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Ultimate Tabata Training: Lose Weight,Build Muscle & Get Fit

No Gym, Tabata Training for All Fitness Levels

Created by Akash Sehrawat - Fabulousbody Founder & International Best-Selling Instructor


Students: 21153, Price: Free

Science is clear: You don't need to go crazy working out for 60 minutes every day in the 'fat burning zone' to lose weight and get fit. 

All you need is 4 minutes of Tabata Training. 

Welcome to The Ultimate Tabata Training Course where you will get 20+ Tabata Videos in my home, in a park and on a beach.

Start your year 2018, with me, your health coach Akash [Me], and let me help you get in the best shape of your life. 

More than 15,000+ students have trusted me and now it's your turn! 

Tabata Training is a comprehensive course for people of all fitness levels. 

Are you a beginner, who has no experience in Tabata training? No problem, I'll take you home. 

Are you an intermediate/advanced trainee looking to incorporate Tabata training your exercise regime? 

You have to come to the right place, where I will provide you a complete roadmap for 8 weeks and how you can use the Tabata Workout Videos in specific sequence to make the most out of your training!

Simply follow the exact step-by step Tabata workouts in a manner which is provided specific to your goals, fitness levels and your overall training routine. 

Here's what you will get in this course:

SECTION 1: Introduction-Why Tabata Training? And how to incorporate all the workouts throughout the week in a systematic manner to get the best results

SECTION 2: Safety workouts and guidelines to keep you injury free:)

Warm up video, safety guidelines with 5 Key Check points that you should follow that will help you drastically reduce the risk of injuring yourself. 

Technique and Form Video of Key Movements like Squats, Pushup and many more!

SECTION 3: Beginners Tabata Workouts-5 Types: Full Body, Cardio Conditioning, Lower Body, Plank and Abs

-All these beginners workout videos are great for anyone with ZERO Fitness levels and anyone looking to start their fitness journey. 

-ALL Videos are FOLLOW ALONG. Step-by-step, just follow me:)

-Great Music, A Timer to help you know whats coming (timer not in first 20% of video)

-Videos shot in a Park, My Home and on a Beach

SECTION 4: Intermediate Tabata Workouts-5 Types: Full Body, Cardio Conditioning, Lower Body, Plank and Abs

-All these intermediate workout videos are great for anyone with at least 3 months of consistent Fitness training 

-ALL Videos are FOLLOW ALONG. Step-by-step, just follow me:)

-Great Music, A Timer to help you know whats coming (timer not in first 20% of video)

-Videos shot in a Park, My Home and on a Beach

SECTION 5: Advanced Tabata Workouts-5 Types: Full Body, Cardio Conditioning, Lower Body, Plank and Abs

-All these advanced workout videos are great for anyone with at least 1 yr of consistent Fitness training 

-ALL Videos are FOLLOW ALONG. Step-by-step, just follow me:)

-Great Music, A Timer to help you know whats coming (timer not in first 20% of video)

-Videos shot in a Park, My Home and on a Beach


SECTION 6: Nutrition diet plans and a Nutrition Guide [40+ Recipes]

SECTION 7: Flexibility and Cool Down-Static Stretches to Keep you Safe and Toned up

Over 100+ Different types of bodyweight moves neatly sequenced into 30 TABATA VIDEOS, this course will help you get in the best shape of your life. 

Just follow the weekly chart and diet plans I have provided. 

My mission is to help you get in the best shape of your life, and this course will just do that!

All the best, 

Your coach and instructor


Learn Self Massage Using a Tennis Ball

Improve your physical mobility and comfort with an accessible tool

Created by -Fitsom - A Fit State Of Mind - Holistic Practitioners


Students: 14943, Price: Free

Ever think that just a tennis ball could radically improve your physical health? We show you how this accessible tool and series of self-massage exercises can create drastic improvements in your body and comfort. 

This course is for those desiring greater range of body mobility, pain relief, ease of any physical discomfort, or an increase in athletic performance.  We'll show you how to use a tennis ball (a Self-Myofascial Release or self-massage tool) from head to toe to completely open up your body, move with greater ease, and be empowered by your newfound ability to self-care for aches and tension.  

Self Myofascial Release is a form of self-massage and is one of the most important yet underutilized methods of gaining back physical health and ease.  Not only will chronic tension be relieved after this course, but you will also notice improvement in your sleep patterns, the body's internal functions (such as lymphatic drainage), and an overall betterment of physical health.  Breathing during these releases is imperative - we'll show you how calming your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight responses) will help you get deeper into chronic tension and enable you to relax into tight areas.  Take the concept of meeting pressure with soothing breath into your every day life, and deal with daily stress in an applicable way.  

You can complete the course in as many or as few days as you'd like - we recommend completing all 7 sections together or breaking them up into upper and lower body.  You can repeat this course as many times as you'd like - after the third time of going through the sequence you'll start to notice major shifts in your body awareness and it's ease of mobility. 

