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Digital Marketing Agency Elite Consultants Masterclass

Learn how YOU can start & scale a digital marketing agency using a "simple" 3 step process without being an ads expert.

Created by Juan E. Galvan - Digital Entrepreneur | Marketer | Visionary


Students: 22396, Price: $124.99

Students: 22396, Price:  Paid

LEARN HOW YOU CAN GROW A SUCCESSFUL​ MARKETING AGENCY... in as little as 30 days or less as Juan pulls back the curtain on how you can get paid high monthly retainers and even if you have no prior marketing experience.

I've done the painful leg work so that you don't have to. When I first started, I struggled to get clients because I had no confidence. I was unsure how to get results or even how to sell and close clients. I was in the exact same boat that you might be in right now. But eventually, after hundreds of hours of trial and error, everything fell into place and clicked. Now I'm giving you the formula.

If you’re not where you want to be yet... The main thing holding you back from success is not having a simple, proven system for getting clients on a consistent basis. You see, finding leads is easy... and I'll show you how to do that… and once you find those leads, I'll show you how to close them on 3, 6, and even 12-month retainers.

Fulfilling services is also pretty simple, you're going to learn how to do that and if you don't want to do the work yourself, you can use my preferred white-labeled vendor that will serve your clients for you.

I'll also show you how you can GUARANTEE CUSTOMERS for your clients using a secret hack with absolutely zero risks. Whether you're completely new to space or looking to sharpen your skills, this program has just what you need. Presented by yours truly, Juan Galvan.

So if you're ready to make a change and learn how YOU can start and grow your very own digital marketing agency and land clients in as little as 30 days, then this is your defining moment to take action and change your life!

MailChimp for Beginners (1 hour starter course)

Learn the basics of MailChimp and email marketing in under an hour

Created by Doug Dennison - Email marketing enthusiast.


Students: 22143, Price: Free

Students: 22143, Price:  Free

Email marketing, why care?

  1. Cost – Email marketing is CHEAP, there are no two ways about it. Whether you do it yourself, or through an email marketing agency, marketing to hundreds of consumers via email is going to cost you tiddlywinks compared to other channels of advertising.
  2. Success - Emails can be targeting specifically to the ideal consumer. With this concept in mind, along with email cost-effectiveness, it’s no wonder that email marketing’s ROI often blows other direct marketing strategies out of the water – The trick is that you have to get it right!
  3. Measurability and Flexibility – With the analytics available today it’s easy to track responses to your emails exactly, in order to work out what parts of your campaign are working and what parts aren’t. With this knowledge, you can then react instantly to modify your campaign strategy if need be.

Why MailChimp?

More than 12 million people and businesses use MailChimp to send 1 billion emails every day. MailChimp truly is the global leader in email marketing. With powerful features and an easy to use interface, MailChimp is your new best friend.

This course is designed to do two things:

This course is just under an hour from start to finish, and designed to give you a basic understanding of...

  1. How MailChimp works
  2. How to create effective email campaigns

This course is just under an hour from start to finish, and designed to give you a basic understanding.

Google Analytics Course Zero To Hero

Best Google Analytics Instructions for Business, Track Digital Marketing Analytics to Grow Sales & Optimize Your Website

Created by Pouya Eti • Digital Marketing Expert - Digital Instagram Marketer, Author & Entrepreneur


Students: 22093, Price: Free

Students: 22093, Price:  Free

Google Analytics Course To Improve Your Website And Business

We will follow powerful Google Analytics instructions to set up our Google Analytics, learn to read the information and analyze them to grow our business and avoid hard mistakes.


In this WordPress Website course You will learn how to:

  • Setup Google Analytics and activate all of the important triggers to receive data.

  • Read and analyze data to improve and grow your business.

  • Use powerful custom dashboard for marketing and sales.

  • Track your conversions and grow them

  • Find the exact places on your website that you need to improve.

  • And much more ...


During this Google Analytics course we will learn and practice every important element that exist and you need to use to receive important data from your website and use it to improve your business.

Google analytics is a powerful platform that nowadays if you really want to become successful and be able to compete with other brands in your niche you must use it. Even if your business is local, learning Google analytics will give you the right mentality to apply on your business, to find problems, to find mistakes and to solve them.


Along the way I will point out to many powerful marketing tips that can grow your business and website much faster. Pay attention to the bonus marketing strategies inside the course.


If you really want to achieve everything said above join this course NOW! , setup and use Google Analytics and take your business to the next level with "Create WordPress Website For Marketing & Sales" course.

WordPress Website For Marketing & Sales by Pouya Eti 

Marketing Psychology: How To Become A Master Of Influence

Marketing Psychology Secrets Revealed – How To Sell High-End Products On Autopilot (Real-Life Example Included)

Created by Vladimir Raykov - Agile Product Manager, PSM II (TM) & PSPO II (TM) Certified


Students: 21827, Price: $109.99

Students: 21827, Price:  Paid

If you’ve been desperately looking for world-class marketing strategies and techniques to increase your marketing influence, convert more visitors into leads, drive more sales, and ultimately grow your business, then enrolling and completing this program might be one of the best business decisions you’ve ever made!

 ...and before I tell you why let me first introduce myself….

Important Updates For 2021:

  • I've added my traffic system for getting high-paying clients from Amazon.

  • [Mini Course - 11 Lectures] How to apply Scarcity Marketing professionally (theory plus step-by-step instructions).

  • I've added a (frequently updated) list of books that I recommend on the topics of marketing and copywriting!

  • Training on how to build, implement and edit high-converting pages and funnels to your business (for marketers).

  • Over 1569 positive reviews and 21,598 students!


My name is Vladimir Raykov and I have sold over 20000 digital products online ranging from $7 to $497. During the last several years, I’ve been obsessed with learning and implementing cutting-edge marketing strategies that help businesses drive sales today.   

I’ve invested virtually thousands of dollars in formal and informal education and years sharpening my marketing skills.

I’ve analyzed the most successful online entrepreneurs today, their squeeze pages, sales pages, marketing funnels, customer service techniques, conversion techniques, pricing strategies, and what I found was shocking!    

They all use the very same psychological triggers to influence their prospects to buy from them, to become their customers. If I could summarize my findings with only one phrase, here it is - the most successful online entrepreneurs possess what I call - Marketing Influence!   

This is the key to their success, this is their competitive advantage.   

You might be asking, what is marketing influence all about?

Let me first tell you what marketing influence is NOT. 

  • This is not the latest trick for driving useless 1-cent per click Facebook traffic

  • This is not some weird NLP technique.

  • This is not misleading people into doing something they don’t want.

Marketing Influence is all about a solid understanding of human psychology and marketing. Once you have that understanding, you will be able to do marketing in a way that your prospects will be begging you to sell them your products.   

I’ve identified 5 main pillars that would help you increase your marketing influence to a point that you become the go-to expert in your industry, you start driving more sales than ever before, and you grow your business effortlessly. And this is not an exaggeration because we can use technology to automate over 90% of your marketing processes!   

And before I tell you more about these pillars, I want to show you what happened when I launched Marketing Psychology 101 at Udemy.   

Over 5000 people enrolled and the course quickly became a best-seller as you can see.

My students started implementing the techniques and saw results almost immediately. Here is what some of them said:   

"Marketing Professionals! You need to take this course. Vladimir is extremely knowledgeable and breaks down complex subjects into easy-to-understand material. You can learn more from taking a 1-hour course with Vladimir than you could in a year-long business course, it's that good." - Brent Dunn 

What about the next one...   

"Kick-ass principles that are too often ignored... Everybody will benefit from Vladimir's course, for real. If you're in the game of selling products, services, or even ideas, this course is the toolbox you need to become a master-convincer. Plus, Vladimir is really entertaining and the examples are nothing short but great!" - Robin Hanna

“If you are in marketing, (or any kind of business), take this course! It's a must!” - William Heredia   

"Great course! Following the instructor's advice, I got measurable positive results! Nice!!!" - Jordan Stanchev   

"Great course! Everyone that works with sales should check it out. Most of the advice can be used in any sale situation." - Johnny Hov   

And so many more similar reviews!   

Besides the reviews, some of my students posted discussions and sent me emails asking for Marketing Psychology 2.0   

And here is how I responded: “As for now, the interest for the Marketing Psychology Part 1 is great. I will seriously consider part 2.”   

And now, after 11 months of hard work, research, and testing marketing concepts, and thousands of dollars spent during the process, Marketing Psychology 2.0 is here.

I’m excited to introduce…   

Marketing Psychology: How To Become A Master Of Influence is officially live!

Now, let me tell you what this program will do for you and your business. As I’ve said, I’ve identified 5 main pillars that your business must possess if you want to increase your marketing influence, increase the number of sales, decrease your refund rates, automate your marketing, and ultimately grow your business.     

Marketing Pillar #1 - The Psychology Of Digital Information Product Creation   

Many people built information product businesses, including myself but even if your business is not about selling digital information products, this type of product can add tremendous value to your business in many ways.    

