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Herbalism :: Essential Herbal Medicine Favorites

A brief introduction to great herbal medicine remedies that you can easily make at home.

Created by Elizabeth Heck - Top Qualified Herbalism Instructor


Students: 53434, Price: Free

There are many home health remedies available to us that are simple
to make or take at home that can truly build vitality or even lessen the severity of
an illness. Many of these are recipes passed down from our
grandmothers and have been used for hundreds of years. Even though many
of these health remedies are folk medicine, their effectiveness has been
backed up by science.

In this course you will learn remedies essential for health and to
have on hand for several common situations including nausea, cough, sore throat, burns, infections, digestive issues, insomnia, fever, bites/stings, rashes, bruises and joint issues just to name a few.
Many of these health remedies are quite simple.

Remedies covered in the course include:

  • Herbal First Aid
  • Kitchen Medicine
  • Cold & Flu Remedies
  • Herbs for Energy

Being prepared is essential!

So join me in this truly important, empowering and informative course.

Health & Fitness: 30-Minute Guide to Supercharge Your Life

Nutrition For Beginners. Healthy Life. Nutrition Coach. Fitness Training. Nutrition Tips. Weight Loss. Nutrition Facts.

Created by Ben Detwiler - Health and Fitness Trainer with 12,000+ students taught


Students: 25263, Price: Free

Welcome to this FREE course! 

 Do you ever struggle with being consistent with your workout and nutrition regimen? 

Do you find yourself settling back into your 'old' routines just days into the 'new' one you were so excited about?

You may know exactly what you need to do, but you simply cannot stay on track. 

First of all, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Actually, most people struggle with holding themselves accountable to some extent and I used to be one of them. The good news is that being consistent is just another skill you can learn. 

In this course I will share with you some of my best strategies for becoming more consistent with your Health and Fitness regimen. The great thing about this course is that you can complete it in just 30 minutes, and most of the strategies I discuss can be implemented straight away. You will see some results, there is no doubt about it.

So go ahead, check out the curriculum and if you like what you see, sign up right away. After all, it takes 5 seconds and... it’s free.

Breath Secrets : 7 Day Challenge

Join David and Harness the Power of the Breath to Clear Mental Fog, Overcome Depression, and Access Inspiration

Created by David Beaudry - Elite Mind-Body Trainer and Divine Channel


Students: 20790, Price: Free

You were born with an incredible gift...

That you were never taught how to harness - Your Breath.

In this 7 Day Training, I am going to initiate you into the secrets of Tummo, a life-changing breath practice that will literally change your world.

90% of the population doesn't know how to breathe.

Studies show that most people are actually holding in negative emotions, tension, and nervous system trauma - and this results in what is called "Shallow Breathing". Most people don’t notice their breathing is compromised until 70 percent of the functioning capacity of their lungs is gone. 

Shallow breathing has been scientifically linked with degenerative disease, poor quality of life, and an early onset of death.

However, we can reverse all of that - with some simple techniques I am going to show you over the next 7 days.

After teaching this to professional athletes and hollywood influencers, I decided it was time to share this powerful knowledge with you.

If you complete this course, you will have the tools you need to overcome anxiety, extend your lifespan, and reconnect to YOUR divine inspiration! 

Big Love - 

David Beaudry

Fitness For Beginners: Complete Workout Plan Mastery 2017

Learn how to Create your Own Training & Exercise Routines that Optimizes your Gene Expression and Alters your Body Compo

Created by Akash Sehrawat - Fabulousbody Founder & International Best-Selling Instructor


Students: 18532, Price: Free

“Forget fish oil and sudoku— its’s exercise that make you brainier. 

Regular exercise isn’t just good for your can also dramatically improve your : 


-Boost learning capabilities

-Reduce stress levels, ward off depression and anxiety

-Smoothen out Hormonal Fluctuations 

-Reverse signs of aging”

—Blurb by Daily Mail on Dr John Matey’s Book ‘SPARK’

Yet we have engineered exercise right out of our lifestyle with automation and technology!

This course is for you:

-If you are a beginner to exercise and working-out

-If you are an intermediate, but have not exercised in a long time

-Can’t seem to summon up enough motivation or will-power to start a fitness regime 

-Want to start…., but you confused and overwhelmed with the plethora of exercise-options available today. 

In this course, I will completely ‘DECODE’ Exercise and Training for YOU:

 So that there is NO CONFUSION…..only CLARITY:) 

As Robin Sharma states “ Clarity Precedes Mastery” …..This Free course will make you a ‘Master in designing your own Exercise Routine.’ 

Based on your Exercise Goals you will understand and learn:

How many hours you should workout per week

How many times a week you should workout….

Whether to do Steady-State Cardio or HIIT….

Whether joining a gym is the right step for you or not? If Yes, how to select your gym, based on some key criteria’s. 

How to perform 8-Important Exercises correctly using the Key Checkpoints System

How to breathe correctly while doing the movements

How to warm-up and cool down correctly 

AND much more!

