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Psychology of Diversity and Unconscious Bias

Understand Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination and How to Reduce Their Influence at Work and Your Community

Created by Andrew Luttrell, Ph.D. - Social Psychologist


Students: 21693, Price: $94.99

Students: 21693, Price:  Paid

Many people understand that diversity and unconscious bias are important issues to grapple with, but it’s difficult to get a strong handle on them. For years, social scientists have turned their attention to stereotyping and discrimination in order to use data and scientific methods to know more about why it happens and how to stop it.

What You'll Learn

In this course we consider big ideas in diversity science with a focus on understanding concrete strategies to halt bias in its tracks. To know how to solve a problem, though, it’s necessary to understand the root of the problem. This course thus considers several major issues in diversity and unconscious bias, including:

  • The difference between stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination
  • How stereotypes affect judgments of others and our own performance
  • How prejudice stems from simple group mentalities
  • How to best approach diversity
  • How to reduce the effects of conscious and unconscious bias

Through comprehensive videos, slide presentations, exercises, and quizzes, you will learn about the fascinating science of prejudice and discrimination. This course is modeled on university curricula and workplace training that you could spend thousands of dollars on.

Why Learn From Me?

As an award-winning psychology instructor, I have experience translating research in the field and presenting it in an engagingunderstandable way. My students routinely evaluate my courses highly and comment on the passion I have for social psychology. I hope you can join this group of satisfied students and learn something new about yourself and psychology.

So take this course now and understand the science of diversity and unconscious bias...and how to address this common social issue!

Unconscious Bias: Fuel Diversity and Become a Better You

Defeat unconscious bias and build diversity and inclusion into your life even if it seems impossible right now!

Created by Gail Miller - Recruiting, Bias, Diversity, Leadership, Corporate Culture,


Students: 21182, Price: $124.99

Students: 21182, Price:  Paid

WARNING: This course is not for everyone. You should only consider this course if you want to expand your mind, reveal and overcome unconscious bias, and improve relationships, productivity, morale and diversity in every area of work and life. If that is you, then keep reading.

Do you ever feel like you judge people too fast?

You see them in the grocery store or during an interview and your mind lights up like fireworks. They’re too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, too ugly, too pretty, too clean, too inked, too tough, too weak, too stupid, too smart, too rich, too poor, too old, too young.

Everyone has those thoughts.

The problem is they block you from discovering who that person really is. They stop you from asking yourself what they might be like on the inside. So you avoid them. You skip them for jobs. You never ask about their story and you miss out on valuable relationships.

And the bigger problem is you only engage with those who fit your idea of how a person “should” be. So you create a circle of influence around you that lacks diversity, open communication, and growth. All of that holds you back in untold ways in business and life.

You Can’t Change Other People But You CAN Change Yourself

Your instincts never change, and you can’t force others to be different either. But that doesn’t mean you can’t adjust your own habits to lift yourself up to new horizons where you can see the world, and other people from different and more useful perspectives.

With a bit of effort and minor adjustments, you can begin to realize old, ineffective thought patterns and replace them with new, more useful tools and behaviors.

What Are Unconscious Biases?

Unconscious biases are perspectives you hold that form automatically based on a variety of information sources from the world around you.

They’re kind of like what happens when someone throws a ball at your face. Your hands automatically fly up to protect your head. Unconscious biases are a type of automatic, instinctual self-defense mechanism as well.

When you see someone with tattoos and you judge them as “bad” or “trouble,” you might avoid them because your bias told you they’re no good. Sometimes that judgment might be right. But what about when it isn’t?

What if that person is the nicest, friendliest, most loyal and trustworthy human on the planet? What if they hold the key to the biggest opportunity of your life? Too bad. You will never know, because you judged them incorrectly and you did it automatically.

Is This a Corporate Problem Too?

Unconscious bias is a problem for everyone, and when it enters the workplace, it digs a pit of despair for businesses. Human Resources, recruiters, and anyone who hires or works together will likely face the challenges of unconscious bias.

The problem is, it leads to weakness in the business. It’s like building a castle on a foundation of toothpicks. Without accounting for unconscious bias, you end up with a workforce made of people who were judged “good enough” based on shallow social cues, rather than the value they can actually provide.

Ultimately, you create an environment that lacks diversity, innovation, and any kind of creative thought at all. In this course, I’ll show you how and when to say, “So what?” so you can see beyond those biases to find, recruit and grow the best team and company possible!

What Will You Learn in this Course?

In this course, my goal is to help you begin to recognize different kinds of biases in your life. Together, we will review types of biases most people don’t know exist. We will also work to help you overcome those biases in your own life so you gain perspective, insight and the ability to make conscious choices that serve you better.

Inside You Will Discover:

  • A Powerful Way to Test Your Unconscious Bias to Reveal Your Hidden Weaknesses

  • Several Sneaky Unconscious Biases that Wreak Havoc on Every Decision in Life

  • The Most Devastating Impacts of Bias in Your Personal & Professional Development

  • Simple, Profound Exercises to Help You Reframe Your Perspective Overnight

  • Tools to Help You Communicate More Clearly, Improve Productivity and Diversity

  • How to Create Your Own Story and an Action Plan for Exponential Change

Who Am I?

I’m Gail Miller, and I’ve spent decades disrupting stale corporate policies, beliefs, and unconscious biases. I’m featured on TEDx and various media outlets. I’ve served in HR and corporate recruiting for more than 20 years. Over the course of my career I’ve helped countless companies and individuals transform into leaders who stand up for what is right and have the courage to rebel against unconscious bias that restrains relationships, progress and performance in business and life.

Enjoy Free Resources

When you enroll in this course, you’ll find a plethora of useful resources, tools and case studies to help you in your journey to overcome unconscious bias. As new knowledge becomes available, I’m committed to making updates so you have the latest information to help you go forward and accomplish your goals.

Are You Ready to Overcome Unconscious Bias?

If any of this made you stop and think, “Holy crap! I’m probably dealing with unconscious bias and this is the change I need!” then scroll up and enroll in Unconscious Bias: Fuel Diversity and Become a Better You now!


Gail Miller


Q - Why does unconscious bias matter?

A - Unconscious bias permeates every aspect of human life and it can really undermine your personal progress, and lead you to miss fantastic opportunities. In the corporate space it destroys diversity. In worst case scenarios unconscious bias can even be the difference between life and death.

Q - Is it really possible to defeat unconscious bias?

A - Yes, and though you can’t completely eradicate it, you can always strive to make better decisions that enhance your life. It’s an ongoing process, and this course is a good place to begin your journey.

Q - Does this course apply to routine life or just to corporate culture?

