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The Complete English Language Course Improve Spoken English

Master the English Language - Learn English Grammar English Conversation English Pronunciation Spoken English

Created by TJ Walker - BestSelling Personal Development & Habits Expert


Students: 99928, Price: $129.99

Students: 99928, Price:  Paid

This Udemy course gives you, the English language learner, a complete overview of English language and grammar.

This course will give you the ability to understand English better and the confidence to speak and write English more fluently.

This English language course is taught by two world-renowned communications trainers, TJ Walker and Derek Smith.

Message from Derek Smith:

My name is Derek, I’m a native Brit and qualified and experienced TEFL/TESOL trainer.

I have been teaching English to adults for over 10 years and look forward to using technology to reach a wider audience.

I have a neutral accent which is clear and easy to understand.

Downloadable PDFs for each lesson will form a valuable resource collection for you.

The course is not designed to be accessed in sequence but takes more of a pick and mix approach.

For example, if you need help with prepositions of place, simply go to the grammar section and look for the lesson on prepositions of place.

Or if you need help with present perfect continuous, go to the tenses and aspects part and check out the lesson on present perfect continuous.

Where there are differences between UK and US language usage, these are explained in the lesson.

I encourage you to ask questions if you feel that something has not been fully or clearly explained. You will get an answer and, if necessary, the course material will be updated. Depending on the answer, I will add a new lesson to the course.

Here is a brief summary of the course benefits for you:

  • Native speaker

  • Experienced and qualified teacher

  • Neutral and easy to understand accent

  • Lessons structured for easy access

  • Downloadable resources for each lesson

  • No bloated lessons to trick you or waste your time

  • Valid for UK and US English

  • Updates as required by the learners

  • Udemy 30-day refund policy

How many of your boxes did I tick?

This is the English language and grammar course you need. I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Message from TJ Walker

I have been teaching executives around the globe to deliver presentations in English for the last 30 years. Most people, even native English speakers, are insecure about their English language usage. You can become an accomplished speaker and communicator and know that you are using excellent English every time you speak.

Derek is one of the top English language instructors in the world and I am proud to be teaching this course with him. He has the English and European sensibility down perfectly. And I have been living in and working in the United States my entire life. When you put us together, it is a powerful combination designed to help you become a master at English language and communication.

Good luck and I hope to see you inside the course!

English Grammar Pro | Beginner to Advanced (A1-C1) Grammar

Complete grammar course to FINISH studying English grammar + improve conversation and pronunciation

Created by For Your English - English Language Teacher


Students: 21987, Price: $99.99

Students: 21987, Price:  Paid

Grammar is the easy part of learning English!

  • there are rules

  • practice by yourself

  • and practice at your own speed!

To make English grammar easy, I

  • add new videos you request!

  • focus on pronunciation

  • tell you when native speakers ignore the rules in spoken conversation!

Your goal is to FINISH studying grammar

Finish studying grammar so you can become fluent and confident in the English language!

(and master exams like IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, FCE or CAE)

ATTENTION: There is some adult language in the live lectures that might not be suitable for children,

as live lectures may include discussion of informal English slang and other expressions meant for adult learners.

English Speaking Course | Vocabulary, Grammar, Conversation

Complete English Speaking Course 2021: Unlock your best life by mastering the skill of English speaking and conversation

Created by Langpill - Learn English - English for Everyone


Students: 19153, Price: $89.99

Students: 19153, Price:  Paid

Learn how to have great English conversations. Develop a British or American accent.  Become fluent in everyday topics. Impress your friends and coworkers with your smooth English!

The world is using English more and more every day, but without strong English speaking skills, you will fall behind and not have access to your best life.

My complete English Speaking course is going to show you the exact skills and grammar you need to sound like a native English speaker and make you feel confident speaking English in any situation.

For much less than the price of one dinner out with the family, you're going to get over 15 hours of video lectures, access to our student discussion forum, and the ability to ask me, a college professor, any questions you may have as you progress through the course.

On top of all that, you get lifetime access and a 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee!

In this course you will learn:

  • Useful English vocabulary

  • Verbs and phrases to take your English to the next level

  • How to build a British or American accent

  • How to have an advanced, fluent conversation in many every day situations

  • How to build your own responses to important questions

  • Important grammar concepts

.... and much much more!

