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Humor Writing: How to Think, Write, Speak, and Be Funnier!

Great for Writing & Public Speaking: Learn the Techniques Professional Humorists Use to Create Consistently Funny Comedy

Created by Dave Fox - Travel Author / Writing and Personal Development Coach


Students: 5993, Price: $39.99

Students: 5993, Price:  Paid

Contrary to popular belief, a “sense of humor" is not a magical “gift" a few special people are born with. Humor and writing are skills anyone can develop.

In this online workshop, award-winning humorist and bestselling author Dave Fox teaches you how! 

Discover the techniques professional comedy writers use to write consistently funny material. You'll learn how to think, write, speak, and be funnier. 

Each lesson includes specific writing techniques and exercises to  incite maximum laughs. We'll focus on writing humor columns, personal essays, and creative non-fiction, but the skills you learn can be applied to writing genres of all sorts -- fiction and non-fiction -- as well as stand-up and  sketch comedy, cartooning, movie scripts, and more. 

Full-blown comedy might or might not be your goal. Perhaps you want to take more serious forms of writing — fiction, feature articles, blog posts, travel writing, children's stories, personal memoirs … even office memos, cover letters, or devilishly sexy personal ads — and sprinkle in some giggles. Whatever genres you write in, this class will help you infuse more laughter into your work. 

This course is also wildly useful for people who do any kind of public speaking, who want to keep their audiences awake and riveted to what they are saying.  

So come join us in this fun and inspiring (and occasionally weird) workshop, and stretch your comedic potential to cackle-inducing new levels! 

Some of the topics we'll cover include:  

  • The universal element present in all humor

  • Proven tricks to create or strengthen your comedy

  • Giving your jokes maximum impact with the right words and timing

  • Stretching your punch lines to make them punchier

  • Streamlining your phrasing so your punch lines don't get swallowed up in flabby verbiage. (Mastering this skill will make a vast improvement in all of your writing.)

  • Learning from your favorite professional humorists

  • When and why to throw away your best joke

  • Publishing your humor

  • How to not be that annoying guy at the party with the lampshade on his head

What's Included:

  • Lots of fun and super-informative video lessons.

  • Links to lots more videos on YouTube that illustrate specific concepts you've learned. (That's right! You can watch "Saturday Night Live" sketches and a clip from the iconic "Soup Nazi" episode of "Seinfeld" ... and call it studying!

  • A free e-book of humor essays referenced in the videos

  • A teacher who's a best-selling author, an award-winning humorist, and a professional writing and life coach who loves helping people become hilarious.

I am utterly positive you will not find a humor writing course of this quality anywhere for such a low price! (And if you disagree after checking it out, Udemy offers a 30-day, no-hassle, money-back guarantee.)

So hey! What are you waiting for? Dive in today and start making people laugh so hard, milk will come out of their noses ... even when they're not drinking milk.

"[Dave Fox is] the best writing teacher I have ever had. Talented, funny, approachable, and structured."

– Leslie in Surrey, England

"Dave Fox is an amazing teacher who will give you online feedback as if you were sitting right next to him."

– Joan in Bakersfield, California

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Level Up Your Humor – Become Twice As Funny Within 1 Week

Learn how to train your brain to come with an unlimited amount of funny jokes anytime, anywhere.

Created by Felix Schreiter - Self-help Junkey


Students: 2327, Price: $34.99

Students: 2327, Price:  Paid

This course teaches you a set of exercises, lifestyle hacks and mindsets that take your natural sense of humor to the next level.

Many people think that some people are just born super funny.

You know, like that one person from your high school that would crack one joke after another.

While you were sitting there thinking: "How does he/she come up with this funny stuff all the time?"

Well, as it turns out there is an answer to that question.

And the answer is:

To come up with funny stuff spontaneously, you have to train your brain to be funnier.

You see, in real life humor is spontaneous. 

You chat to someone, something inspires you and BAM, a joke pops into your head.

And to become funnier, you want these "moments of inspiration" to happen more often.

