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Free Weight Loss Course: Weight Loss Made Simple

Seamlessly integrating simple habits into your daily routine for lasting weight loss. Weight loss has never been easier.

Created by Jack Wilson - Personal Trainer and Transformation Specialist


Students: 79945, Price: Free

*Completely FREE Weight Loss Course

Losing weight can be one of the hardest things you do in your life, but it doesn't have to be. If you have been struggling to lose weight or are intimidated to start, this is the solution for you.

Why This Course is Different From Others

I have found that most popular and trendy weight loss programs fail because they are so complex and demanding. They ask you to...

  1. Completely change your diet and remove all of the foods that you love in order to lose weight.
  2. Adhere to strict, intense exercise programs that cause you to lose weight quickly, and uncomfortably.
  3. Overhaul your entire lifestyle, from work to leisure, making it really inconvenient for you to lose weight.

Why Losing Weight is So Difficult

I have found in teaching THOUSANDS of students on Udemy to lose weight, that the biggest challenges you face are that you...

  • Are busy with work, your business, your job, or school
  • Have other obligations that
  • Don't have time to cook or learn a new skill to lose weight
  • Don't have the time or resources to go to the gym to lose weight.
  • You would love to lose weight, BUT you love food! We all do.

Here's what I know for a fact:

Your time is the most valuable thing that you have, and there are so many other more important aspects to life than working out and cooking. Who has the time?

*What if I told you that there was a simpler way to lose weight?

*What if you could lose all of that stubborn weight you have been holding onto with the bare minimum of time commitment and effort?

*What if there was a way to lose weight that actually fit YOUR SCHEDULE and was seamless to follow?

What you Are Getting in this Course

This course is composed of only the simplest and most effective habits that you can seamlessly integrate into your life so that you can lose weight and keep it off for good this time.

This course includes

  • How you can lose weight by sleeping more and workout less
  • How drinking cold water will help you lose weight
  • How you can lower your stress and lose 10 pounds in a month
  • How you can cook less, eat more, and lose weight
  • Exactly how to naturally counteract your sweet tooth to lose weight successfully
  • How you can lose weight and never have to count calories again
  • One simple meal that will help you lose your first 20-40+ pounds
  • Workout 2-4 hours PER MONTH at home, lose weight, and get ripped

No risk and the Ultimate Reward

If you have been trying to lose weight for years or have been intimidated to start, this is your chance. This is the easiest and most effective way to lose weight with simple habits that will fit with your everyday life.


Fitness Nutrition: Build Your Perfect Diet In 5 Easy Steps

Learn The Truth About Nutrition, Dieting For Weight Loss, Building Muscle, Healthy Eating, Meal Planning, Fat Loss

Created by Felix Harder - Transformation Coach | Best Selling Instructor


Students: 26319, Price: Free

Learn How To Build The Perfect Diet & Meal Plan In 5 Easy Steps

Hi, I'm Felix Harder fitness and dieting coach and amazon best selling author. This course is designed for anyone who wants to get the most out of their diet, no matter if you're an athlete, bodybuilder or simply want to live a healthier life.

In my free training I will teach you the 5 aspects of great fitness diets and how you can apply them correctly. So often people obsess over diet aspects that have little to no impact on their results. If instead you focus on what truly matters, and I will show you exactly what this is, you can set up your ideal diet in less than 30 minutes and see results in no time. 

We will talk about the right calorie balance and the right macronutrient split - so how much protein, fat and carbs you actually need. I will also teach you about proper meal timing and a small number of supplements that are actually proven to work and not just marketing hype.

Here Is What's Inside The Program:

1. Calorie Balance

  • Why calorie matter

  • The three different calorie balances

  • How to determine your ideal calorie intake

2. Macronutrients

  • The 3 main macronutrients: Protein, Carbyhodrates & Fat

  • How much protein you should consume every day

  • How much fat you should consume every day

  • How many carbs you should consume every day

3. Nutrition Timing

  • When should you eat for optimal results

  • How often should you eat for optimal results

4. Food Composition

  • What are the best sources of protein

  • What are the best sources of fat

  • What are the best sources of carbs

5. Supplements

  • The 3 best supplements for beginners

Learn about nutrition, meal planning for building muscle or weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. A better diet plan  will help with fat loss and overall well being.

