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Home Workout Habits in 10 Min – Fitness for Busy-Lazy People

You Can Improve Fitness, Muscle Building, Fat Loss and Weight Loss by Doing a Simple and Short Home Workout Daily

Created by TJ Walker - BestSelling Personal Development & Habits Expert


Students: 25380, Price: $24.99

Students: 25380, Price:  Paid

Fitness - The 10 Minutes or Less Home Workout Habit for Lazy People

You Can Improve Fitness, Muscle Building, Fat Loss and Weight Loss by Doing a Simple and Short  Home Workout Daily

If you’re not ready to sign up for the next Iron Man competition but you are ready to get in better shape, in as little time as possible, then this course is for you.

You do not have to spend hours a day working out just to maintain proper fitness. It’s possible to do a home workout on a daily basis in 10 minutes or less and still improve your fitness, even if you are a lazy person.

Instructor TJ Walker shows you unique techniques that he and other lazy people use to maintain fitness, build muscle, and promote fat loss and weight loss by doing simple home workouts.

Walker is also the innovator of the SelfieSpeak Programming method, SSP. Using the SSP method for building healthy habits can help you develop the regular routine of working out from home, even if you’ve never been able to do it consistently in the past.

"I can't help you get 6-pack abs overnight, or share with you a magic pill to lose 50 pounds, but if you want to start a new habit of working out daily at home, I can show you the easiest way possible." TJ Walker

If you don’t have the time, interest, or ability to go to a gym across town, then it’s time to start your own home workout program today. If you’re ready to improve your fitness and your health, enroll today.

Here is what Udemy students say about this course:

"Thanks TJ. This is the first lazy work out I have seen. I feel I can do this. Just a little bit per day. Everyday" Andy Hamdorf

"So well thought, Mr. Walker. I really like your philosophy about healthy living for the rest of us and actually doing exercise to create a better awareness for our body. I enjoy every minute of your lectures, thank you for doing this and all the best!" Michael Kaul

Home Workout | Fitness | Posture: The 21 Day Transformation

How to exercise & do sports at home to stay fit, prevent back pain, build muscles & support your posture within 21 Days!

Created by Kevin Kockot, M.A. Prevention & Health Promotion - Master of Arts - Prevention & Health Promotion


Students: 14705, Price: $89.99

Students: 14705, Price:  Paid

Hello and welcome to my new course of workout at home: HOME WORKOUT | FITNESS | POSTURE: THE 21 DAY TRANSFORMATION 

  • How to exercise at home to stay fit, prevent backpain, build muscles and support your posture within just 21 Days.

  • I am pleased to welcome you to this program! :)


You want a better body posture, want to build muscle, want to prevent back pain, increase your fitness and make a longer-term contribution to your health - and all this with a workout at home?

>>> I am optimistic that this program can help you! :)


  • Learn how to build a back exercises routine using selected exercises and double your performance in specific exercises in as little as three weeks.

  • In this course I will provide you with easy-to-use, non-device exercises to help you improve your back health and make you feel well, healthy and fit in the long term.

  • In particular, the featured ten exercises, which only take 5-10 minutes daily to help you build a new back exercises habit in 21 days!


If you carry out the program presented here, this will help you:

  1. Make your personal fitness a new normality with the help of back exercises without equipment.

  2. Feeling good and improving your well-being (back health, fitness and performance)

  3. Train your will and integrate a new habit into your life.

  4. To find a balance to stressful situations at work, especially working at a desc.

  5. To contribute in the long term to a healthy and upright posture and improved core musculature.


Would you like to take the advantage of this program?

  • Then sign up for the course! - As cheap as on Udemy you will not find this kind of course anywhere else!

  • Best of all, you have a 30-day money back guarantee!

  • So you have nothing to lose! :)


Are you skeptical if the program can work for you?

  • No problem: Just get to know the procedure and execution of the exercise with the help of the first day of the 21-days!

  • I will provide this free of charge so that you can see for yourself if the program works for you! :)


Who speaks to you?

  • I'm Kevin Kockot (Master of Arts in Prevention and Health Promotion). I am self-employed in health promotion (company, municipal and individual). So I have already accompanied over 1000 people in exercise and relaxation seminars in recent years.

  • My motivation and goal: I support people in a healthy and self-determined life!


Do you have questions about the practical program or the implementation?

  • No problem! Just contact me at Udemy! I am happy to answer you! :)

  • Many Thanks!

  • Best regards, Kevin

Body Weight Home Workout for MUSCLE Gain – BUFF Academy

Gain MUSCLE in home conditions without any complex equipment needed

Created by Vadym Cavalera - BUFF Academy Master Trainer and Instructor


Students: 12074, Price: $49.99

Students: 12074, Price:  Paid

The routines and exercises in this course are carefully selected to correspond with the most important hypertrophy principle: the reps range from 6 to 12 with the maximum effort. 

We did not include the exercises that are relatively too easy or too difficult, the goal is that you work your muscle just enough for it to grow.

You will have 10 different routines that you can do using the floor and little wooden or metal parallets (that you can build youself or buy at a low cost). Each routine contains of 4 exercises that have to be repeated in 10 rounds.

On a day that you want to train you can select the workout you like. Each workout will take you approximately 1 hour. You can train 2-4 times a week. With consistency and proper technique of execution - the results are guaranteed. Just dont forget to nourish your body with good rest and good sleep. Lets go!

