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Macroeconomics for Business Students

CFA level 1 Economics Course Outcome Alignment

Created by Jamil Chaya, PhD, CFA - Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance


Students: 3082, Price: Free

This macroeconomics course is designed for business students and CFA level 1 candidates. This course is designed to cover a semester's worth of material in one course. Topics covered include the Keynesian Cross, IS-LM model, Aggregate Demand and Supply models, Economic Growth, Business Cycles, and select topics within Monetary and Fiscal policies.

Decision Making Techniques |Pricing|Costing|ACCA|CIMA|F5|

Study with award winning and rank holder faculties.

Created by ACCA Classes - Team, ACCAClasses


Students: 2721, Price: Free

In this course, we will be talking about: 

  • Basics of cost, volume, profit and sales and different formulas to calculate production volume for break even, target profit, etc.

  • Understanding and plotting cost, profit, sales on graphs based on production volume and identifying break even, margin of safety, etc

  • Solving production problems with limiting factor through linear equations and graphical approaches.

  • How different factors affect price and demand.

  • Sensitivity of relationship between price and demand, using the demand equation and MR MC approach to calculate profit maximization level of output.

  • Different pricing strategies and their application.

  • Understanding characteristics of relevant costs and how to calculate relevant cost of material and labour.

  • Quantitative analysis of further processing decisions and shutdown decisions.

  • Different decision rules for different risk appetites under different conditions.

  • Decision trees, rollback analysis and how to calculate value of perfect and imperfect information.

World’s Best Intro to Credit!

Anyone can have a great credit score, this is how.

Created by Rod Griffin - Director of Public Education at Experian


Students: 683, Price: Free

Experian, the world's leader in financial data and credit education, teaches you how credit really works, so you can have a great credit score for the rest of your life. You might think you know about credit, but even seasoned professionals miss some of the myths we'll expose in this quick lesson.