As a BONUS you also get a free cheat sheet with the most important information at a glance

So If You Want To Start Building Your Ideal Diet, Sign Up Now, It's Completely Free 

Ultimate Tabata Training: Lose Weight,Build Muscle & Get Fit

No Gym, Tabata Training for All Fitness Levels

Created by Akash Sehrawat - Fabulousbody Founder & International Best-Selling Instructor


Students: 21153, Price: Free

Science is clear: You don't need to go crazy working out for 60 minutes every day in the 'fat burning zone' to lose weight and get fit. 

All you need is 4 minutes of Tabata Training. 

Welcome to The Ultimate Tabata Training Course where you will get 20+ Tabata Videos in my home, in a park and on a beach.

Start your year 2018, with me, your health coach Akash [Me], and let me help you get in the best shape of your life. 

More than 15,000+ students have trusted me and now it's your turn! 

Tabata Training is a comprehensive course for people of all fitness levels. 

Are you a beginner, who has no experience in Tabata training? No problem, I'll take you home. 

Are you an intermediate/advanced trainee looking to incorporate Tabata training your exercise regime? 

You have to come to the right place, where I will provide you a complete roadmap for 8 weeks and how you can use the Tabata Workout Videos in specific sequence to make the most out of your training!

Simply follow the exact step-by step Tabata workouts in a manner which is provided specific to your goals, fitness levels and your overall training routine. 

Here's what you will get in this course:

SECTION 1: Introduction-Why Tabata Training? And how to incorporate all the workouts throughout the week in a systematic manner to get the best results

SECTION 2: Safety workouts and guidelines to keep you injury free:)

Warm up video, safety guidelines with 5 Key Check points that you should follow that will help you drastically reduce the risk of injuring yourself. 

Technique and Form Video of Key Movements like Squats, Pushup and many more!

SECTION 3: Beginners Tabata Workouts-5 Types: Full Body, Cardio Conditioning, Lower Body, Plank and Abs

-All these beginners workout videos are great for anyone with ZERO Fitness levels and anyone looking to start their fitness journey. 

-ALL Videos are FOLLOW ALONG. Step-by-step, just follow me:)

-Great Music, A Timer to help you know whats coming (timer not in first 20% of video)

-Videos shot in a Park, My Home and on a Beach

SECTION 4: Intermediate Tabata Workouts-5 Types: Full Body, Cardio Conditioning, Lower Body, Plank and Abs

-All these intermediate workout videos are great for anyone with at least 3 months of consistent Fitness training 

-ALL Videos are FOLLOW ALONG. Step-by-step, just follow me:)

-Great Music, A Timer to help you know whats coming (timer not in first 20% of video)

-Videos shot in a Park, My Home and on a Beach

SECTION 5: Advanced Tabata Workouts-5 Types: Full Body, Cardio Conditioning, Lower Body, Plank and Abs

-All these advanced workout videos are great for anyone with at least 1 yr of consistent Fitness training 

-ALL Videos are FOLLOW ALONG. Step-by-step, just follow me:)

-Great Music, A Timer to help you know whats coming (timer not in first 20% of video)

-Videos shot in a Park, My Home and on a Beach


SECTION 6: Nutrition diet plans and a Nutrition Guide [40+ Recipes]

SECTION 7: Flexibility and Cool Down-Static Stretches to Keep you Safe and Toned up

Over 100+ Different types of bodyweight moves neatly sequenced into 30 TABATA VIDEOS, this course will help you get in the best shape of your life. 

Just follow the weekly chart and diet plans I have provided. 

My mission is to help you get in the best shape of your life, and this course will just do that!

All the best, 

Your coach and instructor


Getting Started with the Paleo Diet

The basics of getting started with the paleo diet and lifestyle strategies to help you lose body fat and get lean.

