  Paid

Have you heard about Inkscape lately? Are you a programmer who hates graphic design? But do you still want to create awesome 2D vector graphics for your web projects? 

Or, maybe you are an artist who wants to create graphical illustrations and would like to learn an easy way to do so.

Or are you a graphic designer who wants to learn how to create SVG graphics and illustrations? 

Then, Inkscape with SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is way to go!

Forget mastering complicated graphic design software that take months to master. You can now create every kind of vector graphics with just a few clicks and drags of your mouse with Inkscape. No programming skills needed, at all! 

Spend a few hours learning a bunch of Inkscape tools and features, and you'll be creating awesome SVG graphics and designs in no time at all!

Every programmer can become a pro designer now, and every artist can go digital with barely any technical knowledge now!

What will you learn in our course? 

You will learn: 

1. How to create multiple SVG graphical elements with Inkscape - shapes (rectangles, circles, ellipses, star, spirals), lines, polygons, bezier curves, etc.

2. How to create paths, lines and curves that can be used to design complicated structures, shapes, characters and scenes. 

3. How to style every single SVG element you create professionally. 

4. How to create different types of text and effects using Inkscape

5. How to create scalable vector icons and logos with SVG. 

6. How to create 2D cartoon characters that can be used in web animations and games. 

7. How to create real world SVG projects and illustrations in minutes using Inkscape

8. How to create children's illustrations and designs in 15 minutes or less and become an illustrator

9. Learn the skills to become a freelance Children's book illustrator and/or a cartoon illustrator

and so much more!

What are some real world applications of what you learn in this course? 

By applying the concepts you learn in this course, you can code and design:

1. Graphics for your websites 

2. 2D characters and scenes for web animations and web games 

3. 2D graphs and pictorial reports that can be used in presentations 

4. Bar charts, pie charts, etc. 

5. Scalable vector icons and logos that can be displayed in websites, mobile browsers, ipads etc. 

6. Flow charts, architectural designs etc. 

7. Children's illustrations and graphics

Sky is the limit! You can apply what you learn here anywhere in the web space, in any sphere. 

Your imagination is your only obstacle to how you apply what you learn here in your real world projects

How is this course designed? 

Our course has 6 modules, where each module will thoroughly explain the intricacies of one of the concepts in SVG with a wealth of over-the-shoulder examples. 

Here are the modules: 

Module 1 - Inkscape basics & tools explanation - This is the foundations module. You'll learn how to create SVG files, how to embed the codes/images in your HTML websites, how the SVG coordinate system works and every other thing you need to get started with creating SVG. 

Module 2 - Creating various SVG shapes with Inkscape - Rectangles, ellipses, stars, polygon - You'll learn how to create rectangles, circles, ellipses, stars, 3D boxes, spirals and polygons with a wealth of examples in every single lessons. You'll be creating the shapes along with me in every single module so you understand the concepts better. You'll also learn how to manipulate the shapes in multiple ways to get the best possible result. 

Module 3 - Creating styled text, free-hand drawing and brush strokes with Inkscape - In this module, you'll learn how to literally draw text on your SVG images, design them, manipulate them, create brush strokes, calligraphy, free hand drawings (with a cartoon drawing) and so much more. 

Module 4 - Grouping, Layers, paths, Bezier curves, lines, node, Rows & Columns etc. - This module handles some very important concepts in SVG - Paths, groups, nodes, Bezier curves. You'll learn how to group multiple objects in Inkscape so they can be manipulated together. Also, you'll learn how to create very complicated graphics with the Bezier curves and node tool.

Module 5 - Styling, gradients, patterns and so much more - In this module, you'll learn how to style the objects you create in multiple ways - using colors, gradients, patterns and so much more. You'll also learn how to use the dropper and Tweak tools

Module 6 - Real world SVG projects - This is a very important module when you take the design aspect of the course into account. In this module, we'll go over the various design attributes and properties offered by SVG. You'll use these properties to create multiple designs for your shapes and elements, designs that'll give your graphics the professional touch they need. 

We also cover a lot of examples and projects, like: 

1. Children's book illustrations - We'll be creating

2. Cartoon animal face project - This project comes in the 3rd module as well. You'll be using circles, ellipses, paths, arcs etc to create a cute 2D animal face. 

3. SVG Icons - We'll be creating a bunch of icons (laptop icon, clock icon, phone icon etc) in this project.

Why should you choose our course? 

1. We like to be thorough in our teaching. You'll find everything you need to start creating awesome 2D vector graphics with SVG code/syntaxes in this course. You won't have to look anywhere else. 

2. We strongly advocate learning by doing, rather than just listening or reading. Our lectures are filled with a wealth of examples that explain every concept clearly. 

3. If you follow along with our examples in our over-the-shoulder training, and code the graphics along with us, you'll be confident in embarking into the world of SVG and web graphic design/development by the time you finish our course. You'll be able to confidently add this as a skill in your resume

4. We prefer creating fun projects to explain the concepts and to keep things interesting as well. You'll learn how to apply the concepts you learn in the course in these multiple projects and examples.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now and start creating awesome SVG (Scalar Vector Graphics) with Inkscape in no time at all!  

Inkscape tutorial : Create your own designs for free

Vector Design for absolute beginners using Inkscape

Created by Marta Rey - Software Developer


Students: 7404, Price: $39.99

Students: 7404, Price:  Paid

Welcome to my inkscape tutorial!

Are you a creative person?

Would you like to be able to create digital designs?

Are you creating your website, blog , or presentations and would like to create nice illustrations to support your material?

