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The Perfect Golf Swing – Timeless Golf Instruction

Absolutely the best golf videos ever made, period. 99% of golf instruction is utter nonsense.

Created by Jim McLellan - Golf's Anti-Pro


Students: 2646, Price: $49.99

Students: 2646, Price:  Paid

The Perfect Golf Swing is the internationally acclaimed course taught by golf pro Jim McLellan.

Jim has been featured by the New York Times, NBC, CBS, Entertainment Tonight, Today's Golfer, and ABC.  He is also prominently featured in John Richardson's bestselling book, "Dream On"

Jim has helped tens of thousands of golfers improve their Golf Swing Basics when all other instruction has failed.

Volume I is ten lessons that cover the basics of how to transform your swing into a perfect Golfswing.  All that is required is a golf club and your willingness to do what Jim says.  In fact, in the beginning you don't go to a golf course, you don't even hit a golf ball.  Whether you're just starting or have been playing for years, this is about starting out right or about un-learning all of the bad habits and bad instruction that other magazines, books and videos have put in your head about Golf Swing Basics.

Volume II is about taking your game to the next level.  Increasing power and distance, fixing your slice, chipping, putting, sand shots, etc. 

All of the instruction is delivered via video, and Jim will be available to answer questions you post to Udemy.

Here is an overview of what you will learn in Volume I and II:

The Perfect Golf Swing: Volume I

1.  Good Golf:  The 2 key points that contribute to great golf.
2.  Back Swing:  What is a good back swing and are you making the biggest back swing mistake?
3.  The Hat:  The most important element of the golf swing.
4.  Goob:  A story you will never forget.
5.  Follow Through:  The easiest part of the golf swing and the least understood.
6.  Tie it all Together: 1 golf swing, 1 motion.
7.  Grip:  How to find the grip you were born with.
8.  Stance:  Finding your perfect stance.
9.  Hot Tips:  The 3 things that prevent you from becoming as good as you can be.
10.  Practice:  Practice makes permanent.  Perfect practice makes perfect.

The Perfect Golf Swing: Volume II

1.  The Perfect Swing:  Fine tuning your good golf swing into a perfect golf swing.
2.  Power/Distance:  What is the source of the power?  How you can harness it.
3.  Slicing/Hooking:  How to cure your golf slice in 5 minutes or less.  No kidding!
4.  Clyde:  Questions from the gallery.
5.  Irons:  Keys for superb iron play.
6.  Ball Placement:  Proper ball placement.
7.  Truth and Lies:  The 4 lies. Do you know what they are?
8.  Practice:  Are you practicing intelligently?
9.  Scoring:  The little known secret to a lower score.
10.  Chipping, Putting & Sand Shots: Made Easy
11.  Sage Advice:  The way to your best golf and the dangers of more information.
12.  Visualization:  The beauty of a perfect golf swing.


Mind Over Golf- Use Your Mind To Lower Your Score

Mind over golf- Learn to lower your score by using your mind more effectively during golf tournaments

Created by Pradeep Aggarwal - Founder of Institute Of Mind Control & Development, India


Students: 1584, Price: $89.99

Students: 1584, Price:  Paid

Mind over golf- Use your mind to lower your score helps you improve and lower your score during golf tournaments using self hypnosis and powerful mind exercises . Golf is the only sport which requires more mind training than any other sport because the ball is stationery which gives you enough time to think and use your mind. By taking up this course you will learn to think more effectively in the present situation than think about the negative past experiences .

The techniques taught in this course are-

  • Introduction to the course
  • Why golfers require mind coaching
  • Change the words you tell yourself
  • Change your golfing beliefs
  • What to focus on during the game
  • How to use powerful visualization improve your game
  • Learn to back off in time
  • Learn how to program your mind before an important game
  • Learn to remove negative pictures from your mind
  • Summary of the course

Break 100 in Golf and Transform Your Golf Game

The Complete Golf Training Course for Average Golfers

Created by Derek Kuns - Golf Instructor


Students: 1320, Price: $89.99

Students: 1320, Price:  Paid

Breaking 100 is the biggest hurdle for average golfers.

