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7 Scientifically Proven Steps to Increase Your Influence

Learn the science of charisma. Increase your impact, influence and income using 7 science based steps.

Created by Vanessa Van Edwards - Author and Behavioral Investigator


Students: 281609, Price: Free

I'm going to help you increase your influence. This is a completely new way to think about how you interact with people and the impact you have on those around you.

And you can learn this method in seven basic steps.

Whether you are in the business world, dating situations or the social scene you have to master the impact you have on the world.

My goal is to you make you more memorable, influential and charismatic.

Our Approach:

My teaching method can be summed up in three bullets:

  • Heavily Science Based
  • Entertainment + Education = Edutainment (I love to make up words)
  • Tactical and Actionable

I take a science based approach to influence. These aren't tricks or gimmicks. They are steps based on years of research out of academic institutions and peer-reviewed journals.

Although I have a lot of science, I have a cheeky sense of humor. So I promise, the course will surprise and entertain you.

I kept this course concise, compact and actionable because you're busy and you want change NOW! I got you.

The Seven Steps of Influence:

  1. Turn People On
  2. Be Emotionally Horny
  3. Let's Get Physical
  4. Once Upon a Time...
  5. Get Naked
  6. Favor Me?
  7. Get Contagious

I mean, come on...with titles like that how could you not take this course?

How This Course Will Change Your Life:

When you walk into a room, people will remember you.

When you introduce yourself, people will want to know your name.

When you meet someone, they will want to do business with you.

Let's Banish:

  • Awkward Moments
  • Not Feeling Worthy
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Dreading Events
  • Being Boring

What People Are Saying About Us:

"This is one of the most exciting courses I have taken on Udemy! I love Vanessa's style and energy."

--Tara Zweibeck

"There are no scenarios in which Vanessa's courses are not helpful. Her teaching is dynamic, engaging and informative. She is clearly passionate about her field and that enthusiasm is infectious. I'm hooked!"

--Jennifer Gentile

"I feel like I have a super power after taking Vanessa's course. Her blend of science and self-help is fricking brilliant. Thank god I found her work."

--Dave Halpreen

Presentation Skills Secrets:Delivering the Talk of Your Life

Learn from a TED and TEDx Speaker the Secrets of Talk Development and Storytelling to Transform Your Communications.

Created by Steve Garguilo - Instigator and Coach


Students: 88411, Price: Free

Ever wonder how people who give TED Talks put together such compelling, resonant presentations? This course will guide you through a journey to help you put together an incredible talk. The seven step "Journey of Talk Development" is something that you'll be able to use for every communication you deliver for the rest of your life to ensure that you're incredibly effective.

This course is structured to be highly interactive so you can actually work on your talk or your communication as you take the course. In addition to the video lectures, I have designed a series of PDF worksheets to help guide you, and have complemented that with the best of the best resources from other experts and elsewhere online.

At the end of this course, you will have an easy-to-understand toolkit at your disposal to use for every communication you put together, and you'll be ready for the TED stage to deliver your idea to the world.

Persuasion Psychology: 5 Proven Tips

Discover the Science of Persuasion and Use Psychology to Persuade and Influence with Persuasive Words

Created by Andrew Luttrell, Ph.D. - Social Psychologist


Students: 46917, Price: Free

Every day, we're bombarded by attempts at persuasion. Television commercials, websites, billboards, political campaigns, and even our friends and families when they ask us to help them. The power of persuasion is clear.

But how does persuasion work? What are the keys to successful persuasion and influence? The psychology of persuasion has some answers.

This course is meant to get you started by showing you 5 proven persuasion strategies. These insights come from real published research in the field of social psychology. You'll see how lots of careful experiments show us how persuasion can be most effective.

If you're interested in persuading people, what are you waiting for? Consider the following scenarios. All of them illustrate the value of understanding persuasion and influence:

  • You work for a charity and are trying to collect donations
  • You manage a team of people and need them to cooperate
  • You have a product to sell and need the world to see its value
  • You have an issue you're passionate about and want to convince people of its importance
  • You are moving to a new house and need to convince your friend to help you
  • You are trying to collect signatures on a petition
  • You need to find the persuasive language or persuasive argument to make your point

See how all of these scenarios require you to persuade and influence other people? They would be so much easier if you just knew the persuasive words to use. The videos in this course will get you started!

I'm a social psychologist, and I do research every day on topics of persuasion and influence. I've taught psychology to many students--both online and in the classroom. Now it's your turn!

The Complete Instagram Marketing Course for Beginners 2018

Learn how to market your business, products and services using Instagram, Influencers, Ads and Social Media Marketing.

Created by Adam Reed - E-Commerce Entrepreneur and Best Selling Instructor


Students: 27593, Price: Free

The Complete Instagram Marketing and Instagram Management Course for Beginners 2018

This course aims to take you through beginner, intermediate and advanced Instagram marketing and management training.

You're going to learn the complete basics; from how to set up an Instagram account and make your first post on the platform, as well as the intermediate and advanced topics: Influencer marketing, User Generated Content and URL Tracking for E-Commerce.

By the end of this course you will be able to manage your personal and/or business account effectively on Instagram. You'll learn how to create, schedule and post engaging content at the best time for your audience, how to use hashtags to your advantage and how to analyse competitor accounts plus much more, and you'll be taught all of this by Zack Meays - a professional Instagram photographer, marketer and manager.

You'll be taken through a series of videos on Influencer Marketing and User Generated Content, and how these can help boost the sales of any E-Commerce business. You'll  receive further training more focused on the use and application of Instagram for growing an E-Commerce business, and will be taught this  by Adam Reed  - a best selling Udemy Instructor and E-Commerce Instructor.

In this course you'll be taught by two instructors: Adam Reed (Best Selling Udemy Instructor and E-Commerce Entrepreneur) and Zack Meays (Professional Instagram Photographer, Marketer, Manager).