For example, you can use digital products as a marketing or customer satisfaction tool. This is what some of the biggest companies in the world do, companies like Facebook, Google, and Adobe! Why wouldn't you?   

In this section of the program, you will learn how to create digital information products of superior quality. I won't be teaching you the tech, boring stuff such as how to use screen recording or presentation software. I'll be teaching you proven, ready-to-implement techniques for creating content that moves people to take the action you want!   

More specifically, you will learn:   

  • How to write a compelling name for your product that will increase its perceived value and make prospects say “Yes, this is something I want”. We’ll do that by inserting the main benefit your product delivers in the name itself and we’ll make it specific by adding absolute numbers.


  • How to teach and explain your ideas in a way that will cause a positive change in behavior because the true purpose of learning is a behavioral change is not simply a collection of facts. I created a model that is deadly effective in terms of passing on information! I called it the APE Model. By the way, the APE model is so effective that it helped me receive over 2000 positive reviews for my digital products. It’s that good.


  • How to communicate in a way that your prospects and customers will understand you perfectly every time! You’ll discover the four learning styles proposed by the prominent Harvard Psychologist David Kolb. And if you are not aware of these, your marketing messages won’t relate to people’s needs which means disconnect and no sales. 


  • How to increase the perceived value of your ideas instantly and make them impossible to forget! That means people would be willing to pay a higher price for your digital products.    

Marketing Pillar #2 The Psychology Of Pricing

One of the areas online entrepreneurs feel uncertain about is the price tag of their product or service. What these entrepreneurs fail to understand is that perceived value is what matters when people make a buying decision!   

This is why you can find case studies all over the place when an increase in price leads to more sales. This is not what Economics 101 teaches us. I hope my professor in Economics won't get angry here.   

Here is what you will learn in this section.   

  • The four general pricing strategies and the two you must avoid at all costs.


  • How to apply the Framing Effect when presenting the price of your product to make it look like a real bargain! This technique is so effective that no matter how expensive your product is, your prospects will be in a hurry to buy it!


  • When the right time to present the price of your product is. Is it better to present the product first and then the price or the other way around?


  • How to use Decoy Pricing to increase sales by making people choose your desired pricing option. Apple uses that all the time when they are selling iPad.


  • How to do discounts the right way. And how entrepreneurs are killing their businesses by using discounts without realizing it.  


  • How to price your product line and the meaning of each product for your business. If you have only one product and this is your business - you are in trouble! We need to fix that.    

Let’s carry on.   

Marketing Pillar #3 The Psychology Of Conversion   

In this section, you will learn the most powerful psychological triggers to increase your conversions. That means more visitors will opt-in when they see your squeeze page and more subscribers will buy when they see your sales page or sales video.   

Regardless of the business you are in or will be in the future, these in-demand skills will help you sell effectively!   

More specifically, here is what you will learn:   

  • How to communicate directly to that part of the brain responsible for making a decision - we call that part - The Old Brain. And I can’t help myself here, I want to share the most important characteristic of the old brain, some people call it reptilian brain. It is selfishness. If the old brain could speak, he would say “What’s in it for me”.


  • The two underlying forces behind any kind of action we, humans, take and how to use these forces in your marketing messages. Tony Robbins talks about these all the time.


  • How to apply the Power Of Anticipation in your marketing! Jeff Walker and his students made over 500 million in sales using this principle!


  • How to apply the Urgency Principle, this is by far the best conversion tool in your marketing arsenal. Period.


  • How to eliminate Decision Fatigue because if you don’t, this negative psychological reaction will cause your visitors to walk away!


  • How to use bonuses professionally to increase your sales. And the #1 reason why bonuses don’t work!


  • How to use the most powerful form of Social Proof as a conversion tool.


  • When to use logical appeal and when to use emotional appeal in your marketing messages. The two advertising schools are always arguing about that.


  • Top 10 emotional triggers used by marketers. Fear is the first one, some of the rest might surprise you.


  • How to use Guarantees as risk removal or reversal devices. This will lead to more people buying your product.  

Marketing Pillar #4 The Psychology Of Your Marketing Funnel   

Here you will discover how to apply all of the psychological triggers you’ve learned in the previous section. I will teach you in a very detailed manner how to automate your marketing and build a highly effective marketing funnel for your business that will be driving sales on autopilot!   

More specifically, here is what you will learn:   

  • The critical elements behind ANY effective marketing funnel (no exceptions)! Why? Because if you don’t include these elements, your traffic would go down the drain.


  • How to identify your target audience (demographics and psychographics) so you can create your products and advertising campaigns specifically for these people!


  • The secrets behind high-converting squeeze pages. I’ve created a 12-step checklist for you to use when designing and creating your squeeze pages. And if you are new to digital marketing, a squeeze page is a type of landing page designed for one purpose alone - to capture email addresses.


  • How to create lead magnets that your visitors will crawl over broken glass to get. These lead magnets or ethical bribes are what you offer on your squeeze page.


  • A basic marketing funnel that you can use for selling products under $100. This funnel is super easy to set up. It can be virtually up and running in a few hours.


  • An advanced, evergreen marketing funnel that you can use for selling products from $397 to $2997. By the way, that’s the funnel I use for selling my $497 program. Use that funnel for your main offers and high-end offers.


  • How to set up your email sequence in the most effective way possible. And equally important is what to write in your emails. I got so detailed here that I opened my email service provider, Active Campaign, and recorded each step of the way leads go through. From downloading my lead magnet to making a purchase.


  • My secret, 12-step formula for writing a script for a sales video. I’ve also created a checklist to keep close when working on your sales video or sales page. There isn’t a filthy rich, online entrepreneur who hasn’t used this formula for selling his products!


  • How to use FAQ as an objection-killing device.


  • And a lot more!   

This section is particularly important because I did something very few entrepreneurs dare to do. I split my marketing funnel into its integral parts and I provided you with access so you can see how everything works together.   

My email sequence, my sales video, my value-based videos, all of the emails I send, everything! And again, this is not what worked in the past, this is what works today, right now!   

Some people would think I went crazy sharing such information, but I really care about my students and their success. That’s why I want to provide you with as many real-life examples as possible so you can model what works!    


Marketing Pillar #5 The Psychology Of Great Customer Service   

I hope you are not one of those people who think that buying your Product is the end of the customer’s journey. In fact, it’s the beginning and if you want to increase one of the most important metrics in your business - customer lifetime value, you will have to provide great customer service.   

That’s why I created this section and here is what you will learn:   

  • The two key findings or problems from a survey with 1046 participants. And the best free solutions.


  • How to implement an Onboarding Sequence that will WOW your customer, reduce refunds, remove buyer's remorse and increase customer happiness.


  • The swipe files of the emails from my own onboarding sequence. Use them as an example.


  • The best piece of advice I’ve been offered by an old man with 50 years of top-level managerial experience.


  • One of the most valuable assets in your online business and how to protect it.


  • And much, much more.  

This program consists of over 8.5 hours of marketing content with examples from working businesses. This is not some rehashed, out-of-date content that you can find freely on the Internet. I use scripts for my videos and a very specific framework that has been proven to increase your understanding and recall of the information I present.    

Let’s stop right here! I have some questions for you.

Please, imagine for a second what it would be to possess all these in-demand marketing skills? How would that change your business? The information you are about to learn has the potential power to double, triple, or even quadruple your business.   

How would that affect your lifestyle?   

You don’t have to invest tens of thousands of dollars in marketing education and spend years learning it the hard way. I’ve already done that and I want to teach you the best of what I know when we talk marketing. In other words, I did the heavy lifting for you.   

In fact, why do you want to have a successful business in the first place?   

Let me tell you about myself, for me, I can describe it with only one word - FREEDOM!   

I want to have location freedom, financial freedom, and time freedom! If that’s something you want then increasing your marketing influence, building your marketing funnels, and automating the processes is what will give you that freedom.   

Besides current business owners, this program is a great fit with:   

  • Would-be entrepreneurs. This is your all-in-one solution, especially if you want to start a digital information product business which I highly recommend.


  • Affiliate marketers. If you promote other people’s products and want to do it more effectively, this program will help you build your business and when the right time comes, just replace the product you promote with your own version, yes, create your own product and you will increase your profit margins significantly.


  • Marketing consultants. By the end of the program, you will be able to consult businesses online and improve the quality of their processes which will result in more leads and sales. As I've said, you are about to learn in-demand marketing skills that ANY online business desperately needs. You can charge quite steep fees for these skills if that is something you want to do.   

And the best part is that you can enroll now 100% risk-free because you receive 30 days, unconditional money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied and that might be something as simple as, you don't like my accent, no problem you are one click away from a refund. No hassle, no hard feelings!   

That’s why you have nothing to risk right now but if you find my content makes sense and you actually implement and see results then you will receive lifetime access and I’m sure, this is what will happen, my program will become your most powerful marketing weapon. You are going to love it.   