51 Fitness, Nutrition, Skinny-Fat &Health Myths and Mistakes

Avoid these Fatal fitness,nutrition,skinny fat& health myths & mistakes that can help you save unnecessary time & effort

Created by Akash Sehrawat - Fabulousbody Founder & International Best-Selling Instructor


Students: 13860, Price: Free

"Everything that is Popular is Wrong"

Oscar Wilde

I followed conventional wisdom for nearly 9 years with average success.

I made EVERY MISTAKE in the book, when it came to building





I listened blindly to coaches/experts who probably had superior genetics than me and who were on Steroids & Drugs (I am not judging. What someone does to their bodies, is not my business). 

Well, I ALMOST gave up of building my dream physique.

But I realized that there is ONE good thing about me (besides few other things I hope):

Is the fact that I never give up!

If an idea clicks with me, I want it. It becomes almost like an obsession.

I am obsessed about wanting to:

-Become the healthiest version of me

-Get Strong and in the process enough Lean muscle so as not to look thin

-Drop my body fat to around sub 10%. Cut to 6% if the situation demands. And it's ok even if I go up to 14% (this happens when I let go slightly, drink few times a week, have ice creams and chocolates...Life is meant to be Enjoyed...right?)

I ditched:

All the bodybuilding magazines

STOPPED listening to gym trainers, and following 'bro' science.

Instead I delved deep in the 'Science of Muscle Building' & 'Fat Loss'.

Being certified I feel is the tip of the iceberg. Sure I have many certifications to brag about but when you start reading scientific journals and research papers and books you get to the depth and realize that truth is hidden from most people.

This course is a result of my:

Over a decade of passionate self-reading in health & fitness, passing lot of certifications, and anecdotal evidence (applying all theory relentlessly on myself and my clients to see what works and what doesn't), besides using science to support my claim.

In the end, I would be delighted if you avoid making EVEN ONE MISTAKE (or few) out of all 51, that pays you handsomely in the long run.

Cheers to a Healthy, Leaner & Sexier YOU:)





Beginner Weight Lifting: Upper/Lower Body Split Training

Get a perfect intro to weight lifting. Focusing mostly on compound exercises in this program to build muscle & lost fat.

Created by Mitch Asser - Serial Entrepreneur and Health Nerd


Students: 12902, Price: Free

A Beginners Guide to Effective Weight Training with an Upper/Lower Body Split Training Program!

=====> Updated: November 2015

Want To Lose Weight and Body Fat?

Build And Gain a Huge Amount of Muscle, Lose Fat and Get Healthy?

Get Fit For Life?

Finally, Learn How To Get Fit and Burn That Fat For Good This Time!

Take Control of Your Fitness....

Upper/Lower body split training takes dedication, drive, and consistency. If you haven't taken the challenge, it's time to leave the locker room and step into the gym.

So what's so different about this program?

I will be with you every step of the way!

I give you a video, for every single training day. Plus meal and supplement recommendations. Along with a few little extras along the way.

You see, when I was working as a Fitness Professional, I discovered there were too many "Wannabe's" out there.

They were given a Fitness Certificate because they knew the theory, but what they didn't know, was how to do it themselves.

I am talking about personal trainers who are FAT teaching people to lose weight, or trainers who are SCRAWNY teaching people to get ripped.


Why the hell would you listen to someone who can't do it themselves. And that should be the same with everything in life.

So, as with everything I do in my life, I put my money where my mouth is. If I cannot do it, then I do not teach it.

Now the biggest problem in the fitness industry, is everything contradicts itself, and everyone tries to over complicate things.

The program we will be doing together is going to be simple, but TOUGH! Be prepared to feel sick in the stomach and light-headed after every workout.

Simplicity makes it easier to get into the habit. Getting into the habit changes your life FOREVER!

You will be:


But here is a warning:

If you don't turn heads now, you soon will. You will be noticed by your local restaurant staff, by the girls you always see and the hotties in the nightclub.

How do I know?

After only 4 weeks of doing this program, this began happening to me.

So imagine what it will be like after 12 weeks.

Everyone taking this course will learn how to Lose Fat, Build and Gain Huge Amounts Of Muscle. Also Boost Cardiovascular Health, Increase Mental Health, Reach and Sustain Form. As well as Increase General Health, Reduce Stress and will help you stay Disease Free.

Gain Weight if you are too skinny with my nutrition lean bulk diet

Build Muscle with a proper training split program

Increase Energy and life vitality by simply following each video

  1. Too skinny? No problem, we will bulk you up into a ripped beast.
  2. Too Fat? Perfect, you will shred all of that fat and turn it to pure muscle.
  3. Never Trained Before? Too easy, we've got you! Every step of the way

You will receive all updates free of charge. It really is too good to miss right now. So don't leave this page without purchasing the program first.

Even if you do not want to start yet, purchase it now as you have lifetime access.

It Is Time To Take Action, Click "Take This Course" At The Top Right, Enrol In This Course Now And Learn The Nutrition & Health That Will Get You The Body You Desire!

