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Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant

Learn how to launch your own business providing services via online technology.

Created by Tina Marie Hilton - Owner & Head Geek of Clerical Advantage


Students: 4497, Price: $49.99

Students: 4497, Price:  Paid

Thanks to online technology, working from home is a real possibility. With the growing numbers of entrepreneurs working from home, the demand for individuals who can provide administrative support virtually via those same technologies has grown as well. Starting your own virtual assistant business is easy, but starting a successful virtual assistant business requires a bit more. This course is designed to give you the edge, sharing processes proven to help build a successful virtual assistant business.

Becoming an Executive Personal Assistant

Learn how to be an effective personal assistant, and find out how to develop the skills for the role.

Created by Dina Jumabayeva - Visionary coach


Students: 3948, Price: $89.99

Students: 3948, Price:  Paid

Executive personal assistants perform routine clerical and administrative duties. They organize files, prepare documents, schedule appointments, and support other staff.

The key difference between an Executive PA and a regular PA is that Executive Personal Assistants work with higher level managers.

Generally, this will mean working with CEOs, as well as various other company directors and high-level staff.

As most administrative tasks are taken for granted at this level, the main focus of their job involves taking initiative and complete control over their workload.

Executive PAs usually work:

  • in a corporate setting

  • spend much of their time on a computer

  • a college education isn’t required for this position, but …

  • employers increasingly prefer to hire those who have completed some training.

Certain skills, such as time management and attention to detail, will be a given for almost all Executive PAs.

There are many advantages of the career path, including increased exposure to senior management, as well as more varied work experience.

For example, you may get the chance to organize events or manage larger projects, and work with other areas of the business, such as the product or digital marketing teams.

Many Executive Personal Assistants are even finding that this exposure is opening more doors to move into other high-earning careers, and go on to become Product Assistants and Project Managers as a result of their Executive PA experience.

So, do you think this is a career for you? If yes, let’s get started.

Just click on “Enroll Now” button and I’ll see you inside!

12 Secrets to Be a Professional Executive Assistant Gaby

Discover how to improve your performance with less anxiety

Created by Gaby Abdelgadir - Success Principles Trainer, Professional Speaker


Students: 2998, Price: $24.99

Students: 2998, Price:  Paid

Skills & Secrets to Be a World Class Professional Executive Assistant with Gaby Abdelgadir

Discover how to improve your performance with less anxiety as a PA

Gaby has been a Professional Assistant for over 40 years in 3 countries and in four languages at the highest levels for upper level executives.

12 Secrets of the Professional Executive Assistant

  • Passion

  • Attitude

  • Presentation

  • Listening

  • Harmony

  • Professional Relationships

  • Being Supportive

  • Listening

  • Reliability

  • Judgement

  • Trust

  • Being Bold

Added thoughts:

  • Thoughts what to Avoid

  • Thoughts on Foul Language (Don't!)

  • Being Technical

This program Skills & Secrets to Be a World Class Professional Executive Assistant with Gaby Abdelgadir

was developed by Gaby Abdelgadir with assistance from Michael Ballard

Do have Gaby present at your next event you can reach her through this website in the Q&A section. Thank you.

Have you read Gaby's new book?  The Book on Discrimination - Real Life Stories of Struggles and Triumphs

Shh! 12 Secrets Only the Best Administrative Assistants Know

Personal & Professional Development for Administrative and Executive Assistants

Created by Sofia Santiago, PhD International Award-Winning Speaker and Author - Communication & Conflict Management Expert


Students: 2238, Price: $19.99

Students: 2238, Price:  Paid

90% of students who enroll in this course finish it (which for Udemy courses is WAY WAY above average!). What does that tell you? That this course is well worth taking!

Have you wondered why some admins or executive assistants seem to have their act together, and navigate life with poise and confidence while others suffer, get pushed around, work super hard without being recognized, or live in stress? 

Successful admins know the secrets that make people around like them and support them. They look like they're under control, they have a fantastic attitude, and they even know how to toot their own horn, how to say no, and how to manage their boss, all without making enemies or seeming bossy!

Dr. Susan Harrison has trained thousands of admins, and she will be your mentor. She'll help you gain practical skills that will make you more productive and more valuable than ever before. 