With over 20 topics, each topic includes:

  • All content recorded in both British and American accents

  • Full PDF with vocabulary, verbs, phrases, and conversation

  • Real-time conversations between Native English speakers

  • Question and Answer building practice

Once you complete this course, you will be able to speak English confidently with any native English speaker, you will have a clear British or American accent, and most importantly, you have made a better version of yourself!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my course. I know you're going to absolutely love it, and I can't wait to share my knowledge and experience with you on the inside!

Why wait any longer?

Click the "Buy Now" button, and join my course 100% risk-free now!

English Conversation – Improve Your English Speaking Skills

English Conversation For Everyone - Spoken English Course - Advanced English Speaking - Day to Day English Conversation

Created by Shervin House - Best-Selling Instructor


Students: 14285, Price: $89.99

Students: 14285, Price:  Paid

Hi , my name is Shervin House. I am a best-selling instructor, and in this course I will be teaching you how to improve your English speaking skills.

Are you interested in improving your English speaking skills? Do you want to learn how to pronounce like a native? Do you wish to learn how to use idioms, slangs, and contractions in your conversations? In this course, I help you do all of that and more, by showing you step by step how you can improve in every one of these aspects of your speaking.

  • Vaideki: "Very expressive. I really enjoyed practicing along. Worth my time, good tutor, Who is "On the ball". Actions speak louder than words, Said that will try things taught in my daily conversations whenever possible."

We first start the course by fixing common pronunciation errors in order to help you transform your accent to as close to the native speakers as possible. We will then focus on learning important transition words in order to better sustain a conversation by connecting sentences and ideas together. As well as this, we will go over important idioms and expressions that you must know and be able to use on a day to day basis. We will learn the differences between formal and informal speech, as well as the fundementals of street talk. And last but certainly not least, I will help you transform the way you speak in English, so that instead of translating your thoughts from another language to English, you start thinking and thereby speaking in English.

  • MT: "The pronunciation module is very helpful. I have a hard time pronouncing the th sound and I really improved a lot after taking this course. Moreover, I really enjoy the idioms module which was very entertaining."

By the end of this course, you will not only learn key fundamentals that will massively improve your conversation skills, but I will also share with you how to get in the habit of always learning and improving by paying attention to your surroundings. Once you master this skill, you will be able to constantly improve your English with little effort and in a completely organic way for years to come, which will enable you to make real progress going forward.

  • Usman: "Very informative and descriptive. Good for improving basic english abilities"

What can you expect from this course?

  • A complete guide for those who are struggling to have a conversation in English

  • All the fundamentals covered, material such as idioms, expressions, slangs, etc.

  • Most Common mistakes addressed, specifically in English pronunciation.

  • Training lessons and "Repeat After Me" practices included in the course in order to make learning and practicing as easy as possible

  • Tips & tricks regarding how to start thinking in English rather than translating from your first language

  • All questions answered within 24 hours

  • And of course... 30 day money back guarantee! (No questions asked)

Improve Your English With Conversations And Quizzes

Analyze interesting English conversations while exploring essential English vocabulary, idioms, and phrases

Created by Able Lingo - American Sign Language (ASL) Made Simple & Easy


Students: 13047, Price: $19.99

Students: 13047, Price:  Paid

IN THIS COURSE, we're going to have some fun as we use unique and amusing conversations to:

  • Explore important English vocabulary and phrases

  • Sharpen your English communication skills

  • Improve your English proficiency


  • English phrases

  • English vocabulary

  • English idioms

  • English conversation

  • Active English grammar


  1. Watch and analyze conversations using a target idiom

  2. Explore and explain phrases and vocabulary used in the conversations

  3. Use pictures and images to guarantee deep understanding

  4. Have LOTS of video quizzes where we review the correct and incorrect answers

  5. Have some fun improving your English


  • Boost your conversational proficiency

  • Improve your capacity to successfully use a common English idiom

  • Increase your overall vocabulary by learning alternative ways to say essential words and phrases

  • Increase your confidence and ability to communicate using the English language



Improve your English. Become more Valuable.


ESL English: Understand Real English Conversation, Beginning

Popular ESL listening course helps you understand English speakers--from the author of twenty English textbooks! ESL/EFL

Created by Nina Weinstein - Teacher Trainer, MA ESL, Author of Twenty English Textbooks


Students: 10857, Price: $29.99

Students: 10857, Price:  Paid

If you can't understand what someone says to you in English, you can't have a conversation because you won't know what to say.  This listening class is a must. 