See you on the inside,


Fitness Practitioner

When you want to exercise effectively and safely. This course helps you to be your own instructor

Created by Zsuzsanna Fajcsak - Live your life Alive - Performance Coaching


Students: 12851, Price: Free

Become your own personal trainer!

This course will help you to be aquatinted with the basics how to work out in the gym and at home or outdoors safely and effectively, while having maximum fun and benefits.

You will have confidence and tools to exercise anywhere you are.

If you have been hesitant to start exercise as you don't how, this is your chance to learn step by step. You all understand what is the good form and safe executions for most effective benefits to build a fit, great shaped body and lose fat weight too.

The addition of short nutrition and hydration section will guide you on the best food choices to reach your goals.

Now its only you and your willingness needed.

How to Strength Train

Muscle Building Workout: How to Workout for Maximum Gains

Created by Michael Roberts - Create A Life You Love


Students: 12060, Price: Free

Achieve your Ideal Body: Learn HOW to Workout for maximum Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

Do you wish you could do more to get better results but you don't know what?

Do you feel confused or mislead by all the misinformation out there?

Are you trying to bulk up or cut down?

Have you ever felt frustrated that you're not gaining at the rate that you wish you could?

There are a few workout fundamentals which if done consistently over time will lead you to the body of your dreams, guaranteed.  The difficulty is sifting through all the industry BS to know exactly what these fundamentals are. 

This course shows you HOW to workout. Not by providing you with fancy magazine style workouts that change every month, but with an understanding of what you should do and importantly, why.

Should you be doing compound exercises or isolation exercises?

How long should you wait for between sets?

How long should each rep last?

Should you do body-weight exercises?

All these questions are answered and more in the course, so that the next time you walk into a gym, you have 100% confidence that you are on the path to success

Learn a proven approach to training, that you can take and apply to right away, even without access to a gym.

Here’s what students are saying:

“This course is so great because it is universal. It does not show you how to curl your biceps, but describes the mechanisms which work, so that you can work out the details for yourself and still get the results. This is exactly the knowledge I was looking for.”

“I have been training for about 1,5 years and after going through this course making notes i can see how much i have been doing wrong. I am confident and looking forward to seeing greater results than i have been before.”

I've tried many different workout plans and different diets and I suck at all of them.. Mainly because there are so many things to do.. I like this training , because he takes out all the hipe and BS and just gives the basics you should do. plan and easy..”

Learning a lot basic stuffs from it. As a beginner this is the course of my choice. Thanks to the instructor for designing this amazing course. I pray and wish I could gain muscle following this course.”

Enjoy this free course, that gives a framework that you can take and apply to your own training right away. It covers the process of training, and how to do so for maximum gains.  It also covers common myths which take people way off course, and that you really need to know if you want to get the maximum out of every workout. 

If you enjoy this free course, check out the full Bodybuilding Masterclass course! It expands on the content of this free course and empowers you with EVERYTHING that you NEED to know if you want to build the body of your dreams!

Squats From A to Z

Get Fit, Get Strong and Get Sexy

Created by Rhadi Ferguson - Professor


Students: 10180, Price: Free

There is no one training modality that is THE GREATEST, but Bodyweight Training is hard to beat.

And it is probably the best choice for anyone looking to get in some great shape.


doing a squat you have an opportunity to use  your
core in a fashion that you just cannot do with other exercises.

If you don't have a strong midsection, strong glutes and fit legs, the squat  will be difficult for you period. BUT..... that is why in this video we have various progressions so that we can meet you where you are and get you to where you want to be. 

If you want to get stronger, more tone, sexier, bigger, more explosive or just more functional legs, then you are in the right place, This is the one stop shop for squat and leg training.  

Everything you need to get fitter, finer and stronger legs is right here.

HIIT @ Home: Body Confidence in 4 Weeks – Week One Trial

The best method for fat loss! This is Week One of our online HIIT training fitness course designed for the busy person!

Created by Katrina Hurst - Head of K Fit


Students: 9881, Price: Free

“I have Joe Wicks DVD and got up to level 7…I must admit I have
preferred your course, quality over quantity, I use that myself a lot!”

Feedback from our HIIT@Home trial, May 2017

HIIT @ Home: Body Confidence in 4 weeks is the latest online fitness course, designed to fit into the busy lifestyle so many of us lead. 

I’m all about using exercise to de-stress, find more energy, and most
importantly, feel good about yourself – for a healthy body and a healthy mind.  Your workout is your time for you, you deserve it. 

This High Intensity Interval Training workout can last between 10-30
minutes – you just do what you can with the time you have available.
 With HIIT training being one of the quickest ways to burn fat,
that feel-good factor gets to work straight away.  Our workout
progresses so that with every week, you get a brand new workout to push
your boundaries.  Within 4 weeks you can expect to feel fitter, more toned and have a body confidence boost! 

