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Introduction to Ear Training

- Notes Recognition -

Created by Ilse Lozoya - University Professor, Piano Teacher, Course Designer.


Students: 10473, Price: Free

¿Do you want to start developing your musical ear?

¿Do you want to train your ear learning to recognize the notes of our musical system?

¿Are a music student beginner that wants to know more about musical language?

 This course will help you to start understanding musical language by identifying the notes, because of these easy to follow exercises, this course is excellent for beginners.

This course is focused on training your ear on recognizing the notes C D E F G A B, which is the  C major scale. 

 This is not a course about music theory or writing the notes, so not previous knowledge is required.

This course is the introductory one in a series of course about ear training. 

 Join this course today and start training your musical ear from scratch.


Ilse Lozoya

Ear Training Starts Here – Identify The Notes

Develop your hearing to a professional musician level

Created by Gal Peiser - Music Producer


Students: 6204, Price: Free


Evreyone enjoys listening to music, but what about enjoy plus understand what you hear?

Ear Training Starts Here is a course that teach you the super importnat (and fun!) skill for evrey musican:


if you'r saying: sounds nice, but I have the hearing of a deaf person...

than I'm here to tell you that you also can hear and start recognize the notes!

It's NOT something you are born with.

It's NOT relate to Perfect Pitch.

IT'S A SKILL EVREYONE CAN LEARN (and should! espciecaly musicians).

This course will help you to start understand the musical language by identifying the notes.

The course contains lesons and easy to follow exercises, this course is excellent for beginners.

The course is focused on training your ears recognizing the notes C D E F G A B - those are the white keys of the piano (also known as the C major sclae).

This is not a course about music theory or writing the notes,

no previous knowledge is required.


**Photo by Kyle Smith

Equalization Deconstructed: Four Methods to Better Sound

Mix more effectively using parametric equalizers and high pass filters

Created by Neal Schmitt - 


Students: 5917, Price: Free

I built this course for beginner and intermediate audio engineers looking to refine their approach to equalization in the tracking or mixing process. With so many options, we will narrow our focus to semi-parametric, parametric and hi pass filters. In the course, I discuss four different methods to approach sculpting a sound but these are not the only ways to approach using EQ. 

An engineer can play the mix quite safe and make minute changes. Other times, to achieve the desired results require using every dB of a parameter. The methods discussed in this course can help create clarity in mixes, help the important sounds stand out and achieve an overall desirable tonal balance. Or they can be used to make the greatest noisiest wall of sound!