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Happiness Psychology: 5 Proven Tips

Learn About Scientific Ways to Be Happier With Theses 5 Data-Driven Psychology Principles

Created by Andrew Luttrell, Ph.D. - Social Psychologist


Students: 55120, Price: Free

UPDATE: Now with full English subtitles!

You're about to understand the simple things that can transform your happiness and sense of well-being. For centuries, people have been trying to figure out what it takes to live the good life. It might seem like a question that will always be up for debate among philosophers, but science has some answers.

Recent research in psychology and neuroscience have uncovered reliable strategies that people can use to be happier. We know way more about who's living a satisfying life and why. I'm a social psychologist, and I've done an extensive review of these research studies to show you what works.

This course keeps things simple by highlighting 5 simple things that you can do today to increase your happiness and well-being. Everything you're about to learn comes from documented, peer-reviewed research in psychological science.

Happier people enjoy a bunch of other benefits ranging from workplace success to better social lives. So what do you have to lose? Enroll in this course now to get a quick introduction to this fascinating and valuable topic.

This course is a special selection of lectures on the psychology of happiness. For a more advanced course, please check out “Be Happier with Positive Psychology," available here on Udemy.

How childhood and family history affect our happiness

Facts of the past which may influence you

Created by Bertold Ulsamer - Therapeut, Trainer und Coach


Students: 8503, Price: Free

You want to enjoy your life much more?

You do not feel at one with your life?

You are eager to understand your emotions for which you don’t know the triggers?   

You don’t get why sometimes strange emotions and moods come out of the blue and affect your life?   

It is well known that certain facts of the past influence your present wellbeing. Still, many people underestimate their influence. Therefore, getting to know these facts as well as understanding the power and importance of these will help you to increase your quality of life both in your relationships and your career.   

I will give you food for thought and teach you recent insights from a method called family constellation to make sense out of your emotions like anger, fear, depression or guilt. Thus, in the end, you will know yourself better and you have done your very first and big step towards enjoying your life much more!

Feedback on udemy: "Very informative and great content. Gives an understanding how our ancestors are connected to us and how family roots/history affects our life, and why family constellations can be great healing. I appreciate the instructor for the course on this topic, thank you. Gratitude. " T. A.

“Absolutely brilliant course So got me thinking in so many ways as to different aspects of me, my childhood plus so much more Thank you” C. J.

Find Happiness In A Profound Gentle Way With Hygge

Offering a step by step, profound guide to help you create a cozy happiness centred life. Less stress, more enjoyment.

Created by Sharon Ramel - Spiritual Guide, Shaman, Priestess


Students: 8057, Price: Free

What would it be like to live the life you were meant to live? To have the world around you in alignment with your inner self? What steps can you take to draw what you are seeking into your life?

Some student reviews from my other courses:
"I love learning with Sharon, she shares her truth every time, is engaging and informative". Laura L - 2019

"Always open to new ways to heal body, mind and soul. I have enjoyed this course. We all have such busy lives these days that we forget what Life and all of Nature have to offer us. To truly listen and open our Hearts. I am one who sees and feel within the Heart space and for a while now that space was closed up. Thank you Sharon for Hygge to declutter all that is no longer needed." Marina V - 2019

"Very inspiring course. Definitely going to bring Hygge into my life. Thank you." Liana - 2019

"I found the class very beneficial and a great sense of peace. wonderful! Thank you, Sharon!' Amanda - 2019

"Sharon speaks like a poet about a concept totally new to me. She makes it like an adventure into a strange faraway country, but at the same time so close by as to your own soul. I listened to this course while lying in my bed with pneumonia. I found the course a very healing story. Thank you, Sharon!" - Sanne - 2019

It is time to appreciate the value of time socially, for friends, family good food and drink, working to co-create a connection, less stress, more presence, happiness, pure joy and simplicity as these are the things that enrich our lives at a deeper spiritual level. 

  1. This course will show you how to transform your life using the Danish concept of Hygge.

  2. How to genuinely create change in your life working with proven concepts.

  3. You may be new to personal development or a seasoned seeker and if you are willing to put the energy into yourself you will benefit from this course. 

  4. Your guide Sharon Ramel is here with you daily to assist answering your questions.

There is a space within our hearts - that special place that knows we are home in our heart centre. We are connected content present and happy. Hygge is a sense that wells up from within. So yes there are many external things that we may do to bring Hygge into our lives the most important journey is the inner path.

What's inside this course?

  • Your introduction to Hygge and why ritual matters in our lives

  • How to create your own life-affirming mantra

  • Discover a gentle meditation to calm your mind called So Hung

  • Find gentle inspirational moments to quieten your busy mind

  • The importance of sleep and how to set yourself up for a good rest

  • How to de-clutter to bring a sense of harmony and peace into your life

  • Simple ways to make your home a more peaceful place to live in

“Hygge was never meant to be translated - it was meant to be felt” - ToveMaren Stakkestad

Happiness Course : Practical Steps – Create A Fulfilled Life

Proven Technique to Discover a Positive Way to Life . Gain Control Over Your Mind. Wisdom of Eastern Spirituality

Created by Kamal Khurana - Mentor for Personal Transformation - Author of Book - When mind stops, the magic begins


Students: 7637, Price: Free

Sadness exists only because the mind gets stuck at incidents of past and it perceives everything negative in the present and also imagines the future to be negative. Most people do  not know how to deal with this loop of negative thinking. 

