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Email Marketing Made Easy For Beginners

Learn The Basics of Creating Effective Email Marketing Campaigns That Make Your Business More Successful

Created by Ron Stefanski - College Professor, Marketer, and Internet Entrepreneur


Students: 38452, Price: Free

Email marketing is by far the most effective internet marketing method that you can use in an online business.  It doesn't matter if you sell products, services, or simply rely on advertising to make money from your website, email marketing will give you the greatest return on investment in all online business models.  

However, the only way you'll see success with email marketing is if you build effective campaigns, and that's what this cour covers the basics of.

Who should take this course?

This course is for internet marketers, bloggers, or small business owners who want to use email marketing to grow their business.  It doesn't matter if you've done email marketing in the past, or if you've never used a email marketing platform before, this course will help you understand everything you need to know.

This course covers:

  • Launching your first email campaign
  • Getting started with email marketing
  • The basics of an email marketing platform
  • Writing effective emails that inspire action
  • Growing your email list to increase revenue potential

What is this course about?

The core focus of this course is to help you understand the basics of email marketing.  The secondary focus is to get you to create your own effective email opt-in lead magnet.

What kind of materials are included in this course?

This course has two types of learning materials:

First. are videos that explain general concepts and use animations and call-outs to illustrate key concepts.

Second, are screen recording videos that show you me completing a task in real-time so that you can follow along.

There is also a nice exercise in the beginning with a worksheet to help you create an opt-in lead magnet for your own website.

Why take this course?

This course is completely free and helps you understand the basics of email marketing.  Email marketing is a HUGE part of online business and if you want to be successful, you need knowledge to make it happen.

MailChimp for Beginners (1 hour starter course)

Learn the basics of MailChimp and email marketing in under an hour

Created by Doug Dennison - Email marketing enthusiast.


Students: 22143, Price: Free

Email marketing, why care?

  1. Cost – Email marketing is CHEAP, there are no two ways about it. Whether you do it yourself, or through an email marketing agency, marketing to hundreds of consumers via email is going to cost you tiddlywinks compared to other channels of advertising.
  2. Success - Emails can be targeting specifically to the ideal consumer. With this concept in mind, along with email cost-effectiveness, it’s no wonder that email marketing’s ROI often blows other direct marketing strategies out of the water – The trick is that you have to get it right!
  3. Measurability and Flexibility – With the analytics available today it’s easy to track responses to your emails exactly, in order to work out what parts of your campaign are working and what parts aren’t. With this knowledge, you can then react instantly to modify your campaign strategy if need be.

Why MailChimp?

More than 12 million people and businesses use MailChimp to send 1 billion emails every day. MailChimp truly is the global leader in email marketing. With powerful features and an easy to use interface, MailChimp is your new best friend.

This course is designed to do two things:

This course is just under an hour from start to finish, and designed to give you a basic understanding of...

  1. How MailChimp works
  2. How to create effective email campaigns

This course is just under an hour from start to finish, and designed to give you a basic understanding.

Email Automations + Email Marketing Mastery with ConvertKit

Learn how to optimize your email marketing with ConvertKit! Setup Autoresponders, Drip Campaigns, Hyper-Segment & more!

Created by COURSE ENVY - COURSENVY - Amazon FBA, Facebook Ads, SMM Expert, Ad Agency


Students: 17168, Price: Free

If you want to be successful with Email Marketing you will LOVE this Udemy course! You will learn the principles and strategies that work for us and that we have used to build Email Marketing campaigns for over 500 businesses successfully! Join this course today to master ConvertKit and start to profit from building an email list!


Do you want to partake in a CONSTANTLY updated Email Marketing  course that teaches you everything required for successful marketing on ConvertKit from A to Z?!

    Three reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now! 

  1. You get lifetime access to lectures.

  2. You can ask me questions and see me respond to every single one of them thoughtfully!

  3. What you will learn in this course is original, tested, and very detailed!  Master the platform ConvertKit and learn the Email Marketing strategies I  implement for clients  daily! This  course will also layout how to optimize your email content and build automate email sequences to save you time and make money while you sleep! We love ConvertKit because it makes the most of your email  marketing time by making it easy/automated... so you can  get back to what you do best,  running your business!

In this course, you will learn Email Marketing from beginner level to advanced on ConvertKit! 

You will be able to build landing pages and sign up/opt in forms to grow your email lists and increase your potential customers. You will be able to create hyper segmented email capture lists for more effective, targeted email marketing in the future. You will be able to build and design professional email campaigns that drive higher conversions. You will be able to AUTO-RESPOND to new subscribers via SEQUENCES! You will also be able to analyze the proper data to make your next email even better! Join this course now to learn how to take your brand, product or service to the next level with the power of ConvertKit!



***NOTE*** ConvertKit is a paid monthly membership service. Feel free to watch the entire course, THEN decide if you want to buy their service or not. Thanks! 

Basics of Email Marketing

This is an introductory course on Email Marketing. It helps learners understand the basics of Email Marketing.

Created by SMstudy Certifications - Global Certification Body for Sales and Marketing


Students: 13616, Price: Free

E-mail marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses e-mail as the delivery medium for communicating a marketing message to a group of people. This course will help learners understand some key topics of Email Marketing such as the types of emails, the metrics to be tracked, and the various components and basic rules for creating a good email.