We don’t just promise workout videos – at K Fit we want to keep you
motivated and committed to your workout regime, so we also give you the
tools to track your progression.  With a whole library of downloadable goodies,
such as your very own Fitness Diary, Goal Setting Worksheet and
Exercise Checklists (ooh, I do love a list!),  you are given the best
possible chances to get that workout done and exceed your limits. 

What are you waiting for?  Start HIIT @ Home today, set that bar high and expect to achieve!!

Running For Beginners

Learn the absolute basics and start improving your fitness with running today

Created by Chris Worfolk - Psychologist and software consultant


Students: 6146, Price: Free

This course will teach you everything you need to know about start running.

We'll cover all of the basics: where to run, what to wear and how to stay safe. We'll cover how to correctly warm up and cool down and how to handle different weather conditions.

In short, you can go from a couch potato to someone who can go out running with confidence. And, if you get stuck, I'm on hand to help you with any questions you may have.

Take the next step in improving your health and fitness today. Click enrol to get started immediately.

If you're an experienced runner, you'll find this course too basic. Instead, you may want to check out my Resilient Running course, which will help you take your running to the next level.

Flat Stomach and Core Strength for Women

8 simple workouts from beginner to advanced

Created by The Healthy Coaches - 


Students: 6020, Price: Free

This course is designed and taught by Coach Aisling, our ab and core specialist at The Healthy Coaches.

In total there are 8 different workouts, all of which build upon each other as you become stronger and fitter. By starting on Workout 1, you will learn the basics of core strength and stability as well as using your body in the right way to tighten and tone your stomach.

Once you feel comfortable you can progress through all the workouts as each one becomes a little more challenging. 

Loose 15 Pounds in 14 days – Lose Water Weight Fast!

Drop 15 LBS of water weight in just 2 weeks. Get the shredded look of a fitness model, fast!

Created by Joseph Woerly - Making Your World Better!


Students: 5809, Price: Free

Believe it or not, fitness models do not look completely shredded all of the time. Sure, fitness models may work out and diet to look good, but when it comes to the up coming days to a photoshoot, fitness models, both men and women fitness models, will spend 2 weeks of preparation to get SUPER LEAN! 

In this course I will show you a typical routine that fitness models use to get that lean physique in just 2 weeks. Now, I will have to tell you that the purpose of this routine is too look extra good for a particular day/event such as a photoshoot, or for any other special occasion such as a wedding, a date, or a day at the beach. You do not need to be a model to take this course, you can be just an every day person who needs to look good quick! 

Here's the good news and the bad news. The good news is this course is highly effective. If you need to look extra slim for a particular day then this course is especially for you. Now the bad news: the results from this course are not permanent, and this is why.

This course is directly involved with taking off water weight. You can lose a lot of water weight in these 2 weeks (I lost 15 pounds of water weight in 14 days!), but once this 2 week course is over you will most likely gain the water weight back when you go back to normal drinking and eating, which is OK! This course is designed for the purpose to look extra good for a special day. You can't lose 15 pounds of fat in 2 weeks, you can at most loose 3-4 pound of fat in 2 weeks, but this course will show you how to lose 15 pounds of water weight in 2 weeks, just for that special occasion.

This course will be working directly with your sodium and water intake. We will be manipulating your water weight with these two elements, and then we will also be working with your protein, carb, and fat intake to help give you that stealth look!

And having worked at GNC I will also suggest which supplements that you can take to help make your body look amazing! (If you do not want to take supplements, you do not have to, it is just a suggestion, but not mandatory)

After taking this course you will have lost a significant amount of water weight and I'll have you looking like a fitness model!

15-Minute Weight Loss & Fat Burning Home Workouts

Learn How to Shred Calories & Burn Fat While you Build Muscle & A More Fit Body

Created by Patricia Sullivan - Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritional Consultant


Students: 5652, Price: Free

  • Section 1


Master Personal Trainer Patricia introduces a complete workout program to help you on your fitness journey.  This video provides an overview of how to use this program, improve your health, lose weight, build muscle, increase your range of motion, and strengthen your heart.

  • Section 2

15 Minute Cardio Workout

What You'll Need:

-A small space

-A willing spirit

Join us for about 15 minutes of energizing movement. Low impact cardio for all levels.

During the movement, we talk about the importance of good posture and cardiovascular health, the best time of the day to exercise and strategies to fit it into your day. We also discuss the importance of hydration and drinking water as I share my journey of going from a highly sugared soda to drinking only water.

We further explore the benefit of maintaining a positive mind-set and the importance of a compelling vision of the fitness level you idealize. We discuss the idea of realizing that you can do it.

Finally, we teach the talk test method of discovering your heart rate zone and the proper amount of cool-down that you need following a cardiovascular session.