At a logical level everyone knows that “What has happened till now, has happened”. But it is difficult to rescue self from the beliefs of the mind. Working on the mind is not easy. 

This course will help you understand "what’s happening with you". And only when know the deeper aspects of the problem at hand, you can do something about them. 

You will learn - 

  1. Why is your mind which stuck up and ways to deal with it 
  2. Ways to  work on your mind and heal yourself. 
  3. How to get the balance and peace back in your life
  4. Steps to rescue yourself from this loop of self doubt, self rejection and low emotion. 
  5. Ways to create a new life once again
  6. Ways to build trust in ownself
  7. Understand your emotions and learn ways to shift it all around
  8. Stop the loop of complaining about life and people and get on action to change the situations around
  9. Develop a Growth Mindset & discover the Passion to Live a life having full control
  10. Gain ability to live with joy, happiness and freedom
  11. Transform the way of life

The course comes with a pack of 5 videos specifically constructed to help handle the situation.

The course is made of 5 sections - 

  • Knowing the Reasons behind Sadness 
  • Creating Happiness
  • Orientation
  • Inner Self Integration Technique
  • Being emotionally wise

The first video helps you know the reasons behind your present emotional state.

The second video tells you the ways that help you know the right way to live and learn the steps towards creating resilience and courage to deal with the present situation

Counselling is expensive and most people mention that the effect of the highly priced service of the counsellors diminishes with time. Because you get the learning in the form of videos, you can watch them at anytime whenever you feel that the relapse is happening.

Although this video course cannot substitute counselling or therapy, but still it creates a position for you to understand and handle your emotions and move on.  

Additionally you get to learn a technique called Inner Self Integration which is a set of 3 videos(out of the total 5 videos) that will help you gain control over life and develop the right strategy to live a fully functional life. This technique also enables you to achieve your life goals in much easier way.

You will learn through a step by step process, with expert guidance all the way and a course workbook with all the exercises and main points. You can write your answers, defining your daily tasks that help you take action. Also the course is in a video lecture form, you can listen to it anytime again on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Family constellation – a significant method for your growth

How you and your family are connected - an introduction

Created by Bertold Ulsamer - Therapeut, Trainer und Coach


Students: 6788, Price: Free

Do you think you control your life? So if something goes wrong in your relationship or in your profession you simply push yourself more and suddenly you get what you want?   

Well, this belief is wrong!   

A new method called “family constellations” demonstrates that in many ways. This approach has spread throughout the world in the last two decades.

More than 20 years as a therapist, I practice this method in the form that was originally created by German Bert Hellinger. I experience many clients being enriched and I am aware of the positive influence it had and still has on my own life.   Therefore, it is my heartfelt desire to introduce “family constellation” to you and support you in learning how this method is applied, including its limits and possible dangers.   

You will get insights on how you and your family are connected in unconscious ways.     You will recognize what is necessary to find lasting solutions in the connections with your family members. 

How To Get Clarity And Find Your Purpose In Life

Discover The 5 Reasons Why You Feel Lost Or Stuck In Life

Created by Ich Loc - Co-Founder of Limit Break Lifestyle


Students: 6601, Price: Free

Do you wake up everyday feeling miserable

Are you doing the same things over and over again, while feeling completely empty inside?

Do you feel like your life has no purpose

Are you simply existing, one tiring day after another?

Do you feel like every time you decide to make a change, life seems to get in the way

Throwing you obstacles, struggles, pain and suffering?

I’m here to remind you that:

You were born to stand out in this world.

You are a pure and powerful creative being.

You have gifts inside you that are just waiting to come out.

Your purpose in life is to bring these gifts out to serve the world.

All it takes is for you to have the courage to take your first step out of your comfort zone.


This FREE Clarity Power Training will help you achieve exactly that!

Train a Happiness Mindset through Playful Meditation

3 Easy and Playful Guided Meditations that create a new and positive way of thinking in your thought habits.

Created by Arial Els van de Schoot - Professional spiritual caregiver


Students: 5734, Price: Free

  • Learn to Cherish the Feel Good Moments of Your Day
  • Learn to Give more Compliments to Others and Yourself
  • Learn to Appreciate all the Good in your Life and of this World

In this course:

  • Meditation instructions for those who are beginners
  • 3 Guided Meditations, useful for beginners as well as advanced meditators
  • The Meditations are plafyul, and thus easy to focus on.
  • Support through the Q&A
  • A follow up course for those who want more

Arial: “I have been depressed for 1,5 years, I never went to a psychologist for it, instead I found ways throughout the years to develop a happy mindset. In this course, I’ll be sharing 3 of those fun ways I have found. I call them ‘Happy Mind Games’. They're little focus meditations in which you that make you instantly happy and will change your way of thinking forever into positivity. During the 3 lessons of this course, we will do this focusing of our consciousness together, and if any questions come up, please don't hesitate to ask for support in the Q&A section.”

