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Google Spreadsheet Basics: A (Free) Introduction

Learn Google Spreadsheets Step by Step, and Ditch Excel for the More Powerful Google Docs!

Created by Justin Mares - Traction Book author, growth at Airbrake/Exceptional


Students: 27710, Price: Free

Become a master Google Docs user with this course on using Google Spreadsheets. You'll learn:

  • How to use Google Spreadsheets just like you use Microsoft Excel
  • 3 amazing tools only available in Google Spreadsheets
  • How to write your own scripts and use Google addons to get more done
  • How to create charts, tables, graphs and format data

This course will give you you everything you need to know about Google Spreadsheets.

From the fundamentals, to the most advanced features, after taking this class you will be able to use Spreadsheets like a MASTER. Pretty soon, you'll be using Spreadsheets better than most people can use Excel... and be able to take advantage of the super useful features that only Google Spreadsheets has to offer.

In this course, you will learn all of the following about Google Spreadsheets:

  • Learn how to navigate around Spreadsheets
  • Learn how to adjust the way data and information are displayed
  • Learn how to write formulas quickly and easily with the point-and-click method
  • Learn how to create powerful calculations
  • Learn how to visually represent your data with charts and graphs
  • Learn how to use data tools like sorting, subtotaling, and filtering
  • Learn how to automate tasks with time-saving scripts and addons
  • Learn Spreadsheets secrets and shortcuts

As bonus material, you will also learn two very incredible, and super valuable, skills:

  • how to harvest data from the web
  • how to create online forms which allow you to gather data from individuals

As an additional bonus, you can follow along and complete challenges and quizzes as you learn the material. You will also be shown how to find and download free Spreadsheet templates that will allow you to do all kinds of things.

Another great aspect of this course is that, at the end of this class, you will be given a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION.

This class is guaranteed to teach you Google Spreadsheets. Once enrolled, you will have access to this course for the rest of your life. You will always be able to come back to this class to review material or to learn new material. Try this course for yourself and see how quickly and easily you too can learn to use Google Spreadsheets.

Getting Started with Gmail, Google Drive, Docs and Calendar

"A great introduction to four of Googles most popular tools - Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Calendar"

Created by Guy Burn - Learn how to use Gmail


Students: 24579, Price: Free

This course is an introduction to four of Googles most popular tools, namely Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Calendar. Designed especially for beginers, it will help you to organise your online life.

Almost everyone uses email these days, so why not start as you mean to go on, and get organised?!

And, what's more, you don't have to be in business to use Google Drive and Google Docs.

We all have documents that need storing. They could be photos, videos, or even important paperwork. Safe storage is essential. So why not use Googles cloud to look after them? It's free!

As for Google Calendar.....we all need a diary to run an efficient life.

You will find 25 easy to follow videos inside. The majority of these are only a few minutes, so they are easy to digest. You can quickly go over them again if you "don't get it".

And you've got my personal contact details, so feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Take this course and learn the basics of these "must have" Googe Tools.

Spreadsheets for Business PART 1

Learn how and why spreadsheets can be an amazing tool for your business!

Created by Danny Blaker - Software Developer by Day. Pianist by Night.


Students: 14561, Price: Free

Welcome to a great introduction to spreadsheets for business owners and entrepreneurs!

Learn how to use spreadsheets to discover interesting things about your business, make number crunching easy, and generally make your life easier as a business owner!

Once you complete this short course you'll be fully prepared to begin Spreadsheets for Business PART 2 (under construction), where you'll get to apply your skills to build some awesome spreadsheets that are ready for use in your business!

I love providing value and helping people where I can - check out my other cool resources below by googling them :)

codingcroc - free coding snippets for developers

jobxai - AI for job applications (backed by Amazon)

and a cool project I'm running :)

minecraft memorable moments kickstarter

How to create a profitable magazine with Google Slides

I have made it my favorite free alternative to Indesign and Quark. I will show you how.

Created by Murice Damion Miller - The Best Education for Practical Living


Students: 14225, Price: Free

The following course, "How to Create a Profitable Magazine with Google Slides", is a simple course that shows you how you could utilize Google Slides for more than just creating presentations. You will learn how to create a magazine and turn it into an app for IOS and Android.

This course is for anyone who usually uses Indesign or Quark for publishing or any other desktop publishing program as a matter of fact. One of the key features is that there could be any number of users working on a design or a publication at the same time, and all for free.

There are over 10 video lectures showing you step by step how to get info on starting a magazine, acquiring images, drawing thumbnails, to exporting files for an app. You will also get a resource list with templates and other useful information.

This course is under an hour, exactly 49 minutes of video with the remaining time being spend reading the resource list.

If you would like to learn how make a magazine and better yet, learn how to use Google Slides as a Desktop Publishing tool, then this course is for you.

