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Growing Microgreens for Business and Pleasure

Get a healthy body and wallet - Vertical Farming techniques for Gardeners and Entrepreneurs (Hydroponics and Soil)

Created by Alex Field - Urban Farming Consultant, Entrepeneur


Students: 7765, Price: $49.99

Students: 7765, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the Micro green Toolkit.  This is a how-to guide for growing microgreens on a shoestring, for health-conscious growers and budding entrepreneurs.  I’ll pass on the lessons I’ve learned from years of growing and selling microgreens from my urban farm in England – so you can get started on a low budget and avoid making rookie mistakes.

Unlock your potential by growing an abundance of nutritious and profitable produce. Whether you’re in a city basement or out in the countryside, I’ll show you vertical-farming techniques to get the most from your growing space.

In this crash-course you’ll learn about:

·            Basic equipment – for indoor and outdoor production

·            Growing methods – using both soil and hydroponics

·            Adapting to your local climate and situation

·            Marketing and selling your produce

This step-by-step tutorial will empower you to get growing, no matter what your budget or where you live. So come and join the international microgreen revolution!

Unity 2D Game Developer Course Farming RPG

Build the core systems for a 2D Farming RPG game using the Unity game engine and C# in this intermediate Unity course.

Created by Rob Ager - Unity Developer


Students: 3779, Price: $89.99

Students: 3779, Price:  Paid

Have you ever wanted to create your own Farming RPG?  Games like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon have been incredibly successful, and you too can develop your own game with the help of this course. We'll explain how to develop many of the core systems and game functionality.  We'll start with a blank project and then develop the game lecture by lecture, covering all the code and Unity configuration you will need.  This course is massive with over 40 hours of lecture videos, 98 lectures, a starter assets pack, and a complete Unity project that you can download to follow along. We even provide another Unity project to demonstrate AStar pathfinding! So while it took the creator of Stardew Valley over 4 years to create his game, you can get a head start by using this course, potentially saving many months or even years of development time !

Aquaponics Farming & Gardening + Design Case Study

Wether you're thinking of an aquaponics farm or garden this course teaches you the how to's of designing & building one.

Created by Ahmed Aibak - Founder at Urbanspace Aquaponics


Students: 1630, Price: $24.99

Students: 1630, Price:  Paid

The course is designed for someone with or without the basic understanding of how aquaponics works and also for those who are looking to enhance their knowledge of the science, the operations and the design process of building an aquaponics farm, both backyard and small commercial scale. This course contains materials derived not only from the experience of running a small commercial farm but also from academic research on aquaponics conducted in the past two decades.

  • Are you looking to master the key operational techniques of aquaponics required to operate a backyard or commercial size system?

  • Get a solid understanding of how aquaponics functions and how you can master all aspects of growing in aquaponics?

  • Are you tired of searching the internet for answers in so many different places?

There are several resources on the internet that help you learn the basics of aquaponics but in this course we will dive deeper into the science behind aquaponics, how to create an optimal environment for your symbiotic ecosystem, understand fish and fish husbandry so you can produce market ready fish, plant nutrients and how to create an optimal balance so you can maximize both plant and fish growth, pest management and control so you can protect your investment and finally we will put all this newly acquired knowledge into a case study that shows you exactly how to design a small commercial size aquaponics system. The material is put together specifically with the intention to give you the information you need for the "How-To's" of your aquaponics project and covers more than many of the 2-3 day long workshops offered for a fraction of the price.

Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening: GROW Your Own FOOD

IT'S ALL HERE! Soil, Plan/Prep, Compost, Seeds, Plant, Pests, Harvest- GROW Your OWN BioDynamic Organics

Created by im Simpl - Environmental Engineer/Organic Farmer/Builder/Designer


Students: 896, Price: $44.99

Students: 896, Price:  Paid

It's SimPL.

  • How To Farm- Thorough, Simpl, Step-by-Step Organic Farming, utilizing ancient tried-and-true Farming Methods and Rhythms from Cosmos

  • Examples from Ladakh, Thailand, Nepal, Saipan Island, South Korea, all of which can apply to Your Operation.

  • To Grow your Own Food in the most reliable, practical Earth-loving ways possible.

