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Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners

Learn to program using the Java programming language

Created by John Purcell - Software Development Trainer


Students: 1617393, Price: Free

Learn to program in the Java programming language. This course assumes no prior programming knowledge, just a desire to learn to program.

R Basics – R Programming Language Introduction

Learn the essentials of R Programming - R Beginner Level!

Created by R-Tutorials Training - Data Science Education


Students: 181445, Price: Free

Are you interested in data science?

Do you want to learn R totally from scratch?

Are you looking for an easy step by step approach to get into R?

Do you want to take an easy R course for BEGINNERS?

Well, if your answer is YES to some of these questions, look no further, this course will help you.

I created this course for the total beginner. That means for you: No prior knowledge required! If this is your first computer programming language to use - congratulations, you found your entry level material. If you are new to data science, no problem, you will learn anything you need to to start out with R.

That also means for you: if you are already used to R, you will likely benefit more from an advanced course. I have more than ten intermediate and advanced R courses available on Udemy, which might be more suited towards your needs. Check out the r-tutorials instructor profile for more info.

Let’s take a look at the content and how the course is structured:

We will start with installation, the R and RStudio interface, add on packages, how to use the R exercise database and the R help tools.

Then we will learn various ways to import data, first coding steps including basic R functions, functions and loops and we will also take a look at the graphical tools.

The whole course should take approx. 3 to 5 hours, and there are exercises available for you to try out R. You will also get the code I am using for the demos.

Anything is ready for you to enter the world of statistical programming.

What R you waiting for?


3 Minute French – Free taster course | Lessons for beginners

Learn to speak French you can use in everyday real-world situations - all in just 3-minute chunks!

Created by Kieran Ball - 3 Minute Languages, 313,000+ students


Students: 114158, Price: Free

Bonjour! Hello and welcome to 3 Minute French :-)

3 Minute French is a collection of online lessons that helps the complete beginner learn to speak French in simple, bite-sized chunks.

The lessons start off by giving you a few words that you can use to build your own sentences. For example, in lesson one, you'll learn these words and phrases:

bon - good
c'est - it is
fantastique - fantastic
ici - here
très - very
ce n'est pas - it isn't

With those words, you can build sentences like these:

It's good.
It's here.
It's very good here.
It isn't here.
It isn't good; it's fantastic!

(See if you can translate those five sentences above into French just by using those words and phrases.)

The lessons continuously build on what you've been learning, enabling you to express yourself fluently in French. As you move through the course, you'll pick up new vocabulary, useful grammar points and interesting ways to look at the structure of the French language that will give you plenty of "Aha!" moments.

The reason it's called "3 Minute French" is because the lessons are broken down into very short, three-minute chunks. Everybody, no matter how busy you are, has time to fit in a single three-minute lesson once a day, and in fact, by keeping learning to such short chunks, you'll reap huge benefits. Short but consistent daily lessons are more effective than a longer lesson once or twice a week, because you'll find you maintain enthusiasm, develop a learning habit and you'll also memorise everything much better.

If you've never learnt French before, or if you have had a bad experience with learning this beautiful language, the 3 Minute French lessons will help you to succeed.

Merci :-)


14-day English language fluency course

You will improve your spoken English in just 2 weeks!

Created by Joel South - ESOL teacher and language coach


Students: 108036, Price: Free

Are you struggling to speak English?

Have you spent hours learning new words, studying grammar, watching English movies, listening to English music and now you wonder why you can’t use all of this knowledge in a conversation?

Well, here’s your answer!

Speaking English is a skill- just like swimming. Can you learn swimming from a book? No. How about from a movie? No, again. You need to get into the pool and start doing the action. Speaking, like swimming, is an action.

So, the ONLY way to improve your spoken English is to speak.

That’s where this course helps you!

How does this course work?

I have divided this course into 14 days. Each day has a new topic and each topic is divided into 4 short videos.

The first video will introduce 8 words or terms. In this video I will explain the meaning of these words and provide an example of how it can be used in a sentence. At the end, we will review the vocabulary.

In the second video I provide an example speech of the topic. In this video I use the words from video 1 to make a speech. This allows you to see me using the vocabulary.

The third video is the most important video. In this video I give you a chance to make a speech using the vocabulary of the topic. But there is one rule:

  • You can’t say: umm, ahh, enn or any other vocal-filled pause or interjection.