Created by Chris Hiestand - Co-Founder of PrimalPal


Students: 20915, Price: Free

The paleo diet has become extremely popular. But is it right for everyone? If you're looking for more information about the paleo diet minus hyperbole and jargon you're in the right place!

This course lays out the foundation of the paleo diet and gives you the information and strategies you need to lose unwanted body fat and live a healthier lifestyle. You'll learn the exact steps I took to lose 33 pounds of unwanted body fat and cure my chronic digestive issues.

Anyone can use the strategies in this course to transform their body and their life. You don't have to be a Ph.D. in nutrition to be fit, healthy and happy. Get started with the paleo diet and see how easy it can be to Go Paleo!

Belly Fat and the Number 1 Fat Making Hormone: Insulin

Understand how Insulin works in the body and how it impacts on Belly Fat and other life threatening conditions

Created by Jules Allen-Rowland - Functional Medicine Practitioner


Students: 11084, Price: Free

Creeping weight gain and belly fat are more than just uncomfortable and unsightly.  They are an indication of increasing Insulin Resistance that may lead to Diabetes as well as increase risks of many life threatening diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and even cancer. While Type 2 diabetes used to be a condition only affecting adults, even children as young as 8 are being diagnosed with T2D nowadays and the growing numbers are cause for serious concern. While we are fortunate to have the internet at our disposal, most of us are too busy to search for articles to help us understand how Insulin acts on a cellular level, that may lead to belly fat and more serious health conditions.

If you answer yes to questions such as:

1. My belly is larger than my hips.

2. I crave foods, especially in the afternoon

3. I get a mid afternoon slump

4. I, or a family member have been diagnosed with diabetes

Then this course is for you. 

So many life threatening disease can be avoided with sugar management and for most of us, it is not because we are unwilling to make changes, it is because we simply do not know what changes to make, that we simply give up.

Belly Fat and the Number 1 Fat Making Hormone: Insulin, will explain exactly what Insulin's role is in a healthy body and how this can go awry. This course will explain how Insulin has a prominent role in making us fat and what steps we can take, even if we have already been diagnosed with Diabetes, in minimizing or reversing the deleterious impact on our body.  In so doing, our 'fat making' processes will slow down to become manageable and even disappear. 

Specifically this course will:

1. Address the first indicator of Insulin Resistance, Belly Fat and give you an understanding of why sugars and Insulin contribute, plus tools to begin the process of reducing you belly AND resucing risks of other chronic diseases associated with an enlarging belly. Insulin is the number 1 player in this process.

  • Increase your understanding of Insulin in a normal body and why 'just enough' Insulin is essential for life itself
  • Explain how a poor diet gradually increases cellular mismanagement of Insulin without us knowing this is happening, except for  growing, stubborn middle fat
  • List serious health dangers associated with Insulin Resistance and Diabetes
  • Explain what habits we may have that exacerbate the growing Insulin resistance
  • Explain What to change for greatest Impact.
  • Give downloadable PDF's for easy reference and increased understanding

Why take this Course?

The only way to begin to reduce stubborn Middle Fat and turn your health around is to start at grass roots.  Crash diets, off the shelf powders and quick detox solutions, as well as calorie cutting, simply do not work,  Extra hours at the gym, while beneficial in other ways, do not result in weight loss, nor do they affect cellular health, if they are not accompanied by changes in Insulin management. The single biggest change that will impact on health and longevity is to change INSULIN IMPACT in the body.  The negative spiral to our mood as well as to our health starts with the small and creeping changes that happen slowly, leading to weight gain, depression and exhaustion. Insulin is at the root of all these problems.  As with everything, increasing understanding of why something happens, arms us with information about what to change as well as increases our sustainability when we make these changes. 

The course will explain why Insulin  and sugars are at the root.  It will show you where sugar hides in foods we would NEVER suspect so we can make choices to avoid those foods and this course will Show you what foods are the biggest culprits in weight gain and these are not only the sweet foods. Plus, this course will show you why making adjustments as to when we eat and how often we eat, also impacts on our insulin management and weight gain..

