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Complete Course in Celtic Divination; Runes & Druid Ogham

Enhance your intuition, deepen your journey and experience the 'spirit' of Wales.

Created by Linda Rauch MARH RHom - Licensed Homeopath, Psychic Medium, Tarot and Rune Reader


Students: 707, Price: $69.99

Students: 707, Price:  Paid

With over thirty years reading the Runes, the Ogham and working with Druid mysticism I have created this in depth course inspired by the spirit of Wales which is very close to my heart. The course will deepen your spirituality and intuition and provide you with tools of Divination. You will be taken on a journey through the symbols of the Celtic Viking Runes, the Elder Futhark and the Druid Ogham; the land, the history and the mythology.  Channelled meditations will spark your intuitive abilities to work with the symbols themselves and you will learn about spell casting with the Runes. As a bonus you will be provided with an in depth 46 page eBook with MindMaps of both sets of symbols which will help you learn and remember the meanings. Mythology, herbalism and Celtic Lore throughout this course will enhance your learning even more. Come with me into this wonderful world.

Runes: Divination and Magick CERTIFIED

Learn how to read, perform divination, create talismans, and do magick with the Elder Futhark Runes. CERTIFIED COURSE!

Created by Astrid The Psychic Witch - The Psychic Witch


Students: 521, Price: $89.99

Students: 521, Price:  Paid


In this practical course, you will learn how to connect with the ancient wisdom of the Elder Futhark Runes.  This course is focused on the universal aspect of the Runes, which transcends culture and time, and speaks to the modern person the same way that it spoke to people hundreds of years ago.

This course is divided into 5 parts. In the first part, we will focus on understanding the rules and connecting with them. In the second part, we will go through each of the 24 Runes, separately, and learn their meaning. The third part is focused on Divination with Runes, Runic Spreads, Rune Sequences, and Freestyle Rune Readings. The fourth part of the course is focused on magick and its connection to the Runes, the creation of Runic Talismans, and Runic Spells.

The last part of the course is practice examples of Runic Spreads and a Freestyle Rune Reading, where you can test your reading abilities.

This course is focused on the practical side of Runes and their use as tools for self-knowledge and spiritual development.

This course includes over 4,5 hours of video lessons, printable Rune Spread templates, and a Rune table, as well as sample video practice readings, and detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make your own Runes and Rune Talismans.

Divination in the Bible

Practical Ways to Talk to God and the spirit world and tools to help

Created by Micah Blake - Creator, Writer, and Speaker


Students: 208, Price: $49.99

Students: 208, Price:  Paid

  Have you ever wondered How we should talk to God? 

The normal answer to that is Prayer. Most people enjoy two way communication and prayer is pretty one sided. So what are some other ways people communicated with God in the Bible.

So many people and religions hold the Bible as an authority on spiritual matters. How did those people in the Bible hear from God? How was the Bible even written? 

In this course we will explore:

  • How to find answers to life's questions that aren't spelled out exactly for us
  • What tools are used to communicate with God in the Bible
  • Who used those tools in the Bible
  • How to use these tools 
  • Who should use them today

If this is interesting to you but you are NOT sure if you should be looking into this or not then this is my suggestion. Ask God if it would benefit you to learn about this. 

If you get a clear answer (whether Yes or No) you may not actually need this book.

If you don't get a clear answer then maybe learning about communication tools is EXACTLY what you need.

Talking Coconut Divination – Basic

The Chamalongos

Created by Stacey Tallitsch - Professional Remote Viewer and Palo Mayombe Priest


Students: 161, Price: $19.99

Students: 161, Price:  Paid

Learn how to get a Yes/No answer from the dead with this ancient form of divination. Quick and easy so you know the result of your actions before you take them.

  • Know if your ancestor spirits are working with you, or against you

  • Know which path to take when you are at a cross-roads.

  • Know what spell use to get the best results

  • Know the proper ingredients to a spell

  • Know that your spell will work before you start.

  • Know if someone is working against you, or throwing workings at you.

  • Be independent in your destiny. Do not pay someone else to tell you what you should do, who you should be with, or where your fortune rests.

  • Make trial and error a thing of the past. No more throwing spaghetti against the wall and waiting to see if it sticks.

Almost any question that can be answered with a yes or no, can be answered.

  • Want to know what to do in getting a job?

  • Need guidance in your relationship?

  • Is it time to move to a new place?

Your ancestors and spirit guides are there to help you when they can. Find out before you start, if they can help. Your success is their success, help them help you.