This course will help you if you:

  • Are a complete newbie to Instagram and want a step by step guide on how to get started the right way
  • Want to learn how to improve your Instagram marketing strategy; e.g. improving your posting plan, working out the best time to post, creating and/or sourcing better content, using better hashtags
  • Have set a personal or business goal to grow your Instagram account
  • Want to use Instagram to sell products on your E-Commerce store
  • Desire to learn about influencer Marketing; what it is, how it works, and how you can implement this marketing strategy today
  • Need to know how to track clicks and sales through your Instagram Bio Link
  • Would love to use the Instagram stories feature to grow your following and increase your brand awareness and product sales
  • Are looking for a concise, detailed, professional course on Instagram so that you can learn more and earn more through social media

Enrol now and learn how to improve your Instagram Marketing strategies today.

We'll see you on the inside!

Your instructors,

Adam Reed and Zack Meays

Communicate Like a Leader: How to Get People to Listen -Lite

Inspire, Influence, Motivate and Gain Followers: Realize Your True Leadership Potential

Created by Ozan Dagdeviren - Startup Mentor | Author of Startups Grow With People


Students: 24331, Price: Free

Learn the most important one-on-one skill that dominates your daily life.

How do you keep people engaged during a dialogue?

What you say matters to the extent your audience is paying attention
to you. In an age of unlimited distractions, you need to be a master at
keeping the interest of your listener.

This course is about the art and science of building engaging
conversations with people. It teaches both the theory and practice on
how to draw attention, grab interest and hook your listeners to you
while you are speaking. 

This course is for anyone who can benefit from having more inspirational, stimulating, engaging, in-depth, focused and impactful conversations with their colleagues, friends, business prospects, relationships and new acquaintances.

Based on insights from human psychology, organizational behavior,
motivation science, reward systems, sociological thinking as well as
from the corporate work environment, recruitment and job interviews, this
course offers a dense, well-researched and carefully structured
curriculum that crams years of experience and observations into an easily consumable knowledge pack. 

Communication Styles for Stronger Social Skills

How to adapt your communication styles to improve your relationship and influence with the people around you.

Created by Jack Tsao - Entrepreneur and Coach


Students: 23027, Price: Free

Sometimes when you try to connect with someone, it seems as though you come from different worlds. You may feel frustrated or disappointed that you are not making any progress. This situation can happen in both your personal or professional life.

This course is for anyone who would like to develop better communication skills and build stronger relationships in any category of your life; work, business, family, or personal life. I'll introduce the basics of communication, the different orientations or styles people fall under, and how you can adapt your style to create a greater connection with them.

What will you learn?

In this course, you will learn to improve your communication skills when you interacting with the people around you. It will give you a fresh perspective on how to approach your conversations, both online and offline, whether you are in 1-to-1 or group meetings, presentations, negotiations, leading a team, or in everyday social interactions.

By applying the skills you will learn in this course, you can be more aware of your own habits and start the process of customising your message to win friends and influence people. You can start to attract more opportunities in your life, or create deeper connections with family, friends, employees, or clients. You can also avoid behaviours that break rapport with your co-workers, boss, friends, or loved ones. A good understanding of this framework will allow you to feel more confident and comfortable in any future interactions.

I don't want to convince you to take this course. I encourage you to try it and see how it can transform the quality of your life. Everyone can learn to communicate better. I've made the lessons short and easy-to-understand, with a lot of visual guides to make the experience memorable and enjoyable.

Who this course is for:

  • People who would like to communicate better with the people around them.

  • People who like want to build stronger rapport in professional and personal networks.

  • People who would like to learn how to connect and make great impressions.

  • People interested in self-improvement and growth.


  • Pen and notepad to take notes.

  • Openness to apply the learnings from this course.

FREE COURSE: Business, Management & Leadership Fundamentals

The Fundamentals of Public Speaking, Sales, Persuasion, Influence, Pitching, Habit Change & Reputation Management

Created by Expert Academy - Supercharge your learning with the world's leading experts


Students: 22807, Price: Free

This course combines fundamentals from several of The Expert Academy's most successful courses from our top instructors, designed to give any aspiring leader some of the core skills which they need to run a business. Each of the courses are available on Udemy in full if you wish to get a more in depth view of the individual topic areas.

We would of course really appreciate great reviews!

The six topics covered are:

The Psychology of Persuasion and Influence with Phil Hesketh

  • Our Seven Fundamental Psychological Drivers

  • Why We Do What We Do and How We Form Opinions: First Impressions

  • Body Language: Reading It and Interpreting It

  • How to Handle Difficult People with a Smile

  • How to keep improving relationships

  • How Relationships Develop and How to Relate to People

The Perfect Pitch: How to Tell Them What They Want to Hear with Alan Stevens

  • Why Pitching Is Important

  • Key Steps to a Perfect Pitch: Being Concise

  • Key Steps to a Perfect Pitch: Solving their Problem

  • Key Steps to a Perfect Pitch: Telling Them What They Want to Hear

  • An Example Pitch: The Pixar Pitch

How To Break Habits with Gavin Presman (complete course)

  • Breaking Habits Through Nano-Change

  • Slicing

  • Situation

  • Stacking

  • Stating & Celebrating

Public Speaking Masterclass with Alan Stevens

  • So You've Been Asked to Make a Speech or Presentation: Key Questions

  • Assessing Your Audience

  • Objectives

  • What Do They Want To Hear?

  • Deciding Your Outcomes

  • Preparing to Speak

  • Controlling your Nerves

  • Presentation Aids

  • Speaking Like A Professional

Reputation Management with Alan Stevens

  • Recognising Risk

  • Alertness and Monitoring

  • Positive Action

  • Responsiveness

  • Being the Best

  • Case Study - Ratners

Sales Skills Masterclass with Phil Hesketh

  • The Number One Universal Killer Question in Selling

  • The Importance of Establishing the Clients Expectations

  • How to Close the Sale Without Sounding like a Salesman

  • People Buy Emotionally and Justify Logically. What to Do About It

  • Being Prepared for Objections

  • What Does Value For Money Really Mean?