So go ahead and click the “Buy Now” button right now and let’s increase your marketing influence almost instantly!   

I’d like to thank you for reading, I’m waiting for you inside the program.   

My name is Vladimir Raykov and remember - stay purposeful!   

Copywriting: Fundamentals For Beginners

The Basics of Writing to Sell In 2021!

Created by Mason Komay - Content Manager


Students: 20731, Price: $19.99

Students: 20731, Price:  Paid

Welcome to Copywriting: Fundamentals for Beginners!

The only course you need to learn the basics of writing to sell in 2021.

Here, you'll be able to easily learn the skills you need in order to take up a career in Copywriting. You will also gain some insight on how modern-day employers tend to hire new freelance contractors.

If you're not entirely sure what copywriting really is - no worries. My course is designed on a level that explains some of the most common misconceptions about copywriting in plain english. This course essentially gives you a chance to learn critical writing skills that you can apply later in your career.

In this course, you'll discover the fundamentals behind one of the most popular transferable skills, all in a course designed for complete beginners. Plus, I'll even share some of my own personal experience to give you a fresh-eye perspective.

In less than 2 hours, you'll learn everything you need to know, from the complete basics, all the way to actually beginning your career as a freelance copywriter.

That's right. Your first step towards a new career as a copywriter takes less than an afternoon. And, as always, you have the option to request a refund if you do not find the course to your liking. However, I have full confidence that you will.

No Experience Necessary!

Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Crash Course For Beginners

Master Facebook Ads & Instagram Marketing - Complete Guide To Facebook Advertising & Facebook Marketing For Beginners

Created by Hussain Imraanally - Digital Marketer & Facebook Ads Specialist


Students: 20346, Price: $19.99

Students: 20346, Price:  Paid

Learn All The Essentials of Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Quickly in just a couple of hours. This is a Crash Course on how to run Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads profitably with hands on guidance. It is Jam Packed with strategies from Creating your first Campaign for Facebook Advertising to Scaling a Business online. It is made for absolute Beginners so it is very easy to understand and then implement everything to your own Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing is an essential part for ANY Business. Be it a Multi National Brand or a Small & Medium Business owner, they all need to promote their products, and Facebook Ads provides the perfect Platform to do so.

Go from Beginner to Advanced

This complete Crash Course will take you step by step from creating your first ad to running advanced campaigns.

Inside the course, you'll learn how to:

  • Setup your Business Account for Facebook Ads (Business Manager)

  • Setup your Ad Account, Page (If you don't have one already) & Pixel

  • Learn how to Verify your Domain and Configure Web Events for your Pixel

  • Create your first Facebook Marketing Campaign

  • How to structure your Campaigns, Adsets & Ad Creatives

  • How to split test different Audiences and Creatives

  • How to create Custom Audiences

  • How to create Look Alike Audiences

  • How to structure different Audiences when Scaling.

No experience is required. We'll cover strategies to grow from scratch and you only need a budget of $10 to start advertising!

If you are a small business owner and want to take it to the next level, or you want to learn a High Income Skill, then this is the course for you.

"Take this course to grow your business or become a well paid Marketing expert"

50 Digital Marketing Hacks | Social Media Marketing Growth

Digital Marketing Hacks for Facebook Marketing, Youtube Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Pinterest, LinkedIn. SEO & Sales

Created by Robin & Jesper - Best-Selling Instructors in Digital Marketing & Business


Students: 19949, Price: $89.99

Students: 19949, Price:  Paid

50 Digital Marketing - Secret Hacks That'll Get People to Your Website, Grow Your Brand & Drive More Sales!  

Learn how You Can Get Instant Results using Easy Digital Marketing Hacks That We'll Share In This Course.

Are You Ready to Sell more Products, Get more Clients & Grow your Business using Digital Marketing?

Take A Look at These Top Rated Reviews...

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "So helpful! I've learned so much in just the first three lectures!" - Lorian Pecker

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Very informative and gave me so many ideas to improve my internet presence! Thank you!" - Marjorie

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Awesome course. It has a lot of helpful content on digital marketing secrets. Thank you." - Bobbie Smith

This Course Includes Secret Hacks From...

  • Facebook Marketing

  • YouTube Marketing

  • Instagram Marketing

  • LinkedIn Marketing

  • Pinterest Marketing

  • Quora Marketing

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Copywriting

  • Sales Psychology

Bonus Section Including The Content Marketing Machine!

In this section, we'll teach you how to create valuable content to grow your following across 7 different Digital Marketing platform from one video!

We start on YouTube, move on to your WordPress website, then to Quora, then Twitter, then Instagram, then Facebook and last we're uploading content to Pinterest.

Enroll in this Digital Marketing Hacks Course Now to get the most effective hacks to success!

See You in The Course!

- Love Robin & Jesper 

Digital Marketing Business Online For Free Social Media 2020

Setup Online Profiles For Your business on Facebook, Instagram & Google My Business & website to get optimized SEO

Created by Yasir Ahmed, M.B.A - FB Mentors


Students: 19249, Price: $89.99

Students: 19249, Price:  Paid

Setup your online identity for business with no cost to get you on top of organic search quick and easy
We teach you how to setup your Digital & Social media platforms for any business to appear in organic search results & market it very easy to promote your business or service.

5 Star reviews By Students: 
I am very much satisfied with the course. It is really helpful to those who are having their start-up and want to create a presence on Social Media. It's strongly recommended. The instructor is really to the point and engaging. Hiren Kakkad 

2) It was an eye-opening course for me and have gotten new and adequate knowledge about digital marketing ~ Ayodeji Oluwasegun 

3) Very helpful, love this  Zkshiekh khursheed

Do not enroll if you are at intermediate level with your social media skills.

This part contains knowledge and skills from top platforms of social media, you can use these skills to get any business started from scratch or update changes into any existing business to get higher results.

What you will learn : 

1) Google My Business - Get Find On Google Map & get organic traffic along with a free website to showcase your business.

2) Facebook Marketing - Setting up your facebook page with optimized keywords, automate page & engage with the audience..

3) Instagram Marketing - Easy was to make a business profile in minutes & sharing about your business with the right hashtags.

Course details : 
You'll go from beginner to extremely high-level with each part of the series. This is the basic & in future, we will create courses for people at intermediate & advance level and your instructor will take you through each step of each part of the career development series.

By the end of the course, you will be confident with your skill and would know exactly what you need to have to do in setting up or handling social media for your own business,  at work or for your own clients.

All the strategies, tips, techniques and tools recommended are either free or very cost-effective & result oriented.

You'll also get:
* Chance to join our intermediate & Expert level courses to update your skill.

* Personal coaching for individuals and teams.

* Lifetime Access to The Course

* Fast & Friendly Support in the Q&A section

* Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

* A 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

This offer won't last forever.

Enroll today & take your first step in becoming a Social Media, Online Marketing & Video Marketing Expert!

How to Get Organic Traffic to Your Website without Paid Ads

Get Free Organic Traffic to Your Website with Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Facebook Ads, etc...

Created by Bryan Guerra - I Help People Start Home Businesses


Students: 19183, Price: $94.99

Students: 19183, Price:  Paid

Ever try Facebook Ads, Google Ad Words, YouTube Ads, or Bing Ads to get traffic to your website or landing page? If you have then you know just how much of a waste that can often be.

If you're anything like me, you like to think outside the box. You don't need to throw your revenue down the drain to get people to visit your website.

This Course will give you a few different innovative strategies to get traffic to your website without ever spending a penny. These are methods I use myself and have seen results with.

Stop wasting money on Ads & enroll today. It's time to start using smart alternative ways to get traffic to your website!

Major 2.0 Update - 14 more hours of Content added to this Course in version 2. Here's a brief overview of what's included (checkout the preview video for an in debt breakdown):

  • How to Get Organic Traffic to Your Website without Paid Ads

  • Alternative Ways to Get Traffic to your Site

  • What is Content Marketing and How Can You Use it

  • Content Marketing and Instagram

  • Content Marketing and YouTube Videos

  • How to Upload a YouTube Video Properly for More Views

  • Content Marketing and Blog Posts

  • Content Marketing and Facebook Videos

  • How to Make a Professional Thumbnail is 4 Quick Steps

  • Content Marketing and Podcasts

  • How to Run Facebook Ads to Get More Traffic

  • How to Edit Your Content Marketing Videos with Shotcut

  • How to Edit Your Videos with Adobe Premiere Pro

  • and much much more!

Cracking Digital Marketing: All-Time Ultimate Quiz

Challenge yourself and test your digital marketing skills to the maximum and ace your interview

Created by Srinidhi Ranganathan - Digital Marketing Legend - India's Top Udemy Instructor


Students: 18340, Price: $19.99

Students: 18340, Price:  Paid

We all know that the importance of digital marketing is to support digital transformation, company growth and to obviously go viral as a brand. Digital marketing helps to increase brand awareness to the maximum, reach your target customers and also goes the long way to provide good return-on-investment (ROI).

