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Ultimate Fashion Photography Masterclass: Your 2018 Guide

Create stunning photographs and build an editorial photoshoot from scratch. Master lighting, styling, posing, & editing.

Created by Rob Woodcox - Award Winning, Internationally Published Fine Art And Fashion Photographer


Students: 1272, Price: $99.99

Students: 1272, Price:  Paid

If you love hands on learning and want to become a successful photographer in your genre, this course is the best way to get that experience online. As a self-employed photographer who has traveled the world to teach over 75 workshops, I know how to help you reach a broader audience and client base with your work. I’m proud to have worked with large clients such as Capitol Records and 500px, and to be published in various magazines and media outlets internationally.

In the Ultimate Fashion Photography Masterclass, I will help you reach your own goals, whether they involve making better photographs or using a more advanced portfolio to score clients and publications. Everything starts with elevating the quality of your work.

In this course you will:

  • Learn how to work with off-camera lights

  • Capture photos in-camera that require less post processing

  • Direct models in a unique way that evokes emotion

  • Direct a team of creatives such as hair and makeup artists to achieve strong final images

  • Color, tone, and finalize images in Photoshop in a way that stands out

  • Master retouching in Photoshop

  • Present a complete editorial set of images for client delivery or publication

  • And more!

This course is also full of exercises where you’ll practice your camera techniques, work with new models, and brush up on your Photoshop skills. The inspiration, lighting, and editing exercises we’ll explore in this course will push you to think more creatively. They will also expand the way you see the world around you and ultimately allow you to produce the best photographs possible.

Why Learn Fashion Photography?

Whether you’re a wedding photographer, portrait photographer, or specifically interested in fashion, take this course to elevate your personal skills and photographic style. Fashion photography is the pinnacle of the photographic industry, employing the most creative and inventive techniques to produce some of the most captivating results.

Why Learn from Me

While other courses may take you through a specific skill or photographic style, this course is an immersive, behind the scenes look at the process of being a self-made fashion photographer, giving you priceless personal insight that will encourage your photographic career. Having taught over 75 workshops in 5 continents around the world, I’ve mastered helping new photographers avoid common mistakes and build their skills from the ground up.

Let’s jump into the Ultimate Fashion Photography Masterclass. Sign up for my course today!

Editorial Fashion Photography (with No Budget or Team)

Learn how to create professional, quality fashion images all by yourself with little to no cost using natural light.

Created by Steven Leone - Fashion Photographer


Students: 679, Price: $34.99

Students: 679, Price:  Paid

This course will show anyone with novice to intermediate experience how to produce professional fashion images using natural light that will look like as if an entire team participated in the shoot with little to no cost. Starting from scratch, from choosing equipment to finding models to scouting locations to shooting protocol to editing in fashion industry standards to submitting to magazines and representation, this course will assist in pursuing your passion.

Adhering to the theme of no budget, this course does not cover the use of artificial light (strobes or constant lighting), which you would have to purchase or rent and/or have team members assist you with.

Creative Portrait Photography Series: Winter Wonderland

Winter & Bridal Fashion Inspired Photoshoot: Perfect For Mini-Sessions & Wedding Portfolios! Plus: Photoshop Tutorials

Created by Sandy Dee - Photographer/Owner at Sandyseyecatcher


Students: 251, Price: $89.99

Students: 251, Price:  Paid

Featured Review: 

"I absolutely LOVE Sandy! I really enjoyed this course, it gave me so many ideas and tricks with editing that I didn't know. I especially love how Sandy makes it easy to understand and doesn't move too fast making it so easy to follow along. This is my second course with Sandy and now I am moving onto the third one. She is by far my favorite photographer....I have learned so much and can't wait to try creating a Winter Wonderland shoot myself."  - Cindy Dupont

Hi and Welcome to our course “Winter Wonderland” - a new tutorial in our creative portrait series!

*** Includes Lightroom Presets, Lighting Diagrams, Posing Contact Sheets with over 600 images and Prop Lists ***

In our photo studio we have led over 50 photography workshops, specializing in creating conceptual photoshoots and in this course we will show you something really "cool": How to create an amazing series of winter inspired images! 

And not only that - most of these images work best with bridal gowns - so even if it’s not winter but you want to include some great fantasy bridal images to your portfolio or if you want to offer your brides a truly enchanting shoot with their wedding dress - then this tutorial is for you! 

But the best thing is - we don’t have to go out into the bitterly cold winter world, we will take you into our studio and show you how you can achieve the same results in your garage or living room and how it can be all done on a small budget! 

In this course you will learn:

  • How to create a “Snow - White inspired” winter wonderland theme with the right lighting and easy props

  • How to shoot fairy lights wth the right aperture and compression

  • How to use gels and speed lights for an Ice Queen inspired look

  • How to use traditional Christmas colors like red, green, gold in your set-ups without it looking too “cliche”

  • How to create headcrowns on a budget that fit to all these themes

  • How to use props to tell a story and how to save money when buying them

  • How to enhance your winter inspired images in Adobe Camera Raw / Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop

  • And so much more!

So if you want to offer themed Fine Art Photography or Mini-Sessions, are stuck in a creative rut or just want to stand out from the competition with new ideas and enchanting images - then this course is for you! 

Interested? Go ahead and watch the previews to see us in action! Or - if you want to learn how to create amazing images on a budget: Enroll now and let’s get started! See you soon!