  • The Real Meaning of  ‘Win-Win’

  • Selling in the Long Term and Being Recommended

We hope you find these mini-courses useful, and if you do enjoy them, you can find each of then courses in full on Udemy.

Instagram Influencer Marketing For Businesses

Tap into hundreds of thousands of influencers who are waiting to recommend your product

Created by Josh MacDonald - Entrepreneur


Students: 15564, Price: Free

It's clear that the majority of people rely on internet reviews to decide whether a product is good or not. What if you could access thousands of people who are willing to review your product on their YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter? In this course, I will provide you with a framework to brand your account and then grow your brand and following with influencer marketing.

Snapchat Marketing 2017: Business & Influencer Training

Snap CEO: Understand Snapchat Psychology, Build Deep Relationships, Grow A Massive Audience, & Covert New Customers

Created by Andy C. Ash - Entrepreneur, Artist, Social Media Innovator


Students: 11301, Price: Free

Welcome to the hottest social trend of 2016, 2017 and beyond, Snapchat. 

Snapchat has created a whole new way to interact online. Users love it and competitors to the platform have found themselves scrambling to keep up.

On any given day Snapchat reaches 41% of all 18-34 year-olds in the unites states - A demographic projected to outspend baby boomers by 2017! With well over 100 million daily active users & 10 billion daily video views Snapchat has found it's place in the social world and it's only going up from here.

This course, The Snap CEO System, created by Andy Ash and the social media team at DreamCartel is the leading free Snapchat course and community online today. Here, you will get step by step instructions to grow and monetize your Snapchat account this month!

How to be confident with resilient mindset

Change your life with developing your mindset to positivity

Created by Alex Amey - High performance individual!


Students: 10852, Price: Free

Hello all!

Welcome to this course of how to be more resilient in life.  Have you ever wondered how you can be more resilient in life in difficult situations? Well then maybe it's time for you to find out!

This course is for those who are managing lack of confidence and need to be more resilient in life. This course is to help those who lack confidence and need to grow with learning basic resilience. It is to also help you understand more about your own emotions and how you can manage it better by facing up to problems in areas.  There are so many different topics so go with each one carefully.

The course is to help you to learn the theory of things when you have setbacks in life and how you can pull yourself back up again.

It is for you to learn and understand yourself more how you deal with things.  It is all about how you can keep going and not give up.

In this course you will learn these steps by steps below:

- Introduction

- What is resilience?

- Example video of anxiety and how you can manage it better to move forward

- Why do people turn to drugs to feel good?

- The benefits of resilience

- How does resilience affect mental health?

- What does it mean to have resilience?

- How do you overcome a setback?

- How do you develop resilience?

-  How to learn from your mistakes and failures?

- How can I be resilient in life?

-Steps to building beliefs

-How to train mind to be stronger than feelings

-How to be resilient in a work environment

In these step by steps you will learn different ways to handling resilience and how you can manage it better in your daily life.

It is about learning the steps by steps and using it into your life.

There are also some assignments for you to do and quizzes to learn more about each topic.

After the course kindly please put a review and we really hope you enjoy this course.

Instagram 2019- A Guaranteed Blueprint to 100s of Followers

Attract 100s of Engaged Instagram Followers, Learn the "Secret" of getting Followers, & Expanding Your Influence.

Created by Austin Chan - Youth Entrepreneur / Public Speaker / Lifelong Learner


Students: 9173, Price: Free

*Instagram Course created in January 2019* Brand new, Updated, and Comprehensive Course

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool, one of the fastest growing social media platforms with 1 billion users in one year. It can be used to create a personal brand, build your online business, and establish credibility.

Instagram is one of the Biggest Social Media platforms!

Once you spend just a few hours learning the powerful proven Instagram growth strategies that we teach on this course, you will be glad you joined Instagram and signed up for the course. We have the exact blueprint for you to follow to grow to a hundred followers, increase your following by the thousands, and to drastically improve engagement.

You putting in the work will result in being able to reach people all across the world, sell your products to them, and build credibility as an online figure.

This course is free, includes over 30 minutes of content, strategies taught in paid courses, and can be applied right after watching the entirety of the course. If you want to grow your personal brand, business, or increase your income; Instagram is the platform for you.

Instagram 2019 - A Guaranteed Blueprint to 100s of Followers: Contents and Overview

This free Instagram course contains over 10 lectures and 30+ minutes of content. It's designed for anyone with less than 10,000 Instagram followers who wants to learn how to use Instagram to grow their followers and increase engagement. We are constantly updating, reviewing, and curating content to make sure that this course is perfect for any student!

In this course, we start with the "Secret" of Instagram, how followers will come to your account, how they will stay followed, and how you can create an uber-engaged community from the beginning. Even for people who have already established an account, there is are three growth strategies that can be used to take an account to any amount of followers if used correctly.

You'll then be given the Step-By-Step Blueprint for growing to 100s, 1000s, and 10,000s of Instagram followers. This includes a checklist, a timeline, and a realistic expectation of your Instagram Follower count after applying the principles in this course.

What sets our course apart from other Instagram management & marketing courses is that by the end of this course - you would have spent an hour watching free content that is useful, relevant, and applicable to any Instagram account.

By the end of this course, you'll have effective skills that will help you effectively build a strong community of Instagram followers, network with other influencers, and post high quality content. You'll also be given tips to apply to any Instagram account so that you can grow a various number of niche accounts.

This Course is Free! There is no downside to taking this course, I guarantee you will learn at least one new useful thing about Instagram from this course.