Are you a digital marketing expert, intermediate or novice learner?

Want to test and discover your digital marketing knowledge or skills, before attending a corporate interview in 2021?

Look no further, then this practice test course created by Digital Marketing Legend "Srinidhi Ranganathan" and "Saranya". This is the most desired digital marketing quiz course in 2021.

In this superb quiz combined with 10+ years of research from Srinidhi and Saranya, you will find all the most wanted questions on the whole universe of digital marketing, whatsoever. You will surely challenge yourself by taking up this mind-blowing quiz-based course related to digital marketing and beyond the field of digital marketing.

Enhance your knowledge about digital marketing and learn something completely new and amazing by answering these insightful quiz questions in this course. Prepare for any upcoming test, use it for training, simply keep yourself updated with the latest technologies or even get insights once you sign up.

Each digital marketing quiz question in this course is made up of well-researched and interesting concepts that test your awareness and grasp of the complete subject matter - in a great way. With detailed instant feedback for quiz answers, you can easily learn something innovative and new about digital marketing with every question - you actually attempt to answer here.

Let's start rolling in some action. All the best for scoring well !! Get ready to rock!

“Do it Yourselves” DIY Digital Marketing : A Complete Guide

Complete Guideline to build a “Do it Yourselves” Online Business with Private Label product entitled [English Subtitle]

Created by Jun Bien Law - Digital Marketer | Consultant


Students: 17707, Price: Free

Students: 17707, Price:  Free

Full fledged and comprehensive"Do it Yourselves" DIY Digital Marketing guideline to build online business and sell digital product with minimum effort! And know how to build your own online "Cash Machine", which literally do everything for you in automation mode once you have integrated all the features and functions. And this course will help you achieve all these amazing results! This course (with English subtitle) will expose you all the skills such as 

  1. Build squeeze page; 

  2. Generate lead magnets;

  3. Capture leads;

  4. Earn affiliate commissions;

  5. Select niche product;

  6. Initiate email campaigns;

  7. Utilize and monetize private label;

  8. Online selling and pitching, and;

  9. Others fundamental internet marketing skills. 

Along this course, you will also be entitled a Private Label Product [DIY Marketing Handbook] with 100% Ownership and Resell Rights. This is where you will know how to utilize, claim and modify Private Label product with my exclusive selling materials and marketing tools [Real Hands-On Experience]. And able to re-sell it at the internet platform with no extra incurred cost and get your return of investment!

I would like you to watch the preview video on Lecture 1: Course Introduction, as you will be briefed on what will be taught in this course! Go check it out!


If you are newbie, this is the most suitable course to start off with, and you will be one big step ahead than the other intermediate digital marketers who have been making redundant efforts and miserable mistakes all year long. And you can avoid all these blunders!

Plus, taking this course will be a stepping stone towards building up your online digital marketing business and making thousands of dollar online as your passive income! You've been inspired, and now go take action and enroll!

Email Automations + Email Marketing Mastery with ConvertKit

Learn how to optimize your email marketing with ConvertKit! Setup Autoresponders, Drip Campaigns, Hyper-Segment & more!

Created by COURSE ENVY - COURSENVY - Amazon FBA, Facebook Ads, SMM Expert, Ad Agency


Students: 17168, Price: Free

Students: 17168, Price:  Free

If you want to be successful with Email Marketing you will LOVE this Udemy course! You will learn the principles and strategies that work for us and that we have used to build Email Marketing campaigns for over 500 businesses successfully! Join this course today to master ConvertKit and start to profit from building an email list!


Do you want to partake in a CONSTANTLY updated Email Marketing  course that teaches you everything required for successful marketing on ConvertKit from A to Z?!

    Three reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now! 

  1. You get lifetime access to lectures.

  2. You can ask me questions and see me respond to every single one of them thoughtfully!

  3. What you will learn in this course is original, tested, and very detailed!  Master the platform ConvertKit and learn the Email Marketing strategies I  implement for clients  daily! This  course will also layout how to optimize your email content and build automate email sequences to save you time and make money while you sleep! We love ConvertKit because it makes the most of your email  marketing time by making it easy/automated... so you can  get back to what you do best,  running your business!

In this course, you will learn Email Marketing from beginner level to advanced on ConvertKit! 

You will be able to build landing pages and sign up/opt in forms to grow your email lists and increase your potential customers. You will be able to create hyper segmented email capture lists for more effective, targeted email marketing in the future. You will be able to build and design professional email campaigns that drive higher conversions. You will be able to AUTO-RESPOND to new subscribers via SEQUENCES! You will also be able to analyze the proper data to make your next email even better! Join this course now to learn how to take your brand, product or service to the next level with the power of ConvertKit!



***NOTE*** ConvertKit is a paid monthly membership service. Feel free to watch the entire course, THEN decide if you want to buy their service or not. Thanks! 

Create Sales Page with Free Tools and Software

Zero Cost method to Compose "Converting" & "Interactive" Sales Letter Page

Created by Jun Bien Law - Digital Marketer | Consultant


Students: 16701, Price: Free

Students: 16701, Price:  Free

Shrouded techniques in building up a Proven Converting and Interactive HTML sales letter page for digital business startup. The same way I did where I have raked in more than $50 revenues per day without ever spending a single dime.

I know nothing about programming yet I can come out with an amazing and interactive (inter & intra scripted) sales page, all I did were "Copy and Paste" Free scripts and codes from the Internet and do minor tweaking till the optimized effect! I'm going teach you how to "cast spells" to make sure your visitors linger on your sales page and buy!

After completing this course, you will be able to produce sales page with free tools, software, license, zero cost and tweaking skills. Knowing "Where to" retrieve information which would be a boost for minimal cost business startup.

Throughout the tutorials, I will hand out free templates and coding templates as references and a boost for you to start right away. Apart from learning from this tutorial, you will be able to get Private Label Rights (PLR) product lead "magnets" as gifts and my personal digital marketing blueprint to build up your fundamentals!

Ultimate Google Analytics course + 50 practical examples

Practical Google Analytics course based on real experience including 50 practical examples + 100 quiz questions

Created by Pavel Brecik - Web Analyst and Data Evangelist


Students: 16455, Price: $89.99

Students: 16455, Price:  Paid

The goal of this course is to teach you Google Analytics as a tool, but what is more important to teach you how to use the data to drive your business. We'll start with the very basic topics such as how the measurement works, basic metric definition, socio-demo data to website traffic evaluation, UTM parameters, internal site search, website speed optimization or segmentation.

"Explain very clear and concise. Better than Google Analytics own training." - Vivian So

"The best Google Analytics course I've taken on Udemy for ANALYSIS. A lot of courses just cover DEFINITIONAL or fundamental things like the USER INTERFACE - which are important, but I think most people expect a bit more Analysis from an Analytics course. I was able to use the course materials to provide real value to paying customers. I'd pair this with another course that covers basics like installation, initial set up, etc. Great value overall and instructor responds quick!" - Paul Ahmadzai

"I don't normally review so early in a course but I've been really impressed with the material so far. Topics are explained in depth but without boring me with what's not important. The quizzes are refreshingly challenging. Many other instructors could take heed. Oh and that pronunciation of cookies made my day :D" - Kerry Owston

Marketing Principles A-Z, 3 Marketing Tips & Techniques Free

increase sale, customers & attention by using 3 cognitive biases of marketing

Created by Alireza Etemadi | Marketing Strategy Expert | - Photographer, Digital Marketer


Students: 16045, Price: Free

Students: 16045, Price:  Free

Learn and master 3 powerful marketing principles to become successful at any marketing campaigns, attracting people and making them your customer.

You will learn how to:

  • 3 powerful & exclusive techniques

  • Run a successful marketing campaigns

  • Increase sale in any business you have

  • Convince people in digital market, social media, business meetings, websites and ...

What are these 3 marketing tips & techniques?

These are 21 cognitive biases of marketing which have been developed by marketing and psychology experts over the pas couple of decades.During this course we will only learn 3 of them. There reason that these biases are rare is that people who knows these, they try not to share them with others because they are very powerful and effective. Beside here you can find some of these in the book of "influence" written by Dr. Cialdini or in the book "poor Charlie's Almanack" written by the self made billionaire, Charlie Munger.

Situations you can use these marketing principles:

  • Any marketing campaigns (social media marketing, digital marketing)

  • designing a suitable and convincing website, store, business.

  • convincing business partners, inverters and so on.

If you really want to achieve everything said above join this course because these are the core of a successful marketing and business.

Digital Marketing 101

More than 80,000 business owners have taken this class since 2014–it's now available online

Created by Steven Matt - Global Digital Marketer & Entrepreneur


Students: 15520, Price: $19.99

Students: 15520, Price:  Paid

In this beginner's course, you'll learn how to generate more traffic to your businesses's website, increase your ranking on Google, generate compelling content that will drive interest and sales, create social media posts that people will want to share, and learn how to keep customers coming back. This course is for business owners, entrepreneurs, and working professionals.

