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Phantom & Mavic Filmschool Sample – intro to Litchi

Get a taste of what you can learn on the popular Phantom Filmschool courses on how to master your drone & get pro shots

Created by Laurence Seberini - Aerial videographer


Students: 22225, Price: Free

                                                                      **Compatible with all Mavic, Phantom 3/4 & Inspire models**                                                      


"Awesome, learned more watching this than all the videos I searched on youtube, and the instruction videos on DJI's website. Thanks a ton!!!!


Jan Froslev

"Its a excellent course, and best of all... Its free.. Yep.. 2 hour course, and its all free. I was amazed, and thought, yeah right! There must be some catch in it, prob. alot of commercials, but no advertising to my surprise. So 5 full earned stars from me. And its PRO all in"


Would you like to be able to shoot pro cinematic footage with your Phantom or Inspire drone? 

You can learn everything there is to know  about doing this on the Litchi app if you take the Phantom Filmschool courses.

There are 3 Phantom Filmschool courses each dealing with different aspects of aerial photography and videography.

 This is a sample course to give you an idea of what the Phantom Filmschool 1 course is like so you can see for yourself if you are keen to take the course and become a pro!

The Phantom Filmschool courses are designed in such a way to give you the fastest and easiest methods to master aerial photography and videography with your drone. 

FAA Drone Pilot Exam Course

Part 107 Certificate

Created by Jackson Smith - Certified Flight Instructor


Students: 2548, Price: Free

This course will prepare you for your FAA part 107 sUAS written test. The completion of this course and all associated content and quizzes will also gain you access to an FAA Certified Flight Instructor who can give you the endorsement you need  for the IACRA form after successfully passing the 107 written test. This is a great value as other places online will cost you 50 dollars or more.  

What you will learn

1. The 12 areas of knowledge required listed in the Airman Certification Standards

2. Basic understanding of Drones to help you become a better drone pilot

The real value of this course is that you get direct access to me an FAA Certified Flight Instructor. 

Farm Drone Sensor Showdown

Your Complete Guide to Crop Cameras for Drones

Created by Gregory Crutsinger - Commercial Drone Professional and PhD-level Plant Scientist


Students: 2093, Price: Free

We know that drones are powerful new tools for the agricultural market, but it can be difficult to navigate which cameras are the best ones for farm mapping.  The Farm Drone Sensor Showdown is your master guide to multispectral drone cameras.  These are specialized cameras that are purpose built for vegetation imagery.  They have special lens and filters specific to capturing the wavelengths of light that crop interact throughout the growing season. This class will get you up to speed quickly and educate you if you are interested in becoming a professional in drones for farming.

How To Create A Website To Sell Drone Photos

Discover how you can start profiting from your drone photos. Novice to pro friendly!

Created by Greg Gottfried - Online Entrepreneur


Students: 1775, Price: Free

Drone Photography Course Covering Everything You Need To Start Selling Your Drone Photos Online!

★★★★★ "That was just what I needed. Excited to get this started."


Learn Everything Step-By-Step To Ensure Your Success:

- How to easily create a website to sell your drone photos!

- How to automate the selling and delivery of the drone photos!

- How to set this up to be a passive income stream!

- How to add drone photos fast and easily!

- This course is about results! If you don't see them within 30 days you get your money back!

No more endless searching, this course is ready to go, you can take it anywhere, and watch it at your convenience in the privacy of your home or on the go!


This course is a small investment that will repay itself many times over.


Learn how to sell on drone photos on your own website!

Put in a few weeks of hard work setting your site up then sit back and watch your drone photos earn money!

You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

This course is seriously life changing, I hope you take this opportunity to learn it! You'll be walked through how veteran photographers make their money. Selling stock photos allows you to make money from anywhere and earn passive income long into the future.

This course is the best way to start selling stock drone photos online.

Learn from years of photography experience, all the Trade Secrets and Stock Photo Selling Tricks/Tips are included in this course.

Let me share my stock photo selling secrets with you.

Don't go on wondering "what would have happened if I did". You won't be disappointed, plus you get an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. What have you go to lose?


See What Everyone's Saying:

★★★★★ "That was just what I needed. Excited to get this started."

★★★★★ "...Well worth your time."

★★★★★ "Step by Step is a great way to teach...Good job!"

You'll also get:

✔ Lifetime Access to The Course

✔ Quick & Helpful Support in the Q&A Section

✔ Download & Print Ready Udemy Certificate of Completion 

✔ 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

Remember, this course is only available here on Udemy, you won't find it anywhere else. Take advantage of this special offer while it lasts.

There's a 30-day no-risk money back guarantee so say "yes" now, enroll today and decide later!

Minicrew: Giorgio’s Birdhouse and Drone

Print and assemble this fun activity that includes a Birdhouse and Drone. For parents and kids ages 6+

Created by Ben Faubion - Artist and Artful Kids Club Co-founder


Students: 1021, Price: Free

In this activity you'd learn coloring techniques with color pencil, and follow along as we assemble Giorgio's birdhouse and drone by cutting it out, folding, and then gluing. We'll also take time for a learning activity about Giorgio and his special creative skill that you can apply to your life. Make sure you have a printer, scissors, and glue to complete this activity! 

Beginners 360 Degree Photo Virtual Tours With Drones

Creating 360 Degree Virtual Tours from the Air? Most modern drones can help you capture 360 degree panoramic photos

Created by Richard L Charpentier - Website Developer and Professional Photographer


Students: 599, Price: Free

Just to let you know, this class is geared toward those just starting out with 360 degree virtual tours captured with drones.  The hope is to help aerial photographers come up with innovative ways to present their drone captures, and to start thinking about creating unique 360 virtual tours.  For those who are familiar with this topic this might be a little too basic for you.

This course is a high level overview of creating 360 degree virtual tours with drones.  Students will get to see a finished aerial virtual tour created with a Mavic 2 Pro, and Kuula (for online display). They will also learn about the steps required to create usable 360 degree images for their own tours.

Students should note, they do not need to use the same drone used in this class, but they do need a drone capable of automatic 360 degree photography.  Many of the newest DJI drones offer some type of 360 degree image capture, and for older models 3rd party applications can also help capture images for creating a 360 degree photo.  Students should look into their drone features prior to attempting to create 360 images.

Students will also see a basic flight setup with the Mavic 2 Pro, a flight with the drone, and image capturing for a 360 degree photo.

Image editing and post processing will not be major subjects in this course.  There are many 360 degree photo editing courses out there for students, so we won't spend much time on that part of virtual tour generation.  This class is more about introducing the concept of aerial virtual tours and what you'll need to start building your own.

When students finish this course they should have a basic understanding of the tools they'll need to share 360 degree virtual tours for fun, and for profit as well.