A - Much of my background involves the corporate environment, but everything you’ll learn in this course is useful throughout all areas of life.

Q - What kind of person should take this course?

A - You should enroll in this course if you want to improve yourself and the world around you by overcoming limiting beliefs, snap judgments, and unconscious biases that filter the world through negative lenses for you.

Q - Is this course useful for HR, Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and Executives?

A - Yes, of course. There are practical solutions to overcoming unconscious bias in your company to improve diversity, inclusion, hiring, corporate culture, customer relations revenue and much more. In fact, every employee in your organization would benefit from this course because everyone is impacted

If any of that sounds like it would be useful for you, then it’s time to take action!

Scroll up and put yourself in Unconscious Bias: Fuel Diversity and Become a Better You today!

Warm Regards,

Gail Miller

Diversity At Workplace

If you want to position your business for success, hire a diverse workforce.

Created by Nevcihan Dogan - Professional Coach


Students: 19001, Price: $89.99

Students: 19001, Price:  Paid

Diversity in the workplace is vital for employees because it manifests itself in building a great reputation for the company, leading to increased profitability and opportunities for workers.

Workplace diversity is important within the organization as well as outside.

Diversity in the workplace means that a company’s workforce includes people of varying gender, age, religion, race, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, religion, languages, education, abilities, etc.

Why is workplace diversity so important?

In the modern, globally connected society and market, workplace diversity is becoming a necessity rather than a banner companies wave to show their commitment to embracing differences.

Most of the modern companies can sell their products all over the world, reaching many different groups of people. In order to successfully create, present and sell their products in this global market, companies need a diversified workforce.

So, in this class our Learning Objectives are:

  • Understand what diversity and its related terms mean

  • Be able to identify your stereotypes

  • Understand what terms are politically correct and which are not, and why

  • Be familiar with the four cornerstones of diversity

  • Develop a technique for dealing with inappropriate behavior

  • Develop a management style to encourage diversity

  • Know what to do if you or one of your employees feels discriminated against

So, shall we get started? I wish you a happy learning!

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Beginner’s Guide

Practical strategies for developing your company's global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion function

Created by Ulysses Smith - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategist


Students: 16946, Price: $29.99

Students: 16946, Price:  Paid

If you are just beginning to explore the diversity, equity and inclusion space and are interested in sharpening your understanding of the practice, then we’ve designed a course just for you. Over the last few decades, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has become a priority for organizations. From the annual release of diversity reports to the creation of executive positions to lead these efforts, organizations have undertaken a number of actions to bolster their profiles in this area. But how do you help start these efforts in your organization, especially if you are an individual contributor?

If you are looking to start grassroots diversity and inclusion initiatives in your organization, or you are just curious about some of the best strategies for getting started, then the material we’ve assembled for you is the perfect place to start. You do not need to be an expert to begin exploring some of the foundational elements of DEI. In this course, we’ll cover:

  • Building a new vocabulary around diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Quantifying the impact of DEI on the business

  • Exploring social identity and its impact on our interactions

  • Heightening awareness of blindspots and biases

  • Listening actively and empathetically

  • Launching diversity task forces and committees

  • Establishing employee resource groups

  • Designing brave learning spaces

In my work as a DEI strategist and consultant, I have seen first-hand the impact that the strategies I present in this course can have on a company’s culture of inclusion and belonging. This work can be challenging, but the outcome is incredibly rewarding. Let’s get started today!

Fostering Psychological Safety & Belonging on Teams

A Manager's Guide to Creating Psychological Safety, Inclusion and Belonging on Teams

Created by Shelley Osborne - Learning & Development Expert, Ed Tech Evangelist


Students: 13421, Price: Free

Students: 13421, Price:  Free

Have you ever been on a team where you felt included, like you were able to be your true self at work, take risks, and truly grow your career? Being on a team with a shared sense of Psychological Safety and Belonging is a rewarding experience, and often, these teams are also the most productive and innovative. Studies show that when employees feel included in their organization and are able to be their authentic selves at work, they are more engaged and creative, and their organization thrives.

This course is designed for managers to take actionable steps to create Psychological Safety and foster inclusion and belonging on their team. Belonging is personal. It means something different to everyone, but there are practical steps you can take to create the conditions for everyone to belong by creating a shared sense Psychological Safety and inclusion. In this course we’ll cover:

  • How to manage your team foster inclusion and belonging

  • Why fostering inclusion and belonging at your company is ongoing work critical to your success

  • Six steps to building Psychological Safety on your team to foster inclusion

  • A framework for having brave conversations about inclusion and belonging with your team

  • Tools and resources to understand what belonging means for all individuals on your team

Doing this work is challenging, but the experience of leading a team with true Psychological Safety and a sense of Belonging is incredibly rewarding. By doing this work, you will set the standard for your team and your organization on what it means to be a good leader.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Navigate Diversity

Diversity enriches the workplace, as long as everyone is respectful. Assert yourself & leverage diversity on your team.

Created by Eleventure Team - Higher Learning. @ Work


Students: 11026, Price: $29.99

Students: 11026, Price:  Paid

Do you know how to make your workplace a safe & respectful space? Do generational differences in your workplace affect communication, collaboration & productivity? Making everyone in your workplace feel welcome comes down to treating all differences with respect. Being assertive is an excellent way to show respect; it's about being heard & hearing others. Assertive people are seen as excellent communicators that others want to work with. They know how to acknowledge differences, treat everyone with respect, & know what to do when they've make a mistake.

Course 1: Respect Gender & Sexual Differences
Foster a safe & respectful workplace by learning how to treat gender & sexual differences with respect.

• Say the Right Thing
• Make It Right
• Show Respect for All
• Be the Change

Course 2: Navigate the 4 Generational Workplace
Understand & overcome the challenges of working in a multigenerational environment with these simple steps to leverage age diversity.

• Work Across Generations
• Focus on People
• Learn from One Another

Course 3: Respect Ethnic & Racial Differences
Foster a safe & respectful workplace by learning how to treat ethnic & racial differences with respect.

• Say the Right Thing
• Make It Right
• Show Respect for All
• Be the Change

Course 4: Assert Yourself
Communicate assertively & effectively to address your needs while considering the needs of others to work efficiently & achieve your goals.

• Deal with Difficulties
• Be Direct
• Identify Your Conflict Management Style

Now with enhanced mobile access, this four course bundle includes dynamic video, tips from industry leaders, & downloadable PDFs. Each component is designed to be completed in short time allotments, or all at once, to suit your schedule. It will take approximately 1 hour to complete all courses.

Create a safe & respectful environment for all with these important lessons from Eleventure.