Getting Googly with Google Apps For Education

A Google Apps in Education Survey Course

Created by Sabrina Colvin Sterling - Technology Instructional Specialist


Students: 11659, Price: Free

Do you have a Gmail account?
Did you know that hidden behind your email tools is a powerful office suite that you can use to maximize your productivity?

Did you also know that for schools there are EXTENDED features?

If not, it's time to get Googly!

This FREE survey course provides an overview of the Google Apps tools including the Google Classroom features. Google Apps in Education is a free resource for schools looking to expand their use of technology in the classroom. With many 1:1 computing initiatives, costs can be reduced by using Chromebooks in conduction with Google Apps.

Google Docs
Chrome and Drive Apps & Extensions
GMail Tips and Tricks
Google Classroom*

At the end of the course, participants will know how to create, organize and share assignments, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, and drawings in Google Drive.

Course Requirements:
Gmail Account
Computer with Google Chrome installed

*Google Classroom is ONLY available to school systems using Google Apps in Education

Amazing Automations 1 – Email Signups

Automatically track email signups with Googlesheets, Google Scripts, Zapier, & Mailchimp

Created by Danny Blaker - Software Developer by Day. Pianist by Night.


Students: 10434, Price: Free


In this Amazing Automation - the first of the series, Danny Blaker - Head of Data Analysis and Marketing at one of Australia's largest enterprise technology firms Icestorm Digital Solutions ( - takes you through automating the process of tracking your Email signup KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) Step-by-step.

In this one-off and invaluable course, you'll learn how to:

  1. create live, dynamic and scallable spreadsheets using advanced techniques and googlesheets functions. 
  2. Write a google script that automatically sends emails based on KPIs being met
  3. Use Zapier to collect email signups via the mailchimp API and push them to a spreadsheet

You'll learn the very same processes and create the very same tools that Danny uses in large firms, as well as startups.

This is a great opportunity to learn how custom marketing automation works for modern businesses.

Everything you create and learn in this course can be immediately applied to your own businesses or projects. 

The course is also filled with helpful advice, hints, tips, tricks, to make your google-sheets workflow faster and more optimized. 

If you're an entrepreneur - from running startups to mammoth, scaling corporations - this is a must do course for you, by an expert in the field!

Automate Your G Suite Administration with Google Sheets

Save time in G Suite Administration by automating it with this free Google Sheet Add on and become a Pro Admin today.

Created by Goldy Arora - G Suite Certified Consultant


Students: 8865, Price: Free

Are you a G Suite Administrator investing so much time in G Suite Admin console to manage your users, groups, members and aliases?

Are you wondering what if there is an automated (but easy to use) way to do all that?

I feel you as I have been there.

I am an active G Suite Administrator and was struggling with this too, all I could find are couple of tools to automate my G Suite Administration but they were either costly or were not easy to use.

Because I make my living helping businesses move to G Suite, I thought there should be a better way, and started writing google apps script to help myself saving time.

As its working great for me, I thought to put all those scripts together and convert them in an easy to use Google Sheet Add on, so my fellow G Suite Admins (like you) can easily administer G Suite right from their Google sheet with just couple of clicks.

So what this tool can do for you right from your Google Sheet?

1. Manage G Suite Users

-- Bulk Create G Suite Users

-- Bulk Update G Suite Users

-- Bulk Suspend G Suite Users

-- Bulk Delete G Suite Users

-- Export All your G Suite Users with one click

2. Manage G Suite Aliases

-- Bulk Create G Suite User Aliases

-- Bulk Delete G Suite User Aliases

-- Export G Suite User Aliases

3. Manage G Suite Groups

-- Bulk Create G Suite Groups

-- Bulk Delete G Suite Groups

-- Export All G Suite Groups

4. Manage G Suite Group Memberships

-- Bulk Add Members to G Suite Groups

-- Bulk Remove Members from G Suite Groups

-- Export Members of G Suite Group

I am a full time employed, but try to add more features to this add on as I get sometime, so if you have any suggestion, don't hesitate to suggest.

A beginner’s guide to Google forms

Google forms, Learn Google forms, Introduction to google forms, Surveys, polls, google apps, G-suite

Created by Learn App Inventor 2 - We help you develop High-quality apps using App Inventor 2


Students: 5233, Price: Free

    Forms can be helpful for anyone at any instant of time. And it is more valuable to those who work with office tools now and then. Anyone who needs forms to gather information will surely understand that a medium like google forms reduces their work and structures the response data in a very efficient manner.

    This course is designed to introduce Google forms to beginners. It contains clear explanations about different features of google forms. It clearly describes different settings and preferences. By the end of the course, you will gain a good understanding of the capability of this app. And on watching the course more than twice, you may become fond of its features and it will make it easy for you to use the app.