The Art of Divination

Exploring several different forms of Divination as used in Wicca, Witchcraft and Pagan practices.

Created by Tracey Robins - Wiccan Practitioner and Trainer


Students: 50, Price: $24.99

Students: 50, Price:  Paid

Divination, or Diving information from the Gods, has been performed for centuries as a way to foretell the future. Diving is the method that is used to gain and gather information that acts as insight into future events. This can be done in many different ways, and this module will be exploring four of the most common divination methods as used in Wicca, Witchcraft and Pagan practices. You will have the opportunity to explore Scrying, Tea Leaf Reading, Pendulums and Muscle Testing. These four forms of divination are very different in their practices and offer a great guide to the broad spectrum of what divination may entail. This module offers bit sized chunks of information that you can use as a foundation for your divination practices going forward.

Other methods of Divination

Various methods of Scrying

Created by Linda Elliott - Professional Psychic, Hypnotherapist & Witch


Students: 17, Price: $24.99

Students: 17, Price:  Paid

Tarot and Oracle cards are the most popular and well-known methods of Divination.

There are other modalities that are perhaps not quite as well-known, but are in fact just as good.

The Spirit Realm is not limited in how it can communicate with us. But we have to be open-minded and willing to explore the other forms of communication, as not all Spirits like to communicate in the exact same way.

It goes without saying that the more forms of communication you are familiar with, the more likely you are to be contacted and to receive messages from beyond the veil. It is not possible to cover every single communication modality in one course but I have certainly covered as many as I can.

If you are one of those people who is indeed open-minded, then come on in and allow me to share what I personally know and practice.

Even if you decide that what is presented here is not for you, at the very least you will leave having expanded your knowledge on Divination. The added bonus is that you would have witnessed some incredibly stunning real-life examples of how the Spirit Realm loves to reach out to us.

I am delighted to share with you, my personal photographs and experiences during various methods of scrying. 

I hope that you will enjoy every moment of this journey with me.

The French Method of Playing Card Divination

Cartomancy with Playing Cards

Created by Spirit Tarot - Tarot Advisor, Reiki & EFT Practitioner, Life Coach


Students: 12, Price: $49.99

Students: 12, Price:  Paid

This course will introduce you to the art of French playing card cartomancy. My goal with this class is to hopefully instill in other readers the love I have for these classic cartomancy methods and in spreading the love for these systems hopefully, we can all preserve these systems for future generations.

In this course, we'll travel back to the late 18th through the 19th centuries' cartomancy that you'd have been likely to see practiced in France. I'll cover some of the basic history of the use of playing cards for divination in general because it helps to understand where these systems of divination come from. Then we dive into the French style of playing card divination covering the traditional system. We'll be discussing the traditional French meanings for the cards as well as two classic French spreads for reading with playing cards. One of the common misconceptions is that these old divination systems don't hold up in the modern era but we'll also cover how to make some of the antiquated or outdated aspects of older cartomancy systems more modern and appropriate for today's querents and readers. I also give some general tips for doing readings with this system but that could often also be applied to other systems as well.

Grab a deck of cards, a cup of tea (or other favorite beverage), pull up a table, and let's spend an afternoon seeing what the cards have to say to us through the French method of playing card divination.

Practicing Purposeful Divination

Role of diviners in the management and resolution of life crises, Interpretive divination, Divination impact on society

Created by Eric Yeboah - MBA/Chief Executive Officer


Students: 7, Price: $89.99

Students: 7, Price:  Paid

Divination is the art of making apparent information that is hidden or not immediately obvious. From the outside looking in , it appear magical, mystical, and maybe even scary, because we may not understand where this information is coming from. Examples  of divination systems are the tarot cards, dowsing with pendulum, crystal ball, palm reading, the l ching and even reading tea leaves. Many would say that the power is not so much in the object or system used as in the person who is using them, and their relationship to the tools.

Many believe that divination works because all things are connected energetically, and all matter has an innate intelligence. According to the belief, when handling some rocks on a table, you are connected to a higher power because the higher power is connected to the rocks- in a sense, the rocks are alive. If you accept that everything is alive. it could be argued a higher purpose can speak to you through anything - if you can just work out a method of interpreting what an object may say to you. Once you accept that the world is an intelligent place, you can even accept that your car breaking down while you are out for a drive may be a message that you should slow down and relax in your more general life. To believe in divination can be a big step. Many need to practice an art such as tarot for many years before they really begin to accept that it is not just coincidence that the cards keep falling in the right places.