Home Workouts: 7 Day Bodyweight HIIT Workout Program

Anywhere, anytime workouts for busy professionals. Feel great in front of the mirror quicker and easier than before.

Created by Lawrence Howlett - Helping student progress their career in Digital Marketing


Students: 11586, Price: $19.99

Students: 11586, Price:  Paid

We help time poor busy professionals to become stronger, confident and feel more energised. We believe that motion and momentum will improve your fitness journey, making you a complete individual in both your professional and private life, shortening the time it takes to look great in the mirror.

Anywhere, anytime video workouts with minimal or no equipment, professional produced in 4K UltraHD to the highest standard. It's like having a personal trainer in your pocket.

Born out of the frustration of not having time to get to gym, figure out what workout to d, and track progress - we invented BodyFit.TV PRIME.

BodyFit.TV PRIME is a 7 day HIIT Bodyweight Workout, which you can do anywhere, anytime - in hotels, by the beach, at home… there are no excuses! Taught by co-founder Jason Patmore, a top Personal Trainer in the City of London, he walks you through every exercise with teach points and personal training to ensure you get maximum benefit.


The number one excuse for not exercising - is time.

The second is not having the space or the equipment.

That’s no longer an excuse.

Introducing the BODYFIT Prime, we know…

  • You work 40 - 60 hours per work

  • Lead a busy social life

Well BODYFIT Prime will...

  • Make you feel good with your shirt off or infront of the mirror

  • Get you fit, fast

  • And you can burn up to 4000 calories during the 7 days

Enrol today, we know your future self with thank you for it

Home Workouts For You Now (All Levels)

Body Weight fitness workouts for all levels!

Created by Jeremy Belter - Entrepreneur, Transformation Coach, Best Selling Author


Students: 6989, Price: $89.99

Students: 6989, Price:  Paid

Bodyweight By Belter is a collection of over 50 fitness exercises mastered over 12 years as a fitness professional and a former college athlete.  These exercises range from very beginner to highly advanced.  You can learn the secrets to becoming a Body By Belter with practice, time, discipline and most importantly learning.  Everyone thinks that there is some special equipment.... I say there is "your body" is the equipment you need.  

Who is this for?

  • Stay at home moms
  • Busy professionals and executives that want to workout in the office
  • Gym workouts in addition to other types of training
  • Gym workouts as a stand alone
  • Hotel Workouts
  • And much more

We can always have workouts at our disposable.  Don't have time... take five exercises in five minutes.  Don't have equipment... just use your body.  Don't have space... just use your office or hotel room.  There are no excuses to not workout you have what you need with Body Weight By Belter.

Workout From Home – The Complete Guide

From A-Z, you can learn everything you need to workout effectively and efficiently with no equipment wherever you are!

Created by Jeff Petroff - Doctor


Students: 5887, Price: $89.99

Students: 5887, Price:  Paid

We all want to be healthy, but it's hard to find the time with a busy schedule to go to the gym. This is true when we're home working hard, with kids, or travelling. But you don't have to sacrifice your daily workouts just because it's logistically challenging. With the right understanding you can workout from home, without any equipment and without needing to put aside too much time.

This course has all of the tools that you need to workout from home, with a personal work regiment specially for you. We aren't going to just tell you what to do, rather we will help you understand what you need to do in order to workout properly, effectively and efficiently.

This course includes:
- 20/20 Workout challenge - 20 minutes a day for 3 weeks to see a quick and effective improvement in your strength and health

- Individual guide explaining the proper techniques of each exercise, different methods of doing them

- A lesson about muscle groups, anatomy, important ways to work them, and prevent injury

- A full guide to stretching, preventing injury and increasing flexibility

You also have group forums where you can post your own individual stories for group encouragement, keeping yourself and others honest and on their goals. You can ask me questions as you go along if you don't understand something, want to excel or put specific emphasis on any part of your workouts.

Stay healthy, stay happy, enjoy life. Take this course to help yourself improve the quality of your life, and enjoy your body that much more!

15-Minute Weight Loss & Fat Burning Home Workouts

Learn How to Shred Calories & Burn Fat While you Build Muscle & A More Fit Body

Created by Patricia Sullivan - Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritional Consultant


Students: 5652, Price: Free

Students: 5652, Price:  Free

  • Section 1


Master Personal Trainer Patricia introduces a complete workout program to help you on your fitness journey.  This video provides an overview of how to use this program, improve your health, lose weight, build muscle, increase your range of motion, and strengthen your heart.

  • Section 2

15 Minute Cardio Workout

What You'll Need:

-A small space

-A willing spirit

Join us for about 15 minutes of energizing movement. Low impact cardio for all levels.

During the movement, we talk about the importance of good posture and cardiovascular health, the best time of the day to exercise and strategies to fit it into your day. We also discuss the importance of hydration and drinking water as I share my journey of going from a highly sugared soda to drinking only water.

We further explore the benefit of maintaining a positive mind-set and the importance of a compelling vision of the fitness level you idealize. We discuss the idea of realizing that you can do it.

Finally, we teach the talk test method of discovering your heart rate zone and the proper amount of cool-down that you need following a cardiovascular session.