The Psychology of Influence & Human Behavior Crash Course

A Step by Step Guide to Better Understand and Improve Our Behaviors and Other Peoples' Behaviors

Created by Hamed Mardanpour - Personal Coach


Students: 9162, Price: Free

After finishing this course:

  1. You will be able to influence other people to change and improve their behaviors.

  2. You will be able to establish better relationships.

  3. You will be more persuasive and influential.

  4. You will be able to better understand the reasons behind other peoples' behaviors.

  5. You will be able to improve the quality of your personal, social, and professional life.

  6. You will be able to better understand, manage, improve, and change your own behaviors.

Because you are going to learn:

  1. How and based on what you make decision.

  2. Why you do something that other people don't do or don't like?

  3. Why you do something that other people do and like?

  4. What are the main desires that you have?

  5. What is the hidden treasure that everybody in this world wants that?

  6. How you can cultivate and bring that hidden treasure into your life and into your relationships?

How childhood and family history affect our happiness

Facts of the past which may influence you

Created by Bertold Ulsamer - Therapeut, Trainer und Coach


Students: 8503, Price: Free

You want to enjoy your life much more?

You do not feel at one with your life?

You are eager to understand your emotions for which you don’t know the triggers?   

You don’t get why sometimes strange emotions and moods come out of the blue and affect your life?   

It is well known that certain facts of the past influence your present wellbeing. Still, many people underestimate their influence. Therefore, getting to know these facts as well as understanding the power and importance of these will help you to increase your quality of life both in your relationships and your career.   

I will give you food for thought and teach you recent insights from a method called family constellation to make sense out of your emotions like anger, fear, depression or guilt. Thus, in the end, you will know yourself better and you have done your very first and big step towards enjoying your life much more!

Feedback on udemy: "Very informative and great content. Gives an understanding how our ancestors are connected to us and how family roots/history affects our life, and why family constellations can be great healing. I appreciate the instructor for the course on this topic, thank you. Gratitude. " T. A.

“Absolutely brilliant course So got me thinking in so many ways as to different aspects of me, my childhood plus so much more Thank you” C. J.

Professional Presentation Skills for ESL Learners

Professional Presentation Skills For Speakers of English as a Second Language (ESL)

Created by Inderpal Virdee - Senoir Lecturer


Students: 8262, Price: Free

Presenting in both interpersonal and professional situations, communications in international settings, public speaking.

Objectives: Students will be able to…
- To gain appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication skills in order to actively participate in different kinds of professional and interpersonal communication.
- Organize and lead discussions in public events.
- Present and argue points of view when speaking in public.
- Improve listening and speaking skills.
- To build confidence in speaking and expressing opinions in international settings.
- Prepare and deliver clear, well-organized, effective professional presentations in English. This includes: selecting a topic, identifying a clear purpose, analysing the audience, researching information, selecting support material, structuring and organizing a presentation, as well as focusing on effective delivery and ability to handle questions from an audience.
- Increase confidence and cross-cultural awareness in using English in a professional and commercial environment.

The New 2018 Step-by-Step Beginner LinkedIn Mastery Course

Have one of the best LinkedIn profiles with thousands of connections, find your dream job or become an influencer.

Created by Noah ​Merriby - Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur & Award-Winning Speaker


Students: 5739, Price: Free

In this course, you will learn all the essential concepts that you need to know, for you to start growing your profile. Using these methods, you can do whatever you want on LinkedIn. Whether you want to find your dream job, have a better looking profile, become an influencer, get traffic from LinkedIn, and much, much more. 

Voice Training and Voice Over Essentials to Work from Home

Essential Voice Exercises and Training Tips to Transform Your Voice and Work from Home as a Voice Over or Voice Actor

Created by Peter Baker - Professional Voice Over & Presenter


Students: 5479, Price: Free

This completely FREE 90 minute voice training course is packed with practical hands on information from broadcast industry professionals to help you improve your voice and communication skills and then to help you use your voice generate a healthy part time or full time income, setting yourself up as a voice over or voice actor, working mostly from the comfort of your home in your own recording studio.

You’ll learn essential voice exercises and training tips to help you communicate better with others at work and in your leisure time to help you enjoy your life more.

So many people go through life without realising the true power and potential of their speaking voice, which can hold them back in their career and also prevent good friendships to develop. The course features solid tips you can use today to help improve your relationships with others, not just in the quality and interest of your voice but in using listening skills and body language too.

You'll discover the solutions to common questions like;

  • How do I cure a mumbling or “boring” voice?

  • How do I STOP myself speaking too fast?!

  • How do I develop a deeper voice?

  • How can I stop stuttering when I speak?

  • How can I make my voice more authoritative?

  • What are the best exercises to improve my voice?

  • And much more...

Then the second part of the course includes how to set up your own home audio recording studio and how to generate work with well-paid income as a voice artist! Your life could well change from just taking this course!

You'll learn;

  • How to build your own recording studio at home!

  • How to record and edit and transfer your voice recordings

  • How to find work as a voice over or voice actor to earn a full-time living from home

  • And more...

By the end of this course, you will understand much more about your own voice and be well on the way to a richer and beautiful voice that you’ll be proud of and use your new voice to generate a full-time or part-time income online as a voice over or voice actor!

Who is the main instructor?

Peter Baker is one of Udemy’s best-selling authors on Udemy with excellent feedback on all the courses. He has spent all his working life using his voice on major radio stations, BBC News television and as a busy voice artist, where his skills for years have pulled in a six figure annual income recording commercials, training videos, audiobooks and character voices for video games. This course is the result of many decades of real experience in the broadcast voice world.

Our happiness guarantee...

We have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee, so if you aren't happy with your purchase, we will refund your course – with no questions asked!

We can't wait to see you in the course!