As a matter of fact, something like 50% of golfers will never break 100. But it doesn't have to be so difficult. The Break 100 Fast system can help you go from hacker to mid-handicapper in only 22 short lessons!

Why This Course is Different from Others

Break 100 Fast is not just a collection of tips and tricks: it is a proven step-by-step training system that will help you improve every aspect of your game - AND - it's designed with the average golfer in mind.

The course will give you:

  • The essential fundamentals you need to improve every aspect of your golf game (from putting to the full swing)

  • Effective practice drills (28+) that will force you to get better

  • A course management strategy that will make it easy to break 100

What's Covered in This Course

This course will teach you how to:

  • Make short putts and leave the long ones close

  • Chip consistently and get up-and-down

  • Be effective with your wedges

  • Make consistent full swings and cure your slice

  • Hit from sand bunkers, under the trees, and from awkward stances

  • Design an effective course management strategy

  • Maintain your mental focus even during your worst rounds

How This Course is Structured

This course consists of 22 lessons organized into 7 sections.

The sections are:

  1. Putting (6 lessons)

  2. Chipping (3 lessons)

  3. Pitching (3 lessons)

  4. Full Swing (3 lessons)

  5. Specialty Shots (3 lessons)

  6. Mental Game (3 lessons)

  7. Breaking 100 (1 lesson)

Each lesson contains two parts: Concepts and Practice.

The Concepts will teach you the fundamentals you need to be successful.

The Practice will layout the exact drills you should be doing to improve your game.

This Course is for YOU if:

  • You have never broken 100 or fail to do so consistently

  • You are willing to practice to get better

  • You are looking for highly effective practice drills

This Course is NOT for You if:

  • You want to get better immediately without any practice

  • You don't have any time to work on your game

  • You are a single-handicapper and want to learn how to break par

What Are You Waiting For?

If you've been struggling to break 100, now is your chance. This training course will give you everything you need to transform your golf game, and finally break 100.

Get the golf edge to golf excellence & play golf like a pro

Learn how to have your golf mental skills get the competitive edge in your game of golf with 21st century techniques

Created by Alan Kirwan - Change Your Mind Instantly with Hypnosis Change Your Life


Students: 680, Price: $34.99

Students: 680, Price:  Paid

Get the golf edge to golf excellence & play golf like a pro

I am going to teach you a simple to learn and apply technique that will improve your golf, and help you feel more relaxed before and during each game of golf and how to never feel intimidated by your opponent because of their reputation or how good they have performed in the past in any Golf Tournament . You will also feel more confident about making any shot playing golf even the ones that you find the most difficult in the past whether they be short or long shots drives or putts in any golfing competition.

    I am so confident you will get results in your golf performance by  taking the time to learn and apply this technique that Udemy is offering you a 30 day money back guarantee so there is no risk or cost to you if what I teach you does not work. However as I have been using this technique for so many years with excellent results with my clients to improve their lives and yes increase performance in their golf, that I decided to create this course so I could reach out and help as many people as I can be the best they can be.

    So what will I teach you 

  • What is EFT and how to apply it

  • The tapping points and the major organs in your body that you are creating a calming effect on by tapping on these points

  • Proof that the mind and body work together meaning that what you think can create how you feel and feelings can cause thinking in a certain way

  • The breathing exercise to prove to you how you physically feel can be changed by tapping on a few points on the body while focusing on a particular idea

  • Guide you Through a session to beat your anxiety with EFT that can be used as many times as you need

  • Guide you through a mopping up session that will help clear up and stubborn emotional charge on the issue you have been working on

  • Guide you through an advanced tapping technique that tunes both conscious and subconscious mind to work together so that the most stubborn of trapped emotional charge can be released on the issues you have been working on

  • Guide you through a Golf session debriefing so that you can measure all of the results you so much so that you will be shocked to think about the way you used to feel and how easy it was to change all that

Golf Fundamentals | Learn the basics well, from a pro coach.