  • When Complemented w/ The Essential BioDynamics course, you create your Formidable Farming Foundation- Synergistic Flow in our own Fields, Windowpots and Backyards.

                             DO YOU LOVE AMAZING FOOD?

This is about sensible easy natural farming, properly timed by Cosmic rhythms. Why should growing food ever be different?

THIS is a complete, in-the-field hands~on intensive- which comes with a lifetime experienced farming coach to answer all your questions....
showing how YOU can take control of your own environment and food supply, simply by growing the highest quality food-
best flavour, highest nutritional content, shortest time, minimal blights & infestations...using BioDynamic Rhythms & the materials you have around you.

~~~~~~~~A Message For These Times~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                        for anyone! everywhere!  who can lift a tool............

FOR THE FIRST TIME in recent memory,
ORGANIC FARMERS are rising to Center Stage
in global importance to their fellow Humans-

AS Health & Wellness is a PRIMAL human concern throughout our precious, abused and damaged Planet-

We stand in the position now, finally-
to provide the highest-quality, highly-valued
and vitally enriching FOOD
to a human DEMAND which will continue to RISE
as "conventional", chemical farming continues to FAIL.

WE, as food growers, CAN MAKE PEOPLE STRONGER-

Let us all bring the best of Life's Nutrifying Essence
to as many hungry souls as we can!

to this, I say THANK YOU for showing interest in this oft-ignored
yet necessary staple of human life and well-being.
~ thank you ALL, for being here ~

------------------end of message ---------------------

A Note For Organic Farmers:

The Essential BioDynamics is intended to be taken BEFORE the farming courses, in a logical triad of Cosmos Education, Earth-Care, and Strategic Organic Food Production.

1. The Essential BioDynamics provides The Why- vital details on supportive Cosmic rhythms, delivering the unique potency for
2. Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening which provides The How- a basic foundation of Earth prep and BioDynamic-Organic Food Production, and
3. Living Farm! provides The What- strategizing farm efforts, and suggests practical Options to improve long-term Economics and Community Acceptance for You, The Bio-Organic Farmer.


20 Nov 2019- Three new lectures - Observational Soil Analysis, and two cell structure lectures- to bolster the prepp and pre-planting process.

29 March 2020- A NEW Section 4: CONSEQUENCE: Farming Laziness and Disregard was created, and offers organic solutions to repair some of our worst ills regarding FOOD.

13 April 2020- Two new lectures- Organics in the Accidental Forefront, in the course front section, a reprint from the SimPLife YouTube series, Virus Farming Update. ~and~
Changing the "Organic" Game , an offering on changing the heavily-controlled "organic" label.

26 April 2020- A NEW Section 7: Natural Pest Control created,
5 lectures, completed 5 May.
"It's about time!", echo course participants....

These latest additions raise our overall total to 73 LECTURES
and, the day aint over yet.......


                                           WHAT THEY’RE SAYING:
                               ~testimonials from Course engagers~

Well I have finally finished the course, it has kept me coming back for more and more. I look at piles of leaves and wonder why they havent been collected by a composter, I look at the vast array of tools I have in my garden shed and compare them to im's 2 tools, I think of all the money I have spent on compost, the wasted effort and time spent on my garden to be dissapointed by the results. I am a new man from now on I am going to KEEP THINGS SIMPLE. I am going to compost everything thats suitable and waste nothing. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and consider it a life changer. Well done im for teaching us SIMPLE is best.”- Vic A.

A great insight to Bio dynamic/organic planting and the instructor's passion to a healthy future can be realized through his efforts in teaching and showing the practical methods. I have learnt a lot through this course and can't wait to try BD methods in my backyard gardening. I would really encourage everyone to try this course who is interested in learning how easy is to have a chemical free garden by just availing what nature has provided us…Thank you Im for all your efforts in spreading your wealth of knowledge and mother earth is proud to have your presence.. :) Good luck in all your future endeavors!!”- Sendhivel A

“Practical and informative, this is really an exciting course. Being made aware of these biodynamic practices and putting them to immediate use, is worth more than pure gold. I am humbled by having received such ancient knowledge at this stage in my life. With gratitude…”- Nancy D.


This is Ladakhi Organic Farming utilizing BioDynamics (BD), or the cosmic dance which infuses, flows throughout Life on our mother planet. What does that simply-