The 21 Day Health Challenge

Wholesomely improve your health via mindful food and lifestyle choices

Created by Ian Craig - Nutritional Therapist and Exercise Physiologist


Students: 10745, Price: Free

The 21 day health challenge is designed for people who would like to take charge of their own health by learning more about their best food and lifestyle choices, while in the process, improving their own weight management. 

So if you’re looking for another diet to blindly follow, please move along to the next item in your google search list. If, however, you wish to learn a lot about nutrition, health and individuality, plus value self-empowerment so that you can make informed choices by the end of the course, come and join us….

Weight Loss For Beginners: Diet And Workout For Men & Women

Learn The Truth About Dieting For Weight Loss, Exercise, Meal Planning, Fat Loss And Nutrition

Created by Felix Harder - Transformation Coach | Best Selling Instructor


Students: 10537, Price: Free

Learn How To Lose Weight & Keep It Off For Good By Using Proven Science-Based Strategies 

Hi, I'm Felix Harder fitness and dieting coach and amazon best selling author. This course is designed for anyone who wants to lose fat, be healthy and feel great.

My Weight For Beginners Course is not some random fad diet that tells you which foods you should and shouldn't eat. Instead I will teach you the proven stragies behind the right diet and workout for fat loss

Unfortunately, the internet is full of false health gurus that sell you all kinds of diet plans and supplements that are overpriced and don't work. This is why I wanted to create a video course that not only debunks the most common weight loss myths but also teaches everything you need to know to lose weight, get your dream body and live a healthier life. 

Here Is What's Inside The Program:

The Theory & Science Behind Weight Loss

  • The Most Common Weight Loss Myths Debunked

  • The Weight Loss Pyramid

  • The Science Of Successful Weight Loss

  • The REAL Fat Loss Foods (They Aren't What You Think) 

Setting Up Your Weight Loss Diet (Step-By-Step)

  • Determining Your Daily Calorie Needs

  • How To Track Calories Correctly 

  • Adjusting Your Diet For Optimal Fat Loss

The Right Workout: Training For Weight Loss:

  • Cardio For Weight Loss

  • Weight Lifting For Weight Loss

  • Can You Build Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time?

If You Want To Lose Weight, Feel Great And Live A Healthier Life, This Is The Right Course For You

This course is great for anyone and will help with weight loss over 50, fat loss for men and fat loss for women. It will teach you proper meal planning that is ideal for your fat loss diet and fat loss plans to achieve weight loss mastery.

5-Week Healthy Detox Plan To Lose Weight

The Healthy Detox Plan for taking back control of your body, starting losing weight and getting loads of energy

Created by Healthfull me - Pre-medical online programs


Students: 9704, Price: Free

This detox guide is suitable for anyone who eats a lot of processed food/ simple carbohydrates and soft drinks, struggles with excess weight and mood swings, and for those who have a lack of energy.

If you are looking for whole foods, clean eating plan that supports your health as well as your mind then this is the program for you.

This course is great for those who have wanted to do detox cleanses but without any unbalanced diet. This is perfect for you if you want to eliminate processed food and learn how to eat whole foods effectively.

The course is extremely easy to follow and designed to ensure your success.

  • Step by step guide for 5 weeks with a detailed description - what you need to do, why, and all necessary supporting materials (with examples of menus and recipes where it is required).
  • Guide is based on a balanced diet, so you will know how many and what kind of food you should eat.
  • all 5 weeks are challenge for you, as a completely new approach in nutrition and flavors. You will gradually learn how to listen to your body and understand its signals. And who knows, maybe it will become a new fun lifestyle to follow for the rest of your life!

Just open the program and follow it week by week. There is a description of all your weekly activities including all the accompanying information as Nutrition plan, menu examples, receipts, answers to the frequently asked questions and more.

Plant Based Diet to Reverse Health Damage!

Reverse Heart Disease, Diabetes, Health Damage, and Lose Weight. The Last Healthy Diet.