Some may feel that listening comprehension isn't important. It's actually the most important English skill because it's the foundation of your English language ability. It's where excellent English skills begin.

"ESL English" is the "magic sauce" of English listening. In each lesson, you'll enjoy many practice exercises written by Nina Weinstein, the author of twenty English textbooks for major New York publishers, including her bestselling listening book, "Whaddaya Say". "ESL English" is for people who want to have the best English skills. Both the beginning level,"ESL English", and her intermediate listening course, "More ESL English", are in the Udemy for Business program.

Nina Weinstein teaches English to employees of some of the biggest companies in the world; Toyota, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, and others. "ESL English" has many of the lessons that she gives for those companies. Nina has a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics/Teaching English from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and she taught her listening program at Harvard University as a teaching fellow. "ESL English", "MORE ESL English", and "(How to get) Your Best English" are Steps 1, 2 and 3 of her popular English listening skills program.

"Easy, natural way to listen to native English speakers. I would absolutely recommend it. Before taking this English course, I went through many English courses, but none of them were as comprehensive as 'ESL English'. It takes you by the hand and teaches you the real secrets to understanding native English speakers. Easy to follow and entertaining. I would absolutely recommend it."  Salvatore Scaniglia

"Exactly what I wanted to learn! I couldn't recognize those English sounds before going through these lessons." Vadim Dzyuban

"This English course helps you a lot on your listening, 5-star recommended."  Sant Cheung

Your teacher will teach changes at the sentence level --sentence blending rules, and  you'll learn how to be more comfortable with the "rhythm" of natural English. You'll learn that there are two kinds of English -- written and spoken. You'll learn what real spoken English is and how to understand it.

After this course, you'll be able to understand English spoken at a natural speed much better. When you can understand the real spoken English around you, you can also improve your English conversation, grammar, vocabulary, and even pronunciation. If you can hear English words more correctly, you can say them correctly. Very important -- You'll get lots of practice exercises with many different English speakers from the real world in each lesson. This practice will help you to test and improve your hearing and understanding of real English speakers in real situations. 

Note:  There are three courses. "ESL English" is the beginning listening course. "MORE ESL English" and            "(How to get) Your Best English" are the intermediate and advanced levels. Please choose the right level for you. For the best results, take the whole listening program, but Nina suggests taking "ESL English" first.

Cải thiện nói tiếng Anh Mỹ   /   음성 미국 영어를 향상   /   話されているアメリカ英語を向上させる    /   Улучшите свой американский акцент   /   Meningkatkan berbicara bahasa Inggris Amerika   /   Melhorar a fala Inglês Americano   /   Mejorar el habla Inglés Americano   /   提高口语的美式英语   /   बात अमेरिकी अंग्रेजी में सुधार   /  تحسين محادثة اللغة الإنجليزية الامريكية








İngilizce, английский, Inglés, Inglês, Ingles, Anglais, Englisch, Inglese, Inggris, angleščina, Anh


English Language Pro | Spoken English Conversation + Culture

English language fluency with the most important English conversation topics, expressions, idioms and culture

Created by For Your English - English Language Teacher


Students: 10253, Price: $99.99

Students: 10253, Price:  Paid

Stop feeling like a different person in English...

With English Language Pro, be fluent and be you!

  • No time wasting, only the best English conversation skills, vocabulary and idioms

  • Do homework assignments by writing, video message or audio recording!

  • Live lectures to answer your questions in detail and give you more practice time

  • Fluency for any situation: business English and informal conversation

  • Skills for IELTS, TOEFL, FCE and CAE exam success!

  • Be comfortable in the English language

  • Understand American culture

  • And more...! 

Can't wait to see you in the course!

ATTENTION: There is some adult vocabulary in this course that might not be suitable for children,

as lectures include discussion of informal English idioms and other expressions meant for adult learners.

300+ Phrasal Verbs |Spoken English Vocabulary 4 Conversation

Phrasal verbs are vocabulary & you NEED them for English language conversation!

Created by For Your English - English Language Teacher


Students: 5156, Price: $54.99

Students: 5156, Price:  Paid

Enroll to become the master of English conversation you've always dreamed of!

Join now for:

  1. Video dictionary of the 300+ most important phrasal verbs in the English language

  2. New video each week!

  3. Phrasal verbs that are necessary to understand real conversations

  4. Fluent (C2) vocabulary you need to use in spoken English

  5. Formal vocabulary to speak with clients and colleagues at work, and with students and professors in the classroom

  6. Informal vocabulary to speak with clients and colleagues outside of work, and with students and professors outside of the classroom

ATTENTION: There is some adult vocabulary in this course that might not be suitable for children,

as lectures may include discussion of informal phrasal verbs and other expressions meant for adult learners.