Know how the BD rythmns and calendar guide us into the highest-probability, best-results days for doing everything related to our beautiful farm- or tomatoes in the windowbox- throughout every season.

Everything you need for SimPLy growing your own food- detailed on-site videos, storydocs & infotools, coming to you LIVE from high-desert (himalayan Ladakh), tropical (Thailand) and temperate climes (Korea): planning & creating, planting, nutrifying, watering & cultivation- and of course, the Glorious Harvest.

Not for info-tourists, you will be fairly tested for assured farming results...Career farmers, backyard hobbyists, avid foodies or community leaders, urban or rural, will find this creatively fun & essential!

    EXPERIENCE not required!

Only a willingness for Personal Adventure
The Core Concept here is Self-Reliance: not dependence…

STRIVE for Flight by your own Wings and we'll help you get there!

All pertinent Info & Links will be supplied, to support your Efforts & Research.

Questions? USE your Instructor to FILL IN what is missing!

FarmField needs: A piece of Land is ideal, otherwise multiple Containers work just fine...

Soil Builder needs: Organic Materials such as local manures, dried grasses or grains; vegetable Scraps from kitchen, restaurant or yard

Water needs: Natural water supply (river, stream, canal) or water mains (piped-in supply, hose etc)

The Bio-Farmer's BEST TOOL List:
    a BioDynamics Calendar (free online, links provided)
    A Sturdy Farming Hoe, a hand Digger or Trowel, a Bucket or two
    Experienced Clothing: Gloves, Sunhat, long-sleeved cotton Shirt, tough bare Feet, old Shoes
    BUDDIES to help you have FUN - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (group projects are always BEST)
    ....and a SMILE                       

At any time, if something does not make sense to you, or you have a
particular situation to ask about- USE this course as an info-forum! ASK ANY
and EVERY QUESTION in course discussions, so others may benefit,
in addition to yourself. 

In this indirect way, you are thus also helping to teach, or direct, the course.
have fun with this!


multiplicity   for

Raising Chickens in your Backyard: a sustainable food source

Practicing permaculture & homesteading for urbanites: farming chicks, building a chicken coop, collecting hen's eggs.

Created by Criss Ittermann - Owner, Coach & Adventurer - The Eclectic Tech


Students: 733, Price: $29.99

Students: 733, Price:  Paid

Note: Now fully closed captioned.

Are you ready for chickens?  How do you know if you even want chickens?  What do you need to know, and what questions do you ask?  How do you make the decision?

How do you get set up for chickens?  How quickly do they grow up?  When will they lay eggs?  How do you take care of them?  How messy will they be?

In many parts of the world, people wouldn't think of not having chickens!  They've been our companion animals for thousands of years, and no longer resemble their wild cousins.  But as we moved into cities, we lost our way and forgot to bring our fowl friends with us.  Factory farms produce our eggs, ship them in bulk into stores where we buy dozens of sterilized uniform sized and colored eggs completely disconnected from the miraculous and amazing animals that created them.

Now many of us have moved back out of the cities and we're starting to pick up our ancestors wisdom and bring chickens back. Raising chickens is easy, and it makes sense for some families.  I raise chickens for their eggs, and some backyard farmers are even raising their own chickens for meat. As the world goes through a variety of changes, knowing our food suppliers has become an issue.  We can practice some small farming techniques by raising our own small flock of chickens.

Each hen provides 12 to 20 DOZEN eggs a year, for at least 3 years, depending on breed.

In this course, I take you on a behind-the-scenes look at real chickens and having a real life with chickens. I've decided to narrate while you watch my flock through most of the course, and I'm going to air all their dirty laundry.

What are some of the benefits of raising chickens?

  • They turn bugs (ticks, cutworms, mosquitoes) & weeds (grass, poison ivy, dandelion flowers) into eggs
  • Overnight composting machines -- their diet is very close to a human diet, they eat my un-popped popcorn kernels, leftovers that are a little too old, toaster crumbs, etc.
  • You get an Easter egg hunt every day!  My 13 hens are routinely giving me 7-9 eggs every day in the spring.
  • Plenty of opportunities for good exercise: walking around, lifting 50# bags of chicken feed and 40# bags of scratch feeds
  • You can save on TV: Watching chickens is much more fun that watching the news
  • And they help with relaxation - watching animals, especially baby animals, raises your endorphins & oxytocin levels. They're also a good focus for mindfulness meditations.

Come join the party!