15 Minute Upper Body Workout

What You'll Need:

- Dumbbells, a few sized pairs preferably

- a mat/towel for the floor work

- optional bench for push-ups

We start with about three minutes of low impact cardio and move into strength training for the upper body with push-ups, dumbbell flyes and chest presses. We move into dumbbell rows and abdominal exercises. We continue with shoulder presses and then work our biceps with an optional challenge of balancing on one leg while we perform the dumbbell curls. Lastly, we perform dumbbell shrugs for our trapezium and levator scapulae muscles to round out this great upper body routine before ending with a nice stretch.

15 Minute Lower Body Workout

What You'll Need:

- a mat / towel for the floor

All Levels can do this body weight lower body focused workout. We start with a great cardiovascular warm-up for about four minutes to prepare the body for exercise. Then, we work all our major muscles of the lower body with some squats, teaching you the proper form. We continue with standing leg raises and gate swings for a hip opener. Donkey kicks and bridges are taught as well as abdominal exercises that can be performed on the floor with a simple mat / towel for support. We strengthen our core, lower back and glutes with bird-dog exercises, teaching several levels of the exercise. Finally we end with a stretch.

15 Minute Full Body Workout

What You'll Need:

- a mat / towel for the floor

- a chair

- a wall

We prepare the body for a workout with a low-impact cardio warm-up session of about four minutes. Next, we perform triceps push-ups on the wall followed by floor push-up to planks to challenge the whole body. We add bird-dogs, hydrants, and scissors, teaching various levels of the exercises to make it appropriately challenging for you whatever level you may be at. Abdominal exercises are intermixed with the lower body exercises on the floor to make this a great well-rounded routine to learn.

  • Section 3

Full Body Stretching

Patricia demonstrates a stretching routine for post workouts, rest days, or anytime you need a stretch. Proper stretching techniques for each major muscle group will be demonstrated and a follow-along video format will allow students to perform all the stretches for a beneficial amount of time. These stretches do not make students get down on the floor so it is perfect for all Levels of fitness. 

Upper Body Stretching

What You'll Need:

-A little space and a Wall

Did you exercise your upper body with push-ups and the like and just need a quick stretch for the upper body? At the office and just want to work on improving your posture and relieving some stress? This is a great 5 minute routine to accomplish both, especially if you are short on time for a full body stretch.

This is considered appropriate for all Levels as all stretches performed from a standing position.

Lower Body Stretching

What You'll Need:

-Mat/Towel for the Floor

This lower body stretching routine was created for those busy individuals that want to just stretch the major muscles in the lower boy after a cardio or lower body workout session and do not have time for a full body stretching routine.

6 Bodyweight Exercises to Work Out At-home

Not available for Asia or Africa, only suitable for USA, Europe, UK

Created by Taco Fleur - Kettlebell Head Coach at Cavemantraining


Students: 4196, Price: Free

Students: 4196, Price:  Free

NOTE: If you're not living in one of the countries below then this course is not available to you.

The target audience is:

  1. United States of America (USA)

  2. United Kingdom (UK)

  3. Australia

  4. New Zealand

  5. Absolute beginners

Learn how to perform 6 basic and important exercises for a full bodyweight workout at home.

Learn a lot about one of the most important exercises everyone needs to know, the squat.

Learn how to use these 6 exercises for cardio and strength.

  1. Cross Mountain Climbers

  2. Reverse Lunges

  3. Push-ups

  4. CrossFit Burpees

  5. Squats

  6. Jumping Jacks

If you think all of the above exercises are simple and don't come with a lot of instructions, think again! I will break each exercise down in easy to understand steps. I will also include lots of progressions and alternatives. I will also talk about how to adjust the programming, how to adjust the workout, etc.

Learn how to do the Cavemantraining Bodyweight Interval Routine. Learn how 13 minutes out of your day can provide you with an intense workout for weight loss.

Come and join this course.

Bodyweight Fitness Muscle Building & Fat Loss (Home Workout)

Build Your DREAM BODY, IMPROVE FITNESS With Simple & Effective Bodyweight Exercises. Workout Anywhere, NO GYM NEEDED!

Created by Jack Vitality - Personal Trainer, Health & Fitness Writer - UK


Students: 3979, Price: $29.99

Students: 3979, Price:  Paid

What this course can do for you:

  • Show you how to build a MUSCULAR, RIPPED physique, with bodyweight exercises you can do at home or anywhere you choose.

  • Provide a safe, simple and enjoyable training method that will give you FAST RESULTS, regardless of your age, gender or current fitness level - Can’t do a single pushup or pullup? NO PROBLEM, this course guides you through the steps to achieving your 1st, and many more after!

  • Teach you the scientific principles behind building muscle and proper dieting, giving you an understanding of how to build your dream physique.

  • Learn the most effective bodyweight muscle building exercises, including multiple variations for each exercise, to keep your workouts, fresh, interesting and challenging.

  • Get fit and strong without the need for a gym; fitness equipment or lots of space; yet will still give you fantastic results. Gymnasts have some of the best physiques in the world and all their training is based around, you guessed it - Bodyweight exercises!

  • A training method that is low impact and therefore very safe for your joints, in fact, this training will HELP to strengthen joints and connective tissues!

  • Flexible workouts that seamlessly fit around your schedule, perfect for busy people.

  • Lower stress levels, increase your confidence and boost your mood.

  • A workout companion for you to refer back to time and time again.

This course is perfect for beginners, as it assumes no prior knowledge of fitness or strength training. It will also benefit those people who have a background in fitness and want to broaden their knowledge of bodyweight training.