Diversity & Inclusion: Building a Grassroots Foundation

Practical strategies for building an organizational culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging

Created by Jennifer Kim - Company builder / Diversity & Inclusion strategist


Students: 9027, Price: $199.99

Students: 9027, Price:  Paid

What do you do when you’re faced with a big, seemingly insurmountable and ambiguous problem like fostering Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace? How do you even know where to start? This course is focused on just that, starting D&I initiatives at a grassroots level to drive organization-wide change.

With this approach, you don’t need to rely on formal, top-down directives to make your environment into a better place to work. This grassroots approach empowers you to take matters into your own hands, while being guided by the basic structure for building the foundation of an effective D&I program.

My name is Jennifer Kim, I’m an HR leader and D&I consultant working to make effective D&I a reality at more and more companies. Since there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a D&I strategy, this course is all about figuring out where you are and what would work best for you to integrate D&I into your culture.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • Key terms in the D&I space

  • The business case for D&I and who is responsible for building D&I in an organization (hint: it's not just HR!)

  • A framework called the Advocate's Journey, which helps you understand where people are in their understanding of D&I and how you can move them forward

  • Who to include in your efforts and how to get buy-in for your work by engaging the right stakeholders

  • Easy, moderate, and big ideas you can implement in your organization

  • How to move forward to create a D&I strategy for your company

Building a diverse and inclusive workplace is not only good business and the morally right thing to do, it’s one of the most transformative things you can work on in your career. I personally have experienced the immense sense of purpose and satisfaction that comes from D&I work, and have gotten to help many others go through the same. I can’t wait to share that with you in this course, so enroll today!

Digital Diversity/Cyber-Citizen/Cross Cultural Communication

Connecting Across Cultures: Multi-cultural, "-national, "-generational, "-sectoral, "-lingual, and "-stakeholder Teams

Created by Elizabeth Pagé - Global Leadership Developer: Diagnose Design Decide Deliver


Students: 7252, Price: $24.99

Students: 7252, Price:  Paid

Successful cultural communication in a globalized and digitized world is more urgent and important than ever for business, corporate and organizational performance.

Accelerating cyber connectivity creates an ever-shrinking world over ubiquitous platforms expanding access to emerging talent 24/7 beyond borders, time zones, languages, generations, countries, cultures, and corporate behaviors. 

  • How will you capture your share of the global communications currency? 

  • How will you become fluent in this borderless world and connect to this global community that knows no boundaries and demands more and expects no less than excellence, innovation, access to foreign talent pools?

Join us now and become a member of this global movement of cyber citizens and global cross cultural community!

Don't miss out.  Take this on-ramp to the global highway connecting you to the world. Get connected and become fluent in cross cultural communications.

Navigate & Respect Age, Ethnic & Racial Differences

Diversity enriches the workplace, as long as everyone is respectful of differences. Leverage diversity on your team.

Created by Eleventure Team - Higher Learning. @ Work


Students: 6420, Price: $19.99

Students: 6420, Price:  Paid

Do generational differences in your workplace affect communication, collaboration & productivity? Do you know how to make your workplace a safe & respectful space? Make everyone in your workplace feel welcome by learning to treat ethnic, racial & age differences with respect. Acknowledging differences, treating everyone with respect & knowing what to do when you make a mistake will help you move beyond differences & leverage diversity to your advantage with a few simple steps.

Course 1: Navigate the 4 Generational Workplace

Understand & overcome the challenges of working in a multigenerational environment with these simple steps to leverage age diversity.

  • Work Across Generations
  • Focus on People
  • Learn from One Another

Course 2: Respect Ethnic & Racial Differences

Foster a safe & respectful workplace by learning how to treat ethnic & racial differences with respect.

  • Say the Right Thing
  • Make It Right
  • Show Respect for All
  • Be the Change

This two course bundle will teach you to navigate the 4 generational workplace & respect ethnic & racial differences. It includes dynamic video, interactive practice lessons, tips from industry leaders, & downloadable PDFs. Each component is designed to be completed in short time allotments, or all at once, to suit your schedule. It will take approximately 1 hour to complete both courses.

Create a safe & respectful environment for all with these important lessons from Eleventure.

Ally Up: Using allyship to advance diversity & inclusion

How to connect across difference and build a better, more equitable workplace and world — together

Created by Victoria Mattingly - Organizational psychologist making work better for humans


Students: 5635, Price: $199.99

Students: 5635, Price:  Paid

Are you ready to accelerate diversity, equity, & inclusion (DE&I) efforts at your organization? Are you...

...a majority group member unsure what your role is in supporting and advocating for underrepresented or disadvantaged others? 
...a minority group member struggling with how to best engage allies to promote equity and social justice? 
...a senior leader or HR, L&D, and/or a DE&I representative wanting to build out an allyship program at your organization? 

Then Ally Up is for you!

In this course, you'll learn all about how you can use allyship to create a more inclusive and fair workplace and world by effectively connecting across difference and partnering together to disrupt the status quo and build a world where EVERYONE has an equal opportunity to thrive.

Allyship is a relationship between an ally and their partner, working together toward the shared goal of fairness, equity, and social justice. Someone shouldn't call themselves an ally, though. Only the person who benefits from an ally’s work should award this designation. Consider the word ally to be a verb. It’s not who someone is, but what they do.

An ally is someone who:

  1. Uses their power and status...

  2. To support and advocate for...

  3. Someone who doesn’t share a key part of their identity. For example, male allies for women, white allies for People of Color, straight allies for LGBTQ+ individuals, and so on.

In this course, you will learn the unique roles allies and the people they serve (who I refer to as "partners") need to play to advance inclusion and equity at your company.

  • In section 1, you'll be introduced to the concept of allyship, why it matters, and what makes for the best ally partnerships between people across difference

  • In section 2, you'll do the necessary inner work required for successful ally partnerships, including checking your bias and leveraging your privilege for good

  • In section 3, you'll learn strategies for connecting and communicating across difference

  • In section 4, you'll learn how to navigate tough conversations and how to lay the ground work for ongoing, systemic change

  • In section 5, you'll learn about the specific actions allies and partners take

  • And in section 6 you'll receive a quick summary of what was covered and encouragement to continue this work moving forward

This course comes with an Allyship Playbook with reflection exercises, tools, and assessments you can use to help you in your ally partnership. Use this playbook as many times as you need for different ally relationships, whether you're in the role of the ally or the partner. I've also included comprehensive course notes with lots of great resources and additional materials to help you learn more about allyship.

There is no time like the present to start working towards a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive world through allyship, so enroll today!

Inclusive Leadership: Working with Equality and Diversity

Gain the emotional intelligence skills to make you a successful inclusive leader in today’s global economy.