After you complete this introductory course, you'll have the opportunity to dive deeper into each subject in specialized courses in the following areas: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and How to Build a Website.

This is the most popular Digital Marketing course taught in NYC. Since 2014, Steven Matt has taught the material in this course to over 80,000 small business owners in person in downtown Manhattan. Steven has lectured at Baruch University, the General Assembly, and for  New York City Business Solutions.

Steven has been helping business owners, entrepreneurs and Fortune 1,000 companies since 1995. As a former business owner and former Vice President of Digital Marketing at JPMorgan Chase, Steven has the experience and insight to help anyone succeed with digital marketing.

Learn from the most influential digital marketer in the industry and transform your business or career today.

Digital Marketing Leads Generator

Lets Invest in Your Business and Take It to the Next Level

Created by Empire Thoughts - Let Us Help You Scale Your Business


Students: 15375, Price: Free

Students: 15375, Price:  Free

This course is for ANY small business owner! Brick and mortar businesses, corporate marketing professionals, or ANYONE who wants to kick start their business. This course we will show you how to leverage the POWER of digital advertising and implement some simple, yet powerful tactics to start putting your product or service out in peoples eyes!

New for 2021 – Learn the Basics of LinkedIn in just 30 mins

Learn about the new-look LinkedIn with me. A LinkedIn trainer and Digital Marketing professional

Created by Alastair Banks - Director of Optix Solutions - UK Digital Marketing Agency


Students: 15359, Price: $19.99

Students: 15359, Price:  Paid

*Please note this is a basic course - only applicable to those completely new to LinkedIn*

LinkedIn is the most powerful corporate social network for anyone in business or looking to forward their careers. In this course I will teach you the basics of this platform. We take a look at your profile, building your connections, how to use groups and the search system. 

Its a course thats great for anyone looking to get started with this platform. 

I also have an advanced course on Udemy which goes into more detail on each section of this course and looks more at the options for anyone looking to build leads for their business.


A quick bit of history: I started using LinkedIn about ten years ago. It was one of the first social media sites I found a real affinity with. In the last 17 years I have built a business from just two people to twenty and head up the sales element of said business. I generate more leads and opportunities through LinkedIn than any other social network. 

I have spent the last five years training my clients face to face in how to use this incredibly powerful platform. I've taken that content and created these online courses so you can be sure that the material has been tried and tested over a number of years. 

This incredibly powerful social media platform is one of the most important B2B channels out there. I will help you get to know how best to use it in a fun, friendly and professional manner. 

I hope to see you on the course. All feedback is always welcome. 

Digital Marketing: Lead Generation & Sales Conversion Course

Step-by-step roadmap to propel your business growth, and create an effective digital marketing strategy

Created by Phil Ebiner - Top-Rated Instructor, 2 Million+ Students


Students: 14758, Price: $99.99

Students: 14758, Price:  Paid

This Digital Marketing course will help you get more business leads and convert them to more sales.

Do you have a business that needs more sales and clients?

If you've been desperately hopping from one tactical activity to the next, thinking there is a MAGICAL, secret formula that no one has told you about…

...then I'd like to help you put an end to all of that busy work, by inviting you to enroll in this course-- where I share all the details on a framework I've been using for years that's helped me grow two multiple six figure business and since then helped hundreds of business leaders, brands and entrepreneurs do the same.

Over the years working with so many clients, I’ve come to realize that working hard isn’t the problem for most aspiring business owners.

Neither is being committed to reaching their goals!

Their problem is "what do I need to focus on, that brings me measurable results".

It’s figuring out which activities in which order are going to get them where they’re supposed to be.

Does that sound familiar?

Obviously you’re smart. And, you’re passionate about what you do!

It isn’t a lack of wanting IT that’s keeping you stuck.

It’s a lack of clarity!

But the problem is, how are you supposed to move forward and gain the necessary clarity when you literally have no framework or way of predicting what will work for you specifically and what won’t?

Look, you don’t need more information — you need a clear structure. You need a simple to follow framework to create that thriving business you’ve been dreaming of.

This framework is the antidote to all the BS out there, sharing one simple to follow process, to position yourself as an authority while building your credibility and attracting your ideal buyers so that all of those tactical activities finally start working for you.

So if you're ready to stop struggling, stand out in your niche, and help your tribe get the help they desperately need, then the time to sign up is now!

Looking forward to seeing you inside!

Key topics you'll learn in this digital marketing course:

  • Setting up your business

  • Creating sales funnels

  • Surveying your customers

  • Understanding your audience pain points

  • Creating the right offer for your customers

  • Using content to grow your business

  • Optimizing your content for search engines

  • Using social media to get more leads

  • Create irresistible lead magnets

  • Set up opt-in forms on your website

  • Design landing pages that convert

  • Converting website traffic to sales

  • Building several types of email marketing campaigns

  • Writing persuasive sales pages

  • Using analytics to measure success

  • Lead generation

  • Sales Convesion

  • and so much more!

Get instant access to:

  • Over 6 hours of easy-to-watch video lessons

  • Practical activities and assignments

  • Downloadable resources

  • Lifetime updates to the course

  • Premium instructor support

Our happiness guarantee

We have a 30-day moneyback guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase you can get a full refund, no question asked. We aim to make this the best course for helping you to get more leads and sales. We'll use any student feedback to make the course even better!

Enroll now!

Copywriting – The Psychology Of Your Irresistible Offer

Add These 8 Psychological Elements To Your Offer And Skyrocket Your Conversions Almost Overnight

Created by Vladimir Raykov - Agile Product Manager, PSM II & PSPO II Certified


Students: 14644, Price: $124.99

Students: 14644, Price:  Paid

Do you want to acquire the skill of writing irresistible and extremely powerful marketing offers?

Have you invested fatiguing months of product creation and when finally your product or service is ready there is a lack of sales?

Do you want to know the exact psychology triggers and tactics used by the MOST successful and filthy rich online entrepreneurs?

If you’ve answered “yes” to even one of these questions, then enrolling in this course will be the best decision you’ve made this year.


  • A whole mini course has been added - The Art Of Storyselling And The Mind-Blowing Power Of Your Personal Story

  • A second mini course - Scarcity Marketing (Examples, Best Tools, Step-By-Step On How To Set Up A Campaign)

  • I've added a (frequently updated) list of books that I recommend on the topics of marketing and copywriting!

  • Over 407 positive reviews and 13908 students!


My name is Vladimir Raykov and I do marketing.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. I work as a Marketing Manager, I teach very successful courses on  Marketing Psychology and Copywriting. I’ve created and launched over 20 digital products. I also teach over 60,287 students from 155 countries.

So much for me, let’s see what you are going to learn:

In this course will learn how to create and present irresistible offers that people buy! This is a part of the art and science of copywriting and as one of the most successful copywriters who has ever lived said:

It Is The Deal... The Offer... The Proposition You Are Making That Is The Heart And Soul Of Great Copywriting!Gary Halbert

Even if you have some experience with copywriting, if your offer is poorly presented you will have terrible results. Because strong copy will not overcome a weak offer, but in many cases, a strong offer will succeed in spite of weak copy written by marketing morons.


  • The top 8 psychological elements to include in your marketing offer.

  • How to present your price so it looks like the best deal ever, even if you sell a product or service for $500.

  • How to “frame” your value proposition.

  • The number one question prospects have in their minds – if you don’t address this question your sales will suffer.

  • How to communicate clearly and get your message across with 100% accuracy every time. You should understand that marketing is communication. You will learn about the “Ladder Of Abstraction” which I call the “Holy Grail” in marketing.

  • How to prove what you promise, so your prospects trust you, like you and buy from you. Plus, you will see a noble marketer who sells his 25000 dollar program ONLY by using a video testimonial - the  power of social proof.

  • You will learn how to create urgent situations that cause people to act quickly! And this is scientifically proven to work. You will learn two powerful ways to utilize the Urgency Principle.

  • You will learn how to increase the value of your proposition by adding bonuses and other incentives. You will learn the top 2 rules when it comes to adding a bonus to your offer. So many people mess this up. Plus, you will learn exactly what kind of bonuses to consider.

  • How to remove risk or even better reverse it. This technique alone is so powerful that would easily increase your conversions if you apply it in the right way.

  • How to ask for action in a way that doesn’t sound like a sleazy sales person.

  • You will learn the biggest secret of creating a successful offer. By applying the information from that particular lecture it is 100% guaranteed that all the other elements of your offer will work times better.

  • I also have a case study for you. I share my personal experience, how I applied the skills you will perfectly know when you complete the course, to attract business partners.

I explain every concept by providing you with great, world-class examples of the most successful copywriters in the world. So, you will be learning about proven strategies. Not vague theories.

Just for a second imagine what it would be to have the skill of writing amazing offers, deals, propositions! This very skill may skyrocket your sales by 2 or 5 or 10 times and even more.