Well, this is a fluency course. If you always need to stop and think about what to say next, then you’re not speaking fluently. If you do break the rule, simply stop and start your speech again.

The final video is a dictation test. Listen to me say the words from the topic and write them down. Then, compare your spelling with the actual spelling of the words.

Can I really improve my spoken English with this course?

I believe you can. I have used this method with literally hundreds of students and have seen my students’ speaking ability improve dramatically.

Why should I choose this course over other courses?


Firstly, it’s free (for the moment) so you have nothing to lose.

Enthusiastic teacher.

Secondly, I think I teach this course in an enthusiastic way and hope that this enthusiasm spreads to you. I believe that if you want to learn anything, you must be enthusiastic or you will simply give up.

There is a finish line that you can see.

By knowing that this course is only 14 days, I hope that it provides you with the feeling that it is short sprint and not a marathon.  

Consistency is key (or king).

It’s much more effective to study a few minutes a day than to study for a few hours once or twice a week. I want English to be your hobby that you enjoy not your habit that you hate. By only studying for a few minutes a day (but doing it every day) it is less likely that you will come to hate learning. 

Remember what you learn.

I believe that quality is more important than quantity. My rule as an ESL/EFL teacher is to teach between 5 to 10 words per 1-hour class. This is because how many words you study is not important. Only how many words you can use is the number that we should care about. I see many students trying to remember 30 or even 50 words a day! But, the sad thing is the next day they may only remember 4 or 5. I will teach you vocabulary in a way that allows you to retain the vocabulary that you learn.

Develop a habit for learning.

Finally, many people say that it takes 2 weeks to develop a habit. I hope this course will provide you with the framework to develop a habit of study. While this is my only course (at the moment) here on Udemy, there are many other fantastic courses on here to study. I hope that you can use this course as a stepping stone for your continued growth.

Sign up now and start speaking right away!

So, if you want to learn to speak English more fluently whilst getting your hands on some useful vocabulary, then why not try my 14-day English language fluency course? You have nothing to lose and you will be very glad you did.

Thank you and see you soon,


Microcontrollers and the C Programming Language (MSP430)

Create C programs for a microcontroller using inputs/outputs, timers, analog-to-digital converters, comm ports, and LCD.

Created by Mark M. Budnik - Brandt Professor of Engineering, Valparaiso University


Students: 66114, Price: Free

The course is laboratory based. Almost every lecture and section of the course leads directly to a hands-on laboratory assignment. The more practice you get using the “real world" Texas Instruments MSP430 hardware and software the more proficient you will be.

The course does not waste your time. From the very beginning, we jump right in to your first laboratory assignment – Let's Get Started.

The course is modular in nature. Are you new to the world of microcontrollers? Great! Start at the beginning, and we'll teach you everything you need to know. Do you have some background in microcontrollers but want to learn more? Fantastic! You can pick and choose the modules that you need.

The course is packed with information. From the beginnings of the C programming language to advanced microcontroller peripherals, the course teaches you all of the building blocks you would need to build your own electronic systems.

We use lots and lots of examples. We take you step-by-step through the lessons – each time providing sample code and documentation to make sure you are supported through the course.

We are here to help. We are educators with a singular focus of providing a meaningful experience for our students. And, while we cannot do the work for you, we are willing to work WITH you help you succeed.

Improve your French Now

A series of videos and audios on different topics with exercises to improve your French

Created by Français avec Pierre - Native trained French Teacher


Students: 45863, Price: Free

In this course, you will have a series of videos on different topics (France, French culture, idioms, interviews and stories). The objective is to get immersed in real spoken French to improve your listening skills, your global comprehension, and your general French level.

In each section you will have a video where I talk about different topics or I interview people. You have the transcript as well, to help you understand the spoken language. After listening to the video and reading the transcript, you will have exercises.

If you have already studied a little bit of French and you want to improve your French, this course is for you!

Natural Language Processing (NLP) with BERT

Movies reviews Semantic analysis using BERT

Created by Hadelin de Ponteves - AI Entrepreneur


Students: 18173, Price: Free

Are you ready to dive right into one of the most exciting developments in data science right now: Google’s breakthrough NLP algorithm, BERT!

Testing your skills with practical courses is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to learn data science…and now we’re giving you that chance for FREE.