If you answered yes to any of those questions this course is for you. This course is for any absolute design beginner interested in creating their own design using vector art. In this course you will learn all fundamental tools and concepts that you need to start creating illustration. Although it is not a complete course where you learn every possible form of design, it will give you a very solid base to start, and gain the confidence and excitement to move to more advanced concepts.

The reason I created this course is that when I start learning design, I felt it was a really wide topic. Most of the tutorials I found will teach you so much theory and all possible tools in different applications so there is so much to learn that it is easy to get discouraged. After 4 years going from one tutorial to another, I realised just using the basic tools, you can actually achieve really nice results, so why not teaching that first?

What will you learn?

  • Install inkscape(free)

  • Create regular and custom shapes

  • Organise your illustration in layers

  • Overview of design principles and colour theory

  • Practice: Create simple illustrations

  • Using bezier curves and pencil tool

  • Using gradients and filters

  • Practice: Create two illustrations from zero

  • How to sell your illustrations

Why is this course different?

  • Relevant: I will teach what you need to get started really quickly

  • Practical: Examples to gain confidence

  • Monetise: I will show you how you can sell your illustrations

I hope you are excited about starting your Vector Design journey with Inkscape, and I am looking forward to seeing you in the course!

Learn Inkscape now – create vector graphics for free!

Design everything you need for free! First ever complete Inkscape video course from A-Z for beginners!

Created by István Szép - Design teacher


Students: 6182, Price: $74.99

Students: 6182, Price:  Paid

The course is teaching everything one should know to work efficiently with the free and open source graphic design program Inkscape. As a free program, there are plenty of short tutorials about Inkscape, but not a comprehensive video tutorial like this was made before! These lessons are not for solving individual tasks (like how to create a banner, how to draw a fish etc.) but rather going through all the tools one can need to understand and use Inkscape on an amateur or even professional level! Apart from sharing the tools, I also give my tricks and tips I developed myself as a designer working with Inkscape for years.

There are 30 lectures of varying length, and .svg files are provided where needed, so students can learn and experiment. This is how the course is built up:

  1. In the first set of lectures we go through the basic tools, and understand how Inkscape works.
  2. Then the more complex tools follow, and we create more elaborate designs.
  3. Then I'm sharing some illustration tips and tricks, that will make for clever and outstanding illustration.
  4. And in the final lessons we create a Christmas card together, using all the tools and knowledge acquired during the course.

Have fun and ask when you need help! New videos will be added to the course upon request!

Create your own 2D game assets with Inkscape for free!

Design vector 2D game assets: animations, platforms, characters, backgrounds, buttons! 2D game design for beginners!

Created by István Szép - Design teacher


Students: 4966, Price: $79.99

Students: 4966, Price:  Paid

While there are ample game assets available for download, you may still have trouble finding ones that fit the game you’re building. That’s when Inkscape, a free vectors graphic program, truly earns its stripes. Dive into this quick 4.5-hour course, and learn to create scalable, highly versatile game assets usable in 2D mobile games and much more.

All the assets created in the videos are yours with the course!  That means 30+ unique elements to use in games or experiment with! 

What will we create?

  • Create custom 2D game art in Inkscape w/ 4.5 hours of content

  • Craft art for animations, platforms, characters & more

  • Ensure your assets are scalable & versatile, usable on any device & at any resolution

  • Have stunning graphics on hand for use in any games

  • Improve your general game design skills with real life examples

  And remember: I am here to teach and help you! If you have any question, just ask! I will add new courses and resources time-to-time!  

Make the Game Art for Your 2d Platformer

Use Inkscape to create attractive game art.

Created by Martin Belvisi - Vector Artist


Students: 4168, Price: $49.99

Students: 4168, Price:  Paid

In this course you'll learn everything you need to know to create the game art for your 2d platformer. And all by using the fantastic free, open source vector illustration software Inkscape.

We'll be using vector graphics and the mouse (no need for tablets) to create beautiful, HD graphics, in the style that you often see in many modern, 2d cartoony cellphone games but also in some PC games as well.

But the great thing is that you don't have to be an artist to take this course!. We'll start from the ground up, with a mini-course on how to use the program (Inkscape) for illustration, then we'll delve into more specific game art techniques, finally we'll start making the assets of our 2d platformer one by one, ranging from items to game characters. And once we have everything we need, we'll assemble everything into a mockup illustration (a fake screenshot).

Here are a few of the things this course deals with:

  • Designing and drawing attractive assets for a 2d platformer using vectors

  • Inkscape for illustration

  • Tools, methods and techniques for game art and general vector illustration

  • Basic character design

  • Basic background design

  • Working with tileable assets in Inkscape

So, if you want to make a game but you aren't an artist, this course may just be for you.

Inkscape Beginners Level – learn imagine and create!

This Inkscape course is presented in such an easy, understandable format, you'll be navigating the editor in mere hours!

Created by Michael DiGregorio - Freelance Graphic Design


Students: 4056, Price: $39.99

Students: 4056, Price:  Paid

    Anyone who would like to learn the Inkscape vector graphic editor,
whether for profit or fun, would be a perfect candidate for this course.


    While other courses teach art using the Inkscape editor, this course
teaches the Inkscape editor in and of itself.  We will demo all the tools, learn how
they function independently, and in conjunction with other tools, bars, and
panels. We will also customize the Inkscape page, learn to access, adjust
and collapse frequently used panels, take a look at guidelines, grids, and
the canvas itself.  We will discuss the color palette, examine each of the
command bar icons, as we basically walk through the entire interface tool
by tool and bar by bar.

