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How to Shine Your Light in the World through Handwriting

How your Handwriting Can Help

Created by Fiona MacKay Young - Graphologist/Personal Development & Career Coach


Students: 1299, Price: Free

Students: 1299, Price:  Free

Discover nine personality traits in your writing that can help you shine your light in the world, making your mark, making a difference.  You will find clear explanations, lots of illustrated examples of each stroke and personality trait. There is also a quiz at the end of each personality trait lesson for you to test out your new skills.

If you do not already have them in your personality and your writing, you will find out how to add them. You will also learn why adding these strokes to your writing can actually add them to your normal behavior.

Of course, you will know, as a result of taking this course, how to identify these traits in other people's writing too, but mostly it's for you. So you can have the confidence to step out, step ahead, do what you want to do and take the world by storm.

7Handwriting, Signature Mistakes You Must Avoid At All Cost

A Free Handwriting, Signature Analysis Course For Everyone, find someone's personality through handwriting

Created by AKHILESH BHAGWAT - Founder, Professional Graphologist At Graphologymadesimple


Students: 706, Price: Free

Students: 706, Price:  Free

This 40 Minute short free course is for anyone who don't have any knowledge about Graphology and just want to learn about it! Have you ever wondered why we write the way we write? Why some people write with small letters while some with large letters? Well there's a reason behind it. And do you know you can find the whole personality of a person by just looking at someone's handwriting, signature and this course is going to teach you same! There are 7 big mistakes which everyone should avoid in their handwriting as those mistakes are found in people who feel suicidal, stressed, have low confidence, past thinkers.

Here's What You will learn in this FREE handwriting, signature analysis course:

1. How to find if a person is feeling stressed and what changes to make in handwriting to improve it!

2. What changes should you do in your handwriting to increase your confidence

3. How to overcome shyness

4. Lot more things

After completion of this course:

You will not only be able to find someone's personality yet you will also be able to help others by suggesting them the changes needed to improve! 

Graphologymadesimple is in a mission to spread graphology knowledge around the globe as it is the easiest way to change your thoughts and this course is one of the part of that mission. After joining this course you also become a huge part of it!

If you get interested in Graphology then do check our second course as well!

Thank You For Joining In!


The analysis of handwriting

Created by Monika Chandan - graphologist and graphotherapist


Students: 432, Price: Free

Students: 432, Price:  Free

This course is more than just analysing handwriting, it is more about analysing your own self, finding new realisations that you have never had before, releasing yourself completely and exploring an improved self.

Graphology, in simple words, is the art of analysing handwriting to know about a person's character and personality. Graphology is a known yet a new field to be explored. Take graphology as an opportunity to know more about you, about others and also how you want to seek success in your life. Take it as a next big step, and give it your complete will to understand and commit.

Graphotherapy is another branch or Graphology which not only just analyses handwriting but also makes changes in handwriting, thereby providing major and minor improvements in a person's life. So, this is not just knowing but also an opportunity to make changes and improvements. Graphotherapy not only makes changes just in a behaviour of an individual but also helps us understand about a person's health and also make those changes needed the improve one's health.

This course is a beginner level course. This course offers you basic on Graphology and a lot more in detail. Take this course as an opportunity and a space for personality development along with new knowledge to gain.