Created by Shaun Ajani - Author, Speaker, Trainer, and Businessman


Students: 7048, Price: Free

Plant Based Diet to Reverse Health Damage! Reverse Heart Disease, Diabetes, Health Damage, and Lose Weight. The Last Healthy Diet.

The course endeavors to give students the knowledge of eating with a system to reverse health damage, including heart disease, and diabetes. With this new way of eating, another welcome and inevitable outcome diet is weight loss. The unique element of the course is that the instructor, who has many years of experience in course creation, writing, and consulting, actually went through a life experience, which facilitated a very effective course. 

Introduction To Bodydetox Course


Created by Haim Gilor - Alternative medicine naturopath, Iridologist iris diagnostic


Students: 6855, Price: Free

In this course the students will gain the knowledge and understanding about the main causes of the most common medical problems and health issues.

I will explain why milk is bad for our health

I will explain why wheat is bad for our health as well as coffee ,artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

I will invite the students to think about full body purification that will reset the digestive system and restart it, so that their health will immediately improve and their quality of life will be greater then ever.

The Ultimate Guide To The Keto Diet +Free Keto Recipes

And How to Lose 20lbs+

Created by Troy Ragland - Professional


Students: 6420, Price: Free

Don't Forget to Join my Email List to receive Free Keto Recipes Every Week! Check the Free Keto Recipes Section in the Course!

This course will go in depth with the Ketogenic Diet. You will Learn How the Ketogenic Diet works. During this course, we will also explain the science behind the keto diet. You will also learn what you can eat on the Keto Diet. Most importantly, you will learn how to setup a weight loss plan based on the Ketogenic Diet.   

How To Lose Weight With No Exercise

Losing Weight the Natural Way

Created by Monique El - Home Education Instructor


Students: 5619, Price: Free

Welcome to "How to Lose Weight With No Exercise". If you are ready to lose weight without having to step foot in a gym, then this is the program for you! This course will explore different modalities I used to approach successfully losing 20 pounds within 2 weeks. You will not have to hit the gym or be pestered by an early alarm signaling you to wake up and do an hour worth of exercise. Instead I deal with how you can and will realistically shed plenty of pounds and also address how to actually heal your body during this process. This course is for people of all ages as well as people who are ready to make lifestyle changes that will make them successful. 

How to start a daily green juice routine when time is short

Add green juicing to your daily diet without overloading your routine.

Created by Lita Doolan - Reviewer


Students: 5377, Price: Free

Ever wondered how you can drink more green juice in less time? Is your goal to reach for a green juice instead of a coffee every morning? This course will help you design a simple strategy to achieve your juicing goal.

In this course we will together fix the reasons you don’t juice often enough by looking at the ways the process can be simplified. By the end of the course you will:

  • Add new twists to boost the flavour of a juice instantly
  • Feel motivated to use a juicer daily
  • Discover vegetables that make a juice you love
  • Know how to clean your juice machine fast

This course will help those who are new to juicing and have a busy laptop-lifestyle find the juice recipes that will fit easily into a hectic life style.

The course walks you through this with 5 short modules showing you how to put together a green juice that is so enjoyable you will want to make every day. For example, by using earthy seasonal plants to make a vegan juice there are ingredients to soften the taste. Using local seasonal produce also supports sustainable ecology.

I designed this course to be fun and useful for busy people with sit down lifestyles who are new to juicing and want to be motivated to drink green juice fast.

Booty Camp – Weight Loss and Fitness Boot Camp for Women

Award winning program designed for women to lose weight, tone up, and get fit for life.

Created by The Healthy Coaches - 


Students: 4485, Price: Free

This course is designed and taught by Coach Conor, Coach Aisling, and Coach Sean. 

Thousands of women have reached their weight loss and fitness goals at Booty Camp, and now we are taking the program to Udemy!

In total there are 6 weeks of nutrition plans, recipes and workouts. As you progress through each week you will notice your body changing and it won't be long until you reach your weight and fitness goals!

