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Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch

Become an ethical hacker that can hack computer systems like black hat hackers and secure them like security experts.

Created by Zaid Sabih - Ethical Hacker, Computer Scientist & CEO of zSecurity


Students: 442907, Price: $139.99

Students: 442907, Price:  Paid

Welcome this comprehensive Ethical Hacking course! This course assumes you have NO prior knowledge and by the end of it you'll be able to hack systems like black-hat hackers and secure them like security experts!

This course is highly practical but it won't neglect the theory; we'll start with ethical hacking basics, breakdown the different penetration testing fields and install the needed software (on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X), then we'll dive and start hacking straight away. You'll learn everything by example, by analysing and exploiting different systems such as networks, servers, clients, websites .....etc. We'll never have any boring dry theoretical lectures.

The course is divided into a number of sections, each section covers a penetration testing / hacking field, in each of these sections you'll first learn how the target system works, the weaknesses of this system, and how to practically exploit theses weaknesses to hack into this system.

By the end of the course you will have a strong foundation in most hacking or penetration testing fields and you'll also learn how to detect, prevent and secure systems and yourself from the discussed attacks. 

The course is divided into four main sections:   

1. Network HackingThis section will teach you how to test the security of both wired & wireless networks. First, you will learn network basics, how they work, and how devices communicate with each other. Then it will branch into three sub sections:   

  • Pre-connection attacks: in this subsection you'll learn a number of attacks that can be executed without connecting to the target network and without the need to know the network password; you'll learn how to gather information about the networks around you, discover connected devices, and control connections (deny/allow devices from connecting to networks).

  • Gaining Access: Now that you gathered information about the networks around you, in this subsection you will learn how to crack the key and get the password to your target network weather it uses WEP, WPA or even WPA2.

  • Post Connection attacks: Now that you have the key, you can connect to the target network, in this subsection you will learn a number of powerful techniques that allow you to gather comprehensive information about the connected devices, see anything they do on the internet (such as login information, passwords, visited urls, images, videos ....etc), redirect requests, inject evil code in loaded pages and much more! All of these attacks work against both wireless and wired networks. You will also learn how to create a fake WiFi network, attract users to connect to it and use all of the above techniques against the connected clients.

2. Gaining AccessIn this section you will learn two main approaches to gain full control or hack computer systems:

  • Server Side Attacks:  In this subsection you will learn how to gain full access to computer systems without user interaction. You will learn how to gather useful information about a target computer system such as its operating system, open ports, installed services, then use this information to discover weaknesses and vulnerabilities and exploit them to gain full control over the target. Finally you will learn how to automatically scan servers for vulnerabilities and generate different types of reports with your discoveries.

  • Client Side AttacksIf the target system does not contain any weaknesses then the only way to hack it is by interacting with the users, in this subsection you'll learn how to get the target user to install a backdoor on their system without even realising, this is done by hijacking software updates or backdoornig downloadeds on the fly. This subsection also teaches you how to use social engineering to hack into secure systems, so you'll learn how to gather comprehensive information about system users such as their social accounts, friends, their mails.....etc, you'll learn how to create trojans by backdooring normal files (such as an image or a pdf) and use the gathered information to spoof emails so they appear as if they're sent from the target's friend, boss or any email account they're likely to interact with, to social engineer them into running your torjan.

3. Post ExploitationIn this section you will learn how to interact with the systems you compromised so far. You’ll learn how to access the file system (read/write/upload/execute), maintain your accessspy on the target (capture key strikes, turn on the webcam, take screenshots....etc) and even use the target computer as a pivot to hack other systems.

4. Website / Web Application HackingIn this section you will learn how websites work, how to gather information about a target website (such as website owner, server location, used technologies ....etc) and how to discover and exploit the following dangerous vulnerabilities to hack into websites:

  • File Upload.

  • Code Execution.

  • Local File Inclusion.

  • Remote File Inclusion.

  • SQL Injection.

  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS).

At the end of each section you will learn how to detect, prevent and secure systems and yourself from the discussed attacks. 

All the techniques in this course are practical and work against real systems, you'll understand the whole mechanism of each technique first, then you'll learn how to use it to hack into the target system. By the end of the course you'll be able to modify the these techniques to launch more powerful attacks, and adopt them to suit different situations and different scenarios.

With this course you'll get 24/7 support, so if you have any questions you can post them in the Q&A section and we'll respond to you within 15 hours.



  • This course is created for educational purposes only, all the attacks are launched in my own lab or against systems that I have permission to test.

  • This course is totally a product of Zaid Sabih & zSecurity and no other organisation is associated with it or a certification exam. Although, you will receive a Course Completion Certification from Udemy, apart from that NO OTHER ORGANISATION IS INVOLVED.

Start Kali Linux, Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing!

Learn the basics of ethical hacking, penetration testing, web testing and wifi hacking in kali linux!

Created by Ermin Kreponic - IT Expert


Students: 290470, Price: Free

Students: 290470, Price:  Free

You will get to see screen capture live tutorials showing you everything you need to do to get started with ethical hacking and penetration testing including information about all of the topics below!

Learn the basics of what ethical hacking and penetration testing is to decide whether you want to go to an advanced level! Get a full tutorial on how to install VirtualBox o including on Windows 8.1 and gain the ability to run Kali Linux in any environment. See what to do to create the virtual environment and learn the basics of the Linux terminal.

Continue through the course to learn how to stay anonymous with tor and use Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Follow this information with an introduction to the ethical hacking and penetration testing tools you can use to take your learning from beginner to advanced! See how to change a mac address with macchanger. Discover how to use aircrack for wifi hacking, learn about proxychains, and finish with denial of service attacks.

Take this course now to get your learning started fast as an IT security professional online!

The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced!

Learn how to do ethical hacking, penetration testing, web testing, and wifi hacking using kali linux!

Created by Ermin Kreponic - IT Expert


Students: 282950, Price: $109.99

Students: 282950, Price:  Paid

Gain the ability to do ethical hacking and penetration testing by taking this course! Get answers from an experienced IT expert to every single question you have related to the learning you do in this course including installing Kali Linux, using VirtualBox, basics of Linux, Tor, Proxychains, VPN, Macchanger, Nmap, cracking wifi, aircrack, DoS attacks, SLL strip, known vulnerabilities, SQL injections, cracking Linux passwords, and more topics that are added every month!

If you are like me, you are reading more now because you want to know for sure whether this course is worth taking before you invest your money and time in it. More than10,000 people have already completed the process of deciding to take this course and I hope sharing a few of their experiences can prove useful for you here. Here are what three recent students had to say in the reviews in their own words.

Awesome Course by Penny Garcia.

  • I am 11 videos in and LOVING this course right now. The instructor is very thorough. I would certainly recommend this course to others as I am just starting out in pen testing and hacking and feel that this is what I have been looking for. Thank you so much for putting the time and effort into such an amazing course.

Best course ever.. by Mahmoud Selman.

  • Thank you guys for such a great course. It's the best one ever on Udemy and worth every penny. You have covered everything inside it. Students be aware! What you are going to learn here in this course is going to blow your mind!! and you got to use what you learn wisely otherwise if you misuse this info you can get from 5 to 10 years in jail. Keep it White hat.

Very helpful instructor by Deepak Muralidharan.

  • Ermin Kreponic has been very helpful in solving many hiccups pertaining to this course. Especially considering the time difference between us. Much appreciated his help.

What you can see from reading these three reviews is that students love the technical support Ermin provides through answering questions about all of the subjects presented in the course. The lectures themselves are helpful and will inspire you to try actually doing what you see Ermin do. Then when you try to learn and have problems, you experience the greatest value of the course which is access to the instructor for help. You can ask anything related to the course and Ermin will give you a thoughtful answer which will consistently help you solve the problems you are having in learning ethical hacking and penetration testing.

Thank you very much for reading so much of the description for this course! The fact that you have spent some of your very valuable time here already reading this course leads me to believe that you will enjoy being a student in the course a lot! Find the "take this course" or "start free preview" button up on the page to give the course a try today!

If you want to learn more about what the course contains, here is a short list of questions to help you decide if you should take it followed by a deep list of the course lectures below. What you see is just the beginning of what the course includes because Ermin is making new lectures every month for you! You will get to see screen capture live tutorials showing you everything you need to do to get started with ethical hacking and penetration testing including information about all of the topics below!

  • How to install VirtualBox.
  • What to do to create the virtual environment.
  • Installing VirtualBox in a Windows 8.1 environment.
  • Basic Linux terminal.
  • Staying anonymous with tor.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

You get lifetime access to this course which already has 20+ hours of HD video tutorials sharing everything you need to be a penetration testing expert and ethical hacker! If you are still not sure, here are three questions you can use to make the final decision!

  1. Do you want to learn how to penetrate networks, exploit systems, break into computers, and compromise routers?
  2. Do you want to use the valuable skills to work for companies that want you to use these skills to test their network security and show them to enhance it?
  3. How would you feel if you could apply these skills to what you already know to greatly advance your career as a network specialist, network administrator, or freelancer online?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I would guess based on my experience teaching 50,000+ students on Udemy that you might enjoy this course. If for any reason I am wrong, you have 30 days to ask Udemy for a refund. With 98% of students enjoying this course enough to not ask for a refund and 50+ students posting good reviews, I can guess the odds of you enjoying this course are very high!Thank you very much for reading all of this! Ermin and I hope to see you as a student in the course when we next meet!

Learn Ethical Hacking: Beginner to Advanced!

Learn ethical hacking, penetration testing and network security skills with our comprehensive course!

