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Find the best online Embroidery Courses for you. The courses are sorted based on popularity and user ratings. We do not allow paid placements in any of our rankings. We also have a separate page listing only the Free Embroidery Courses.

Start a Streetwear Brand and sell clothing on Shopify

Simple steps to get the first batch of shirts for your brand and sell them online! Perfect T-shirt or Streetwear brand

Created by Ben Edmund - Founder at Cronk Studios


Students: 10697, Price: Free

Students: 10697, Price:  Free

This course is for anyone that wants to start a brand, or just get a really affordable batch of t-shrits printed. This course does not take two weeks! It only takes a few hours, but you will most likely have to wait a week or two for your shirts to be printed! In the meantime, you will learn how to design a shirt, source wholesale blanks, and get the best pricing on screen printing these shirts. You will also learn the best way to set up an online store, which only takes about 30 minutes! You will walk away from this course with a super high quality and fair priced batch of shirts on the way, some basic knowledge on how to work in Illustrator and Photoshop, and an online store that is all set up and ready to bring in sales! 

Jewelry Making, Embroidered Brooch and Pearl Earrings

Star Embroidered Brooch, Embroidered fashionable Earrings, Perfect Gift

Created by Margarita Petersone - Creative jewelry designer. Video tutorials and useful tips.


Students: 4805, Price: Free

Students: 4805, Price:  Free

Gift Ideas For your Friends and Loved ones! Create unique and exclusive gifts to surprise everyone. :) With the help of this tutorials you will be able to create shiny stars brooch and embroidered pearl earrings. Just use different materials and crystals and you will get different result every time! Use Q&A section if any questions. Join me in this exiting journey! You are always welcome to share your results with me and ask any questions.

Introduction to Freehand Machine Embroidery

Everything you need to know and do to start drawing with your sewing machine

Created by Meredith Woolnough - Visual Artist


Students: 1667, Price: Free

Students: 1667, Price:  Free

Freehand Machine Embroidery (also known as free-motion embroidery) is a simple but highly versatile way to draw with your sewing machine. It is simple, fun and can be highly addictive.

Have you ever wanted to try it? Here is your chance!

This course provides you with a basic introduction to the freehand machine embroidery technique. It will introduce you to the various tools and knowledge you will need to test the technique on your sewing machine, whatever type of machine that may be. The course includes 60 minutes of instructional videos and a BONUS 'Stitched garden' project to help you put your new embroidery skills into practice

Who should take this course:

  • Students who are completely new to machine embroidery

  • Students who are already familiar with machine embroidery but want to take it to the next level and move away from pre-programmed machine embroidery designs

  • Students who want to explore a completely new way to draw and create

After completing this course you should be able to:

  • Recognise the most efficient tools and materials to get started with Freehand Machine Embroidery

  • Set your sewing machine up for Freehand Machine Embroidery

  • Draw basic designs with Freehand Machine Embroidery

  • Unlock a new level of creative potential with your sewing machine

What you won’t find in the course:

This course only explores the basics of the freehand embroidery technique on woven fabric. It does not explore the use of the water-soluble material that Meredith uses to create her personal artworks. That (and much more) will be covered in the next online course; Sculptural Embroidery - Exploring freehand machine embroidery on water-soluble fabrics.

Learn how to create an Embird Sfumato Portrait Design

Digitize an embroidery design in Sfumato stitch with Embird. Embird Sfumato Tutorials, David Kruiper Portrait Study

Created by Philip Viljoen - Building Contractor, Author, Coach & Software Instructor


Students: 719, Price: $19.99

Students: 719, Price:  Paid

Up to Date as at: October 2015.