Master Happiness

Let Life Be Awesome

You can do it.

Train a Happiness Mindset through Playful Meditation
3 Easy and Playful Guided Meditations that create a new and positive way of thinking in your thought habits

Choose Happiness Now

Learn how to feel better in the moment

Created by Tammy Bennett - Tarot Reader


Students: 5651, Price: Free

This course is a collection of many things I learned about finding happiness during Life Coach training. I must share this as a FREE course, because this information changed my life for the better!  You are going to learn: 

-how to choose Happiness

-how to have a better perception of your thoughts and emotions

-how to feel happy NOW, instead of having to wait for a later time

-different ways to deal with stress in a healthy manner

-different ways you may be self sabotaging your happiness

-ways to be more authentically YOU,

and so much more!

Freedom From Anxiety

The holistic, step-by-step guide to transcending anxiety.

Created by Stephen Parato - Author


Students: 4999, Price: Free

Now is the time to set yourself free. Freedom From Anxiety is the preeminent online course on overcoming anxiety. It’s a holistic program with actionable steps, designed to give you the tools to empower yourself and hop into the driver's seat of your life.

Freedom From Anxiety hits anxiety from multiple angles, helping you help yourself. The lessons include everything from diet, meditation, fitness, simple tricks, useful resources and a whole lot more to help you transcend anxiety. There are also simple and easy action steps to make sure that you're actually implementing the information, which is what really counts.

What You Will Get Out of This Course:

  1. A unique, holistic approach to anxiety
  2. A combination of insight, facts and actionable items
  3. A multitude of strategies to draw upon
  4. A simple 4 week program to conquer anxiety
  5. More insights than a website dedicated to quotes
  6. An array of tools to become the master of your reality
  7. The disposition of a blissful unicorn

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself?

Join Freedom From Anxiety today!

Steps to Happy Relationships & Marriage – Practical tips

Learn the formula to a Happy Relationship / Marriage. Bring Love and Friendship that you were wishing for- Right Now !

Created by Kamal Khurana - Mentor for Personal Transformation - Author of Book - When mind stops, the magic begins


Students: 4634, Price: Free

Who doesn't want the relationship / marriage life to be happy, love-filled and fulfilling. But very few know how to create that perfect relationship. Here is a complete set solution that can help you get your relationship back on track right now ...

This course Steps to Happy Relationships & Marriage - Practical tips  has been created to help everyone know the simple proven techniques for perfect relationships & marriages. 


The Way this course works -

You can't drive a car, if you haven't taken your driving lessons. And this is about your relationship/ marriage. Isn't that strange, that most people use a hit and trial method in relationships…

But there are simple ways and steps that creates the needed bond in every relationship / marriage. Without those ways, almost all relationships & marriages are prone to either being loveless or breaking away. Well, here's a course that helps you know the in-depth realities of what takes you and your partner away and what can bring you close.  These few steps were very well taught by head of families (Grand Pa's & Grand Mums) a hundred years ago. But now all that knowledge has got lost in time. Yet for today's time, the wisdom has been collected back for you again - i.e. This course Steps to Happy Relationships & Marriage - Practical tips.

This very effective course is a perfect blend of concepts discovered by the western sciences of  psychology and ancient eastern schools of wisdom thereby giving a step by step, easy to use tips that people can implement successfully. This course Steps to Happy Relationships & Marriage - Practical tips provides you with perfect mix of relevant information (which orients you well) and step by step algorithm to resolve issues that can help you create the successful relationship that you have been wishing for since long.  

The complete course is based on the keyword - RELATE. You will learn how to relate to your partner and also make your partner relate to you. 

The changes that you see when you implement  the learning in your relationship / marriage :

  • You will begin to feel belonged and accepted again.
  • You will begin to feel well connected in your mind and also one team.
  • You will begin to feel loved, the way you wanted.
  • Your will find it very easy to share anything with your partner - so freely.
  • You will create the much needed attraction in your relationship / marriage, very easily.
  • You will find talking and resolving issues like a child's play.
  • You will begin to feel the forever love with your partner.

The Course Format - 

The course starts with helping you discover the right concept of love. Only when you have the right orientation, you can get all the further action steps right.  

The next part of the course prepares you to get better at the steps to create love. The most common statement that your partner says is “You don’t love me !”. Isn’t it ?. Now with this part of the course you learn HOW TO LOVE. And you become capable of transforming your relationship completely.

Then comes the preparation for the resolving issues. Here you get oriented to creating the much needed space in your mind and also with your partner, that can help you both to resolve issues. This part is really crucial. You would agree to the fact that it is more of the animosity and anger that is the real reason behind fights & arguments as compared to the issue (which may be real). It’s more about how you enter into a discussion than what the discussion is about. This part includes the do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in your mind while you are discussing issues.

Followed is the part where you actually learn the technique to resolve issues. It is the Connection Talk which is the powerful way that has been discovered after researching more than 5000 couples. These couples could successfully implement this step by step way to resolve any issue like 2 good friends.  