Learn better ways to deal with a difficult boss, to look and get organized, to stay motivated, get support from others, use your power effectively (you have more power than you may think!) and handle the pressure of multiple tasks, deadlines and bosses.

It's not "common sense". It's a skill successful admins have taken time to develop. Dr. Harrison is here to help you get started. After just one a half hour, you'll have a different perspective: the one that will take you places.

Enroll now. You owe it to yourself to improve by studying this course. Remember: if you don't invest in yourself, why would anybody else?

What are you waiting for? Start showing your value by being proactive!-

Executive Assistants: Managing Client’s Calendar (Beginners)

Google Calendar (2018) Setup, Strategies and Scripts

Created by Erin Booth - Virtual Assistant Mentor


Students: 1798, Price: $19.99

Students: 1798, Price:  Paid

Managing client calendars can be daunting and overwhelming. But fear not! With Google Calendar, and this course, you'll learn how to use all of the available features to provide flawless calendar management services to your clients.


  • Set up a Gmail address and calendar.

  • Set up a temporary fake client account to practice interacting with a client calendar.

  • Send a client request to share a calendar with you.

  • Create, edit, and delete one-time events.

  • Create, edit, and delete recurring events.

  • Set up meetings, calls, and conferences both in person and virtually.

  • Set up meetings with a 3rd party with scripts and canned responses.

  • Add text, bullet points, and attachments to a calendar event.

  • Customize calendar preferences like time zones, meeting lengths, and general layout.

  • Implement expert strategies to facilitate your client's experience and increase client satisfaction.


  • Over 2 hours of video lessons with visual step-by-step instructions.

  • An eBook that contains: 

    • Screenshots that are easy to understand and reference at any point.

    • Scripts so you can just copy/paste and save time.

    • Glossary of calendar terminology so you never feel lost or overwhelmed.

    • Tasks to help you test your skills and use Google Calendar with confidence and ease.


  • You are an Executive Assistant. Although I am a Virtual Assistant, these lessons apply to anyone who manages a calendar for someone else.

  • You manage your clients' calendars on Google Calendar.

  • You are a beginner Google Calendar user, or if you need an in-depth refresher course.

  • You want strategies and scripts to make managing clients' calendars more efficient and less time-consuming.


  • You are an experienced, advanced Google Calendar user

  • You are an Outlook user.

  • You use Gsuite

Fundamentals of Administrative Professional

Learn the skills and roles of an Administrative Professional

Created by Uniture Tech - Tech Consultant


Students: 1267, Price: $19.99

Students: 1267, Price:  Paid

Learn what it takes to become an Administrative Professional. Learn the skills and roles of an Administrative Professional.

To be a successful Administrative Professional, you must possess skills to handle a wide variety of workplace tasks and scenarios. This course provides training across a variety of skills necessary for this field.

In this course, you'll learn some tips and tricks to help you advance through your career as an administrative professional. You'll need to develop proficiency in many different areas, and be on top of your game to effectively support your executive.

 You'll work behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly for both your executive and your company, and you'll be the go-to resource for those you work with.

Must-Have Skills (Training) for Virtual Assistants

Get training for the most frequently requested services (+ free delegation eBook and TONS of templates and scripts).

Created by Erin Booth - Virtual Assistant Mentor


Students: 1136, Price: $39.99

Students: 1136, Price:  Paid

Clients are eager to hire virtual assistants who bring a wide variety of strong skills to the table. While clients (should) provide you some sense of how they like their tasks to be completed, they don't usually have the time or resources to train you on basic tasks.

That's where this course comes in. This course will train you on must-have skills and provide downloadable templates and scripts for you to use with your own clients.

This course has three main goals:

  1. To give you training on the most common tasks/requests.

  2. To give you basic training and tips on the common back-of-office things you'll need to do as a VA (think how to send clients an invoice, how to store client data securely, and even how fast you should aim to respond to client emails).

  3. To help you "standardize" your work, enabling you to work smarter and not harder.


  • Calendar Management: Learn to access client's calendars, schedule appointments/meetings, best online tools, and more.

  • Inbox Management: Learn to request access to client's inboxes, send emails on client's behalf, create filters and priority systems.

  • Expense Reporting: Learn the basics of expense reporting and about some of the most common corporate expense systems.