Even if you have the best product in the world if you don’t know how offer it to your prospects, it won’t be successful. You need to have copywriting skills to make it happen.


"An excellent and thorough course, taught by Vladimir Raykov, and International Marketing Expert. Mr. Raykov, certainly knows the subject matter of this course and his teaching style, delivery, presentation, and the quality and content of the videos that he has produced for the lectures in this course are amazing.  I highly Vladimir, as one of Udemy's finest Instructors and suggest this course to any and all who desire to learn more of the psychology, methods and technical skills that can make them become more successful copywriters!" - Dallas Bowman

"This course is amazing and inspiring. I appreciated very much Vladimir calm voice, the clear and specific language he used, the fact that he mixed theory and practice always concentrating on teach the best way to do a good copywriting job. I loved the simple psychological processes he explained: they gave to the all course a deeper and more complex view." Elisa Magnani

"Vladimir explains in an easy and step-by-step way to you to create a well planned irresistible offer. He provides real-life examples of successful copywriting sales pages that makes millions in sales. The copywriting knowledge gained in this course will make you jump and act quickly to see the good results." Yaritza Luyando

"Hi guys, if you have a product or service to sell then you MUST enroll this course now! If you have anything to sell, but you are not capable to create an offer that is irresistible and your prospect or clients can't refuse, then this course is for you. Without the ability to create irresistible offers, your product or service will remain usnold and lose a lot of money. So, enroll now and start to create irresistible offers immediately! Thank you Vlad, great course as always." - Pasqualino Desini

"This is a very good course in writing copy for ads. Vladimir presents the concepts and techniques requisite to developing customer winning copy. I enjoyed his course and his presentation."William Oliver

"The formula to step-by-step approach to creating your own irresistible copy. What I really love - and can trust - about all Vladimir's courses is that he have spent the time to research and refine the best method possible and literally spoon feed his students the information. He always gets you further than other instructors and teaches in a manner that's very easy to comprehend." :) - Young In Park


  • Bloggers

  • Book authors

  • Online entrepreneurs

  • Online marketers

  • And people from any occupation that requires writing marketing copy for the purpose of getting response and action.

I invite you to join our community and develop your copywriting skills to sell more of your products almost overnight.


Go take this course and if for some reason you don’t like it, you have 30 days, unconditional money-back guarantee. No questions asked, No hassle. No hard feelings.

Click the “Buy Now” button right now!

I’m waiting for you inside the course! We’ve got a lot to cover.

There is no risk whatsoever. So, let’s get started!

My name is Vladimir Raykov and remember - stay purposeful!   

Digital Marketing for Authors- Branding via Blog commenting

Use the power of 'Zero Advertising Cost' to promote your books for FREE via Blog Commenting.

Created by Harshajyoti Das - Author, Entrepreneur, Investor


Students: 14612, Price: Free

Students: 14612, Price:  Free


✔ Brand New: Released 22/04/15 (30 days Money Back Guarantee)


There are 3.4 million books on Amazon, the world's largest book retailer and publisher. 12 books get added every hour on Amazon. What digital marketing strategies are you using to sell more books as an author?

Blog commenting is a hidden jewel. It's a form of free advertising and not many people are aware of it. Authors can use it to build their brand, get interview opportunities and sell more books.

I share some proven techniques that will help you to get started with this free form of digital marketing. You will learn a lot about branding and how you can brand yourself as an author.

This course is an actionable approach to building your course step-by-step as a beginner.

✔ Advantages of Blog commenting

✔ How to Build a brand as an author?

✔ Understanding the idea behind selling books

✔ How to get your comments 100% approved?

✔ Advertise without sounding like a salesman

✔ How to find targeted blogs to comments?

✔ How to get more interview opportunities?

✔ My Personal Tips to stay ahead in the game

How is this course structured?

I have taken a whole new approach to making this course more interactive. You will find Video Lectures, Audio Lectures, Visual Workbooks, Quizzes to Weekly Q&A sessions.

There is also a Final Test. Anybody who scores 95%+ is going to win some SURPRISE GIFTS along the way.

It's really exciting once you get started with this course. I am waiting to see you on the inside....

How to use Facebook Ads & Instagram to generate ROI

Monetise your business using Facebook Ads and Instagram

Created by Avijit Arya - Chief Mogul at Internet Moguls


Students: 14354, Price: Free

Students: 14354, Price:  Free

How to use Facebook Ads & Grow Instagram Followers

How to monetise your Hotels using Facebook Ads

Facebook is one platform that we know is growing exponentially every week. In the last 8-12 weeks, Facebook has been rolling out updates like a machine gun.

I am blessed to be in a community where I get the chance to learn from experts from different parts of the globe about the newest developments in the world of Digital Marketing. Internet Moguls works with 500+ hotels across the world which is why we have access to the latest updates and trends from the digital world, helping us to become the first movers by implementing them as well.

Find out the latest techniques on how to sell your hotel rooms, Spa, F&B, and Banquet Facilities using Facebook Ads in this video. I have tried to help you explore the sure shot winning tricks that you can use to monetise your hotels using Facebook.

Facebook ads are still one of the best ways to drive traffic to your websites and generate revenue. Everybody is doing it but how to do it better and turn your fortune? I assure you that there are many hacks and tricks lined up for you in this course.

How to use Instagram to generate revenue for your Business?

How to use Instagram to monetize your business? One of the most frequently asked questions by entrepreneurs and hoteliers. Instagram is the most visual tool for marketing your hospitality products on the internet. It is a visual medium which is why it’s attracting a lot of users as we already know that a picture speaks more than a 1000 words.

The guests at your hotel and restaurants are on Instagram and there is a huge possibility that they are going to share pictures of your hotel and also tag you. The marketing and targeting on Instagram is also phenomenal which increases your audience reach manifold. Watch the complete video to unveil the secrets of increasing your business revenue using Instagram.   

Big Data in Advertising – Explained in Plain English

A 30 min overview of what kind of data advertisings use and how that data is collected on your devices.

Created by Ben Silverstein - Digital Advertising Professional & Entrepreneur in NYC


Students: 14303, Price: Free

Students: 14303, Price:  Free

Big Data is a popular buzzword but it is very vague and can be somewhat scary. In this course I explain what Big Data in advertising actually is, and try to remove some of the confusion around the subject. 

This course gives everyone from beginners to professionals a quick overview of what data means to digital advertising. I review the companies involved, define the types of data advertisers look for, when and why advertisers buy data, how users share it (knowingly or unknowingly), and much more.

In this 35 minute course I cover the following topics:

  1. What Personal Data (PII) is

  2. What laws exist to regulate data collection

  3. Different types of Data Categories that Advertisers look for

    1. Demographic

    2. Behavioral 

    3. Contextual 

    4. Retargeting 

    5. Location

  4. How data is actually collected 

  5. Ad-Tech companies involved in the data & ad delivery process

At the end of the course you will have a better understanding of what kind of data is being collected about you, and how advertisers use that data to target their ads. You will also have a better understanding of why you see certain ads on each of your devices. 


Real Student Testimonials:

★★★★★ “Very clear and to the point. I like the graphics.” - David Peterson

★★★★★ “Very clear presentation. I understand very easy.” - Catalin Badea

Reviews from Other Courses

Digital Advertising & Marketing 101

★★★★★ “The real-world examples almost makes it self-explanatory. Professionally done and author speaks with authority - i.e. he knows what he's talking about and it shows.” - AJ Du Toit

★★★★★ “Thought this was an excellent introduction course. Working in the industry without a huge amount of experience in this area, it was a great way to familiarize myself with topics in ongoing conversations internally and externally. Will be taking 201 to further my understanding.” - Jocleyn Armour

★★★★★ “It is advertised as a 101 course and it did exactly that and very well, touching on the building blocks of Digital Advertising and Marketing. Good job Ben.” - Jean C

Digital Advertising & Marketing 201

★★★★★ “When combined with Ben's 101 course, the two classes make for a thorough and well-organized primer on digital media today. Perfect for marketing people and agency folks (creative, account) who are not immersed in a media agency. It will give you a foundation for how digital media is structured, a clear explanation of the jargon and acronyms you'll hear bantered about, and a better understanding of the opportunities available. The 201 course goes into important detail about some of the key changes that have taken place in digital advertising recently. Ben explains the concepts clearly and succinctly. Definitely worth the time investment.” - Shawn E Fraser

★★★★★ “This course is amazing. I do affiliate marketing and always wanted to learn about programmatic advertising and this course me taught that. I completed this for an interview and the employer was really impressed by the knowledge I had. Hope there is another in-depth version of this course. Where he goes into ad platforms or ad servers and teaches the real world applications.” - Suryameet Singh

★★★★★ “Comprehensive overview...detailed!” - Kaithlean Crotty-Clark

Introduction to Programmatic Advertising

★★★★★ “I'm in advertising sales and have been looking for a clean easy way to explain and also test my root knowledge of the programmatic ad space. It was very helpful and simple to understand which is hard to do with this topic.” - Raul Bonilla

★★★★★ "Being an advertising agency media planner and buyer, having this hands on information helps when we face a decision to go into the digital advertising space. Your 101 and 201 was extremely informative and truly like your overviews in a very simplistic explanation. Thank you and look forward to your future courses." - Diane Tody



According to recent trends by Statista, the digital marketing & advertising industry is on pace to be worth over $330B a year by 2021. If you’re not already learning about this industry, you will be soon. Get a jump start on your career, your co-workers, and peers by taking this intermediate-advance level course.