ACUPRESSURE – Miracle Points

ACUPRESSURE - Miracle Point Formula - Receive an International Qualification in ACUPRESSURE THERAPY!

Created by Annette Igoe - #1 Best Selling Author, Kinesiologist & Acupressure Expert


Students: 16507, Price: Free



Before embarking on the course videos, please go to the Bonus Material - Downloads section and download the course manual, treatment charts & protocol which you can use as a visual aid to assist you during the video lessons.

This course covers a set of 12 ACUPRESSURE MIRACLE POINTS that can be used to treat symptoms when you are unsure of the root cause.  

Learn how to rebalance the following with just ONE potent ACUPRESSURE POINT!


Benefits: Rebalances the entire Lung Meridian Pathway and any physical symptoms associated with the Lungs.  Also defuses any feelings of sadness or grief in the system. 


Benefits: Rebalances the entire Large Intestine Meridian Pathway and any physical symptoms associated with the Large Intestine.  Also defuses any feelings of guilt, regret, low self worth, apathy, frustration or despair in the system. 


Benefits: Rebalances the entire Pericardium Meridian Pathway and any physical symptoms associated with the Pericardium.  Also defuses any feelings of hatred, stubbornness, jealousy or remorse in the system. 


Benefits: Rebalances the entire Triple Heater Meridian Pathway and any physical symptoms associated with the Triple Heater.  Also defuses any feelings of heaviness, loneliness, hopelessness, humiliation or despair in the system. 


Benefits: Rebalances the entire Heart Meridian Pathway and any physical symptoms associated with the Heart.  Also defuses any feelings of insecurity, self doubt, anger or hate, while increasing self confidence/self esteem and self worth in the system. 


Benefits: Rebalances the entire Small Intestine Meridian Pathway and any physical symptoms associated with the Small Intestine.  Also defuses any feelings of nervousness, shock, sadness, sorrow, hurt or discouragement in the system. 


Benefits: Rebalances the entire Kidney Meridian Pathway and any physical symptoms associated with the Kidneys.  Also defuses any feelings of fear or anxiety in the system. 


Benefits: Rebalances the entire Spleen Meridian Pathway and any physical symptoms associated with the Spleen.  Also defuses any feelings of anxiety, envy or disapproval in the system.  Great points for boosting self confidence and helping someone to be more considerate of their true feelings.


Benefits: Rebalances the entire Liver Meridian Pathway and any physical symptoms associated with the Liver.  Also defuses any feelings of rage, anger or frustration in the system. 


Benefits: Rebalances the entire Stomach Meridian Pathway and any physical symptoms associated with the Stomach.  Also defuses any feelings of disappointment, emptiness, greed, disgust or doubt in the system. 


Benefits: Rebalances the entire Gallbladder Meridian Pathway and any physical symptoms associated with the Gallbladder.  Also defuses any feelings of rage, anger or frustration in the system. 


Benefits: Rebalances the entire Bladder Meridian Pathway and any physical symptoms associated with the Bladder.  Also defuses any feelings of fear or anxiety in the system.  

Students who sign up for this course will get instant access to a 46 page course manual and a set of 12 Acupressure Treatment Charts covering Acupressure's 12 Miracle Points and treatment protocol for each of the illustrated charts - this is a step by step guide that teaches students how to perform the Acupressure Treatment. 


The information in this course is delivered in a simplistic way making it very easy for students to learn and apply the techniques to work on themselves, on family, friends or clients.

This course has also been accredited internationally so students who complete this course will receive an Internationally Recognised Qualification in 'Acupressure Therapy'.  

Some common benefits you can expect from an Acupressure Treatment include:

  • Relief from stress & tension
  • A more relaxed body & mind
  • Increased blood circulation
  • A faster removal of toxic waste
  • An increase in energy levels
  • Relief from head, neck, shoulder & back ache and
  • An overall sense of well-being

So why not sign up today and see how quickly the positive effects of Acupressure can bring improvement to your life?

Chi Kung (Qigong) for Diabetes

This free course consists of Qigong movements determined to be beneficial for treating diabetes

Created by Andy Wright - Versatile Trainer


Students: 14450, Price: Free

Andy Wright has put together a nine move set, with all the moves benefiting the condition of diabetes. He has researched the best of the best and has created this FREE set of qigong exercises based upon the underlying reasons of good Qi flow.

Most times the body has good energy flow. When a blockage occurs the real world result is an illness. Unfortunately, by the time symptoms appear the said problem has manifested to such a point that the body's reaction is significant.

If people practised Qigong regularly there is possibility that illnesses can be minimised. Once physical signs have begun it is not impossible to recover, it just may take a while longer.

Diabetes has many real world causes other than the standard blocked energy which is only an outward manifestation. For example, the person's lifestyle choices (e.g. a sugar rich diet with no exercise) CAN contribute to the overall condition the body manifests.

Qigong is brilliant but it is not a miracle worker. It is merely a tool to maintaining good health and to prevent and improve your health; HOWEVER you may need to improve other aspects of your life such as increasing exercise (where Qigong can help) and changing the diet (removing toxic additives and sugar / processed products).