Our new case study course: Natural Language Processing (NLP) with BERT shows you how to perform semantic analysis on movie reviews using data from one of the most visited websites in the world: IMDB!

Perform semantic analysis on a large dataset of movie reviews using the low-code Python library, Ktrain.

But, why is BERT so revolutionary?

Not only is it a framework that has been pre-trained with the biggest data set ever used, it is also remarkably easy to adapt to different NLP applications, by adding additional output layers. This allows users to create sophisticated and precise models to carry out a wide variety of NLP tasks.

AI expert Hadelin de Ponteves guides you through some basic components of Natural Language Processing, how to implement the BERT model and sentiment analysis, and finally, Python coding in Google Colab.

Here’s how this 1-hour case study course will unfold:

Part 1: Data Preprocessing

  • Loading the IMDB dataset

  • Creating the training and test sets

Part 2: Building the BERT model

Part 3: Training and evaluating the BERT model

  • Getting the learner instance

  • Training and evaluating the BERT model

Plus, you’ll do it all using Google’s Colab free, browser-based notebook environment that runs completely in the cloud. It’s a game-changing interface that will save you time and supercharge your data science toolkit.

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to put your NLP skills to the test then this is the opportunity you've been waiting for. Click the ‘Enroll Now’ button and see you inside!

French for Middle Schoolers

Learn the Basics of French and Succeed in your French classes

Created by Abinaya Anbuchelvan - Student


Students: 16055, Price: Free

French for Middle Schoolers is a fun, informative, and simple course for middle schoolers that allows them to learn the basics of the French language FOR FREE! By following this course to the end, you will definitely have a much more thorough understanding of French and will be inspired to continue learning French through high school! This course will help you learn and improve in the following areas:

  • Alphabet 
  • Numbers 
  • Vocabulary 
  • Basic grammar

All the videos consist of a detailed description of the concept followed by examples to ensure a thorough understanding of the topic, while the vocabulary is complemented with interactive games to help you practice.

French Rules of Pronunciation

Or How to Read French

Created by Florence Rosario - International Language Educator


Students: 9824, Price: Free

A series of  French rules of pronunciation explained in detail and put into practice, plus some fun tongue-twisters at the end. The course is divided in small chunks separating vowels, consonants, and combinations of letters, demonstrating the pronunciation compared to sounds you know.  Each section is followed but some practice.

5 words French – Course 1 | FREE FOR BEGINNERS

A1 Level - Learn to speak and use French from the very first class. All with only 5 words a day.

Created by Renan Dias - ANIMALANGS, 37.000+ STUDENTS


Students: 9815, Price: Free

BONJOUR ET BIENVENUE! (Hello and welcome!)

In this course you will learn to build sentences in French and upon its completion you will have learned more than 50 French words. This means that French will no longer be something totally unknown to you.

In video lessons, I will guide you through clearly structured lessons, including not only grammatical explanations, but also many exercises guided by video, vocabulary, and additional information.

I hope you enjoy.

Thank you very much,


French for Middle Schoolers – Part 3

Understand Complex Grammar Concepts and Succeed in your French Classes

Created by Abinaya Anbuchelvan - Student


Students: 8223, Price: Free

French for Middle Schoolers Part 3 is a fun, informative, and simple course for middle schoolers that allows them to continue learning the more complex concepts of the French language FOR FREE! The goal of this course is to help you learn more complex grammar topics and to provide you with the knowledge to learn more complicated concepts later. By following this course to the end, you will definitely have a much more thorough understanding of French and will be inspired to continue learning French through high school! This course will help you learn and improve in the following areas:

  • Complex Tenses
  • Complex Phrases
  • Negation
  • Pronouns

All the videos consist of a detailed description of the concept followed by examples to ensure a thorough understanding of the topic.

French for Middle Schoolers – Part 2

Understand Complex Tenses in French and Succeed in your French Classes

Created by Abinaya Anbuchelvan - Student


Students: 8011, Price: Free

French for Middle Schoolers Part 2 is a fun, informative, and simple course for middle schoolers that allows them to continue learning the more complex concepts of the French language FOR FREE! The goal of this course is to help you learn more tenses and to provide you with the knowledge to learn more complicated concepts later. By following this course to the end, you will definitely have a much more thorough understanding of French and will be inspired to continue learning French through high school! This course will help you learn and improve in the following areas:

  • Simple Tenses
  • Past Tenses
  • Future Tenses

All the videos consist of a detailed description of the concept followed by examples to ensure a thorough understanding of the topic.