Created by Joseph Delgadillo - Best-Selling Instructor


Students: 211608, Price: $119.99

Students: 211608, Price:  Paid

If you would like to master ethical hacking, you are going to LOVE this course! Learn ethical hacking, penetration testing, Kali Linux and Python hacking with over 28 hours of HD video tutorials! We will cover the following topics in this course:

  • How to setup a Kali Linux system

  • Essential Linux system commands

  • How to create a secure penetration testing environment

  • Footprinting

  • Scanning

  • Website penetration testing

  • WPA2 wireless network cracking

  • Man in the middle attacks

  • System hacking using Metasploit

  • Python programming fundamentals

  • Writing our own pen-testing tools (reverse shell, keylogger and bruteforcer)

  • Tips for building a career in cyber security

This course was designed for absolute beginners, so no previous ethical hacking or programming knowledge is necessary. English subtitles are available and all lectures are downloadable for offline viewing. 1 on 1 assistance with the tutorials is available within the discussion forum.

Still not sold? Check out some of these great reviews!

"Great course, beginner friendly. And most importantly, great instructor and great community."

"It's really detailed and helps you get started well!"

"Thank you for all the changes and all the new stuff you keep adding. I have more than a few ethical hacking courses and this is the best one, at least so far. I had my doubts when I got it due to it being so short but I am really happy that I did. Great job, keep it up!"

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope to see you in the course!

Fundamentals of Computer Hacking

Everyone can become a hacker provided they learn it from the basics and build a solid foundation. Start with this course

Created by infySEC Global - Head - Cyber Security Research


Students: 197275, Price: Free

Students: 197275, Price:  Free

This Course is the fundamental course on Ethical Hacking which delivers knowledge of real time attack vectors and defensive methods. This course has been designed by group of globally recognized Information Security Professionals to meet the participant and organization expectations. For easy understanding for the participants , LIVE practical demonstration on the appropriate full fledged courses.

This course delivers comprehensive deep understanding of how attacker’s works in dark and methodology they follow to deface a network. In other hand, how the Information Security Professionals working in an organization identifies these methodologies and deface attackers.

This course will give a idea to know how our other full courses will be like.

Network Ethical Hacking for beginners (Kali 2020 – Hands-on)

Learn How Hackers Think, Hack, & Secure Your System Like Security Experts, Ethical Hacking, Kali 2020, Cyber Security.

Created by Hamza Sheikh - Computer Scientist & Ethical Hacker


Students: 194220, Price: $124.99

Students: 194220, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the Network Ethical Hacking course!

This Course subtitles are available with the following languages: English - Spanish - Arabic - Turkish - Russian - French - Chinese - German - Greek - Italian -Portuguese.

Hacking is a science similar to any other science. In this course I am going to show you the basics of hacking which will support you to start by yourself to develop your hacking skills to an advanced level. This course considers you have No prior knowledge in hacking or in Linux operating system, & by the end of it you'll be able to hack systems like great hackers and keep yourself secured like security experts!

This course is practical but it will not ignore the theory. We will start with Kali Linux basics, then will try to make you comfortable with Linux environment. Then we will learn how to install the needed software (VirtualBox, Kali Linux, Windows 10) as virtual machines then we will start the hacking adventure.

The course is divided into 5 sections, (Introduction, Pre-Attack Phase, Attack Phase, Post-Attack Phase, and How to Keep Yourself Protected).

In Summary, in this course YOU Will LEARN THE FOLLOWING:

- How to prepare the penetration testing lab.

- How to get comfortable with Kali Linux by getting the important required commands.

- How to use Linux commands & how to interact with the command terminal.

- How to change your system MAC address (Spoof) to stay anonymous.

- How to attack any close wireless network and get all details about it (including target network MAC address, SSID, Encryption Type, ...etc).

- How to get the MAC addresses for all clients connected to the target network without even knowing the password of the target router.

- How to Perform (word list) Attacks to get passwords.

- How to perform fake-authentication attack to target router without even knowing the password of the target network.

- How to perform De-Authentication attacks without even knowing the password of the target network.

- How to perform ARP attack without even knowing the password of the target network.

- How to hack wireless networks to step by step.

- How to get Wi-Fi passwords for WEP , WPA and WPA2.

- How to Sniff Data from the network you hacked.

- How to perform ARP spoofing attack to be the man in the middle MITM to intercept user names and passwords.

- How to know who is connected to the network you hacked.

- How to scan network for more details about connected devices.

- How to intercept network traffic.

- How to use many tools, tricks and techniques to hack networks.

-How to generate your own viruses.

- How to hide your virus in any other file extension (jpg, pdf, docx, xlsx..)

- How to gain access to remote computers.

- How to hack Mic, Camera, and Keyboard keys (Key Logger)..

- Many other cool stuff about network hacking.

- How to keep yourself protected from the above mentioned attacks.

*** You will get 3.5 hours of hacking and hacking techniques ***

*** You will start from 0 to reach a good level of understanding and practical use of Linux and hacking tools ***


  • This course is created for educational purposes only, all the attacks are launched in my own lab or against systems that I have permission to test.

  • This course is totally a product of Mohammad Hamza Sheikh and no other organization is associated with it or a certification exam. Although, you will receive a Course Completion Certification from Udemy, apart from that NO OTHER ORGANIZATION IS INVOLVED.

Kind Regards


Practical Ethical Hacking – The Complete Course

2020 Launch! Learn how to hack like a pro by a pro. Up to date practical hacking techniques with absolutely no filler.

Created by Heath Adams - Senior Penetration Tester


Students: 172071, Price: $29.99

Students: 172071, Price:  Paid

Welcome to this course on Practical Ethical Hacking.  To enjoy this course, you need nothing but a positive attitude and a desire to learn.  No prior knowledge is required.

In this course, you will learn the practical side of ethical hacking.  Too many courses teach students tools and concepts that are never used in the real world.  In this course, we will focus only on tools and topics that will make you successful as an ethical hacker.  The course is incredibly hands on and will cover many foundational topics.

In this course, we will cover:

  1. A Day in the Life on an Ethical Hacker.  What does an ethical hacker do on a day to day basis?  How much can he or she make?  What type of assessments might an ethical hacker perform?  These questions and more will be answered.

  2. Effective Notekeeping.  An ethical hacker is only as good as the notes he or she keeps.  We will discuss the important tools you can use to keep notes and be successful in the course and in the field.

  3. Networking Refresher.  This section focuses on the concepts of computer networking.  We will discuss common ports and protocols, the OSI model, subnetting, and even walk through a network build with using Cisco CLI.

  4. Introductory Linux.  Every good ethical hacker knows their way around Linux.  This section will introduce you to the basics of Linux and ramp up into building out Bash scripts to automate tasks as the course develops.

  5. Introductory Python.  Most ethical hackers are proficient in a programming language.  This section will introduce you to one of the most commonly used languages among ethical hackers, Python.  You'll learn the ins and outs of Python 3 and by the end, you'll be building your own port scanner and writing exploits in Python.

  6. Hacking Methodology. This section overviews the five stages of hacking, which we will dive deeper into as the course progresses.

  7. Reconnaissance and Information Gathering.  You'll learn how to dig up information on a client using open source intelligence.  Better yet, you'll learn how to extract breached credentials from databases to perform credential stuffing attacks, hunt down subdomains during client engagements, and gather information with Burp Suite.

  8. Scanning and Enumeration.  One of the most important topics in ethical hacking is the art of enumeration.  You'll learn how to hunt down open ports, research for potential vulnerabilities, and learn an assortment of tools needed to perform quality enumeration.

  9. Exploitation Basics.  Here, you'll exploit your first machine!  We'll learn how to use Metasploit to gain access to machines, how to perform manual exploitation using coding, perform brute force and password spraying attacks, and much more.

  10. Mid-Course Capstone.  This section takes everything you have learned so far and challenges you with 10 vulnerable boxes that order in increasing difficulty.  You'll learn how an attacker thinks and learn new tools and thought processes along the way.  Do you have what it takes?

  11. Exploit Development.  This section discusses the topics of buffer overflows.  You will manually write your own code to exploit a vulnerable program and dive deep into registers to understand how overflows work.  This section includes custom script writing with Python 3.

  12. Active Directory.  Did you know that 95% of the Fortune 1000 companies run Active Directory in their environments?  Due to this, Active Directory penetration testing is one of the most important topics you should learn and one of the least taught.  The Active Directory portion of the course focuses on several topics.  You will build out your own Active Directory lab and learn how to exploit it.  Attacks include, but are not limited to: LLMNR poisoning, SMB relays, IPv6 DNS takeovers, pass-the-hash/pass-the-password, token impersonation, kerberoasting, GPP attacks, golden ticket attacks, and much more.  You'll also learn important tools like mimikatz, Bloodhound, and PowerView.  This is not a section to miss!

  13. Post Exploitation.  The fourth and fifth stages of ethical hacking are covered here.  What do we do once we have exploited a machine?  How do we transfer files?  How do we pivot?  What are the best practices for maintaining access and cleaning up?

  14. Web Application Penetration Testing.  In this section, we revisit the art of enumeration and are introduced to several new tools that will make the process easier.  You will also learn how to automate these tools utilize Bash scripting.  After the enumeration section, the course dives into the OWASP Top 10.  We will discuss attacks and defenses for each of the top 10 and perform walkthroughs using a vulnerable web applications.  Topics include: SQL Injection, Broken Authentication, Sensitive Data Exposure, XML External Entities (XXE), Broken Access Control, Security Misconfigurations, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Insecure Deserialization, Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities, and Insufficient Logging and Monitoring

  15. Wireless Attacks.  Here, you will learn how to perform wireless attacks against WPA2 and compromise a wireless network in under 5 minutes.