ESL for Massage Therapy

Pronunciation of the Major Muscles of the Body

Created by ESL Work Ready - Get that Job - English for the Workplace


Students: 13360, Price: Free

In massage therapy, building a strong, caring professional relationship with your clients is very important. In fact many will say it is all important, because it means you provide good quality service and you understand the needs of your clients.

To build this relationship it is important that your clients trust you. That they trust your work, that you give a good massage, and that they understand that you know about their body.

One excellent way to show how much you know about their body is to talk to them about the muscles while you are working on them.

This course is designed to help you to be able to practice those specific terms, the names of the muscles, so that you can use them in your clinic. While you talk to your client about the muscles they will learn more about themselves and they will learn to trust you more.

When you have a good relationship with your client, it will help build your business as they are more likely to come back to you and they will refer their friends.

Shiatsu for exhausted office workers

Help your partner to relax after a long day at work

Created by Paul Capelli - Shiatsu Therapist, Trainer, Polyglot


Students: 11015, Price: Free

If you have ever worked in an office (or anywhere else really) you know how demanding a day in front of a computer can be. Urgent matters, phone ringing, deadlines...ring a bell?

This course can teach you how to help your partner de-stress after a long day at work. And perhaps your partner can learn to return the favour as well ;)

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of massage developed in Japan in the early 20th century. It is a therapy based on pressure. Shiatsu actually means pressure with fingers. Shiatsu has something unique compared to other massages, Shiatsu works on both the physical level as well as the energetic one. It is a very complete discipline that take years to be mastered. The basics on the other hand, can be learned quite quickly and you will see how.

In this course we will learn how to work on the back, the neck, the arms, the hands and the shoulders.

It will be nice to reconnect to your loved one, you'll see.

Enjoy the course.


Acupressure For Beginners : Acupressure Principles

Acupressure For Beginners : 8 Questions Answered - Acupressure Principles : Practical Acupressure For Beginners

Created by Sonia Bruce - Qigong Teacher - Reduce Stress and Anxiety with Qigong


Students: 10255, Price: Free

Acupressure is a natural health technique easily accessible to beginners. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This free course is an introduction to my other practical courses concerning how to "Manage various emotions with Acupressure". So as such it is not a practical course by itself where you learn where are the points for example. But it does include all essential guidelines for your future Acupressure practice.

In the course, after a quick introduction about the energy points, you will understand how to use the synergy of the 3 essential elements of Acupressure: Touch, Breathing, Intention.

You will inderstand why and how they are important if you plan to get any real deep and lasting benefit from your Acupressure practice.

Because indeed, Acupressure is a great way to improve your daily life and support your desire to change and/or to be relieved from most common physical or emotional disorders.

Last but not least, Acupressure never adversely affects the course of medical treatment (analgesic, antidepressant, anxiolytic …) quite the contrary.

#acupressure #beginners

Basic Bone Healing

The structure and functions of bone, and how it heals.

Created by Josh Simon - Medical Device Development Professional


Students: 9566, Price: Free

Maybe you have broken a bone before and are curious about what happened inside the body while it was healing, or maybe you are studying for a test that covers bone healing in medical school or high school. For anyone in this situation, this course is quick review that covers the structure and function of bones and how they heal.

We all know what bone is, but not everyone is aware of all of its functions. It's more than just a support structure that prevents you from looking like a jellyfish! This course will give you a good understanding of what bones do besides just that. Learning bone function and form will prepare you for the rest of this course. For example, the course covers the basic kinds of cells and how they are arranged.

In order to take this course, there is only one requirement: that you have bones and know what they are. No invertebrates allowed! Beyond that, everything else is explained. Some grade-school level science and biology would certainly help get you through it too. Nevertheless, it is not just the people new to this subject that can benefit from the course. Doctors and nurses who want a quick refresher can gain from participating as well. This course has a way of speaking to everyone at all levels.

Dr. Josh Simon is a Biomedical Engineer specializing in bone tissue engineering and has worked on numerous medical device projects to develop orthopedic devices. As one of his favorite subjects, basic bone healing is taught throughout this course with a lot of passion, a little humor, and a wealth of knowledge.

Tai Chi Qi Gong Moves for Beginners – For Energy, Arthritis

Learn Essential Tai Chi Routine For Physical Health and Mental Wellness

Created by David Wong - Martial artist, Qi Gong Meditator, Entrepreneur, Influencer


Students: 9096, Price: Free

Tai Chi is essentially a slow form of a Chinese Martial Art practiced by millions of people around the world because it has been shown to be helpful for many of the ailments that can affect your body.

In China, it is believed that Tai Chi can delay aging and prolong life, increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and tendons, and aid in the treatment of heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression, and many other illnesses.

Tai Chi is often described as “meditation in motion,” but it might as well be called “medication in motion.” This mind-body practice can help treat or prevent many age-related health problems. And, it may be the perfect activity for the rest of your life.

