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Home Dog Care Business: Dog Boarding, Walking & Pet Sitting

Market your dog care services: pet sitting, dog walking, dog training, pet boarding & dog kennel locally with Google SEO

Created by Tatiana Ambrose - Grow your creative thinking, writing & dog business skills


Students: 6029, Price: $89.99

Students: 6029, Price:  Paid

Have you wanted to start a dog-related business but feel intimidated? Do you currently have a dog care business but want to get the upper hand to be #1 in your area?

If your answer was YES then you came to the right course where I have partnered with Alex Genadinik to bring you the best MASTERCLASS course on Udemy on how to start a dog business this month by understanding all the different aspects of it from marketing online and locally,  creating a website, and even improving your website sales conversion

This is a well-rounded course for all dog lovers that want to start and improve their own dog business from home using very little startup cost.


"If you're looking to start a dog-walking business... Start here! Wow, incredible amounts of information on getting noticed, and building up your client-base and reviews."  ~Wanda

"As I was updating my profile with the suggestions, I received a new client request!" ~Lori

"Really in-depth and amazing insight into starting and succeeding as a dog sitter." ~Jonathon


✔ Attract new clients by implementing the various strategies
✔ Understand Google SEO and use it to your advantage
✔ Show you how to implement local marketing strategies this week
✔ Easily set up your website with pixels, SEO and improve your conversion rate


We'll show you how to turn your simple dog walking business into a 6- or 7-figure business by getting more clients, expanding into different local areas and hiring pet sitters and dog sitters to do the work for you and work for your business while you stop doing the actual dog sitting and work on managing the business instead.

Think of how much your income can increase by gaining the right tools! Go ahead and enroll today to start learning and improving your dog business locally and online to make your business be #1!

Your Instructors,
Tatiana & Alex 

Dog Walking Business Startup: Launch Your Own Canine Company

Learn exactly how to start your own successful Dog Walking Business. This easy course shows you everything!

Created by Stephen Atkinson - Entrepreneur, Writer, Trainer & Consultant


Students: 974, Price: $74.99

Students: 974, Price:  Paid

            This simple and straightforward course will teach you how to start your own successful dog walking business - which means you can be your own boss and combine your passion for being with dogs into your own profitable enterprise. 

What are our students saying:

"Absolutely fantastic course, well put together, would highly recommend."

                                        "Very good and comprehensive: Simple, clear and I love the handouts and especially the Word document you let us download."

"If you want to start this kind of business this is an excellent course for you. You learn about marketing and how to approach clients in a very  professional way. Thank you Stephen."

                                        "Covers everything! This course is a  nice broad introduction to anyone who wants to start a business but  doesn't know business techniques. Takes you through everything you need  to know and Stephen seems really friendly! Plus loads of cute dog  pictures ;) Great course!"

  Learn How to Become a Professional Dog Walker with this Comprehensive Course  

  • Learn everything you need to know to start your business from scratch, so you can hit the ground running - and start earning money fast

  • Discover the best, cost-effective ways to promote your business - saving you time and money - on the way to your first paying clients

  • Build a business that is both enjoyable and profitable - love the work you do and make a profit

  Everything you need to build your own successful dog walking business 

            In an ever busier world, the demand for dog walking services has never been higher.  As a consequence of this huge demand, professional 'dog walkers' have sprung up in recent years - and now you can join them by combining your passion for dogs with your own business! 

            This course is the ultimate guide to starting a dog walking business and leads you step-by-step through everything you need to know to start your own thriving business. Learn from my experience how to avoid the most common mistakes and get off to a flying start. 

  About the course 

  •     I designed the Dog Walking Start Up course to be easily understood by absolute beginners - so that anyone with a love of dogs and desire to work for themselves can do it 

  •     As you complete each of the course modules, you will be able to put into place everything you need to build your new business - so you can get your business up and running quickly 

  •     Step-by-step, you will learn how to set-up your business the easy way using simple examples to demonstrate how to check out and beat the competition, and what are the best services you can offer - so you build you business faster 

  •     Keep your costs low by using simple and cost-effective marketing techniques shown in the course, both online and in the 'real world' - keeping your costs low, and profits high 

  •     Learn how to find you first customers, build trust with them and have them promote your business for you - the fastest way to build your income 

  •     By the end of the Dog Walking Business Start Up you will have saved time, by getting all the information you need in one concise course and you will have saved money by not making expensive errors going through a tedious trial and error process. 