Basics of Nutrition

Introduction to Nutrition (Creating your own diet plan)

Created by Paletta Academy - Approachable, engaging courses from great teachers!


Students: 3762, Price: Free

This course will help you identify changes you need to make to maintain a healthy lifestyle and maintain this for a long period of time. Give you all the information you need to support you in planning changes you can stick to with simple tips and ideas to put it into practice. 

By the end of this course you will have learned about; 

  1. Identifying healthy eating and wellbeing

  2. How to create a healthy, balanced and sustainable lifestyle

  3. Reading food labels and how to understand them

  4. Nutrition and combatting illnesses. E.g.Diabetes, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

  5. Goal setting for healthy eating

  6. Portion sizing and macronutrient balance

  7. Mindfulness and Food

  8. Importance of hydration

Diet & Fitness Pitfalls

What You Should Avoid and Why

Created by Kamal Jelani Walker - Educator/Coach/Trainer/Writer


Students: 3728, Price: Free

Living a healthy lifestyle should be a top priority for everyone. The path towards improving and maintaining a high quality of life is ongoing, and this journey becomes increasingly challenging the more information we become exposed to. All of this information isn’t good, and some of it is just down right false. This course is designed to help you avoid common mistakes directly related to misinformation, misinformation that can keep you from reaching your diet and fitness goals

Weight Loss Solutions That Work

33 Secrets and Solutions From the Most Effective Weight Loss Programs

Created by Jenelle N Robinson - Ph.D in Nutrition


Students: 3347, Price: Free

This self-paced 6-module course is designed to  help you determine what weight loss tools might work best for you. There  are a lot of weight loss products and programs on the market. But all  will not work for you. Sustainable weight loss is usually a combination  of dietary restrictions, exercise, behavioral modification, and social  support. These things are the core of some of the most effective weight  loss programs. This course explores those core components while  providing you solutions, resources, and methods that will be helpful to  your weight loss endeavors with or without any additional programs or  products. This "quick course" includes brief lectures, short quizzes,  multiple assessments, and a plethora of resources compiled for your  convenience.

Change Food Cravings in 5 Days!

Try a Top 5 Raw vegan nourishing smoothies diet cleanse for effective & physical understanding of our mind habits.

Created by Denis Nikulin - yellow tutorial


Students: 3277, Price: Free

As the course is for free please Write us a review if you liked :), thank you a lot!

Welcome to top 5 Raw Vegan Nourishing Morning Smoothies Course for Beginners. 5 Days detox to change you food Cravings! If you are reading this you might be feeling excited? A little nervous? Proud? Overwhelmed? Any kind of emotion or feeling could be bubbling to the surface right now, as you are about to embark on a five-day journey of transformation of mind body and soul. It is about to begin. This is a guideline to your journey. Providing you with the information you may need over the next few mornings, explaining the importance of ingredients and how they affect our body.

Who we are?

Hello everyone, we are Keny and Kym from New Zeland. Before we had a Raw Vegan cafe - Mana Kai in Australia. 

About Mana:

Mana is a Māori word meaning, spirit, life force, prana. At Mana juice, we are providing the Busselton region and hinterlands with high-quality cold pressed, loved crafted juice. A Mana juice will help to not only nourish the body but the mind and spirit with an abundance of bioavailable and living nutrients. By incorporating a Mana smoothies and cold press juice into your life it will begin a beautiful alchemical transformation of self-love, connection, and empowerment. We provide you with further information, empower you to educate yourself on healthy living, and support you energetically. We are passionate about sharing with all the wonderful benefits and transformation that nourishing smoothies can bring. 

We also produce Kambucha and Jamu. These drinks are probiotics and they help to lose weight. Jamu for ex. is made by ginger, Curcuma, etc.. 

About Keny:

He was a drug addicted for many years, and he spent some years in jail. After that life starts to help him true healthy food patch.

About Kim:

About 10 years ago, she was in a crisis time, she has a 120kg, she was very busy with business, she was stressing about the health and self-evaluation. 30 days juice fasting method changed her life, she lost 32kg and start to have back mental and physical health.