In the course , A step by step guide to get you started learning Tai Chi.  Improve your balance and find inner calm. This course is for anyone who has been wanting to learn Tai Chi, but can't get to lessons or finds the instructor goes too quickly for them. 

You will improve your balance beyond measure and directing your mind onto the exact ways in which you are changing your balance and moving your body, acts to sooth and calm your mind: mindfulness and meditation.

Perfect Digestion

A Mini-Course on Digestive Health

Created by Nick Kowalski - Transformational Wellness Coach


Students: 8471, Price: Free

How good is your digestion?

Not many of us grew up understanding how our digestive systems worked. However, with the increasing rise of digestive disease, it is apparent to me that we have much to learn.

The truth is our digestive health is vitally important to our overall health. As our awareness for holistic health and functional medicine grows, we are learning that everything in the body is connected. 

We are finding some profound discoveries about the relationship of our gut health and overall health. In fact, the base of our immune system is found in the digestive tract! No longer is it thought that our digestive system is only a place where our body absorbs vitamins and nutrients from food. It is proven that our entire immunity is built in the digestive tract but that over 80% of our neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) are manufactured there as well!

With so many people experience digestive distress on the regular it is no wonder that many are also experiencing a variety of different health problems. Diabetes, skin disorders, mood disorders such as stress, anxiety, depression and ADD are all problems of the gut!

In order to live a long and healthy life, you MUST take care of your digestive system. We live in a different world today than we once did. There are many more factors affecting our gut health. To master our health again, we must become more self aware of the way our lifestyles are affecting our gut health. If we don't we will become increasingly susceptible to infections, sickness, and an overall low-quality life.

Do you experience any of these digestive signals or symptoms on a regular basis?

  • Belching or gas within one hour of eating
  • Heartburn or acid reflux
  • Bloating within one hour of eating
  • Bad breath
  • Stomach pains or cramps
  • Undigested food in stool
  • Sweat with a strong odor
  • Food allergies
  • Food/Sugar cravings
  • Alternating constipation and diarrhea
  • Hemorrhoids or varicose veins
  • Less than one bowel movement per day
  • Blood or mucus in your stool
  • Excessive foul smelling or painful gas
  • Nagging Skin Issues
  • Mood Disorder: Anxiety, Depression, Brain Fog

If you answered yes to any of the above, this online course could really benefit you and help you to restore your health.

The good news? You can repair your digestive system! This online course "Heal Your Digestion" will show you exactly the way to radiant health.

You will be symptom-free in just 3 days!

In this course you will learn:

  • The root cause of your digestive distress 
  • What digestion is and how it works
  • What your digestive symptoms are telling you
  • How stress ruins your digestive process
  • How to eat for optimal digestion and energy
  • And much more!

The Christian way to a healthier lifestyle!

Learn how to plan and live a healthier life through the discipline of putting God first and working on your health!

Created by Alberto Rodriguez Jr - Certified Fitness Trainer


Students: 7486, Price: Free

This course is for the individual that does not know where to start on their fitness journey. I will be teaching you how to begin your journey so that you will have an opportunity to achieve you fitness goals. The information in this course is structured to help you move through your fitness journey in a Christian way. This information is to be used and reviewed for a lifetime. The Christian way to a healthier lifestyle is an on going life change one that will continue to help you grow healthier, stronger and better. The course starts with learning to put God first, Spiritual. Then I teach you about your thoughts and how they effect you, Mental. I talk to you about your feeling and the impact they have on your journey, Emotions. Then I tell you about your body and what makes it move in the direction that it is going, Physical. I will help you build your goals. Put your goals down in a chart form. You will also learn how to build a team, who they are and why they are important. And I go over what I call Creative Effort. Something we all need. The last lecture will be about putting it all together!!!!

How to Fight Fatigue and Get More Energy

Tired of being tired?

Created by Jack Pitman - YouTube Personality


Students: 6567, Price: Free

The course is designed for people who are tired of being tired.

If you change the way that  you think,

You'll find drastic changes in the way that you live.

Whether you can treat your disease

Or you can't

I made this course to show you, you aren't alone, and its absolutely fucking terrifying.

I want to show you, no matter what is wrong, you can make some level of progress, you can find a way to live a life that you enjoy. 

Free 5 Day Balance Course

Better balance and fall prevention after 50

Created by Nate Guadagni - Founder of Bo Yoga®, Member of Yoga Alliance and IAYT.


Students: 6410, Price: Free

Falls can be fatal.

Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans. (National Council on Aging)
If you are over 65, you have a 1 in 3 chance of having a fall each year.
Over 800,000 patients a year are hospitalized because of a fall injury, most often because of a head injury or hip fracture.

You can prevent falls.

You can begin right now by taking simple steps to increase your balance, flexibility, strength and reflexes.

Balance for Life's 5 Day program shows you how.

We are Nate and Mikey, and we are here to help you IMPROVE YOUR BALANCE!

Together we have over 25 years of experience helping people improve balance and prevent falls through yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, functional fitness and mindfulness training.

We are passionate and dedicated to helping you gain confidence in your body and balance and having some fun while doing it!

