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Dream Interpretation for Beginners

Tap into the power of your subconscious mind for greater clarity, understanding and wisdom!

Created by Dave Lappin - Dream Interpretation, Soulmate and InDesign Expert


Students: 1138, Price: $19.99

Students: 1138, Price:  Paid

            Just give me 1 simple hour and I'll show you how to tap into the powers of your subconscious mind to conquer your fears and solve your most perplexing problems. 

            Now, in the privacy of your own home, you will learn what's hidden deep within your subconscious mind; secrets that even you are not aware of. 

            Imagine waking up in the morning and immediately knowing what your mind is telling you to start your day and improve your life. 

            Great people all throughout history have used their dreams to guide them to success. Now you will learn the exact same techniques to build success in your life. 

            Since dream symbols mean different things to different people, you can't rely on simple dream interpretation web sites or dictionaries to tell you what your dreams mean.  You are different from every other person out there. Your dreams reflect your emotions, your experiences and your background. 

            Once you fully understand your dreams you will have the power to conquer your fears, control your emotions and learn the easy ways to really make a success of your life. 

            In my “Dream Interpretation for Beginners" Course I will show you how to understand what your mind is telling you using The Universal Language of Dreams. Once you learn this simple language, you really will be able to change your life. 

            This course will teach you… 

  • How to gain greater knowledge

  • The Universal Language of Dreams

  • The foolproof way to trust your intuition

  • The secret to building more confidence

  • A little known way to delete fear from your life

  • The easy way to fix your biggest problems

  • How to find out where your dreams are leading you

  • How dreams can help you make productive choices

  • The only 3 types of dreams you need to worry about

  • How to learn the answers to your toughest questions

  • How to tap into powers that can make you successful

  • The 2 Rules you must learn to interpret your dreams correctly

  • The simple way to change your thought patterns for a better life

  • Why a bloody dream is not a nightmare, but a clue to improving yourself

  • What common dream symbols mean and how they can literally change your life…

            …And so much more. 

            It's easy… takes less than an hour…  and it comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 

            So go ahead… you have nothing to lose. Click that “Take This Course" button now and watch the miraculous changes in your life. 

School of the Supernatural – Dream Interpretation

Ministry Training Institute. Learn how to walk in God's power everywhere you go, minister in God's power

Created by Tom Scarrella - Evangelistic Ministry


Students: 682, Price: $99.99

Students: 682, Price:  Paid

SCHOOL OF THE SUPERNATURAL - DREAM INTERPRETATION will prepare students for walking in all that God has for them. Students will learn how to minister with the Holy Spirit and become a radical believer who shows the love of Jesus to a hurting world by demonstrating His love through His power.

The training offered in this course is life changing, covering subjects such as Healing, Prophecy, Gifts of the Spirit, Dream Interpretation and Deliverance.

Upon completion of this course, students will be confident for supernatural ministry to anyone at anytime!

The School of the Supernatural portion of the school will train students to really step out of their fears and really minister in power in the strangest places, and rather than fear dictating when and where they can minister, they'll see how natural the supernatural can flow!

The Dream Interpretation part of the course will show students the power of nighttime parables and how God's been speaking to people globally constantly and how to understand how He's speaking in the nighttime.


• Healing Made Easy

• Supernatural Hunger

• The Word of Obvious

• Words of Knowledge and Wisdom

• Ministering to Family and Strangers

• How to Approach People

• Supernatural Mindsets

• 12 Most Common Dreams

• Dreams, Metaphors and Play on Words

• Dream Journaling


Jason Chin - is one of MTI's instructors from Redding, California. He has a strong ministry and loves training people in supernatural ministry. He teaches at the church and school of Bethel Church in Redding, CA. You can look up Jason's ministry at Love Says Go.

About this course:

  • Thousands of happy students
  • Comes with workbook and extra ebook
  • Multiple instructors that will bring great revelation of the word of God!
  • Full, free lifetime access
  • The bible training you need to make it in ministry
  • Each of our MTI course all come with 2 courses covered in great detail
  • We have over 30 years of full time ministry training
  • No bible school out there will train you with practical training like MTI
  • Comes with free consulting for bible training
  • We have organizations that we refer students who have graduated MTI to get both licensed and ordained
  • You can go through all of the MTI classes as quickly as your schedule allows and then allowing you in an accelerated time to get launched into your ministry!