Email Marketing For Bloggers: Setting Up & Using ConvertKit

Start building your email list with ConvertKit

Created by John Shea - Owner of No Shame Income


Students: 12442, Price: Free

*Last Updated August 2018*

In this course I'm going to show you how to use a popular email marketing tool called Convertkit.

This is currently one of the most popular email marketing tools that hit the scene in 2015. It's one of my favorite email marketing tools.

In this course I'm going to walk you through:

  • Why Convertkit is a good email marketing option for bloggers

  • Features of Convertkit such as automations and sequences

  • Sending emails from Convertkit

  • Setting up automation rules

  • Importing email addresses

  • Setting up lead capture forms with Convertkit

  • Using Thrive Themes forms, funnels and matching them to a sequence in Convertkit

Why should you build an email list?

Email marketing is a powerful way to connect with your audience and keep them up to date on everything you are doing in your business. 

You can use email marketing for:

  • Building an audience

  • Promotional content such as products and services you sell

  • Surveys

  • And much more

ConvertKit 101: Lead Magnets and Landing Pages

Start your email marketing campaign with ConvertKit and grow your online business (no website required!)

Created by Krystal Emerson - Author


Students: 12287, Price: Free

Do you have an idea for a course, book, service/coaching package, or product? 

If so, you should be collecting email leads!


Growing an email list of people who are interested in what you are creating before you launch it is a great way to validate your idea and make sure that people are interested in the product you are creating. 

When I wrote my first book, I didn't have an email list, which means I didn't have anyone to promote the book to on launch day :( 

But, once I started growing an email list, my book sales picked up and continued grow! 

Many people, myself included, believe that you need a website in order to start growing an email list. But websites can be expensive and time consuming to create, especially if you are just getting started. 

Luckily, I found a way to create simple landing pages using ConvertKit that DON'T REQUIRE you to have a website in order to start growing your email list. 

That's exactly what I cover in this tutorial. 

In this tutorial I show you:

  • how to create an opt-in offer or "lead magnet" that is targeted at your ideal customer, 
  • how to upload and host your lead magnet, and 
  • how to create a high converting landing page using ConvertKit that delivers your lead magnet to your subscribers automatically as soon as they sign up. 

And we can do all of this BEFORE you even have your website set up. That means that you can start growing your list right now! 

The Complete MailChimp Email Marketing Course For Beginners

Learn How To Set-up Your First Email Funnel and Start Earning From Your Email List

Created by Robin Haney - Professional Freelance Web Developer and Instructor


Students: 11564, Price: Free

Welcome To The Complete MailChimp Email Marketing Course For Beginners!

My name is Robin Haney and I am a best selling instructor here at Udemy. I've taught over 60,000 students and I've excited to have the opportunity to work alongside with you.

This course was designed and made specifically for anyone who is completely new to ether MailChimp and Email Marketing in general.

In this course you will learn the following:

  • A Strong Understanding of MailChimp and Email Marketing
  • How To Create Your First MailChimp Account and Start Building Your Email List
  • How To Create a WordPress Website and Fully Integrate It With MailChimp
  • How To Create Sign-up Forms and Pop-forms
  • How To Create Your Very First Autoresponder Series
  • How to Re-purpose Content Online and Promote It To Your Email List
  • How To Find Affiliate Offers and Products To Promote
  • How To Make Income Passively By Promoting Affiliate Offers to Your Email List
  • How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Email List
  • How To Write Email That Sell

Plus More!

If you enroll today I will even give you my WordPress Basics course completely for FREE. It's included in the course curriculum!

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you in the course.


Robin Haney

Email Marketing Mastery Course [2020]

Learn Email Marketing in a new way as never seen before!

Created by Hasan Aboul Hasan - Digital Marketing & Tech Specialist - Founder of H-educate


Students: 9991, Price: Free

Email Marketing Mastery Course is a New Approach in Learning Email Marketing for Beginners & Advanced Users.

In this series, I will cover almost everything you need to know about email marketing and I will ensure that you will be a master in.

After you Finish This Course, you will be able to:

  1. Run your own successful email marketing campaigns.

  2. Teach Email Marketing

  3. Manage your Client's Email marketing campaigns

This Course is splitter into 2 Sections:

Section 1: Introduction to the course

Section 2: Learning Email Marketing

In Section 2 ( The Main Course ), I will cover the following:

  1. Introduction To Email Marketing.

  2. Email Marketing Systems.

  3. MailChimp Crash Course.

  4. Custom Email Marketing System.

  5. Lead Magnets.

  6. Creating the Best Optin Forms.

  7. Email Marketing Automation.

  8. Write The Perfect Subject line.

  9. Write the Perfect Email.

  10. Spam Factors.


You can check other students who know how much I am active in answering any question, So don't worry about anything you may feel unclear, I will be with you almost 24/7 to help you. (watch lecture 2 for more info)

My Promise to You

I'll be here for you in every step. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic or any other topic, you can always submit your questions. And I will be here with you to help.

I want to make this the best course in Email Marketing! So if there is any way I can improve this course, tell me, and I'll be happy to hear, and I will make it happen.

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1!

What are the requirements?

  • The Passion to learn.