I developed this course because I’m passionate about bodyweight fitness, especially after going through my own transformation. I’m living proof that you don’t need an expensive gym membership or fitness classes to get in shape.

This training method took me from scrawny and weak to ripped and athletic, gaining 10kg of LEAN MUSCLE in my 1st year following this training method. All with the workouts done at home, using only my own bodyweight. Now I want to share this training method with YOU.

A complete body transformation for LESS than the price of 1 personal training session!

To put the value of this course in perspective, JUST 1 personal training session, at an established gym, can set you back £40-£70 ($53-93)

Learning everything included in this course would require many, many personal training sessions, costing hundreds if not THOUSANDS of your hard-earned cash.

I believe that everyone deserves to get the body of their dreams, without having to spend excessive amounts of money or countless hours at the gym. So i'm offering you this course at a very affordable price.

I designed this course as an easy to follow system, that gives you incredible results in a short amount of time, with no equipment required.

Workouts that can be done at YOUR own pace, on YOUR time, wherever YOU want. You can re-watch the videos over and over so you don't have to worry about remembering everything!

This course is constantly being updated with new exercises and information which you will receive at no extra cost.

Scroll down to course content to see what’s inside your program!

I sincerely hope you learn something new and enjoy this course.

- Jack V

TRX Bodyweight Workout: Build Muscle And Lose Fat At Home

Complete home workout muscle building course | Suspension training for muscle growth and weight loss

Created by Felix Harder - Transformation Coach | Best Selling Instructor


Students: 3676, Price: $99.99

Students: 3676, Price:  Paid

Looking For A TRX Workout Program That Is Based On Actual Science And Proven To Get You Results? 

The course program is designed for people who are looking for an alternative to the traditional gym. TRX exercises are great for that. All you need are the TRX trainer straps, can choose your own workout location and train whenever you want.  

But this program does more than teach you a few exercises and workout tips. In the course I go over the science behind building muscle and successful dieting, the perfect beginner workout plan and show you how to set clear and well-defined fitness goals that keep you motivated.

By giving you the necessary tools to reach your fitness goals, I will also have to debunk certain training myths that have been around for decades. How many times have you been told that if in order to build muscle you need to…

  • Exercise at least five times per week…

  • Train two or even three hours…

  • Drink two or more protein shakes per day…

  • And perfectly time your meals no more than three hours apart.

As you will see in the course, most of these “tips” are nonsense and some will even work against you in the long run. Instead I will show you the exact training methods that are scientifically proven to work. 

Here is what's inside the program:

  • The Step-By-Step Muscle Bulding Formula

  • The Full TRX Workout Program

  • Exercise Videos To Help You Train With Perfect Form

  • How To Combine TRX And Cardio To Burn More Calories

  • Everything You Need To Know About Nutrition And Dieting 

This home workout is great to build muscle, lose weight and workout at home. You can do basic bodyweight exercises and bodyweight fitness anywhere which makes this trx bodyweight workout the perfect muscle building course if you are looking to boost your fitness. Body weight exercises are really the simplest for to gain muscle and lose fat.

Scroll Up And Sign Up If You Want To See Real Results

10 Minute Weight Loss Solution: Your Quick At Home Workout

Learn how to lose weight in 10 minutes a day and master your weight loss journey by mastering your eating and workouts.

Created by Jarred Wesley - Educator | Entrepreneur | Weight Loss Coach | Business Coach


Students: 3259, Price: $29.99

Students: 3259, Price:  Paid

Are you struggling with your weight loss?

Are you looking for a quick home workout to lose weight?

Are you stuck in a miserable cycle of losing and gaining the same weight week after week, and month after month?

Are you tired and frustrated with giving your best effort but being let down with products that don’t work?

If you answered yes to any, or all of these questions then let me introduce you to your answer. This course will give you the best workout routines for fat loss that you have ever tried.

Your 10 Minute Weight Loss Solution workout was designed o get you, and keep you in the heart rate zones for fat loss.

Not only will you learn all of my belly fat loss tricks to melt your unwanted weight forever. You will get the most complete understanding of how to create good diets for fat loss, and the tools to help you gain your ultimate success.

So, what exactly are you going to learn in this amazing course:

  • Busting the Weight Loss Myths: unlearning the “common knowledge” that has been hurting your progress.

  • The Weight Loss Equation: the very simple equation that will maximize all of your belly fat loss tricks.

  • Your 10 Minute Weight Loss Solution Workout: your workout program of losing fat fast exercises.

And so much more.

In this complete quick at home workout to lose weight you will be given a step-by-step tutorial on how to master your weight loss journey.

I am a master fitness coach, master weight loss coach, and diet planning & weight management specialist.

Before I became all of that I was an obese grad student weighting 317lbs.

I lost over 130lbs+ and have kept it off since 2012. Since 2013 I have been helping others reach their weight loss goals using the same knowledge I used, and the same knowledge you are going to learn here in this course.

Enroll today and get your risk-free 30 day money back guaranteed access to your key to weight loss success TODAY!

Home Workout Bible: The Health & Fitness Fundamentals

Discover How to Do Home Workout & Fitness Training for a Perfect Body Without Any Experience

Created by Federico Fort - Internet Marketer & Business Innovator


Students: 2488, Price: $29.99

Students: 2488, Price:  Paid

How Would You Like To Get Bigger Results From Your Home Workout Program… Even Faster?