Managing Languages

Using your knowledge of languages as a stepping stone to management roles in the translation industry

Created by Daniel Marion - Instructor


Students: 5919, Price: Free

This is an introductory course providing a wealth of information on opportunities for people with language skills. The course is presented in a multimedia format and can be completed in less than a day. However, you can of course complete it at your own pace. There are eight lectures: Introduction to managing languages; the translation industry; processes involved in managing language projects; translation project management; and summary.

Beginner French Induction Course

Learn the basics, kindle your curiosity to learn further!

Created by Das Bogen Academy - Learn | Speak | Refine | Repeat


Students: 4531, Price: Free

French is one of the most widely spoken language & is spoken by over 275 million people worldwide. It is also an ever-rewarding language with multi-fold opportunities for young students, adults and professionals.

So, if you’re exploring whether French is the right fit for you, this course is for you! This is an absolute beginner level induction course with 1.5 hours of learning content. You’ll begin with learning alphabets & numbers, be introduced to beginner grammar & also learn routine basics. In addition, you’ll be provided with reference sheets & in case of any doubts, we provide a prompt & friendly response in Q&A forums.

This is a carefully drafted course, which gives you step-by-step understanding of your learning modules & ensures you grasp effectively with wide use of visuals. So regardless of your French proficiency, you can always refresh & breeze through at your own pace!

Interested? Take your first step by enrolling to this course & commence your exciting & rewarding journey of learning French as a foreign language!

Hope to see you soon!

Going to a French restaurant

Learn all the things you need to be confident with the French language in a restaurant.

Created by Florent Catrevaux - French teacher


Students: 3909, Price: Free

In this course, I will give you all the information you need to enjoy a night in a French restaurant.
Together and through short videos we will learn basics sentences and tips.

Getting a recommendation, understanding a direction, booking a table, ordering food and much more.

For each section, you will find a quiz and a vocabulary sheet.

Build your confidence, your pronounciation and you understanding, learn at your own pace.

5 words French – Course 2 | FREE FOR BEGINNERS

Course 02 of the series "5-Word French", learn French in hours, not in years only with 5 words a day

Created by Renan Dias - ANIMALANGS, 37.000+ STUDENTS


Students: 2898, Price: Free


This course is a direct continuation of the first unit of the 5 words French - Course 1 | The definite targeted method course, which already has more than 4000 students on Udemy alone.

In this module, which is based on the "5 words" method, you will learn all the essential concepts of the French grammar that will allow to read, translate and understand basic texts with confidence. You will also know approx. 50 words, in a captivating environment that takes into account the social and cultural context of the language.

I guarantee that, with this course, you will be fully able to learn the basics of this beautiful language.




Learn French Numbers: How to Count From 0 to 1 Million

The Ultimate Course to Learn Everything About Numbers in French. Write, Read and Pronounce all French Numbers!

Created by French With Love - A Brand New Method to Learn French


Students: 2454, Price: Free

At the end of this course, you will be able to write, read, speak and understand all numbers in French language.

From 0 to 1 million and even more, you will have all the tools to count in French!

We know how it is difficult to learn French. But with our method, we will give you all the tools that you need to learn French Numbers!

Be ready to amaze yourself! Do not hesitate to hit the pause button anytime or re-watch our video.

This course is made for beginner level. However, whether you are a beginner in French, or you speak it fluently, you can watch this course to refresh your knowledge and improve your French language skills!

French numbers will have no secrets for you any more and now everything will be easy to understand for you!

Crush your Comfort Zone, Focus and Grow – Free Taster

Focus, Productivity, Time Management and Comfort Zone Crushing for Small Business Owners and in your Personal Life.

Created by Christophe Daniel Ternay Native French Teacher Certified by The French Alliance - Graduated French Teacher / Health Coach / Web Entrepreneur


Students: 1441, Price: Free

Action Guides included: a set of worksheets which you can use alongside the activities outlined in the course, so you can take action and get results.

