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Hypnotherapy – What is Hypnosis?

Dissolve every fear using Hypnotherapy

Created by Jeremiah Rangel - Certified NLP & Hypnosis Trainer | Awakened Oneness Trainer


Students: 38363, Price: Free

Welcome to the What is Hypnosis Course!

In this course you will learn what hypnosis is, what it is not, where is came from, how it works and how quickly it can quickly transform any area you need help in. You can expect to feel more relaxed, refreshed and alert as you learn all about the phenomenon of hypnotherapy. This course is a quick lesson to help you open your mind up to new and exciting possibilities you previous were not consciously aware of. If you have not yet learned about hypnotherapy, you might be missing out on a exciting and efficient opportunity, to reach your full human potential.

Hypnotherapy Business Plan (6 Figure Hypnotherapy Business)

A detailed business model to grow your Hypnotherapy, Coaching & NLP business online - from scratch.

Created by Scott Jansen - #1 Udemy instructor for hypnosis/coaching - 10,500+ students


Students: 818, Price: Free

The fastest way to grow your hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP business online (The business model that will SAVE your business)

When most coaches, hypnotherapists, NLPs, practitioners, healers (and beyond) start a business, chaos begins

... From ...

  1. Picking multiple niches that have not been proven to be profitable.

  2. Creating numerous short courses with fancy names attached to multiple funnels and websites.

  3. Packaging their services and offers in seven different ways with names like 'Gold pack and 'VIP pack' with

  4. multiple prices, discounts, percentages off and buy one get one frees.

  5. Attempting every social media platform, speaking for free at events, hosting Meetup groups and podcasts,

  6. giving away free sessions, and everything in between.

This chaos creates a virus inside the mind of a practitioner that has no way of being stopped. (until, now)

So, what is the solution to this?

Well, this course (business model) is the solution to this mess and chaos.

  • I will teach you systems thinking, systems tracking and business operations that will turn your chaotic and unreliable ‘thing’ into a repeatable, reliable, and predictable business.

  • Together we will turn chaos into a ‘well-oiled machine’ with highly engineered parts that run with precision and give your business a predictable set of rules that you can control.

  • We will turn “random acts of marketing and daily actions” into a trackable and usable equation. Just like a well-thought-out science experiment.

… To go from this …

I think I should maybe do this … or maybe this instead – I really hope this works – I'm not really sure how to make it work – what should I do if it doesn’t work? = chaos.

… To this …

I will do this – because this will happen – when I do it again – it will happen again (into infinity) = control.

Welcome to your new hypnotherapy, coaching & NLP business model that will save your business.


The 100K Coaching Program Introduction

How to grow a thriving hypnotherapy, coaching & NLP business online from scratch (without funnels, ads or free sessions)

Created by Scott Jansen - #1 Udemy instructor for hypnosis/coaching - 10,500+ students


Students: 662, Price: Free

How to grow a thriving hypnotherapy, coaching & NLP business from scratch (without funnels, ads or free sessions)

Welcome the introduction to my 100K Coaching Program.

This program has been designed to help you grow a thriving hypnotherapy, coaching & NLP business from scratch...without...

  1. Paying for ads or funnels

  2. Giving away free sessions

  3. Networking

  4. Writing a book

  5. Or using any confusing technology and software.

This program has been responsible for helping 100s of hypnotherapist & coaches start their business from scratch - to operating the fastest growing businesses in the industry.

The 100K Coaching Program is a proven 7-week online program that teaches you how to build your business from scratch.

Without: paid ads, funnels free challenges or free sessions. Our direct focus on finding your profitable niche, pricing, Youtube marketing, Facebook marketing, business tracking, scaling, systems and automation has helped our students start and grow their business from scratch to dominating their niche, business, sales, social media and scaling within just months.