Created by Robin Hills - Business Psychologist, Emotional Intelligence Trainer


Students: 5487, Price: $119.99

Students: 5487, Price:  Paid

As a leader you are responsible for generating trust, building authentic relationships and effective teams.  It is vital that you lead by example and inspire excellence in others.

This course will help you to develop and apply your skills as an inclusive leader. You will learn more about working with equality and diversity to include all types of people to confidently engage with you as a leader.

Leadership is about influencing others through personal attributes and behaviours, underpinned by emotional intelligence, to achieve prescribed outcomes.

Inclusive Leadership is about treating people and groups fairly based on their unique characteristics, rather than acting on biases derived from stereotypes.   

It is also about personalising individuals, understanding and valuing the uniqueness and differences of others while at the same time including them as members of the organisation, networks and work groups.   

Inclusive Leadership is about utilising the thinking of diverse groups for smarter ideas, solutions and decision making.  Inclusive leadership has the potential to provide different approaches and ways of working that move the organisation forward.  

This course will help you to develop and apply your skills as an inclusive leader. You will learn more about equality and diversity to grow your team and your organisation, enhance their performance and improve your personal satisfaction.  Critical thinking to work in an emotionally intelligent manner forms a major component of the skills of an Inclusive Leader to overcome unconscious bias.  This is covered in detail within the course.

By taking this course, you will be able to

  •  Determine what equality, diversity and inclusion means for inclusive leadership 

  •  Discover the impact of bias and unconscious bias in equality and diversity

  •  Demonstrate the attributes of an emotionally intelligent, inclusive leader through critical thinking

  • Describe how to inspire and foster respect through your work with equality and diversity

  •  Explore your ability to incorporate an inclusive approach into all that you say and do as a leader

The course gives you practical tools and actions to begin leading inclusively with immediate effect. You will strengthen your relationships with others, build your awareness of unconscious bias, develop your critical thinking skills, and become a senior advocate for inclusive workplace cultures. You can expect to see the results of a more inclusive culture, both internally and externally, very quickly.

There is a practical activity in the course that invites you to assess your inclusive leadership traits.  It requires you to do some reflective thinking, to get some feedback and to discuss your development with others. By completing this activity fully, you will be able to examine your inclusive leadership traits and recognise what you need to do to grow and develop as an inclusive leader.   I am here to help and guide you.

This course is a standalone course for anyone interested in understanding how work to more effectively with others as a leader. It compliments other courses that explore emotional intelligence in more depth.

You'll receive all the information that you need and will be coached using loads of practical hints that you can use straight away.

The course is for you if you want to develop as an inclusive leader to improve the way that you interact with other people, the way that you make decisions and the way that you manage performance.

The course material makes up a one to two day workshop so is equivalent to 8 -12 hour's training. It forms part of our advanced emotional intelligence course endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

The course is being continually refined and updated to ensure it remains current and relevant.  Feedback is always welcome. 

The course is featured in the Udemy for Business catalogue.  A few people are instructed to take the course under duress by their organisation.  Some of these learners have been known to leave low ratings without comments - not the behaviour expected of appreciative, inclusive leaders!  Watch the preview lecture on The Inclusive Leader and Feedback.  Constructive feedback is always welcome as I want to made this course the best that it can be.

Lessons are being continually upgraded and rerecorded to improve the overall quality and new activities have been added to enhance your learner experience.  This ensures the course remains current and relevant.  

All PDFs are Section 508 / ADA Accessibility compliant.

All videos have grammatically correct English captions.

Latest update - August 2021

Diversity for Dummies: Making Multiculturalism Work

Advance Diversity and Inclusion in Your Organization and Life!

Created by Warren Chalklen, PhD - Education Innovator | 145,046 Students


Students: 5244, Price: Free

Students: 5244, Price:  Free

To build prosperous communities, nurturing schools, and innovative businesses; we require understanding of how to work with people from all walks of life. This course systematically prepares anyone interested in diversity and multiculturalism with important skills to make their environments more inclusive, safe, productive, and connected.

Concepts covered include the cultural, historical, and philosophical foundations of education in a multicultural society. We begin by outlining the principles of multicultural education, before looking at the connections between issues such as race, class, gender, and sexual orientation.

We also cover less addressed issues of diversity such as language, geography, religion, and the youth culture. Optional discussions, activities, and a range of additional readings deepen the learning so that anyone taking the class can put the ideas into practice right away.

A Diversity Deep-Dive, Leadership Insights and Lessons !

The Research and Evidence, on Diversity and Inclusion; Insights, Lessons, and Strategies, for Leaders and Managers.

Created by Sivakami S ; MBA ; Ph.D (ongoing) - Experienced Business Leader, Academic, and Research Scholar


Students: 3716, Price: $84.99

Students: 3716, Price:  Paid

Diversity and Inclusion have been buzzwords for several decades now, and many people agree that it is the right thing to do!

And yet, over these decades, not much progress has been made ! People continue to be uncomfortable about diversity, both in their neighbourhoods, and in the workplace. This Course will help you understand why.

This Course will also look at what the Research and Studies say ...

Are there any Business Benefits to Diversity?
Are there other Benefits? What are they?

Why is Diversity beneficial to us? What advantages does it bring?

Why are Diversity and inclusion so hard to accept, and improve? Do we have any barriers to it?

What are the Initiatives that will help improve Diversity in Organisations, across all levels? Which of these initiatives actually work, and which don't ?

What are the various cultural differences, what benefits does MultiCulturalism bring ?

Diversity and Inclusion are essential for a fair and just world, but there are a lot more benefits to having diversity, especially in the workplace.

Learn about all of these, and more.

ENROLL in this Path-breaking and Comprehensive Deep-Dive into Diversity, for Leaders and Managers!

Some Images and Videos courtesy Pixabay, Pexels, Pressfoto and FreePik. Some Music snippets courtesy Bensound.

Manage Diversity

Gain the tools you need to encourage positive interactions and coach your team to the next level.

Created by Eleventure Team - Higher Learning. @ Work


Students: 3438, Price: $29.99

Students: 3438, Price:  Paid

Do you know how to make your workplace a safe & respectful space? Are you missing leadership opportunities because you're sending the wrong message to others? Making everyone in your workplace feel welcome comes down to treating everyone with respect. Many managers underestimate the importance of being personable & approachable, but you can make changes & reach out to increase your “approachability” quotient.

Coaching helps your team reach performance goals & develops employees. Working together works better, so whether you're coaching star performers to achieve at the next level or guiding team members to unlock their true potential, discover the key skills you need to coach a winning performance

Course 1: Respect Gender & Sexual Differences
Foster a safe & respectful workplace by learning how to treat gender & sexual differences with respect.