Embird Sfumato Tutorials

In this Course "Learn how to create an Embird Sfumato Portrait Study" we will create a Sfumato design for machine embroidery with Embird Embroidery Digitizing Software. Digitize an embroidery design in Sfumato stitch with Embird. Embird Sfumato Tutorials, David Kruiper Portrait Study

  • Embird Sfumato allows easy and fast creation of multicolored portraits, landscapes, still lives and other designs from photos.
  • Student imports photo into the background of the working area and then draws Sfumato objects on top of the photo.
  • Sfumato objects have vector boundaries that are automatically filled with stitches. Photo-realistic effect is achieved with variable density of the thread flow.
  • Objects are filled with stitches so that thread forms looser or heavier meanders to create shading effects while fabric shows through the stitches. In general, the loose meanders are used on low density areas.
  • Special controls and paramaters are available to tune density and colors of Sfumato object.
  • Additional features like openings, carvings and color mask can be applied to achieve required stitch layout and texture.
  • Each Sfumato object can have 1-5 shades of its 'basic color' or user-defined shades. Chosing proper number of separate objects and proper number of shades within each object allows to achieve various coloring effects.
  • We will use a photo of David Kruiper a well know Komani-San (Khalahari Bushman) which you can download in lecture 1 to play along on your pc

This course is for Embird Embroidery Digitizing Software Digitizers who has a fair to good knowledge of their Embird Embroidery Digitizing Software.

  • We will only focus on working with Embird Sfumato
  • how to apply parameters to get the best results from your design
  • we teaches the use of different color
  • the use of parameters inside Sfumato Stitch
  • How to achieve an end result that will be a joy to stitch

We have included our case study designs at the end of the course in 5 stitch formats.

The complete Course consist of over 130 minutes of video material broken down in 10 classes of 13 + minutes each to learn and apply to your Sfumato designs.

How to do stitching/how to make an embroidery design

How to do stitching/how to make an embroidery design step by step easy explained in detail

Created by Parshwika bhandari - Artist


Students: 668, Price: $34.99

Students: 668, Price:  Paid

How to do stitching/how to make an embroidery design

Hello guys, in this lesson /course you will learn how to make embroidery design step by step ,completely narrated by me easy to go along and also how to make basic stitches and everything about how to make an embroidery design

Along with we are giving you a free embroidery design ,you can download the PDF and can get free embroidery design which will going to help you in make a good embroidery design

Learn how to Price your Embroidery or Dressmaking crafts

Learn how to set up your Craft Business from Home. Charge for any service. We have Included Our Windows Software.

Created by Philip Viljoen - Building Contractor, Author, Coach & Software Instructor


Students: 594, Price: $89.99

Students: 594, Price:  Paid

Up to Date as at: January 2017.

The #1 problem in the Embroidery, Dressmaking and Crafts industry is Price. "How much should you charge for your work or service"

Stitching for Profit Started back in 1991 when my wife and business partner was still doing dressmaking as a full time career. The Price for Profit, Software was created and tuned over the last 20 years, to remove the emotions when getting to price your product or service.

The Price for Profit course is for all ladies and gents who is working from home, in the Crafts Industry mainly. We have also cover people working from home that have to charge customers a Charge-Out Rate for a product or service

Over the last 24 month it was refined and tested we have released 2 Windows based PC Software programs.

  • Stitch for Profit ( Craft Industry)
  • Enterprise for Profit ( Charge-Out Rate Industry)

Both these software is included in the course as downloadable Zip files.

Why should you take this Course?

Everybody is in business for profit, 90% of people in the Craft Industry don't know how to price, but more important, WHY they should charge $ X for and Item or service.

In this course you will learn what is involved in a profitable price for your business.


Section 1: Introduction

  • Introduction by Jacqui
  • The Work Book

Section 2: Principals of Price and Profit

  • Profit = Selling Price - Cost price
  • I want to make $10K Profit this year!
  • How to Eat and Elephant....

Section 3: What do you need to know?

  • Work-space and Equipment
  • Advertising your Service
  • Finance and Administration
  • Customer Relations
  • The Business Plan

Section 4: Price for Profit PC(Windows) Software

  • Windows based Software for Crafters
  • Installing your Software
  • How to setup your personal RATE.
  • Edit and Update the Settings of the Software
  • Customers
  • Reports and Cost Allocation
  • Setup Templates for Email and Invoice
  • Create a Dummy Invoice
  • Manages Products and Services

Section 5: Stitch for Profit for Dressmakers

  • Setting up your Dressmaking Services
  • Clothing Construction Price list
  • Basic Clothing Price list
  • My Sewing/Dressmaking and Embroidery Rules

Section 6: Stitch for Profit for Embroidery Business

  • Embroidery Job Card Sample

Section 7: Enterprise for Profit for Internet Marketers and Pay per Hour Services

  • Windows based Software for Pay per Hour Clients

Section 8: Summarize

  • Conclusion

What is the Biggest Factor that stand in you way of making your profit for the Year?