English Made Simple: Idioms For Conversation

Learn common & useful ESL idioms to improve your conversational skills!

Created by Fred Williams - ESL Teacher and Founder of Mr Vocab


Students: 2214, Price: $24.99

Students: 2214, Price:  Paid

  • Learn English from a fully qualified ESL Teacher
  • Sound more natural during your English conversations
  • Discover English idioms with the help of real examples

Hi, my name's Fred and I'm a former advertising professional who now teaches English in Rome, Italy. I have developed over 12 educational courses on Udemy with over 20,000 satisfied students. I'm very excited to bring you this new course focusing on English conversational idioms! Let's begin:

Welcome to this fun and easy guide to popular conversational idioms used in the English language! 

This course contains short and simple lectures which provide real examples to help explain the meaning of each idiom. We learn idioms, because they can help us communicate more naturally with native (or mother tongue speakers).

I don't need to study idioms, ther most important part of a language is grammar!

Yes, you need to study grammar. You also need to practice writing, and speaking, and listening......etc. However, learning things such as idioms (or proverbs, phrasal verbs) help us develop our language skills to the next level. If you want to really enjoy the local culture of a country, it helps if you can speak in the same way as the local people.

Enjoy practicing your new skills!

This course provides you with an opportunity to practice your knowledge. You will find plenty of practice activities to help you grow confidence around using idioms.

Remember, learning a language should be fun and not stressful. I hope you enjoy the course, and I look forward to your feedback.


English For Beginners – Conversation, Pronunciation, Grammar

Communicate in English Immediately. Talk about yourself, your family, your routine, your job, likes and dislikes, etc...

Created by Mr. English - English Teacher


Students: 1294, Price: $49.99

Students: 1294, Price:  Paid

Welcome to The English For Beginners Course.

The main goal of the course is "Immediate Communication". This course is designed to help absolute beginners or false beginners improve their English skills. 

The main focus of the course is:

  • Grammar 

  • Vocabulary

  • Pronunciation

  • Conversation

After completing the course you will be able to interact with other English speakers in a simple and basic way. Talk about yourself, your family, your routine, your job, likes and dislikes, etc... 

Don't forget to leave a " Review" after you finish the course and improve your English!

Basic English Conversation: Become a Fluent Communicator

Super Learner Fluency Course (Topic: Friends)

Created by Michael Rost - Learn Communication Skills from Dr. Michael Rost


Students: 1178, Price: $19.99

Students: 1178, Price:  Paid

You probably already speak English pretty well, right?  

But maybe you're stuck?  Perhaps you want to become more fluent – to pass an interview test or perform better in school or in your job?

Well, you're in the right course!

The main goal of the Super Learner Fluency course is to introduce you successful communication strategies.  And the first strategy is: Open Up! 

The Super Learner Fluency Course is designed by renowned linguistics professor Dr. Michael Rost, from the University of Michigan.

For many years, Dr. Rost has studied successful language learners and he has identified the communication strategies and the learning habits that “Super Learners” use. In the Fluency Course, he will teach you those strategies and habits.

You too can become a Super Learner, in just 30 minutes a day! 

In each course we focus on one topic. This course is about friends.  We explore 5 questions:

  1. Do you have a lot of friends?

  2. How often do you meet your friends?

  3. Who is your best friend?

  4. When did you meet?

  5. Can you describe one of your friends in detail?

We'll listen to three interviews and discuss the communication strategies of the speakers.  Then we'll focus on language skills.  And you'll get the opportunity to test your own speaking performance.

Are you ready?

Welcome to the course.

Let’s get started!

English Conversation Launch: Upgrade Your English

Learn English conversation, speaking and listening skills and become more fluent learning from a native English teacher

Created by Anthony Kelleher - Bachelor of Arts TESOL - English Teacher at Sir English


Students: 1041, Price: $39.99

Students: 1041, Price:  Paid

English Conversation Launch is an English conversation course taught by me, Anthony, a native British English speaker. You will learn the target English words and expressions at a deep level, so that you can sound more native-like when you speak English in everyday conversations.

Start to speak with more creativity and variety by upgrading your English conversation ability!