The next part is also very important for any marriage or any relationship that is moving towards marriage – The Extended Family – In-laws. However good friends the two of you may be, but being friends with the extended family / in-laws is also very crucial for the success of a marriage.

Finally, the most sought but not openly discussed, is the topic of physical intimacy. Although intimacy has been the most searched keyword on the internet, yet very few couples actually know how to create a very satisfying intimate relationship. This part has very simply described the steps to create and maintain your happy, successful, satisfying intimate life with your partner forever. Truly saying, this course is a life changing.

If you are looking forward to adding stability and meaning in your relationship, this course can add priceless value, to your relationship. 

Course is most applicable if…

  • You have a disturbed relationship / married life – and there has been a mention of breakup or divorce by your partner
  • You are looking forward to getting married and want to learn the way to a secured future – Pre-Marriage Preparation.
  • You are in a relationship or marriage and you want to simply add love & happiness

What is unique in this course?

Counselling is expensive and most people mention that the effect of the highly priced service of the counsellors diminishes with time. Because you get the learning in the form of videos, you can watch them at anytime whenever you feel that the relapse is happening.

Although this video course cannot substitute counselling or therapy, but still it creates a position for you to understand and handle your emotions and move on.  

This course is a set of 6 videos that will help you gain the right steps to create a fully satisfying relationship. You will learn through a step by step process, with expert guidance all the way and a course workbook with all the exercises and main points. You can write your answers, defining your daily tasks that help you take action. Also the course is in a video lecture form, you can listen to it anytime again on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Who is the target audience?

  • You have a disturbed relationship / married life – and there has been a mention of breakup or divorce by your partner
  • You are looking forward to getting married and want to learn the way to a secured future – Pre-Marriage Preparation.
  • You are in a relationship or marriage and you want to simply add love & happiness

Pursuit Of Happiness: 4 Week Challenge

Finding happiness by experimenting with new, simple tools.

Created by Donovon Jenson - Author, Software Engineer, Poet, Rapper


Students: 4491, Price: Free

Looking for simple ways to boost your happiness? You've come to the right place. Welcome to the 4 week happiness challenge, where you'll be asked to participate in 28 different exercises, each of which helps increase happiness in some way. Each exercise is simple to complete (though some may require serious reflection) and approachable for everyone.

By the end of your four weeks, you should expect to have tried lots of tools and found some which really resonate with you. After that, you can take those tools and start using them regularly to build great happiness habits. Happiness is a long, never-finished journey, but you can get started here.

If you have any questions or need anything, please let me know. Always glad to help. I hope to guide you through your 4 week happiness journey soon! 

Manage anxiety while in isolation

Assisting with mental well-being and the management of anxiety, isolation and stress from COVID-19

Created by Andy Lingfield - I teach people how to be lucky - live without limitations


Students: 4016, Price: Free

Since the World Health Organisation has declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic, many of us, even those who have not been infected by the virus, will choose to quarantine in our homes for the upcoming weeks or maybe longer.

This could be through personal choice, government lockdowns or rules about social distancing depending on where you are in the world.

For many, this period of isolation can impact unchecked anxiety and stress.

I want to help

In this short targeted course, you will learn some simple strategies you can use on a daily basis.

These strategies are based on powerful NLP techniques which I have adapted from my master NLP training.

NLP stands for ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’ which is the study and practice of understanding how we organise our thinking, feeling, language and behaviour.

Please remember, that whilst very useful, they are not substitutes for professional mental health support.

Imagine. You have completed the course and over the next few weeks you notice changes are happening. Changes that are for the better for both you and your relationships.

I truly hope you find this course useful. Stay safe


Start Feeling Happier – Right Now!

Train Your Brain for Love, Peace and Joy

Created by Sudesh Kannan PH.D. - practitioner of meditation and mindfulness for over 20 years


Students: 3657, Price: Free

Most of us go through challenges in life where we seem to have so many things to do and not enough time. The overwhelm can make us feel unhappy. That stress you feel is your mind playing tricks on you. In this course you will receive the tools and tips you need to begin and maintain a practice that will help you retrain your mind for love, joy and peace. 

Know Yourself

Gaining self-awareness as a gateway to happiness

Created by James Hill - Powered by positivity and perspective


Students: 3146, Price: Free

Aristotle once said, “knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”. In my opinion, knowing yourself is also the foundation upon which happiness is built.

Whether you are desperately unhappy with your life, or simply feel “OK” but have a nagging feeling that life should be about so much more than just feeling OK, then this course could be for you!

Knowing yourself deeply has many benefits, starting with the headline fact that you will feel more happy, alive, and fulfilled, right down to the more specific benefits like greater self-esteem, less chance of being affected by the opinions, judgements and expectations of others or society in general, and more productivity and self-motivation in everyday life.

This course is split into four sections.

In Section One I introduce myself and the concepts of happiness and self-awareness, and detail why knowing yourself is so important.

In Section Two and Three we dive deep into knowing yourself – here you will learn about your values, your motivations and desires, your strengths, your personality traits, where you fall on the introvert-extrovert spectrum, and what your “dark side” is (if you are wondering what I mean by this, all will be revealed in the course)! We also talk about why a lot of this stuff matters and how you can use it in your life. Indeed, throughout the course I offer specific tips as to how to apply certain aspects of self-awareness in order to get you started on your journey towards applying what you learn about yourself, so you can create a life of meaning, purpose, productivity, self-motivation and maximum happiness!