Enrol now, and we'll help you understand and improve your speaking voice and communication skills!

Finding Mentors – How To Connect With Successful People

Step by step guide for building long lasting relationships with people who inspire you & turning them into mentors

Created by Martin Georgiev - Rocket Scientist & Super-Connector


Students: 5395, Price: Free

  • Over 201,000 people from 194 countries enrolled in our courses

  • Overall, 30,000+ TOP Reviews!

  • Featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, FoxNews, and Business Insider magazines

  • Martin went on to work for Google

  • former Goldman Sachs and Allianz employee turned location independent entrepreneur

  • Winner of the first Udemy Innovation Award

  • Top-rated Speaker at prestigious stages such as DNX, MindvalleyU, and Digital|K

  • Explored 76 countries while running entrepreneurial ventures

  • Martin is an Aerospace Engineer who successfully attracted mentors such as european/world champions in kickboxing/breakdancing as well as high profile business figures

There are different ways to achieve personal and professional success. Most people do everything by themselves and learn from their own mistakes. The problem with this approach is that creating massive results usually takes a lot of valuable time.

Taking this into account, what's the point of reinventing the wheel?
Isn't it better to model the best people in your field, learn 10x faster, and accomplish massive results? Having successful individuals as your mentors can be a game-changer and most people are aware of it. However, many of us never take any action. The main reason?
FEAR. The fear of rejection, the fear of failure, the fear of the unknown.
We say to ourselves:

-I don't have enough experience
-I'm too young/old
-I'm just an average person with nothing to offer
-I'm not good enough etc.

However, we need to recognize those statements for what they really are - LIMITING BELIEFS. If you want to live a great life you need to start destroying those disempowering thought patterns.

The million-dollar question is:

How can you distinguish yourself from thousands of other people and actually build relationships with your role models?

The truth is counterintuitive. It can get lonely at the top and connecting with TOP players in your industry can be actually easier than you think. This course is a straightforward step-by-step guide for finding powerful mentors. We will reveal the strategies that will help you to connect with people you admire. Moreover, we have uploaded real case studies, templates and will be posting bonus videos.

We understand that before enrolling you want to make sure that the content is perfect for your specific needs. This is why we’ve uploaded several free videos so you can get a feeling for what’s about to come. Take this course now and start connecting with the industry leaders & dramatically cut your learning curve.

Let our journey begin.

- Jimmy Naraine & Martin Georgiev

"Great content, engaging delivery, and inspiring scenery. The testimonials that Martin shares are very helpful. They illustrate how much can be accomplished when someone is willing to give their own value without reservation. By following the thoughtful and proven advice, anyone can identify successful people they want to learn from *and* make it happen. I'm already implementing what I've learned and seeing some results. I highly recommend this course!!"
- Al Boulley

"This course provides great, practical advice on how to prepare yourself for a mentor relationship, how to find a mentor and how to build a good, beneficial relationship with your mentor. I recommend this course." - Anna Kroll

"I especially liked the section on researching your potential mentor. Martin is so likable, that even though I did know many things he said about communications, social skills etc, it was fun to watch and a good reminder and refresher course. I think he would be a great mentor for a lot of young people, so I'm giving it 5 stars for the 18-25 demographic." - Elizabeth Van Rij

"The content is easy to digest and provides direct actionable steps...thanks Martin and Jimmy! Anyone who is lookimg to find a mentor will benefit greatly from this course!" - Marty Idziak

Amazing course from the beginning to the end, it details everything we need to know to connect with the people we want to learn from in a deep level, giving examples from real life experience and also case studies. 100% recommended." - Alex Altuve

"Dont ever be stopped by limiting beliefs - you can do it too! That's the lesson I mostly learned from Martin and Jimmy. By showing the why, how and even the what I'm now connecting to new mentors in life. The results in my life are already coming there and I'm very happy I took this course. The speakers are so good, definitely the best ones here on Udemy and it's crazy to see how the speakers have improved over his past courses. You can see that they really practice what they preach, by getting better everyday with help of successful mentors. The audio and video is beyond what you see in most courses and the views are STUNNING (and I'm not only talking about the speakers haha ;-) ) If you're in doubt of buying this course, consider the following: Do you want to move further in life? If you want to get a long or make crazy progress wouldn't it be great if someone helps you get there? If the answer is two times yes, do it!" - Luke Van Enkhuizen

Free Course! Influencer Marketing For Ecommerce Dropshipping

Learn how to find & use winning Influencers To Promote Your Ecommerce Dropshipping Products from a 7-Figure Entrepreneur

Created by Pete Pru - Peter Pru - Ecommerce Empire Builders


Students: 5085, Price: Free

Ecommerce Empire Builders Free course on finding winning Influencers to promote your Shopify dropshipping eCommerce products is a proven, step-by-step system for starting or growing a successful online business using the massive power of Ecommerce & social media influencers!

Whether you’re starting with zero tech skills, business experience, products, or website, OR you already have an eCommerce store but are struggling to make REAL money, this free course has absolutely everything you’ll need to succeed with finding winning Influencers to promote your eCommerce dropshipping products!

Don’t believe us? Check out these reviews!

★★★★★ “Ecommerce Empire Builders have been great so far. Great guidance on ecommerce dropshipping especially using clickfunnels and sales funnels.” - Tom B.

★★★★★ “This is a good course for beginners. The information is very thorough, but presented in small, digestible segments that are easy to understand. Each section has great information on what to do and it also has fantastic real world suggestions on vendors, suppliers, marketing avenues, etc. All around an outstanding course.” – Tracy Nicholas

★★★★★ “I love Peter's enthusiasm and inspiration to get us MOVING into ACTION.” - Raya Wasser

The Influencer Marketing For Ecommerce Dropshipping 2020 Course Is For EVERY Level!

This course is your fast track to Ecommerce Dropshipping success and will provide you everything you need to get your new business off the ground!