• Say the right thing
• Show respect for all
• Be the change

Course 2: Navigate the 4 Generational Workplace
Understand & overcome the challenges of working in a multigenerational environment with these simple steps to leverage age diversity.

• Work across generations
• Focus on people
• Learn from one another

Course 3: Respect Ethnic & Racial Differences
Foster a safe & respectful workplace by learning how to treat ethnic & racial differences with respect.

• Say the right thing
• Make it right
• Show respect for all

Course 4: Be Approachable
Identify your own non-verbal habits & learn the skills to take your approachability to the next level.

• Assess your own approachability
• Recognize the non-verbal vibes you're sending
• Be more interactive with better listening & understanding

Course 5: Coach as a Manager
Win with these coaching skills to take your team to the next level & unlock hidden potential.

• Establish credibility with your team
• Set expectations to assess performance
• Give your team meaningful feedback

With enhanced mobile access, this five course bundle includes dynamic video, tips from industry leaders, & downloadable PDFs. Each component is designed to be completed in short time allotments, or all at once, to suit your schedule. It will take approximately 1 hour to complete all courses.

Create a respectful environment and gain the tools you need to take your team to the next level.

Leadership & Cultural Diversity (Accredited Oxford Diploma)

(18 hrs) Generations; Cultural Diversity and Management -& Leadership in India & Industrial Organisational Strategy

Created by Chris Bankes Sivewright - Best selling Instructor, author, actor...volunteer


Students: 2157, Price: $89.99

Students: 2157, Price:  Paid

IMPORTANT: This course has an emphasis on discussion - the course is to a world-wide global class. We can all learn from one another. This long  Diploma course is serious and workbooks and assignments are set. Leadership is not about watching videos alone but discussing, considering, suggesting and then making decisions. The Educational Announcements and the Q/A ensure that this course is always up to date.

Recent review:

"love detailed oriented people, and this instructor not only has a vision, he takes the best time to explain himself and his method"

  • Twenty new lectures added 25th May 2021

  • New lecture added 6th April 2020: Leadership Research. This lecture includes extensive homework.

  • WORKBOOK ADDED APRIL 2020: Leadership in India

  • WORKBOOK ADDED 29 July 2020: Industrial Organisational Strategy

This course is split into three sections:


  • Generations in workplace

  • 8 things to know Millennials

  • Generation alpha

  • The Skeldon approach

Cultural diversity

  • Benefits

  • Dressing Gown theory

  • Challenges


  • Managing Baby Boomers

  • Managing a multi-generational workplace

The emphasis throughout in giving practical examples and the setting of research topics. You - the students from 166 countries - know far more than I do about your own culture, your own skills and your own workplace environments. I bring to the course my academic and work-based background, (too many) years of experience and a willingness to listen.

Many many lectures about the generations - interspersed with clips from films which I had the privilege of acting in - and some exercises/questions for you to answer.


  • Maslow

  • Herzberg

  • Taylor

  • McGregor

  • Skeldon approach

  • Dressing gown theory

So, some new(ish) and some old.

But all relevant.

Succeed with Personality Diversity

Leverage personality diversity to improve self-awareness, communication, teamwork and leadership with the E-Colors

Created by Equilibria Services Limited - Helping People Realize Their Potential


Students: 966, Price: $149.99

Students: 966, Price:  Paid

Do you want to have the ability to exponentially advance in your career?


Would you like to feel in control of the choices that you make and spend much less time regretting your actions or inactions?


Would you like to know how to develop stronger personal and professional relationships?


Is the thought of severely reducing your level of frustration caused by people who you don’t understand attractive to you?


Then Succeed with Personality Diversity is the perfect course for you.


Our focus is simple, to give you practical tools that you can quickly integrate in your life, enabling you to experience professional and personal success.


The E-Colors and Personal Intervention are the basis of Equilibria’s proprietary personality diversity system, which use personality as a common language to lead to greater self-awareness, understanding of others, and meaningful change and improvement.


The Facilitators

Deborah Duncan and David Oliphant, will help to facilitate your learning journey in this course. Equilibria collaborated with these highly professional facilitators to ensure the most engaging experience for participants. 

David is a Personality Diversity Specialist with Equilibria and has experience as a TV host. Deborah is currently the TV Host for the Great Day Houston daily morning show.  

If you join this course you will have access to:

  • Over 60 lectures divided into six sections

  • A minimum of ten articles with guided self-development assignments

  • A printable workbook to use throughout the course and after course completion

  • A competency test at the end of the course

  • ...and if you meet all of the requirements you will also receive a digital certificate and a digital stamp.

**Please note that successful completion of this course will not allow participants to deliver the contents within, if you wish to pursue this option, contact once you have completed the course**


People who purchase this course will get access to ask questions directly to a team of Equilibria Personality Diversity Specialists. 

More than half a million people globally are using Equilibria’s tools to activate their potential. Join now and be a part of the largest growing personality diversity community in the world.

Diversity and Inclusion Certification2 Management Coaching

Diversity and Inclusion Management Coaching Level 2 Grads Accredited Diversity and Inclusion Certification and Directory

Created by Get Results Coach Academy - Management Coach Certifications|Management Coaching Training


Students: 961, Price: $124.99

Students: 961, Price:  Paid

In your company, Diversity and Inclusion has suffered since the crisis. Imagine that you’ve been selected to implement a company-wide New Normal Diversity and Inclusion Program. Your challenge is to coach a global team of highly skilled diverse employees to adapt a more inclusive strategy that gets results. This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! The problem is, they want you to start tomorrow.

Are you prepared for the challenge? Do you have the technology and mindset know-how to coach a hybrid remote/in-office team? Do you understand the top 10 unconscious bias that negatively impact Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace? Do you have a proven Diversity and Inclusion Group Coaching Program with the exact questions and interactive online resources to GET BETTER RESULTS in the new normal?

The New Normal Get Results Inclusion Approach Shows You How to Manage Diversity in the Workplace

Opportunities like this can change your career! As Curriculum Developer and Lead Instructor for Get Results Coach Academy, I designed Diversity and Inclusion Certification Management Coaching Training to give you everything you need to confidently manage diversity in the workplace and coach a team toward inclusion success starting today. 

Whether you lead a remote team, an in-office team or a combination of both, you are guided step-by-step with the exact how to manage diversity in the workplace plan through mastery of the Diversity and Inclusion Management Coaching for getting results in the new normal.

  • Build your confidence, even if you have never organized a virtual workspace or ran a virtual meeting, through Level 1 behind-the-scenes video training, hands-on practicums and my step-by-step guidance.