This course includes:

· lectures explaining all the conversations we listen to

· speaking practice for every single word/expression

· listening practice for every single word/expression

· future updates - this course will continue to grow and grow

· PDF transcripts

· and MP3 downloads so that you can learn anywhere, any time.

Each section focuses on one conversation and 15 target words and phrases so that you can master each one and produce them accurately in your spoken English.

This course is extremely detailed, so you can fully master the target English.

If you want to speak English more clearly, if you want to sound more native-like, or if you simply want to take your English to a higher level, this course can help you achieve your goal of taking your English to the next level.

This course is also perfect for anyone taking an IELTS test, TOEFL test or TOEIC test.

I'm really excited to be able to help you improve your English today.

Conquer English Verb Tenses And Speak Better English Now ESL

Implement ALL English Verb Tenses into your English fluency: interactive writing & spontaneous conversation exercises

Created by Joshua - Professor Americano de Inglês - English Teacher, Udemy Instructor, Author


Students: 505, Price: $89.99

Students: 505, Price:  Paid

The main goal of this English course is to improve your English fluency by mastering all 12 verb tenses faster and easier than most students do by learning them one at a time, and most importantly to implement them into your fluency by yourself, naturally, with lots of interactive writing and spontaneous speaking exercises.

Is it possible to improve your fluency by yourself?

Yes, the fluency sections in this course help you do just that. These are interactive spontaneous speaking exercises based on short stories using only the verb tenses that were explained in the previous section.

First you read, listen to, and watch a video of a funny short story.

Second you speak and answer questions about the short story, spontaneously, using complete sentences.

Third, it’s your turn to write a short story using the verb tenses explained in the previous section.

These fluency sections work very well. Many of my students have had great results in their fluency using this system.

Do you need a college degree to understand the course content?

No. This course is very easy to follow.

A “simple is sophisticated” teaching style is used, which means it’s very user friendly.

This English verb tense course goes step-by-step and has lots of hands-on exercises so you can immediately put into practice what you’ve just learned.

Do you have to do all of the exercises?

No. The exercises are optional.

They are made specifically to reinforce to most important parts of the previous video, give you a chance to practice what you’ve just learned, and help you memorize.

If you have any questions during the course…

Just post your question(s) in the Q&A section. I always answer questions as soon as possible.

And Remember…

You have a 30-day money back guarantee from Udemy, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Start this course and improve your English fluency today!

Real Talk-Practice Listening with Real English Conversations

An upper intermediate American English listening, vocabulary and pronunciation course - Listen to real native speakers!

Created by Emma Daskam - Professional Teacher of English as a Second Language


Students: 359, Price: $89.99

Students: 359, Price:  Paid

Learn to understand native English speakers from the US by learning how they really talk! 

Have you tried all the apps and textbooks but still have problems with everyday conversations in English?

It's time to change your focus.

Do you feel "stuck" with your English? Maybe you've almost given up because...

  • You're overwhelmed with the amount of vocabulary (phrasal verbs, idioms, and expressions) you need to learn and don't know where to begin.

  • You feel like you translate in your head instead of thinking in English.

  • You don't feel comfortable speaking with English speakers and you often have to ask them to repeat themselves.

  • Despite all your efforts, your English isn't getting any better.

As a certified English teacher who specializes in teaching intermediate level students, I'm here to tell you that it's not your fault. You just need something real!

The way to quickly take your English from an intermediate to an advanced level is by consistently listening to real native speakers talking about common topics that are relevant to our lives.

You also need to take the vocabulary you hear from real people, study it, and learn to use it in context. No translations!

Think about it, how did you learn your native language?

You learned it naturally, from real people: without translating, without textbooks, without apps!

Introducing... Real Talk English!

An American English listening, vocabulary and pronunciation course based on audio interviews from REAL native speakers!

The perfect course for all adult intermediate English learners who want to build their confidence in understanding people from the United States.

You'll learn how to...

  • Understand a variety of different American English speakers when they talk about real-world situations.

    (So you can stop asking them to repeat themselves or pretending like you understood them when you actually didn't!)

  • Correctly use and remember 100s of new words, expressions, idioms, and phrasal verbs.

    (So your real personality can shine when you're having conversations in English.)

  • Expand your vocabulary on different topics by hearing new words in context.

    (Without translating words in your brain!)

  • Pronounce things more naturally when speaking in English.

    (So you can feel confident and understood.)

What's inside the Real Talk English course?