Join now and you’ll learn how to:

· You will learn how to find winning social media influencers fast!

· You will learn how to get those influencers to promote your eCommerce dropshipping products for easy sales!

· You will learn how and what the influencer should post to generate sales fast!

· You will learn about secret tools to blow up your dropshipping sales using Influencers across multiple platforms!

· Plus many free bonuses such as sales funnels & additional trainings!

No experience or past business required. We'll cover strategies to grow from the ground up even if you are on a low budget

Online Entrepreneurs Have Already Created Massive Success With Ecommerce Empire Builders:

For the students who take action, follow this course “to the letter”, and WIN as a result, we award them our Empire Builder trophies for hitting over $10,000, $50,000, and 7-Figures in their eCommerce businesses!

Your Empire Starts Now!

Writing Your Past Pain Into Power To Influence Others

How To Gain The Recognition and Respect You Deserve From Others Using Your Past Experiences

Created by Brandy M Miller - The Character Whisperer & Chief Executive Story Teller


Students: 4430, Price: Free

Are you ready to be recognized for the value you bring to the lives of others? Are you ready to be respected by the people around you? Are you ready to be the kind of person that other people are willing to listen to because they know the value of every word that comes out of your mouth?

If you answered “Yes!” to those questions, I want to invite you to my FREE 5-Step “Be Influential” mini-course where I am going to teach you how to dig up the message hidden in your past mess, discover the people who need to hear that message most and where they are, learn what they need to hear in order to connect with them, and how to present your message to make the biggest impact possible – and all of that in less than 30 minutes a day!

In our status-driven society, we tend to think that influence – the ability to change people’s thoughts or hearts or minds – comes from status. We’ve been taught to believe that significance – our power to be recognized and respected by others - comes from what you have, who knows you, your titles, your degrees, or the power you’ve managed to accrue. But those things simply aren’t true.

A year ago, I proved this. I walked into a room filled with 500 people, most of whom had more status, more titles, more money, and more power than I’d ever dreamt of having, none of whom knew who I was or what I could do for them. Over the course of 4 days, I took my talents and my gifts and I sought to serve them without expecting anything in return.

By the end of that four days, they not only knew my name, they were actively seeking me out. They wanted my advice. They wanted to hear my perspective on things. They were listening and acting on what I told them!

It isn’t how much money you have or how nicely you dress or how powerful you are or aren’t that gets people listening to you. It’s what they believe you can do for them that matters! If they know that listening to you is going to change their lives, they won’t care about any of that. They will care about the results you can bring them.

At the end of the day – that’s what really matters. Results. What can you deliver that will change lives or save lives? What can you do that will make a difference in the world around you?

Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer to those questions. That’s what this course is designed to help you figure out. You’re going to be sorting through your past to find the buried treasure in it, so you can mine that, refine that, and connect with the people who may literally be dying to receive it.

I know you may have a very busy schedule, so every lesson is designed to be completed in less than 30 minutes a day. You won’t want to miss a single step, though, because each step builds on the work of the step before. It’s like a ladder that is going to take you from no influence to being influential in just 5 Steps.

My name is Brandy M. Miller, and I am the Character Whisperer. I help the unheard voice step forward to be seen and recognized. I strip off the excess layers to reveal the truth behind the masks so that they can step up, step out, be heard, and be influential. Let me help you to turn your past pain into the power to influence others! Sign up today!

Here's what a recent student sent me about her experience with the course:

"I realize that by writing about my life, it showed me another side and who knows , it might help someone else. It was real and I have felt unwanted and unloved because of it. Knowing that it was real and not make believe helps." - Martha K.

The Maxx You Project How To: Capture an Authentic You

Photo Stylist and Influencer Meredith Staggers teaches you how to be the true you on social media.

Created by The Maxx You Project How To - maxx you with us


Students: 4420, Price: Free

Join photo stylist and full-time influencer Meredith Staggers as she teaches you her secrets on sharing the authentic you on social media. She’ll help you uncover your unique point view, and teach you how to write social media captions that feel more relatable to the people in your life. Whether it’s for your personal Instagram account or for your business, her photo styling tips will help you elevate your social media content in a way that feels real to who you are. By the end of the course, you will feel more confident in sharing your true self on social media.

What are you waiting for?

This class is a part of The Maxx You Project, which is a community that encourages women to embrace their own individuality – together. You can join the growing community in The Maxx You Project Facebook Group.

Podcast Crash Course

Learn how to start a podcast, get it up on iTunes & Spotify and some insider tips to make it a success!

Created by James Mulvany - Founder of


Students: 3335, Price: Free

Podcasting is hot right now and is being used as a valuable tool by businesses, influencers, hobbyists and even celebrities.

Podcasting is a great way to develop your skills and improve your public relations.

Businesses are using podcasts to sell their products and keep their customers informed of the companies aims, ideals and goals. Individuals are using podcasts to tell their stories, share their knowledge and expand their influence.

Podcasts can also be turned into a profitable entity as you grow and adapt it. The ability to monetise, advertise, crowdfund and sell merchandise can lead to you earning a lot of money if you do it the right way. There really is no better time than right now to start podcasting.

Everyone needs to start somewhere though and the prospect of starting a podcast with no real idea of what to do can be daunting. This course will teach you about coming up with an idea, buying the right equipment, recording and editing with ease, where to host and how to distribute your podcast as well as teaching you handy promotion skills along the way.

Video Communication Course

Learn the basics of communicating on video to become an influencer

Created by Leher App - Social network to become better video communicators


Students: 2931, Price: Free

This course is for those who want to build a following, be social media influencers and communicate better. Use the tips and tools in this course to become better every single day.

Leher is a video social network for young professionals, content creators, influencers and vloggers.

The course will guide you through a 15 day program to improve your communication on video.

