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Irrigation 101: Introduction To Irrigation and Sprinklers

Course 1 of Pro Irrigation Training's "Irrigation 101" series. Learn all the basics of Irrigation.

Created by Michael Haynes - Instructor at Pro Irrigation Training


Students: 13506, Price: Free

Introduction To Irrigation And Sprinkler Systems is the first course in our series. New hires in the irrigation or landscaping business will want to take our "Irrigation and Sprinkler System 101" courses to get a proper fundamental education of the concepts and components that make up a sprinkler system. Homeowners or gardeners will also benefit from an understanding of their own sprinkler systems. All measurements used are Imperial or American Standard, that is; inches, feet, gallons, etc. 

Start at the beginning with irrigation concepts, system design basics and water hydraulics. We wrap up this free course with some real world skills that you'll use frequently in the field; using a 5 gallon bucket test to measure flow, and measuring elevation change and slope percentage.

An hour and a half of video instruction also includes a 22 page PDF download of all material covered. Lifetime access to all the course videos and downloads insures that you can revisit any info in the field from your smartphone. Begin a program of professional development in green industry with courses from Pro Irrigation Training. You'll learn the basics of irrigation and start a proper education that will get you started earning money.

SimPLife: The Way of the Practical Life

Dedicated to Your Simpl, Sensible Self-Reliance, via Practical Logic, Investigation & Life's Example

Created by im Simpl - Environmental Engineer/Organic Farmer/Builder/Designer


Students: 10135, Price: Free

          Welcome To SimPLife: The Way of the Practical Life
Hey, It's SimPL:

* what SimPL stands for,  an intro
* defining, refining the idea of simpl, practical living
* factbytes on this human world as it operates
* shared experiences of the author
* insights borne of efforts failed and won-
  (that you don't now need to repeat)

              WHO DOESN'T GRAB AT FREE STUFF?   (I DO!)

SimPLy put, this is an ideabank;
conscious, practical uses of permacultural and SimPL philosophy-

THE OVERALL IDEA IS, you get several things to muse upon.
THE QUESTION IS, what are you going to do with it?

IDEALLY, YOU can use this course wisely for your own life.
SimPLife can only lead you to water. 

that's me.  hi, i'm im.

Perhaps you long for a more balanced, intelligent-based environment- 
You are NOT alone in this

This course is for YOU, the Creative-Activist. seeker of the sensible, ready for change,  and not imprinted for inertia, ignorance or inactivity.

SimPLife is a thought-out collection of self-reliance tools and useable knowledge, and
SimPLife is NOT for everyone.

"ask NOT
what this world can do for you, ask what together we can do for the  betterment of this Planet, and for all Beings of open hand and heart." 
- i just said that.

if you're OK with that, then SimPLife is OK for you.

POINT. glaringly obvious- WE NEED EACH OTHER
to shake free, to live sensibly, sanely, practically-
and to make irrelevant, certain dominating negative influences.

please take NOTES, ENGAGE often- ADD to this body of work!
               because, THE WORLD NEEDS YOU.
this is not a joke, nor a rehearsal.

multiplicity for 


Mold / Mould: How to Improve Indoor Air Quality ?

Learn how to improve indoor air quality in your home or office according to Health Canada Guidelines and Regulations.

Created by Mold Busters - Air Quality Experts


Students: 7704, Price: Free

This Air Pollution Solutions: How to Improve Indoor Air Quality course is designed for all audiences to educate and raise awareness about the importance of maintaining proper indoor air quality. You will learn about biological and chemical indoor contaminants, safe exposure levels of these contaminants, as well as one of the most common pollutants of indoor air--mold. Find out about the causes of mold, the most common locations for mold growth, and the best removal and remediation options. Plus, get practical and effective mold prevention tips from real-life mold inspectors!

Take this FREE Air Pollution Solutions course and learn how to improve indoor air quality.