In Section Four I discuss the importance of “testing and learning” in life, and leave you with some motivational takeaways and final thoughts on self-awareness in relation to life and happiness.

If you are ready to dive deep into your soul and uncover the real you, all so you can create and craft a life you love, then please enrol now and I’ll see you on the inside! ?

Finding Your Happiness

How to increase your happiness and build a world class life

Created by James Hill - Powered by positivity and perspective


Students: 2890, Price: Free

Finding Your Happiness is for anyone not feeling incredibly happy in their lives and themselves.  It’s for those who want to build a world class life of true happiness.

In this course you will learn exactly what I mean by “happy” and “happiness”, how and why TRUE success is to be happy, and the 10 powerful principles to understand and implement in order to maximise your happiness.

My ultimate aim is not to leave you feeling “OK”, or “content” or “pretty happy”, but to give you the tools and knowledge needed to be insanely happy with yourself and your life!  Understand however that it WILL take work, effort and discipline to achieve this level of happiness, so please only take this course if you are prepared to apply those.  There are no “magic bullets” to achieving unbelievable levels of happiness.

If happiness was a currency, I’d be a billionaire, and now I want to share my “wealth”, AKA what has made me this happy, with as many people as possible.  If you would like to learn, please enroll now.

Allow yourself to feel (occasionally) stupid!

A new way to freedom

Created by Bertold Ulsamer - Therapeut, Trainer und Coach


Students: 2651, Price: Free

Being stupid or appearing stupid is terrible for most people - maybe for you too! And that's how you limit yourself and make yourself tight.

Find more your inner freedom! This course shows you the way.

 As a child we wanted to belong to our family and the environment. That's why we tried hard to understand the world of adults as quickly as possible. We felt ashamed when we seemed to be stupid. And today, as adults, we stress to appear as someone who is error-free, intelligent, and has an overview of everything!

If you allow yourself to admit that sometimes you know nothing or little, you will gain looseness and joy of playing. Practical exercises in the course will show you the way out of the old trap.

With your honesty you reach other people better and are more trustworthy and convincing as a personality.

I invite you on this way!

Retire to the Life You Love

Find and live a fulfilling, rewarding, enjoyable retirement life

Created by Heather Powell - Life coach and guide


Students: 2195, Price: Free

Retirement brings change and the future can look uncertain.

If you really want to live a life you love, and are looking at retirement, transitioning now or recently retired, then this program is for you.

We explore how to move around life's curves so you can

  • enjoy every day
  • feel confident
  • happy
  • free to lead a rewarding, fulfilling life.

Enjoy support from a guide who has walked this path - stream-line your journey to the life you love with this short self-directed program.

Now is the best time to start the rest of your life!

This program has 4 modules and includes videos, templates and guidance for you to create the unique life journey you'd love to take. It is all about you because only you know the answers.

In the program you will develop a vision for the life you'd love, find resources you already have to support you on your way; where you are now so you can craft a path to a life you'd prefer.

The program can be completed in 1 hour for a first draft. And, over days, months, years as your life unfolds, can become your guide for your life journey as you look deeper into the different aspects which it covers. 

Life becomes a joyful journey as we explore what we love and learn to focus our attention to this life. In fact, you will never look at life quite the same way ever again - you will have a new framework to choose what works for you.

May you and your life flourish!

Quick Powerful Goal Setting for Personal Development

Set goals the quick and easy way for self-improvement, personal development and happiness

Created by Denise Fletcher - Executive Coach at Enabling Transitions


Students: 1895, Price: Free

      Do you want to change your life but don't know where to start?

Or maybe you want to achieve more in life but can't get going?

      If so then this course is for YOU and will help you get the life you want.

      This course uses simple but effective ways to assess your life and make focussed plans to achieve a happier and more fulfilled life.

The main sections in the course are:   

  • Taking Stock.....looking at 10 areas of your life

  • Exploring what you want out of life and where you see yourself in 20 years

  • Creating "bullet proof objectives" to help you make changes in your live

      This is a quick and easy course taking 1-2 hours with short video lectures supplemented by downloadable worksheets. 

      At the end of the course you will have a clear idea of three areas which can help you achieve your life plans. All you have to do after the course is to take ACTION based on your bullet proof objectives. 

      Join now!  Enjoy

Live your Best Life with Positive Psychology

Believe in yourself, become happier and calmer. Learn self-help tasks to make life a little easier and flow

Created by Dottie Maria Woods - Positive Psychologist (MSc) Counsellor


Students: 1645, Price: Free

Dear Friends, I have included a daily video using a new 'key' word each day, to help you think about flourishing within your life, what is important to you and the reasons why.  Taking a few moments out for yourself each day armed with a notebook and pen, to scribble down your learnings and thoughts. Designing your life so that you may step into becoming your own best friend, treating yourself with respect and above all dignity. A few precious moments to listen to your inner voice, become calm and still.