15 Minute Upper Body Workout

What You'll Need:

- Dumbbells, a few sized pairs preferably

- a mat/towel for the floor work

- optional bench for push-ups

We start with about three minutes of low impact cardio and move into strength training for the upper body with push-ups, dumbbell flyes and chest presses. We move into dumbbell rows and abdominal exercises. We continue with shoulder presses and then work our biceps with an optional challenge of balancing on one leg while we perform the dumbbell curls. Lastly, we perform dumbbell shrugs for our trapezium and levator scapulae muscles to round out this great upper body routine before ending with a nice stretch.

15 Minute Lower Body Workout

What You'll Need:

- a mat / towel for the floor

All Levels can do this body weight lower body focused workout. We start with a great cardiovascular warm-up for about four minutes to prepare the body for exercise. Then, we work all our major muscles of the lower body with some squats, teaching you the proper form. We continue with standing leg raises and gate swings for a hip opener. Donkey kicks and bridges are taught as well as abdominal exercises that can be performed on the floor with a simple mat / towel for support. We strengthen our core, lower back and glutes with bird-dog exercises, teaching several levels of the exercise. Finally we end with a stretch.

15 Minute Full Body Workout

What You'll Need:

- a mat / towel for the floor

- a chair

- a wall

We prepare the body for a workout with a low-impact cardio warm-up session of about four minutes. Next, we perform triceps push-ups on the wall followed by floor push-up to planks to challenge the whole body. We add bird-dogs, hydrants, and scissors, teaching various levels of the exercises to make it appropriately challenging for you whatever level you may be at. Abdominal exercises are intermixed with the lower body exercises on the floor to make this a great well-rounded routine to learn.

  • Section 3

Full Body Stretching

Patricia demonstrates a stretching routine for post workouts, rest days, or anytime you need a stretch. Proper stretching techniques for each major muscle group will be demonstrated and a follow-along video format will allow students to perform all the stretches for a beneficial amount of time. These stretches do not make students get down on the floor so it is perfect for all Levels of fitness. 

Upper Body Stretching

What You'll Need:

-A little space and a Wall

Did you exercise your upper body with push-ups and the like and just need a quick stretch for the upper body? At the office and just want to work on improving your posture and relieving some stress? This is a great 5 minute routine to accomplish both, especially if you are short on time for a full body stretch.

This is considered appropriate for all Levels as all stretches performed from a standing position.

Lower Body Stretching

What You'll Need:

-Mat/Towel for the Floor

This lower body stretching routine was created for those busy individuals that want to just stretch the major muscles in the lower boy after a cardio or lower body workout session and do not have time for a full body stretching routine.

Warm Up & Cool Down the Right Way | #TrainwithTMax

Prepare the body before doing a Train with TMax online workout course. Recover afterwards and improve flexibility.

Created by Timothy Maxwell - Don't Use Machines, Become One


Students: 5246, Price: Free

We all hear about how important it is to warm up, so many of us just assume that we do a few stretches and shake out the limbs a little bit and then our bodies are ready. Well, no, that's not good enough. What does a good warm up do?

  • Elevate the heart rate and prepare the heart to pump blood to the muscles

  • Lubricate the joints

  • Prepare the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to work

  • Warm the body so that it is more responsive to training

So, then how should you warm up? That's what I'm going to show you ;-)

Once you've properly warmed up, then you are ready to attack your workout and reach your fitness goals!
>>>>>>>>>>>>FAST (insert any functional fitness for all levels workout) FORWARD>>>>>>>>>>>>
Great workout! Now, it's time to cool down. But how?

  • Allow the heart rate to normalize

  • Promote blood flow to and from muscles

  • Take advantage of a warm body to increase flexibility

So, then how should you cool down? That's what I'm going to show you ;-)

Come warm up and then Train with TMax, and then cooldown!

FREE 7 Day Introduction to Mum’s 28 Day Ab Challenge

For a toned and athletic core.

Created by Matthew Curnow - Founder of New Directions


Students: 5209, Price: Free

Are you looking for a challenge to prove yourself? Do you love the look of a toned flat core on other people? If there was a way to develop a strong, toned and flat core in 28 days would you love to be apart of it?

The Women's 28 Day Challenge will get you this result. If you are looking to have a flat toned and beautiful core this is your program. If you question the results I am happy to say that myself and the amazing women and mums that have gone through this program on camera will show you their results from each week. It is truly remarkable.

What is more is it can be done in the comfort of your own home and the program gradually increases with difficulty as you go so you won't be overwhelmed. These are achievable workouts that begin with as little as 13 minutes and build in duration after 2 weeks.

Home Transformation Fitness Course (part 1)

Home based training, no gym or equipment needed. Weight loss, fat burning, toning program. Workouts and theory.

Created by Yolofit Bootcamp - Team of Fitness and Wellness Professionals


Students: 5095, Price: Free

Welcome to our 14 Day Home Transformation Program!

Designed to boost strength, endurance, mobility, agility and functionality, get ready to experience unique workouts and fun challenges from the comforts of your own home.

If your current workouts don't seem to be getting you results or getting boring, we're gifting you this affordable training program filled with over 50 exercises and over 10 different workouts.