Smart Passive Income Online: From Zero To Hero

Step-by-Step Proven Passive Income Business Ideas FOR ANYONE To Generate Multiple Streams Online And Be Your Own Boss

Created by Federico Fort - Internet Marketer & Business Innovator


Students: 13890, Price: $89.99

Students: 13890, Price:  Paid


Are you unhappy with your current financial status? Are you looking for a a proven, step-by-step system that allows you to make multiple sources of income on autopilot without any experience? Are you ready to start making real passive income, but don't know where to begin?

I understand how you feel...

and i will show you exactly how I broke through fear, frustration, and self-doubt to make a consistent passive income over the past 2 years (over $20,000).

That is why I want to reveal you the secrets I used to profitably grow my income and watch the money and sales roll into my bank account, like clockwork. 

Just imagine...

What it would be like if you easily saw money rolling into your bank account?

How it would feel to be able to wake up whenever you want and to do ANYTHING that you desire?


imagine now working 8 hours daily, Monday to Friday until you are at the age of 65.

It does not sound very appealing, am I right? 

Do not waste your time being a slave.

Working constantly and barely having time to do anything else is not living. That is merely existing.

I am sure that you want to be able to escape your 9/5 job for good and create multiple sources of income over the long-term.  

And having multiple passive income streams is the Number #1 Key to wealth accumulation.


Passive income has long been the Holy Grail for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to free up their time.

It gives you safety and allows you to earn in one month what other people earn in 6 months or an entire year.

And once you master this process, you'll be able to work from anywhere in the world.

This passive income course, however, guides you through proven methods that simply worked for me and for thousands of my students.

You will learn proven passive income business ideas or work from home jobs and get the possibility to create wealth and eventually achieve financial freedom! 

Discover all what you NEED to know about online making money with these powerful money making strategies and ideas including some unknown ones. 

In this complete passive income course, you'll learn:

  • What is passive income, what does passive income mean REALLY

  • Exactly how you can build passive income streams, in the next 30 days and how to make consistent, long-term profit 

  • The most overrated ways to generate passive income - and why I don't recommend them

  • The FASTEST way to get started, even if you have no experience

  • Insider tricks people like you are using to earn thousands and thousands of dollars per month in passive income

  • The best passive income ideas and ways that you can use to get started today

  • How to make money from your personal story and experiences (even if you don't think you're an expert)

  • And much, much more!

You'll Also Get:

✔ Lifetime Access to course updates

✔ Fast & Friendly Support in the Q&A section

✔ Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

✔ 30 day money-back guarantee, there's no risk to get started

Your satisfaction is my top priority therefore, You have also a 30 Days NO QUESTIONS ASKED, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on this Course if it does not meet your need. 

Whether you're just starting out or  if you have a full-time job,  at the end of this course you'll understand new online business models, how they work, and how to make them work for you. And if you ever get stuck, you can always reach out to me with a message, a 24/7 support. 

What if you will procrastinate again?

I'm sorry to tell you but you will waste just your time, energy and money and very soon you can also lose the hope of being able to change your life..that is the worst thing that can happen to you, believe me...

Would you rather wait a few years, be miserable during that time and regret the decision you made or take action now and thank yourself in the future?

The choice is yours...

Simply you have today a low-cost, high-value resource, a one-time investment that could potentially make you a fortune. 

Today, it's time to stop gambling with your hard-earned money and be treated as a slave by your boss. Others have done it, now it is your turn! 

Are you ready to quit your boring day job learning how to make passive income?

Scroll up this page and hit the "Buy Now" button  to join today the thousands of smart business owners that learned how to make money working from home and make consistent passive income!

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7 FREE Digital Marketing Tools – Effective Online Marketing

Gain Access to 7 FREE Yet Lesser Known Digital Marketing Tools That Can Be Implemented Right Away For Immediate Results!

Created by Adam DeYoung - Digital Marketing Expert - Over 9 Years Experience


Students: 13525, Price: $24.99

Students: 13525, Price:  Paid

Do you do digital marketing? 

Want to be more effective at your digital marketing job? 

Looking to become a more dominant authority figure in your niche? 

Look no further. This advanced bundle of digital marketing training tools is PERFECT for the Digital Marketing Professional. We've taken our years of experience and studying digital marketing, trends in data, social media marketing, and more and compiled it together for YOU, the student to enjoy. 

Learn from a Digital Marketing Expert, Adam DeYoung, who has lectured 100's of small business owners across the country on effective digital marketing, and consults for large 7 and 8 figure companies on strategies to optimize their growth and potential. 

TAKE NOTES. The information presented goes quickly, saving you time and money by not including any fluff. 

Sit back, relax, and put it into action what you learn from taking this training course. 

We look forward to seeing you on the inside! 

Webinar Marketing Success!

Plan, Produce, & Profit From Your First Webinar Broadcast!

Created by Faraad Haashim - Lean Systems Engineer & Digital Marketing Consultant


Students: 13335, Price: Free

Students: 13335, Price:  Free

As a digital content marketer, I am constantly looking for ways to build deeper relationships between my clients (Business Owners) and their customers. Webinars offer a very unique opportunity for you to have direct access to your customers attention, in a Live environment. Meaning you can share whatever information is on your mind about your product or service, AND interact directly with a real audience. Webinar Marketing is truly one of the best ways to build better relationships and deeper level of engagement with your next happy customer.

This course will take students of any level through the entire webinar creation processes, before going through the strategies need to successfully market a great broadcast.

No previous experience on webinar marketing is required, as we will go through each phase of digital marketing tool, step by step.

Video classes are used to teach this course, and this course is designed to be completed at the lesure of the student.

Email Marketing Mastery: Make More Sales By Sending Emails

Learn the counter-intuitive principles you can use to build an email following and grow your sales

Created by Brandon Hakim - Founder of InsiderSchool


Students: 13264, Price: $94.99

Students: 13264, Price:  Paid

We all want to build something BIG.

But if you're not building an email list and building a relationship with that list, you're without a doubt leaving followers, and money, on the table.


Because email is the most powerful marketing tool available to us today -- so powerful even that Toby Fallsgraff who was Obama's 2012 email director gave a talk on "How the right email fundraising strategy helped win an election". That's not an understatement considering the fact that they raised over $690 million through email alone.

But you don't have to be running for office to use it's power. Whether you have a small restaurant, an online business or a non-profit, email marketing is your key to growth and success.

If you're looking for an in depth look at every aspect of email marketing, this isn't the course for you yet (because there are a lot of lectures yet to come). But if you want to learn the key principles to email success and how to get started, this is your course. Inside you'll learn:

1. The difference between BRAND BUILDING and DIRECT-RESPONSE MARKETING -- and why you NEED direct response

2. Why email marketing is all about relationships (and not selling)

3. The V+F+I+SR Relationship Formula to build powerful relationships through email

4. How to set up your email marketing service and build your first list

And much more...

In fact, there are 6 full sections that will be added to the course in the weeks and months to come. And as a student, you get lifetime access to all of it when it's released.

And as in all my courses, my goal is to challenge conventional wisdom and share with you a new way of looking at something important. This course is no different.

To enroll, just click the "Take This Course" button.

I'll talk to you soon.


Marketing Psychology: How To Influence Customers To Buy Now

Discover 5 Kick-Ass Psychological Secrets Used by Extremely Successful Companies And Online Entrepreneurs

Created by Vladimir Raykov - Agile Product Manager, PSM II (TM) & PSPO II (TM) Certified


Students: 13108, Price: $94.99

Students: 13108, Price:  Paid


"If you are having a hard time selling your products online and are desperately looking for ways to sell more, become a more influential marketer and generate higher income, then this course will blow your mind!

In this course, you will master 5 Kick-Ass Psychological Secrets used by extremely successful companies and filthy rich online entrepreneurs."


  • I've added a (frequently updated) list of books that I recommend on the topics of marketing and copywriting!

  • Over 286 positive reviews and 13040 students!

  • New lecture on The Framing Effect


My name is Vladimir Raykov and I do marketing.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. I work as a Marketing Manager, I teach very successful courses on  Marketing Psychology and Copywriting. I’ve created and launched over 20 digital products. I also teach over 60,287 students from 155 countries. So much for me, let’s see what you are about to learn.


I'm giving you 5 solid reasons to consider:

1. The Decoy Effect: The Economist, well-known magazine, used the decoy effect. Later test has shown that a simple tweak to the prices, customers can choose from, resulted in $3432 more revenue (cash) than with the previous pricing options.