Learning to love yourself is the first ripple into real authentic happiness and self acceptance.  In a world where everything is so face paced, you will have the opportunity to experience genuine empathy and caring support, as you find your own personal strengths, gain resilience and growth in quick bite-size positive psychology sessions.

Positive Psychology is deep and meaningful and enables people to look into their inner selves and acknowledges their weaknesses and celebrates their strengths without bias and enables us to challenge our perceptions. It is an integration of both sides of our personalities allowing personal freedom to being our authentic selves. Positive Psychology asks the question, ‘why do some people languish, and fail to thrive while others flourish becoming fully alive’? ‘Can we learn from those that flourish’? Take some time in each day so that you teach yourself to flourish - you are important.

It is not always succeeding but how we cope with failure, Positive Psychology asks ‘What’s right with your life’? By finding and acknowledging our strengths we can learn to thrive and flourish despite or because of challenging times. As our muscles become stronger via stressing through exercise, so can our skills of flourishing by using the tools of self-knowledge and positive psychology. B Siegel calls them ‘live messages’ that travel to our brains and throughout our bodies, we can look at challenging our inherent negative bias and look at focusing on our strengths.

Look within to reach out and become happier, it always starts with you.

Build resilience with the 5-3-1 plan

Prepare for the COVID Winter

Created by Watson Jordan - The Resilience Initiative, Executive Director


Students: 1597, Price: Free

As we head into the winter, days will be shorter and colder. Less light, fewer opportunities to gather as a result of winter will amplify the challenges of living in a COVID world. Fortify your resilience with this course. These straightforward activities will improve our lives and impact the lives of others.

Meditation | Balancing Energy Through Self-Acceptance

Use this Meditation to develop wisdom and happiness in your life

Created by Jonny John Liu - Teacher - Transforming Fears and Sufferings


Students: 1450, Price: Free

The Cause Of Unhappiness
The state of unhappiness is the state of Self-Rejection, basically when we reject others, ourselves, the world, basically anything in creation, we will experience, fear, negativities of the mind, unhappiness.

So the key to transforming the mind, to release the unhappiness is to develop Self-Acceptance.

Self-Acceptance is the opposite of Self-Rejection, so naturally as one develops self-acceptance one will develop greater happiness.

But how do we develop Self-Acceptance?

In this course, you will be provided a meditation practice, where you will learn what self-acceptance is from actual experience. The goal of the meditation is to provide a practice to serve as a daily reminder of the importance of seating oneself in the state of Self-Acceptance in the purest way, which will help one to align themselves in the efficient direction on the journey of Self-Transformation.

So this course is suitable for those who wish to transform their minds to create greater happiness.

This course is designed for people who are willing to put in effort and patience into transforming their mind. The Journey Of Self-Transformation will be indeed challenging it will be, so no doubt you will experience discomfort and pain in the meditation as the states of Self-Rejection surfaces. 

So take this course if you are up for a challenge. Because the meditation will bring out inner states of self-rejection which will be experienced as discomfort, but through overcoming this discomfort there will be great rewards.

Good luck!

Music Credits
Background music by Mark Purpose @ Fivver

How To Live Comfortably TALL in a “Medium Sized” World

in this course you'll be advice on living tall from a guy who is 6ft 8in

Created by Chris Ahl - Experienced instructor


Students: 1413, Price: Free

Welcome. And in this course will be talking about being tall.

This is a different course from what I'm used to because I have to talk a lot about myself as I am 6 ft 8 in

A lot of people ask me how do I live comfortably tall in a not tall world so I thought I would put this course together teaching you what I do on a daily basis as a tall person.

Will be covering where to shop what cars to drive, Fitness routine and a few extra tips that I haven't heard from anyone.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them and I'll get back to you usually within 3 days.

Thank you so much for checking out this course and have a blessed rest of your day.

Reconnect to your story

Build up your personal resources

Created by Dumulescu Daniela - Psychologist


Students: 1359, Price: Free

This course is designed as a journey of reconnection to the personal story through gathering resources and tools needed in order to overcome the actual context challenges.

The first chapter will lead to a better understanding of personal values and how to use them in the overwhelming actual context. Exploring the feeling of disconnection and its sources will be a guidance along the journey of reconnection.

The second chapter is about discovering important resources and tools for managing social relationships.

The last chapter explores elements of one's lifestyle and strategies to improve it.

Going through this journey and finishing the quests will reveal a reconnected version of the personal story that was crafted using many resources and tools gathered along the road.

Falling in Love with Life

A guide for successful people who have it all BUT ...

Created by Alicia Castillo Holley - Investor, Entrepreneur, Author


Students: 1235, Price: Free

    Do you remember falling in love? that exquisite feeling of curiosity, enjoyment, intrigue and passion? What about shifting the focus from a person to the one that is certainly going to be with you always? Do you have it all but are missing something? 

    This course shows you how to fall in love with your life. Simple as that. 

        You will learn concepts, and be ready to apply them; organize your thoughts;  and uncover facts about yourself that you didn't know. It will help you have more positive conversations, feel better about your life and story and smile more often. As a result, not only will you be happier and more excited, you will be a much more fun person to be with. 