  • Maximize your impact using my done-for-you action focused Diversity and Inclusion Get Results Coaching Model to engage a remote team, in-office team or a combination of both.

  • Advance your people skills with 10 unconscious bias re-enactments that take the guesswork out of understanding your teams’ underlying challenges.

  • Increase your aptitude in using the latest technology for delivering virtual meetings and managing virtual workspaces.

  • Accelerate your Diversity and Inclusion Management Coach Career or Business/Practice with free but optional Level 2 coaching practicums and Diversity and Inclusion Management Coach Directory Listing.

Management Coaching Specializing in Diversity and Inclusion to Get Results in the New Normal

The Covid-19 crisis changed the way many companies work. Remote work and teams divided are the new normal. According to a white paper called COVID-19 Impact on Diversity & Inclusion published by Boston College, the crisis has created more division.

The findings, which identified the impact of this crisis on Diversity and Inclusion within organizations, state that “one of the greatest challenges is understanding the needs and circumstances of employees who themselves are diverse in all of the traditional measures, but also are affected by widely varying life, work, family and mental health conditions." 

The white paper sums up by concluding that during crises, the presence of diversity and the practice of inclusion is essential.  Now more than ever, you need a targeted program that mitigates any further negative impact. You need a Diversity and Inclusion Program that Gets New Results.

Diversity and Inclusion Certification Management Coaching Content Overview

With 11 hours of video tutorials, 162 downloadable resources ready to use, hands-on practice assignments, interactive learning and Q & A, this continually updated course keeps you relevant and indispensable as a Leader. Let's break it down for you:

  • I developed my GET RESULTS Management Coaching Program to provide you with the professionalism yet agility that is required in today’s fast-paced ever-changing workplace. In each section of the course, you receive specific Diversity and Inclusion insight that is relevant for this new workplace normal.

  • Through case-study re-enactments, you look closely at the complexity of the human psyche impacted by unconscious bias that is sometimes slow to change and how this ultimately alters the company culture if left unchecked. You assess your own bias and with what you discover, adjust as needed before coaching your team.

  • You learn how to set up a Slack Workspace for delivering the Diversity and Inclusion GET RESULTS Program. Even if you have used Slack before, you will learn how to develop an engaged, diverse and inclusive virtual workplace that gets results.

  • You are given step-by-step instruction designed to improve your proficiency using the latest technology to deliver the remote meetings as well as the how-to insight for delivering the professional program.

  • Even if there is no money for Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, the strategically selected interactive online resources are free to use. The research, coaching questions and the usable PDF documents have been developed for your use saving you time and money.

LEVEL 1 CERTIFICATION: Students and Graduates of Get Results Coach Academy on Udemy benefit from the G.R.C.A 2 Levels of Certification at no extra cost. Level 1 is to watch 100% of the lectures and you receive a verifiable certificate of completion from Udemy.

LEVEL 2 CERTIFICATION: Level 2 is to watch 100% of the lectures and complete the hands-on coaching practicums. After you pass the assessment criteria, you receive the Get Results Coach Academy verifiable certificate of completion and receive a free listing in our Certified Diversity and Inclusion Management Coaching Directory.

PREVIEW THE COURSE: Before enrolling, preview the course for full details on both Level 1 and Level 2 outlined in the Certification + FAQ video.

Diversity and Inclusion Management Coaching Students Share Their Experience

"Extremely practical information and step by step processes appeal to the busy professional"

"Louise A. Maurice always gives great information for our life long study for our coaching businesses. Love, Love, the courses"

"I've been in working Diversity groups before, and this is looking at it from a different angle at the moment particularly in a closer team setting than an overall company picture catering for different groups"

"I am just in part 3 of the program, but loving every minute. The presenter is organized and easy to understand, and the supplemental materials have already come in handy at work"

Excel as a Leader in the New Normal with Diversity and Inclusion Management Coaching

Let me show you how to manage diversity and inclusion for success in the new normal!  If you have never met me before my name is Louise Anne Maurice. The thousands and thousands of people I have either coached, trained, consulted or taught over the past 30+ years have benefited from my Empowered Coaching Approach™.

I teamed up with the Udemy E-Learning Platform to make my proprietary Diversity and Inclusion Management Coaching Certification Training Course easily accessible to a global audience at an affordable price. This comprehensive and streamlined curriculum shortens the learning curve for you to become a Professional World-Class Diversity and Inclusion Management Coach.

I invite you to join with me as well as the other students starting today! Simply click on the “Buy now” button to enroll in this course or click on the “Add to cart” button to enroll in all 10 courses of the Master Management Coaching Certification Training Program.

I will see you in the first lecture.


Your Coach Louise Anne Maurice

© Intellectual Copyright of all details in this description (except for student reviews) and training material in this Diversity and Inclusion Management Coaching Certification Training Course are owned by Louise Anne Maurice of Get Results Coach Academy

How to Implement a Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Program

This course sets you up with the tools you need to create a workplace that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

Created by Illumeo Learning - Condensed and Efficient Courses for Busy Professionals


Students: 410, Price: $24.99

Students: 410, Price:  Paid

This course sets you up with the tools you need to create a workplace that celebrates diversity and inclusion. Employers who want the competitive advantage know that they must go above and beyond the requirements of the law and create an inclusive environment where the needs of all employees can be met. The most successful companies in the world place diversity high on their priority list.

The course covers developing a diversity audit plan and related strategic  plan, along with diversity recruiting, performance management and communication. We will finish with some thoughts on overcoming challenges.

Executive Presence and the Diversity Dilemma

How to develop Executive Presence without compromising your Diversity

Created by Joe Kwon - The Connection Counselor


Students: 201, Price: $29.99

Students: 201, Price:  Paid

Why is Executive Presence one of the most sought-after skills?

It's not why you might think. It's not about admiration or owning the room. The real value is how Executive Presence helps you gain access to more opportunities to advance your career. In other words, Executive Presence sets the ceiling for your success. But how do you get it?

Copying others piecemeal doesn't work. You end up as a sort of inauthentic, Franken-xecutive. Ignoring others to "just do you" is also a losing strategy. You end up excluded from the inner circle and are left to ponder your sins in career purgatory. So what works?

We are all diverse in ways that are seen and unseen. The question is, "how do you leverage your diversity?" In every organization and in the hearts and minds of its people is a prevailing mental model of a leader. Very few people fit this model to a T, so most are faced with a choice. Do you sacrifice your diversity to be viewed as more leader-like or do you embrace your diversity at the risk of being viewed less leader-like?

This is the Diversity Dilemma.