  • Computer with an internet connection.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn What is Email Marketing.

  • Understand Different Types of Email Marketing Systems.

  • Learn How to work with Mailchimp.

  • Learn How to work with Mailwizz.

  • How to Build Email Lists with Lead Magnets and Optin Forms.

  • How to Automate Email Marketing.

  • Learn how to write the perfect email that converts.

  • Learn Spam Factors to get your emails in the inbox.

What is the target audience?

  • Email Marketers.

  • Digital Marketers.

  • Entrepreneurs.

  • Online Business Owners and Startups.

Good Luck!

Email Marketing without web site+COPY WRITING+HACKS & TRICKS

Pro Start Your Online Business Without Web Site , Learn Email Marketing , Copy Writing and Hacks + Tricks

Created by Weng Honn Kan - A combination of psychology + entrepreneur


Students: 9106, Price: Free


This is a mini course that show you how to sell your product/services without having a website.In this Email Marketing Without Web Site mini course you are going to learn below valuable information:

1) How to set up an effective Email Marketing system

2) How to use Get Response to start your email marketing

3) How does email marketing actually works and how to earn money using it

4) How to write effective copy writing email to promote and sell your products through email

5) Join my exclusive online business mastermind group

And So much more!!!!

How to set up an effective Email Marketing system

In this email marketing mini course , you get to learn how does actually an effective email marketing system should works .And this is the fundamental that a email marketers need to learn or master ,if they want to do well in email marketing. There are alot of different email marketing system out there that you can refer to , in this Email Marketing without Web Site course , i will share with you what works for most email marketers. Eventually , you will learn which email marketing system works best for you .

How to use Get Response to start your email marketing

I have been using get response email marketing for 9 months now , previously I have used others email marketing tools as well , however , there are either too complicated to use or just too expensive  .

Get response is just like others email marketing tools such as mailchimp or click funnel ,but get response is way more simple to use , cheaper  and most importantly it works the same like others email marketing tools .

Just like others email marketing tools , get response able to help you to create email marketing , auto funnel , landing page, marketing automation ,webinars and also other essential email marketing function .

Lets look at the price.

The Cheapest get response email marketing services start from $15 per month .I will highly recommend you to start with a basic account for now .As your email list grow , you can consider upgrade to plus account .

You need to register a free 30 days trial with get response now , as I am going to guide how to use get response to run and sell your products by using email marketing .

How does email marketing actually works and how to earn money using it

When talking about email marketing , a lot of gurus try to complicate things and make it so difficult for people like me , that do not have any IT background ,hard to understand , and worst is that we are scare to even start one.

One of the goal of this course is to teach you the easiest way to start email marketing ,and also thoroughly understand the process of email marketing without making it complicated like building a rocket.

So , in a simple term ,email marketing means ,you promote and sell your products through sending email . Yes It is just that simple , however , it sounds simple until you do it . Therefore , I encourage you to sign up a 30 days free get response email marketing account and follow my step by step guide in this course , and I can guarantee that you will have a successful email marketing system when you finish this course.

So , you need a system in order to make your email marketing a highly effective tools in generating revenue

Email marketing is a must for every business owner , no matter you are selling on shopify , doing dropshipping , affiliate marketing , basically every single online business , must use email marketing , as it is one of the most effective way of selling .

How to write effective copy writing email to promote and sell your products through email

I still remember that when I started to learn about online business , the very first thing that I learn is email marketing . At that time , I find it really hard to understand how does things works . There are just too many theory and different method in doing it

However , when I really get my hands on starting my very fist email marketing campaign , I realize that the fundamental of email marketing divided into 2 things.

And these are 2 very important thing about email marketing that you need to master in order to be successful in email marketing .



If you look at it , the art of making people subscribe to your email list is the very first step of building your client base, without client base , you wont be making any money .

So, once you have mastered the art of making people subscribe to your email list , the very next thing that you need to learn is the art of copy writing . You need to learn how to convince people to buy your product through email ,without them even seeing you in real life .

Copy writing can be define as making money by words . How well you can convince your audience through wordings email , dictate how good you are in email marketing .

Join my exclusive online business mastermind group

At the bonus session of this course , you will get to join my exclusive business mastermind group and also others great resources that able to help you in starting and running a successful online business.

What are you waiting for? Lets enroll in this Email Marketing Without website online course

Your #1 Fans


Email Marketing Tips, Strategies, and Automation Tricks 2019

A 2019 beginners guide to building your email list and how to build a long term profitable email marketing campaign

Created by Donald Schwartz - Email Marketing Course Director


Students: 9027, Price: Free

If you are prepared to take ACTION on your Email Marketing campaigns then read on .........

Starting an online business? starting in affiliate marketing? or starting a new blog?

Email marketing is by far the most effective way to promote your online business and an email list is your most valuable asset that you need to build a long term sustainable profitable online business.

The reason we created this FREE EMAIL MARKETING COURSE is to help connect beginners with the proper tools needed and a road map to successful email marketing. 

Before you dive in on the technical aspects of website building, autoresponders, and sales funnels there are a few key things that can make or break your email marketing success and in this course we highlight those key things to help you start with the right information and strategy!

This FREE EMAIL MARKETING COURSE was created for beginners and we provide the knowledge base that you need to study before you start applying email marketing in your business!