Master Google Docs for FREE in 2020 (Beginner to Expert)

The Most Complete Free Course on Google Docs, for free, by Google for beginners! No prior knowledge required.

Created by Carter Snook - 16 Year Old Programmer


Students: 5163, Price: Free

Sick and tired of paying $100 a year for Office 365?  Google Docs is the free solution!

Google Docs is completely free with a Google Account, which is also free!  In this course, I will be teaching you how to use Google Docs to its full potential and be able to navigate through the menus with ease!  I have been using Google Docs for the past 5 years and have not a single complaint!  We will go through every single option and function that there is in Google Docs as of April 2020 in this 1 hour and 30 minute long course!  After watching this course, you will not only see a decrease in your bills, but increased efficiency for everything that you have to type!  Also, Google Docs stores everything online, so you will never lose your documents again or have to deal with a jumbled amount of files on your Desktop!  So, if you would like to master google docs as a beginner, then join me on this free course!

Labels Manager for Gmail

Manage Your Gmail labels in bulk right from your Google sheet, easily export, create, update or delete Gmail labels.

Created by Goldy Arora - G Suite Certified Consultant


Students: 3140, Price: Free

A few months ago I was helping an enterprise customer to transition to G Suite, and we were using a 3rd party data migration tool, due to some issues, couple of thousand users got hundreds of weird looking labels in their Gmail, and it became a mess.

I invested some time in writing a script which could go to their Gmail labels and delete the unwanted ones in bulk, as I already had these scripts, I thought to publish them as a google sheet extension (just in case if someone else come with the use case).

So, if you want to manage your Gmail labels in bulk, right from your Google sheet, this add on can help, it can do following for you-:

1. Export all your Gmail labels in your google sheet with rich details like label name, background/text color, total email count in each label, unread email count in each label, labels visibility (show/hide).

2. Create Gmail labels in bulk (including nested labels) right from your google sheet with rich information like label name, background/text color, show/hide visibility.

3. Deleted the labels in bulk right from your google sheet (Tip - export your labels to see which labels have no emails, and then delete them).

4. Update your Gmail  labels in bulk right from your Google sheet including label rename, change color, move nested labels from one parent label to another.

The Ultimate Guide To Google with an iPad

Learn Google Apps for Education

Created by Corey Knight - Expert Teacher using Tech


Students: 3033, Price: Free

Become a Google Master in your classroom. Learn tools like Google Docs, Drive, Slides, Sheets, and Google Classroom. These tools have the ability to change the way you teach and your students will respond and be engaged in the learning process. Technology is a vital part of education and using Google Apps for Education is a stepping stone that all students will have to have a basic knowledge of for the jobs of tomorrow!

GMail Productivity Complete Gmail course to Get things Done

Master Gmail GSuite learn gmail features loaded with Tips and Resources Gmail Become more productive email management

Created by Laurence Svekis - Instructor, GDE, Application Developer


Students: 2845, Price: Free

Complete Gmail Productivity Course - Taught by Google Developer Expert for G Suite - Gmail training and help - GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR INBOX TODAY.

Learn how to use Gmail to be more productive and get things done!!!

Are you using Gmail to its fullest potential - did you know optimizing your Gmail can save you time????

This course is for you if you want to work more effectively and increase your productivity NOW.

Complete overview of the top tips to do more with your Google Gmail Account today.

We all spend a lot of time with emails, imagine if you could just save a few minutes a day.  Take control of your inbox, don't search for those important emails, don't worry about missing or losing emails.  If you are a new Gmail user or active Gmail user for years, there is something in this course for you.  Explore how you can automate, categorize, adjust settings,  filter, sort, setup you inbox the way you need it to suit your personal needs.  Its easy and you will ask yourself why didn't you take control of your inbox before.

Save time be more productive with your emails!

Better use their gmail account and more effective and efficient use of Gmail

Bonus downloadable PDF guide for lesson related tips and resources

Save time and get organized !

What you can expect to learn :

  • Gmail Productivity Introduction

  • Adjust settings for optimal use of Gmail account

  • Send Email Undo settings and options

  • Undo send and Cancellation

  • Conversation View and Reply options for viewing of emails

  • Attach Large Files how to handle larger files and gDrive

  • Email Offline setup and options

  • Custom Star options for organizing of emails

  • Postpone email and Snooze send it later and view it later

  • Gmail Labels how to organized emails in groups

  • Message Filter to automate grouping of emails as they come in

  • Templates and Canned responses

  • Email Search find what you are looking for easy

  • Overall Email Productivity TIPS

  • Stars and Grant Access to others delegate email

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

Fast Friendly support to help answer any questions you might have and to help clarify content is always available in the Q&A section.

Taught by an instructor with over 20 years real world experience ready to help you learn more. 