      If you want to be proactive about happiness, this course is for you. 

Light Keys for Peace, Joy, and Abundance

Introductory course to Light key healing system – create positive shifts in any areas of your life with light key tools

Created by Nirmala Raju - Divine Channel, Spiritual Coach, Medium, Author,Entrepreneur


Students: 1095, Price: Free

The Universe is abundantly filled with everything we ever need. Light key healing system provides magical tools and practices to help us embrace our mastery in creating our lives. These can be used by anyone who is looking to create more harmony, ease, and freedom in their lives. In this course, you will be introduced to the magical world of light keys healing system. You will learn how you can use light key frequencies, light key elements, and light keys to create magical shifts very swiftly.

Light Key healing system

Light Keys healing system is a healing modality that helps the individuals to heal their body, life, and being. The system consists of a set of high vibrational keys, practices, protocols, processes, and frequencies that can lead the practitioners to embrace their divinity and mastery. This system is channelled by Nirmala Raju (Also known as Nila or Nimi).

  • If you are an energy healer and are looking for different quick relief protocols for your clients or if you are someone who is interested in developing and working on yourself, you may like to try the Light Key healing system where you do not need to focus, concentrate, meditate or buy expensive packages!

  • Practice is so simple that even children are drawn to it naturally!

  • Emotional baggage and limiting beliefs drop away effortlessly.

  • The system is so flexible that you can either experience the quick relief first or choose to build your mastery right away by choosing the right course.

The Disciplined Mind Video upgrade smash

The Ultimate Guide / Warning ! Powerful tips

Created by Gold Horizon School - Top Instructor - We Care About Your Success


Students: 919, Price: Free

Discipline is the ability to do things that you'd rather avoid. These are necessary things. These are things that can take your life to the next level. These are things that can set you up for greater success in life. These are the things that would resolve a lot of personally difficult issues, but most people would rather avoid them.

Discipline involves action. It really boils down to what you do and what you choose not to do.

With this video course you will learn all the skills you need to become more disciplined.

Topics covered:

  • Discipline is Something YOU DO

  • Key Mindsets to Adopt to Become More Disciplined

  • Build Discipline Using the Things You’re Already Doing

  • Build Discipline by Challenging Yourself Intentionally

  • Build Discipline through Daily Opportunities

  • Discover Coping Mechanisms

  • Track and Monitor Your Personal Discipline Journey

  • Build Greater Self-Control Using a System

  • Scale up systematically

  • Learn to fail systematically

Discipline is the ability to do things that you'd rather avoid. These are necessary things. These are things that can take your life to the next level. These are things that can set you up for greater success in life. These are the things that would resolve a lot of personally difficult issues, but most people would rather avoid them.

Discipline involves action. It really boils down to what you do and what you choose not to do.

With this video course you will learn all the skills you need to become more disciplined.

Topics covered:

  • Discipline is Something YOU DO

  • Key Mindsets to Adopt to Become More Disciplined

  • Build Discipline Using the Things You’re Already Doing

  • Build Discipline by Challenging Yourself Intentionally

  • Build Discipline through Daily Opportunities

  • Discover Coping Mechanisms

  • Track and Monitor Your Personal Discipline Journey

  • Build Greater Self-Control Using a System

  • Scale up systematically

  • Learn to fail systematically

Transcending Perceptions, Abridged – A6.A

A course on training your mind to escape its own traps.

Created by Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne - Enthusiastic Liberation


Students: 846, Price: Free

This is the summarised version of the full course-series "Transcending Perceptions". Which in its entirety, it offers in-depth courses on the same concepts spoken in this version focused specifically on: How to live beyond Fear, Guilt, Anxiety, Anger, Denial, Paranoia, and Attachments. A course on training your mind to escape its own traps.

KEY: Recognizing how you feel, IS how you want to feel misunderstood.

Here you will learn techniques and strategies to think differently and overcome the blocks and obstacles which seem in the way of allowing yourself to live an enjoyable life. Justifiably you have felt this way in your life because there have seemed to be many reasons in the world conforming to the need for it. Part of this mind-training is in the realm of recognizing you have misunderstood the reality of these “justifications”, and have made then perceptually larger and more unmovable then they actually are. A common occurrence when the mind attempts to protect itself from seeming threats.

A large part of this course and for you to truly succeed in what it offers is the willingness to see things differently. Your emotions are justified in the world (of bodies). So the key is to see the world differently. In a spiritual-universe, the rules and regulations are drastically different. Freedom is our inheritance within this spiritual reality. This pain you feel is a part of your self-made prison, which IF you recognized how you got into it, also would you recognize your way out!

KEY: Recognizing how you feel, IS how you want to feel misunderstood.

What is Mindfulness? Train your brain

change your color now

Created by Atlas Meditation - meditation


Students: 689, Price: Free

Life is full of unforeseen changes, challenges, and chaotic times. It is easy to be swept away by the seemingly endless list of chores, tasks, and deadlines that seem to pile up without you even realizing it.

This can cause you to feel rundown in your body, mind, and spirit.

There is a way to improve your life even during the most chaotic or stressful of times. Studies have shown that mindfulness is a key technique for improving your body, mind, and spirit no matter the situation, even times of chaos.

