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Government Contracting for Everyone

How to sell your products or services to the Government

Created by Devin Leung - Founder of


Students: 1614, Price: $99.99

Students: 1614, Price:  Paid

Did you know that the US Government is the largest buyer in the world spending $410 billion dollars in government contracting each year?

This course Government Contracting for Everyone aims to teach you the basic knowledge of government contracting or B2G sales. B2G is business to government and unlike Business-to-Consumer or Business-to-Business sales, starting a B2G company can be complicated, and finding the most current and relevant information you need can be frustrating. And that is why I created this course.

Whether you are a current small business owner, recent graduate or startup entrepreneur exploring new opportunities, this course is designed to make government contracting and its convoluted regulations fun and easy to understand for everyone.

This course is broken down into 5 different sections or modules, 28 lessons, in chronological order from the first step of forming your business to the last step winning and successfully performing your first government contract.

After each section will be a short quiz to help you remember the key take-aways. Also as a bonus for Udemy only, I added a bonus video at the end of the course to go over some of the most common B2G mistakes I came across since consulting small businesses.

I hope you enjoy this course.

Learn Federal Government Contracting From An Expert

A comprehensive guide to Register, Search Opportunities, GSA, Certifications, Accounting, Bonding & Bidding to the feds

Created by Keith Larson - Business and government contracting expert


Students: 1412, Price: $49.99

Students: 1412, Price:  Paid

16 videos covering the following topics: 

  • Procurement Basics            

           Registering in SAM, Fed Biz Opps, NAICs Codes, FAR, Bidding Options                  

  • Certifications

         Women Owned, Veteran Owned, Disadvantaged (8a) Owned, and HUBZone

  • GSA 

         GSA MAS, GWACs, BPAs, Reverse Auctions

  • Bidding

         Bid/No Bid Checklist, Pricing Proposal, Technical Proposal

  • Accounting

        Basics, DCAA compliance, Financial Statements, Ratios, Bonding

25 Downloadable Guides, including

  • GSA Readiness Assessment
  • Bid-No bid Checklist
  • Bonding Guidelines
  • FBO_Vendor_Guide
  • GSA Multiple Award_desk_reference

Winning Government Contracts for Dummies

Learn how to build, grow and expand your business with military and FEMA contracts

Created by Eric Coffie - USA Contract Coach


Students: 104, Price: $19.99

Students: 104, Price:  Paid

In this course, #1 YouTuber on Government Contracting, subject matter expert Mr. Eric Coffie teaches you the in's and out's of doing business with the government.

By the time you finish the course your company should be registered to do business with FEMA, Army, Air Force, Navy in the System for Award Management portal.  He pulls no punches as he shares with you the steps that helped him generate more than $10 million in government sales.

Nearly 2,000 people have gone through this course successfully.