Never charge $1 less than the competition, only the customer wins.

Hand Embroidery: Blend Colors in Your Embroidery Piece

Learn how to paint with thread

Created by Floor Giebels - Needlepainting embroidery


Students: 67, Price: $24.99

Students: 67, Price:  Paid

In this course, you will learn how to paint with thread. In this project you will stitch along with me and see the entire process on how to blend colors in thread painting. You will need some experience for this class, but I encourage confident beginners to have a try.

An Ultimate Course of Auto Digitizing with Wilcom Embroidery

Learn Auto Digitizing for Embroidery by Ultimate Embroidery Digitizing Training with Wilcom Embroidery Studio

Created by Ghulam Rasool - Professional and Experienced IT Trainer


Students: 57, Price: $89.99

Students: 57, Price:  Paid

This is an ultimate course about Auto Digitizing which will take you from Zero level to the level of absolute expertise. We have included everything in this course which is applied in professional and competitive market. By completing this course you will just be able to digitize just with few clicks.

If you are interested in working as a freelancer while working as an embroidery designer or digitizer this course for you, we discussed each and every aspect of embroidery digitizing.  This is a complete package for beginners and existing users who are interested in learning professional auto digitizing by wilcom embroidery studio.

My Expertise

I have been working in this field for 15 years now. I have also been teaching embroidery digitizing for more then 10 years and thousands of students are working in this field after learning digitizing skills from us. We can assure you then 100% satisfaction in guaranteed with this course. We will keep improving our course but at this moment this is an ultimate complete course for students and are interested in learning professional Embroidery Auto Digitizing course.

Course Contents are :

Understanding Embroidery Terms

Defining Auto Digitizing and its uses

Explaining about Vector and raster Artwork for Embroidery Digitizing

Converting a rater graphics to Vector and then embroidery

Tracing an image to vector and embroidery

control points of Wilcom Embroidery Studio

Stitch types and their parameters

Stitch effects and their technicalities

Traveling and settings a design

working with Entry and Exit Points for embroidery Designs

Reshaping your embroidery motifs to get an outclass professional motif by Auto Digitizing.

Setting design for machine area

understanding machine areas for embroidery motifs

understanding file formats in wilcom embroidery studio

working with lettering and options

working with monogramming and parameters

Understanding about shaping and reshaping

finalizing a design

working on product visualization and settings

settings the design properties.

working with approval sheet and options

getting Hard-copy and soft-copy of the approval sheet

Converting an embroidery motif to high quality image

converting   an embroidery motif to Vector

Exporting to machine format for output.

and many more about embroidery Auto Digitizing.

we also explain about lettering and monogramming in the course, so after completing this course it will be very much possible to work professionally in the embroidery market.

You will definitely get this very professional course which will lead you toward ultimate success in the field of embroidery digitizing. we have already mentioned everything which will be very useful specially for freelancers in this field. 

Introduction to Tambour Embroidery


Created by Dordea Alexandrina - Artist


Students: 52, Price: $29.99

Students: 52, Price:  Paid

Tambour embroidery is an ancient technique used in clothing, accessories, furnishings and to bead haute couture garments.

" Introduction to tambour embroidery" is a foundation that covers the basics of this technique.

You will learn about materials needed to start, pattern transfer, how to work with beads and sequins, as well as how to finish your embroidery and attach it to the garment.

Meaning of tambour embroidery can be more than just decorating you can create unique art with it and express yourself through texture, colours and design.