With this video guide you will learn what mindfulness is and key techniques for becoming more mindful. As a result, you will learn how to improve your entire essence during these chaotic and challenging times.

Topics covered:

  • 3 Reasons Mindfulness Helps You Grow as a Person

  • 3 Ways to be Mindful During a Chaotic Day at Work

  • 5 Reasons You Should Practice Mindfulness Today

  • How Mindfulness Improves Your Mind

  • How to Be Mindful Like a Pro in 3 Steps

  • How To Relax Your Body Through Mindfulness

  • Top 3 Mindfulness Practices For Calming The Body, Mind, And Soul

  • Top 3 Ways To Calm Your Mind Using Mindfulness

  • Top 4 Myths About Mindfulness To Stop Believing Today

  • Top 5 Ways To Become Mindful During Chaotic Times

Introduction to Meditation II – The Heart

Buddhist Wisdom and Meditations to Cultivate Love, Happiness, and Positive Emotions

Created by Nicolas Croll - Spirituality and Recovery Coach


Students: 664, Price: Free

These ancient Buddhist tools and meditations will brighten your emotional world, give you more kindness and love, clear emotional blocks, resentments, transform your relationships . We will learn how to expand the heart, to make it shine like a sun.

Do You Struggle to Love Yourself or Others? Is Yours a Life of Love?

Do you have relationship difficulties, resentments or a negative view of yourself and your world?

The ancient practices in this course will transform your emotional landscape. They will brighten your heart and your world. When I learned these meditations, I naturally found myself thinking of others more, wishing for their happiness, and this is a secret to happiness. It made service and altruism genuine and natural. My emotional world was transformed from a grey and bleak night to a sunny beautiful day. They have been described as a powerful magic, and a potent form of prayer.

How Will This Course Help You

If You are In Recovery or Simply Seeking Inner Peace

  • Invite more love into your life

  • Transform your relationships with yourself and others

  • Release resentments and blockages to love

  • Brighten your emotional world

  • Relate to suffering more compassionately

  • Feel more positivity, more joy, and more gratitude

  • Learn practices which over time will improve your quality of life

  • Reduce self-centredness and self-obsession

  • Tools, tips, and inspiration

  • Downloadable guided practices of increasing lengths to gently bring you into mastery

Change Your World Today

This course will show you how to fill your world with love, even in the face of suffering. These ancient practices are a kind of magic, and will brighten your heart with limitless love and blessings.

What You Will Find Inside

  • 1 You will learn about the buddhist view of love, and the benefits of loving kindness meditation, as outlined by the Buddha

  • 2. You will find a recap of how to create time, space, and motivation for meditation, as well as tips on posture.

  • 3 You will discover tips and methods to prepare the heart for love; forgiveness, acceptance, and how to work with the beliefs or stories that get in the way of love.

  • 4. You will find out what true self love looks like, and access a guided meditation to cultivate self love

  • 5 You will read how loving kindness meditation works, with all its blessings, and then access a guided meditation of the whole practice

  • 6 You will find inspiration from ancient teachings about interconnectedness and the indescribable beauty of the bodhisattva ideal.

  • 7 You will learn the most effective ways of coping with suffering, what suffering is caused by, and how to turn towards it and release it.

  • 8 You will discover the alchemy of compassion, and how it transmutes suffering. You will also access another guided practice on compassion and transmuting pain.

  • 9 Here you will find tips about how to let go of guidance in these meditaitons, and find recordings of the bells for you to meditate at different lengths.


Comments from Students

  • “This is perfectly done. This actually gets to the reality of present moment awareness unlikely other meditations” — Fionnghula T

  • “I wish I had this course when I first started, but even with my experience there were so many useful pointers and the guided meditations are excellent” — Kevin M

  • “This is so incredibly & deeply transformative, yet so very simplistic in its approach. Thank you!” — FarFromTheTrees

  • “These meditations are changing my life! I've done it daily for nearly 2 months now and am gobsmacked by how transformative it is. Also your version is one of the best I've found. It encourages me to really throw myself into meditating and i guess you get out what you put in. Cheers. Peace ” — Gabriella C

  • “Beautiful. I really love the different focuses used here, it allows deep concentration and awareness of the moment. ” — Jayne N

  • “Very nice course, clear, precise, recommend” — Dom B

  • “Awesome, thank you! I think these are really nice guided meditations :)” — Alexander R

Daycation for One

"Bicycle and basket" vacation

Created by Tiffany Riebel, MSW EAP CCTP - Professor, Social Worker, Mental Health Therapist


Students: 616, Price: Free

This positive psychology and healthful course will instruct you on taking a one-day self vacation. You will experience outdoor activities, sensory delights, exercise stretching, deep breathing, a good diet, and positive thinking. An MIT study found that healthy people are about 20 percent happier than average (Technology Review, 2012). There are many delights to be found in the world; and with a bicycle and basket, you are on a simple, healthy path to a most pleasant vacation day. La vida es Buena, or Life is Good! You are a priceless gem, a unique creation of God, and are of great worth to the world. Join us on this Daycation just for YOU! SMILE!