What makes this even better is that we wanted to provide this training 100% FREE because we want to make it easy to start your online business, your affiliate marketing, your new blog, or help local businesses with their email marketing business.

Take ACTION today start your email marketing campaigns!

To your success!

Email Marketing With Mailerlite

Learn how to use Mailerlite for your email marketing campaigns.

Created by Sorin Constantin - Online Entrepreneur And Marketer


Students: 8823, Price: Free

Email Marketing is still the NO.1 online marketing channel in terms of ROI if it's done right. We are talking about an average of 4400% ROI for businesses from all over the world. If you think about it, that is a HUGE ROI!

That only show that email marketing should still be a central piece of your marketing puzzle and that your resources and energy should go in that direction.

The problem is that many entrepreneurs don't have the time or knowledge to manage all the email marketing activites and tools necessary in order to run successful email marketing campaigns.

The truth is that is also hard and time consuming to find the right tools that will fit your email marketing needs. You need autoresponder services, designers or design tools for your newsletters, freelancers or special services for building landing pages and also specialists to help you with your follow up sequences and autoresponders.

All of these problems have a solution if you can find the right tool that integrates everything and it's also easy to use. 

The good news is that such a tool exists and it's called Mailerlite and you can use it for FREE if you want to!

So, what YOU will learn in this course:

  • How to setup a Mailerlite account for FREE
  • How to create your first email list or subscribers group
  • How to use Mailerlite to create webforms and landing pages for FREE
  • How to design and send powerful campaigns with Mailerlite
  • How to setup an automatic email marketing sequence for your business.

and many more...

  • Lifetime Access to all other updates!
  • Surprise Bonuses!
  • New Resources introduced in the course!
  • FULL Support through the discussion area of the course!
  • 30 Day Money Back GUARANTEE if you feel this course didn't help you at all and you can't apply anything...that is how dedicated we are to your success!

All of this in less than 2 hours (out of your busy schedule) of simple to follow lectures that YOU CAN APPLY from TODAY in YOUR BUSINESS!

Time to take action!

To Your Massive Online Success,

Sorin Constantin

GetResponse Email Marketing

The ultimate email marketing course with advanced lessons on sustainable marketing strategy.

Created by GetResponse Online Marketing Platform - 


Students: 8658, Price: Free

Are you wondering if there is still a place for email? Or where does it fit with other digital marketing channels and tools? In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Harness the power of email subscription.

  • Craft the perfect marketing message.

  • Build a list of engaged contacts.

  • Convert clicks into sales.

Find out how to build an email list, nurture relationships, and convert them to loyal customers with this GetResponse Email Marketing course. This training contains practical tips on list building, copy writing, email personalization, A/B testing, deliverability, and much more.

Meet our featured teachers:

Andrew Davis - a bestselling author and keynote speaker. Andrew teaches business leaders how to grow their businesses, transform their cities, and leave their legacy.

Jamie Turner - an internationally recognized author, speaker, and TV news contributor who has helped The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T, CNN, and other global brands tackle complex business problems.

Kath Pay is CEO of Holistic Email Marketing, a world-renowned speaker, author and trainer. She is an avid practitioner of the holistic approach for email marketing and loves achieving great results for her clients.

Anna Ward - Deliverability Director for GetResponse. She’s the frontman for all things email delivery – investigating and analyzing delivery trends, communicating deliverability concepts, and working with ISPs and partners in anti-abuse.

Justyna Bakker-Rakowska - Email Marketing and Communications Manager for GetResponse. Her goal is to provide hands-on email and marketing automation best practices, tips, and ideas to fellow GetResponse users.

Michael Leszczynski - Content Marketing Manager for GetResponse. His main mission is to provide valuable educational content for marketers – those just starting out as well as already rocking in the online world.

Email Marketing: Get started with Sendy and AWS SES

Save big on your email marketing costs by setting up your own platform

Created by ElliteDevs IN - Tech Educators


Students: 5799, Price: Free

We came across Sendy, a self-hosted newsletter application, while searching for an email marketing platform that’s affordable and is on-par, in terms of quality, with other premium ones available out there. We have been using it ever since, not only for our company but for our clients as well.

Since we work with a lot of startups and small businesses, we thought that they can really save big on their email marketing costs if they use Sendy. However, not much information was available (except for a few Sendy setup tutorials) on how to set it up and how to use it. That’s why we created this course.

Through this course you will be able to setup Sendy from scratch and learn how to use it and integrate it with your business. With this knowledge, you can even offer Sendy as a service to your clients or start your own email marketing home business.

To leverage the full power of Sendy, you can set it up on an Amazon EC2 instance and get approximately 62000 email sends free per month. You can do this with the full version of this course. The full version also covers Sendy in-depth via hands-on approach. To know more about the full version of this course, check our website.

You can see our efforts in createing this course as a testament to the value Sendy brings on table.

Here’s what Ben Ho, creator of Sendy, says about the full course:

“Looks like a very comprehensive course. I wish you great success with your course.”

Email Marketing: Ultimate Tutorial To Using Drip Marketing!

Learn How To Use Drip Email Marketing To Create Your Fully Optimised Email Marketing Operations!