   By the end of this 4+ hour course, you will have the knowledge to navigate the
Inkscape editor and create with confidence. Congratulations!

Inkscape and Bootstrap 3 -> Responsive Web Design!

Design responsive websites using Free tools Inkscape and Bootstrap 3! Mood Boards and Style Tiles to Mobile First!

Created by Thrandur Arnthorsson - BsCS, Web Solution Provider and Entrepreneur


Students: 3425, Price: $39.99

Students: 3425, Price:  Paid

UPDATE: Course updated and is ready for 2016

Get the course now while the price is still low ... just CHECK OUT THE REVIEWS below!

Over 1400 students have joined this course ... a HUGE thank you to each and everyone. Do not miss out - enroll NOW and join them!

Create Inspirational Websites with Mood Boards and Style Tiles to Mobile First Design!

The digital age is upon us - and this means we have to learn its language ... become web-whisperers!

Introducing inspirational web design to companies of all sizes - companies that are lost in the ocean of loud noise and customers with ADHD - has never been in more demand.

If you are a web designer and need to communicate creative and inspiring ideas and proposals to customers - this course is for you.

If you are a building a start-up company or are a project manager and you need to understand the flow of things in the world wide web - then this course is for you.

If you want to design your own website and you find that Photoshop is too expensive and too inflexible ... this course is for you.

Have your customer feast her eyes on the bright and rich style tiles you create with Inkscape and allow them to taste the sweet and colorful nuggets of Bootstrap 3 goodies!

Present a beautiful and scenic responsive web design ready for the most demanding project.

ENLIST NOW to inspire your boss and draw in new customers with your stunning skills.

I will walk you through the design process of a real life case study web design project using the flexible vector drawing tool Inkscape and the popular mobile first Bootstrap 3 HTML and CSS framework!

Inkscape is a wonderful FREE professional vector graphics drawing tool that you can use on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It's free and open source.

Responsive design is fast growing - exploding really - and same can be said about Bootstrap ... as the major framework for creating websites that look great on all internet browsers ... from mobile and tablets to desktops.

Designing custom websites using these two solid and trending platforms will get your projects noticed and enable you to MAKE MORE!

In this course I lead you ... step by step - focusing on the most important and demanding tasks you need to complete!

You will be surprised by how much you can do.

My promise to you is this:

You will create a complete web design that you can show your boss or customer - based on Style Tiles and a stunning Bootstrap 3 prototype.

Everything based on standard and most up to date server vector graphics and HTML.

Take the supplied design and customize as you like. Use for your own job advancement or sell to local clients for hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

This How-to course is fast-paced ... so hold on as we speed ahead. If you feel I am going too fast - just rewind the video and watch it again :)

By following the lectures carefully, you can get a job as a web designer or even sell complete designs to highpaying customers.

Does this sound exciting?

You must promise me ... and yourself ... to study the entire ... course (don't skip through it and don't just download the design ... make changes and create your own beautiful designs.

Use the shortcuts I give you here and just do as the course shows you.

Take notes as you go along.

I try to answer all messages the same day.

Now ... Let's get started

I can't wait to see those amazing web design projects that you'll create using Inkscape and Bootstrap 3!

Get ready to have your own design up and running today, right after going through this course ... and be earning big - soon after that!

Grab Your Copy Now.

Get up and running with this inspiring course on web design success.

  • Full, free lifetime access
  • All future extra lectures and upgrades are always included for free
  • Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee ... that's my personal promise of your success!
  • ... and much, much more!


Now you can have your own web design inspiration as you go through this course ... and start earning those big round numbers!

Click the [take this course] button, top right, now ... every hour you delay is costing you money...

Create your graphics for a responsive website with Inkscape!

Use a free software to design a website layout for both mobile and desktop, create custom icons and fresh looks!

Created by István Szép - Design teacher


Students: 3055, Price: $44.99

Students: 3055, Price:  Paid

This course will teach you how to make your own website layout. You will use web design principles, learn about colors and creating your own buttons and icons. All this with an amazing free design program called Inkscape!

If you take part in the course, you will also receive the source file of both of the templates and the fonts used, so you can experiment and modify it!*
During the course I am creating the website layout for a florist shop, but I encourage you to create a site design straight for your own business, or own hobby! Because what I show you is not about flowers! It is about creating, learning design principles and learning to use Inkscape!

This course is about designing a graphical layout for a website.
So the course is NOT about creating CSS and HTML templates!

The course starts with 13 videos and it takes about 90 minutes to complete! Of course, as with my other courses, I will be here to answer your questions and add more videos if you need it!

Go on, download Inkscape for free now, and start to create your own design!

*Sadly, I can not give you the photo, as I don't own the rights. Find a good photo that is matching your design idea instead!

Create vector line art illustrations with Inkscape

Digitize your freehand line art, or draw vector illustrations from scratch with Inkscape for free!

Created by István Szép - Design teacher


Students: 3039, Price: $44.99

Students: 3039, Price:  Paid

If you like to create  line art illustrations, or would like to learn how to digitize your drawings, this course is for you!

Inkscape offers a free and flexible vector graphics solution to every illustrator, but this course is all about creating line art. 

During this course:

  • We start with understanding how  tracing bitmap works, and how to trace your freehand drawings automatically to get the best results. 

  • Than we learn and understand  the Bezier tool and the path editor and create a geometric city illustration.

  • After this we practice these tools further  by vectorizing  a hand drawn sketch about a cute cartoon character.