About me & my chickens: I free-range my 17 chickens on the outskirts of an upstate NY city on a 1.3 acre rented home plot. I'm a single mom, with 2 college-age kids living at home, and I handle the vast majority of the chicken duties by myself.

Note: This course includes a small number of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects, which are entirely optional and only comprise a small portion of the course materials. They are rough guidelines and ideas for things you can do with upcycled or inexpensive materials that will save you money, time, or enhance your chicken experience. The projects may require tools, supplies, and some experience in handling them, or a friend or neighbor who is willing to help you out. But they are all entirely optional, and you are responsible for your own safety.

This course is not meant to fulfill requirements for any jurisdiction or issue a certification that is required by law for you to have or raise chickens.  I have not seen the requirements of such a course for your jurisdiction, nor do I condone or issue the certificate that Udemy provides all courses when completed.  The certificate is not a credential saying you are ready to raise chickens or to prove that you paid attention, learned anything, or have met anyone's standards in chicken-rearing.  If you have a list of requirements, contact me with the list before purchasing the course and I'll let you know whether I think this course meets the requirements.

Aquaponic System Farming and Gardening Design Course

Crash Course: Study, design and build your own aquaponics system, farm or garden, grow plants and fish together!

Created by Sushant Madaan - Aquaponic Farming


Students: 161, Price: $24.99

Students: 161, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the course of aquaponic farming! and learn about intriguing concepts combining aquaculture (raising fish in captivity) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil).

The course is based on my learnings that I gained while studying scattered information on aquaponics from various sources and implementing it in my project “Urban Kheti”. The project successfully made its mark in India as first-of-its-farm in North India, featured in short documentary on aquaponics by Down to Earth,available of YouTube titled “Aquaponics can be a profitable agriculture technique for Indian Farmers”. The project also featured on various international and national news platforms such as The Times of India, The Hindu, Punjab Kesari,Dainik Jagran, Better India, Hortidaily etc.

The lectures in this tutorial are in the form of Audio/Presentation mashup. What that means is that you will see a video of power point slides with my voice over. You don’t have to do anything – the slides will appear at the right time with right concepts.

The course will provide you with basic understanding in following topics and encourage you to innovate and build your own system:

- Introduction to aquaponics

- Water Chemistry

- Aquaponic components

- Design of fish tank, mechanical filter, biofilter, sump and hydroponic systems

- Management of farm and troubleshoot of problems and solutions.

The lectures will end with some handy literature and useful resources as you embark on an aquaponic journey.

Intro to Korean Natural Farming – Farming With Microbes

A Regenerative Farming Method

Created by Sam Bevans - Korean Natural Farming Instructor


Students: 49, Price: $49.99

Students: 49, Price:  Paid

Korean Natural Farming (KNF) Is the process of cultivating Indigenous Microorganisms (IMO) through simple, natural, and affordable methods. IMO allows farmers to create all organic and high grade living fertilizers, fungicides, as well as medicines for human, plant, and animal consumption.

In this course we will go over the 9 Core Solutions of Korean Natural Farming. This will include how to make the solutions, how to use the solutions, as well as the background knowledge to understand how these probiotic solutions work. We will also go over the Microbial Kingdom and how it not only applies to our farms, but to our bodies as well.

Since this is an intro level class, no previous knowledge on microbiology or even farming for that matter is needed.

This class is designed to enable anyone to become a probiotic farmer/gardener. Ideally, by the end of the course students will have a strong basic understanding of microorganisms and the role they play in our farms, gardens, and bodies.

See You In Class!

Biofloc Technology for High Intensity Indoor Shrimp Farming

Basics of setting up an High intensity indoor shrimp (L Vannamei) farming unit with Biofloc Technology

Created by Yit Xiang Tung - Principal Consultant at RAS Aquaculture


Students: 26, Price: $199.99

Students: 26, Price:  Paid

Biofloc Technology has been a game-changing method in culturing species like L Vannamei (Pacific White Shrimp), Tiliapia, Jade Perch, Tiger Shrimp, and many more. Substantial savings are obtained by adopting this method, as the biofloc technology provides additional nutrients to the culture species. Furthermore, the biofloc technology enables farms to adopt a zero water exchange method and greatly improves their bio-security.