Created by Kev Blackburn - Founder & Director at Systemise Fulfilment ⚙️


Students: 5689, Price: Free

This is the ULTIMATE Step By Step Starting Guide To Drip Email Marketing!

Drip Email Marketing is the ultimate service for building your email list and starting your email promotions.

It gives entrepreneurs and business owners the power to build email campaigns without having to spend a fortune on staff!

The BEST PART about this course is....

You will be able to do everything you need to get started with Drip Email Marketing.

It doesn’t matter if you're an advanced or beginner marketer, funnel builder, social media expert, entrepreneur or business owner, this course guaranteed to help you BE IN CONTACT WITH MORE CUSTOMERS!

I hope to see you on the inside!

To your massive success!


Salesforce Certified: Email Marketing

Pass your Salesforce Email Marketing Specialist Certification Exam! Learn SFMC Email Marketing & Automation Studio now.

Created by Fahmida Yasin - 5 Salesforce Certifications & CRM Marketing Professional


Students: 5098, Price: Free

Three reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now!

  1. You want to pass the Salesforce Email Marketing Specialist Exam and want access to credible Salesforce documentation and videos that are concisely organized according to the Exam Study Guide topics.  Ie. You're looking for an easily digest-able format so that you can focus your efforts on learning efficiently to prepare for the exam.
  2. You want an inside view of the Marketing Cloud, Email Studio, Automation Studio and Journey Builder interface and platforms!  Ie. Why guess on what things look like and how they flow? View a walk-through of the platform and have a visual learning experience to put you ahead of the game.
  3. Take a course designed by an instructor who has prepared her own study materials and passed the Salesforce Email Marketing Specialist exam in addition to having 2 other certifications in Admin and Platform Builder. 

This course is structured according to the Salesforce Email Marketing Specialist Exam Study Guide (with an Introduction and Taking the Exam/Conclusion lectures):

  • Email Marketing Best Practices
  • Email Message Design
  • Content Creation and Delivery
  • Marketing Automation
  • Subscriber and Data Management
  • Tracking and Reporting

Why get certified?

According to an IDC Study on the Salesforce Economy, Salesforce is expected to create 3.3 million new jobs by 2022!  That's in less than 5 years - WOW!  Make sure you're a part of it and have access to quality opportunities.

Email Marketing Complete Setup Course for Beginners

To find any links mentioned in course, check 'Resources' tab as seen at right side below video titles

Created by Abdullah Zahid - Professional independant marketer


Students: 2503, Price: Free

This Email Marketing Video Course will enable you to setup and understand step by step complete email marketing setup. And by end of this course, you will have your landing page ready collective peoples email in exchange for great value you giving to people(taught how do you get ready made items to give away).. Then your autoresponder email sequence will be setup and completed as on Day 1, Day2, Day 3, etc. As well , your affiliate setup will be done with Clickbank so you sell to your email list at Day 5 or Day 6 as auto emails setup to be sent to them. Also, you will know a lot ways of generating traffic to your email marketing campaign or landing pages. Both free and paid traffic strategies covered.

Email Marketing Essentials

Learn Email Marketing through our Email Marketing Essentials course in a few content-rich videos

Created by Denis Slota - Education on Building a Successful Online Business


Students: 2203, Price: Free

The Email Marketing Essentials video course was created to educate an individual who has the interest in learning how to send profitable emails.   The course videos are packed with email marketing essential information, from the basic definitions of email marketing terms to methods of profiting from your emails.

At the completion of just the first three lessons, you will have gained enough knowledge and understanding to recognize the basic email marketing terms; detailed information about opt-in pages and how to optimize them; and of course, what is a lead magnet, why is the lead magnet important, and some examples of lead magnets.

The remaining lessons deal with sending strategies for your emails.  The three Sending Strategies are:  The Basics, The Copy and the Subject Lines.

In the Basics lesson you will see an overall visual description of a basic email.  You will learn what the elements of the email are called, what their function is, what makes them unique and important, and what do they relate to (open rates, product you may be selling, when to send, clicks…).

In the Subject Line lesson, I will go over different types of subject lines and words you can use to get someone to open your email.

Finally, in the Copy lesson I will show you the difference between short copy and the long copy, what are the benefits of each, when to use each and why you could create a hybrid of the two.

[Sendinblue] Email Marketing Certification (part 1)

Sendinblue Academy: Free email marketing course

Created by Valerie Khalifeh - CRM & Academy Manager @ Sendinblue


Students: 1217, Price: Free

In Sendinblue's email marketing course, you will learn email marketing from the ground up. Upon completion of the certification, you'll have the knowledge to create an email marketing strategy that effectively builds lasting engagement and stronger relationships with your customers as you grow and scale your business!

Learn email marketing the way it should be done from our email marketing experts as they show you hands-on practical tips and give you insights from the latest market trends!

Get expert advice on

  • how to handle personalized contact management and segmentation.

  • how to optimize your campaign's performance.

  • how to growe your subscriber list with compelling signup forms.

This course is designed to give you the full view on how to become a successful email marketer! Give your career a boost by getting the email marketing certification!

Get certified as an email marketing expert!

Learn everything you need to know about email marketing – from email deliverability to GDPR.