  • Later, to achieve absolute  mastery with the Bezier tool, we turn a simple photo into a trendy one-line illustration!

  • And finally you will learn to design your own custom brushes and use them to create a free hand illustration in Inkscape!

If you want to digitize your line art, or draw vector illustrations from scratch, join  me today and learn these fundamental vector graphic tools!

Create your own vector line art with Inkscape now!


Attention: this course is aimed towards beginners, but instead of covering every tool in Inkscape, we rather focus on the ones we use to create line art vector illustrations!

Design your ultimate 2D game characters with Inkscape!

Simple and fast method and character blueprints to create versatile vector characters with a free open-source program!

Created by István Szép - Design teacher


Students: 2065, Price: $54.99

Students: 2065, Price:  Paid

-- UPDATE - Warrior girl character blueprint added upon request!

What makes a good game?

A good game needs a great story. It needs nice overall graphics. Engaging gameplay. 

And it also needs well designed characters!

This course is exactly about that! When you are developing your own game, and you are not a designer, you will find creating a hero for your game challenging! 

During the course we learn

  • the theory of character design

  • what makes a good character

  • my 6 step character design method

  • to create a character sheet

  • to prepare our characters for animation

  • to animate our characters 

And we will do all this in Inkscape, this epic free software! It is a very versatile vector tool, which makes designing characters much more easier and faster!

Apart of the above, I will share character blueprints with you! These are showing how I design a character with Inkscape from scratch. We practice different skills with each character. We create character sheet from one, and basic animation from the other.

The characters we will create:

  • a simple and cute robot character - great for kids

  • a black ninja warrior - simple and smooth

  • a heavy rpg warrior - a real tank!

  • a  fantasy skeleton warrior - cute but deadly

  • NEW! a warrior girl - ready to fight!

Your task will be to practice and create character sheet and basic animation for all the characters, or your very own game hero/enemy!

I will also share tips and tricks in the course. In these short lessons I usually want to help you to work faster and create better designed figures.

Mind that this is only the first version of the course! I will add several new character blueprints - and listen to the need of my students - and I will keep the course updated.

I don't want to talk about myself. If you want to know me better, read my instructor bio. But I can tell you one thing: I am here to teach. When you ask me, I will help and will find a solution to your problem the best I can!

Design a Logo for Free in Inkscape

Learn how to design a logo by a Published, Multi-Award Winning Logo Designer! 21+ Years Experience!

Created by Daniel Evans - Published, Award Winning Logo Designer. 21 Years Experience


Students: 1588, Price: $99.99

Students: 1588, Price:  Paid

* 'This is an excellent course! Great overview of Logo Design and use of Inkscape. 

* 'Great step by step videos for anyone wanting to learn Inkscape.'

* 'The techniques and teaching skills in this course are outstanding! Don't miss this chance!'


*** UPDATED NOVEMBER 2020! ***

Do you want to discover how you can design your own professional logo for FREE using Inkscape?

I'm Daniel Evans and I'm going to reveal , every single step of logo design creation as a published, award winning logo design professional!

From start to finish, I'm going to reveal every step of the professional logo design process from concept to sketch, to final product using Inkscape!

We're going to leave no details untouched!  You're going to learn every major tool of Inkscape and every primary feature to develop a professional logo design with ease!

If you want to discover the tricks of logo design and how to astound people with your newly acquired logo design abilities, I can show you EXACTLY how and I can do it right now!

What's more, I can show you how to do it lightning quick!

Join us TODAY and I'll reveal how YOU can grab Inkscape for FREE and begin designing awe inspiring logo designs!

Get your Certificate of Completion after finishing the entire course!

Create engaging 2D Game UI with Inkscape!

Learn 2D game user interface design with a free vector software!

Created by István Szép - Design teacher


Students: 1420, Price: $54.99

Students: 1420, Price:  Paid

A good game needs great graphics, nice music and cool characters 

- and of course a well designed game user interface!

I created this course to help the indie developer community to create clean and engaging UI designs for their games. Even if you are not a designer, you can just download this free software, and follow my course! :)

During the course we will use the amazing open-source software Inkscape. Inkscape is a vector graphical software, which makes it perfect for 2D game element design.

During the course we will learn the theory of game UI design, and we will create:

  • several icons and icon sets

  • buttons and menus in various styles

  • 2 versions of UI design for a fantasy game, 

  • 2 versions of UI for a space shooter,

  • and one version for a casual gem stone game

We will also draw an icon set for a ninja game - that lesson is a free preview, check it out!

Although this is a beginner game UI course, a basic Inkscape knowledge is good to have. I stop and explain every single step I make, but you have to work on your own confidence and skill level in Inkscape.

Important: We will create all the buttons and icons during the course, however, recreating the game screens shown in the preview and used as a base to design on during the lectures are NOT part of this course!
 Also, this is a UI course, we are not working on the UX part of he design.

Create modular game art and tile sets faster with Inkscape!

Master modular design to create 2D game tilesets and game assets faster and cheaper from simple vector modules!

Created by István Szép - Design teacher


Students: 1340, Price: $79.99

Students: 1340, Price:  Paid

How to create your own game assets the most effective way? 
How to design unique looking game art for the fragment of time and cost?

Is that even possible?
Yes it is! 

By applying the principles of modular design and making your game asset creation faster, cheaper and much more efficient!

What is that?
Modular design is a method, where you build up your game assets from pre-designed moduls.