Ministry Training Institute is a video school that gives you all the practical and revelation knowledge that is needed for you to get started in full time ministry or just getting to know the Lord Jesus in a greater light.

And of course we stand behind the 30 day money back guarantee! You'll be thrilled with how much you've grown spiritually in this easy to understand and easy to grasp course.

  • This course has over 200 students globally!

Dream Interpretation Made Simple: Symbols & Techniques

How to interpret your dreams like a pro! You won't need your dream dictionary anymore!

Created by Brandy Joy - Spiritual Teacher


Students: 229, Price: $24.99

Students: 229, Price:  Paid

At Last! Interpret Your Dreams Without a Dream Dictionary!

Introducing the First Comprehensive Dream Interpretation Video Course Online!

I Interpret a Dream in Less Than 5 Minutes. These Video Lessons Show You How I Do It…

This dream interpretation course includes:

  • 12 Short, fun video lessons with spiritual teacher, Brandy Price
  • 3 Easy Ways to Interpret Your Dreams
  • The Simple Dream Interpretation Process that Always Works
  • Real academic information and techniques from the classic dream interpreters
  • Academic theories behind dream symbols in easy-to-understand language
  • Video course on Numerology
  • Video course on Color Theory
  • Video Course on the characters that show up in your dreams
  • Spiritual gifts revealed in your dreams
  • The universal language of dreams, and much more!
  • A simple and efficient way to interpret your dreams quickly and effectively

You won't need that useless dream dictionary or to pay a spiritual advisor for your dream interpretations. There is nothing to read – it is all taught with images and your instructor presenting the material. There is nothing else out there that is like this – you can find parts of this information in academic courses on the subject and through classic books on the subject. This is a 100% unique content video series.

A Dream Interpretation Course You Will Love!

Exploring Dreams #1: Dream Work Facts & Cool Case Studies

Intro & Prep for Jungian Dream Interpretation & Dream Analysis: Discover Profound Insights for Understanding Dreams

Created by Ron Masa - Psychologist, Artist, Freelancer


Students: 167, Price: $59.99

Students: 167, Price:  Paid

Reviews: "This was one of the most interesting courses that I have done on the internet let alone Udemy!" (Peter F.)
       "This is by far the Best course I have taken on Udemy. Beautifully designed and wonderfully insightful." (Sanika S.)

     "Every understood dream is like a slight electric shock into higher consciousness" (Marie-Louise von Franz)

Discover amazing facts about the world of dreaming. This  is a fun, informative, and visually-entertaining class! See how dreams contribute to every aspect of culture, technology, arts, sports, music, film and more.

Dream experts, Ron Masa, Ph.D. and Debbie Hart guide you through case studies and dreamlike sequences with lush visuals to an appreciation of the riches available in your dreams. 

Everybody dreams, every night. Dreams carry valuable information from the unconscious mind but you need to learn the symbolic language of dreams to get their benefits. Dreams take us inward to where our problems can be addressed at the root and where hidden talents and potentials lie waiting within us.

Your instructors, Dr. Ron Masa and Debbie Hart, co-lead (group and individual) dream-work sessions by telephone and Zoom. Dr. Ron has retired from his psychotherapy practice in Clinical Dream Work and the I Ching. He shares intriguing case studies and discoveries from his career in dreams. Debbie joins in section two to co-teach some fascinating dream-work facts that take us into surprising and non-rational areas, like dream telepathy, prophetic dreams and more.

Ron and Debbie's classes are all beautifully produced with rich visual imagery which they use much like dream imagery. You will learn cool details from real-life dream-work cases and hear specific techniques that prepare you for a later focus on interpreting dreams. (This class is a foundation Part 2 of this class which takes you inside serious professional, dream work.)

Dreams break many boring rules of daily life:

  • Learn about telepathic communication in dreams.

  • Discover the many Nobel prizes that came from dreams.

  • Even the Periodic Table of the Elements came directly from a dream!

  • So did many songs including the most re-performed song in history, "Yesterday." Sir Paul will explain.

  • Many classic works of literature also arose in dreams, not to mention the Terminator and many other movies.