  • 32 short audio interviews of real people from the United States

  • 8 different topics

    Adventure, Animals, Annoying Things, Career and Work, Crime, Education, The Environment, Family

  • 32+ listening comprehension activities and quizzes

  • Vocabulary PDFs, quizzes, and games

  • Real Talk English video pronunciation guides

    Learn how Americans pronounce things by watching my video guides, listening to real people, and repeating after them.

  • Speaking and Writing practice activities to do on your own

  • Optional mini challenges at the end of each topic

  • PDF audio transcripts with each interview

  • BONUS: Understand Native Speakers video series

  • BONUS: 8 downloadable Real Talk English PDF workbooks!

Frequently Asked Questions

What English levels is this course for?

This course is best for anyone with an intermediate level of English whose goal is to achieve an advanced level.

What age group is this course for?

This is a course made for adults, so it's for anyone who's 18 or older.

How much time is required?

This is an 8-week course. (That's about 2 months of learning!) I recommend that you study one new topic weekly for the next 8 weeks. However, there's no time limit for this course; you'll get lifetime access. This way you can learn at your own pace and come back to study and review whenever you'd like, even after you complete the course!

Does this course teach grammar?

This is not a grammar course. This course is focused on listening, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Will this course help me with my speaking?

Yes! With this course, you will mainly improve your listening, vocabulary, and pronunciation skills. These three skills combined will help you to have awesome conversations with native English speakers! It also includes speaking practice questions in each unit.

Will I learn British or Australian English with this course?

No, this is an American English course.

English Conversation Course for Beginners: Speak with Me!

Basic English conversation. Practice speaking English in this beginner English langauge course with 200+ English phrases

Created by Master Student English - Online English Education


Students: 160, Price: $44.99

Students: 160, Price:  Paid

The only way to learn the English language is to speak it!

· Are you a beginner English language leaner?

· Is speaking English difficult?

If yes then "Speak with Me!" is right for you. The fastest way to start speaking English.

Welcome to Master Student English

In our 25 lesson course we give you 200+ examples of common English phrases and we practice practice practice. Lessons start easy but become more challenging later.

Lessons are taught by Teacher Eim and Teacher Mark in a fun way to help you to not be shy and to start speaking English!

  • English vocabulary in this course = BEGINNER

  • Sentence difficulty = BEGINNER

  • Focus is on English speaking skills / English conversation / English pronunciation / English fluency and tone -not so much English grammar.

Lessons are designed to be short but engaging. Watch every English language lesson over and over until you feel comfortable.

But even if you are at a higher English level, this course will help you to practice speaking English.

We want to learn English to speak to other people, so English conversation is the most important!

English, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean & Thai subtitles available.

***Please have a look through the course content to check that the level of English is right for you**

Course Structure:

Conversation Starter => Watch & Listen

Students watch and listen to a short English dialogue and learn how to ask questions and how to reply in English.

Speaking Time => Read & Speak

Students watch the same English dialogue. This time the student will need to read and speak what they see on the screen.

English Course Overview:

  • Section 1 & 2 ~ We cover the basics of English conversation ~ Introductions • Greetings • Asking about the day • Asking for information • Giving a compliment.

  • Section 3 & 4 ~ We learn how to ask for an opinion in English. This is a great way to start an English conversation!

  • Section 5 & 6 ~ Teaches you how to ask common English language questions and different ways to answer them.

  • Section 7 & 8 ~ Keep the English conversation going. Learn more about suggestions and the polite way to ask about life.

Sound more like a native and less than a textbook ^^

We look forward to speaking English with you in Lesson 1!

3-month English Conversation – Self Study Course

Learn to Quickly & Efficiently communicate in English by using our Natural Learning Methodology!

Created by Walter S. Ragland, Jr. - R.D.E.C.S. Training Specialist


Students: 138, Price: $89.99

Students: 138, Price:  Paid

Course Overview 

      Originally designed to teach Japanese high school and college level foreign exchange students functional English communication skills for traveling abroad; this 3 month English conversation course has since expanded to training of elite Japanese businessmen, global sales staff, company CEOs and executives, government employees and Japanese Self Defense Force Staff-  spanning a wide variety of global industries from Information Technology to Global Investment Banking and Fashion. 

  ***  Now Available on iTunes! ***
3-month English Conversation Self Study Course (iTunesでこのコースのiBookダウンロードする事が出来ます!iPhoneとiPadで何時でも、何処でも英会話自由に練習しましょう!)