The course consists of 23 lectures which includes a vast array of explanatory video, practical sessions, and even business models to help you understand.  We even provide you with some of the exercises that are used to enforce some of the theory in the biofloc technology.

The course is designed to help participants understand the basics and the risk of the shrimp aquaculture, and at the same time have a good grasp on the main concepts. The course is very comprehensive, and designed to address your greatest concerns about biofloc systems.

  1. Learn the basics of setting up a farm for selection of tank size, species, and tank design

  2. Understand the basic of having good management of culture water

  3. Understand how biofloc technology is viable for the future

  4. Learn how to manage and calculate the feed supply to the shrimp

  5. Understand the capital investment and operating costs.

Farming with Your Stubborn Family

The "Premarital" class for Family Businesses!

Created by Andy "Caygeon" Junkin - I help stubborn farmers work better together


Students: 22, Price: $89.99

Students: 22, Price:  Paid

Every farm family dreams of their son/daughter coming home to join the family farm.

Everyone expects the integration of the son/daughter into the family business to go smoothly, but the sad fact is it rarely does. Only 15% of third generation farms transition successfully for a reason.

In most Christian denominations, it is mandatory that you take a premarital course in order for the couple to become aware of possible problems to avoid while married. Committing to taking over the family farm has a lot of similarities to marriage and the first five years isn't the honeymoon everyone expects. This course acts as a "Pre-marriage Course" to make everyone PROACTIVELY AWARE of common problems most farm families encounter. It was designed both for young farmers and their multi-generational families to take independently or (better yet) together as a team.

You will not hear any of the ideas mentioned in this course anywhere else and it will provide you preventive measures and an action plan that will make integration into the business a true success.

Although written for family farms, all concepts mentioned in this course are applicable to most family business scenarios. If you prefer drinking beer over wine, you will probably find the instructor relatable and scenarios more applicable to your family's business culture. :)

This course was designed to be passively listened to for one hour per day over the course of five days while doing farm work or other tasks. You can compare it to a podcast. (Of course, as all Udemy courses, you can complete this course at your own pace.)

No certifications are given as a result of this course; however, taking this course will dramatically improve the odds of your family still farming in 2050!

Modern Aquaponics Farming & Gardening

How aquaponics works., Principles of aquaponics,

Created by Eric Yeboah - MBA/Chief Executive Officer


Students: 5, Price: $89.99

Students: 5, Price:  Paid

Aquaponics is a sustainable method of raising both fish and vegetables. It is popular with individuals, entrepreneurs, educators, missions and governments. Furthermore. with this type of indoor farming, you grow substantially more food with less water, land and labor than traditional agriculture. Aquaponics is a form of agriculture that combines raising fish in tanks ( recirculating aquaculture) with soil less plant culture ( hydroponics). In aquaponics. the nutrients - rich water from raising fish provides a natural fertilizer for the plants and the plants help to purify the water of the fish. Aquaponics, can be used to sustainably raise fresh fish and vegetables for a family, to fee a village or to generate profit in a commercial farming venture, year round, in any climate. Aquaponics is a great example of year round indoor farming. It can be done anywhere. providing fresh local food that is free of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. It is, easy and fresh. Commercially, aquaponics is a rapidly growing industry as entrepreneurs realize that aquaponics and controlled environment agriculture can provide high quality, locally -grown fresh food on a year round basis. Large commercial aquaponic farms are providing fresh food to grocery store chains, hospitals and institutions.

Aquaponics is a completely natural process that mimics all lakes, ponds, rivers and waterways on earth. The only input into an aquaponics system is fish food. The fish eat the food and excrete waste, which is converted by beneficial bacteria to nutrients that the plant use. In consuming these nutrients, the plant help to purify the water. You cannot use herbicides, pesticides or other harsh chemicals in an aquaponics system, making the fish and plants healthful and safe to eat.