Our many years of teaching has proven that if you ENJOY the training, you will stick to it.

All major health organizations recommend our practices for balance and fall prevention.

"Do strength and balance exercises that make your legs stronger such as yoga and Tai Chi."

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

"To prevent falls...find a good balance and exercise program. Look to build balance, strength and flexibility."

National Council on Aging (NCOA)

"Strength and balance exercises can help you prevent falls and avoid the disability that may result from falling."

National Institute of Health (NIH)

What's in the course?

Gentle Yoga

Open and align your body & mind

Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Flowing graceful movements

Functional Fitness

Move through your day with ease

Breathing & Meditation

Learn how to relax and focus

How does it work?

Each day for 5 Days, you will simply follow a new video and by the end you could see your balance improve by up to 40% or more.

Day 1.
Test Your Balance
Full Body Tune Up

Day 2.
Gentle Yoga

Day 3.
Qi (Chi) Gong
Breathing Practice

Day 4.
Tai Chi
Joint Exercises

Day 5.
Functional Fitness
Reflex Games

Retest your balance and see your improvement!

Student's Experience

“I highly recommend the 5 days balance course for anyone looking to improve balance.The course lasted only 5 days but provided foundation to improvement of balance. It was encouraging to receive feedback to my questions, challenges and alternate exercises to keep me on task. Pre and post balance assessments documented progress I had made in 5 days......40% improvement in balance! Thanks to Nate and Mikey for leading a productive and fun experience.”

Sureshrani Paintel

“The 5 day balance course was fun and a good reminder that you can’t take balance for granted! I learned so many new things that go into optimizing balance that I didn’t know before. This course showed me there are steps to take to minimize the chance of a fall and just takes a few minutes every day. After my balance test at the end of the course, I saw my balance improve by 60%! Thank you for a really easy to follow, fun and inspiring start to regular balance training.”

Barb Lee


Keeping up with your Grandkids and pets.

Hiking and traveling with ease and confidence.

Getting that spring back into your step!

Improve your balance safely and easily with Balance For Life's 5 Day Balance Course, join us today!

Optimal Health – Your Journey for a Long & Happy Life

Discover the not-so-secret scientific Blue Zone lessons for preventing and treating lifestyle diseases and much more..

Created by Angela Poch - Life & health Coach, Counsellor & Plant-Based Nutritionist


Students: 5971, Price: Free

Most health research experts agree millions die each year from preventable diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and even many cancers. Many of these diseases can even be reversed with simple lifestyle changes which is what this course is all about. Using the blue zones as a model, combined with the latest scientific research, this course takes you through the best choices you can make for optimal health.  You'll be amazed it's not just about diet and exercise.  Research shows there is much more to living longer and happier than just the food you eat.  Sign up right NOW for this free course.

Hypnosis for getting ready to stop smoking Guided Hypnosis

Hypnosis can help to motivate you to stop smoking and stop making excuses or procrastinating making it easy to quit now.

Created by Alan Kirwan - Change Your Mind Instantly with Hypnosis Change Your Life


Students: 5840, Price: Free

5 Star Review

I love the instruction with the EFT's. It was clear. I also like that the manual gave techniques for different situations and the Angels. Thank you sir. You are very good at what you do. Glad you were created.

Robin L Householder

Hypnosis for getting ready to stop smoking Guided Hypnosis  has been created to simulate the first Hypnosis session I do with clients to get them ready to quit forever

If you have been wanting to stop smoking and have had lots of excuses as to why its not the right time or you really need a cigarette to calm your nerves. This is the course for you learn the power of using natures gift hypnosis to change how you think and feel about stopping smoking before you even start to quit.

By using hypnosis you will gain the will power to make that decision easily without any effort at all and when you begin to stop you will find it so easy to stop smoking because you have used hypnosis you will wonder why you used to smoke for as long as you did.

For most people they start smoking at a young age sometimes to peer pressure and other times to feel more grown up and you have no need to do that anymore as an adult you have more power over the choices you make and are less likely to feel peer pressure and definitely you do not need to smoke to fit in because smoking has become so anti social now.

What I will teach you in this Hypnosis course

1.  Learn how to get the best results from hypnosis

2.  learn how your mind and body work together with a fun but important lesson that will improve the results of this hypnotherapy session.

3.  Learn who can and cannot be hypnotized

4.  Get ready to stop smoking forever Hypnosis  bonus section

How to use and apply EFT in the bonus section an amazingly powerful technique that can eliminate any limiting bad feelings that have been stopping you from feeling great

Low Back Pain Relief Secrets

Get Rid of Low Back Pain & Sciatica in Only 3 Weeks

Created by Morgan Sutherland - Massage Therapist and Back Pain Expert


Students: 5823, Price: Free

Get Rid of Low Back Pain & Sciatica in Only 3 Weeks, without Surgery, Physical Therapy, or Pain Pills

When back pain strikes, it can ruin your life. Reaching for painkillers or having surgery can be ineffective and even dangerous for your health.   

