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GarageBand 101- Learn How To Write & Record Your First Song!

Start making great music right away with the only free GarageBand course on Udemy! (Unofficial)

Created by Dean Davis - Songwriter, Producer, Music Instructor


Students: 18949, Price: Free

Students: 18949, Price:  Free

This course is designed to help you start making great music in GarageBand fast!  Video lessons show you how to write, record, edit, and polish your songs step-by-step.  You'll learn how to use the tools GarageBand offers for creative songwriting (including software instruments & the session drummer) as well how to use its powerful tools for editing & mixing (cleaning and polishing) your songs!  The videos in this course are content rich and get straight to the point so that you can start making high quality music in GarageBand without wasting any time!  And don't worry, we are going to make this easy and fun

If you are a songwriter or musician who wants to record your own music in GarageBand but you have no idea where to start... this course is made for you!

Make a custom ringtone with your iPad in 15 minutes for free

Covers 2 example ringtones in different styles which can be used on any smart phone and it won't cost you anything!

Created by Paul Douglas - Songwriter, Digital specialist and e-Learning facilitator


Students: 3632, Price: Free

Students: 3632, Price:  Free

This course will walk you through two different ways to create an original custom ringtone of your own for any smart phone. 

Each method demonstrates creation of a different style of ringtone - step by step - and guides you through the process of getting a ringtone ready for your phone. The methods shown do not involve sampling music.

When tested with students, most completed their ringtone in 15
minutes or less but you may choose to spend a little more time getting
sounds just right for you.

This course is optimised for GarageBand for iOS version 2.1 - however, Apple released version 2.2 of the App in January 2017. There is a section of Additional Information videos at the end of the course that cover the changes that were introduced with the new version. Features of version 2.3 (released November 2017) are not shown in the videos of this course.

Note: Methods to transfer audio to phones will be shown but it is up to you to know how to assign a ringtone on your phone.

Most of my students will know that I am currently working on my Advanced GarageBand for iPad course. Making a custom ringtone was originally going to be a section of that new course. However, the Advanced course has been taking more time to complete that I hoped, so I am offering this part of it completely free!

GarageBand Tutorial: Make EDM Tracks in GarageBand

Learn how to use GarageBand to make your own EDM tracks start to finish!

Created by Joseph Evans Jr - Music Producer, Composer, Songwriter


Students: 1570, Price: Free

Students: 1570, Price:  Free

Would you like to know how to use Garageband to create EDM?

This course has nearly 2 hours of content that you will have lifetime access to plus any updates.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to operate Garageband

  • Setting up a new project

  • Sequencing beats and melodies

  • Editing your music

  • Song format

  • And much more!

Follow along as I show you step by step in this GarageBand Tutorial Mac how to create EDM in Garageband and finally get the music in your head out into the real world. The course is designed for the novice producer and will help you quickly gain the skills you need to produce the music you love, EDM!


Integrating ICT into the Australian Curriculum

Information Communication Technology Integration

Created by Eden Carey - Media Teacher


Students: 1554, Price: Free

Students: 1554, Price:  Free

This course invites students to learn how to use various ICT tools such as iMovie, GarageBand, Microsoft Word and learning management systems. The purpose of this course is to assist Australian teachers, both Primary and Secondary, to link technology in their core subject area. Technology is increasingly becoming a vital skills for majority of workplaces. Students need to learn technology, therefore, as teachers, we need to support our students in their learning.

GarageBand Tutorial: Make Beats Using Apple Loops

Learn how to arrange royalty free samples and loops in GarageBand into complete beats and instrumentals.

Created by Joseph Evans Jr - Music Producer, Composer, Songwriter


Students: 1310, Price: Free

Students: 1310, Price:  Free

Have you been wondering how to make beats in GarageBand, but have no experience playing piano or programming drums?

If so this GarageBand Loops Tutorial is what you are looking for!

The course has nearly 2 hours of content that you will have lifetime access to plus any updates.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to operate GarageBand

  • How to edit Audio Files

  • How to Use Apple Loops to Make Beats

  • How to Complete a Professional Instrumental Track Start to Finish

Check out what students are saying about their learning experience!

"This was an awesome course. I learned about some tools that had thrown me off in the past and learned about some tools I didn't know existed. Money well spent for sure! Thank you Joseph." - Kristin

"This is a good course that you can follow and learn the technique easily" - Yu-Hsiu Li

"This was a simple , practical, introduction to Garageband, concentrating on the minimum you need to know to start making music. Particularly aimed at Hip Hop and Techno but I can see how to try other genres. Very down to earth and instantly usable." - Adam Dargan

There are also several live beat making examples!

So if you would like to learn how to make beats in GarageBand using Apple Loops...