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SAP Debugging for Functional Consultants

A quick and easy guide to SAP ABAP debugging for Functional Consultants

Created by Siva Prasad - SAP Trainer and Consultant


Students: 32662, Price: Free

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  1. I do NOT do Live Training. SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and many other countries. I am NOT associated with SAP.
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Debugging for SAP functional consultants is typically a gray area. The moment SAP's expected functionality does not work 'as expected' the only panic button SAP functional consultants use is SPRO. But soon we hit a wall. There are only so many options that SPRO offers - there is so much more in ABAP customization that changes the way standard SAP functions. 

Welcome to ABAP debugging - With a good knowledge of debugging, you don't need to rush to your ABAP consultant at every glitch. This course gives you the knowledge and mindset required to debug ABAP based customization - like user exits, BadIs, Z Programs and reports. While these come naturally to ABAP consultants, its takes a bit of guidance for us functional consultants to understand and use debugging to solve those hard to find bugs that are caused due to ABAP based customization. This course does just that - guide an SAP functional consultant to be able to debug ABAP programs themselves. 

Personal Finance, What they dont teach you in school!

Learn what they dont teach you in school! Master your finances!

Created by Carlos Garcia - CEO of GAR Capital


Students: 4487, Price: Free

We break it down top to bottom: From understanding finances and spending! to budgeting, to managing and eliminating debt, retirement, investing, passive income and wealth building! Step by step from the basics to the advanced levels of building wealth! So sit back , relax, takes some notes and enjoy this journey into the world of personal finance! Continue into the mastery of yourself and your finances! Let's rock! 

What the FICO 2.0: The Essential Guide to Credit Excellence

Your Complete Guide to Fixing Bad Credit, Building Good Credit, and Taking Good Credit to Credit Excellence!

Created by BMpowered University By BankMobile - Your #1 Source for Financial Empowerment!


Students: 3834, Price: Free

Trying to understand credit can be somewhat confusing, but in today’s age of security breaches, identity theft, and the fact that credit controls a good portion of our lives, it is more important than ever to not only understand your credit but also figure out how to positively impact it. BankMobile and bestselling author Ash Cash are here to give it to you. Through this course, you will empower yourself to move towards credit excellence by learning the history of credit and FICO scores, understanding what is on your credit report and how that affects you, knowing how to remove negative items from your credit report, and gaining wisdom about everything you need to know in order to go from good to excellent credit.

In this course, BankMobile’s Director of Financial Education and Financial Empowerment Coach, Ash Exantus, aka Ash Cash, is using the knowledge from his Amazon bestselling book What the FICO: 12 Steps to Repairing Your Credit to help you determine where you are currently with your credit and what actionable steps you need to take to get to the next level.  By the end of this course, you’ll know everything you need to know about credit and how to maximize it to get what you want out of life.

If you want to master the credit game and join the 700 club, then this course is for you. It’s packed with valuable information that will take you from credit novice to credit pro. Enroll today and empower yourself to attain credit excellence.

Boost your credit score

Credit education

Created by Laketta Agee - Accountant


Students: 2409, Price: Free

The course will show you how to increase your credit score.  Bulid up your credit if you do not have any credit. You will learn how to turn bad credit into good credit. There is tools on how to request your credit report and dispute inaccurate inquires on your report.

World’s Best Intro to Credit!

Anyone can have a great credit score, this is how.

Created by Rod Griffin - Director of Public Education at Experian


Students: 683, Price: Free

Experian, the world's leader in financial data and credit education, teaches you how credit really works, so you can have a great credit score for the rest of your life. You might think you know about credit, but even seasoned professionals miss some of the myths we'll expose in this quick lesson.