  • Hear in President Lincoln's own words, the prophetic dream that foretold his death in the white house!

  • Some people even make contact with their friends while one or both are dreaming.

  • Many magical tales of the dream world itself and

  • Many mini Case Studies of Clinical Dream work in action.

    This is Not a "How To" or "Dream-work Techniques" Class. This class will NOT teach you to interpret your own dreams.  We prepare you  to explore dreams in depth, but 1- There is no simplified technique that does justice to dreams, and 2- Being properly prepared means learning many (interesting!) basics about dreams before you leap into dream work. It is truly fascinating but it is not a game.

“Last night, as I was sleeping,
I dreamt, marvelous illusion!
that I had a beehive
here inside my heart.

And the golden bees
were making white combs
and sweet honey
from my old failures.”       (Antonio Machado)

Embark on an in-depth introduction to the world of dreams and clinical dream work. It merges aspects of psychotherapy, Jungian psychology, and traditional shamanism.

Check out some  of the free lectures or Sign up Now and learn about your dreams.
You can't lose with a money-back guarantee!

Exploring Dreams #2: Live Jungian Dream Work Demo

Discover Jungian Dream Interpretation and Dream Analysis in this Remarkable Case Study of a Live Dream Group Recording

Created by Ron Masa - Psychologist, Artist, Freelancer


Students: 64, Price: $59.99

Students: 64, Price:  Paid

Reviews of Exploring Dreams #1

"An excellent primer for exploring dreams. Comprehensive, engaging, funny, well crafted - anyone who is curious ... will benefit from this class." (Sonny M.)

"I absolutely enjoyed every single lecture whole-heartedly. Dr. Ron & Debbie are both superior instructors and they made the classes incredibly interesting." (Ushma A.)

Everybody dreams every night. Yet most people have never really understood any of their dreams. Don't miss this rare chance to explore and acquire an in-depth understanding of dream interpretation. Listen in on a small group of dream workers analyzing a dream word by word. It's an experience you won't forget.

This is NOT a simplified method to interpret your own dreams. Actually, it's sort of the opposite.

We take you inside our Jungian dream interpretation group that has met by telephone each week for 20 years now. This fascinating dream triggers the thrills of synchronicity, messages for us all, and maybe even dream telepathy?

You cannot imagine the riches that emerge from one little dream! Hear exactly how it's done.

Download the script of the dream and follow along with us...

It's more relevant and exciting to study the anatomy of a dream and learn basic concepts from actual recorded dreamwork sessions.

Before the session, we orient you and provide some dream work tools. After the session, we offer suggestions to help you recall your dreams and record them in a dream journal. We also show you a number of interesting benefits and uses of keeping a dream journal.

Section 1:  First, you get a brief dream work orientation, including the many layers or perspectives you can explore to find meanings for any symbol. We also recount an amazing story from the late well-known dream worker Jeremy Taylor--to whom this class is dedicated-- that shows the power of dream truths to change a life direction. We even provide a downloadable list of instructions for orienting those who are new to group dream work.

Section 2: We next take you inside a 60-minute live dream group discussion, complete with detailed explanations every step of the way. Observe dream work that is rarely visible to the public.

Amazing coincidences abound in this fascinating dream as its meaning unravels one layer at a time. Dr. Ron designed step-by-step mini-lectures to discuss each segment.  Months of work were invested in creating this rare teaching tool for demonstrating dream interpretation to the public.

Section 3: We help you get started on collecting your dreams with handy hints for remembering your dreams and Debbie's discussion of dream journals and their uses.

Please check out some of our free lectures or Enroll Now and learn more about your dreams.

You can't lose with a money-back guarantee! You know you're going to dream again tonight - it's well worth taking this opportunity to learn just how much exploring your dreams can enrich your life.

Dream Journaling & Interpretation with Certificate

A beginners guide to understanding dreams

Created by Rhonda Siserir M.S. - Instructor


Students: 45, Price: $19.99

Students: 45, Price:  Paid

Have you ever woke up in the middle of a dream and said aloud, "Where did that come from?"  This course can help you understand your dreams and own dream symbols a little better and start you on a new adventure!  We will look at what influences our dreams and what to take note of in our dreams.  You will get a little history on the subject and even learn about what crystals some people believe influence their dreams.