DIY Lucky Brooch Clover (3D seed bead embroidery)

Detailed tutorial DIY 3D seed bead embroidery

Created by Kate Idoll - Handiwork master


Students: 31, Price: $19.99

Students: 31, Price:  Paid

You will see the complete process of creating a 3d item from the pattern to the finished work. All steps will be shown in great details, in close-up. The lesson is suitable for beginners without the experience of embroidery. The basic moments of working with seed beads will be shown separately. Experienced masters also can find interesting techniques and features in this lesson.

Jewelry making: Bead Embroidery Feather Earrings, Handmade

Course contains as well: Embroidered Pearl Earrings, Multicoloured Feather Tassels and Crystal-Feather Tassel Earrings.

Created by Margarita Petersone - Creative jewelry designer. Video tutorials and useful tips.


Students: 27, Price: $29.99

Students: 27, Price:  Paid

  This course is just right for you, if you are looking for new skills.It is good for beginners and for those Jewellery designers, who wants to add complementary skills to their portfolio.

  You will learn embroidery basics, how to match colours and different shapes of beads together as well as how to finish back side of embroidery. With this knowledges you can design your own embroidery for earrings, head bands, dresses or jackets! It is all about your imagination.

You will learn:

How to:

- Embroidery Basics

- Design your own earrings

- Embroider with crystals and seed beads

- Matching colours and shapes in your project

- Connecting together all parts to ready piece

- Finish back side of embroidery nicely and accurate

- Tips of how to finish your embroidery with no visible fabric anywhere.

- Course will be regularly updated with new tutorials, to give you even more ideas!

- My help and explanation if needed, I am always in contact with my students.

***You will get EXTRA 3 Tutorials straight away!***

- How to Create Pearl Embroidered Earrings

- How to Create  Multicoloured Feather Earrings

- How to create Evening Crystal - Feather Earrings for special occasion!

Let's create your own stylish earrings!

Beginning Modern Hand Embroidery: Make a Floral Hoop

Learn to Make a Floral Hoop

Created by Hilary Leslie - Illustrator and Embroidery Artist


Students: 25, Price: $19.99

Students: 25, Price:  Paid

Hello and welcome to my embroidery class!

My name is Hilary Leslie and I'm an illustrator and hand embroidery artist for HLeslie Design. I first discovered the world of embroidery after picking up some embroidery supplies at a yard sale and playing around with the needle and thread. Once I started to learn some basic stitch types, I was absolutely hooked with this medium and started to create my own patterns based on my drawings.

What is Embroidery? Embroidery is an ancient artform that involves decorating fabric and other materials using thread, beads, sequins, and even pearls. It’s a craft that requires patience and dedication, but I truly believe that anyone can learn! I love that this type of art exercises hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It is a craft that is travel-friendly, relaxing, and supported by a talented community of embroidery enthusiasts.

What Will I Learn in This Course? This course will outline the fundamentals of hand embroidery and you will learn how to create your own floral hoop alongside me. You can use the skills in this course to create your own decorative hoops which make great gifts, ornaments, and home décor.

What Can I Embroider in General?*hats*aprons*shirts*jean pockets*tote bags*tapestries*fabric for pillows*and much more!

Do I Need Supplies to Complete This Course?
Yes, but not too many! Embroidery is a craft that has relatively inexpensive tools. You can purchase a pack of needles for about $2.00, a hoop for $2.50-$5.00 and embroidery floss for $0.40-$0.60 per skein. Generally, the most expensive item you’ll buy as a regular embroiderer is the pattern itself (if you don’t create your own).

I normally purchase my embroidery supplies from one of the following places:

For patterns, kits, and other supplies from independent artists, you can use Etsy or a local craft store. DMC’s website has free downloadable patterns, and they also sell fabric and cotton embroidery floss.

To create the pattern I’ve created for this course, you’ll need:
*a 5” wooden embroidery hoop (or plastic, but I think wooden hoops hold the cloth better)
*a piece of cloth to fit your hoop (I use cotton in this course, but linen is also great)
*an embroidery needle (I use a DMC size 5 in this course)
*an air-erasable pen (to transfer your design onto the fabric)
*embroidery floss (for the light floral palette, use DMC colors 3839, 3813, 932, 158, 3770, 3727. For the dark floral palette, use DMC colors 932, 154, 3866, 3052, 3770, 3042) You can also choose your own colors!