This is the video version of Home Workout Bible, the EASIER and FASTER way to achieve your dream. 

No matter what your training goals may be, working out from home is almost certainly going to help you to get better results right away.

Being able to train whenever you need to, with no queue and no drive. That’s when you start to see truly incredible transformations. That’s when you truly never skip a day at the gym.

So yes, training from home is the only way if you really want to smash your goals – no matter what they are. But of course there are some big challenges and some big questions that face those who want to start working out from home.

Read on and let’s take a closer look at how you can go about building muscles from home with programs that are guaranteed to work – and in some case get incredible, unheard of results.

You'll also get:

✔ Lifetime Access to The Course

✔ Quick & Helpful Support in the Q&A Section

✔ 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

Home Workouts for Beginners Free Course (FAST 5 Workouts)

Fitness Workouts

Created by Danny Garcia - "At The P.E Spot, The Fun Never Stops"


Students: 1676, Price: Free

Students: 1676, Price:  Free

In this course you'll learn a fun workout using limited to no equipment. I developed the FAST 5 Workouts for those who are limited on time are intended for beginners in their fitness journey. These workouts focus on lower body, upper body, core, and cardiovascular endurance. These workouts are total body workouts.

The best part of these workouts is it only requires 5 minutes to complete these workouts.

Check it out!

No Equipment Home Workout Program

Learn how to use proper form with basic movement patterns and exercises

Created by Steven Morales - Personal Trainer


Students: 1628, Price: $19.99

Students: 1628, Price:  Paid

This course is designed for anyone wanting to exercise but doesn’t have access to equipment and wants a better understanding of proper body mechanics.  This is intended to help beginners gain a solid foundation to build upon so they don’t hurt themselves and get better results with other online programs while providing home workouts.  There are handouts and tutorial videos included with this course which can be done at your own pace in the comfort of your home.  We start with foundational movements such as squats, pushups, situps, and burpees and then progress to more complex movements such as handfoot crawls.  This course is a must take for anyone thinking of starting a fitness program but doesn’t have access to a personal trainer to guide them on proper form all while allowing you to gain lean muscle and lose body fat.  

Personalized Bodyweight Workouts: Science-Based Home Fitness

Step-by-Step Instruction From Ex-Military Officer: Build Home Bodyweight Workouts: Strength, Muscle, Lose Fat, Fitness

Created by Sam Perrins - Functional Fitness Training Expert and Ex-Military Officer


Students: 702, Price: $89.99

Students: 702, Price:  Paid

***Delivered by a military fitness training expert: with over 10 years experience in using Bodyweight Workouts for fitness and strength while on overseas military deployments***



  • Achieve incredible fitness results at home

  • Perfect for Lockdown or Isolation

  • Latest scientific research

  • Proven military techniques

  • Learn to build and personalize YOUR OWN  bodyweight workouts

  • Tailored to YOUR OWN goals

  • Methods relevant to your ability, weight, genetics, gender, height - this is personalized workout design for fast and efficient results


What other students are saying about this course:

  • "Superb! High-quality course, with a very good instructor. I've learnt a lot about designing a workout program for doing at home. I think I've been doing things wrong for sometime now with my training - this has really helped! Thank you so much :-)" - Rit K

  • "Very comprehensive beginner course. I've been working out from home for some time now, using bodyweight exercises and I learnt lot in this course...Clear tuition, confident instructor who has used these techniques in the military (always nice to see someone who has real life experience). Great work!" - Mike W

  • "Very informative. Learnt loads, even though I consider myself knowledgable about health, fitness and exercise. Lot of additional material on nutrition, rest, workout building and goal setting, which was nice to have. Also it was so refreshing to have a teacher who has actually 'been there and done it' in the military." - Jed P

  • I think why this course comes across so well is that the instructor has actually used these fitness methods while on operations with the military. He isn't just a gym buff (lots of other courses seem to be). He comes across as confident about what he is teaching, honest and genuine. I really enjoyed this course - I learnt a lot and I appreciate the time that's gone into sharing his knowledge and skills." - Paul R


Learn effective military techniques to build your own bodyweight workouts to achieve your personalized fitness goals: proven methods, supported by the latest scientific research.

The Bodyweight Workout Training Program has been carefully engineered to provide bodyweight workout beginners with the knowledge, confidence, and motivation required to achieve their fitness goals. Whether you're looking to start working out at home, or while traveling, this course contains everything you need - all delivered by Sam, an ex-military officer, and course creator.

>>This course is suitable for both female and male students<<

Sam's Full Course Description:

"My fitness training course is based on bodyweight workout techniques perfected by the military for use in the world’s toughest environments.

Within the Bodyweight Workout Training Program, I’ll teach you these techniques: empowering you to stay in shape without access to gyms or equipment.

All the recommendations, lessons and guides within my home workout course are fully referenced and draw on the latest scientific research to provide you with effective workout techniques and planning methods that have been military-proven to get results.

As well as building an understanding of the science behind bodyweight workouts, you’ll learn how to create your own, fully-personalized, bespoke bodyweight workout program, whatever your fitness goal:

- Build Muscle [Yes, this is 100% possible without a gym or equipment]

- Improve Cardiovascular Endurance [The military use these techniques to achieve unrivaled levels of fitness]

- Build Muscular Endurance  [Learn how to train your body to keep going, and going, and going]

- Lose Body Fat  [Learn how HIIT workouts and Bodyweight Exercise can shed the pounds - fast!]