Discover a total of 4 workout days and 2 active rest days. Plus easy-to-follow videos and exercise technique demonstrations, including beginner to advanced options for every move.

We have curated this comprehensive training program to target the whole body and develop various areas of your fitness systematically. From HIIT and Functional Training to Fartlek and Agility Training, explore a different training modality and concept everyday!

Trust the team of professionals, who has been running fitness bootcamps for over six years! We have a large experience of training people of different age and fitness levels, starting from eldery and those who recover their fitness after surgery or accident and ending with competitive athletes. Our students always leave our programs healthier, fitter and happier!

We hope you will feel stronger and more empowered after this course, have loads of fun and discover new strengths on this journey.

Intro to Calisthenics & Bodyweight Training with Carlito

Learn how to master your body by creating a strong foundation

Created by Carlos Salas - Calisthenics Master Trainer


Students: 4860, Price: Free

Welcome to Introduction To Calisthenics & Bodyweight Training.! In this course, your coach Carlito will walk you through all the basics and everything you need to know in starting your calisthenics journey. This is an amazing way to get going with fitness and even adding something new into your fitness routines.

In this 30 minute course, you'll learn what calisthenics is, what the basic moves are and how to perform them and even how to apply all the knowledge in your personal workout routines to actually reach your fitness goals.

What you'll learn:

  • What is calisthenics: an overview of what calisthenics is, where it came from and what is used for the most.

  • Different styles of calisthenics: we will establish differences between freestyle and strength and power and give you insight on what would be the best way for you to train for these specific modalities.

  • Main exercises: we will go over the foundation exercises of calisthenics (plank, push ups, pull ups, dips and squats) and show you the common mistakes that can help you get to the next level once mastered.

  • Tips & tricks: my personal tips and tricks to ensure that you are making progress in your calisthenics journey.

  • Application: practical ways to apply the knowledge from this course to your training program

You can get more information about coach Carlito by checking out his Instagram @carlito

Weight loss: Lose 6 Pounds Easily In Just 1 Month

The ultimate and most scientific program to lose 6 pounds in healthy and balanced way.

Created by Ruth Waghmare - Health & fitness enthusiast


Students: 4744, Price: Free

Hi there!!! I am Ruth Waghmare and I made this video course to help you lose 6 pounds of weight without worrying for what to eat and how to exercise. This goal oriented course will surely help you achieve weight loss as its design is based on SCIENTIFIC CALCULATIONS and NOT on trial and error or any gimmicks.

In this course you will get the perfect guidance to lose 6 pounds of weight in just 1 month. The course will put emphasis on wholesome balanced nutrition and will explain all the steps required to lose 6 pounds of weight from your current weight in a scientific and healthy way. Course has also put emphasis on the role played by psychology in overweight people, meditation and sleep.

The course is designed in such a way that it will make you want to lose weight as it would be more of an enjoyment with comfort. It is made in such a way that you wont need any special training or gym instruments.

Marathon Training with uberFIT Runner

Conceptual Approach to Endurance + Cutting Edge Training App

Created by Nicholas Romanov - Sports Scientist


Students: 4207, Price: Free

Ready to set a new PR (personal record) at your next road race?! Then sign-up for Marathon Training with uberFIT Runner. Using the conceptual foundation of the Pose Method, this endurance training series with teach your how to approach long distance running events as well as provide instruction on how to utilize the world class training available in this program's companion app; uberFIT Runner.  

Whether it’s your first time running a 10K or you’re a seasoned marathon runner, this series will help you efficiently prepare for your upcoming race, putting you well on your way to setting a new personal best. 

6 Bodyweight Exercises to Work Out At-home

Not available for Asia or Africa, only suitable for USA, Europe, UK

Created by Taco Fleur - Kettlebell Head Coach at Cavemantraining


Students: 4196, Price: Free

NOTE: If you're not living in one of the countries below then this course is not available to you.

The target audience is:

  1. United States of America (USA)

  2. United Kingdom (UK)

  3. Australia

  4. New Zealand

  5. Absolute beginners

Learn how to perform 6 basic and important exercises for a full bodyweight workout at home.

Learn a lot about one of the most important exercises everyone needs to know, the squat.

Learn how to use these 6 exercises for cardio and strength.

  1. Cross Mountain Climbers

  2. Reverse Lunges

  3. Push-ups

  4. CrossFit Burpees

  5. Squats

  6. Jumping Jacks

If you think all of the above exercises are simple and don't come with a lot of instructions, think again! I will break each exercise down in easy to understand steps. I will also include lots of progressions and alternatives. I will also talk about how to adjust the programming, how to adjust the workout, etc.

Learn how to do the Cavemantraining Bodyweight Interval Routine. Learn how 13 minutes out of your day can provide you with an intense workout for weight loss.

Come and join this course.

Add More Muscle in Month 2 of Personal Training Masterclass

Continue Your Journey to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

Created by Jen Puzio - Fitness Instructor


Students: 4115, Price: Free

Welcome to the 2nd month of my Personal Training Masterclass!