  • Social Media Maintenance: Learn how to automate social media posts, including a mix of free and paid tools, and track metrics.

  • Research: Learn how to provide easy-to-digest comparative, data, and informational research to your clients.

  • Lead generation: Learn how to find any email and create lists of leads (or potential clients) for your own client's business.

  • Event planning: Learn how to research and book vendors and manage guest lists and budgets.

  • Travel booking: Learn to research the best flights, hotels, vacation rentals, car rentals, book with peace of mind, and check clients into travel ahead of time.

  • Photo/Presentation Editing: Learn the basics of editing photos and presentations, including the best free online tools that go way beyond Canva.

  • Making purchases: Learn the proper way to make a purchase on a client's behalf.

But wait! What if your client requests something that you're totally unfamiliar with? The double-edged sword of working as a freelance VA is that you are responsible for your own continuing education. You'll learn about strategies to help you manage tasks that are WAY above your head (without losing your clients).

We'll also cover basics about back-off-office training, like how to invoice clients, keep their data stored safely, and why you might consider end-of-week reports or weekly check-ins.


  • Templates, templates, templates! Standardize your work and save yourself precious time by downloading or bookmarking my pre-made templates. Skip the "building" and start using these documents with your own clients, including but not limited to:

    • travel

    • research

    • social media

    • purchasing

    • event planning

  • Checklists to ensure you're not skipping any step for any task.

  • Pre-made spreadsheets to help you track projects, like social media management.

  • Scripts to use with your own clients.

  • A free delegation eBook to give to your clients. Delegation is a skill and not all clients are innately great at delegating tasks. If you have a client who struggles to give you tasks, slip them this eBook to help get their creative juices flowing.

Who this course is for: New to beginner virtual assistants looking for some extra training on commonly requested tasks.

Who this course is not for: Well-established VAs who have been working in the industry for several years and already have systems for these tasks in place. This course is also not for those who are looking to niche in something more specific.


More about the teacher:

I'm Erin, I've been a Virtual Assistant since 2012. Nearly 10 years later, there is still no true standardization of work across the VA industry. You technically don't need any training to become a VA, which is both a good...and not-so-good thing. It can take years for independent VAs to learn these skills and develop systems that work for their business. My goal is to help VAs like yourself skip the hard part and start working with better, higher-paying clients, faster.

Join 20,000 happy students online and start your VA journey with me today!

Ultimate Guide for Executive Travel Planning for Assistants

Manage flights, hotels, and car services for corporate travel like a pro! PLUS travel changes during a global crisis.

Created by Erin Booth - Virtual Assistant Mentor


Students: 399, Price: $39.99

Students: 399, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide for Executive Travel Planning course for Assistants! This 4 hour course is designed to be incredibly hands on and practical:

  • Do booking exercises and practice tests so you learn more than theory - you'll actually learn how to do it.

  • Learn the best and most up-to-date tools to help make travel management easier and faster.

  • Download templates and checklists - all carefully designed to make you a travel pro by the time you complete the course.

Check out some of the many skills you will learn:

  • Learn the ins and outs of domestic, international, and private air travel.

  • Navigate airline elite status, upgrades, and alliances

  • Book flights specifically for infants, toddlers, and even pets.

  • Navigate after-hours emergencies (like lost passports)

  • Help your client find the best money exchange platforms across the globe.

  • Prepare your exec's mobile phone for international travel.

  • Discover how to find stellar hotels primed for business travel, and research Airbnbs (that are primed for business and scam free).

  • Help your clients skip the counter at car rental agencies.

  • Know how to find the hotels with the fastest WiFi around the globe.

  • Learn how to set up offline maps so your client will never get lost abroad again.

  • Book true LUXURY 5-star travel and make your client travel like a millionaire.


That travel booking is one of the most in-demand skills for assistants?

Business travel is set to reach a staggering $1.7 trillion by 2023. As business and luxury travel needs increase, so does the demand for a travel assistants like you!

Making travel arrangements and keeping your executive clients happy while on the road requires a lot of meticulous planning.

I will teach you how to be insanely organized, consistently proactive and preemptively ready for potential issues.

These are the skills and qualities that will make your travel services top-notch and worth top dollar.


