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Employment Law Compliance Made Easy

A comprehensive course for management to understand key employment law issues in the workplace.

Created by Mark Addington - Business Attorney


Students: 4182, Price: $19.99

Students: 4182, Price:  Paid

Learn the basics of employment law so you can legally hire, evaluate and manage employees as a manager, supervisor, small business owner, human resource specialist, or corporate executive. Learn the difference between an employee and independent contractor; the basic types of employee benefits; effective hiring, evaluation, and termination procedures; methods to resolve employment disputes in and out of court; discrimination and union laws; and workplace safety rules. You'll gain an inside view of the law with case examples, real situations, and prevention strategies that prepare you to effectively resolve workplace issues. You'll learn effective communication techniques, negotiation strategies, and the legal tests applied if you do go to court. This course is a must for anyone who is (or aspires to be) a supervisor, manager, or human resources professional.

How to Understand Your Workplace Rights to Get an Upper Hand

Learn about employment law through real life court examples so that you can safeguard your rights

Created by Heather DeVincent-Cook - Attorney and Legal Professor


Students: 66, Price: $29.99

Students: 66, Price:  Paid

Course Description

In this course you will learn about your rights in the US workplace, so you can protect yourself. Whether you are looking for a job, currently working, or your job has been terminated, you need to be aware of the law so you can determine if you have been treated fairly. You will also learn about potential liability including when you could be sued.

Learn about your basic rights to get the upper hand in the workplace in order to determine whether you should contact an attorney.

  • Recognize when Employers can Monitor Your Phone Calls
  • Learn if Your Computer Use is Private
  • Learn if You Should Be Paid Overtime
  • Recognize if You Could Be Sued
  • Learn What an Independent Contractor is

A Useful Workplace Guide for Employees

Understanding your basic rights in the workplace provides you with a very useful tool at your fingertips. Not all employers know the law and others may not follow it, so it is very important to have an understanding of what you and the employer can and cannot do.

There are many guides available for the employer but what about you, the worker? It is essential to have a basic understanding and this course will provide that.

Content and Overview This course is suitable for anyone in today's workplace. At the end of this course, you will be more knowledgeable about how you should be treated in the workplace. You will learn the various rights you may have as an employee. You will even learn whether the law considers you an employee or independent contractor. Each section ends with a quiz with real life scenarios, so that you can better understand how the law applies in the workplace.

Starting with privacy laws, this course will then cover types of discrimination, Wage and Hour laws, FMLA, termination, and potential liability.

The course is complete with examples of how you can determine if a certain law relates to a work situation. After applying the legal definitions, you will be able to understand your rights, and will receive a verifiable certificate of completion upon finishing the course.

Learn the Basics of Employment Law in UK 2021

Comprehensive Knowledge of The Basics of Employment Law UK, Employment Rules, Termination and more

Created by Alpha Academy - Certified Online Course Provider


Students: 27, Price: $19.99

Students: 27, Price:  Paid

Whether you are a newbie or a professional or wish to progress your career as a Commercial Litigation Lawyer, Employment Lawyer, Legal Counselor, Conflict Lawyer, and Property Lawyer, this Employment Law in UK 2021 course can be beneficial for you.

There is a lot to learn about employment law because the obligations and responsibilities are numerous, but this Learn the Basics of Employment Law in UK 2021 course will cover everything.

This course will teach and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of business law, UK employment law. You will learn how to deal with discrimination in the workplace. It also teaches how to develop good employee-employer relationships and how much positive impact on any company or organization. You will be able to maintain health and safety in the workplace.

The Basics of Employment Law in UK 2021 course will cover the following:

  • Basics of employment law, contracts and the legal recruitment process

  • Skills, knowledge and credentials to become a successful HR

  • Key concepts, strategies and techniques to successful recruitment

  • How to maintain diversity, equality and avoid discrimination in the workplace

  • How to handle and manage difficult situations and conversations

  • Legislation, policies and procedures surrounding absenteeism and sickness

  • Skills to deal with conflict and violence in the workplace

  • Maintaining health and safety in the workplace

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Why study Employment Law in UK 2021?

Employment Law serves as a regulator between an employee and a business. Complying with legislation ensures that individual staff members and their employers are fair in all aspects of their workplace and any hiring or dismissal processes. It also tackles discrimination, promoting equality in the workplace. In this case, comprehensive knowledge of employment law can help you to understand and act accordingly. Moreover, The median annual wage for employment lawyers is $126,930.

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