  •     Most importantly, you will have learned all the skills you need to start your own successful dog walking business. 

  Click on  'take this course' to enroll  -  get started without delay – and start building your dog walking business today!  

Dog Training – Polite Leash Walking Class

Got a dog that pulls you off your feet? Take this course to teach your dog polite loose-leash walking.

Created by Treat Pouch - Certified Professional Dog Trainers


Students: 578, Price: $69.99

Students: 578, Price:  Paid

This course is designed to teach you how to train your dog to walk politely on a loose-leash. Many dogs pull when on leash, which makes walking both unpleasant, dangerous, and harmful for both the dog and their owner.

Included in this course are lectures and video demonstrations that cover topics such as why your dog pulls, what type of equipment we should use, and specific techniques and exercises to use as you train your dog.

Dogs that learn polite leash walking are a pleasure to take out, and as a result, they enjoy exercise, freedom, and socialization. This helps prevent both medical issues caused by lack of exercise, and behavior problems caused by not getting out for a daily walk.

This class teaches polite leash walking using positive reinforcement and force-free training.

How To Start a Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Business in 7 Days

A Step-By-Step Course to Launch, Attract Clients and Make a Profit as a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

Created by Kristin Morrison - Pet Business Coach and Author


Students: 171, Price: $89.99

Students: 171, Price:  Paid

If you're thinking about starting a dog walking or pet sitting business or you're a new dog walker or pet sitter who wants to give your pet care business a powerful boost, this 7-day course will deliver the tools and insights you need!

If you want to take your pet sitting and dog walking business goals from dream to reality in just a few days, this course is for you.

This empowering course will hold your hand through the process of start to finish as well as help you gain your first client (or more clients!) and enable you to enjoy a rewarding pet business that allows you both personal and financial freedom.

You Will Learn How To: 

  • Gain proven strategies and expert guidance to save time and money, learn which pet care services will generate top dollar and fit into your current work schedule or lifestyle.

  • Get organized with a solid roadmap for achieving goals, maximize your energy and productivity, and master the art of the client interview.​

  • Dig into marketing essentials, discover easy-to-follow website and social media tips, and create a powerful brand.​

  • Propel your pet sitting and dog walking business forward quickly and easily.

  • And so much more!

This is a supportive, fun, and effective way to start your pet sitting and dog walking business while experiencing accountability and progress to help you achieve your pet business goals.

You'll receive daily action steps to keep you moving forward and motivated, a comprehensive course materials guidebook and recommended resources. You'll discover how and when to incorporate self-care activities to keep you motivated, empowered and on track.

See what a difference just seven days can make when you begin this supportive journey as you start and grow your pet sitting or dog walking business!

Dog Training- Leash Manners for the Real World

A guide to teach walking on leash appropriately in all situations.

Created by Nikki Ivey - Canine Behavior Specialist and Trainer at DogSpeak


Students: 170, Price: $49.99

Students: 170, Price:  Paid

Leash manners are one of the most difficult things for dog lovers to teach pets. It can be frustrating when dogs pull, lunge or otherwise react to distractions while on leash. 

This course will detail how to use a leash properly in order to ensure students' dogs are successful in the real world. Topics covered include stationary exercises (pre-leash walking), proper leash use, distractions and dog reactivity, and teaching on-leash manners. 

This course not only prepares students to teach dogs leash manners, but also lays foundation for future off-leash control.  

There are no prerequisites for this course, however, students are encouraged to take the course related to training foundation.  No additional materials are needed for this course, only a willingness to learn how to train a dog to walk nicely on a leash.  

This course does not involve the use of harsh techniques or tools such as yelling, jerking on the leash, pinch collars or shock collars.  This course only teaches students positive dog training techniques.  

Students can expect to finish this course in 1-3 months.  This time will vary depending on the progression of individual students and dogs.