  16. Legal Documentation and Report Writing.  A topic that is hardly ever covered, we will dive into the legal documents you may encounter as a penetration tester, including Statements of Work, Rules of Engagement, Non-Disclosure Agreements, and Master Service Agreements.  We will also discuss report writing.  You will be provided a sample report as well as walked through a report from an actual client assessment.

  17. Career Advice.  The course wraps up with career advice and tips for finding a job in the field.

At the end of this course, you will have a deep understanding of external and internal network penetration testing, wireless penetration testing, and web application penetration testing.  All lessons taught are from a real-world experience and what has been encountered on actual engagements in the field.

Note: This course has been created for educational purposes only.  All attacks shown were done so with given permission.  Please do not attack a host unless you have permission to do so.

Questions & Answers Team Availability and Rules

The Q&A team responds to most questions within 2 business days.  Specific Q&A rules are as follows:

1. Please encourage each other and help each other out. The support team is here to help, but are not staffed 24/7.

2. Support assistance will only be provided for course related material only. If you are using a tool or method in your labs that is not taught in the course, it is better asked in Discord on an appropriate channel outside of #course-chat.

3. Avoid spoilers for the mid-course capstone. If you are assisting another user or asking a question related to this section, please try to not provide direct answers/solutions.

4. Be kind to others and be patient. This field consists of patience, self-motivation, self-determination, and lots of Googling. Do not demand help or expect answers. That mindset will not take you far in your career. <3

Wireshark: Packet Analysis and Ethical Hacking: Core Skills

From basic to advanced network analysis using Wireshark! Ethical Hacking using Kali Linux: Passwords, Security, Protocol

Created by David Bombal - CCIE #11023, over 15 years of network training experience


Students: 165435, Price: $19.99

Students: 165435, Price:  Paid

Learn Wireshark practically. Wireshark pcapng files provided so you can practice while you learn! There is so much to learn in this course:

- Capture Telnet, FTP, TFTP, HTTP passwords.

- Replay VoIP conversations.

- Capture routing protocol (OSPF) authentication passwords.

- Troubleshoot network issues.

- Free software.

- Free downloadable pcapng files.

- Answer quiz questions.

The course is very practical. You can practice while you learn!

Learn how to analyze and interpret network protocols and leverage Wireshark for what it was originally intended: Deep Packet Inspection and network analysis.

I also show you have to hack network protocols using Kali Linux! Hack network protocols like DTP, VTP, STP and DHCP using Ethical hacking tools included in Kali Linux.

Updates: Now includes Python scripting to automatically capture packets from the network using tshark. Lean how to automate your captures and learn how to hack the network using Python and Wireshark.

Protocols we capture and discuss in this course include:

- Telnet




- VoIP






-  VTP



Hacking Academy: How to Monitor & Intercept Transmitted Data

Learn how to intercept data in your network. Monitor transmitted data and detect intrusion. Free hacking lesson.

Created by IT Security Academy - IT Security Certified Professional


Students: 138055, Price: Free

Students: 138055, Price:  Free


Hacking Academy: Monitoring Transmitted Data

We are introducing one of the most interesting modules from our Hacking in Practice: Certified Ethical Hacking MEGA Course available on Udemy.

During 1.5 hours of training you will learn how to intercept data in your network. You'll get to know one of the most powerful and versatile ethical hacking tools - Wireshark. You'll be shocked how much there is to read and monitor...

Before you begin: the practical use of the course you are going to see has been proven by  thousands of people all over the world. People who make their first  steps in computer / network security and professionals: network  administrators, programmers, pentesters, black- and white hat hackers.  Please, read carefully what we’d like to share with you.

IT Security Academy (ISA) is a company that associates ITsec Professionals. Now we are proud to share our knowledge online. Certified  experts (CISS, MCSE:MS, CEH, CISSP) have created courses from Beginner  to Advanced level. Our goal is to provide the highest quality materials  you’ve ever seen online and prepare you not only for certification  exams, but also teach you pratical skills. You’re welcome to join us and  start your training anytime.

Want more?

If you're serious about learning ethical hacking and IT sec in general, here's what's waiting for you inside our Complete Certified Ethical Hacking Course - ISA CISS:

+ 16 main course sections (from hacking history, designing secure networks to disaster recovery and application security)
+ 240 independent training modules for your convenience
+ 714 pages of PDF notes that will help you prepare to the ISA CISS examination
+ 27 hours of videos and other educational content
+ 1 examination voucher you will get after having completed the course
+ over 17.000 students already enrolled
+ over 130 five star ratings

The Complete Android Ethical Hacking Practical Course C|AEHP

100% Hands-On Real World Practical Approach on Android Ethical Hacking. Learn to Prevent FACEBOOK , INSTAGRAM hacking!

Created by Debayan Dey - AR Developer , Cyber Security Enthusiast , DJI Drone Pilot


Students: 134653, Price: $124.99

Students: 134653, Price:  Paid

Course Updated : May , 2021 ( Metasploit Issue Resolved )

Hello Everyone !

Welcome to the CAEHP i.e. the Complete Android Ethical Hacking Practical Course .

My name is DEBAYAN DEY and i will be your Instructor for the CAEHP Course.

CAEHP is one of the Most Comprehensive Real World  100%  Hands-On Practical Approach on Android Ethical Hacking...!!!

Now this course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning how an attacker attack and get the information from the victim.

CAEHP is designed by keeping in mind that most of us are not having laptops or computer machine to work for most of the time.  Thats why in this course curriculum , you need not require any laptop or computer system.

Only you need an android device and this entire course is 100% practical based !

isn't this amazing ???

Yess , plus the most important thing , you need not to root your Android device.

waaoo !!! so all in one ,  you just require an android phone and turn it into powerful ethical hacking machine.

Lil brief about my name ,   i am Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU) v2 , and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH V10) from EC COUNCIL

also i am certified Google IT support from Google , and currently doing  micromaster  in the Field of Cyber Security from Rochester institute of technology (RIT) New York in edx .

here are few of my other accomplishments in the field of cyber security ,

  • Introduction to Cyber Attacks , New York University

  • introduction to Cyber security for business , University of Colorado System

  • Palo Alto Networks academy cybersecurity foundation  , Palo alto networks

  • International cyber conflicts  , The State University of New York

  • Cyber Attacks Countermeasures , New York University

  • Networking ans security Architecture with Vmware NSX

  • Enterprise System Management and security ,University of Colorado System

Rest we'll have a meet and greet section to know other Learners ...!!!

so whats there in this CAEHP COURSE?

First of all i would love to  tell you , that this course is not limited  to time .

You may see 6 or 7 section today , once you land in this course after few weeks , you'll see more sections and videos are added up.  so this is the advantage of taking this course that you'll get regular updates about the new features and attacks and how you , as an individual can prevent yourself  from such an attack.

so currently in CAEHP course  , we have 6 Section + 1 Optional Section and 1 Bonus Section


  • Meet and Greet

  • Introduction of the Section

  • What is Termux ?

  • What is Shell ?

  • Why Termux ?

  • Installation

  • What is F-Droid ?

  • Package Management

  • Q/A Session with instructor  and  various Social Media availability

So , we'll turn our Android device to a complete ethical hacking powerful device by installing termux.


  • Next we'll cover , termux basics by learning various CLI commands.

  • Installing TERMUX from Google Play Store

  • Storage Setup , Update and Upgrade

  • Learn why we use apt

  • hidden files , versions

  • Various Text Editor

  • Learn how to check IP

  • Various other Network Related Commands

  • Learn why we change various modes

  • Learn how to use GIT Repository

  • and much more cool stuffs...!!!!


  • There after we'll cover one of the most powerful tool in penetration testing and ethical hacking , i.e. Metasploit Framework.

  • We'll see  how an attacker create payloads

  • perform LAN   and WAN i.e local area  network and wide area network attacks

  • using port forwarding

  • and how the attacker creates persistent Payload

  • Learn BASH Scripting

  • and how an attackers takes the control of the victims mobile device and get all the data.

  • and much more cool stuffs...!!!


  • next we'll learn what is Encryption

  • what is Decryption

  • how we can encrypt our files

  • how we can Decrypt our files

  • Learn how we can protect our files and folders with passwords

  • so in this section we'll cover installation of 3 very important tools used for Encryption and Decryption in Linux

  • What is SALT in Cyprography ?

  • Further we'll learn how we can perform Encryption and Decryption

  • and much more cool stuffs...!!!


  • most exciting Section

  • Introduction

  • What is Phishing Attack ?

  • We gonna learn  how an attacker do phishing attacks.

  • here we'll mirror any website

  •   We'll also learn how we can clone Facebook , Instagram , twitter or any social media

  • installation of PHP

  • starting of PHP server 

  • Run the Cloned Website in your LocalHost

  • Then uploading  the files online

  • Run the Cloned Website Online

  • Learn Social Engineering

  • Share the link to the Victim and get the Username and the Password once the Victim tries to Login

  • and then creating an app of the cloned website

  • Share the Android App with the victim

  • Again learn how to do Social Engineering so that the Victim downloads the App

  • Get the Username and the Password once the Victim tries to Login from the APP

  • So in this section , we'll see how an attacker sends a link or an app to the victim and once the victim tries to login with login credentials , bang , victims password is with the attacker .

  • and much more cool stuffs...!!!!


  • next section is pretty much interesting

  • we'll see how we can do port forwarding

  • generate an HTTP or HTTPS  url Link

  • how by simply sending a link  an attacker gets complete camera access

  • and receives the photographs after every few interval of time of the victim.