And that's exactly what this course is about. No preplanned jokes, no "Stand up routines", but real life humor.

Who am I to teach you?

My name is Felix, and I love self-development. When I find something that interests me (whether it's strength training, drawing or humor) I read every book I can on it and love "nerding" out on it.

So a while ago I wanted to work on my humor... and did exactly that.

While I never REALLY struggled with humor, with certain people I found it easy to be funny... while with others it just didn't quite "click".

So I read a few books, and tried different ways to work on my humor.

I started to realize that while there are millions of different ways to make people laugh, there are certain patterns in humor, that come up again and again.

And once you become aware of these patterns, humor becomes less mysterious.

I also realized that every person's "unique" sense of humor, just comes down to a preference in certain humor patterns.

Once you truly "get" someone's preferred humor patterns... you get their taste in humor... and it's super easy to make them laugh, and resonate with them on that level with them.

As my discoveries worked well for me, and I love digital courses myself... I decided to create one for you guys, teaching you how to be funnier.

SO, here's what you'll see inside "Level Up Your Humor"


  • 6 Humor Mindsets: This is the "inner game" section of the course. Adopting these 6 Mindsets will make you learn humor much faster. This is a short and sweet section, that will get your mind set in the right place, to make sure you get maximum gains from the exercise portion.

  • Humor Lifestyle Hack: Here I'll show you a simple lifestyle hack, that will make "becoming funnier" a habit and part of your life. It's straight forward, and after watching the video you can implement it straight away.

  • 3 Step Process To Exercise Your Humor: This is the heart of the course and where things get practical. Here you'll learn a 3 Step Process (or a 3 Step Exercise, if you will) that you can use anytime you hear or see something funny to exercise your humor. This section builds on the lifestyle hack. So by implementing the lifestyle hack, you'll automatically have countless opportunities each day to practice the 3 Step Process... and put "Humor practice" on autopilot...

And Last But Not Least:

  • "10 Examples" Video + Cheat Sheet: Here I show you TEN examples, of how I apply the 3 Step Process. I use examples from Comedians, from my own life, and low-key everyday humor, and walk you through the 3 Step Process with each. After watching this section you'll know exactly how to apply everything you learned in the course, and the sky is the limit.


  1. Summary PDFs for each section

  2. 1 Week Implementation Plan

  3. Private Members Facebook Group

So once you finished watching the videos, you can download the 1 Week Implementation Plan, and you'll know exactly how to apply the lessons and get results.

And if you have any questions you can ask them in the Private Members Facebook Group where I'll answer them personally.

Sounds sweet enough?

To help you decide, let me tell you who this course if for, and who probably wouldn't enjoy it as much:

This course is for you if:

-You want to get that ability to "vibe" with people through humor, that normally you have a hard time resonating with (work colleagues, friends of friends, strangers,...etc.)

-You struggle with TRULY understanding why people laugh, and when you're funny it just somehow "happens to you", instead of being something you know how to do.

-You can make your close friends laugh who "get" you, but wish you'd be able to joke around with a wider range of people

-You want to learn how to exercise your humor muscles in a proactive way

This course is NOT for you, if:

-You want to become a stand up comedian or expect to learn jokes of by heart

-You just want to watch passively and not take action

So, that's it from my side -if Humor is an area of your life that you wish you'd be better at...

... then this 1 hour long course is a fast way to get it handled once and for all.

Hope to see you inside!


Humor at Work: Better Results. More Fun.

How to be more productive, less stressed, and happier using humor in the workplace.

Created by Andrew Tarvin - Humor Engineer


Students: 1476, Price: $49.99

Students: 1476, Price:  Paid

Learn how to reduce stress, improve morale, and enjoy your work more by using humor in the workplace.

Just because you have a job, it doesn't mean you have to hate it. In this course, you'll learn the ins and outs of how to use humor at work.

Using humor in the workplace can help you:

  • Relieve stress and increase overall workplace happiness.
  • Improve office morale and build trust among team members.
  • Deliver more effective presentations and influence people.
  • And make work more pleasant and fun.