For the cost of one 30 minute personal training session, I am giving you ONE MONTH of personal training! That is six days of programs for four weeks!!

This course is MONTH TWO of my full course. In this course you get a month of cardio and strength programming completely FREE!  If you like this course and want more get my full FOUR MONTH plan by contacting me!

In this course, I don't just tell you what to do, I show you how to do it! 
Think of me as your personal trainer! 

I will be with you every step of the way with every workout.  Feel free to contact me anytime with questions/feedback.

Are you asking yourself these questions?

Why am I having trouble losing weight?  How can I gain lean muscle mass?  I want to eat healthy, but how?  This course will address those issues and more to help you obtain the body you have been desiring through a complete fitness program.



Click the green 'Take This Course' button above to start your fitness journey today!

This course will cover everything you need to know to earn a lean body including:

  • A complete one month strength training program

  • A complete one month cardio fitness program

  • Strength training demonstrations

  • Assessing fitness progress

  • and much more!

COME JOIN ME TODAY! Continue your fitness journey and earn the body you have always wanted!

The Fitness Quiz

How Much Do You Really Know About Fitness?

Created by Michael Applebaum - The Fitness Doc


Students: 3798, Price: Free

So you think you know fitness, eh?

Take this fitness quiz and find out.

Twenty True-False Statements.

Twenty answers with handouts.

How much of what you know about fitness is true? How much of what you know about fitness is myth?

Find out.

If you are interested in starting a fitness program, this course will separate the myths from the facts. You will be able to start on the right foot.

If you are already on a fitness program, you will find out if you are wasting your time or doing yourself some good.

It will take only a few minutes.

This knowledge may save you oodles of wasted efforts and expenses.

Work Out Less & Eat More To Be Your Best, Balanced Self!

Rediscover your balance and escape the over exercising cycle! Learn the tools to break free from exercise addiction.

Created by Leah Peters - Fitness Nutritionist


Students: 3551, Price: Free

In these modules you will learn how to redefine your beliefs about exercise and food. I will teach you everything I've learned on my own journey, plus HUNDREDS of other people I've coached. Many people believe you have to workout for 2 hours every day to get results, and that turns into a vicious cycle. Learn the habits and techniques that will truly help you recover from exercise addiction and food obsession.

Flat Tummy Mummy with Dr. Theresa

Get your Body Back after Having a Baby

Created by The Healthy Coaches - 


Students: 3374, Price: Free

This course is designed and taught by Dr. Theresa and Coach Aisling.

In total there are 6 weeks of nutrition plans, recipes and workouts. As you progress through each week you will notice your body changing and it won't be long until you reach your weight and fitness goals!

Most of all, your tummy and pelvic floor will get back to their original tight and toned shape, all by following this program.

Home Transformation Fitness Course (part 2)

Home based training, no gym or equipment needed. Weight loss, fat burning, toning program. Workouts and theory.

Created by Yolofit Bootcamp - Team of Fitness and Wellness Professionals


Students: 3353, Price: Free

This is the second part of our 14-days program.

Designed to boost strength, endurance, mobility, agility and functionality, get ready to experience unique workouts and fun challenges from the comforts of your own home.

If your current workouts don't seem to be getting you results or getting boring, we're gifting you this affordable training program filled with over 50 exercises and over 10 different workouts.

Discover a total of 4 workout days and 2 active rest days. Plus easy-to-follow videos and exercise technique demonstrations, including beginner to advanced options for every move.

We have curated this comprehensive training program to target the whole body and develop various areas of your fitness systematically. From HIIT and Functional Training to Fartlek and Agility Training, explore a different training modality and concept everyday!

Trust the team of professionals, who has been running fitness bootcamps for over six years! We have a large experience of training people of different age and fitness levels, starting from eldery and those who recover their fitness after surgery or accident and ending with competitive athletes. Our students always leave our programs healthier, fitter and happier!

We hope you will feel stronger and more empowered after this course, have loads of fun and discover new strengths on this journey.

Foundation First: Exercise Fundamentals | #TrainwithTMax

How to master basic human movements with proper form and technique

Created by Timothy Maxwell - Don't Use Machines, Become One


Students: 3198, Price: Free

Subtítulos en ESPAÑOL disponible
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How strong is a building without a foundation? Weak and susceptible to falling over at any moment.

How high can you build on a weak foundation? Not very high before it comes toppling down.

Your body's foundation is critical to your ability to advance through your fitness journey with minimal injury and no pain. Whether you have professional aspirations, or simply want to be a weekend warrior, if you build on poor movement patterns and improper technique, you will eventually reap the consequences. You don't want that. I don't want that for you.

With this course, we will explore 6 basic bodyweight movements that are foundational for any exercise:

  • Pushup

  • Squat

  • Lunge

  • Deadlift

  • Torso twist

  • Pullup

We will go over:

  • The correct way to perform these movements

  • Some common mistakes

  • Useful tips on how to progress toward proper form

Sign up now, share with your friends, and get ready to build a great foundation!

