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Hydraulics 101

Hydraulics basics

Created by Vladimir Cavic - Mechanical engineer, musician


Students: 5692, Price: $49.99

Students: 5692, Price:  Paid

The only course in hydraulics you will ever need!
This course covers the basics of hydraulic systems.

You don't have to have any type of prior knowledge except basic arithmetic operations. There is an introduction part to get you started on learning about hydraulic systems. There is a little bit about hydrodynamic systems, but mostly this course is focused on hydro-static systems. After this course you will be able to understand the basics about hydraulic machines and you will be able to continue learning more about hydraulics, through my courses or through other mediums.

  • In the beginning of the course we will cover how systems function, then we will get to the various fluids that can be used in hydraulic system.

  • After every section there is a quiz so you can review what you learned and what you should maybe revise again.

  • The plan is that when you finish this course you will know enough about hydraulics to continue to learn about more advanced systems.

  • I will be releasing a Hydraulics 102 course very soon which will cover hydraulic pumps, motors and cylinders in detail. As well as diagrams and schematics.


The course was refreshed, some of the things were changed up and an entire new section was added. In the new section there is a little bit about pumps, motors, hydraulic cylinders and about hydraulic schematics. A PDF was added to the course, you can find the PDF in the resource part of the first lesson. The PDF contains all of the important information on Hydraulics basics and is usable as a standalone textbook. It is 30 pages long for now but I will work on it more in the future.

Aerospace Engineering: Aircraft Systems and Avionics

Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering: Master the Systems of Airplanes - Hydraulics, Avionics, Electric, Propulsion

Created by Lluís Foreman - Aerospace Engineer


Students: 1183, Price: $94.99

Students: 1183, Price:  Paid

The Aerospace Engineering: Aircraft Systems and Avionics Course is a multidisciplinary course where you will study the engineering of the many systems onboard of Airplanes and Aircraft. My intention is that you fully understand the main topics regarding Systems Engineering of Aircraft and Airplanes.

The structure of the Course is the following:


Flight Instruments

Electrical System

Pneumatic System

Hydraulic System



We will discuss topics such as Flight Instruments on Civil Aircraft, the generators used to produce electricity on board, the Key differences between Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems and more!

The objective of the Course are for you tu understand why Aircraft require a specific set of systems in order to operate at normal conditions. Why the hydraulic system is essential to move the control surfaces on the aircraft and how it is linked to the Landing Gear. Cockpit main instruments and their relation to the conditions of flight.

I highly recommend having taken the course on Aerospace Engineering: Aircraft Fundamentals and Advanced in order to clearly grasp the concepts mentioned in this course!

I encourage you to begin this journey to Aerospace Engineering, you won't regret it! If you have any doubts during the course feel free to contact me, I will answer as quick as possible!

Garnett Cross Training in the Maintenance of Oil Hydraulics

This course will prepare you to work with hydraulic systems, plan maintenance and perform troubleshooting.

Created by Garnett Cross - Industry Leader in Exclusive Hydraulic Training, since 1974


Students: 682, Price: $49.99

Students: 682, Price:  Paid

I have been providing in-person training and consulting for 46 years.

The training has helped many organizations resolve expensive downtime and ongoing maintenance costs. In addition to the course material, I will share some of my consulting experiences helping get plants back online and resolve ongoing maintenance costs.

Students from many countries have attended the courses including African states, United States, Emirates, Indonesia, and Europe.

The presentations include animated PowerPoint slides and demonstrations of hydraulic components.

Calculations are provided using metric units.

The course topics include:

  • Principles of Hydraulics

  • Compressibility of Hydraulic Fluid

  • Hydraulic Symbols

  • Two Cylinder Problem

  • Cleanliness of Oil

  • Cleanliness continued

  • Hydraulic and Mechanical Leverage

  • Design of Cylinders

  • Cylinders Oil Capacity

  • Cylinders in Parallel

  • Components of a Hydraulic Circuit

  • Sizing Check-list

  • Pipe sizes for 90 litres/minute

  • Pipe sizing with respect to turbulence of fluid

  • and Reynolds number

  • Hydrostatic Drives

  • Couplings and Reservoirs

  • Hose Identification and Couplings

  • Check Valves and Cartridge Valves

  • Pilot Operated Check Valves

  • Flow Control Valves

  • Pre-fill Valves

  • Directional Control Valves

  • Solenoid Valves

  • Solenoid operated valves with orifice

  • Externally piloted system with throttle plate

  • Gasket mounted relief valve

  • Unloading Valve

  • Fault Finding

  • Sequence Valve

  • Sequencing cylinders with sequence valves

  • Sequence and pressure reducing valves

  • Over center valve with hydraulic motor

  • Vane pump

  • Accumulators

At the end of the course two lectures are provided covering field experience and safety ideas for hydraulic systems.

The course includes resources which can be downloaded for future reference.

An advanced hydraulics course is being prepared which will help engineers, draftsmen and foremen in the design of hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic Systems: A Complete Guide to Hydraulics knowledge

How to deal with any Hydraulic Machines in various Industry , Read Hydraulic Sketches/Drawings and Diagnose problems

Created by Professional Engineering - Engineering


Students: 172, Price: $49.99

Students: 172, Price:  Paid

This course introduces the basic fundamentals and functions of hydraulic systems.  the course is composed of 4 sections covering various topics of hydraulic systems as follow :

I) Section 1(Introduction) : it gives you an introduction to Methods of transmitting power with specific details on Fluid Power used in hydraulic systems , then highlighting main difference between Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems

II) Section 2 (Hydraulic Circuits and Symbols) : Here you will be able to identify Hydraulic system basic components and the criteria to select those components , then you will get knowledge on the Open and Closed Hydraulic circuits and identify the difference and last you'll understand various hydraulic symbols which will help you to read any hydraulic circuit drawings

III) Section 3 (Hydraulic system Components details) : In this section we'll talk in details about every components in a typical Hydraulic system ,their prime roles and functions with a refresh on hydraulic symbols as we progress

IV) Section 4 (Hydraulic System Troubleshooting and Maintenance) : This will be the last section in this course , and here you'll  be able to understand Hydraulic energy hazards and how to deal safely with those Hazards , then we'll highlight on common contamination that are present in majority of any Hydraulic systems, after that we'll talk about Hydraulic system troubleshooting so you'll be able to identify problems observed in Hydraulic circuit by following certain steps and guidance and at the end we'll talk about basic maintenance activities that need to be carried out to avoid surprises in Hydraulic systems

Upon completion, students should be able to understand the operation of a Hydraulic System, including design, application, and troubleshooting.

Learn Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics

Fluid mechanics made easy

Created by Patil Kiran Kumar - Structural engineer


Students: 34, Price: $19.99

Students: 34, Price:  Paid

  1. students can learn hydraulics and fluid mechanics from basics with help of  the practice tests.

  2. The Basic knowledge of all the topics in Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics is provided.

  3. The practice tests are given in the course such that the students can get a comprehensive idea of the subject.

  4. The practice tests are multiple choice questions. then the key for the tests are provided apparently.

  5. Students will be able to know the detailed explanation of the subjects that i will provide after the completion of all the tests.