Crush your Comfort Zone, Focus and Grow Free Taster

is a free taster of the complete course called Crush your Comfort Zone, Focus and Grow: 5 step Challenge,

a comprehensive course about the Essential Techniques for improving Yourself, your Concentration and Focus as an Entrepreneurs or Small Business Owners and in your Personal Life, taught by Christophe Ternay, an entrepreneur, who graduated in Marketing and International Business in France.

  • What Students say about my Online Courses:

I am only 1/4 of the way through however, what I like about the instructor is his engaging online presence and his approach (Patricia Russel)

It is really nice and easy to understand.(Melike Elif Gülpınar)‎

‎I enjoyed the course. The instructor is very positive and informative. The material is easily understood. I look forward to the next course available from this instructor.(Patricia Starnes)

This course is really exactly what I needed. The instructor is extremely helpful, responds promptly [...] I highly recommend this course and any other course this instructor is teaching. (Sonia Staward)

Very well explained, easy to grasp (Debbie Gabrielle)

This dude is awesome for explaining things and make everything funny. (Jose Vidal)

  • What the course also includes:

  1. This Course includes more than 140 Explainer Slides so your Brain can easily understand the lectures.

  2. Worksheets to help you Take Action

How can I improve my focus and concentration?

How do I keep myself focused on my goals?

What are the good ways to learn to stay focused and have a good Time Management?

What habits drain focus?

How can I train my brain to stay focused?

How can I completely concentrate while working on my projects?

How can I improve myself?

I hate taking risks!

I struggle creating Good Habits

I need to become a better Leader!

I need to better understand My Brain...

I want to change my life, how do I start?

Why is it so difficult to leave your comfort zone?

What are the habits that can improve my life?

How do I inch out of my comfort zone every single day for the rest of my life?

What are the first steps to get out of the comfort zone?

How can I ensure I’m constantly improving?

Why do we gain big things outside the comfort zone?

Why don't introverts get out of their comfort zone and be more social?

How can I become the best version of myself?

Do these Questions sound familiar to you ?

If yes, read on...

Focusing is an essential skill for everyone: entrepreneurs, small business owners and also in you family or in your personal life. Those who are able to cut out the noise and concentrate have the biggest success.

But Focusing isn’t something natural, that’s why you need to step out of your Comfort zone.

My name’s Chris and I am graduated in Marketing and International Business in France; I have been running various businesses online and offline since the past 6 years. And one of my biggest pains has been to get focused and concentrated in my business. I had more and more difficulty focusing on one thing at a time. And many times when I started to focus, inevitably something pulled me away.

When I decided to step out of my comfort zone and get more focused my business quickly began to grow. That’s because when you know the essential techniques for improving your concentration… you get more accomplished in less time.

Through this course you get the opportunity to learn from my mistakes.

I will walk you through the different steps of getting efficient, focused, concentrated and productive.

By the end of this class you will be able to understand and evacuate the ‘noise' that kills your ability to focus.

In the first part of this course, you will learn how to step outside of your comfort zone and adopt the “change mindset” and in the second part you will Use Tips, Techniques and short daily exercises to Improve Your Focus and concentration at Work and at home, and create Your Own Action Plan.

So if you want to stop wasting your time and efforts and don’t know yet how to do it efficiently. Then this 4 Step challenge is for you.

  • By the end of this class you will be able to:

  1. Understand and evacuate the ‘noise' that kills your ability to focus and be more productive.

  2. You will Use Tips, Techniques and short daily exercises to Improve Your Focus and concentration at Work and at home and Create Your Own Action Plan.

  3. Use Essential Techniques for Improving Concentration and Productivity.

  4. Get more accomplished in Less Time, thanks to an efficient Time Management System

  5. Improve your Attention Span

  6. Focus Easily on One Thing at a time

  7. Cut out the Noise surrounding you

  8. understand the problem with the Status Quo

  9. Identify where you are stuck. What you can do to change.

  10. Confront those fears and Develop a mindset for change.

  11. Lead by example

  12. Make Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone a Habit

So if you want to stop wasting your time and efforts and don’t know yet how to do it efficiently. Then this course is for you.

  • Here's what you'll learn in Step Out of your Comfort Zone, Get Focused and Grow:

Part 1

  1. The Problem with the Status Quo. I'll discuss what's meant by ‘the status quo' and why it hinders business growth. We will use the action steps to Identify where you are stuck in the status quo and What you can do to change.