Train with TMax with the proper movements.

The Optimum Fitness System for Fitness and Rehab Specialists

Learn What It Takes To Increase Your Fitness Business Income Using The Systematic And Progressive OFS Program.

Created by Travis Hyer - About The Founder of Power-Up! HFP


Students: 2777, Price: Free

The Optimum Fitness System (OFS) educational course is designed for any individual involved in health, fitness, and performance training as well as rehabilitation specialists (physical therapists, athletic trainers, etc.). The OFS is a comprehensive program designed in a systematic and progressive fashion to allow for fitness and rehabilitation specialists to ensure a both safe and progressive program design, including; how to conduct a Pre-Activity Screening and Fitness Assessment, assess for movement impairments and how to prescribe corrective exercises based on the noted impairments, core and joint stabilization training, strength and power training, and the concepts of sport specificity.

The OFS educational program is provided in various educational formats. Lectures are provided in video format. The OFS Program Design Manual follows along the systematic and progressive program describing in further details what is reviewed in the video lectures. The manual also contains all of the templates needed, from the Pre-Activity Screening to Monthly Training Log. A word document of all the templates is provided as well allowing for any adjustments students would like to make. For example, the student may choose to remove the “Power-Up” logo and add their own, truly making this course an immediate “Turn Key” business opportunity.

The OFS educational program covers a great deal of “hands-on” training activities. It is recommended that the student have another participant with them in order to practice the activities reviewed. This may assist with better understanding and long term memory development of each technique. To further ensure an enhanced knowledge base a quiz is provided at the end of each section. Depending on the students level of experience this course may take anywhere from 2-4 hours.

Whether you’re looking to start an immediate and complete personal training business or hoping to enhance your current knowledge base this course is for you.

Pre & Post run stretch & wind down Yoga session

For Runners wanting to bring a sense of balance to their running routine.

Created by Nicole Angelika Panzer - Personal Equilibrium Practitioner


Students: 2412, Price: Free

This course is for those wanting to gain some insight on how to best balance their body before and after a run. With the use of a short yoga sequence before running as well as short post run session too. Stretching into areas that tighten too much and strengthening into areas where the body might need some additional support.

Fitness Assessment Tools: Calculating BMR, BMI & BFP At Home

Learn To Assess Your Own Fitness Just By Formulas

Created by Hamza Ali Khan - Fitness Trainer At Your Service


Students: 2057, Price: Free

The short course will provide you with comprehensive understanding on assessing your own fitness with simple formulas. The course is designed in a manner to provide you with systematic learning experience and enable you to calculate your BMR, BMI and BFP.

For a more comprehensive fitness course don't forget to checkout my other course by the name of 'Science Based Fat to Fit Program: Be Your Own Fitness Trainer'.

Healthspan Hacks: Tips for Improving your Body & Life

Learn about hacks for your feet, legs, back, workouts, skin, diet and brain cells.

Created by Dr. J's Psychology - Professor of Psychology


Students: 1694, Price: Free

Take charge of your body and mind starting from the feet up. Protect your feet, back and legs from the assaults of daily activities. For example, toss out those typical running or walking shoes! Select the best footwear for working the bones and muscles in your feet in the proper way. Get your body positioned well to avoid injuries. Keep your back from feeling discomfort and developing disc compression. Use a top rated adjustable desk instead of sitting in a chair for hours while online working, reading or writing. Discover the joys of stretching your body and toning your abdominal muscles. Promote leg movements and foot strength by utilizing a device that balances, cushions and supports you while standing.

Understand the best way to approach your workouts over time. Learn about the optimal exercises and activities to protect your heart from damage as you negotiate adulthood. Make your skin glow with exfoliation, vitamin A and natural acids. Prevent wrinkles and sun spots by using gold standard products instead of less effective potions.

Eat the kinds of food that will enhance your capacity to function well over time. Avoid strokes and cardiac problems by eliminating certain eating habits. Support cellular health by embracing short and long term fasts. Ingest the sorts of supplements that will: protect key brain cells, increase your health span, reduce inflammation throughout your system as well as promote more physical and mental energy. Many top notch habits and products will be suggested that are based on solid research and years of lived experience. 

RokasMove Daily Morning (WarmUp) Routine

Beginning of Your journey to physical freedom

Created by Rokas Move - Online trainer, Personal Coach, Teacher and Mover. Be better


Students: 1617, Price: Free

We need coaches, technique, and skills to guide us through movement practices. It’s my job to make sure you are prepared to go on your journey, that you have a body that can navigate as best as possible. My purpose is to help people play again. What’s play? It’s whatever brings you joy. 

After the course You will be familiar with your body, You will know what "supplements" (exercises) are and You will be able to integrate in to your life.

This routine is made for You, to wake up Your body and start enjoy movements. It's short comfortable with all fitness levels. 

Practice controlling your own body aka training now!