Chronic pain affects 100 million people each year, and low back pain is the most common complaint. When the body’s pain signals keep firing in the nervous system, it can have a draining effect on the quality of life—physically, mentally, and spiritually.   

In the United States, 8 out of 10 people will experience low back pain at some time in their lives. Low back pain is the second most frequent reason for doctor visits, next to the common cold, and it is the leading cause of job-related disabilities.

Your Instructor...

Hi, I'm Morgan Sutherland, and for over 20 years now (since 2000), I've been massaging clients who are dealing with low back pain. But when the tables were turned, and I was the one who injured my back… it wasn't massage that healed my low back pain... instead, it was a series of highly targeted exercises!   

Inspired by my experience with reversing my severe low back pain, and fueled by a vibrant enthusiasm to share these exercise routines with anyone who has back pain, I began to passionately research how to quickly cure back pain at home. I learned a wealth of information.    

Who is this course for?

This course is for low back pain sufferers who...

  • When they stand up from a seated position, their back stiffens up and goes into spasm.   

  • Throw their back put every time they bend over and attempt to tie their shoes.   

  • Avoid taking leisurely walks because they have a "bad back" and are embarrassed being seen limping around in agony.   

  • Have trouble getting a good night's sleep because of their dull, aching pain in your lower back.   

What You'll Learn

In this 21-Day, Low Back Pain Relief Program you will learn:   

  • Nine Worst Back Exercises for Back Pain

  • Four Common Reasons for Lower Back Pain 

  • A 21-Day, Low Back Pain exercises routine   

  • A 15-minute, doctor-recommended back pain relief exercise routine.    

  • Six foam-rolling moves to conquer back pain.    

  • A 6-minute emergency back pain treatment that’s safe for both herniated and bulging discs.    

  • Seven exercises to prevent future back spasms and herniated discs.    

  • Seven resistance-band exercises for low back pain.    

  • Four moves to do before you roll out of bed.     

  • Plus 4 Bonus Videos!

If you can make time to do a daily 15- to 30-minute back pain relief exercise routine, you’ll soon be on your way to feeling good again. It’s essential to feel your best to make the most of every day. Let me show you how!

I look forward to seeing you inside!

Sleep Your Way to Wealth and Happiness!

Learn to achieve deep rest and live a happier life. Get more by doing less.

Created by Travis Knoll - Your best sleep


Students: 4957, Price: Free

Do you want to increase your energy?

Do you wish you could live your life instead of someone else's?

Do you look at others and wonder why they're always happy as you slug down another cup of morning coffee?


I used to have problems sleep problems, and couldn't even stay awake at work sometimes without drinking multiple cups of coffee. Now I rarely get tired and am full of energy.

With simple new habits in this course you can get more done.

Spend more anxiety and stress free-time with friends and family.

Earn more income.

This course is about how to gain a deep rest through new habits of sleep formation. You will discover why your current eating habits and dietary concerns are killing your current sleeping behavior. You will receive a log to monitor your current sleep and how you progress with your new system in place. This course has over three hours of powerful information to help you become more productive in your daily life. All this and you will be able to create a great change in your sleep habits and your overall health!

Purify and Balance the Water Element

Learn to Balance the Element of Water and Create Healthfulness and Vibrancy

Created by Sadhguru : Insights and Wisdom - Yogi, Mystic, Visionary, Spiritual Guide


Students: 4870, Price: Free

Seventy-two percent of your body is water. Another twelve percent is earth. Another six percent is air. Another four percent is fire. The remaining is space.

If you know how to keep these four elements, then your well-being, your health, your longevity, your ability to determine how long your should live and when you should leave. All these things are one hundred percent in your hands. You’ll become a master of your own destiny.

If you just control the waters in the system, phenomenal things will happen. Always is a large focus on water because seventy-two percent of the body is water. You must understand this body is just a product of this planet. Seventy-two percent of the planet itself is water.

How to perform Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

A step by step video and listed steps to aid an otolaryngologist in performing routine FESS (sinus surgery)

Created by Steven Houser, MD - rhinologist/allergist


Students: 4850, Price: Free

This course should aid an ENT resident or attending to understand the steps involved in performing functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS). The course includes a video showing real surgery, and then the steps are spelled out for the learner. The basic techniques are then expanded to 1) more advanced FESS options, and 2) logical extensions of ESS (endoscopic sinus surgery) to structures adjacent to the nose and sinuses. The course is laid out from more basic to more complex. Video and narrated powerpoint slides/images are used to convey the information. Quiz questions at the end will emphasize some of the finer points of endoscopic sinus surgery. A learner should take this course if they wish to expand or strengthen their knowledge of sinus surgery.

Easy Little Habits, Great Health Benefits

How To Be Healthy And Happy Without Pills Or Supplements

Created by Jay Tiew Jin Jie - Facebook Marketing, Internet Marketing Coach


Students: 4690, Price: Free

Imagine Living A Healthy Life, Without Pills & Supplements.

All Accomplished With Natural And Free Methods.