Step by step training resources and helpful tips are also included to get you started quickly.

You have nothing to lose save time explore the tips and way to become more productive with your email!

Gmail lets you send and search for messages, organize your inbox, and build relationships with integrated chat and video meetings.

Google Backup and Sync for dummies

A workshop/course for everyone to learn to store and sync contents across various devices.

Created by AIIAS Library Reference Service - Citavi for research writing


Students: 813, Price: Free

  • Download and Install Google Backup and Sync and login to your Google account

  • Learn to Setup Google Drive

  • Learn to manage and control Google Drive efficiently

  • Setup Google Backup and Sync

  • Understand the reason why Google Backup and Sync is an app for Google Drive

  • Learn to synchronize files and folders using Google Backup and Sync

  • Learn to uninstall Google Backup and Sync

Master Google Docs: Free online documents for personal use

Master Google Docs and brings documents to life with smart editing and styling tools. A must for office productivity.

Created by R Tutor - A expert team of Professors and a Lawyers


Students: 695, Price: Free

Welcome to the comprehensive course on Master Google Docs: Free online documents for personal use.

R Tutor is a team of software applications training professionals who explain complex information in the simplest form with relevant examples.

Google Docs brings your documents to life with smart editing and styling tools to help you easily format text and paragraphs. Choose from hundreds of fonts, add links, images, and drawings. All for free. Google Docs is a word processor included as part of the free, web-based Google Docs Editors suite offered by Google. Access, create and edit your documents wherever you go — from your phone, tablet, or computer — even when there's no connection. Google Docs brings your documents to life with smart editing and styling tools to help you easily format text and paragraphs. This course covers every aspect of Google Docs.

On completion of the course, you will be able to:

Create, edit, share, and print documents with Google Docs.
Get to know Google Docs in more depth.
Smooth transition from another office suite such as Microsoft Office.

No prior knowledge of the Google Tools tool is required.

Everyone can take this course and is best suited for:
Students of high school, college, and university.
Professionals and employees looking to increase their productivity.

Everyone who is involved with office tools in their everyday work. Your wait is now over. Here is the course which helps you get started and pave your success from a beginner to an expert. It's easy! Enroll now!

Master Google Slides: Online presentations for personal use

Master Google Slides, Online presentations for personal use. The ultimate course that covers everything you will need.

Created by R Tutor - A expert team of Professors and a Lawyers


Students: 481, Price: Free

Welcome to the comprehensive course on Master Google Slides: Online presentations for personal use.

R Tutor is a team of software applications training professionals who explain complex information in the simplest form with relevant examples.

Create and edit polished presentations in your browser—no software required. Multiple people can work at the same time so everyone always has the latest version. Work on a single presentation online with your business partner, your whole team, or external contacts. You control who gets permission to edit, view, or just add comments. Start from scratch or expedite the process by choosing a template. You can enhance your presentations with videos, images, drawings, and smooth transitions. View or even present your slides from your phone or tablet, so you always have the option to practice your presentation up until the last minute. Sharing is simple. You can assign permissions to control who views and edits your slides. This course covers every aspect of Google Slides.

On completion of the course, you will be able to:

Create, edit, share, and print documents with Google Slides
Get to know Google Slides in more depth
Converting to Google Workspace from another office suite such as Microsoft Office

No prior knowledge of the Google Tools tool is required.

Everyone can take this course and is best suited for:

Students of high school, college, and university.
Professionals and employees looking to increase their productivity.
Everyone who is involved with office tools in their everyday work.

Your wait is now over. Here is the course which helps you get started and pave your success from a beginner to an expert. It's easy! Enroll now!

Getting to know Google Sheets

Through this course, the formula that are most useful in organizations for excel, can be learnt.

Created by Soniya Goyal - Data Analyst | Project Manager


Students: 357, Price: Free

I have worked in both small and large organizations and have found that excel is the basic tool that is used starting from the CEO to the fresher joining the company. I had done courses on excel multiple times but due to the large number of functions covered in those courses, I would end up forgetting the formula. Through this course, I have tried to minimize the content and have covered the functions that are most used in organizations for creating trackers, dashboards, and analyzing the data.

The course is 1.5 hours long. I have added downloadable resources, exercises, quizzes, and a project to make the learning experience better.

The course has four sections covering the following topics:

1. Basics: How to create a spreadsheet. Understanding basic formula such as count, sum, countifs, sumifs, etc.

2. The most used functions such as vlookup, left, right, pivot tables, etc.

3. Advanced functions such as importrange, filter, sort, etc.

4. Extra Tips: A few shortcuts and features that are frequently used.

After finishing this course you will have the skills to use spreadsheets with confidence.

Hope you will find the course useful. If you want more lectures to be added to the course, feel free to connect.

See you in the course!