How Are Lessons Presented in This Course?
Each lesson is presented in video format, so you will be able to pause, rewind, and watch as many times as you need while you're creating your hoop alongside me.

The class is split into three segments:
Preparing to Embroider
Stitching Your Hoop
Completing Your Hoop

The lectures are as follows:
Prepping Your Hoop
Transferring Your Design
Threading Your Needle and Tying a Knot
French Knot Stitch
Fastening Your Floss
Woven Wheel Stitch
Fishbone Stitch
Straight Stitch
Satin Stitch
Lazy Daisy Stitch
Woven Wheel Stitch (without a center)
Finishing Your Hoop
Displaying Your Hoop
Resources Provided

You will be able to download the resource I’ve provided which is a PDF containing the pattern you will create and a photo with labels of each stitch type. The pattern comes in three different sizes depending on which hoop you’d like to create in this class (I recommend using the largest pattern which is for a 5” hoop). You will also have this pattern to use in the future if you’d like to recreate this hoop.

Do You Provide Patterns Elsewhere?
Yes! I have dozens of patterns on my Etsy shop (HLeslieDesign) and also provide kits. Each pattern comes in multiple sizes, just like the one for this class. Patterns also come with a full 28-page guide with photo examples, tips, and descriptions. The stitches you learn in this course pertain to almost all of my patterns on Etsy.

Pattern Testimonials
“This pattern is fantastic. It is quite easy which meant I got to kick back and just relax and have fun. The seller proactively reached out to let me know that if I had questions, she was there to answer them. The pdf comes with a great booklet of a ton of stitches and great picture tutorials. I didn’t need it, but the pictures were so clear and instructions well written so it’s a great resource for me for the future. All in all, this was a blast to stitch and I loved it.”

“Pattern was clear and easy to use. Easily customizable. Would definitely buy again.”

“Great pattern. I love how it comes on 1 page with 3 different size options which is an amazing idea, and I was able to lay it out and visualize it with all the different hoop sizes I have. It also comes with a really nice stitch guide. This is well worth the price and I plan to purchase several other of Hilary’s beautiful patterns. I plan to stitch up several versions of this flower and will post the finished project upon completion. Stitching has been my obsession during the pandemic and I have bought lots of patterns. This pattern, how it is presented, and what is included, is on par with patterns that cost 2x or 3x the price.”

“Amazing design and so easy to follow instructions!”

“Just started working on this pattern for a friend’s nursery. It’s turning out beautifully so far! The pattern comes with a thorough guide on stitches and pictures to explain each stitch. Highly recommend!”

“Easy instructions. It’s nice to have options with the multiple sizes given.”

Why Should I Choose This Course?
When the pandemic hit, my day-to-day life changed drastically and I dove headfirst into embroidery and HLeslie Design fulltime. I’ve learned so much over the past year creating hoops, designing patterns, and providing clear resources for others. I now want to share as much of my embroidery knowledge as possible through video classes. I think watching embroidery in real time will help a lot of students learn that much more effectively and quickly.

I hope this course is both fun and informative for you!

Poetical Xmas Embroidery

Learn how to make your own Christmas ornaments with hand embroidery

Created by Karenmaria Margareth Dahliae - Embroidery artist and teacher


Students: 13, Price: $54.99

Students: 13, Price:  Paid

Ready for Xmas Embroidery?

  • Light up your home on cold winter nights with sparkling ornaments
  • Personalized small gift in an easy way
  • Create beautiful adornments for the christmas tree
  • Add holiday cheer to your home with decorative homemade embroidery ideas

Learn embroidery online step by step - stitch by stitch - and be ready for Christmas

For €55 you will learn to master:

* The basics of magnificent embroidery stitching through no less than 12 video lessons that will blow your mind.  

* Ornament details to end all bragging amongst your once friends but now fans - again with videos that will give you skills that lesser folk will deem impossible but magical.  

* And of course you will also get... The worksheets and how-to’s for each Xmas style - that will make it all but a game for you (still a mystery to your family). 

I’m going to help you all the way.