Despite these powerful benefits, less than 1/3rd of people use humor at work regularly. Maybe you don't think you have the time or just don't have any ideas. Or maybe you've tried it before and it didn't go so well. Or you're afraid you won't be taken seriously or you'll say something inappropriate. Or maybe you're shy or introverted and don't feel like it's part of your natural personality.

This course will help you overcome those challenges and teach you everything you need to know about using humor at work.

Whether you already use humor and just want to be more intentional, your team has no humor and you just want to help people loosen up, or you've never tried humor at all, you'll learn the necessary skills to bring levity to the office. You'll learn:

  • How to use humor in different situations and how to "know" your audience.
  • How to confidently present your humor.
  • When humor is and isn't appropriate, what subjects are "off-limits," and how to avoid saying anything inappropriate.
  • How use humor effectively without being seen as a clown or a jester.
  • How to incorporate humor on a regular basis so that is has a positive impact on the culture at work.
  • How to teach other people about the benefit of humor so they can embrace it as productivity tool.

What This Course is Not

This course is all about using humor to be more effective at work. This course is:

  • NOT a course in stand up comedy. You will learn about basic joke structure, but the course will not cover things like how to create a set list, the business of stand-up, or how to get on the Tonight Show.
  • NOT a course in humor theory. We do touch on basic humor theory, but you will not learn that ins and outs of what makes us as humans laugh.
  • NOT a course in zombie apocalypse survival strategies, although I do mention it.

Complete Comedy MASTERCLASS: Humor & Stand-Up Comedy Writing

Learn humor and comedy: everything from understanding humor, to comedy writing, to performing stand-up comedy.

Created by Sergio Sastre - Award-Winning Speaker & Performer


Students: 184, Price: $109.99

Students: 184, Price:  Paid

The place to learn everything regarding comedy in no time: from the theory to writing and performing!

Do you want to become the funniest person in the room, be able to come up with jokes constantly, or be absolutely confident on stage or any social setting?

I created this course in order to take you from wherever you are in your comedic career to an advanced stage where you can come up with your own original jokes on the spot, be the funniest person in the room at all times and perform on stage with complete confidence and have your audience laugh hysterically.

This is your chance to learn everything from one source, an award-winning performer, without having to spend hours online trying to find videos which match your level. The best part is: you will be able to come up with your own material right after watching the videos, and you will be able to employ these skills for the rest of your life.

I believe comedy is truly beautiful and it can have a place in everybody's life, and I will teach you the proper way to be writing and performing in no time while looking as an absolute professional.

What's included?

There is two hours of content guiding you through the three fundamental pillars of comedy: theory, writing, and performing. We will get into tons of detail on what makes people laugh: the triggers of laughter, and ideas that are common in comedy. Then, we will discuss techniques on how to write comedy: structures which can be used over and over again, how to find your comedic voice, and how to write material which people care about. Finally, we will get on to how to perform comedy: what to do to instantly break the ice and have your audience love you, techniques to seem more confident on stage, and much more! Also, all of the videos are recorded with proper lighting and great HD quality.


  • Become the fastest and funniest version of yourself!

  • Come up with hilarious original material

  • Analyze other comedians and understand how they trigger laughter

  • Use the structures that have made you laugh in your life

  • Perform on stage with complete confidence and ease

  • Break the ice with your audience and have them adore you!

  • Have a full set which kills any audience

  • Discover your comedic voice

Comedy is a truly beautiful art form. No one is indifferent to laughter and joy, it is something which we all inherently seek, desire, and enjoy, and being able to bring a laughter or a smile onto someone's face is priceless. This art form has taken be on amazing adventures such as having celebrities laugh hysterically at my material, crowded theaters with over 800 people laughing uncontrollably, and many more which I will not forget, and I truly want to share this with you.

I can't wait to hear all about your anecdotes, stories, and adventures.

So excited to see you succeed!

See you inside.