この本は、もともと英会話の教材として作られており、超初心者が英語を話せるようになることを目的としています。またコミュニケーションのスキルも同時に教えていきます。 コミュニケーションスキルを向上させるため、英語学習中に多くの日本人が経験する根幹の問題をつきとめていきます。問題を見つけ、そこから解決策を学んでいきましょう

  How does it work? 

      This course is centered around the FRAME System of learning. Designed by the facilitator of this course, the FRAME system focuses on teaching students Rapid Development English Conversational Skills, while building their confidence and motivation for learning the language through a unique blend of English language study, science and psychology - which allows students to quickly identify and define their own major problems and weaknesses with utilizing the English language. 

  Course Materials & Structure 

      Course materials include lecture video presentations, reading, written and listening assignments, conversational role plays, quizzes, tests, and self evaluation / assessment exercises to keep students motivated and help them check their own progress. This course does NOT focus on things like large, complex vocabulary, difficult grammar and or the technical (academic) aspects of learning the English language. 

  This course is designed to get you speaking and communicating with native English speakers as quickly as possible, with as little "fluff" or confusion as possible! 

      The course structure will be based on 1 lecture per section followed by  either a reading, listening or written assignment to test the student`s  knowledge of what they have just studied and see how well they can apply  the tricks/ skills they have just learned. 

  How long will it take? 

      Although the course title is "3-month English Conversation", the principals and techniques that students will be learning during the course are actually designed to be applied immediately after each lesson. There is no time limit for this course, so feel free to learn at your own pace! 

      Unlike most English language schools or online training; the purpose of this course is NOT to keep you studying / taking English lessons forever. Our goal is to have you effectively `graduate` from English study entirely by teaching you simple techniques that will allow for you to develop your own English skills, however you may wish to do so. 

  Why you should take this course 

      Regardless of your background or what your mother tongue may be, if you have been studying English for more than one year and are still having trouble with general conversations, business meetings / situations, sales presentations or public speaking engagements; then you`ve come to the right place!
      We hope you enjoy this course and learn a lot from it through your studies! 

English Conversation Using UP Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verb Masterclass Series

Created by Jesse Sweed - Certified English Teacher, Entrepreneur


Students: 76, Price: $59.99

Students: 76, Price:  Paid

We're getting ready to take off; would you like to come? Join me as we explore phrasal verbs on a deeper level. Learn how to 'Use UP Phrasal Verbs More Fluently' and make these expressions yours.

In this course, I've gathered up some of the most commonly used phrasal verbs with the preposition 'up', and I present them in a way that's easy to remember and learn. I teach these phrasal verbs through real life examples, well-known film and song lines, and provide context to connect the language to. Learn the different meanings and ways we use real life English.

You will also get a 34-page PDF e-book where you can see the meanings and examples, as well as spaces for you to practice your own original sentences.There are spaces for you to take additional notes from the video lessons. There are two options of the e-book for you to choose. 

Option 1 - Contains pictures to help the more visual learner.

Option 2 - Contains no pictures if you want to save some printer ink.

Course includes:

  •  2 hours of presentation-style lectures
  • Dozens of phrasal verbs in different contexts
  • Over 100 expressions and examples
  • Full-color 34-page PDF e-workbook
  • Interactive model with error correction
  • Comprehensive Quizzes
  • Much more!

This course is as interactive and you want it to be. I invite you throughout the course to contact me if you have any questions and to share your examples so you can get feedback on your work. Contact info is in my bio and in the e-book.

How does that sound?

English Conversations – Speak American English Now

Learn and Improve your communication in English

Created by Joanne OBrien - Institute of American English Language Teacher


Students: 65, Price: $49.99

Students: 65, Price:  Paid

This course will teach you how to communicate and speak English better at work, school, in social settings, or while travelling for business or pleasure. Having good communication skills is critical for you to get a job, advance your career, improve your lifestyle and broaden your academic studies. The course will also help you to pass the TOEFL test. 

The course focuses on speaking and pronunciation and walks you through everyday conversations that you will need to know, such as introducing yourself, saying hello and thank you, asking for directions, asking for help, giving personal information, asking what people do for a living, ordering food at a restaurant and many other everyday conversations.

