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Hec-RAS and ArcGIS for Hydrologic Engineering

Discover the potentialities of Hec-RAS and Hec-GeoRAS for channel modeling and flood analysis #hecras

Created by AulaGEO Academy - Specialists in GIS - BIM - LAND and Smart process training


Students: 682, Price: $109.99

Students: 682, Price:  Paid

This practical course starts from scratch and is designed step by step, with practical exercises, which allow you to know the essential fundamentals in the management of Hec-RAS.

With Hec-RAS you will have the ability to conduct flood studies and determine flood areas, integrating it with urban planning and land planning.

Compared to other courses that focus solely on explaining technical knowledge, this course also gives a detailed and simple description of all the steps to follow from when we want to start a flood study until its final presentation, making use of the experience accumulated after More than 10 years conducting such studies for administrations, private promoters or research projects.

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Download and installation of Hec-RAS and Hec-GeoRAS

Section 3: Windows settings

Section 4: Introduction to Hec-RAS and Hec-GeoRAS: interface and structure

Section 5: A brief review of ArcGIS 10

Section 6: Prior to the hydraulic study: obtaining cartography

Section 7: Calculate flow rate according to return period

Section 8: Construction of Geometry in Hec-GeoRAS

Section 9: Parameterization in Hec-RAS: import geometry ...

Section 10: Parameterization in Hec-RAS: bridges and tubing...

Section 11: Parameterization in Hec-RAS: run the analysis

Section 12: Modeling in Hec-GeoRAS

Section 13: Visualization of results in Hec-RAS and Hec-GeoRAS

Section 14: Addendum: results display in Google Earth

The course served in english, but includes subtitles to many other languages.

Hec-RAS from zero for hidraulic analysis

Analysis of floods with free software: HEC-RAS

Created by AulaGEO Academy - Specialists in GIS - BIM - LAND and Smart process training


Students: 356, Price: $89.99

Students: 356, Price:  Paid

HEC-RAS is a program of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, for the modeling of floods in natural rivers and other canals. In this introductory course we will see the process for the realization of one-dimensional models, although as of version 5 of the program, two-dimensional flow modeling has been incorporated, as well as sediment transfer modeling capabilities.

The course will advance through the entire process of generating the model: from the creation of geometry, analysis data entry, model execution, and data export.

It is an eminently practical course with just and necessary doses of theory, where materials are provided to follow each lesson in real time.

HecRas is a program for the calculation of floods and floods.

A Practical Introduction to Hydraulic Modelling with HEC-RAS

A step-by-step guide to building, running and interpreting 1D HEC-RAS models. Now with downloadable companion guide

Created by Nick Wallerstein - River Analyst


Students: 83, Price: $39.99

Students: 83, Price:  Paid

The modelling of flows in rivers using computer simulation packages is primarily undertaken to determine where and when floods will occur. The US Army Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center River Analysis Software package (HEC-RAS) is one of the most popular river modelling systems currently in use and is available to download and use for free without the restrictions that some competing software packages currently have. In this step-by-step course I will show you how to build a 1-D river model using HEC-RAS. No prior knowledge of river modelling is required. The course is also designed for those with river modelling experience but who have not yet used HEC-RAS. You will build a river network, add structures to your model and run steady and unsteady flow simulations and then examine scenarios such as simulating climate change and creating levees. There is a course manual to accompany the classes which the user can download and work through independently or in conjunction with the video presentations. This workshop will enable you to gain the basic skills associated with 1-D modelling using HEC-RAS and as such will stand you in good stead whether you study river channel processes in academia or work in the river engineering industry.