  • Next we'll see how to Uninstall such Dangerous Package

  • We will learn how to stay safe

  • Prevent from getting Hacked

  • Learn how to Aware your Family Members and known person by teaching them how to stay protected

  • and much more cool stuffs...!!!!


  • this section named as optioal section , we gonna cover various tools which can be very handy for the rooted android device.

  • Ok so those who are having rooted android device can go through this section.

  • Learn working of  Wifi Network

  • Learn what is AIRCRACK-NG

  • Installation of the package

  • Learn how to use AIRMON-NG

  • and much more cool stuffs to be added up...!!!!


  • and last but not the least  we have bonus section.

  • We'll see how we'll  run kali Linux in our Android device

  • No need to Root your Android Device

  • Apps to install

  • Installation of Kali Linux

  • Learn using SSH Client

  • Turn your Android Device into a Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Device

  • and much more cool stuffs to be added up...!!!!

So all the sections will cover Quizzes , Assignments and Reading Materials .

Also , all the sections will be updated on regular basis and new sections will also be added up , so once you are enrolled in the course , you'll surely gonna learn various techniques how attackers attack and how we can safe ourselves from getting attacked.

  • Most importantly , this course is completely for educational purpose

  • all the attacks which an attacker perform  are demonstrated to you so that you understand the technology and the art behind it and you're not fooled by any kind of social engineering.

  • This course is for educational and awareness purpose , to make everyone aware and be safe and protect your data.

  • Its a request , please do not perform any illegal activities , Udemy and me ( Debayan Dey ) is not responsible for  your illegal activities you perform.

so, Welcome to the world of  complete android Ethical hacking  practical course.

Feel Free to Reach out at any point of time , i will be happy to Help you , and if you face any PROBLEM , just post your DOUBTS , you will be Answered within 24hrs to 48hrs of time ..!!!!!

ARE YOU EXCITED to learn 100% complete practical course  and help your family stay secured and safe from data theft and from hackers ?

Wish you all the best...!!!!

See you in the course landing page ....!!!!

Learn Ethical Hacking From A-Z: Beginner To Expert Course

Learn how to become an elite ethical hacker and easily hack networks, computer systems, web apps and so much more...

Created by Juan E. Galvan - Digital Entrepreneur | Marketer | Visionary


Students: 124964, Price: $109.99

Students: 124964, Price:  Paid

Welcome to - Learn Ethical Hacking From A-Z: Beginner To Expert Course!

This practical, hands-on course was created for newbies – that's to say, people with no prior training or knowledge in hacking and cybersecurity. The aim of this course is to give you the education not just to understand what black-hat hatters do and how, but also to learn exactly how to hack systems like a pro and win the cat and mouse game by securing systems like a professional security expert.

Blending practical work with solid theoretical training, we take you from the basics of ethical hacking through to mastery, giving you the training you need not just to hack, but also to secure against a hack.

While the theory is important, we understand that it can also be dry and uninspiring. For this reason, this course is packed with examples that you can follow. This practical focus starts from the beginning, where we will teach you about penetration testing and show you how to install the software required (Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX) and jump right into hacking.

Throughout, you will analyze and exploit various systems from regular websites through to sprawling networks, along with hacking servers and clients. More than just hacking, you'll also learn how to conduct efficient penetration testing techniques.

This approach gives you the foundational education that you need not just to hack any given system, but also to secure it, with each module covering both sides of the coin. The course covers six main areas:


This foundational section gives you a full introduction to the basics of networking systems – how they communicate and work – and is designed to give you the knowledge you need to succeed in this course.

  • BASICS OF NETWORKING: Networking can be an intimidating topic, but don’t worry! We break down only the necessary things that you need to know in regards to networking and teach you important networking fundamentals

  • SETTING UP A HACKING LAB: You can’t hack without a lab! We walk you step-by-step through the process of setting up your own hacking lab on your laptop or desktop computer!

  • LINUX + SCRIPTING BASICS: Hackers use Linux, which is an OS that the average person may have no experience with. We will go over Linux fundamentals so that you can easily navigate your way through Linux during this course. We also touch on a couple of scripting languages that are a MUST for any ethical hacker and teach you the basics of each one with practical examples.

  • HIDING YOUR IDENTITY ON THE WEB: If you are hacking on the internet, you need to learn how to remain anonymous. We will show you the tools and techniques that you can use to always remain anonymous and unknown on the internet.


This section shows you how to test both wired and wireless systems. You will learn how to go from not having any access to a network to gaining access and being able to begin attacking systems on the network.

  • PRE-CONNECTION ATTACK: Not all attacks require you to be connected to the target or even know the password. Learn how to discover and manipulate devices connected to a network and gather information about your target

  • GAIN ACCESS TO NETWORKS: Learn how to use the information you have about your target to crack the key and get the access password. This section covers multiple protocols including WEP, WPA, and WPA2

  • POST-CONNECTION ATTACKS: With a key, you can now leverage powerful hacking techniques to get even more information. Learn how to see what users are doing on a network, inject code in pages, and more on wired and wireless networks


This section builds on the lessons learned in section one, showing you how you can get full control and hack into any computer system that you target.

  • SERVER-SIDE ATTACK: Discover how to harvest information about your targeted system – its OS, open ports, and installed services – without user interaction. Then use this information to exploit vulnerabilities and generate reports

  • CLIENT-SIDE ATTACK: Learn how to hack systems with no vulnerabilities by sneaking in with software updates or using backdoor trojan downloads. You’ll also learn the art of social engineering – or tricking people into giving you information


This section shifts the focus on interacting with compromised systems. Now that you have gained access, you'll learn how you can exploit these systems.

  • ACCESS FILE SYSTEMS: All systems have a wealth of files that you can now manipulate with your access. Learn how to access these systems and how to read, write, upload, and even execute files

  • MAINTAIN ACCESS: Gaining access to a system and its files is only half of the battle. Learn how to maintain your access and frustrate efforts to secure it again so you can continue to exploit a system

  • SPY ON YOUR TARGET: Learn how to capture any keystrokes on a keyboard, turn on a computer webcam, take screenshots, and even take control of the system to attack, hack, and access third-party networks and systems


In this section, you will learn more about how you can hack into websites and web applications using Kali Linux. You’ll also learn how web applications work – and how to find vulnerabilities within these applications for you to exploit.

  • How to scan websites/web applications for vulnerabilities to exploit

  • How to Brute Force into web applications

  • How to conduct SQL injection in web applications

  • How to conduct Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

  • How to exploit File Inclusion Vulnerabilities

  • How to exploit File Upload Vulnerabilities

  • How to automate attacking web applications using various tools

  • How to prevent and secure websites & apps yourself


In this section, you will learn how you can make money as an ethical hacker using a variety of methods. You’ll also learn how to build your personal brand and get your name out there as an Ethical Hacker so you can have employers and clients knocking at your door ready to hire you for your services. Then finally, you’ll learn how you can start a career in cybersecurity with some insider tips on what certifications to get and the best way to land a job.

This includes:

  • How to build an ethical hacker personal brand from scratch

  • How to get instant credibility and authority as a hacker

  • How to properly network and get others talking about you

  • How to make money using a variety of websites

  • How to get started freelancing as a hacker

  • How to get started consulting as a hacker

  • How to land a job as a cybersecurity professional

This course is comprehensive, showing you both sides of hacking. You will learn to think and operate like a hacker – and how to apply that knowledge as a cybersecurity expert to protect you and your clients' networks and systems. In taking this 'cat and mouse' approach, your rounded understanding will give your approach new depths and angles, revealing the paths you can take to effectively neutralize any threat.

Together with the emphasis on practical examples that you can follow in real life with live systems, you will also benefit from the excitement of hands-on learning. By experiencing precisely what it takes to hack into any given target system, you'll also learn that no one system is the same and that all approaches can be modified.

This real-life learning is an invaluable part of your education, enabling you to better see what hackers are doing and how to block even the most potent attacks. No matter what the scenario or how complicated a hacking situation, this course gives you the foundational training you need to secure a network – and start pursuing a career in a field that is increasingly in demand as the global reliance on technology grows.

The Complete Ethical Hacking Course for 2016/2017!

Gain the knowledge hackers use to compromise systems and use it to protect your own!

Created by Ermin Kreponic - IT Expert


Students: 122104, Price: $124.99

Students: 122104, Price:  Paid

If you want to get started as an ethical hacker, learn how network security professionals protect their systems, or take your IT career to the next level you are going to LOVE this course! This course is a sequel to The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced! which over 50,000 students have taken, and was at one point the most popular ethical hacking course in the world! Join us now and receive over 80 lectures & 15 hours of HD video, and 1 on 1 assistance from experienced network security professionals! We will cover the following topics in this course:

  • Introduction to ethical hacking
  • Linux installation, terminal basics, and Wireshark Setup
  • Staying anonymous online, proxy servers, and accessing the dark side of the internet using TOR
  • Aircrack-ng, HashCat, and wifi hacking
  • Defending your own networks from attacks
  • Cloning websites
  • Arduino USB keylogger that works out of the box for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
  • Windows power shell scripting

This course will receive monthly updates based on students requests, and our goal is to make this the #1 network security course online!

DISCLAIMER The attacks demonstrated in this course can cause serious damage and are only shown for educational purposes. The intent of this course is to give you the tools to defend your own networks, share skills that are valuable to companies all over the world, and help you to better understand the challenges that information security professionals face on a daily basis.

English & Spanish subtitles available.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope to see you in the course!