Juice fasting is one of our programs what we are organizing for help to people to clean mind and body.

This course of top 5 smoothies is basically started to do a challenge bad habits, to stop use pharmaceutic drugs, etc.. YES! Is possible, start with our small pre-fasting top 5 smoothies - 5 days introduction what we made for you! Please enjoy and follow us, be prepared for our next course of Raw Vegan Juice Fasting.

MEDITATION. YOGA. RAW FOOD. KAMBUCHA - This is it our message to you!

Dear friend, as we are doing this class for free right now, we ask only one thing from you, after you finish this course and if it brings you usefulness, please write for us a great review! Thank you a lot dear!

Coronavirus Diet: Carbs, Fats, & Proteins

Create Your Ultimate Immune Boosting Diet

Created by Dr. Sarah Zaldivar - Faculty at Miami Dade College, DeVry University, ACSM


Students: 2353, Price: Free

Are you worried about exposure to the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, and the disease it causes, COVID-19?

Maybe you are in good health, but you are worried about your parents or grandparents contracting the disease. Or you are probably worried about your significant other who has one of the risk factors for worse COVID-19 outcomes: overweight/obese, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, lung disease, kidney disease, etc...

That's understandable and that is why I have created this course. In this course, I put together my decades of teaching and working in the health and nutrition field to present you with the knowledge that is so urgent to have during these uncertain times.

In this course, you will learn what really strengthens your immune system, and no it's not kale! A lot of "common knowledge" about what is healthy for us does not hold up under scrutiny.

There is so much misinformation about what a healthy diet constitutes that it can be very frustrating for the average person who just wants to improve their health without getting a Ph.D. in the process.

For that reason, I simplify what foods are essential for improving our immune system function and which foods can wreak havoc on our physical health.

I also provide you with concise straight-to-the-point explanations for my recommendations.

If you are ready to take back control of your and your loved ones' health, then I will see you on the inside!

In Health,

Dr. Z

Living with the Low FODMAP Diet

Learn more about the Low FODMAP Diet for IBS

Created by Alastair Banks - Director of Optix Solutions - UK Digital Marketing Agency


Students: 2046, Price: Free

If you suffer from IBS in Australia you'll be put on the Low FODMAP diet as standard. The Monash University in Melbourne were the first to determine a link between certain food groups (FODMAPS) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). For the last 8 + years their research into this area has got better and more valuable for sufferers of this disibilitating condition. 

I've lived with IBS for almost 15 years now. After many trips to doctors, specialists and even hospitals nothing was offered up as an answer to my pain. When my first son was born things were so bad that I struggled to pick him up in the evening when I returned from home. Many evenings were spent bent double in pain on the sofa unable to do anything at all. I decided that enough was enough and sought more help. 

I found a GP who had heard about this Low FODMAP diet but didn't know about it personally. I spent the next few months researching it online. I became self taught but was still making lots of mistakes. I finally found an excellent dietician who had been trained by Kings College in London in the diet. She was based in Torquay near my home. She was instrumental in helping me implement the diet and teaching me how to reintroduce the different food groups.

Now I am NOT a dietician and if you're serious about this diet you MUST seek help from a professional like this as they will know things I simply don't. What I can give you is an honest account of living with this diet (having done so for two years now). I know the tips and tricks that exist and can really help you implement this in your lives if you're serious in doing so. 

If you choose to take the course I wish you the very best. It has been an absolute life changer for me personally so I hope it can be for you too. Good luck.   

Lose Weight Healthily & Easily In 8 Weeks Or Less

Feel The Healthiest & Happiest You Have Ever Been! Guaranteed Success By Taking Action & Learning From This Short Course

Created by Mitch Asser - Serial Entrepreneur and Health Nerd


Students: 1939, Price: Free

---- Lose Weight Healthily & Easily In 8 Weeks Or Less ----

Are you ready for a major healthy nutrition breakthrough in your life?