My course is different from many bodyweight courses available because it is based on my experiences as a military officer. Over many years I used bodyweight training to keep myself and my team in peak condition, whilst we were deployed in challenging environments. This combination of military-style tips and scientific research has resulted in an extremely comprehensive learning experience."

Included in This Course:

- Myths surrounding fitness training – don’t believe everything you read on the internet!

- The Science Behind Bodyweight Workouts

- The Fundamentals of Muscular Strength Training Program

- The Fundamentals of Muscular Endurance Training Program

- The Fundamentals of Cardiovascular Endurance Training Program

- The Fundamentals of Fat Loss Program

- A Full Library of Exercise Demonstrations

- How to Build a Bodyweight Workout Program

- How Nutrition Should Feature within a Training Program

- How Rest Should Feature within a Training Program

- How to Effectively Set Goals

Plus These Professional Quality Downloadable Resources:

- Full Exercise Guidebook

- Nutrition Guidebook

- Workout Guidebook – including some workouts to get you started on your journey

My Bodyweight Workout Training Program will give you the skills you need to be able to stay in great shape wherever you are. As well as the workouts I provide you, you’ll be able to create your own do-anywhere bodyweight workouts that are perfectly matched to your own fitness goals, whether that be to build muscle strength, increase endurance or lose body fat.

You'll NEVER need a gym membership again!

15 Minute Home Workouts: Abs and Core

Learn exercises that you can use whether at home or on the road. No equipment or gym needed!

Created by Matt Scoletti - Professional Speaker, Health Coach, American Ninja Warrior


Students: 660, Price: $19.99

Students: 660, Price:  Paid

This course will help you learn and understand the best exercises for your abs and core.  It doesn't matter if you have been working out a long time, or just starting out, this course will add value to your routine. 

I have been a personal trainer for over 10 years and will describe each exercise in detail, why it works, and how to perform the movement on your own.  You will be able to complete two 15 minute workouts with me to build your confidence so you can do these exercise on your own in the future.  Oh, and I make the workouts FUN!  Exercise doesn't have to be boring and repetitive.  With these workouts, you will be smiling while also getting in an awesome workout!

I'm excited to have you be a part of this course!  WELCOME!

Zumba Online Class: 15MIN Daily Home Workout for Weight Loss

Zumba Online Home Workout Using your Bodyweight to Burn Calories. With this Zumba Class, you will Make Your Day Better.

Created by Petko Zhivkov Aleksandrov - Forex, Crypto & Stock Trader


Students: 301, Price: $89.99

Students: 301, Price:  Paid

Zumba online training is the way you can practice Zumba at home!

Are you looking for a way to keep your body fit without going to the gym?

This Online Zumba class is a high-intensity home workout that will take just 15 min out of your day to put your body in the right shape.

>>> Created in 2020! <<<

>>> The only Udemy Zumba course that is Fitness oriented.<<<

I know that many people want to train Zumba, but there is no time for visiting the gym, or the gym is too far. And in some places, the Zumba classes are quite expensive. The Home Workout with beautiful music is a great solution for Weight Loss and build muscle without a gym.

With this Online Zumba class, you will use just your bodyweight to transform yourself.

This is why I decided to put together 3 different levels of Zumba online training - beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each one will not take you more than 20 min of your time with the warm-up. But each one will make you sweat and burn the extra calories that we get daily from all the delicious food around us.

This is not a dancing class! If you are looking for a leisurely Zumba dance than this might not be the course for you. This Online Zumba class is more of a high-intensity workout that will put your body in shape. Weight Loss will not be an issue anymore, and you will be using just your bodyweight.

Zumba is a fantastic way to relax your mind after a long working day, or it could be one of the best ways to start your day.

At the same time, you will pump your muscles, stretch your body, and improve your cardio.  You will be impressed with how much you can achieve with a Home Workout.

What makes this Zumba online training different?

First of all, Zumba is a way to work out in the rhythm of beautiful music. Since you are using just your bodyweight, you can do it as a home workout, or in the garden with the earbuds.

Zumba is suitable for people who have never trained before. The basic training will teach you the basic moves, and you will learn it step-by-step. Still, it will make you sweat. Just the exercises are simpler.

If you feel the training is too hard when you do it for the first time, just do fewer repetitions but try to stay with me until the end. This way, you will push yourself to do more than what you can do at the moment. And this is the only way to progress. Especially if you are looking for a weight loss.

At the same time, if you want to push yourself, even more, just jump higher, punch harder and bend more your knees, for example, when doing squats. Your bodyweight is the best equipment you can use.

Zumba online training will give you the chance to schedule your day.

With this online Zumba course, you will not need to consider your daily schedule with fixed time training. You can train before work, after work, or during the weekend when it is most comfortable for you.

What will you learn in this Online Zumba class?

  • the basic steps in Zumba

  • different exercises that train the whole body

  • how to push yourself to the maximum

  • Home Workout that you can do with your family and friends

  • weight loss program that will be pleasant

  • how to use your bodyweight to train daily

As a professional trainer, I have helped many people transform their bodies and feel more confident.

You will make your money back from the price of this Zumba course because you will not need to pay for a group class, and you can watch the training as many times as you wish. Also, Udemy guarantees it with their no-risk 30-day money-back guarantee.