Ethical Hacking – Hands-On Training – Part I

Ethical Hacking - A Hands-On Training course for Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Using Kali Linux

Created by Prof. K - Technology Professional, Online Instructor


Students: 117360, Price: $19.99

Students: 117360, Price:  Paid

Course Overview

This course provides learners with a basic level of competency using a  hands-on approach to gaining practical experience as a penetration tester or an ethical hacker (white, grey, or black).

This course provides a fundamental look at offensive security concepts and techniques using a virtual install of Kali Linux and three different target victims, Windows XP, Windows 7, Server 2008 and Linux (Metesploitable2).  This course provides a 100% hands-on approach to learning to be an ethical hacker or a pentester.

How is the course structured?

The course uses short video tutorials, hands-on labs, virtualization, and open source tools for step-by-step learning of ethical hacking fundamentals; the same tools and open-source software are used by professional penetration testers and ethical hackers.

This course provides videos, labs, and links for downloading the free and open-source software used throughout this course.

You will build a virtual install of Kali Linux and Windows XP for the virtual lab environment. You should complete the first lab of this course before enrolling.  Starting with lab 2, we will begin scanning and attacking a Windows XP  victim. If the first lab cannot be completed, there is no need to enroll in the course since all labs that follow are dependent on the first lab being completed.

You will learn how intruders escalate privileges and what steps can be taken to stop them, the importance of a strong firewall, the importance of keeping systems and software updated, and the use of complex passwords.

You will also learn how to launch DDoS Attacks, Buffer Overflows, keylogging, and password hacking.  Completing the course will help prepare an individual for an entry-level position as a pen-tester or ethical hacker. On completing this course,  you will receive a course completion.

If you would like to discuss ethical hacking, watch someone else talk about technology, or write a  paper, there are plenty of other courses to choose from. To complete this course, students must demonstrate the fundamental concepts of offensive hacking. In other words, learners will learn something by doing.

Course Objectives

  1. Demonstrate the use of offensive security tools and techniques.

  2. Proficiency in the use of the CLI (Command Line Interface) of Linux.

  3. Use Linux as a hacking platform.

Who should take this course?

Network administrators, cybersecurity students, entry-level penetration testers, anyone who wants to be an ethical hacker, concerned parents,  concerned spouses, law enforcement, and anyone with a solid background in technology.

Who should not take this course?

Anyone who has technophobia (the fear of learning new technology).  Anyone not having a good understanding of the OSI model or the TCP/IP  suite.

What are the course requirements, Knowledge level?

  • A  good understanding of basic networking concepts, the TCPI/IP stack, how devices communicate, and basic troubleshooting of network connectivity issues.

  • How to use a computer, a mouse and a keyboard.

  • How to configure a static IP address on a Network adapter.

  • How to check for connectivity using PING, IPCONFIG, and IFCONFIG.

  • This course will not cover or review the OSI model, discuss IP addressing, or any basic networking concepts. Students are expected to have these skills when they enroll.


  • PC, laptop, or desktop capable of virtualization. (Virtualization enabled BIOS).

  • A minimum of 4 GB of RAM (8 GB or more of RAM recommended).

  • Administrative access to the host operating system. (You own the machine).

  • LAN or cable connection for Internet access. (Cannot use a wireless connection).

  • High-speed internet access using a reliable Internet connection. (5MB or higher throughput).


  • Any 64-bit Windows operating system. (preferred)

  • A current 64-bit version of Mac or a Linux operating system.

  • Installation of VMWare Player (free edition) for Windows and Linux users. (Links provided in the lab).

  • Installation of Virtualbox for MAC. (Links provided in the lab).

  • Installation of 7zip (Links provided in the lab).

  • Copy of Kali ISO or Kali VMWare or Virtualbox image. (Links provided in the lab).

  • Copy of Windows XP SP2 (Links provided in the lab).

  • Copy of Server 2008 SPI 32 bit (Links provided in the lab).

  • Copy of Metesploitable2 (Links provided in the lab).


Cyber Security Course for Beginners – Level 01

Learn the Security Fundamentals required for your everyday online presence.

Created by FourthWall Technologies - A new age Cyber Security Firm


Students: 110359, Price: Free

Students: 110359, Price:  Free

Cyber Security is one in every of cutting-edge most up to date profession fields. This course will provide a wide overview of Cyber Security concepts and practices. Beginning with underlying fundamentals of cyber security, additional lessons discover centre technologies along with encryption, sandboxing, and antiviruses. Securing your Wordpress website and your online identity is likewise featured, as are secure online transactions, email security, and how to conduct cyber activities. 

The course unfolds over 15 video training and supplemental substances.We will be constantly adding new videos into this Course. Videos include the understanding of the security concepts and talk on making the non-technical users of the internet understand the realm of cyber security and understand how to protect their online identity. The Studying is self-paced, however the complete series may be experienced in about one weeks. And moreover we have made sure to add topics that would help the general public to understand the basics of Cyber Security in order to protect themselves from the predators of the internet.

Learn Burp Suite, the Nr. 1 Web Hacking Tool

Learn how to make you web application testing easier and faster with the Burp Suite.

Created by Geri Revay - Penetration Tester/ Ethical Hacker


Students: 101113, Price: Free

Students: 101113, Price:  Free

This course will help you to master the Burp Suite. If you are doing or wanting to do penetration testing, then it is 100% that you will work with web application. At the moment the Burp Suite is the most important tool for that. What you learn in this course can be immediately used in web application assessments.

Quickly Master the Most Important Web Hacking/Penetration Testing Tool, the Burp Suite.

  • Learn the most important features of the Burp Suite
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Automate what you can
  • Do efficient manual testing

Content and Overview

This course focuses on the Burp Suite. It is not a web application hacking course, although you will get to know various web attacks, which you can immediately try out yourself. First you will setup your own test environment with the Owasp WebGoat vulnerable web application and the Burp Suite. Then I will show you how to use the various modules in the tool. These modules can be used in different parts of the penetration test. They help you to easily reuse request or to automate some of your work. We will try out these tool together by attacking the WebGoat. The course if fully hands-on, so that you can do everything yourself as well. After finishing this course you will be able to employ the Burp Suite in your work immediately, whether you do penetration testing or any other web related work.

Ethical Hacking – SQL Injection Attack

Learn Website hacking using SQL Injection Attack - Database Penetration testing

Created by Sunil K. Gupta - HACKER | 36 Udemy Courses | 55000+ STUDENTS


Students: 89159, Price: Free

Students: 89159, Price:  Free

SQL Injection (SQLi) refers to an injection attack wherein an attacker  can execute malicious SQL statements (also commonly referred to as a  malicious payload) that control a web application’s database server .

The impact SQL injection can have on a business is far reaching. A  successful attack may result in the unauthorized viewing of user lists,  the deletion of entire tables and, in certain cases, the attacker  gaining administrative rights to a database, all of which are highly  detrimental to a business.   

In this course, you will perform SQL injection attacks on websites . This course is a practical course in which you are going to perform practicals based on sql injection attack .

NOTE: This course is created for educational purposes only .

NOTE: This course is a product of Sunil Gupta and no  other organisation is associated with it or a certification exam.  Although, you will receive a Course Completion Certification from Udemy.

Build Your Own Cyber Lab at Home

Learn new software and hacking techniques with your own lab

Created by Kyle Slosek - IT Security Ninja - CISSP, GCIH, GPEN, GWAPT, GXPN


Students: 83671, Price: Free

Students: 83671, Price:  Free

Have you ever wanted to learn a new technology or software but been unable to because you don't have the required hardware to run it? Well you are in luck, in the "Build Your Own Cyber Lab at Home" course you will learn how to build a lab from the existing hardware you have. By taking this course you will learn a framework to learn new skills, technology and software for jobs in either the IT or Cyber Security fields.

The technology field changes so rapidly, it can be hard to keep up with the new software systems. The way that the best professionals stay on top of their field is by constantly practicing and learning and an IT lab is how you stay ahead!

This course is broken down in to 3 main modules:

  1. Plan Your Lab
  2. Build Your Lab
  3. Use Your Lab

Learn Python & Ethical Hacking From Scratch

Start from 0 & learn both topics simultaneously from scratch by writing 20+ hacking programs

Created by Zaid Sabih - Ethical Hacker, Computer Scientist & CEO of zSecurity


Students: 77500, Price: $139.99

Students: 77500, Price:  Paid

Welcome to my comprehensive course on python programming and ethical hacking. The course assumes you have NO prior knowledge in any of these topics, and by the end of it you'll be at a high intermediate level being able to combine both of these skills to write python programs to hack into computer systems exactly the same way that black hat hackers do. That's not all, you'll also be able to use the programming skills you learn to write any program even if it has nothing to do with hacking.

This course is highly practical but it won't neglect the theory, we'll start with basics of ethical hacking and python programming and installing the needed software. Then we'll dive and start programming straight away. You'll learn everything by example, by writing useful hacking programs, no boring dry programming lectures.

The course is divided into a number of sections, each aims to achieve a specific goal, the goal is usually to hack into a certain system! We'll start by learning how this system work and its weaknesses, then you'll lean how to write a python program to exploit these weaknesses and hack the system. As we write the program I will teach you python programming from scratch covering one topic at a time. By the end of the course you're going to have a number of ethical hacking programs written by yourself (see below) from backdoors, keyloggers, credential harvesters, network hacking tools, website hacking tools and the list goes on. You'll also have a deep understanding on how computer systems work, how to model problems, design an algorithm to solve problems and implement the solution using python.

