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Fundamentals of Hospitality Engineering Management

understanding systems, planning of operations, controlling aspects of operating activities, enhance guest experiences

Created by Hotel Management School Your learning Partner - Professional Hotel Management courses for career development


Students: 6544, Price: Free

Hotel Engineering is highly sophisticated and complex operations. Effective engineering operations will have various benefits

  • Enhanced Guest Experiences through achieved standards

  • operations cost management

  • improving the life of buildings and equipment.

Engineering operations are the responsibility of engineering directors however an understanding of operations by other department is equally important to have an impact on effective in achieving guest experiences desired,

Hotels are using various technologies to enhance guest experiences in room, kitchen, F&B etc and most of the technologies require engineering setup and IT controls.

Having all employees understand key engineering management aspects can help hotels to achieve effectiveness objectives

This course will help you understand engineering operations in brief.

ElektraWeb Hotel Management System

ElektraWeb Hotel Management System

Created by Yusuf Ünver - Education Support Specialist and Video Editor


Students: 1860, Price: Free

ElektraWeb, as one of the most comprehensive and popular hotel management system is currently used in more than 4000 hotels in Turkey and abroad.

Since 2007 it is officially being appointed by the Turkish Education Ministry to be taught as the obligatory course in tourism high schools, while also being taught at the bachelor level in Universities.

After taking ElektraWeb Hotel Management System course, students will gain the necessary knowledge and practical skills on how to perform the most important operations in hotel properties such as reservation management, check-in, check-out, folio, invoice, guest relations, accounting, technical service, housekeeping and other departments.

HMS – Hotel Management System

HMS - Hotel Management Systems And Channel Manager

Created by Nurettin Sezer - HMS Otel Programı Yazılım Uzmanı


Students: 1537, Price: Free

HMS - Hotel Management Systems And Channel Manager

HMS hotel program which is quite easy to use, meets all your needs.

General Features:

  • Easy to use

  • Economical

  • Secure

  • Reservation integration

  • Key card integration

  • Identity notification

  • Ergonomic

  • Front office

  • Back office

  • Reservation system

  • Mobile use

  • Multiple using support

  • Cloud system

  • Back-up

  • No need to servers

There are lots of features of HMS hotel program that we can't even count. By looking at screenshots and training videos you can test our program. If you want you can try our demo app.

HMS Hotel Management System is a product of Tasarım Rehberi which serving in the sector of technology since 2003.

We provide various solutions for public and private enterprises.

In 2010, we realized that a new program was needed in the tourism sector and produced the HMS Hotel Management System.

We continue our efforts to produce the most appropriate and easy solutions for today's technologies.

We are developing the program every day in our reasearch-development office at Pamukkale University Technopolis.

Skills and 8 attribute for professional hotel housekeeping

Learn what skills will make you a professional housekeeping supervisor for resorts and learn hotel management operations

Created by Hotel Management School Your learning Partner - Professional Hotel Management courses for career development


Students: 1531, Price: Free

There are two ways to learn housekeeping skills 1. experience while working in hotels and 2. learning professional courses from a hotel management school.

Unfortunately, not every housekeeper in the hotel industry is a graduate or has passed hotel management schools so their skills are based purely on the experiences they have gained during their working and from informal training their hotels are providing.

largely hotel housekeeping executives may not have enough chances to grow as a supervisor or as a manager purely due to lack of knowledge in advanced techniques and composition of materials, cleaning methods, technology changes.

In this online short hotel management course, we are going to teach you the basics skills that you need to have to become a professional housekeeping supervisor or manager.

This is the introductory course to explain what are the skills that are required to become a housekeeping supervisor and we will have separate modules for each type of skills so that you can really learn from the basics and combine them with your experiences in the hotel management while working and use the learnings from this course to become a professional housekeeper.

This course is taught by miss Rekha Maitra, who is a professional teacher for housekeeping for the last 20 years in various hospitality educational institutes in India and she will be bringing you with a lot of technical knowledge and experience which you will be able to use in order to gain your degree in your career and be able to work as a supervisor with confidence.