You have nothing to lose. Only calories.

Thank you for signing up for this Zumba course on Udemy, and I will see you in the first training.

I am also available for any questions on the course discussion board.

Enrol today and get into better shape!

We are happy to hear that the students are satisfied with the course:

Akshay Joshi - Amazing Course. It has helped me reduce few kgs. The way Petko guides during the training is amazing. More over The workouts Basic, Intermediate, Advanced helps us with overall fitness and wellbeing.

12-Minute Home HIIT Workout: Get Fit & Burn Calories At Home

Workout At Home With HIIT Training & Bodyweight Exercises. Learn The Science Behind Effective Workouts, Routines & Plans

Created by Felix Harder - Transformation Coach | Best Selling Instructor


Students: 298, Price: $89.99

Students: 298, Price:  Paid

Looking For A Highly Effective Home Workout That Will Get You Fit, Burn Calories & Help With Weight Loss? 

My 12-Minute Home HIIT Workout is designed for people who want to get fit while training just a few minutes per day.

  • Train whenever & wherever you want (at home, the park etc.)

  • No equipment needed

  • Only bodyweight exercises

This program does more than teach you a few exercises and workout tips. In the course I go over the science behind effective workouts and successful dieting, the perfect beginner routine and show you how to set clear and well-defined fitness goals that keep you motivated.

By giving you the necessary tools to reach your fitness goals, I will also have to debunk certain training myths that have been around for decades. How many times have you been told that if in order to get in shape you need to…

  • Exercise at least five times per week…

  • Train two or even three hours…

  • And perfectly time your meals no more than three hours apart.

As you will see in the course, most of these “tips” are nonsense and some will even work against you in the long run. Instead I will show you the exact training methods that are scientifically proven to work. 

Here is what's inside the program:

  • HIIT Explained: Why It's Better Than Traditional Cardio

  • The Full HIIT Workout Program

  • Exercise Videos To Help You Train With Perfect Form

  • Everything You Need To Know About Nutrition And Dieting 

  • My 100 page ebook "Bodyweight Basics", with 44 Additional Bodyweight Exercises (Pictures Included) 

  • A Lesson On How To Stay Motivated Through Clear Goals  

This home workout is great to get, lose weight and workout at home. You can do basic bodyweight exercises and bodyweight fitness anywhere which makes this bodyweight workout the perfect muscle building course if you are looking to boost your fitness. Body weight exercises are really the simplest for to gain muscle and lose fat.

Scroll Up And Get My 12-Minute HIIT Routine If You Want To See Real Results

10 Minute Hell: The Ultimate Weight Loss Home Workouts

Discover the proven 10 minute weight loss home workouts to shred fat, build muscle and get real abs. From novice to pro.

Created by Dakota Carroll - Health & Fitness Coach, Yoga Certified


Students: 190, Price: $89.99

Students: 190, Price:  Paid

This Weight Loss Home Workout Course Covers Everything You Need To Know To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life!

★★★★★ "This is a workout plan I can actually see myself doing. 3 ten-minute workouts are perfect for someone like me who doesn't like to spend hours in the gym."


Learn The 3 MOST EFFECTIVE Weight Loss Home Workouts:

- The ultimate 10 minute fat shredder workout!

- The best 10 minute core blaster ab workout!

- The most effective 10 minute upper body muscle builder!

- This course is about results! If you don't see them within 30 days you get your money back!

No more endless searching, this course is ready to go, you can take it anywhere, and watch it at your convenience in the privacy of your home or on the go!


How much you lose is up to you, the average student sees serious results in only a few weeks.


This course is a small investment that will repay itself many times over in the amount of smiles and energy you'll get.

You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

This course is seriously life changing, I hope you take this opportunity to learn it! It only takes 30 minutes per week, don't waste your time with any other workouts! These weight loss home workouts allow you to save trips to the gym and avoid costly gym memberships.

This course is the best way to start lose weight and get in shape.

Learn from years of fitness experience, all the Industry Secrets and Weight Loss Tricks/Tips are included in this course.

Let us share our fitness and weight loss secrets with you.

Don't go on wondering "what would have happened if I did". You won't be disappointed, plus you get an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. What have you go to lose?


See What Everyone's Saying:

★★★★★ "Greg and Dakota are both very personable and have great energy. I am definitely motivated to start this workout plan and start seeing some much needed results!"

★★★★★ "What a wonderful crew to get you moving! I can’t wait to see what more I can do with their help. Thank you for getting me up and back at it!"

★★★★★ "This course was very easy to follow. Everything , all the exercises and supplements and instructions were to the point with no extra fluff."

You'll also get:

✔ Lifetime Access to The Course

✔ Quick & Helpful Support in the Q&A Section

✔ Download & Print Ready Udemy Certificate of Completion 

✔ 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

Remember, this course is only available here on Udemy, you won't find it anywhere else. Take advantage of this special offer while it lasts.

There's a 30-day no-risk money back guarantee so say "yes" now, enroll today and decide later!

100-Day Diet Home Workout : Weight Loss with Professionals!

This course is designed to provide the best desired parts when it comes to diet and muscle gains.

Created by Eat Clean Train Dirty - Professional Personal Trainer


Students: 160, Price: $49.99

Students: 160, Price:  Paid

Have you ever wanted to start working out but quit because of several reasons below?