After finishing this email marketing training certification, you will receive your personal expert certificate. You can add this to your CV or LinkedIn to show that you are an email marketing expert. This can help increase your career opportunities within your company as well, and prove that you know how to use email marketing successfully.

Learn how to use a professional email marketing tool with confidence, increase your market value, and actively contribute to the success of your company with your newly acquired knowledge. Success knows no boundaries. Continuing education with Sendinblue Academy can help you justify your next salary increase and give you more job security.

2021 Step By Step Email Marketing for Beginners

In these lectures you will learn the basics of email marketing. Where to start, What you need, and How to do it.

Created by Christopher Roth - Online Entrepreneur


Students: 806, Price: Free

This is a series of lectures for complete beginners to "Email Marketing". If you are wanting to start a business or you already have a business and want to start using email marketing then this is the information you have been looking for. We will take you through the basics step by step from start to finish. So don't worry ! You can do this !

This is what we will cover in this course:

  • List Building Terms - What does that mean ?

  • Optin Pages - What should they look like ?

  • Lead Magnets - What should I use for one ?

  • Sending strategies: The Basics - What are the 4 Elements to a marketing email ?

  • Sending strategies: The Copy - What should I write in my emails ?

  • Sending strategies: Subject Lines - What makes a Great subject line ?

This is a course for the complete beginner. The only thing you need to know is how to watch the videos and download the handy lecture notes.

We look forward to you starting this today. Do not delay the time is now ! We are doing everything online, work, school, shopping. Take advantage on this major shift in how we do things today.

Hurry and sign up now as we plan on charging for this lecture series in the near future.

Email Marketing Master Course

Write Effective Sales Copy and use my proven TEMPLATES to grow your business Instantly and get handson training

Created by Bizools Academy - 12+ Years in Ecommerce Strategies


Students: 788, Price: Free

You hear the phrase all the time. The money is in the list. Or the money is in the follow up.

But how do you grow an email list? How do you follow up?

Email marketing continues to be the backbone of online businesses. Studies from multiple online authorities continues to find sending emails as the one channel that generates the most profit…beating social media, year after year.

But you know this already.

After spending literally years, studying other successful marketers, learning copywriting, and customer psychology, I finally created a brand new system.

I will hold your hand and build this system with you. Email by email, sequence by sequence. I know how frustrating it is to sit in front of a blank screen with writers block, trying to come up with the perfect sentences to build relationships and sell your products. That’s why I have tested and perfected tons of templates that you can use.

Most entrepreneurs fail because they did not take the time to build a simple system to contact their potential customers. I’ll take a step further and really over deliver.     

You will learn about all the basics till advanced level , understand the key metrics used in email marketing and how to successfully send your email campaign to retain your customers.

Please do join this course and get valuable information what we researched in 15+ years.

See you in the course :)

Getting Started With Email Marketing

Learn Email Marketing In A Few Easy Steps

Created by Bram & Dawn Hughes - Teaching You How to Build A Successful Online Business


Students: 774, Price: Free

Getting started with email marketing was designed to teach someone step by step how to build a profitable email list. You'll learn how to build your list in any niche, create lead magnets, create high converting opt-in pages, and how to optimize your emails for maximum ROI.

This course is beginner-friendly and perfect for someone who has never built a list to get started the right way the first time.

While at the same time advanced enough that if you are already an email marketer but have not hit your full potential, this course is also for you.

Whether you want to build an email list for your products, agency, coaching program, or promote affiliate products, this course has something for everyone.

We start with the very basics of list building. But then we dive into more advanced topics like open rates, subject lines, and copywriting.

As any great email marketer will tell you, subject lines are an essential part of any good email because if your subject line doesn't hook your subscribers, they won't open your emails. If your emails are not getting opened, your email marketing days are DOA. In this course, we make sure that never happens.

And don't get me wrong, opens are the first significant step in being a successful email marketer, but then we want the almighty click because if nobody even sees your offers, you can't make any money. Our copywriting section will solve that problem by showing you how to write your emails so your subscribers won't be able to go without your products our services.

Email Marketing 101 – Beginner to Expert

How To Make Profits By Sending Simple Emails

Created by Johannes Korhonen - Full-Time Marketer


Students: 758, Price: Free

Email Marketing 101 course is for anyone who wants to start email marketing from scratch or optimize their current business with exact steps and strategies that are working right now.

You'll learn how to build your list, create lead magnets, create high-converting landing pages and how to optimize your sends for maximum ROI.

It's important to first build your list and then learn how to send profitable emails.

We teach the exact same strategies we're using every single day in our email marketing business.

This course is great for beginners who are just starting their journey into online marketing. We've even got a lesson called "learning the terms", which gives you the definitions of many of the words used in email marketing.

You will also benefit from this if you're already running an existing online business but want to expand your business and create long-lasting customers through email marketing.

Email marketing is applicable in all forms of internet marketing and sales.

You can use email marketing if you're an affiliate marketer and are promoting Clickbank offers.

You can use email marketing if you're selling your own online courses.

You can use email marketing if you're a coach or consultant.

You can use email marketing to sell your eCommerce products.

Email marketing is a simple way to turn cold leads into warm buyers that'll be customers for a life-time.

Give this course a review if after you've watched it and share how it has positively impacted your business.