During this course you will learn:

  • the principles of modular designs in game art

  • to create a fleet of spaceships from simple geometrical forms

  • to create cartoon character heads good for any mobile game

  • to design a modular goblin army with fantasy weapons

  • to make a platform game tileset

  • to design a 2D tileset for a Zelda -like topdown game

  • and of course a lot of Inkscape tricks to make your work more efficient!

My name is István Szép, I am a graphic designer and design teacher for more than a decade. Join me in this course and learn to create fast, cheap and effective modular game assets in Inkscape! Inkscape is a free , easy to use vector design program, that will make you be able to create your own video game assets.

Attention! This course is about modular  game art design, not about programming! Sadly, you will not learn here to code procedural worlds or script random spaceships. But you can learn to design your assets for that!

Cartoon Character Design for Animation

Learn character design, from the ground up, using vector graphics and the free program Inkscape.

Created by Martin Belvisi - Vector Artist


Students: 1223, Price: $49.99

Students: 1223, Price:  Paid

In this course you'll learn everything you need, from the ground up, to create the type of cartoon characters you see in modern tv shows like Dexter's Lab, Fairly Odd Parents and My Little Pony. All by using the free, open source program Inkscape, and the mouse.

First you'll learn Inkscape for illustration, we'll take a complete and in depth view at the program and by the end of the first unit, you'll be able to draw not just what will be in this course, but anything you want!.

Then we'll delve into the character design part of the course with the head. You'll learn to draw the most common head features you see in cartoon shows in step by step lessons, and to finish the unit, you'll apply the principles of character design to be able to build nice looking heads always.

Next will be the body unit, where you'll learn to draw any type of cartoon body, as well as the best methods and techniques so you can create any character easily by taking advantage of the features of Inkscape.

And finally you'll learn how to make the characters nice looking by applying line, color and light and shadows.

All the while you'll be learning the principles of character design as well as how to apply them practically by making five different characters, all in step by step, commented, real time videos.

No previous artistic experience needed!. No previous vector software experience needed!. No drawing tablet needed!.

Inkscape Adventure, Master the Free Vector Graphics Software

Learn Inkscape with thorough, detailed instruction, and perfect your skills by creating fun projects.

Created by Vicki Watson - Computer Instructor, Web Developer, Author


Students: 1201, Price: $49.99

Students: 1201, Price:  Paid

This course gives you the best of both worlds - thorough step-by-step instruction on Inkscape's tools and features as well as hands-on, practical assignments for you to complete. The progressive assignments help you master the concepts taught in the video lessons.

The course culminates with a major project - the creation of a colorful layout for a fictional board game. This project is approached one element at a time with students creating their own copy of the design.

While the pen and node tools are the most important to master, as they are the heart of vector graphics; every tool in the Inkscape toolbar is covered in this course. Additional lessons explain the most commonly used operations such as: path operations, bitmap tracing, cloning, tiled clones, clipping, masking, patterns, offsets, and live path effects. Several filters and extensions are demonstrated as well.

If GIMP is the Photoshop of free software, then Inkscape is the free equivalent of Adobe Illustrator. Inkscape was designed to create scalable vector graphics. These images may be used for print, web design, social media, game characters, animation frames, and so forth.

The skills acquired learning Inkscape will be useful even if you eventually transition to another vector graphics program such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. The core functionality of all these programs is quite similar.

Inkscape works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and it's free. The course videos use version 0.92 of the software, but if you have a prior or more recent version, you should be fine. Inkscape is very slow to make significant changes. The basic interface has remained the same for many years.

Updated 05/2020 to include information about the new version, Inkscape 1. The current videos are still relevant. Inkscape changes very slowly, and the interface remains nearly identical in version 1.

Design video game logos with Inkscape from zero!

Learn this amazing free tool and create game logos that make your game visible and generate sales!

Created by István Szép - Design teacher


Students: 1024, Price: $59.99

Students: 1024, Price:  Paid

Are you working on your own game? Or want to learn logo design in an structured but fun way?
This course is for you!

After creating many courses on game art design, students told me that designing a game logo is a task it s hard to undertake.


They think they lack two things: the creativity for logo design, and the technical skills to create a professional looking logo.

Creativity is not  a magical thing! It is not made by unicorns, it is created  during  the design process! We all have ideas we just have to get them out of our heads! This is what I actually cover in the first section of the course, and how we go through all the lessons of designing various logos.

And when we have the basics, we will build those technical skills as well! I will tell you every trick I use and every button I push during the course, and show you how Inkscape will help you to create an awesome logo for your game! 

And what will we create?

Here are the logos we design together:

  • Logo for a racing game
  • A dark horror logo
  • A logical puzzle game logo 
  • A cute candy-cartoon logo
  • A fantasy game logo with 3D looking text
  • A space game logo using negative space (pun intended)
  • And a grunge zombie game logo with a huge splatter of blood! 

In later updates: game app icon designs and more logos on demand!

So get the course today and make your own game logo that makes your game visible and helps you sell! :) 

Am I too fast? Am I too slow? Have any questions? Don't hesitate to ask, I am here to teach you logo design! 

Inkscape Intermediate (Part-1)

This Inkscape Intermediate course is designed to take your beginner Inkscape skills to the next level!

Created by Michael DiGregorio - Freelance Graphic Design


Students: 884, Price: $19.99

Students: 884, Price:  Paid

This Inkscape Intermediate Course will take you beyond the icon commands of the interface to a much deeper level within the menus and sub-menus of the editor. This 4-hour course is the first half of 2-parts and will examine:

  • Layers
  • Blend Modes
  • Objects Panel (New to Inkscape)
  • Selection Sets
  • LPE's (Live Path Effects)
  • Extensions
  • And so much more...