Start a Career Installing Fiber Glass Insulation

Through this training you will learn how to install fiber glass insulation and how to use these skills to get a new job.

Created by CertainTeed Saint-Gobain - Insulation Professional


Students: 7667, Price: Free

You want to become an insulation installer? You are eager to learn about insulation? This course could help you to get a new job!

We will start by going over the details of the job: Insulation Installer FAQS. This go over a typical day as an installer, schedule, benefits, and career advancement.

Then we will get started with insulation, learn the basics and why insulation is important and makes a difference in a building.

After that we will go deeper in the subject and learn how to blow wool and install batt.

Across all the video you will acquire knowledge about



Settings for the machine

Where to get the right information


Once you passes this classes make sure to join cometogether certainteed to be put in contact with contractors looking for installers

Transform Your Space With Joy

How to Bring Joy Into Your Home With Feng Shui Inspired Design

Created by Mina Yang - LA-based feng shui and design consultant


Students: 6090, Price: Free

Reading Ingrid Fetell Lee’s Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness, I found myself nodding my head repeatedly. I felt like I had found my tribe as she told anecdotes about people who practiced the “aesthetics of joy.” Here were people who played with their environment with zeal and creativity, who sometimes took their passions to absurd extremes.


From my experiences in feng shui and design, I understood what they were trying to do and why these shifts in their environment could bring about such delight. The book got me thinking about how ordinary people could take these lessons and design joy into their homes. Fetell Lee starts to go there, but that is not her focus. I pick up where she leaves off to show you how you too can practice the “aesthetics of joy” and create a home that makes possible more joy in your life.


I show you how to

-bring more energy;

-create harmony;

-cultivate feelings of freedom;

-induce play;

-transcend the ordinary;

-create occasions for renewal and celebration

in your home and life.


This mini-course is free now and forever. Spread the joy and share with your friends and family!

How to Hang a TV Mount on The Wall (Master Class) Easy Way

in this course I'll be teaching you how to hang a wall mount for your TV. It's very simple. But we go over it all.

Created by Chris Ahl - Experienced instructor


Students: 2732, Price: Free


In this course will be going over how to hang a TV using a wall mount.

It's a very simple process but we will be guiding you step-by-step starting with tool list and ending with the finished product.

Not too much else to say but thank you so much for checking out this course have a blessed rest of your day.

How to Sand Your Wood Floors Easy (Master Class) Sanding 101

In this course will be going over how to properly sand your wood floors. Most projects only take a few days to complete.

Created by Chris Ahl - Experienced instructor


Students: 2149, Price: Free

In this course will be going over how to sand your own wood floors.

It's actually super simple and if you have a few hundred bucks you can rent a machine and do it with ease.

I'm going to be teaching you a step-by-step process how I sanded my own wood floors. We're going to get Hands-On and I'll show you how I do it every step of the way.

We are also going to be applying a polyurethane coating on top of the sanded wood floors.

The hall process from start to finish took about 3 days total.

We'll go over tool list and everything you'll need to do a project like this yourself. It's really a one- person job.

Thank you so much for checking out my course feel free to leave a comment or of you and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Getting Started Stocking Your Pantry for Winter

How to Use Your Garden Harvests & the Farmers Market to Eat Healthy All Year Round

Created by Megan Cain - Garden Educator


Students: 1096, Price: Free

This winter, imagine grabbing all the ingredients you need for a meal right from your pantry, without having to go to the grocery store.

With a few simple techniques, you can continue to enjoy food grown in your own garden (or purchased from the farmers market) throughout the long, cold months of winter.

This FREE mini-course will show you how to make every harvest last longer by quickly and easily preserving vegetables at the height of the season.

You’ll love the feeling of sitting down to a meal and knowing a large part of it came from your garden!

This free mini-course features videos + worksheets to help you:

  • Deconstruct your favorite meals to set your food preserving priorities

  • Explore 4 quick and easy options for preserving food (besides canning!)