Self-Advocacy: Be Your Own Champion

Cultivate your assertive communication skills to effectively advocate for yourself and your needs in work and life.

Created by Shelley Osborne - Learning & Development Expert, Ed Tech Evangelist


Students: 2821, Price: Free

Have you ever said yes to something you really wanted to say no to? Have you ever kept quiet when you should have spoken up? Do you want to discover ways to stand up for yourself, confidently assert opinions, and get more of what you want?

I'd bet that you said "YES!" to one or all of those questions! All of the situations mentioned above require self-advocacy, the ability to advocate successfully for your own wants and needs. Self-advocacy is an essential skill in work and life. You are the one person best suited to look out for your own interests. The more you can speak up for yourself, using your voice to communicate confidently and assertively with others, the better conditions you will create to achieve your goals.

So we all need to self-advocate. But how do we get there? In this course, you'll:

  • Define self-advocacy and its value in the workplace

  • Create a self-advocacy goal to focus on what you want to achieve

  • Determine and reflect on your personal communication style

  • Differentiate between passive, aggressive, and assertive communication

  • Discover The GROW Model, a framework to help you set and achieve goals

  • Recognize self-advocacy bad habits that may be holding you back

  • Identify strategies to communicate more assertively

  • Establish when and how to say no

  • Identify how to find a sponsor

I built this course with plenty of activities so you can put what you're learning into practice. You'll spend some time reflecting on who you are, figuring out what you want, and creating a plan to make it happen. By the end of this course, you'll have a toolkit of assertive strategies to effectively advocate for yourself.

In my career, I've seen firsthand how important self-advocacy can be. You can't simply wait for things to happen - you need to make them happen by expressing yourself and standing up for what you want. Depending on where you're starting on your self-advocacy journey, this may seem daunting. And that's ok! But as your instructor, I'm here to tell you IT IS possible. You CAN be your own champion.

Please join me in this course to found out how!

Life Purpose Quiz & Mindset Teaching – Valuable Tools

A Powerful Pre-course to Dream.Believe.Build.

Created by Janette R. Smith - SI Cert. Life Strategist & Mindset Coach


Students: 2512, Price: Free

Close the Gap on Where You Are vs. Where You're Meant To Be!

Transform  Your Life! Get Crystal Clear About Your Unique Purpose. Eliminate  Patterns That Keep You Stuck. Create Your Massive Action Plan. Build the  Life of Purpose You've Always Dreamed of. Strategically: Learn More About Your  Unique Dream-building Mindset.  Define Your Vision.  Set Challenging  Goals.  Create An Action Plan. Anchor in Accountability. Achieve  Extraordinary Results.| taught by Janette R. Smith

How To Solve Problems Using Internet

Become key person of influence

Created by Rehan Allahwala - Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Technology Evangelist, Futurist


Students: 1867, Price: Free

Since the arrival of the internet, I have been using the internet since 1997 and email since 1993, and alot of things have changed in the world specially the post-Facebook, post-YouTube and post LinkedIn era, lot of techniques have changed and I believe that what I am going to teach in this course can be applied to solving world's biggest problems.They could be water problem, energy crisis, climate change, whatever you can think of.

In this course, I will try to make you Greta Thunberg or Malala Yousufzai of that subject. You will become the key person of influence in that subject.

This course is for anyone, who has the desire, the passion to solve problems around him or her. Maybe you can't see the problem completely solve in your lifetime however you will become able to create a snowball effect and create a large dent on that problem.

So are you ready to jump in?

Podcast in 24 hours

This course will teach you how you get your first episode published in 24 hours.

Created by Gary McNeely - Storage Engineer


Students: 1244, Price: Free

In this course I will teach you how you start and publish your very own Podcast just like what you hear about from your friends and will do this in 24 hours from now.

What is your IDEA ?

What equipment do I need to start a Podcast ?

How to find guests ?

Your first Podcast Episode.

Your next Podcast guest !

LinkedIn Mastery

Grow your influence (2021)

Created by Gyan Rb - Passionate Solopreneur


Students: 1120, Price: Free

With more than 500 million users, LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site in the world and an excellent place for companies to make meaningful connections with others in their industry, find highly qualified and targeted leads, and to drive more traffic to their business websites to increase brand awareness and generate leads.

In today's age of social media, leveraging a professional social network like LinkedIn to drive sales leads is becoming more critical than ever before.

How you too can profit from Swiping these untold little known, closely guarded secrets!

If you want to build a large pool of responsive clients who'd be willing to spend top Dollars on your services, then this will be the most profitable course for you.

There are newer and better ways to generate cash paying clients that are far easier, far effective and most importantly cheaper than Facebook Advertising.

In this 12 Step by Step Video Series You'll Discover the following:

  • How to position yourself as an expert and how to identfiy prospects who'll be interested in trying out your services.

  • How to write a compelling, intriguing, and throat pulling profile that'd literally attract high paying clients, who'll pay top Dollar for your services...

  • A secret tactic to sharing content that'll attract prospective customers

  • How to craft a winning offers.

  • How to write a LinkedIn Profile that demand attention.

  • How to create scarcity for your services when scarcity doesn't exist.

  • And so much more...

How to become famous

Discover simple and practical steps that can take you from obscurity into limelight in 42 minutes

Created by Tosin Adeola - Spiritual life coach


Students: 1092, Price: Free

Fame is for everybody!

One of the rewards that come to a man from living a life of impact is fame. Fame is not a means to an end, but a prize you receive for every form of achievement you make in life. God designed it, that those who live their lives making life meaningful or enjoyable for others will become famous among men. And God also programmed it that the fame of one person cannot hinder another from being known.

