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Floral Design — Not Just Flower Arranging

Flowers from the market, garden, and supply houses become memorable gifts for friends or profit.

Created by Sandy McVey - Computer Skill Developer & Professional Floral Designer


Students: 604, Price: $24.99

Students: 604, Price:  Paid

Created for up-and-coming floral artists and anyone who enjoys playing with flowers, this course is packed with things you never knew about floral design. Sandy’s high energy and positive encouragement will leave you ready to explore the field of professional floral design. This course introduces the basic concepts of floral design in lectures targeted to illustrate the connection between many aspects including an array of tools of the trade, color combinations, and visual balance. Led by an instructor with a lifetime of experience and a knack for teaching, topics zone in on the key components that set floral design above mere flower arranging.

Each section includes a video or illustrated audio lecture to explain how the topic relates to the foundational instruction. Summary text, Checkpoint Challenges, and brief quizzes help make sure the big concepts stick as you begin applying your new skills. The discussion forum is a great place to exchange ideas with other burgeoning entrepreneurs. And Sandy is always responsive to messages sent from the class interface.

Savvy shoppers will appreciate the budget conscious recommendations for the array of tools professional designers use and where to find them. Insider quick-tips including flower preservation and scissor sharpening using products already in your home. Participants learn the importance of the dozens of choices made to create a single arrangement. Samples are effortlessly assembled before your eyes while essential information is presented regarding color, balance, containers, and supplementals.

Encouragement to "break the rules" and mix artificial with fresh florals to create memorable designs will anchor the course through inspirational examples. Insider industry secrets put you on the fast track to generating another stream of income or developing a new career path. Creative spirits looking for memorable floral gifts ideas for friends, family, or profit will find a wealth of information to spark success in this course.

Floral Design: Flower Arrangements for Container Gardens

Create easy, stunning flower arrangements and be the talk of the neighborhood with your gorgeous composition of flowers!

Created by Amanda W - Instructor


Students: 210, Price: $49.99

Students: 210, Price:  Paid

Floral design/flower arrangements in containers can take an average looking house and make it really come alive (literally, the flowers are alive!). With minimal time and effort - much less than creating entire beds and planting flowers in the ground - you can create dazzling flower displays in containers and make your property look professionally crafted. And well, it will be. You're going to be the professional!

Imagine with me. It's springtime. Everyone is looking forward to the warm weather. The birds chirping melodiously. The grass turning back to the vibrant green of summer. The trees and flowers showing off their beautiful blooms. And then there's your neighbors. Yes, you know the ones. Their yards seem perfectly manicured from Day 1 of Spring and you feel inadequate at making the outside of your home look just as stunning.

Sure, it's nice looking at your neighbor's yard. But you want to create that beauty around the exterior of your own home. You want to WOW your friends and family as they approach your dwelling. You want the satisfaction of cultivating your own strikingly impressive and charming array of flowers and foliage.

What's that, you say? You don't know anything about flowers? You don't know where to begin? I've got good news for you, my friend. This course is made to help! You can make just as breathtaking and eye catching flower arrangements in your own container garden and I'm going to show you how.

In this course, I will go over everything you need to know from purchasing flowers to planning and planting to maintaining the beauty of your containers all summer long.

This course is backed by a no risk 30 day money back guarantee.

I can't wait to see you inside!

To start your flower arrangement, container garden adventure click the Enroll Now button on the top right hand side of this page.

See you on the other side!

Fusion Style Floral Design Master Course

Taught by the Floral Design Champion-Mark Pampling

Created by Yu Zhang - Researcher and Developer


Students: 192, Price: $99.99

Students: 192, Price:  Paid

The Floral Design Master Class - Fusion Style Floral Design is taught by Mark Pampling, Judge of International Floral Design Competition and Instructor of World Floral Design Champion, and filmed at floral design classroom of Cohim Flower School.

“Fusion Style” is very unique and representative in contemporary floral design. In recent years it has won awards in various floral design competitions and has a profound impact on world floral designers, therefore, it is deemed as an required knowledge for making improvements in floral design competitions. This course is taught by Australian Floral Design Master Mark Pampling, and has a total of 11 lessons. Concentrating on “Fusion Style”, Mark will take students to go through an in-depth learning process by teaching floral design techniques and guidelines at the competition level. With comprehensive and detailed content, the course is very helpful for students to have a deep understanding of design, standardize the technical details, improve creativity and exptend their design appraches.