  1. I don’t have time because of my busy schedule.

  2. There is no gym around where I live

  3. I don’t know how to start working out and hiring a personal trainer is expensive

  4. I don’t want to start working out alone

  5. I just want to work out at home during my free time.

What if I tell you now your problems are all solved with our 100-Days Diet Program?

This program is designed to provide the best value a person can get when they go to the gym and start exercising.

Then, what are the values of this program?

  1. You can learn stretching for your whole body that you must do to prevent injury before exercising.

  1. You will be learning the exercises explained by a highly experienced personal trainer.

  1. This program offers you a variety of exercise routines for the next 100 days.

  1. New exercises will be added every two weeks in order to prevent it from being boring.

  1. People’s bodies will adjust to the same amount of exercise intensity, however, our program will provide different routines that increase the intensity of the exercise.

  1. Working out alone can be very boring and demotivating, however, the working out videos of this program even offers you a workout partner so you can just watch and work out with your workout partner.

  1. Even, there are well-organized nutrition guides and diet tips that can maximize the effectiveness of the exercises you will have done.

50 Minute Home Workout with S-HUBme. Flexibility and Splits.

Full body workout program combines functional training and stretching.

Created by Lisa Andreeva - Author and inspirer of S-HUBme


Students: 83, Price: $19.99

Students: 83, Price:  Paid

50 minutes home workout videos for whole body. This program combines functional training and stretching. Your body weight provides all the resistance you need to strengthen and sculpt from head to toe. Stretching boosts energy and calms you, functional exercises make you stronger. The author - Lisa, master of rhythmic gymnastic and young mom originally from Ukraine. No-equipment needed.

Home Workout For Beginners

6 week, full body fitness and exercise routine for weight loss, muscle tone and REAL body & mind transformation!

Created by James Atkinson - Personal Trainer


Students: 27, Price: $89.99

Students: 27, Price:  Paid

Bestselling fitness author James Atkinson is now on Udemy!

A game changer for many! Is it your turn next?...

If you:

  • Want to start working out to lose weight or tone up but are not sure how

  • Want a simple, but effective home workout routine using minimal equipment

  • Want a solid guide that will give you life changing fitness results

  • Would like a straight talking, step by step, progressive training program to follow at your own pace

  • Would like information on health and fitness that will last forever

Then it’s all right here!

Hi, I’m James Atkinson - Jim to my friends, readers and students. I’m a qualified personal trainer and fitness coach who loves to help others reach their fitness goals.

I have been training for over twenty years. This training has taken me from long distance running to bodybuilding competition and a whole lot in between.

It is fair to say that I have learned the secrets of weight loss and fitness from my own personal journey and education. There is a lot more about me and my career in my other books and guides but this course is about you and your fitness journey!

Believe me; I can empathise with the beginner or anyone who has followed training routines before and has not found their results!

There is so much contradicting information out there today that it will confuse a trainer to a point that it will actually kill any motivation and stop a fitness goal in its tracks.

This is why I designed this course, If I was a beginner to fitness, overweight, recovering from an injury or unhappy with my body in any way and I know what I know now, this 6 week routine is exactly what I would do to start me off and set me up for an incredible fitness journey.

Good luck and remember that I am always happy to help where I can so feel free to give me a shout if you have any questions.

All the best


HOME WORKOUT: 30 minutes cardio workout for weight loss

Best Home Workout to Lose total body fat at home with simple cardio workout for Weight loss & Fitness!

Created by Aqib Lateef - Professional Fitness Trainer


Students: 15, Price: $19.99

Students: 15, Price:  Paid

HOME WORKOUT: 30 minutes cardio workout for weight loss At Home!

Do you feel...?

Depressed & hopeless due to your over weight.

You think too much when you buy new clothes.

You feel shy when you walking in public place or parties.

You feel unfit and need to engage in physical activity to improve your fitness?

If so then this is the course for you! In this course you are finally going to learn how to take control over your weight loss.

Improving your physique has so many benefits. Not only will you be leading a more active and healthy lifestyle, you’ll look better, feels better and will ooze confidence! A healthy body will also mean a healthy mind. Improve your body, your mind and overall fitness.

Exercising regularly is one of the best things you can do for your health and wellbeing. You can even think of exercise as a cure-all for everything from anxiety to heart disease! The problem is that many people know it’s go.

I created this course for Beginners and for people that want to lose weight or are new to a fitness program.

In this course you will find everything you need to start a fitness program, and I will walk you through the entire workout step-by-step.

What you'll learn in This Home Workout Fitness Program

  • Learn weight loss for real & forever in A simple Manner

  • How to lose weight very fast

  • Improved fitness through exercise

  • We will learn how we can contour our body shape

  • How you can lose your body fat

  • Reduce fat with simple & easy exercise

  • Fat loss while working out from the comfort of your own home or your favorite place with no gym & no equipment’s required

  • Best Exercises for weight loss

The ideal student is a person that is new to fitness or someone that wants to start a fitness program to lose weight, improve their overall health.

Maybe you don't have time to leave work and head to the gym, maybe you don't want to buy a gym membership, or maybe you don't want to waste time waiting your turn using the equipment.

This is where bodyweight training comes in. Simple, convenient, and effective. No gym membership, very minimal equipment, and no wasted time!

My course breaks down bodyweight training in simple, easy to understand videos, featuring exercises for every part of the body.