Ultimate Email Marketing Mastery 2021 Freebies Include

Learn How To Build 6-7 Figure Lifestyle Using Affiliate Marketing With Email Marketing

Created by Serg Exclusive - Full Time 6 Figure Affiliate Marketer & Business Coach


Students: 696, Price: Free

Things to Expect in the Email Markerting Coaching

If you are new to the email marketing world this is for you, Within this email marketing training you will learn how ClickFunnels easy page editor functions, integrations with other third-party services, custom domains, creating your site, earn money using your list and so much more…

Email Marketing IS THE BEST

If you have ever wondered how to make the highest commission in autopilot in your business, then this course is for you!

So What is this Email Marketing about?

It isn’t important how long you have been coping with advertising. There is a probability you’ve heard of or encountered the expression of an email list. So, what is an email list? Why is it essential for your sales process?

An email list is basically a type of marketing strategy. The main goal of the system is to assist you on earn money on the daily with a repeating buyer.

It’s possible to think of email marketing is only use for big corporations to promote their products. The typical family email marketing is meant to prevent wasting or spilling valuable content. An email list can be designed to ensure that you get the most out of your resources. It also ensures that you cultivate the maximum amount of revenue possible.

So, what's the “next big thing?”

Email List.

Which, coincidentally, isn't a new concept. It's just digital marketing was so easy for so long we didn't have to work at it.

Now, the times they are a-changin'.

We have to do a better job marketing.

We have to actually have strategy, tactics, and skill.

The email list concept has been reborn because it dramatically increases customer lifetime value … allowing you to spend more on customer acquisition.

What you’ll learn

  • What is Email Marketing?

  • How to get a FREE Trial with an autoresponder

  • You will get a 180 Day Email Sequence To build a relationship for your email list

  • Setup A custom domain

  • Send your first email

  • How to Create Beautiful Funnels (Elements, Rows, and Sections Tutorial!)

  • Smtp Email setup

  • Email Integration setup

  • Join one of the best affiliate marketing programs MMO Niche

  • Secret tools used to create traffic

  • Already Done for you Funnels for Starters

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Computer or Laptop

  • Internet Connection

  • Basic computer knowledge.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to create an online business

  • Anyone looking to get leads for their existing business

  • Anyone looking to online business With or Without a product!

  • Anyone with something to sell online or offline

Understanding Email Marketing For Beginners

Understanding Email Marketing In A Few Easy Steps

Created by Nino Cusella - Teaching you how to Build a Successful Online Buisness


Students: 695, Price: Free

Understanding Email Marketing For Beginners was created to teach people how to send profitable emails along with the exact steps and current strategies that are working in our market today.  We will teach you how to grow your email list, create your own lead magnets, create professional high converting optin pages along with how to optimize your emails for a maximum return on your investment.

The course is broken down into three main sections which consist of build, send and profit.  We will teach you how to first build your list and then how to send profitable emails. We teach the exact strategies that we are using every single day in our email marketing business.  This course is beneficial for those people who are just starting their journey into online marketing.

The course will touch on the benefits of using an autoresponder to create and send follow up emails to people who have requested information through your landing page.  We touch on the importance of using an autoresponder to grow your list which will enable marketers to have additional future profit zones.

The course will teach the importance of these profit zones and how to effectively target your list with your opportunity to grow revenue for your online business.

Email Marketing strategy with GetResponse Email Marketing

Learn complete strategy making in order to implement Email Marketing strategy along with GetResponse Practical knowledge

Created by kunal Jha - Senior Digital Marketing Trainer


Students: 644, Price: Free

If you want to be successful with Email Marketing you will LOVE this Udemy course! You will learn the principles and strategies that work for us and that we have used to build Email Marketing campaigns for over 500 businesses successfully! Join this course today to master GetResponse and start to profit from building an email list!


Do you want to partake in a CONSTANTLY updated Email Marketing course that teaches you everything required for successful marketing on GetResponse from A to Z?!

Three reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now!

  1. You get lifetime access to lectures.

  2. You can ask me questions and see me respond to every single one of them thoughtfully!

  3. What you will learn in this course is original, tested, and very detailed! Master the platform GetResponse! and learn the Email Marketing strategies I implement for clients daily! This course will also layout how to optimize your email content, continue to build your email lists and then evaluate key metrics from the data GetResponse! provides. Make the most of your email marketing and make it easy, so you can get back to what you do best, running your business!

In this course, you will learn Email Marketing from beginner level to advanced on GetResponse!

You will be able to be able to build squeeze pages and sign up/opt in forms to grow your email lists and increase your potential customers. You will be able to create hyper segmented email capture lists for more effective, targeted email marketing in the future. You will be able to build and design professional email campaigns that drive higher conversions. You will be able to A/B split test emails and analyze the proper data to make your next email even better! Join this course now to learn how to take your brand, product or service to the next level with the power of Email Marketing!



Email Marketing

Learn The Basics From The Expert

Created by Antoine Airoldi - Consultant / Author / Speaker


Students: 504, Price: Free

Learn to convert your time to money through this unique program. This course is for entrepreneurs that want to make money from their email list. In this course you will learn the art of persuasion, how to be more creative, and how to differentiate yourself in the market. Click now to find out more!