This course provides two powerful breakthroughs:

  1. How you can generate Executive Presence - in any situation and any organization

  2. How to handle the Diversity Dilemma without sacrificing your diversity or success

Do you ever wonder if "being you" is hurting your career? Have you ever suspected (or been told) that it was your lack of Executive Presence and not your performance that was limiting your career? If so, join us as we explore how you can not only command any room, but take command of your career - all while being yourself and not someone else.

I see you and your power. Now let's make sure everyone else does!

Inclusion, Equality and Diversity

The first steps in understanding

Created by Robert Mitton - Author | Speaker | Assessor | Trainer


Students: 184, Price: Free

Students: 184, Price:  Free

This course has been designed to give you the first basic understandings of equality and diversity and what this means in the workplace, this is an essential subject area for professional development in the workplace for HR professionals, Leaders, Managers and those who are curious to develop their own understanding on the subject.

Use this course to give you the basics of the subject, it may inspire you to go off and develop more!

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: A Psychological Perspective.

Created by Loubna Charef - Industrial and Organizational Psychology consultant


Students: 116, Price: $19.99

Students: 116, Price:  Paid

Diversity is the Gateways, the decision points. Inclusion is the pathways

Inclusion is what happens before and after the official decision in which people are formally brought into a group. Think of diversity as the gateways to schools, organizations, and communities, and inclusion as the pathways leading up to and after that gateway. In other words, gateways are the decision points when we track the diversity numbers such as admission, hiring promotions, and salary decisions. Pathways are the moment that shapes those outcomes, but they are not tracked by a formal statistic.

If you take this course, you will:

  1. Understand what Diversity and inclusion mean,

  2. Understand its dynamics and

  3. Identify ways to manage it so that you can better channel the diversity potential in the workplace for greater performance and innovation.

  4. Anyone interested in Diversity and inclusion

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Describe why Diversity and inclusion is important in today’s society

  2. Explain the implications that Diversity and inclusion have on the workplace

  3. Develop an action plan for hiring a diverse team

  4. Recommend strategies for helping their organization promote Diversity and inclusion

  5. Develop strategies for managing diverse teams

  6. Create a company diversity and inclusion handbook

  7. Create a personalized plan to ensure continued Diversity and inclusion awareness development

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Learning to utilize an anti-racist approach to cultivate racial equity within organizational ecosystems.

Created by Abigail Baker - Founder at Tephra Miriam Consulting


Students: 85, Price: $29.99

Students: 85, Price:  Paid

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is for all. It's not just a phase but a permanent behavior that needs to permeate corporate America. D&I impacts growth, morale, retention, talent management and so many other facets of work-life. It's critical that both employees and managers have the education, tools, and support to build inclusive cultures that are able to compete in a global economy. D&I creates a better organization for EVERYONE!

The goal of this course is to provide education on the history of D&I, create experiences that cause reflection, and provide resources so that you can learn more.

These lectures were built on four pillars which are:

  • Education

  • Reform

  • Reflection

  • Accountability

Reflection is probably one of the most important pieces of these four pillars and it's integrated deeply into all of my curricula because many people move too quickly from education to reform without deep reflection. Without a true change in mindset, behavior cannot be impacted and the goal is not to command people to diversify and be inclusive but to cultivate and plant seeds so that these behaviors are organic and grow behaviors without dictatorship. A lack of accountability is an obstacle to change. I will provide ideas on how to create accountability in this area but the choice is up to you.

Creating diverse, anti-racist, and inclusive workplaces starts with personal responsibility, and I encourage anyone who is taking this course to start and keep a notebook and write down questions, and responses to the many reflection questions that will be presented throughout this course.

Implementing Supplier Development and Diversity

How to build a supplier development and diversity program that will have a measurable impact for your supply chain.

Created by Daniel Stanton - Mr. Supply Chain®


Students: 76, Price: $49.99

Students: 76, Price:  Paid

Right now, supplier development and supplier diversity are more important than ever for businesses, and for the customers and communities in their supply chains.

LinkedIn has thousands of jobs openings for supply chain professionals who understand supplier development and diversity. Each year, companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Intel invest billions of dollars into supplier development and diversity programs. Government agencies often set aside lucrative contracts for minority-owned firms. This creates amazing opportunities for small businesses to get ahead, and it also creates exciting career opportunities for the supply chain professionals who understand how to manage these programs effectively.

Ready to learn more? Join Daniel Stanton - Mr. Supply Chain - and David Burton, CEO and Founder of the Diverse Manufacturing Supply Chain Alliance, to get an inside look at how leading companies design and implement their supplier development and diversity programs.

This course is designed for business executives, supply chain management professionals, and project management professionals who want to increase both the quality and diversity of the companies in their supply base. It will also be useful for professionals interested in process improvement methods such as Lean, Six Sigma, and Theory of Constraints. Do you need professional development to maintain your CSCP, CPIM, or CLTD certification from APICS and ASCM? How about the SCPro from CSCMP or the CPSM and CPSD from ISM? Or even the PMP from PMI? Please check with your certification provider to confirm, but they should approve continuing education credits for completing this course.

Diversity Hiring: Recruitment, Interviewing & Inclusion

Diversity hiring, Inclusive hiring, Manage Unconscious Bias, Recruitment Marketing, Interviewing, Gender diversity

Created by Yogesh Sharma - Global Talent Acquisition Leader and Coach at RecruitOn


Students: 76, Price: $19.99

Students: 76, Price:  Paid

Workplace diversity has become a hot button issue and a top priority for recruitment departments.

A recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that 57% of recruiters say their talent acquisition strategies are designed to attract diverse candidates.

Recruiters and Talent Acquisition leaders everywhere are being tasked to increase workplace diversity. So why is it so hard to move the needle?

Is it a pipeline issue as it’s often argued? Are unconscious biases interfering with recruitment decision making? As with most complicated issues, it’s all of the above. However, promising new research is showing us insights on how to effectively increase diversity in the workplace.

We created this step-by-step guide on how to effectively, fairly, and objectively increase diversity through your recruitment.   This workshop has four major sections as follows:

1- Introduction, Challenges & Opportunities

2- Sourcing (On LinkedIn, Facebook, Digital Campaign, AI Tools, Applicant Tracking System, Blind Hiring)

3 - Recruitment Marketing (Job Descriptions, Engaging Content, Video JD, Employee Stories)

4 - Interviewing - Unconscious Bias, Structured Interviews, Interview Question (What to ask and what to avoid)

This program is designed for all audience who are interested to learn Diversity hiring, however experience in Talent Acquisition and Sourcing skills on social media would be of help. 

You should join Social media recruitment and Employer Branding program from same Instructor Mr Yogesh on Udemy to get more insights about Xray Search, LinkedIn Recruitment & Social Recruiting.