Rapidly learn how to golf with these practically taught golf fundamentals of posture, grip, club selection, and swing.

Created by Frazer Bond - NZPGA Member Director of Golf at Gulf Harbour Country ClubNZ


Students: 447, Price: $19.99

Students: 447, Price:  Paid

Frazer Bond is going to take you through the fundamentals of Golf.

You will learn about Posture, Grip, and Swing, fully illustrated with different camera angles, and photographs.

You will master your backswing and forward swing with a full breakdown until impact, and then drills to ensure you build the muscle memory required to hit each ball perfectly.

You will then be guided around New Zealands incredibly scenic international course at Gulf Harbour - well in particular, the 16th hole. You will be stepped through two different strategies for playing the hole from teeing off till putting including some etiquette along the way.

At the end of this course you will confidently be able to play a round of golf knowing that you are building on a technical foundation that will not only help you enjoy the game, but may serve as the first step in your golf career.

Ultimate Golf: How To Build Your Perfect Golf Swing

The Three Keys to Consistency

Created by Rick Davis - Television Producer/Director/Writer


Students: 364, Price: $19.99

Students: 364, Price:  Paid

Welcome to Ultimate Golf!

My name is Dave Johnston. I'm the Director of Instruction at the Bloomington Downs Golf Club in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. I am a former member of the C.P.G.A . I've been teaching golf for over thirty-two years and have taught over 11,000 students. 

My Psychology degree is from York University in Toronto, Canada.

My Just Hit The Damn Ball! book series has received several awards from the Reader's Favorite International Book contests.

I would love to have you join us.

This course is comprised of  three distinct sections:              

Part One focuses on the swing essentials found in every consistent swing. We reduce each part of the game to three essential elements.
When you understand how these elements affect the flight of the ball, then you have the tools for building your unique swing.

This program is designed for the golfer who wants to break the endless cycle of trying to "fix" their swing.

Have you ever hit a perfect shot? You have the ability.

All you need is the recipe.

Part Two is an introduction to the mental side of the game with Mr. Danny King, the 2016 Canadian Player of the Year. Danny's insight on common misconceptions and the development of junior golf is enlightening.

Part Three consists of bonus material on golf fitness with Ms. Shanon McMillan, owner of Core Shots Fitness in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Shanon is a certified personal trainer and a certified CCCP Level 2 gymnastics and trampoline coach.              

Her insight on common golf injuries (such as golfers elbow) and some simple stretching routines before and after a game, will help golfers at every level increase flexibility, avoid injury and gain more distance off the tee.

Feel free to send me an email with any comments or questions:

Enjoy the program!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  You are backed by Udemy's 30 refund policy.  No Sweat.

Online Golf Clinic: Improve Your Short Game in 9 Sessions

Improve your pitching, putting, chipping and more in just 9 sessions with Lee Crombleholme, coach to tour-winning pros.

Created by Lee Crombleholme - Pro Golf Coach


Students: 309, Price: $19.99

Students: 309, Price:  Paid

This online golf clinic from pro coach Lee Crombleholme is a comprehensive nine series training program based on the steps Lee takes his private client through when coaching in person.

It IS comprehensive, but it's NOT long-winded! These no-fluff, step-by step guides are easy-to-follow and can be instantly applied to your game.

The course is delivered via video...

So whether you're on your lunch break, on your way to the course or just fancy a quick brush-up on your skills there's loads of content for you to dig into.