This Intermediate Course teaches the Inkscape editor and uses information garnered from the Beginners level course. (It is recommended you
complete the beginner level course before moving on to Inkscape for Intermediates) So, if you're looking to bump your beginner level knowledge up a notch, this is the course for you... come on in and let's get started!

Vector Art in Inkscape – Icon Design | Make Vector Graphics

Learn Icon Design by creating Vector Graphics using the .SVG and PNG format with the Free Software Inkscape!

Created by Patricia Caldeira - Digital Illustrator, Graphic Designer at Don Corgi


Students: 551, Price: $59.99

Students: 551, Price:  Paid

|| Updated! Added Tips and Tricks for Inkscape to help you Master Inkscape and Vector Art, while working quickly. ||

We're active members of the Udemy Community so if you have any question or need help with your own project, just post it in our Course(s) and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Learn how to create Vector Art in Inkscape by learning Icon Design

We'll be making a lot of Icons in Inkscape by following simple design Decisions and a step by step process.

This Icon Design Course is suited for any level, either if you want to up your Vector Art and Icon Design skills or to learn some of the basics.

We'll start by pointing you to some Resources and Inspiration for Icon Design through different websites, then we'll move on to Downloading and Installing Inkscape, our Icon Design and Vector Graphics tool of choice for this Course, while we explain some of the Basic tools we'll be using throughout the Course. 

Keep reading for some more info on Inkscape and how you can use Vector Art for Fun and for Business!

Inkscape: Is one of the most used FREE Vector Art software, with a wide array of options and tools. Whether you are an Illustrator, Designer, Web designer or just someone who needs to create some Vector Graphics, you will find this tool very Easy to use. Here are some of the features:

  • Flexible drawing tools

  • Broad file format compatibility (Export in PNG, SVG and more!)

  • Powerful text tool

  • Bezier and spiro curves

Progressive Learning Experience: Then it's time to get our hands dirty! We'll begin by Designing simple Icons in Black and white, then go through some Basic Colors and Shadows,further progress to Soft Shadows and Colorful Icons and finally wrapping everything up with Gradients. This Learning Curve will help you improve your Icon Design skills step by step without huge jumps in difficulty and complexity. We believe that making the Content of this Icon Design Course accessible to anyone is very important, and are constantly improving the course with New videos to further soften the Learning Curve.

Create your own Icons! We don't want you to just follow blindly, so you are free (and encouraged!) to take your spin on the Icons we'll be Designing. We try our best to diversify the Techniques and Themes of the Videos so we keep the Icon Design practice Fun and Challenging! Create your own Vector Graphics that you'll be able to use later on in your Website, Mobile or Computer App, or just for fun!  

Icon Design Assignment: We're also giving you a Practical Assignment as part of the Course, where you'll be making an Icon from a randomized table. This we'll keep you focused on using your acquired skills and techniques while putting them to use right away! We believe it's important to improve your Icon Design skills by practising.

Free Content: Everything we'll be doing in the Class will also be available for you to download, completely FREE. Yes, you will receive all the Icons we're making in SVG format, so you can edit them on Inkscape and compare to what you have done!

Learn to Love Icon Design and Inkscape.

Thank you so much for taking an interest in this Icon Design Course, if you're ready to start: I'll see you inside!

Press the Buy Now button and join us!

All the best,

Patricia and Miguel

Craft your own 2D game backgrounds with Inkscape!

Learn to design 4 cool parallax ready video game backgrounds in vector today!

Created by István Szép - Design teacher


Students: 519, Price: $54.99

Students: 519, Price:  Paid

Does your game background look boring?

It does not have to!

A good environment is setting the mood and helps the player focusing on the action. Having quality background art is crucial for every game.

Improve your design skills with me today and create high quality 2D background assets from scratch!

During the course you will

  • learn about theory of creating engaging 2D game background design

  • learn to use Inkscape for vector game art

  • and create 4 different parallax ready game backgrounds: a simple but hot desert background, a galactic background for a vertical space shooter, a big city background with skycrapers and my favorite, the magical forest background!

Follow my background design course and create these 2D game assets with me! Even more: create your own versions and share it with me and the others! Improve, practice and experiment, and create the backgrounds your game deserves!

This is NOT a beginner Inkscape course! You will learn a lot about Inkscape, vector design and background design, but I will not teach you all the tools of Inkscape. If you need to learn that, check out my beginner courses :)

Make the Game Art of Your Tetris Game

Use Inkscape to create the game art of your tetris inspired puzzle game.

Created by Martin Belvisi - Vector Artist


Students: 252, Price: $29.99

Students: 252, Price:  Paid

In this course you'll learn everything you need to create your own tetris inspired puzzle game's game art, using the free program Inkscape. I'll show you, in step by step lessons, how to create the different components that makes up the most common styles you see in this type of games all the time and by the end of the course we'll apply everything with a full tetris clone mockup image.

So if you're a programmer interested in game art, or maybe a beginner artist who want to learn the basics of game art, then this course may be for you.

Note: This course won't be dealing with Inkscape, however we won't deal with advanced features plus i made sure to go over everything step by step so nobody gets lost. So if you're a beginner with Inkscape you can still take the course!.