You Will Learn The 9 Key Areas To Cultivate Healthy Habits.

Working in front of a computer has been killing me.

My health hit a low point in 2015.

Determined to get better, I made small changes to my daily habits.

Within 2 months, my health was in the best shape of my life.

This course is about sharing what I did to overcome my health challenges. 

All this is accomplished without using any prescription drugs, pills or health supplements.

Yes, there really is nothing to buy here.

If I may ask you for a favor, it would be "share this course with your friends".

This course will be Free For Life.

It is my way of helping others.

Enroll now, and I'll see you inside.

FREE TASTER: Baby Sleep Solutions from The Sleep Nanny

Everything you could need to know to help your baby to become an excellent sleeper

Created by Expert Academy - Supercharge your learning with the world's leading experts


Students: 4349, Price: Free

The Sleep Nanny® is a mother of two, a best selling author, regular contributor to The Huffington Post and other publications, a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach with specialist training in the delicate 4-5 month age bracket and a Certified Maternity and Parenting Sleep Professional.

This is a free taster of the full Ultimate Child Sleep Solutions course which covers babies from 0-3 months old. The full course covers from birth to 5 years old and has extra lectures and downloadable assets, such as travelling with children, how to handle sickness and sleep and more.

Complete sleep course for new babies

This is the first and most comprehensive training of its kind. Ultimate Sleep Solutions will take you through, step by step, how to resolve the sleep challenges you are having with your little one.

With modules for every age from birth to five years we have covered every possible scenario and have solutions to suit different types of temperament and personality - after all, no two children are the same, right?

You can hire me, The Sleep Nanny® or another experienced and certified sleep consultant who will help you to resolve your challenges and leave you feeling firmly in the driving seat however, what if you hit a bump in the road and you are faced with a new an unexpected problem? With Ultimate Sleep Solutions, just login and go to the appropriate module to find the answers you need at the right time.

Ultimate Sleep Solutions has you covered from birth to five years. If you have a particularly alert little one, it is likely that you will go through various challenging phases over the early years. Just when you think you have it cracked, Bam! they hit you with something else. Don't get caught short, get all the answers at your fingertips, to keep!

Some reviews from the full course

"My 19 month old daughter was often waking 2/3 times a night. Being pregnant with my second and working full time meant I felt like a broken woman! Following Lucy's advice, my little girl now sleeps through, is much more alert in the morning as she is more rested as a result has much happier parents! I couldn't imagine we would get to this point, but the transformation is amazing. I'm stocking up on sleep now til the next one arrives in a couple of weeks"

"I am so happy I could cry!! This time 2 weeks ago I was struggling to get my 20 month old to bed, waking 2-3 times a night for an hour and a half a time I was exhausted and was having a massive strain on our family. 9 nights in and I have just put my son to bed and he has settled himself without me in the room in 10 minutes! I never ever thought I would get to this stage!!! Am so proud of my little Louie and can't thank Lucy enough for your support, you have literally changed our lives!!"

Sleep is so incredibly important, get the sleep you need to take care of and enjoy your family and give your little one the best start all round!

Energy, More Energy!

Discover How to Boost your Energy Levels Naturally so you Can Get More Done, Feel Less Stressed and Live Life to the Max

Created by Samir Hachichi - Economist and eBay Seller


Students: 4181, Price: Free

Everyone is always talking about time management. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for many of us and so the belief goes that if we could squeeze a little more productivity out of our time, we’d be able to accomplish our dreams, earn more money, stay more organized and enjoy more time off.

It all sounds great, except for one thing: the entire endeavor is completely misguided. Sounds harsh but in fact it’s also completely true. Your problem is not with time. You have plenty of time. If you didn’t have plenty of time, you probably wouldn’t have been able to watch that entire series of The Walking Dead, would you? And you likely wouldn’t have spent so long on YouTube…

The problem isn’t time – it’s energy. Your energy, just like your time, is finite. Only it actually exists in somewhat smaller quantities meaning that it’s all too easy to run out and end up completely exhausted. And that’s when we start to use our time poorly and not get much done.

Think about it: imagine if you could jump out of bed feeling energetic first thing in the morning. What would you do with that extra hour of productivity? Hit the gym maybe? Make some calls? Do last night’s clean up so that you could live in a house that wouldn’t always be untidy?

Remember when you were a little kid and you could just run around all day without ever seeming to get tired? Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could get that back?

That’s what we’ll be looking at in this course…

3D for Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery

Learn everything about 3D files, planning virtual surgeries and 3D Printing

Created by Bruno Borralho Gobbato Gobbato - Orthopedic Surgeon Passionate for Technology


Students: 4146, Price: Free

In this course you will learn the Basics and Advanced tools to create 3D Anatomic Models, working with these models, preparing for 3D Printing and learn how to Plan a Virtual Surgery in computer with just your knowledge and no specific or proprietary software.

We offer more than 29 videos.

We are committed to post new videos and create specific videos for our students doubts and special needs.

Introduction To Digital Marketing Basics for Beginners 2021.