The purpose of God for every life is unique and fulfilling each of these purposes, is ordained to bring us into fame. You don’t become famous to make impact; you make impact to become famous. God’s plan for man is that we replenish the earth (i.e. fill the earth) which is made easy by fame. This course is not aimed at motivating you to seek fame, rather, it is written to motivate you into living a life of impact and exploit on earth. You will be famous based on the size of your vision. If you have a vision to transform a community, God’s desire is that you be famous in that community. Same goes for those who have been given a global vision.

Money cannot buy you a lasting fame. It can give you a temporary fame but it will not last. The will of God for you is to have a lasting fame. The bible says “… I will make thee an eternal excellency, a joy of many generations”. (Isaiah 60:15 KJV). You have a destiny that is billed to impact generations. You can’t afford to live life without making an indelible and lasting impact.

Jesus never sought fame, but His fame never stopped spreading everywhere. The secret about the life of Jesus was that He was the solution (light, salt) to the problem of people in those days. On a certain day, two blind men met Him and He healed them. And their eyes were opened; and Jesus straightly charged them, saying, see that no man know it. But they, when they were departed, spread abroad his fame in all that country. (Matthew 9:30-31 KJV). Though Jesus did not seek fame, but His works brought Him into fame and attracted many people to Him which brought expansion and credibility to His ministry. As they went out, behold, they brought to him a dumb man possessed with a devil. And when the devil was cast out, the dumb spoke: and the multitudes marveled, saying, it was never so seen in Israel. (Matthew 9:32-33 KJV)

FAME IS IN YOU: Wired inside every man, woman, boy or girl is a seed that has the capacity to produce fruit that will bring them into fame. You are not created to live in obscurity. You are created to live in limelight. Being famous in life is not reserved for a particular set of people; it is the birthright of everyone created by God.

God did not create you to die unnoticed; He created you to make a mark on the sand of times which cannot be erased. You are God’s product; amazingly and miraculously made (Psalm 139:14GW). You are a product whose brand name is God. It can never be imagined that God would create a product that is not marketable. God’s name is excellent (Psalm 148:13) and His works are all excellent (Isaiah 12:5). To live in obscurity is to deny the nature of God inside of you. God wants your name to be on the lips of everyone in your community, nation and world. God is not happy when you live on earth as “nobody”.

There is a stage that has being prepared for you to shine. You may be living in the poorest environment in the poorest country of the world right now. That does not cancel the value of what God deposited in you. Jesus was born in a manger, raised in a carpenter shed; but became famous among men because He understood who He was.

Rising into fame on earth is a function of your level of understanding. And that is what this course is all about. Productivity is enhanced by proper understanding. Genuine understanding will propel you into great adventure that produces unusual exploits. When you live a life of exploit, fame naturally comes to you.

Fame as it will be discussed in this course is not just about being popular or known by many people. Fame is a positive consequence of being a solution to human problem. People will naturally migrate to a place or person where they will find solution to their problems. Many people will pay any amount to see their problem solved and they will honor whosoever brings help their way. A time came in the life of Jesus that it was said about Him, “…Everyone's looking for You.” (Mark 1:37 ISV). Fame is a determining factor in judging our effectiveness on earth.

Some people fear being famous because they don’t want people to talk about them. I make bold to say that, “if people are not talking about you, it’s because you are irrelevant to them”. Your relevance will make people say good and bad words about you. That is normal for change agents and everyone living a life of purpose.

Fame is good because it empowers you to deliver more on your assignment and gives you rapid expansion and opportunity to fill the earth.

Enroll now for free and let your journey to fame begins.

Depression : Learn, understand and protect yourself

Learn about depression as a clinical disease, and how it influence your mental health.

Created by Bouatiaoui Houda - Medical external doctor


Students: 991, Price: Free

Depression is an important dangerous disease that is frequent in nowadays. According to the world health organisation, the statistics had shown in 2017 that more than 264 millions peoples around the world are touched by depression , and that those numbers are supposed to increas due to many stressful factors and events we're living in nowadays.

In this course i'm explaining to you in a simple way:

* How to make a difference between a little periode of sadeness (that is so normal to live as a human beings) and a depression as a disease , 

* Different types of depression, where i'm explaining to you how this depresion can occur

* How the hormonal fluctuations in women's lives influence their moods and may lead them to the depression

* The difference between a simple baby blues and a postpartum depression

* What we do as a doctors in front of patients who suffer from depression

* And finally how to prevent depression by taking care of your mental health

Meaningful Mentoring: Six Pillars of Mentoring Relationships

Learn the key elements that make mentorship a life-changing experience for Mentees and Mentors.

Created by Paul Scanlon - Mentorship - Communication - Leadership


Students: 814, Price: Free

The past few years have been difficult for everyone, personally, mentally, emotionally and professionally. In our current climate, we need to support one another more than ever, but finding a mentor can be challenging - it’s not like you can find one in a directory.

Have you fallen into a rut in life and considered hiring a mentor to help you find your way out?

Or are you someone who wishes they had a mentor, but have no idea how to get one? Whatever your reason, if you want to get your life on track with a mentorship, this course is for you!

So, how do you go about finding mentors? In this free course, mentor Paul Scanlon shares with you how you can find mentors and build meaningful, long-term relationships with them.

Mentors play valuable roles in people’s personal and professional lives; they’re motivators, brains to pick, ears to listen and accountability figures. They stretch and challenge you in every possible way to ensure that you grow in the right direction for you.

Mentorship allows you to absorb the wisdom and experience of those who have gone before you. Through empathic dialogue, sharing and insight, mentorship can be a fulfilling and empowering experience for both mentor and mentee.

In this course you will learn:

  • Understand the core elements of Mentoring

  • The characteristics of impactful and meaningful mentoring.

  • The difference between mentoring and other avenues for development such as coaching.

  • The real value of mentorship.

  • How to prepare the right mindset for the mentoring process.

  • Where you can join a mentoring program.

  • How to follow through and reap the rewards of mentorship.

  • And much, much more.