Inkscape for Scientists and Engineers

High-quality graphs and diagrams for your PhD thesis and journal papers

Created by Dr Aidan Wimshurst - Senior Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Engineer


Students: 210, Price: $29.99

Students: 210, Price:  Paid

High quality graphs and scientific diagrams can make your academic papers, technical reports and thesis stand out and leave a greater impact on the reader. This course will teach you how to optimize your graphs and diagrams so that they fit perfectly into your document. Regardless of whether you are writing a technical report in Word or your PhD thesis in Latex, this course will provide you with the tools you need to make spectacular graphs and diagrams using Inkscape. These skills will be useful throughout your entire scientific career and will consistently elevate the quality of your documents.

This course is designed specifically for students and professionals in the science, engineering and mathematics fields, not graphic designers. Every action / click is recorded and you will be guided in a step-by-step manner from installing Inkscape to confidently creating high quality graphics for your documents.

The course starts by installing Inkscape and guiding you through the basic controls, so that you gain confidence with the programme. Next the course looks are interfacing Inkscape with specific programmes (Word, Latex, Python, MATLAB, Excel) so that you can freely move your graphs and images between your calculations and your documents. The majority of the course then demonstrates how to create high quality scientific diagrams and combine them with your graphs to create spectacular images. Line plots and contour plots are covered, along with special techniques for creating complex scientific diagrams. 

Creating 2D Textures in Inkscape

A guide to creating colorful and interesting textures in inkscape.

Created by Paul Gieske - Teacher and Engineer


Students: 199, Price: $34.99

Students: 199, Price:  Paid

Whether you are creating textures for 3D models or for 2D graphics Inkscape is a great choice. In this course you will learn how to use inkscape to create interesting and colorful textures with the greatest of ease.

The first section is aimed at the complete beginner, where the very basics of inkscape are learned. This section is great for getting started in inkscape. NOTE: if you already have some inkscape knowledge you will probably be able to skip this part!

The second section covers some more advanced inkscape functions. In this section we learn, for example, how to create seamless tiles, trace images, use the snap settings etc...

The third section is fully dedicated to learning the filters: learn how to apply filters, how to create custom filters and what each of the primitives does.

In the fourth and fifth sections we will put the knowledge and skills we have gained to good use by covering numerous texture examples.

The course covers a wide range of both theory lessons as well as practice and 'try-it-yourself' exercises.

Please note: The course focuses on creating 'flat' textures in Inkscape. The course does not cover things like bump maps and normal maps for example.

2D Rendering using Vectors

Learn to how to make your sketches beautiful using Inkscape and only your mouse and keyboard!.

Created by Martin Belvisi - Vector Artist


Students: 191, Price: $44.99

Students: 191, Price:  Paid

In this course you'll learn everything you need to transform your pen and paper sketches, into beautiful finished illustrations, all by using the free, open source vector graphics software Inkscape.

Vector graphic software are a great alternative at the moment of rendering (finishing) your illustrations because they don't require the use for a drawing tablet, if you have an everyday keyboard and mouse you can do pretty much everything you can with a traditional raster software like Photoshop or Krita (with some limitations that we'll see later).

We'll start by taking a very quick, but fairly deep look at Inkscape and general vector illustration techniques. From them we go directly into the most common methods and techniques related to rendering images in Inkscape, this also includes the foundamentals of 2d rendering in general. And to finish the course, i'll show you how to put all these theory to practice with a few projects that shows the different facets of rendering in Inkscape.

Whether you're a beginner artist looking to make your sketches nice final illustrations, or if you're a more advanced one that wants to learn how to use inkscape and vector software to do that, it's the same, this course its gonna be super fun and you'll learn an awesome and rewarding skill by the end.

Learn Inkscape for Glowforge Laser Cutter

Learn how to design vector graphics for laser cutting

Created by J.E. Moores - Arts & Crafts Instructor


Students: 178, Price: $24.99

Students: 178, Price:  Paid

Interested in laser cutting? Learn how to program Inkscape for a Glowforge laser cutter. If you have a Glowforge at your school, library, work, maker space, church, or home and want to learn how to program SVG cut paths, or advance your ability to design for laser cutting, this course is for you. We start out by downloading the free vector program: Inkscape. Then I provide a Glowforge Template for you to use for your first project. You will learn how to import images and photos for laser engraving, scoring, cut out text and words, and how to use color in Inkscape to organize your tasks later on in the Glowforge App. In no time strange new items once only in your imagination will be in your two hands. Take this laser cutting course to learn how to use Inkscape to harness the awesome power of a Glowforge! You could easily apply this knowledge to any laser cutter requiring SVG files.

All the projects in these videos can be done using Medium size Proof Grade 1/8" plywood or draft board from the Glowforge shop.

Course shows the PC version 0.92.2 of Inkscape. Notes are provided where the Mac version differs.

Logo design with Inkscape

Use Inkscape vector drawing software to create logos

Created by Nicolas Forgue - Web entrepreneur and graphic designer


Students: 27, Price: $89.99

Students: 27, Price:  Paid

Come and discover Inkscape specializing in logo creation. Inkscape is the powerful alternative to Adobe Illustrator software. It is the ideal alternative for logo design. Indeed it is the complete vector drawing tool that allows you to make quality logo design.

Inkscape is professional quality vector drawing software. Inkscape is used by professional designers and hobbyists to create a wide variety of graphics such as illustrations, icons, logos, diagrams, maps and renderings for the web. Inkscape uses the SVG standard as the starting format. Unlike other software where we work in pixels, with Inkscape we work with vectors. A vector image is made up of coordinates, curves, and equations of all kinds. The advantage of this format is that you can enlarge your creation or your image to infinity, it will be identical and will not lose any quality, because we are working on vector drawings.

Why should you use Inkscape to create logos?