Here's what's covered in the training…

  • Putting Holding out drills, distance drills, green reading, feedback drills and more…
  • Pitching Common mistakes, pre-shot routine, practice drill and more…
  • Chipping Common mistakes, fear and anchoring states, bunker play and more…
  • Full Shots Pre-shot routine, practice drills, creating confidence on demand and more…
  • Focus The 1st tee, attributions, switching on and off, body language and more…
  • Course Management Club selection off the tee, recovery shots, play beyond the hole, 2nd shot on a par 5 and more…
  • Taking It To The Course Nerves, finishing a good round off, flow state and the zone and more…

Golf Tips and Techniques featuring Kathy Whitworth

Lessons from a Legend

Created by Sport Videos -


Students: 31, Price: $24.99

Students: 31, Price:  Paid

Dramatically improve your game with the help of professional golf's all-time leading tournament winner, Kathy Whitworth. In this comprehensive DVD, Kathy offers numerous tips and techniques to help you become a better golfer. Among the topics covered are: Square Club Face, How to Aim, Ball Positioning, The Takeaway, The Weight Shift, Position of the Arms, Clipping the Grass, Holding Your Finish, Pre-Shot Routine, Pitching, Chipping, Sand Trap Play, Long Putts and Short Putts. Kathy Whitworth's Tips and Techniques will benefit golfers of all skill levels.

About the Coach: With 88 career wins, Kathy Whitworth holds the all-time record for both men's and women's U.S. Golf Tours. She also finished in second place in 95 tournaments. Kathy's professional golfing career spanned 32 years, from 1959 to 1991. She is the first woman to earn a million dollars in LPGA tournament play. Kathy Whitworth is a seven-time LPGA Player of the Year and has won six Major Championships. She was the Associated Press Athlete of the Year in 1965 and 1967 and was inducted into the LPGA's Hall of Fame in 1975.

Pure Golf Strength

Improve Your Distance off the Tee and on Par 5's by Increasing Strength and Power

Created by Jen Puzio - Fitness Instructor


Students: 22, Price: $89.99

Students: 22, Price:  Paid

Welcome to Pure Golf Strength, a strength fitness plan specific for golf.  Research has shown that this type of training has a positive impact on club head speed and muscular force, both, which have a direct correlation to improving overall golf performance.

Did you know that many lose distance off the tee just because we don't have the enough strength and power?

Well, this course will help you with that!

In this course, you are going to learn specific fitness assessments and strength/power exercises that will improve your strength in multiple areas: stabilization, strength, power, and endurance!

This is a 20 week plan divided into five phases each lasting anywhere from 1-6 weeks. Progression is built into the plan and noted throughout the entire 20 weeks. Access to a gym will be very helpful.  Each week you will have four training sessions to complete.

Before you start, please consult your doctor if needed before participation especially if you have any injuries or current pain.


Get Golfers as Your Next Fitness Clients

How to Get Golfers in Your Shop as Your New Golf Fitness Clients

Created by Fran Rosario - Sr. V.P. of Business Development, FitGolf Franchise, LLC


Students: 5, Price: $89.99

Students: 5, Price:  Paid

After becoming certified to provide fitness or functional body movement services you’re now better prepared to coach, train or treat golfers. But how do you generate a substantial financial return with these new skills? How do you simply get new clients in the door? This course by our friends at FitGolf answers that fundamental question.

The curriculum outlined in this course lays out a path to effectively communicate with your target demographic of golfers. You will then learn how to establish and implement marketing activities that put you in front of those golfers and the communication skills you will need to CONVERT that target demographic into paying clients.

This 4.5 hour online video course will teach you best practices to help bring in golfers as new clients and provide in-depth access to some of the industry’s best kept secrets, such as:

  • What demographics generate the best revenue and how to approach these markets

  • How to get people familiar with you and your brand

  • How to build Referring Partnerships that send golfers to you

  • The best marketing activities that generate new prospects or clients

  • How to get new clients in the off-season or a “slow” time

  • The characteristics of a Successful Golf Fitness business, compared to an Unsuccessful Golf fitness business

At the end of this course, you will know exactly what to DO, what to SAY, and WHEN to say it, while connecting with the two most important people groups you will come in contact with: The “Golfers,” who are the people you are selling your services to with the goal of making them your clients, and the “Partners”, or “Referring Partners”, who are the people or businesses that will give you access to golfers.