There are a few activities and a project to do in the course too!  Let's get dreaming!

Exploring Dreams #3 Live Video of Dream Interpretation Group

Discover Jungian Dream Work Methods by Viewing Live Dream Group Videos with Comments and How To Work on Your Own Dreams

Created by Ron Masa - Psychologist, Artist, Freelancer


Students: 37, Price: $59.99

Students: 37, Price:  Paid

"I enjoyed the opportunity to see and hear a real time dream group. I enjoyed this course so much that I was sad to see it end." (Cynthia B.)

You can learn more about dream work from watching professionals than from reading facts alone. Dr. Ron Masa and Debbie Hart have taken the next step in Dreamwork education with this Live Zoom recording that is adapted just for this class. That full hour of fascinating video will take you inside a serious dream group like never before.

Welcome back if you have taken the first two classes in this series. (Not required but it would help.) Now we have upgraded our setup to include Zoom video recordings that take you inside this live dream group. See how people react to dream symbols. See how insights apply to more than just the dreamer. Discover dream humor and watch the wordplay and depth analysis that TeleDream uses after working 20 years each week for 20 years now.

Class Sections: (with richly illustrated videos)

1--Brief Intro to Dreams and this class.

2--Exploring the Waking Dream Learn more about the symbolic meanings in everyday life. Synchronicity and Omens are possible because of the underlying symbolic meanings of waking life. Illustrated audio recordings of an amazing waking dream Debbie experienced: Shamanic Root Canal.

3--Exploring Dream Titles in Depth This carefully edited Zoom video shows how to dig deeper into the richness of the Dream Title.

4--Live 60-minute Dream Group Recording with Zoom Visuals of all the dreamers for the first time ever. Learn more about the complexity and wisdom encoded in dreams. Watch the process now with comments above so you can enjoy the flow of the topics without interruption for lectures.

5--Begin Interpreting Your Own Dreams: 19 Starter Techniques. At this point, you should have enough examples and background to begin working on your own dreams. No quick and simple formulas but any real insights you discover can change your life.

Dreams bring universal guidance uniquely tailored to each individual every night of their life. Don't miss out. Benefit from your own unconscious wisdom. There is no other class of this sort. It's how advanced professionals learn to further their skills. Now made available for you to learn from. We share this rare clinical material edited for your (enjoyable) learning.

With a money-back guarantee you can't lose. Listen to the preview classes or Sign up now!

"An engaging live session, with detail and insight into the dynamics of a group session. The course is very well structured for learning purposes. The visuals are fun and soooo creative :-) Very instructive and enjoyable! I highly recommend it." (Linda W.)

Translate Dream Language and Decode Dream Symbols

A crash course in understanding what dreams say and how they say it. Base knowledge for dream interpretation.

Created by J.M. DeBord - Best Selling author and internationally renown dream expert


Students: 29, Price: $19.99

Students: 29, Price:  Paid

This course is a quick dive into translating the symbolic language of dreams. Students will learn background info about dream language and dream symbols and walk through examples of how to use this knowledge to interpret dreams.

This course can be a terrific supplement to my free course, How to Use D3 to Interpret Dreams. It deepens and expands students' knowledge of dream symbols and creates a framework for further study and exploration of dreams and dream interpretation.

Dream Interpretation for Beginners

Learn the Basic on How to Interpret Your Dreams

Created by Pamela Cummins - Dream Interpreter


Students: 16, Price: $19.99

Students: 16, Price:  Paid

When we humans learn how to analyze the messages of the nighttime we open ourselves up to manifest our greatest selves. ~ Pamela Cummins

Every night you are receiving messages from your dreams to enhance your life. If you don’t understand your dream meanings, you’re missing out on vital information. This course is designed to help you begin the process of understanding your personal secret language of dreams. You may be wondering why you should even bother studying your dreams. Because while you are dreaming your dreams, you receive answers to your problems, warnings about possible health issues, what your heart truly desires, and other secrets that are locked within you. Wouldn’t you like to discover answers to these and much more?

Here’s what you will learn from this course:

  • How to remember your dreams.
  • The benefits of dream interpretation.
  • Your perfect type of dream journal, which works best for you to record your dreams.
  • Why dream dictionaries are considered learning your ABC’s in the dream language.
  • How one symbol can have thousands of meanings.
  • The six factors that need to be taken into consideration for each dream symbol for a better interpretation.
  • And how to identify your unique symbolism to help interpret your dreams.