  • Discover delicious ideas for featuring your preserved food in healthy recipes all winter long

Get started stocking your pantry with delicious, fresh & healthy produce right now!

Is toxic mold making me sick?

Black mold can be disastrous to your health and your home

Created by Steve Worsley - Wyoming's #1 Mold Mitigation Contractor and Mold Consultant


Students: 483, Price: Free

Do you feel sick all the time, especially when you're home more often than normal? Many people suffer from mold sickness and aren't diagnosed properly. You could be wasting thousands of dollars and hours of your precious time, trying to figure out why you're sick all the time. This course will teach you how to recognize mold sickness and cover the steps that should be followed to detox from mold exposure. Once you finish this course, you will be educated as to importance of air quality in your home and your workplace. Don't risk your health or the occupants of your home.

Moving Jobs Exposed!

A Simple Moving Guide

Created by Chris Oparanozie - Licensed Professional


Students: 467, Price: Free

It’s Moving Time!

Do you need to complete a move job? Whether you’re moving your self or need to hire a crew, this course will guide on best practices to ensure you’re belongs are moved safely and efficiently.

If you are a paid mover this course will truly teach you how to complete a job successfully. Completing jobs safely and efficiently will lead to more jobs.

Topics include

  • Moving Basics

  • Proper Lift and Carry

  • Uhual Truck Guide

  • Loading a Truck

  • Unloading a Truck

  • And More

Home Staging for Beginners – Is this the career for you?

Learn to change your career and find your Ideal Customer for your Home Staging business

Created by Lisa-Jade Odendaal - Educator and Business Coach


Students: 274, Price: Free

Use your skills to start a small business or just using your skills to start a new hobby. Network and practice on family and friends. In no time, you will get referrals and you can start a work-from-home business, with very little start up costs or capital outlay. It is a rewarding hobby and can develop into a part-time or full-time career. Whilst deciding if  whether this is the career change you are looking for, learn about how to develop your IDEAL CUSTOMER. Learn about your WHY, NICHE, and AVATAR, so that you are marketing your new service to the correct people. Develop your own IDEAL CUSTOMER profile so that you know who you should be selling your services to. This is a FREE course designed for you to see if this career is what you think it should be, how to go about starting a small business and finding your ideal customer to market your services to. Learn about different marketing platforms on social media, which allows you to start a home staging business with minimal start-up costs. This course is for you if you have interior design skills, enjoy working with people and wanting to start your own business, leaving the hum drum of the 9-5 job behind and being your own boss.

Easy Gardening : Grow Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers at Home!

Learn to grow your own Vegetables, Flowers and Herbs in your backyard or in your own home!

Created by Mitchell Bouchard - B.S, Host @RedCapeLearning 415,000 + Students


Students: 100, Price: Free

Do you want to learn all about Gardening

Perhaps you want to grow Tomatoes? Grow Herbs? or Flowers?

If you said yes, this is the perfect course to learn Gardening!

In this course you will learn how to get started with Gardening. We will teach you all about the soil, seeds, water and other garden tools needed to build your own garden! 

Enrol now and get instant access to:

  • 30 + Minutes of Video Content

  • Custom Workbook PDF

  • Premium Instructor support

  • Lifetime updates to the class

How does the course work?

Jump right in and begin watching videos on growing your own plants! Chanel has been growing produce and selling it at local farmers markets for the past 10 years! In this course you will be thrilled to learn gardening tips and Tricks!

In the beginning of the course we will go over the basic tools needed and towards the end of the gardening course you will be able to plant Veggies, Herbs and Flowers!

Who is your course instructor?

This course is led by Mitchell Bouchard (Founder of Red Cape Learning ) and Chanel Bouchard (Course Instructor)who have reached over 425,000 Students combined on Udemy.

Are you ready to start growing Vegetables?

We're so excited that you're here reading this course description, and know that once you enroll you won't regret it.

Click that enroll button and start Groeing Vegetables today!