  2. Develop a Mindset For Change: Why do we fear change and what are the specific fears holding us back? In Module 2, I'll provide a formula to identify the fears holding you back and How to confront those fears. I'll show you how to visualize and plan to overcome your fears so you can Develop a mindset for change.

__________________________The free taster ends Here, the above sections are part of the Full course____________________________

  1. Embrace Change: Everyone is fearful of change. In Module 3, I'll show you how, once you have developed your mindset for change, you can Lead by example and facilitate a change mindset in those around you. You'll become a true advocate for growth.

  2. Make Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone a Habit: Practice, practice, practice! In Module 4, I'll give you strategies and action steps to Introduce change into your everyday life. This will enable you to not only accept, but actually seek out and welcome change!

Part 2

  1. Focus and Concentration: Why attention spans and the ability to focus have decreased + The huge impact this has on success.

  2. Where is the Noise Coming From?: How distractions contribute to the ‘noise' that kills your ability to focus and beeing productive

  3. Tips & Techniques to Improve Your Focus at Work: Identify how to improve focus and concentration, so that you can get far more done in less time.

  4. Exercises to Improve Your Focus and Concentration: Exercises that you can do regularly to improve your ability to concentrate. These are easy and can be practiced for just 5 or 10 minutes to see results.

  5. Create Your Focus and Concentration Action Plan: Based on everything learned so far, I will guide you through creating your own calendar and action plan for improving your focus and concentration and increasing your productivity.

  6. Conclusion and Next Steps: Finish up with a review of what was learned and more action planning, in which you will identify your next steps and deadlines.

Ready to get started?

Enroll now using the “Enroll Now” button on the right and get started on your way to a more Exiting You.

See you on the inside. (hurry, class is waiting!)



The French factor

French language course for Beginners

Created by Yogalakshmy Kichenaradjou - French tutor


Students: 589, Price: Free

This course, " The French factor " is created for the complete beginners to learn French from the basics. No previous knowledge is required. This course is video based. You will have more  2.5 hours of content. Clear explanation and presentation of the contents in all the videos could be seen . You'll learn lots of words to expand your French vocabulary. Regarding the Grammar part, it's decoded from the elemental levels. Tenses : Present and future tenses explained with all three groups along with the irregular verbs. French phonetics rendered with substantial no. of examples. Presenting the French way of conversing in dialogues. The types of dialogues are chosen and  presented to aid you in the real life application. Both formal and informal way of conversations are shown. There are sixteen downloadable resources that provide additional essentials and facts to broaden your understanding and learning competencies. Numerous examples for all the lectures / contents are given to make you apprehend how they are applied in real life usage. You will be studying the Sentence pattern from the simplest form. Ample number of exercises to practice and test your learning skills and there are exercises for wrritten and listening comprehension. Thus, you'll learn to read, write, listen and speak in French. Renowned French proverbs and their English equivalents are given.

Learn English Language Course-English Speaking Presentations

English Language Course about writing and giving great presentations in English. Improve your English Speaking

Created by English Danny Channel - English Teacher


Students: 24, Price: Free

In this English language course you will learn various English speaking skills related to giving effective and excellent presentations in English. You will learn English speaking skills, business English, English grammar, and general presentation skills. The course also teaches you about body language, eye contact, and useful gestures to use to give better presentations in English.

The English speaking skills presented in this course include pronunciation and English intonation. Intonation is an important factor for clear English speaking, and I will show you how to improve this.

The general English presentation skills presented in this course include organization (such as writing an effective introduction, body, and conclusion to your speech) as well as using visual aids. I will show you which visual aids are the most effective for creating strong presentations.

In addition to learning about body language, this course will teach you how to give an English presentation with confidence. Improving your confidence is a key element to success. This course will show you different approaches to use to improve your confidence as well as your overall presentation ability.

This course will show you step-by-step how to put everything together and create effective English speaking presentations.

You will learn:

*The basics of writing, practicing, and giving an effective presentation in English.

*Learn EFFECTIVE presentation introductions.

*Learn great body language, eye contact, and gestures for giving presentations.

*Learn how to write and present an EFFECTIVE presentation body.

*Learn about presenting with confidence, how to use visual aids, and intonation and clear speaking.

So, let's learn about how to give effective presentations in English!