Laughter Therapy & Counter-Intuitive Healing

Using humor to support your well-being, strengthen your relationships, & bring joy into everyday life!

Created by Dianne Fanti, M.S. - Best-Selling Author and Master Trainer


Students: 93, Price: $29.99

Students: 93, Price:  Paid

About This Course:

Are you:

~ Looking for transformative and little-known techniques for relieving stress while restoring joyful well-being?

~ Wanting to cultivate a feeling of liveliness and presence, that can help you to anchor a more joyful approach into your everyday life?

~ Wanting to know how to shift your mind and mood more quickly when you get stuck, with tools that are readily available any time of the day or night?

Then you are in the right place!

Cultivate your resilience and resourcefulness in this fun and creative course!

"I can’t say enough good things about this course, it was awesome! It was evident how much time and energy was put into the research & compilation of material. Your ability to simplify everything into lay terms and make it concise and easy to follow was impressive. Your examples were very helpful. And of course, the laughter was infectious!" ~ Terri Zweig

What You'll Learn:

~ How to shift into a joyful state through experiencing a Laughter Therapy class ~ with guided meditations, sitting and standing laughter exercises, time to move or dance to your favorite songs, and you'll come back to center feeling lighter, freer, and bringing joy with you as you re-enter the world.

~ You'll truly understand how laughter helps to heal your mind and body ~ we'll explore the latest research on the therapeutic benefits of laughter and how you can integrate these into your daily life in a useful way!

~ You'll experience 8 ways that you can readily bring laughter into your everyday life ~ to create more connection, and to break up routines and bring more novelty and amusement into your everyday life!

~ Use humor to strengthen your relationships, especially your love relationship ~ You'll gain insights into how and why this works, with specific examples you can readily use. You'll also learn how to create connection while diffusing stressful situations in satisfying ways.

~ You'll learn the little-known concept of Counter-Intuitive Healing, which can help you to interrupt distressing thoughts in a playful way, redirecting your mind to a more balanced position. You'll explore how to anchor these practices into your everyday life by creating supportive peer alliances.

~ Additional Resources and links are included to help you learn more:

  • - The benefits of laughter for mind, body, and relationships

  • - 15 resources to immediately bring humor into your everyday life in unique ways

  • - 12 resources, humorous and psychological, to help strengthen your relationships

  • - Humorous video suggestions on the differences between men and women & how to integrate the insights

  • - Resources for funny videos and TV shows that many people find funny and may relate to

  • - 6 resources to help you integrate the concept of Counter-Intuitive Healing

  • - Peer support models that may appeal to you, and more!

"With the Counter-Intuitive Healing, I learned how to trick my mind into being happy, it was great! I use this often now to help trick my mind into feeling better, I wish I knew this before! And I didn't know that there were so many different kinds of laughter, I used to just chuckle sometimes, but I'd really lost my ability to laugh for no good reason, and I've found that again, I'm laughing more and bringing laughter back into my everyday life in new ways that delight me." ~ A. Hamilton

What Makes This Course Unique?

~ Laughter Therapy & Counter-Intuitive Healing have not been brought together before or in this way. The concept of Counter-Intuitive Healing is an old one, that has largely been lost from the public's awareness. We'll explore it in a way that will make it useful for you, taking it out of the realm of abstract concept and into the realm of everyday helpful tool for creating wellness.

~ The Laughter Therapy section is inspired by Laughter Yoga, but we go further so you experience a Laughter Therapy class yourself, and then also explore 8 ways that you can infuse laughter into your everyday life and enhance your relationships!

~ While most classes and instructors are busy just recycling the same exact information offered by other instructors, this course brings you a unique perspective on how to apply these once abstract concepts and research into your everyday life, to enhance your well-being and relationships.

~ Your instructor, Dianne Fanti, has been teaching in community settings since 1993 and has uniquely integrated the healing and expressive arts in a way where they combine to teach how to build essential life skills and improve a sense of well-being. This is not only verified by testimonials, but by data collection! Students who use her programs have reported improved stress biomarkers, like blood pressure, heart rate, and other variables.