Antoine Airoldi is a creative storyteller, coach, author, and Elite Speaker. He uses creative storytelling to generate more leads and sales for his clients. Furthermore, he is the author of Insights From Professionals and Revival. He is currently writing his first novel and Entrepreneurial Success Strategies to contribute to literacy on both sides of the spectrum: fiction and non-fiction. 

E-mail Marketing for Beginners

Boot Camp

Created by Louis Davis - More you know, the more you grow


Students: 491, Price: Free

First things first, when you want to start something new, you always have to begin with the basics and have a good point to embark on an adventure of mastering leads generation. The course  efficiently reveals important key aspects such as:

  • How to make money sending emails

  • How to optimize your lead capture page to generate more leads

  • How to make money with affiliate marketing by sending emails

  • how to create your lead magnet

  • List building

  • How to use auto responder

  • How to create more venture from email list

  • How to increase your open rate on email marketing

Email Marketing Training only pursues one goal: to show its students how to get the most out of email marketing. The lecturers are going to teach you not just the fundamentals, but also show you the ways to improve strategies and bring value to contacts’ inboxes. So, what does this course include?

  • lead magnets

  • Subject lines

  • optin pages

  • copywriting

Long story short, you will learn everything you may need to run successful email-marketing campaigns using the modern tools, automatization, and some tricks provided by highly regarded specialists in this field. This course is enough for absolute beginners to learn how to get started Email Marketing rather you're  just starting your email marketing business or just want to learn, whatever the reason this course will be perfect for you. So come on in and have a seat, I'm ready to teach.

SALESmanago: Email marketing panel

Learn good practices in planning and preparing email campaigns and how to prevent your messages landing in spam!

Created by SALESmanago CDP & Marketing Automation - Customer Data Platform


Students: 477, Price: Free

Lesson 3 introduces you to unique opportunities SALESmanago has to offer and how we have combined email marketing with marketing automation to reach customers with personalized content in real-time.

With the SALESmanago platform, you will get a much wider picture than just simple information on opened and clicked emails. After each mailing SALESmanago will start comprehensive tracking of the behavior of each contact on your website. Next, the system will inform you about each new visit and the specific interests of a particular contact from your database.  We consolidate complete knowledge about each prospect, the history of email messages sent, opened, and clicked but above all, it compiles data concerning visits to your website and contact’s scoring, which enables you to precisely addressing your product offer to the most valuable prospects.

Key benefits:

  • Choose from hundreds of ready to use templates,

  • Send emails individually at the best time to open and click,

  • Always reach your customers with the highest IP reputation and deliverability,

  • Measure results with advanced analytics,

  • Save time by setting automatic email campaigns & autoresponders,

  • Create a single message that will display different variants of content for a defined list of customer segments,

  • Use the contact data to address your customers directly by their names and create an atmosphere of familiarity around your mailings,

  • Automatically clean your database out of bad email addresses.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to use the potential of Marketing Automation to make your Email Marketing smarter and more efficient,

  • How to create unique & responsive emails without IT assistance by using the Drag & Drop wizard,

  • How to reach and engage your contacts through segmentation,

  • How to personalize content and achieve optimal delivery time for each individual contact,

  • How to interpret email marketing analytics to improve your strategy.

Become An Email Marketing Master

Learn Everything About Email Marketing

Created by Martim Pintão - Affilliate Marketer


Students: 461, Price: Free

This course will help you to master email marketing, from beginner to professional. You will learn the basics of it and even how to automate it. Email marketing is essencial to any online business as it can easily skyrocket your profits. This is the only course on email marketing you will need, there is no need to courses with 30 videos on this topic, the truth is that this type of market is easy and straightforward, everyone can do it and we will even show how you can automate it. Join today, get lifetime access and start profiting on your business! I'm sure you will love this course.

This course has 3 videos explaining everything you need to know about email marketing. The platform we will use is GetResponse so I recommend you to get an account. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me and I will reply each one of them. This course already helped so much people to start with email marketing outside udemy. The only thing that you would need is to understand english to understand this course but it's not even needed anymore because we will have captions in all languages!

Do yourself a favour and enroll now! You'll love it!

Cheers, Martim!

Basic Email Marketing For Beginners

Learn the basic skills to get started email marketing in a few easy steps.

Created by Troy Cooper - Teaching You How To Build A Successful Online Business


Students: 333, Price: Free

Basic Email Marketing For Beginners was designed to teach people looking to make, build and send profitable emails that convert.

The course is broken down into 3 main sections. They are Build, Send, and Profit.

We teach the exact steps, tips, and strategies that are working for the top influencers and we use in our business right now.

You will learn how to build your list, this is a skill overlooked by most marketers and that means money left on the table. Here you will learn how to build and nourish the email list.

Basic Email Marketing will teach the skills required to capture the attention of the subscriber and keep it. Keeping them engaged and responsive to your products and offers.

We have a lesson called Learning The Terms. It gives you the definition and use cases of common words used in the business of email marketing.

Create high converting opt-in pages, and how to optimize your sends for maximum ROI.

Opt-in page creation and set up is the first step to attaining your subscriber. This allows you to cultivate and nurture the relationship with your subscribers.

There is also a section on Lead Magnets and what that means and brings to your business.

These are a few of the basic steps everyone should learn and possess to become a successful email marketer.