Included in this course are:

  • Lectures for formal and informal conversations so you know the difference when speaking with a friend versus speaking with a manager. 
  • Lectures that take you through everyday conversations and include speaking and text so you can easily follow along. 
  • Worksheets in most sections for you to practice with later on.
  • Innovative and interesting lectures and quizzes and instructor talking head videos
  • American expressions and slang so you understand what people mean

This course is taught by a native American speaker and when you are finished with the course you will be able to speak American English in a clear and confident manner. 

English Conversation Topics

How to speak English clearly

Created by Darya Belkina - English Conversation TEFL Instructor, E-Career Advising


Students: 48, Price: $49.99

Students: 48, Price:  Paid

Hello! My name is Darya and in my course you will learn how to:

1. Introduce yourself

2. Speak of your favourite pet

3. Speak about your favourite toy

4. Speak about your favourite book

5. Speak about your favourite shape

6. Speak on your favourite food

7. Speak on your favourite cosmetics brand

8. Learn Numbers 1 to 10

9. Learn Colours

10. Speak of you, your country, your city

11. Alphabet + colouring book

12. Alphabet to O

13. Alphabet to Z

14. Learn reading in English

15. Speak on your favourite game

In this course you will learn how to speak in English on various topics: food, your favourite book and others.

I have a lot of courses that can be very useful for you in your life and digital job search.

First of all, I am going to teach you English from A1 to C2 levels and you can get official certificate of course completion for each of those European standard levels of English knowledge.

Secondly, you can learn from the following Top-10 Courses of mine, even though I have more courses that can be useful for you:

1/ The Ultimate Course on Giving Childbirth - this course is suitable for both future parents and teenagers girls and boys alike. It’s a nice course in which you learn what happens to the body of a girl when she gets pregnant, why are parenting skills already during pregnancy are very important, in short videos. 

2/ Herbalife Nutrition: Become an Independent Partner - this course is designed to help you figure out what to eat and drink on a molecular level required by your body cells to remain healthy.

3/ Cosmetics Yves Rocher Brand - this course is a green course focused on amazing French brand of cosmetics that exists since 1959 and has planted 101 million trees on our planet. There are some amazing products that by ordering online you get with a very budget-friendly price as well as many presents you get as a gratitude for being a loyal online customer.

4/ Wordpress 101 - how to build your presence online: write a blog, start a website, promote your film.

5/ Your Ultimate Guide with Canva app - how to create invitations for events, resumes and your social media presence with this free mobile app. 

6/ Your Ultimate Guide on LinkedIn - how to create your profile, how to make your profile stand out, how to land digital jobs through LinkedIn referral.

7/ Your Ultimate Course on Filmmaking and Your Film Promotion: learn how to film, send your film to film festivals, get rewarded for great filming you do and then sell your film.

8/ Your Ultimate course on mastering personal finance - you will learn how to structure your finances and earn more with passive income, active income and upgrade your skills.

9/ Atlas Profilax C1 Cervical Vertebrae Course - this course is on your longevity, how your spine is structured and why you should fix your twisted or displaced atlas.

10/ Psychology of Relationships 101 Course - this course can help boys and girls alike to learn about communications, build a family and retain an interesting and fulfilling family life.

Welcome to my courses!

I wish you good luck and fun in learning new skills.

Your Darya

Native English Conversation Master Class (Italian Cuisine)

Gain Native English conversation skills while learning traditional, homemade Italian cooking skills and recipes!

Created by Reed Omohundro - CEO of


Students: 31, Price: $89.99

Students: 31, Price:  Paid

Welcome to our "Native English Conversation Master Class (Italian Cuisine)". We are Extreme English Teachers! What does that mean?

We push ourselves to the extreme by exploring new countries, languages, and cultures. We love rock climbing in desolate mountains while traveling from country to country. We have a strong thirst for learning from and teaching about our extreme adventures. We will share our unique lifestyle with you and we will get you to speak more fluent English by exploring the extreme. One of my favorite parts about this class is learning about traditional Italian cooking from a world-traveling professional Chef. We work to acquire new English skills by "learning without learning". We learn about traveling, moving our life abroad, and we learn to make traditional Italian cuisine while acquiring English as a second language.

This is a complete course designed specifically to help you be more confident and fluent while speaking with natives. Finally, a course aimed at helping you speak English while chasing your dream job, school, or travel destination. Not only do we give you all the knowledge and tools to be a fluent speaker but we ask that you complete an oral project where you can showcase your new skills and get real video feedback from a highly educated, and professionally certified English Teacher.

So buckle up, grab your coffee, and join us on this EXTREME ENGLISH journey! See you soon!