The techniques and strategies taught in this course have been time-tested and proven to work at some of the most successful Golf Fitness facilities in the world. The concepts build upon each other chapter by chapter and downloadable worksheets are given to allow you the time to reflect upon the material and apply it to your unique situation. The intuitive layout of the course makes it easy to go back again and again ensuring the detail of each chapter or associated worksheet is mastered.

What Course Participants Are Saying

“Course does what it says! You get proven ideas and plans that will get golfers in the door! I would recommend this course to anyone who wants more golf fitness clients.” -George H., Pittsburgh, PA


I am so impressed with this course “How to get clients in the door” because it literally helps you achieve what states in the title.

If you are already involved in the golf fitness industry or just starting out, this course is for you, it takes you step by step through the process of not just getting more clients in the door but helps you keep them training with you as well.

One important note, follow the scripts outlined in this course, I’m sure a lot of effort and time has gone into perfecting these for you, following them will bring in more clients and put more $$$ in your pocket.

Dave Marcer - Fitness 4 Golfers   - Australia

I am a TPI Golf Fitness Specialist who knows my work very well but would freeze when it came to marketing to golf prospects. Nothing gets more frustrating but to have all this knowledge and not know how to get people to listen to me! After taking this FitGolf Golf Fitness Business Building course I felt the weight of the world fall off my shoulders. It's so simple, yet so powerful. You will not regret it - worth every dime!

Rita Danelian - Encino, CA


I would like to provide you with some positive feedback about the client-generation techniques I learned in FitGolf’s "Getting Clients in The Door" course.

Last weekend I provided 5-minute stretches to a local public golf course prior to the start of one of their annual member tournaments. Due to logistics, I was able to provide stretching for only 45 minutes. However, the event was a great success for me. In fact, I hadn't even secured my company banner on the tent when a member saw it and said "Oh, you're a lifesaver! My back is so stiff!"

The idea of the stretch tent alone is a simple, yet brilliant marketing idea...especially if the clinician sticks to the script. I made sure to follow the script for each interaction. The greatest difficulty I had was keeping a straight face. As I asked questions, people responded exactly how you said they would. Sticking to the script made it easy and painless for me and allowed me to relax and enjoy myself.

I provided stretches to 8 players, 3 of whom have become clients! If each of those clients comes in for 6 of more visits, that will generate at least $2500 in revenue...which is many times more than the cost of the course. That is the most direct and clear return on investment I have received from any course, ever.


P.S. - the Pro invited me to play in the tournament as his guest after I was done with the tent!

Michael G., PT - Rockland, ME


Thank you so much for this fantastic informative and inspiring course “Get clients in the door”. I think the model you and your team have put together will help all attendees improve their golf fitness business and help us all make more money.

Andy G. - Director of Golf Performance

Sant Cugat Del Valles, Barcelona


“What a fantastic hands-on approach to making marketing easy. Definitely, all the tools anyone would need to build a business. Very adaptable to different situations and circumstances. I feel like I can go home and immediately put to use the knowledge and advice that has been given to me. Highly recommend this course for any golf fitness instructor.” – Kristen Shollack


“The use of the “buddy system” has been very beneficial to our center and implementing the system is extremely easy. Clients that walk through your doors have confided in you and a warm rapport should be established from day one. Asking “help” from these clients is not forced and oftentimes clients are jazzed to help bring friends or family in to experience the program. The system when put into place creates a massive marketing web since your clients are your marketing team! This system has proved to be an invaluable part of our center here in Honolulu.” -Bryce A., Honolulu, HI


“This course helped me to get over some of my fear of the sales and marketing aspect of my business. Great information on how to get out there to promote in a comfortable way. Thank You.” -Melissa R., Akron, OH


“This course taught me wonderful marketing and sales techniques that will help my business grow. The information I obtained will help me feel more comfortable and confident when promoting my business through marketing calls and events.” -Libby D., Peoria, IL