"I have recently taken Dianne Fanti's Laughter Therapy & Counter-Intuitive Healing course and found that it confirms that real laughter is part of our emotional healing process. We all should practice deep belly laughs as often as we can. Life seems better when you can laugh a lot and be grateful.” ~ Dr. C.A. Colella, MSW, Ed.D.

Level Up Your Humor

Learn Conversational Comedy Mastery & How to Have a Sense of Humor.

Created by Felipe Yanez - Change Your Vibe. Change Your Life.


Students: 30, Price: $89.99

Students: 30, Price:  Paid

Being funny doesn’t always come naturally to us, but “Banter and Conversational Humor” will make it easier to find your conversational humor style. You’ll find it much easier to keep conversations going in an interesting way and wonder why everyone can’t stop laughing around you!

The course covers the inner game and mindset of humor, a few different humor styles, how to build your character and voice, banter techniques and exercises.

This course is to help train your brain to be funnier, spontaneously. You’ll be in conversations or observe situations, and BAM, a joke pops into your head.

You’ll learn some preplanned funny frames and have some set jokes, but more importantly you will learn the patterns and frames of mind for humor. Your brain will think in a spontaneously humorous way.

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • Why humor is important, as well as when it's appropriate to use it.

  • The exact mindset to become funnier instantly.

  • Be funny not just with close friends, but with strangers and in a variety of social contexts.

  • The importance of taking risks in order to learn what type of humor fits different people and situations.

  • The importance of balancing humor with normal conversation.

  • The subtleties of using different types of humor depending on the atmosphere you’re in.

  • Make your stories funnier in everyday conversation.

  • The ability to "vibe" with people through humor, that normally you have a hard time resonating with (work colleagues, friends of friends, strangers,...etc.)


  • Humor Mindset: This is the "inner game" section of the course. Adopting these mindsets will make you learn humor much faster and be more confident with your delivery. This section will get your mind in the right place and have you come from the right place when connecting with people in a humorous way.

  • Humor styles: Here I'll show you a few common humor styles that can help you become funnier. You’ll see examples from famous comedians to talk shows applying conversational banter.

  • Techniques and conversational comedy structure: In this part of the course you’ll learn techniques I personally use to spice up my interactions and make my conversations more interesting. Here you’ll see some talk show examples showing you how some of your favorite celebrities interact using these humor techniques.

  • Simple exercises to apply each step of the way: you’ll apply proven exercises to increase your wit and banter skills. In addition, part of the course will include a 30 day challenge to practice your conversational humor skills.

Sounds sweet enough?

There is much more in this course. I can’t wait to see you inside.

Lighten Up with the Humor of Jesus

How the Laugh Shall be First

Created by Dr. Gary Kush, PhD - Director of


Students: 27, Price: $19.99

Students: 27, Price:  Paid

Greetings.  I am the Rev. Dr. Gary Kush and live in Phoenix, AZ.  For over 15 years I have studied the humor of Jesus and now want to share my insights.  People who step out of the shower and look in the mirror know that God has a sense of humor.  In this course you learn how to identify, label, and interpret the humor of Jesus in the Gospels using a study technique called "humor-neutics."  This seven unit course is scholarly and humorous.  Don't enroll for just the laughs.  A bonus is available to those who complete the course.

Understanding Humor for ESL learners

How to joke and use humor to improve your relationships.

Created by Annabelle Baumann - Humor for ESL learners


Students: 9, Price: $19.99

Students: 9, Price:  Paid

This humor course is for non-native English speakers who understand most English situations but still have trouble translating humor. In this course, you will receive the tools for creating humor as well as identifying your humor style and the humor style of others.  By the end of this course, you'll be able to write a joke (that is not to say it will be a good joke) that will help you show others that your English is on a whole new level.  You will be given the tools for creating funny stories and you will be shown how to recognize different humor styles as well as different types of humor devices like irony and puns.