During this mini-course, you will have FREE access to 3 very important videos from Module number 1:

You will learn:

  1. It’s all systems (Input – process – outputs - asymmetry system)

  2. Systems thinking – Systems lens

  3. Becoming T shaped

  4. Antifragile parts

  5. Compounding momentum and growth

  6. The offer equation

  7. Pricing your service correctly

  8. MOS packaging

  9. Action item: Monthly Income Business metrics

Being this is just an introduction to our program you will not have access too

  1. All of the worksheets and action items.

  2. Our private Facebook group

  3. Personal mentoring with me

But these lessons will show you exactly what can be done with your business, operations, systems and scaling when you follow these exact steps.

Welcome to the program.

-Scott Jansen

Complete Pricing System For Your Coaching & Hypnotherapy Biz

Learn the exact pricing model and system to build a 6 figure hypnotherapy, coaching & NLP business

Created by Scott Jansen - #1 Udemy instructor for hypnosis/coaching - 10,500+ students


Students: 460, Price: Free

Learn the exact pricing model and system to build a 6 figure hypnotherapy, coaching & NLP business.

Are you still...

Wondering how to price your service?

How to package your program, sessions and services?

Can't seem to attract clients who will say yes to your higher prices

Confused at too how to present your higher prices and get an immediate yes?

Well, I have your back!

In this program, I break down my entire pricing model that we have taught to 1000s of 6 figure and multiple 6 figure hypnotherapist & coaches to grow their business from scratch - to now only working with high paying clients.

For most, pricing, packaging and presenting your offer comes with a lot of confusion and guessing. And without a repeatable means or system to follow you will end up making the same mistakes over and over.

And with each mistake you lose income, time, energy and focus - then eventually your business will crumble (harsh but true)

Presented, will be my entire pricing model for coaches hypnotherapist, NLPs, RTT and healers to give you an exact proven system to destroy all confusion.

You will learn:

•Fill your diary and back to back clients model can not scale.

•We don’t sell sessions, hours, time, things or the how.

•How to price your service on future value (between $1500-$5500).

‘MOS’ – high price (80/20 rule) – objections handling – presentation.

Enjoy the program

Hypnosis For Spiritual Awakening & Healers with Past Lives

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Regression to This Life and Past Lives. Assist Spiritual Awakening and being a Healer.

Created by Mark Beale - Past Life Awakening Institute, Trainer & Mentor


Students: 267, Price: Free

Learn a hypnotic process of inductions, deepeners, suggestibility tests, age regression and initial past life regression to enhance your healing sessions or spiritual awakening.

Give a session to your clients, and receive a session, focusing on your spiritual path and being healer.

1) Learn Hypnotic Inductions, deepeners and suggestibility tests.

2) Do a Regression to This Life to;

a) reconnect with resources of Spiritual Strength, like powerful inner or outer experiences in your life.

b) overcome false limiting beliefs, and discover true empowering beliefs.

3) Do an Initial Past Life Regression to;

a) reconnect with past positive spiritual development and influential soulmates.

b) disconnect past negative emotion and limiting beliefs. Understand and resolve old repeating patterns.

Scriptbook; Use the Scriptbook as a guide to give your clients a hypnosis and regression session, focused on their Spiritual Awakening & Healers path.

Audio Session; Download the one hour audio mp3 regression session to have your own hypnosis experience for Spiritual Awakening & Healers. Worksheets let you write your focused pre-session issues and intentions, and your post-session case study and realizations.

Hypnosis is a foundation for personal sessions or training in Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Between Lives Regression Therapy or Spirit Releasement Therapy.

Past Life Awakening Institute

Reviews from the Past Life Awakening Institute website free version

As a current hypnotherapist, I was happy to gain some new tips from this course.  It was very well put together and informative. - PW

Excellent and well-presented. Very insightful and useful for practitioners of all levels. Thank you. - GA

I am a QHHT practitioner, I have done few session with clients and I am happy from what I learned in your training. I have learned good tips and another approach for PLRT, its a great complement to my actual training. Thank you Mark for this free training. - BG

An excellent overview of hypnotherapy as applicable to healers and the spiritually inclined. For me, it was also a good hypnotherapy refresher course. As always, Mark is a fantastic teacher — clear, experienced, and no nonsense. I love all of his teaching work and look forward to completing further training with him. - AM