After taking this course you will have a solid foundation to continue learning to interpret your dreams. But this is not an overnight process; it is a lifelong journey of delving deeper into your secret language of dreams.

Exploring Dreams #4 Learn to Interpret Your Own Dreams Now!

Learn 19 Dream Interpretation Tools for Step-by-Step Dream Analysis. Jungian Dreamwork guide to analyze your own dreams

Created by Ron Masa - Psychologist, Artist, Freelancer


Students: 12, Price: $59.99

Students: 12, Price:  Paid

"Every understood dream is like a slight electric shock into higher consciousness."    (Marie-Louise von Franz)

Are you ready to explore your own dreams? If you want specific skills to interpret your own dreams--or to help a friend or loved one with theirs--this class is for you.

Ron Masa Ph.D. and Debbie Hart show you how to use 19 different Techniques to Explore your own Dreams.  For best results, choose a dream of yours to practice interpreting while you watch the class. After you view each video you can try out the technique on your own dream. You are looking for a tingle of truth as Jeremy Taylor puts it. Insights enrich us from within.

This is NOT a starter class. If you are new to dreamwork this class will make much more sense after you view Exploring Dreams #1, #2, and #3. Please watch them first.

                                       Dreams are tonight's answers to tomorrow's questions

This is a How-To class. We demonstrate dream interpretation in action. It is a closeup view of many different ways you can approach your dreams. You will discover which ones work the best for you. Any insight you awaken will be well worth the effort. Dreams save lives. Dreams prepare us for tomorrow.

The class will not make you an expert in dream analysis.
This class will show you powerful dream work tools in action.  Some of them will work for you.

This is a step by step process for beginning to analyze your dreams.

For this class:  You should choose a dream of your own to explore and after you view each video and apply the techniques to your own dream. Then all these details about the process will be useful. If you are not ready to try that, please watch Exploring Dreams #1, #2 and #3 first.

Dr. Ron Masa takes you inside his own mental process of exploring a short dream using 19 approaches. Are you ready to develop your dream work skills?

Learn from Dr. Masa's decades of clinical dreamwork experience (and contributions from Debbie Hart).

This is a Skill Training class in Dream Interpretation. We provide a tool chest of dream interpretation techniques you can use to understand your own dreams.

You will dream every night of your life. Don't you want to understand at least one of them?
(Remember, they inspire Beatle songs, correct golf championship swings, and earn Nobel Prizes.)

The 19 Techniques You Will Learn

These are the dreamwork tools Dr. Ron will demonstrate by working on his own dream.

1. “If It Were My Dream…” Speak for yourself, own what you see.

2. Start Simple. Dreams come from a bigger brain. One image at a time.

3. Write down Associations and Memories from repeated reflections.

4. Speak the dream out loud and listen to yourself.

5. Draw, sketch or paint your dream.

6. Write a key word or image on a note to bump into during the day.

7. Act out portions of the dream. Observe what you feel or remember.

8. Identify the sequence of emotions and ask “Where do I know these feelings from?”

9. Get feedback and associations (only from someone you trust).

10. Look up key terms in a standard language dictionary.

11. Use a dream dictionary, But only trust what you recognize as true.

12. Look for words within the words.

13. Look for phrases within sentences.

14. Explain symbols to a Martian to identify its essence or function.

15. What matches the dream’s metaphors? What do they refer to?

16. Try the “part of me” technique. Add that phrase to dream images.

17. Enter the dream Gestalt. Be all the parts. How do things look each point of view?

18. Write a dream dialogue. Be both sides. Wait for intuitive responses.

19. Active Imagination: Re-enter the dream to interact with characters.

Not for beginners. If you are new to dreamwork, please watch Exploring Dreams #1, #2, & #3 first.

If you want to see these tools in action so you can try them out yourself, this is the class for you. Sign up now.

Full money back guarantee (so you can't lose).

  "These classes just keep getting better! So interesting, I get so hooked"    (Student review, Dreams #3):                "Awesome class! Excellent teachers! Entertaining animations! I enjoy this class A LOT" (Student review, Dreams #1)