Diversity Now 2020

Learn how to embrace Diversity and how to support Diverse Talent to thrive

Created by Nordic Diversity Trainers - Intercultural Communication, Diversity and Business Experts


Students: 43, Price: $29.99

Students: 43, Price:  Paid

Find out how diversity works, how to successfully build a diverse organisation, how municipalities should be structured and how you can deal with crisis. Gain personal growth through challenging your own implicit bias and get ready to participate in the topics discussed today. Recognise and embrace yourself and others as part of diversity. We have used our combined experience of over forty years in business, NGO´s and Diversity Training in order to create the best possible course for you. We encourage you to take steps and action after every section and will go every step with you towards becoming a person who fits in with the world of tomorrow.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

How to tackle and avoid discrimination

Created by Dr Neil Thompson - Avenue Media Solutions


Students: 40, Price: $24.99

Students: 40, Price:  Paid

The field of equality, diversity and inclusion is a very complex one, but also one that has been characterized by considerable oversimplification over the years that has led to a number of problems. This introductory course has therefore been developed to clarify what the important issues are and move away from the mistakes of the past and establish a much firmer understanding of what needs to be done to develop and maintain workplaces rooted in fairness and an appreciation of what different people can bring.

The course consists of three video-based lessons, each emphasizing a different set of key points:

  1. Why promote equality, diversity and inclusion? This lesson clarifies the rationale for paying attention to the issues involved and also offers important definitions of the key terms (equality, diversity, inclusion) to avoid misunderstanding.
  2. Learning from past mistakes Historically our track record in addressing these issues has been mixed. While we have made good progress in some respects, we also have to acknowledge that some of the steps taken in the name of equality have been ineffective and have even created additional problems. This lesson therefore focuses on what can be learned from those mistakes.
  3. Pitfalls to avoid Continuing the ‘learning from mistakes’ theme, this lesson identifies a number of pitfalls to avoid to make sure that our efforts to promote equality, diversity and inclusion are as effective as possible.

There is also a module companion workbook that you will need to print out before you start the course. It contains space for notes plus an exercise relating to each of the three lessons. This is an important resource for you, as it will help to extend and consolidate your understanding and provide you with a set of notes to act as a reference source for future development. 

Diversity Management

Learn how to Manage Diversity and how to boost performance through Diversity

Created by Management Study Guide - pave your way to success


Students: 37, Price: $19.99

Students: 37, Price:  Paid

Diversity Management is defined as “planning and implementing organizational systems and practices to manage people so that the potential advantages of diversity are maximized while its potential disadvantages are minimized”.

This course helps you understand different culture and how to communicate across cultures. The course helps you find out how diversity works, lists down the ways to encourage diversity and teaches you how to successfully build a diverse organisation.

LGBTQIA++ : To create awareness on diversity and inclusion

Learn more about the LGBTQIA++ community.

Created by Melissa Luckhoff - Social Worker / Counsellor / Psychometrist / Educator


Students: 30, Price: $44.99

Students: 30, Price:  Paid

If you are just beginning to explore the diversity, equity and inclusion space and are interested in sharpening your understanding, then I’ve designed a course just for you. The objective of this course is to share some facts about the LGBTQIA community, discrimination, prejudice and stereotypes.  All important things to understand, as it influences our unconscious attitude and behaviour to other people.  By creating an understanding of sexual and gender diversity, we can challenge the narratives, myths, stereotypes and misconceptions we have about LGBTQ identifying persons.

In this course we will look at:

  • Some interesting background statistics

  • Building a new vocabulary around LGBTQ terminology and groupings

  • Look at different types of discrimination that the LGBTQ community experience

  • Differentiate between stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination

  • Look at the root of discrimination of LGBTQ persons

  • Offer different strategies to combat bullying of LGBTQ persons.

  • Through the above information improve your understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Why Learn From Me?

As an experienced course creator and presenter, I have experience translating information in the field of education, social work and psychology into  engaging, understandable and fairly simple presentations. Professionals who attend my trainings routinely provide positive feedback. I hope you can join this group of satisfied students and learn something new about diversity and inclusion.

So take this course now and learn more about the LGBTQ community!

Managing equality, diversity and inclusion

Promoting good practice

Created by Dr Neil Thompson - Avenue Media Solutions


Students: 25, Price: $24.99

Students: 25, Price:  Paid

This course has been developed as a follow-on course from the Equality, diversity and inclusion course. It has been produced with two groups of people in mind: (i) anyone interested in taking their understanding of the subject to the next level; and (ii) managers with a responsibility for developing and sustaining a culture rooted in equality, diversity and inclusion. It comprises three video-based lessons:

Lesson 1: Understanding the complexities: PCS analysis This lesson, divided into four parts, presents a helpful framework for understanding how and why the issues involved in equality, diversity and inclusion are so complex. PCS analysis serves as a useful analytical tool for making sense of those complexities. It begins by revisiting the key concepts of equality and diversity.

Lesson 2: Beyond political correctness Many of the difficulties around equality, diversity and inclusion revolve around the use of language. However, the simplistic political correctness approach of simply banning certain words has created more problems than it has solved. This lesson, also divided into four parts, provides a much more realistic approach to the complex relationship between discrimination and language.

Lesson 3: Making it a reality Embedding equality, diversity and inclusion into a workplace culture is a challenging matter, and so this lesson explores steps that can be taken to equip you to rise to that challenge as effectively as possible.

There is also a module companion workbook that you will need to print out before you start the course. It contains space for notes plus an exercise relating to each of the three lessons. This is an important resource for you, as it will help to extend and consolidate your understanding and provide you with a set of notes to act as a reference source for future development. 

Diversity Sensitive Disability Evaluations

Distinguishing Difference Versus Disability (pre-referral-to-evaluation)

Created by MariLuz Genao - Education Consultant (Diversity Specialist)


Students: 22, Price: $89.99

Students: 22, Price:  Paid

This course stems from my work in creating guidance for the NYS-DOE on culturally and linguistically appropriate disability evaluations and is now updated with additional information, research and field recommendations.

Really understand what difference versus disability means:

Part 1

Learn about the SES, cultural, and linguistic considerations to take into account for accurate referrals and unbiased disability evaluations.

Understand disproportionality and psychometric mismatch. Get tips on updating your MTSS/RtI to be diversity sensitive.

Part 2

Learn about the various tools available for unbiased disability evaluations, including long term and short term dynamic assessments. Get more tips on updating your MTSS/RtI to be diversity sensitive.

Part 3

Join the follow up discussion and get access to a variety of free resources to begin implementation.

Participants may also receive CTLE and/or CEUs by following the instructions at the end of the course.