As mentioned in this course you will learn both ethical hacking and programming at the same time, here are some of the topics that will be covered in the course:

Programming topics:

  • Writing programs for python 2 and 3.

  • Using modules and libraries.

  • Variables, types ...etc.

  • Handling user input.

  • Reading and writing files.

  • Functions.

  • Loops.

  • Data structures.

  • Regex.

  • Desiccation making.

  • Recursion.

  • Threading.

  • Object oriented programming.

  • Packet manipulation using scapy.

  • Netfilterqueue.

  • Socket programming.

  • String manipulation.

  • Exceptions.

  • Serialisation.

  • Compiling programs to binary executables.

  • Sending & receiving HTTP requests.

  • Parsing HTML.

  • + more!

Hacking topics:

  • Basics of network hacking / penetration testing.

  • Changing MAC address & bypassing filtering.

  • Network mapping.

  • ARP Spoofing - redirect the flow of packets in a network.

  • DNS Spoofing - redirect requests from one website to another.

  • Spying on any client connected to the network - see usernames, passwords, visited urls ....etc.

  • Inject code in pages loaded by any computer connected to the same network.

  • Replace files on the fly as they get downloaded by any computer on the same network.

  • Detect ARP spoofing attacks.

  • Bypass HTTPS.

  • Create malware for Windows, OS X and Linux.

  • Create trojans for Windows, OS X and Linux.

  • Hack Windows, OS X and Linux using custom backdoor.

  • Bypass Anti-Virus programs.

  • Use fake login prompt to steal credentials.

  • Display fake updates.

  • Use own keylogger to spy on everything typed on a Windows & Linux.

  • Learn the basics of website hacking / penetration testing.

  • Discover subdomains.

  • Discover hidden files and directories in a website.

  • Run wordlist attacks to guess login information.

  • Discover and exploit XSS vulnerabilities.

  • Discover weaknesses in websites using own vulnerability scanner.

Programs you'll build in this course:

You'll learn all the above by implementing the following hacking programs

  • mac_changer - changes MAC Address to anything we want.

  • network_scanner - scans network and discovers the IP and MAC address of all connected clients.

  • arp_spoofer - runs an arp spoofing attack to redirect the flow of packets in the network allowing us to intercept data.

  • packet_sniffer - filters intercepted data and shows usernames, passwords, visited links ....etc

  • dns_spoofer - redirects DNS requests, eg: redirects requests to from one domain to another.

  • file_interceptor - replaces intercepted files with any file we want.

  • code_injector - injects code in intercepted HTML pages.

  • arpspoof_detector - detects ARP spoofing attacks.

  • execute_command payload - executes a system command on the computer it gets executed on.

  • execute_and_report payload - executes a system command and reports result via email.

  • download_and_execute payload - downloads a file and executes it on target system.

  • download_execute_and_report payload - downloads a file, executes it, and reports result by email.

  • reverse_backdoor - gives remote control over the system it gets executed on, allows us to

    • Access file system.

    • Execute system commands.

    • Download & upload files

  • keylogger - records key-strikes and sends them to us by email.

  • crawler - discovers hidden paths on a target website.

  • discover_subdomains - discovers subdomains on target website.

  • spider - maps the whole target website and discovers all files, directories and links.

  • guess_login - runs a wordlist attack to guess login information.

  • vulnerability_scanner - scans a target website for weaknesses and produces a report with all findings.

As you build the above you'll learn:

  • Setting up a penetration testing lab to practice hacking safely.

  • Installing Kali Linux and Windows as virtual machines inside ANY operating system.

  • Linux Basics.

  • Linux terminal basics.

  • How networks work.

  • How clients communicate in a network.

  • Address Resolution Protocol - ARP.

  • Network layers.

  • Domain Name System - DNS.

  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol - HTTP.

  • HTTPS.

  • How anti-virus programs work.

  • Sockets.

  • Connecting devices over TCP.

  • Transferring data over TCP.

  • How website work.

  • GET & POST requests.

  • And more!

By the end of the course you're going to have programming skills to write any program even if it has nothing to do with hacking, but you'll learn programming by programming hacking tools!

With this course you'll get 24/7 support, so if you have any questions you can post them in the Q&A section and we'll respond to you within 15 hours.


  • This course is created for educational purposes only and all the attacks are launched in my own lab or against devices that I have permission to test.

  • This course is totally a product of Zaid Sabih & zSecurity, no other organisation is associated with it or a certification exam. Although, you will receive a Course Completion Certification from Udemy, apart from that NO OTHER ORGANISATION IS INVOLVED.

Ultimate Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing (UEH)

Learn and Practice the Techniques of Hacking and Penetration Testing

Created by Naga Sai Nikhil - Computer Science Engineer and Infosec guy


Students: 66768, Price: $29.99

Students: 66768, Price:  Paid

This course is aimed at beginners who want to learn hacking and pentesting from basics

Also this course helps in Buffer overflows also goes in depth

After this course , you will have good understanding of how to approach a machine and you can develop your own methodology

Active Directory Fundamentals and Pentesting AD will be added soon

Intermediate Ethical Hacking Hands-on Training

Intermediate Ethical Hacking Hands-on Training, an intermediate hands-on course for learning ethical hacking.

Created by Prof. K - Technology Professional, Online Instructor


Students: 63298, Price: $19.99

Students: 63298, Price:  Paid

Alert -

Intermediate Ethical Hacking Hands-on Training is a continuation of Ethical Hacking - Hands-on Training Part I. Before taking this course, students should have completed an introduction to an ethical hacking or pentesting course. For best results, students should have completed Ethical Hacking - Hands-on Training Part I before signing up for the intermediate course. 

Intermediate Ethical Hacking Hands-on Training picks up where Part I leaves off. In Part I, students were taught the fundamentals of pentesting while being introduced to some basic skills.

Intermediate Ethical Hacking Hands-On Training provides an intermediate level of white, grey, and black hat skills every cybersecurity professional needs to know.  Advanced reconnaissance techniques are taught using the NMap scripting engine and various hacking tools used by pentesters.

Sections include Web Application Attacks, Wireless Network Attacks, PowerShell Empire, Netcat, and Wireshark Fundamentals.

For the best experience in learning to be an ethical hacker or pentester, students should complete the instructor's complete series on ethical hacking, starting with Ethical Hacking Hands-On Training Part I and proceeding to this intermediate course.

The three Ethical Hacking Capture the Flag Courses are the capstone series where students apply and use all the techniques taught in the two Ethical hacking courses.

By the end of the course, you will have a deep understanding of external and internal network penetration testing, wireless penetration testing, and web application penetration testing. The lab exercises in the course are based on real-world application of Red Team best practices.

Applied Ethical Hacking and Rules of Engagement

Gain 40h Empirical Knowledge of Cyber Security, Penetration Testing, Python Hacking & Build up a SIEM with Elastic Stack

Created by Seyed Farshid Miri - Network and Cyber Security Expert


Students: 47281, Price: $19.99

Students: 47281, Price:  Paid

<<< Welcome to the most complete Ethical Hacking and Threat Hunting course available online, where both topics in offensive security, as well as defensive security, are professionally covered. This course includes two crash courses about Linux and Python as well.>>>

The following seven pillars constitute the foundation of this life-changing course:

1- Ethical Hacking
Learn how to think and act like a hacker and work with various techniques and tools to achieve this goal. As an ethical hacker at the end of this course, you will be able to help your customers mitigate various attack vectors and their corresponding details practically based on various security standards and best practices. Also, you will learn how to execute various ethical hacking phases as Reconnaissance, Scanning, Gaining Access, Maintaining Access, Clearing Tracks, and others.

2- Penetration Testing
Learn how to hack easy to hard real-world simulated virtual machines on HackTheBox Live Hacking! using unique exploits, tactics, and techniques. Learn the art of intrusion with these CTFs (Capture the Flags) which will help you in the future on every real work project.
Also work on pentest methods in web, network, vulnerability assessment workflows, and “Defense in Depth” best practices which will help you hack like black-hat hackers, defend or secure them like security experts and harden your corporate environment against malicious actors.

3- Red-Teaming techniques and tactics

Learn beginner to advanced pentesting techniques. Learn how to think and act like threat actors to stop them at various phases of the attack life cycle.
MITRE ATT&CK Framework: reconnaissance, initial foothold, lateral movement, privilege escalation, command and control, active directory attacks, Linux, and mac os x malware and attack techniques.
Learn scripting languages for the Cobalt Strike Framework and other red-team engagement frameworks to perform development and operations on them.
Learn how to develop your C2 infrastructure to avoid detection by blue teams and SOCs during red team operations.

4- Elastic Stack Wazuh Manager (SIEM)
Learn how to set up a complete SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) using Elastic Stack (formerly ELK Stack) using Wazuh Manager. Also, learn how to ingest various log formats from different log sources such as Linux and Windows servers, Fortigate firewall appliances, and so on. You will learn how to activate different functionalities (capabilities) of the Wazuh manager such as vulnerability monitoring, File Integrity Monitoring, CIS Hardening Benchmark Monitoring, and much more. Also, you will learn how the underlying decoders and rules are programmed to detect an unlimited amount of security events across an enterprise network.

5- Threat Hunting (Blue-Teaming)
There is a complete section for threat hunting where you put what you've learned into work and run attacks such as Spawn Session and Process Injection, ShellShock, MSHTA, Brute-Force, Mimikatz, and so on from your Parrot OS and detect them with your SIEM tool that you've set up and completely configured during the course. During this section, you get familiar with how different IoC (Indication of Compromise) will appear in your SIEM tool.