Apple Inc constantly utilizes "decoy" prices to influence our decisions! (examples in the lectures)

2. The Rule Of Reciprocity: Why don't you put one of the basic laws of human psychology work to your advantage? If you look at the most successful social media strategies for organic likes or followers growth, you will see that behind these strategies is the rule of reciprocity. You don't believe? Follow 1000 people on Twitter and I guarantee that 5% to 25% will follow you back.

3. The Endowment Effect: Did you know that when you own something you tend to value it more highly than it is really worth? "Yeah, right... how can I put that to my advantage you say?" Increase the ownership of your prospects and they will be more willing to buy from you! You know many "open source" projects that are massively successful! (hint: Wikipedia)

4. The Framing Effect: This one is huge! The way you "frame" a question (or a statement) influences the responses you receive! Experts in Neuromarketing have proven that absolute numbers have much stronger impact on people! This is the reason why you hear advertisements say: "...9 out of 10 people would recommend our product to their friends..." , they don't say: "...90% of our customers would recommend..."

5. Social Proof Concept: You want to know what's in your prospect's mind? Here it is:       "I don't care what you say. Prove it to me!" Authors don't put testimonials in the beginning of their books for any other reason but to prove that their book is worth buying and reading. Bloggers don't put subscriber counters next to an opt-in box for any other reason but to prove that many people are doing (subscribing) what you have to do! (the underlying principle of social proof!)


This course is for online entrepreneurs, instructors, bloggers and authors who realize what it means to spend fatiguing months on product creation and then make little or no sales. Was it all waste of time? It doesn't feel good to lose one of your most important resources - your time!

I am going to teach you how to maximize sales. opt-ins and ANY other action that you want your potential customers to take.


Yes, there is! The risk is that if you don't use these principles your marketing (business) will suffer! Those psychological principles were kept secret for a long time and they are wickedly effective. Become a student of the course and if you don't see the real value, you can have your money back!


Thirty days is a good period for you to apply the concepts in the course and see some real, astonishing results on your business!

  • Video Lectures: Full HD 1920x1080.

  • Audio Quality: Microphone iRig Mic HD = crystal clear voice.

  • Downloadable Take Action PDF files after each principle with a special bonus inside.

  • Quizzes after each principle to check your understanding! (Show You Know!)

  • Easy to access instructor who is willing to help you out.

  • Free preview of the first lecture from "The Decoy Effect" section.


"Clearly Presented and Very Enlightening !!!

Vladimir has once again taken a topic that few people ever consider, exhaustively researched it and presented it in terms that anyone can easily understand and identify within almost every Retail Environment and Television Commercial that they encounter. As a Professional Marketing Manager, his Passion for the topic is naturally evident. His Teaching and Illustrations are Engaging, Enlightening, Upbeat and thoroughly Enjoyable. I highly recommend this course.  Great Job Vladimir !!!" - Rick L. Brown

"Marketing Professionals!

You need to take this course. Vladimir is extremely knowledgeable and breaks down complex subjects into easy to understand material.  You can learn more from taking a 1-hour course with Vladimir than you could in a year-long business course, it's that good. - Brent Dunn

"Kick-ass principles that are too often ignored...

Every body will benefit from Vladimir's course, for real. If you're in the game of selling products, services or even ideas, this course is the toolbox you need to become a master-convincer. Plus, Vladimir is really entertaining and the examples are nothing short but  great!" - Robin Hanna

In addition, 100+ people have left similar reviews


By enrolling in my course you are gaining access to 5 ingenious marketing principles used by successful companies and individuals right now.

Each and every lesson is explained in plain English with visual illustrations and interesting design.

You will be protected when someone else is trying to influence you by using the psychological principles you will brilliantly know after you complete the course.

You will definitely take your marketing (business, sales) to the next level by influencing potential customers to take any kind of action you want (mostly sales and opt-ins).

Click the "Buy Now" button to become almost overnight many times more influential than you currently are!

I am waiting for you inside the course,

-Vladimir Raykov

Stay Purposeful

Free Digital Marketing, SEO, Wordpress Advance Master Course

Small Business Marketing Masterclass covering Business Website Creation to Online Marketing to Business Generation

Created by Extensive Online - We are dedicated to build a knowledge based society.


Students: 12593, Price: Free

Students: 12593, Price:  Free

Here we are covering many important areas such as:

  1. Understand Marketing to Create a Lasting Presence.

  2. Create Buyers Persona and Target them.

  3. Use Online Survey to Generate Business.

  4. Learn how you can generate Traffic.

  5. Mange Your Businesses Online Platforms.

  6. Backup Your Website with other digital items.

  7. Starting from buying a Domain to Building Business Website.

  8. Use SSL Integration to Build Trust and get favored by Google.

  9. Learn in detail How to Use Wordpress for your Business.

  10. Learn Secrets of Online Marketing.

Here we tried to provide solution for few of the most challenging areas in online marketing. We have gone in detail to explain how you can take your business to others and generate quality customer's base. With that securing the business interest is also vital, So, what should you do to secure the business.

We have seen many businesses small, startup, mid range and large all facing a problem in handling developers and designers. This makes a simple task of managing the website very difficult. This is the reason we have discussed Wordpress, its use, how you can create business with ease with it and benefits of it.

This course will not teach you how you can start the business, but definitely talk on some pain points of running a busness and managing it's online presence. Here we have also discussed the need to secure your website with backup and use of a SSL. These also build trust and don't let you lose business when the time comes.

We will keep updating the course based on users need and requirements in future ans hope to serve you well with our contents in building a successful business. Wishing all the best for your business we assure you to respond when you need.

How to make an Ecommerce Chatbot for your Shopify Store

Go Live in 1hr & Increase your Sales! Get 75% Open Rates, Auto Upselling & Abandoned Cart Recovery and Increased Sales

Created by Stefan Kojouharov - ChatbotsLife, Founder @ ChatbotsLife


Students: 12297, Price: Free

Students: 12297, Price:  Free

[This course will be Free for a very limited time.]

Chatbots are quickly revolutionizing ecommerce as big brands are winning with bots:

  • Nitro Cafe: saw 20% increase in sales!
  • 1-800 Flowers: 70% of purchases came from new customers. 
  • Sephora: 11% increase for in store appointments!
  • Asos: saw a 300% increase in orders!

In the next 1hr you will learn what features are driving ecommerce growth via bots and  you will be given the tools so you can create a smart, ai-powered bot for your online store in the next 1hr! 

How are Brands Winning you ask? 75% Open Rates!

Consider the typical funnel, for every 100 site visitors, about 25 will give you their email (if you’re good) and when you email those 25, about 15% will open the email and then 5-10% will click on the links. In end, the average e-commerce website converts 1-3% of the traffic into sales. Messenger Marketing Chatbots can dramatically increase this number, here is how.

Imagine that we sent the 100 users to our Shopify Bot instead, what would happen? Well, all 100 would be in our Messenger channel and we would be able to message them at anytime. Right off the bat, we are able to contact everyone that interacted with out bot instead of just the 25% that gave us their information. What makes bots so powerful, is that users don’t have to sign up and give us their info. We get this automatically by virtue of users using out bot!

 … it gets even better

 Next, when we message our 100 users, typical open rates are 75% and click through rates as high as 50%. In the end, this results in conversation rate of over 3% on the low end!

We want to send as much of our traffic to our bot as possible. We can send Website traffic by implementing the Facebook Messenger Plugin to our site. This takes about 5 minutes to do. This is one of the keys to chatbot marketing. This is one of the ways big brands are winning with Bots!

Your bot will have many of the most popular features right out of the box and you'll be able to add it to your Shopify store in a few clicks. Here are some of the features your bot will have:

  • Showcase of your products: All of your shopify products will automatically be pulled from shopify right into your bot
  • Tracking: Users can ask your bot shipping related questions and the bot will be able to automatically answer your customers.
  • Customer Service: Answer customer's questions via the bot.
  • Unlimited Messaging: Send as many messages to your users as you want. 
  • Personalization: Automatically put users in segments based on what products they liked and market to them in a personalized manner.
  • Upselling: Bot will automatically upsell and cross sell.
  • Lead Generation: Bot will automatically generate leads.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery: Bot will automatically recover abandoned carts.

The best part is that many of these features will also be sent by email thereby making your bot even more effective!

In this course we will be using 2 Free Tools to accomplish the task at hand:

  1. Chatfuel: Chatfuel is the most popular bot building tool on the market today. It is feature rich technology that will make it easy for us to create flows, sales funnels, send messages, segment our audiences and much more.
  2. GoBeyond Ai: GoBeyond is the only app that can connect Chatfuel to Shopify. GoBeyond pulls all your products from Shopify automatically and lets both Chatfuel and Shopify talk. GoBeyond also has a powerful NLP engine in the background that does a lot of the automated features such as Upselling, Downselling, Abandoned Cart Recovery and much more.