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Microsoft Excel VBA Fundamentals – Learn Basic Coding Skills

Microsoft Excel Professional Date Picker Series - Part 1

Created by Sihle Mhlanga - Instructor and Accountant at Pundit Excel


Students: 6769, Price: Free

Microsoft Excel VBA Fundamentals course is designed to teach relevant basics for VBA programming.

It is for those who aspire to become a VBA programmer and don’t know where to start. It is also suitable for those who automate their spreadsheets by record macros but seek to learn how to write the code themselves.

This course will provide you with adequate knowledge and help you to take your first steps in writing a clean, easy to read and maintain VBA code. I will teach you how to do this step-by-step, and you will learn with understanding.

So, this short course seeks to accomplish the following three goals:

  1. To provide you with a clear perception of the VBA developer environment

  2. To give you a proper understanding of how to work with the VB Editor tools to design a professional UserForm.

  3. To teach you how to write the code that will drive or manipulate the properties of the UserForm.

Get a good start, acquire basic VBA coding skills for Microsoft Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, Excel 2019 and Office 365

How to Build a VBA App in Just 30 Minutes

Quick Start guide introducing lots of the VBA concepts required to build great apps

Created by Craig Barry - UK Based Engineer


Students: 6331, Price: Free

Ever wanted to impress work colleagues with a user interface for your Excel documents? This free course walks you through the simple steps to achieve this.

Now is your chance to shortcut the long and tricky tutorials online, simply follow along with a basic worked example and learn how you can setup your own user interface form in Excel.

This course does not require any prior coding skills, you will need access to a computer running Microsoft Excel. You will also need to actually follow along and try out what you learn in order to get maximum value from this fantastic free course!

Craig has been working with Excel for well over a decade. He started out automating tasks for senior colleagues as a student using simple macro recorders, since that point he has never stopped using and learning what Excel can do to make his life easier.

A word of warning, although the course is delivered in 30 minutes, beginners will need to go back and re-watch the lessons presented in this course, as well as ask questions to the instructor – Craig. Learning a new skill is never easy, you didn’t learn to speak your native tongue in 30 minutes, and neither will you learn to code in 30 minutes- no matter how good the course is!

Intro to Quantitative Financial Modeling in Excel

Learn how to build financial models in Excel and VBA for different financial topics

Created by FM x FM - Subject Matter Expert in Financial Modeling


Students: 4464, Price: Free

Excel is an excellent tool for understanding the intricacies involved in financial modeling. The aim in each section of the course is to explain the implementation of the models using Excel.

Some models discussed in this course:

  • Black-Scholes-Merton (BSM) Option Pricing Model

  • Binomial Option Pricing Model

  • Portfolio Optimization

  • Option Implied Volatility

  • Value-at-Risk (VaR) and Conditional Value-at-Risk (CVar): Historical, Gaussian and Cornish-Fisher (NEW! Added on 4th June 2020)

  • Optimization of VaR and Trading Liquidity Risk: Unwinding a Position Optimally (NEW! Added on 4th June 2020)

To benefit from this course, it is advised that you try building the models as you go through the videos.

As I am nearing to the 2 hour limit for a free course, I will no longer be adding new videos to this course. If I want to add more videos, then I will have to convert it to a paid-course, which I am not planning to do anytime soon.

Bulk Emails | Outlook automation using Excel VBA

Automated Emails using Excel macros and Outlook

Created by Kamal Girdher - Professional Trainer and Automation Expert


Students: 3649, Price: Free

Learn how to send customized emails using Excel vba and outlook. You can switch email accounts in between, customize subjects, body, attach customized files, add tables, use template for body and attachments and lot of other things.

If this sounds interesting to you. Go ahead and enroll for this course.

Happy Learning!