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G Suite Setup for Your Business – The Right Way

Learn how to setup G Suite for your domain and secure it with easy to follow step by step HD videos.

Created by Goldy Arora - G Suite Certified Consultant


Students: 11839, Price: Free

We use email for most of our professional communication, but usually we don't pay much attention to  ensure this channel is secure.

In this step by step video course, I will show you how to set up G Suite for your business as per Google's best recommended practices.

G Suite is essentially Gmail for business, where you get access to familiar applications like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Sites etc but on your own domain and email id, e.g

Though I will be using Godaddy as my domain registrar to setup my G Suite, however regardless of who is your domain registrar, the instructions would remain same.

Automate Your G Suite Administration with Google Sheets

Save time in G Suite Administration by automating it with this free Google Sheet Add on and become a Pro Admin today.

Created by Goldy Arora - G Suite Certified Consultant


Students: 8865, Price: Free

Are you a G Suite Administrator investing so much time in G Suite Admin console to manage your users, groups, members and aliases?

Are you wondering what if there is an automated (but easy to use) way to do all that?

I feel you as I have been there.

I am an active G Suite Administrator and was struggling with this too, all I could find are couple of tools to automate my G Suite Administration but they were either costly or were not easy to use.

Because I make my living helping businesses move to G Suite, I thought there should be a better way, and started writing google apps script to help myself saving time.

As its working great for me, I thought to put all those scripts together and convert them in an easy to use Google Sheet Add on, so my fellow G Suite Admins (like you) can easily administer G Suite right from their Google sheet with just couple of clicks.

So what this tool can do for you right from your Google Sheet?

1. Manage G Suite Users

-- Bulk Create G Suite Users

-- Bulk Update G Suite Users

-- Bulk Suspend G Suite Users

-- Bulk Delete G Suite Users

-- Export All your G Suite Users with one click

2. Manage G Suite Aliases

-- Bulk Create G Suite User Aliases

-- Bulk Delete G Suite User Aliases

-- Export G Suite User Aliases

3. Manage G Suite Groups

-- Bulk Create G Suite Groups

-- Bulk Delete G Suite Groups

-- Export All G Suite Groups

4. Manage G Suite Group Memberships

-- Bulk Add Members to G Suite Groups

-- Bulk Remove Members from G Suite Groups

-- Export Members of G Suite Group

I am a full time employed, but try to add more features to this add on as I get sometime, so if you have any suggestion, don't hesitate to suggest.

Google Apps Script Quick Start Beginner Guide

Google Apps Script allows you to power up you G Suite with amazing functionality based on JavaScript

Created by Laurence Svekis - Instructor, GDE, Application Developer


Students: 5891, Price: Free

Google Apps Script is a rapid application development platform that makes it fast and easy to create business applications that integrate with G Suite.


Explore how you can start using Google Apps Script to run code to make things happen within Google Suite of Apps.

BONUS - Downloadable PDF course Guide - with links and resources.

The course covers the following in regards to Apps Script and how to use it

  • Apply JavaScript methods within Apps Script like Date()

  • Create a document using script - add content to the document

  • Create a Spreadsheet using script

  • Get object info like ID and URL

  • Using session to get active user email address

  • Using Mail Service to send emails via script

  • DocumentApp and accessing updating existing docs by id

  • SpreadsheetApp and accessing data contained in existing sheets

  • Bound script in Docs and Sheets

  • How to add UI menu items

  • Running script functions from UI menu tab

  • Creating UI alerts

  • UI prompts to get user input and data

  • Active document get cursor location

  • Creating new sheet using script

  • Updating and copying sheet data selected by user

Source Code is included

Fast friendly support within the Q&A section - taught by an instructor with over 20 years of web development experiencing ready to help you learn.

What are you waiting for join now and start creating your own amazing projects with Google Apps Script.

A beginner’s guide to Google forms

Google forms, Learn Google forms, Introduction to google forms, Surveys, polls, google apps, G-suite

Created by Learn App Inventor 2 - We help you develop High-quality apps using App Inventor 2


Students: 5233, Price: Free

    Forms can be helpful for anyone at any instant of time. And it is more valuable to those who work with office tools now and then. Anyone who needs forms to gather information will surely understand that a medium like google forms reduces their work and structures the response data in a very efficient manner.

    This course is designed to introduce Google forms to beginners. It contains clear explanations about different features of google forms. It clearly describes different settings and preferences. By the end of the course, you will gain a good understanding of the capability of this app. And on watching the course more than twice, you may become fond of its features and it will make it easy for you to use the app.

Apps Script OnOpen Trigger new Web URL Project G Suite

Explore Google Apps Script G Suite integration with Sheets, setup of Triggers and creating client side JavaScript

Created by Laurence Svekis - Instructor, GDE, Application Developer


Students: 2742, Price: Free

Explore using Google Apps Script to connect to onOpen script functions, setup UI modal, add UI menu buttons and create Client side JavaScript.  Apps Script OnOpen Trigger new Web URL Project G Suite

This course idea was a result of several students requests on this topic, I enjoy Google apps script and always happy to provide interesting solutions to coding challenges. 

JavaScript and Google Apps Script are prerequisites to this course - DO NOT TAKE this course without prior coding experience.

  • Setup a UI modal

  • Setup Triggers to run functions on Open of Sheets

  • Bound script to sheets

  • Client Side HTML handling and request of value from Google Script

  • Run JavaScript code on sheet open

  • Setup of triggers.

Source Code is included.

Taught by an instructor with many years of web development experience.  Google Developer Expert for G Suite. Ready to help you learn more about Google Apps Script.  With fast and friendly support within the Q&A section.

Are you ready to build you own version of the app, make it even better, do more....   What are you waiting for see what you can do with Google Apps Script! Join NOW.