"I LOVED this course! I've been booking travel for executives for over 20 years and thought I knew enough. Your course proved otherwise. Just knowing how to book flights, hotels and arrange transportation isn't the half of it. Your course has so much valuable, time and money saving information it's mind blowing! I couldn't believe how much more there was to learn about booking travel, especially the luxury section -- super cool! Your links, tips, tricks, and templates are GOLD. Thank you for this course -- can't wait until I get my next client request so I can apply my new skills! And, of course, I will use my new knowledge when booking personal travel too. If anyone is on the fence about taking this course, don't hesitate. You will definitely learn something you don't know and have all of the information you need at your fingertips to provide valuable services to your clients."

"This course offered a huge variety of information and resources around travel planning and management and I now feel well prepared to manage domestic and international travel for my clients. Especially useful were the little tricks and bonus tips that I normally wouldn't even think about looking for. I am sure that I will revisit this course often whenever I'm encountering specific situations or needs of my clients that are outside of the norm." *

"Very informative, fun to listen to, and packed with useful material. A great course for someone who has worked in Travel but never worked in Business Travel, or for Personal Assistants and Administrators."

"I think this course has incredible tips, hacks and trades for assistants and just has great travel knowledge in general. So much time and money can be saved simply by applying the information here. 100% would recommend."

Microsoft Word 2013 for Administrative Assistants

"Interactive lessons guide you through top to bottom! From Beginner to the Job Market!"

Created by Therese DonGiovanni O'Neil, M.Ed. - Assistant Professor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Students: 159, Price: $19.99

Students: 159, Price:  Paid

Word processing skills are an essential tool for any job. This course is for the person who ‘knows nothing’ about word processing, but would like to enter the job market as well as the Administrative Assistant currently on the job. The only prerequisites required are that you need prior knowledge of the conventions of Microsoft Windows. The video modules are interactive, you can work right along with the video. You cannot learn a hands-on product, unless you ‘use’ that product. I encourage you to work interactively with the videos for optimum learning. The course is broken down into nineteen sections, with sixty-two lectures. Supplemental materials are also available to further enhance your understanding. Skill building exercises are used to evaluate your knowledge. I am a hands-on professor who is willing to work with you and answer all of your questions. I feel student-to-instructor interaction is essential to learning. We will cover character, paragraph and document formatting. Also included will be tabs and tables, and much more. Upon completing this course, you will be proficient in Microsoft Word 2013. Other videos claim to make you ‘experts’. The level to which you learn is up to you. You will have all of the tools that will either improve your current position or it will get you that job. Other features covered are embedding and linking objects and even merging a Word document from an Access document. (that one is really fun!) Every section begins with an introduction as to what is covered in the section. Then each lecture is individualized to one specific task. And finally, there is a review of what we covered. The total class time for the entire course is six hours and 14 minutes. The course is asynchronous, you work at your own pace, on your own time.

Email Etiquette for Administrative Assistants

Learn to write clear and effective emails, gain more confidence, and be the best Admin you can be!

Created by Erin Booth - Virtual Assistant Mentor


Students: 117, Price: $29.99

Students: 117, Price:  Paid

Did you know that it’s estimated that workers receive an average of 80 emails per day? Email is now the preferred mode of business communication, which means everyone must be able to share information quickly, clearly, and with complete accuracy.


Welcome to the course, Email Etiquette for Administrative Assistants. While this course was designed for all types of admin, including in-office executive assistants, virtual assistants, and even personal assistants, anyone who writes daily emails as part of their job will learn from this course. This course is also perfect for all levels - from beginners - to pros who want to brush up on email correspondence skills.

Given that there’s an increased responsibility for administrative assistants to have great writing skills, this course covers everything from business etiquette to writing for clarity, to how to respond to confusing requests, to boundary setting.


This course is comprised of both video and text-based learning. It also includes lots of bonus material, like scripts to help you craft perfect email and tools to help you create templates for repetitive emails. It's packed with quizzes to test comprehensive and hands-on activities to help you take your email from zero to hero.


I’m your instructor, Erin, and I’ve worked as an administrative assistant for over 12 years. I became a remote VA nearly a decade ago and now help other assistants run lucrative and successful assistant businesses. Thanks for joining me on this email journey. This course is going to help you be the best colleague you can be - and I’m excited to see you in the course.