6- Python Scripting for Security
Learn how to create scripts and programs to do what you want whenever you are required to, from small scripts that are needed during pentest to more sophisticated ones during Red Team Ops. there is a crash course about Python basics included in this course to promote you in this must-know language field.

7- Linux (Kali Linux and Parrot OS)
Linux runs the world, especially when it comes to the cybersecurity world. There is a crash course about Linux basics in this course. However, during this course and after many hours of exciting hands-on practices on the different offensive and defensive security methods you will become a Linux expert at the level of a cybersecurity expert. You will learn Kali Linux and Parrot OS as the main Linux distros used in this course.


Here is an overview of the main content of the course:

  • Sections 1 to 3 are for introduction and preparation. Here you set up your offensive lab and will learn the basics of Linux to get prepared for the ethical hacking sections. You will also install Kali Linux and Microsoft Visual Studio Code as your main IDE (Integrated development environment). Then you move on to create your vulnerable labs such as dvwa, bwapp, webgoat, and so on. Also, you will do your first capture-the-flag (CTF) and create your HTB (HackTheBox dot com) account if you haven't before.

  • You will start your professional white hat hacking training from sections 4 to 10. Here you will learn a broad range of hacking tools, attack vectors, technics, and procedures. They start from Reconnaissance, enumeration, vulnerability scanning to exploitation, post-exploitation, password cracking. You will continue with network attacks (wired and wireless), social engineering attacks, Web applications attacks (OWASP Top 10), and much more.

  • You'll take your second crash course in Python in section 11. Here you learn Python geared towards IT Security and Hacking purposes.

  • Now you have earned all the requirements, a professional hacker needs in the pentesting battlefield. In section 12, you get to know the interesting world of CTFs (Capture the Flags), especially on HackTheBox dot com and will hack 8 machines:
    3 Easy machines: BLUE, DEVEL, NETMON
    1 Hard: CONTROL
    By the end of this section, you are an ethical hacker who feels incredibly confident with penetration testing in different hacking scenarios.

  • Everything is standardized in modern times. Giving a break to practical hacking, in section 13 you will learn the must-know security standards such as MITRE, OWASP, PTES, OSSTMM and their terminologies as well as methodologies in the IT Security field.

  • We did everything up to here to be a great Red Teamer, here you learn how to use all that practical ethical hacking techniques along with MITRE ATT&CK Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures to conduct a comprehensive Red Teaming assessment on your customers. In section 14 you will learn how to work based on various MITRE TTPs with a powerful Red Teaming Framework. You will also learn how to customize your C2 to be like what you want and also learn how to do various operations with it.

  • More than half of today's APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) are experts on active directory attacks and you as an ethical hacker or Red Teamer should also know how to do that and report vulnerabilities to your customers. In section 15 you will learn how to configure AD, create a vulnerable AD lab and perform some of the most important attacks in this category. Having this category of attacks in a separated section is because of the importance and amount of common attacks by APTs on this module in the victim’s environment.

  • In section 16 we tried to cover every tactic, its corresponding technique, and also the procedures behind it standardized by MITRE ATT&CK all in one. We will study most of the operations done by threat actors and APTs. Their TTPs are covered line by line and in near future, with some updates, we are going to practice every technique after its explanations. Also, most of these TTPs are covered during the course without knowing what category of TTPs it is. It is really important to stick to MITRE ATT&CK and that’s why we put a small section on it.

  • Up to section 17, you finished your pythonic offensive security with all possible aspects. Now you are a professional and ethical hacker. From this section on, you start your defensive security journey, where the focus is mainly on defense against offensive technics and tactics you've learned up until here. In this section, you learn terminologies and methodologies such as "Defense in Depth" on the defensive side, where the SIEM tool is in the center of attention.

  • In section 18 you start building up your fully customized Linux-based and 100% open source SIEM tool using Elastic-Stack and Wazuh Manager (The Open Source Security Platform). In this section, you set up Wazuh Manager Server, Open Distro for Elasticsearch, Filebeat, and Kibana.

  • Then in section 19, you move on to endpoints such as Windows and Linux Servers, Windows 10, and Fortigate firewall appliance, to integrate these different log sources into your ELK-Stack SIEM server. Also, you will learn how you can roll out authenticated Wazuh agents on a network of Windows machines using Domain GPOs in an automated form.

  • Section 20 covers index management in Elasticsearch where the life cycle of the indexes will be managed. In this lecture, you will learn how to manage your accumulated alerts in your Elastic Stack to improve your server disks and storage.

  • In section 21 you will extend your configured SIEM with its capabilities such as File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), Linux Syscalls monitoring, Enterprise continuous vulnerability monitoring, CIS Hardening Benchmarks (SCA), Windows Defender, and Sysinternals Sysmon Eventchannel.

  • How one can create new alerts out of ingested logs in Wazuh Manager is the topic of section 22. In this section, you will learn how decoders and rules are constructed behind the scenes and how you can create your own custom decoders and rules for your own requirements.

  • And finally, you will finish this course with hunting IoCs (threat hunting) in your fully customized SIEM. In section 23, you will run some of the attacks you have learned during the course such as Mimikatz, HTA, Brute Force, etc. from your Cobalt Strike on your Parrot OS against your endpoints (Wazuh agents) and you will examine generated alerts for these specific security events.



  • This course is created for educational purposes only, all the attacks are launched in our own lab or against online Lab systems that are legally permitted to run tests against them.

  • This course is totally a product of the two instructors of this course and no other organization is associated with it. Although, you will receive a Course Completion Certification from Udemy, apart from that NO OTHER ORGANISATION IS INVOLVED.

Practical Ethical Hacking for Beginners

Learn practical skills for ethical hacking & penetration testing with this comprehensive course, no experience necessary

Created by Experts with David Bombal - Experts helping you become an expert.


Students: 43556, Price: $19.99

Students: 43556, Price:  Paid

This course is for anyone interested in becoming an ethical hacker, no matter your current skill level. The curriculum is designed for absolute beginners interested in a career as a security professional, beginning with the absolute basics of penetration testing, and progressing to advanced topics and techniques. Get started today in your Ethical Hacking career.

The goal of ethical hacking is to find security vulnerabilities in an organization’s digital systems and networks. The best way to test the security of this infrastructure is to attempt to break in through penetration testing techniques. The increasing amount of high-profile cyber incidents continues to emphasize the need for individuals with these skills, with job demand projected to continue at an exponential rate.

The techniques shown here leverage free tools which are explained throughout the course, including instructions for creating your own home lab for practice and study. One of the primary tools you will become familiar with is Kali Linux, which is a Debian-based Linux distribution aimed at penetration testing and security auditing.

This course explores the following topics and more:

-  Networking Basics

-  Creating a Virtual Lab

-  Kali Linux Tools for Penetration Testing

-  Linux Basics

-  Python Basics

-  Penetration Testing Methodology

-  Legal Considerations

-  Report Writing

-  Passive and Active Reconnaissance

-  Scanning and Enumeration

-  Reverse and Bind Shell

-  Automated Payloads and Exploitation

-  Brute Force Attacks

-  Credential Stuffing

-  Password Spraying

-  Tips for Maintaining Access and Covering Tracks

-  Web Server Vulnerabilities

- Wifi Hacking

The RedTeam Blueprint – A Unique Guide To Ethical Hacking

Learn what it really takes to be an Ethical Hacker for Silicon Valley Companies. The TRUE Blueprint to Ethical Hacking.

Created by Brandon Dennis - Silicon Valley Hacker and Lead Instructor @ RedTeam Nation


Students: 38245, Price: $19.99

Students: 38245, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the FIRST complete guide to Ethical Hacking! A lot of other Ethical Hacking or Security courses will just teach you how to hack or attack target systems. Learning just this aspect of Ethical Hacking WILL NOT GET YOU THE JOB IN THE REAL WORLD! The RedTeam Blueprint was designed and developed by Silicon Valley Hackers to actually land you the hacking job or penetration testing!

The reason the course was designed in this unique way is due to the real world Ethical Hacking Experience at Silicon Valley Company's by Brandon Dennis. With countless years of hiring Ethical Hackers, building out Security/Ethical Hacking Teams and developing new attack techniques Brandon is uniquely qualified to provide a full top to bottom course on what it REALLY takes to get into the field of Ethical Hacking.

After completing this course you will have not only a solid understanding of Ethical Hacking but also how Teams work at Enterprise Scale, working with Executives and smashing the Interview. This course has 8+ hours of hands on training as well as a realistically usable portfolio you can bring to job interviews.

Information Security is an ever growing field and with new jobs opening everyday but not enough professionals to fill them is creating a massive demand. With the RedTeam Blueprint you will be able to fill this gap! As a RedTeam Nation Student you will have the skills required to not only go into Ethical Hacking but into any field of Information Security available!

We teach not only the ethical hacking skills required but also the other 50%! Below are just some of the subjects you will learn.

  • Building out a Red Team at Enterprise Silicon Valley Scale

  • Skills to manage the Red Team as well as internal programs that can chance how the organization works

  • Networking

  • Windows Operating System

  • Linux Operating System

  • Operating System Internals (Memory, Stack, Heap, Kernels)

  • Programming (Assembly & Python)

  • Passive & Active Reconnaissance

  • Attack and Create Active Directory Infrastructure

  • Custom Exploitation

  • Post Exploitation

  • Breaking Jail Shells

  • Abusing a Compromise to Lead to large scale attacks

  • Password Cracking

  • Build out a sophisticated in home lab

  • Building a Personal Security Brand

  • Building a Portfolio

  • Job Hunting the Silicon Valley Way

  • Smashing the Job Interview

These are only SOME of the topics covered in this course. Of course you will receive 24 hour support via Q/A of the course as well as access to our Private Student Only Facebook Group with access to the instructors.