We have brought this course for everyone to know basics of marketing & digital marketing.

Created by Pranav Parekh - Digital Marketing Trainer,Google Analytics/Adwords Certified


Students: 4048, Price: Free

We have brought this course  in form of compilation of videos for everyone to know basic information about the online marketing & internet marketing world.

The course is for beginners in the world of marketing to help them know the basics of how SEO,SEM,Social media,Mobile marketing,Google analytics & other aspects are used in Online marketing

In this course you would learn about

-Definition of  marketing

-Modes of marketing

-Traditional marketing

-Benefits of online,internet ,digital marketing

-Understand channels in digital marketing

& much more...

Natural Health 101

Adjusting Four Activities You're Already Doing to Improve Health

Created by Kathleen Ellerie - Licensed Acupuncturist, Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur


Students: 4039, Price: Free

Natural health doesn't have to be difficult! In this course we'll discuss how to make simple changes to the way you contact the ground, breathe, eat, and think to decrease inflammation, reduce stress, improve digestion, and better well-being overall. Use the quizzes and evaluations to reinforce core concepts, pinpoint where you are now, and track progress as you develop healthy habits, and feel re-empowered to take control of your health.

This course is meant to provide a foundation for healthy habits and is intended for beginners onward. Please be advised that the information provided in it is for educational purposes only and should not replace the advice of a medical doctor.

Endonasal Septal Perforation Repair

detailed explanation of rotation flap technique for closure of perforations

Created by Steven Houser, MD - rhinologist/allergist


Students: 3901, Price: Free

This course will discuss the anatomy of the septum, origin of septal perforations, and discuss the methods to repair a septal perforation. An emphasis is placed up the authors preferred technique - that of a endonasal septal rotation flap with acellular dermal graft support. It is assumed that the viewer has a fair amount of understanding of nasal issues including anatomy and surgical techniques. Multiple videos of the technique including live endoscopic images, still photos, 2-dimensional "how I do it," and narrated slide sets. It is the author's hope that this course will be of significant benefit to a practicing nasal surgeon, and allow them to adopt this technique and apply it to their patients.

Applied prophetic medicine course

An intro to prophetic medicine that is evidence-based مقدمة عن الطب النبوي القائم على البراهين

Created by Rayan Hejazi - Knowledge for everyone


Students: 3870, Price: Free

I decided to create this course for many reasons including the importance of
the topic to many people including myself, and because I could not find one
online course that collects all the relevant information.

لقد قررت إنشاء هذه الدورة التدريبية لأسباب عديدة
بما في ذلك أهمية الموضوع لكثير من الأشخاص بمن فيهم أنا ، ولأنني لم أتمكن من
العثور على دورة تدريبية عبر الإنترنت تجمع جميع المعلومات ذات الصلة.

In this course, we will be focusing on the aspects of prophetic medicine and
how clinical studies and scientific researches show interesting results that
supports the teachings found in the Islamic scriptures.

في هذه الدورة ، سنركز على جوانب الطب النبوي وكيف
تظهر الدراسات العلمية والأبحاث السريرية نتائج مثيرة للاهتمام تدعم التعاليم
الموجودة في الكتاب والسنة.

The course is designed to be as-short-as possible and very concise. The
course will be divided into three sections. In the first section, you will
understand what is applied prophetic medicine and the key role of scientific
medical research. Second, I will be illustrating some examples of the healthy
habits that were studied and proven effective in promoting health and prevent
some diseases. In the third section we will present some research findings that
show benefits of using some foods, herbs and seeds in promoting health and
avoiding some diseases. You will never regret enrolling into this course.

تم تصميم الدورة بحيث تكون قصيرة قدر الإمكان ومختصرة
للغاية. سيتم تقسيم الدورة إلى ثلاثة أقسام. في القسم الأول ، سوف تفهم ما هو الطب
النبوي التطبيقي والدور الرئيسي للبحوث الطبية العلمية. ثانيا ، سأوضح بعض الأمثلة
على العادات الصحية التي تمت دراستها والتي أثبتت فعاليتها في تعزيز الصحة ومنع
بعض الأمراض. في القسم الثالث سنقدم بعض نتائج البحوث التي تظهر فوائد استخدام بعض
الأطعمة والأعشاب والبذور في تعزيز الصحة وتجنب بعض الأمراض. لن تندم أبدًا على
التسجيل في هذه الدورة التدريبية.

12 Lead EKG’s Demystified – A Behind The Scenes Look

Basic EKG and Beyond

Created by Jen Carlquist - Cardiology Physician Assistant making EKG's Simple


Students: 3861, Price: Free

  • Review normal cardiac conduction

  • Normal intervals and wave morphology

  • How to assess heart rate using the EKG and just
    a rhythm strip

  • The PQRST model of EKG interpretation will be discussed

  • Normal EKG review

  • Where’s the STEMI? A basic review

  • Trouble Shooting the EKG, to include artifact
    and 60 cycle interference

This course is designed to give you the foundation for reading EKG's. You will learn a systematic response for interpretation. All levels are welcome in this course.