- Because it is an open source software, that is to say free

- Because it offers awesome creation tools for open source software

- Because it is an ergonomic software

- Because you can create many graphic creations

- Its alignment and distribution system is ideal for arranging the elements of a logo

- Because we are working on the vector format, no loss of quality during the enlargement of the logo

Who should attend?

- Are you a beginner and want to start mastering Inkscape?

- Do you want free software to create logos?

- Do you want to learn Inkscape for logo design?

- Are you a graphic designer using other software and want to discover Inkscape?

Training course

In this training we will start with a presentation of the theoretical bases to know for the logo design. These bases will help you in your compositions. Then we will see the Inkscape software especially for the logo design. You will learn how to use Inkscape from scratch, seeing all the essentials and then creating logos. The learning will take place in several modules. Then we will work on several logos with specific training. At the end of the training you will be able to use the Inkscape software to create your logos.

INKSCAPE MASTERCLASS – How to create amazing artwork

Create an amazing 2D vector illustration.

Created by Joseph Iro - Graphic Designer and Illustrator


Students: 5, Price: $89.99

Students: 5, Price:  Paid

Have you ever wanted to master a software application?

My names are Joseph Iro.

Thank you for choosing this course. It is an honor to have you.

In this class, we will recreate this beautiful piece of artwork in Inkscape.

Inkscape is a free professional quality vector graphics software used by illustrators, graphic designers, and artists.

The course is for people new to Inkscape and graphic design in general.

During this course, you will learn how to use tools available in Inkscape, through a real-world practical project. From the beginning, we will work our way through, step by step, from navigating the interface to document setup, creating objects, and composition.

This course is structured, into two main sections.

Basics, with two episodes, and practical with fourteen episodes.

The first two episodes, meant for users new to this application, and the rest of the course is on the step-by-step, practical process.

The inspiration for this project came from a technique I discovered on how to learn and master a new software application.

Use an application you are interested in to replicate a project.

For example, if you are familiar with Inkscape and want to learn Affinity Designer, follow this class while using Affinity.

With commitment, you will find similar tools, new techniques, and possibilities to recreate this artwork. Your ability to learn and master is then highly improved.

A similar illustration was created in Adobe Illustrator by Mr. Sasi-Kumar, an excellent graphic designer and artist based in Singapore.

This artwork is perfect for home decor, wall art design, poster design, and motion graphics.

Join me as I take this journey to recreate this beautiful artwork in Inkscape.

So, let's get started.


Learn how to interpret script, do animatics, create custom inkscape vectors and animate professionally using Videoscribe

Created by Johnson Enogwe - Animator


Students: 5, Price: $54.99

Students: 5, Price:  Paid

This course is a practical workflow guide to creating Whiteboard animation professionally.

If you want to learn how to create Whiteboard animation, from the scratch or advance your whiteboard animation career professionally, you can start here with this course.

In this course, I used INKSCAPE and VIDEOSCRIBE to teach you how to create custom Whiteboard animation.

This course starts by teaching you how to interpret script, to decide on the vectors needed for the animation. Then takes you to creating of vectors, using a free drawing tool, called INKSCAPE. Then you proceed to how to match the animation voice over timing, for the animation and finally proceed to how to animate on VideoScribe.

That is basically going from pre-production to production and post production process.

I've structured each step properly, so that its's neither confusing or overwhelming.

This course works progressively towards the final project, with few exercises along the way, and I have made all the materials used in this course, available to you.


Whether you are new to Whiteboard animations or you want to professionally further your career, you'd need to know things like

  • How to interpret script for Whiteboard animation

  • How to create your vectors

  • How to do animatic

  • How to animate the Whiteboard animation

  • Professional tips on how to showcase your work to get more clients

Once you are enrolled into this course, you'd have access to the student materials and downloads for this project, plus you'll have access to me, to help you along the way and respond to any question or feedbacks you have, as well as to look at your assignments and monitor your progress.

I can't think of a more exciting creative field to be working in and if this course ultimately leads you to pursuing a career in Whiteboard animation, that would be amazing.

Either way, if you want to work as a professional Whiteboard animator or if you want to use Whiteboard animation for your personal projects, this is the start of a very exciting journey.

learn inkscape fast and easy for logo design and vector art

inkscape beginner course

Created by Yoel fisher - programming and graphic design freelancer


Students: 2, Price: $89.99

Students: 2, Price:  Paid

have you ever wanted to create digital illustrations effortlessly?

well, you're in the right place, I made this course so everyone will be able to do that, fast easy, and with a free software.

don't get me wrong, I love illustrator, but I don't know why I find Inkscape to be more intuitive and easy, the pen tool is easier and for some unexplained reason, it's my new workflow.

it's so easy and fast to get into anyone can do it (with time and patience).

even without my course, but my course makes the learning process even faster.

cant buy it? no problem, the first part will always be free, and it's all you need really.

the other parts of the course are just extra stuff to expand your skill with variations of different illustration styles, for those who want to go in-depth.

all the course parts use the skills and techniques I teach in the first part of the course.

so try going through the first part of the course and if you like it (and I'm sure you will) then you can buy it and get the rest of the more specific in-depth lessons.

anything you will learn, even from the free part is invaluable, you can use it for any design, logos, badges, shirts print, and almost anything you can dream to design.

my workflow is the easiest and fastest workflow you can find.

whatever your goals are you want this knowledge and skill in your arsenal, it might save you money or make you money, either way, it's worth your time.

and in the future I will add more parts to this course, to add more to the library of digital illustrations you know to make.