Don't wait! Take your career to the next level with the RedTeam Blueprint. 

Hacking in Practice: Intensive Ethical Hacking MEGA Course

2021 Edition! Practical Ethical Hacking Techniques. The most intensive ethical hacking course. Over 27+ HOURS OF VIDEO.

Created by IT Security Academy - IT Security Certified Professional


Students: 32541, Price: $149.99

Students: 32541, Price:  Paid


Ethical Hacking in Practice: Intensive Ethical Hacking MEGA Course - get ready for 2021!

Practical ethical hacking techniques. This is one of the best and the most intensive ethical hacking courses on-line. 27+ HOURS

BONUS: Finishing this ethical hacking course, you will get a free voucher for ISA CISS Examination!

This EXTENDED version contains over 239+ detailed lectures and over 27+ HOURS of VIDEO training. It's one of the most comprehensive ITsec and ethical hacking courses on Udemy.

Before we begin: the practical use of the course you are going to see has been proven by thousands of people all over the world. People who make their first steps in computer / network security and professionals: network administrators, programmers, pentesters, black- and white hat hackers. Please, read carefully what we’d like to share with you.

IT Security Academy (ISA) is a company that associates ITsec Professionals. Now we are proud to share our knowledge online. Certified experts (CISS, MCSE:MS, CISSP) have created courses from Beginner to Advanced level. Our goal is to provide the highest quality materials you’ve ever seen online and prepare you not only for certification exams, but also teach you practical skills. You’re welcome to join us and start your training now.

About the ethical hacking training

Network and IT security is no joke. In a matter of minutes cyber criminals can access protected networks, view encrypted files, accounts, and even steal identities. This course is designed to introduce these concepts and the real-world tactics that hackers use, so that you can protect yourself and your network.

This course is ideal for everyone, regardless of their skills and expertise. The arrangement and presentation of learning resources will let both novices and more advanced students broaden their knowledge of IT security, ethical hacking and penetration testing.

Warning: While this comprehensive hacking training includes step-by-step instructions for advanced hacking techniques, it is designed to help you prevent an attack. We do not recommend using these techniques to infiltrate networks or IT systems without permission and consent.

Become CISS – Certified IT Security Specialist by covering the following topics:

  • Security and Hacking Myths Debunked

  • Beginner to Advanced IT Security

  • Microsoft Windows Threats and WiFi Weaknesses

  • Current Black-Hat Threats and Trends

  • Designing More Secure Networks

  • Encrypted Data, Identify Spoofing, and Windows Authorization

  • IT Security Academy Exam Preparation

Boost Network Security and Identify Weaknesses

Ethical hackers identify network security threats to prevent criminal hacking attempts. The best way to do this, is to understand how cyber criminals evaluate and test your network for vulnerabilities.

Contents and Overview

This course is designed for anyone seeking a career in IT security / Ethical Hacking, as well as programmers and technology enthusiasts who want to develop hacking and prevention skills. A basic understanding of IT and infrastructure is recommended but not required.

With 239 lectures and over 23+ hours of content, you will start with the basics of hacking / IT security and progress to the advanced curriculum in a matter of days.

Foundations of Hacking and Pentesting Android Apps

Learn how to hack Android apps, and find vulnerabilties

Created by Scott Cosentino - Software Developer


Students: 28452, Price: Free

Students: 28452, Price:  Free

Are you looking to learn how to hack and pentest Android applications? If so, you have come to the right place! This set of videos outlines the basic foundations of Android hacking and pentesting. By the end of this course, you will have an understanding of how to setup a test environment, how to decompile apks, how to detect common types of vulnerabilities, and how to use Drozer. This course is great for anyone looking to learn more about Computer Security, and Android application hacking.

I am an experienced security researcher who specializes in Android-based security. My goal in this course is to demonstrate some of the well known Android security flaws, to allow you to detect and patch them in your own applications, and any others you may be testing.

Hacking For Beginners

Perform your first hack in the next 2 hours!

Created by Hackers Academy - Online Ethical Hacking Tutorials -


Students: 25840, Price: $94.99

Students: 25840, Price:  Paid

VERY IMPORTANT: This course provides access to Hackers Academy labs. You will be required to create an account on Hackers Academy website.

Short, concise and straight to the point. This is how this course will guide to into your first hack in two hours!

You want to learn hacking but you don't know where to start? Then this is the course for you. Hacking for beginners course requires zero experience, zero programming knowledge and zero Linux knowledge. 

We start with the assumption that you know nothing about hacking, networks or the web. And step by step we will build up your knowledge so you can perform you first hack in two hours!

Zero Programming

We know how frustrating programming can be for beginners. And this why you will need zero programming to complete this course. As a matter of fact, you’ll be hacking into your first target with out reading or writing a single line of code!

Zero Networking

Networking is essential for you to become a hacker. Having said that we designed this course with the expectation that you have zero knowledge of networking. You’ll be surprised what you’ll be able to learn by the end of this course though!

Zero Linux

We would be lying if we said you don’t need to learn Linux to become a hacker. We would also be lying if we said you can’t hack without knowing Linux. This is why we will get you started assuming you have zero Linux knowledge.

NOTE: this course is for students with ZERO knowledge about hacking. If you already have experience in ethical hacking, then we invite you to take our other more advanced courses.


This is literally the first course that I've stuck with on Udemy. I really appreciate your work. I am learning a lot more than I thought I would as the topics are dealt with in a curiosity-bringing way. I am also taking detailed notes and am documenting all my solutions for the missions needed for future reference. Again, I really appreciate your ability to teach and explain, as every teacher can't provide clarity as you do. - VH ★★★★★


Thank-You for this awesome course, it was indeed very informative. To be very honest, the whole internet is full of knowledge but you guys put all that in an order where people like us can consume and understand easily, now this is what I call having a method to madness!! - MA ★★★★★


Make in-house Hacking & Pentesting lab

Build your "Hacking" lab on your own laptop / computer to improve your skills

Created by Atul Tiwari - Ethical hacker | Security Evangelist | Penetration Tester


Students: 24758, Price: Free

Students: 24758, Price:  Free

Why do you need a pentest lab ? Simple! If you aspire to be a pentester, or want to improve your skills, in-house pentest labs are one of the best way to practice! This course is for same that gives you hands on knowledge about Building your own virtual penetration testing labs on virtual machine for Penetration testing, Web application security analysis, Web app pen-testing, Network security.

It also gives you techniques for Firewall Evasion, IDS bypassing, WAF Evasion techniques.

It best suites for people who is keen to make testing with their own and only one computer. it doesn't require too much knowledge to set it up. 

Just you need to have understanding of computer and basic computing skills to start with. 

This course is highly focused towards practical from scratch to advanced level towards penetration testing on virtual machine.

This course is very helpful for newcomers in ethical hacking and penetration testing field.

In this course, you also get where to start penetration testing and ethical hacking knowledge.

Protecting yourself online,Advice from a professional hacker

Insider secrets from an Ethical Hacker

Created by Terry Cutler - Certified Ethical Hacker, Cyologist™, Cyber Security Expert


Students: 24176, Price: Free

Students: 24176, Price:  Free

As an Internet Safety expert and professional
hacker, I’ve been a witness to the good and dark side of the Internet. What is
a gateway to connect socially and to learn has also become a haven for cyberbullies
and predators intend on harming our children and taking advantage of our senior
citizens. Protecting families has become my passion. Now, I’m offering an
ongoing video series with up to date simple tips and tricks and “insider
secrets” for protecting families who are increasingly online.

My videos will show you the Internet’s dark side many of our children are
experiencing while online and connecting through social media sites. I’ll show
you how to Google yourself, search
out fake profiles, recognize changes in the behaviours of family members, how
to block objectionable material, create unbreakable passwords - encouraging us
all to assume a safety mindset toward the Internet. 

LEE’s Web Hacking (Cross Site Scripting , SQL Injection)

This course is designed for web hacking skills for only basic users

Created by KYOUNG SOO LEE - Instructor of IT-security & Game creator


Students: 23832, Price: Free

Students: 23832, Price:  Free

@ All Videos in this course have "ENGLISH-CAPTIONS" !!!! 

This course is very simple but has interesting content.

  • The most famous skills to attack the web server.

  • Even when you don't have a computer, Just watching it in the subway or bus then you can get the knowledge about interesting hacking skills.

  • Designed by the instructor who has the experience of the Institute about Hacking / Security for 20years.

  • It is designed like an E-Book.

Just for To make it easier to see on your smartphone or tablet.

  • As you know, If you don't know well about it, it would be a very mysterious and strange world.

  • However, you will find that hacking can happen in more common spots.

  • After taking my course, The idea that only great skill can stop hacking will change a little.

Protect Your Online Identity with Great Passwords

Learn how hackers steal your passwords and how to protect yourself from identity theft

Created by Ryan Foster - Teacher and Technologist


Students: 23560, Price: Free

Students: 23560, Price:  Free

Have you ever wondered how hackers break into accounts? Curious why they are interested in your accounts? Do you believe that uppercase letters and strange symbols make your password strong? Are you convinced that your passwords are invincible? Or are you worried that you might be at risk? 

Stop wondering! Take the class. You will learn the answers to all of these questions and much more, presented in a brief and interesting way. This is the cyber security training course that everyone needs, so sign up and start learning before you become a victim of identity theft!


  • This class covers password theft and account takeover. It does not cover credit card theft.
  • This class is not for hackers. You will not learn how to break into accounts.