** Bonus Interview with the Founder of Bass-Jump, Dan Witmer. Learn how to lose weight by getting started with a very specific exercise for ONLY 3-4 MINUTES per day, 3-4 days per week!! **

Bonus #2: Hear from my good friend Sami, about how she totally transformed her body from being heavily overweight, to being able to lose weight and become completely ripped and winning a trophy on stage in her first ever bodybuilding competition stage show.

Bonus #3: You will also get FREE access to my "8 Week Body Transformation Challenge" that sells here on Udemy. This offer is only available for a short time as it is brand new, and is among the most comprehensive online courses on this platform.

Ask yourself these questions:

· Do you have low energy levels?

· Do you have sugar cravings?

· Do you battle with weight gain?

· Do you sleep well or have poor restlessness napping?

· Do you eat processed foods and want to clean up your diet?

· Do you take care of everyone else and forget to take care of yourself?

I would like to invite you to join me in this in depth online nutrition course that is designed to help you lose weight fast & create positive healthy habits that will dramatically improve the quality of your life on all levels.

Whatever you may be dealing with can be healed, transformed and you can break through to the next level.

By learning and becoming aware of where you are currently at with your thoughts and patterns, you can begin to change it entirely and lose weight fast.

As you watch this online nutrition course in it's entirety you will learn how to lose weight, Boost Cardiovascular Health, Increase Mental Health, Reach and Sustain Maximum Vitality. As well as Increase General Health, Reduce Stress and it will help you stay Disease Free.

Isn't it your turn to look and feel your best?

My passion in life is to inspire and reach as many people as I can to live a more fulfilled life through lifestyle and health awareness and coaching. This is just a small gift I give to you, to reboot your inner-self, lose weight and get you on track to living a life where you thrive!

The 100% Money Back Guarantee - This course comes with a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee. I am so confident in the course that if for whatever reason you are not fully satisfied, you will receive a full refund direct from Udemy. So there is no risk on your part.

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See you on the inside,


Healthspan Hacks: Tips for Improving your Body & Life

Learn about hacks for your feet, legs, back, workouts, skin, diet and brain cells.

Created by Dr. J's Psychology - Professor of Psychology


Students: 1694, Price: Free

Take charge of your body and mind starting from the feet up. Protect your feet, back and legs from the assaults of daily activities. For example, toss out those typical running or walking shoes! Select the best footwear for working the bones and muscles in your feet in the proper way. Get your body positioned well to avoid injuries. Keep your back from feeling discomfort and developing disc compression. Use a top rated adjustable desk instead of sitting in a chair for hours while online working, reading or writing. Discover the joys of stretching your body and toning your abdominal muscles. Promote leg movements and foot strength by utilizing a device that balances, cushions and supports you while standing.

Understand the best way to approach your workouts over time. Learn about the optimal exercises and activities to protect your heart from damage as you negotiate adulthood. Make your skin glow with exfoliation, vitamin A and natural acids. Prevent wrinkles and sun spots by using gold standard products instead of less effective potions.

Eat the kinds of food that will enhance your capacity to function well over time. Avoid strokes and cardiac problems by eliminating certain eating habits. Support cellular health by embracing short and long term fasts. Ingest the sorts of supplements that will: protect key brain cells, increase your health span, reduce inflammation throughout your system as well as promote more physical and mental energy. Many top notch habits and products will be suggested that are based on solid research and years of lived experience. 

“Every-Single-Diet” review & master Guide

Diet & nutrition questions answered by a 17 year pro coach |Receive a meal plan on completion.

Created by Johann Francis CSCS - Certified since 2003, 35,000 + hours coached and trained!


Students: 1563, Price: Free


This is your Master Diet and Nutrition Guide.

Finish this course completely, pass the quiz and receive a CUSTOM 1 DAY MEAL PLAN!

First, let's begin with the numbers.

  • 90%+ diets slow down

  • 36% more people who workout dieted in 2018 than 2017 (double)

  • 50% are confused about diets and which one is best

Let's clear the air!

We cover:

  • 4 Types of Diets

  • Top 4 REASONS you Diet

  • How to tell which Diet does what

  • Diet myths

  • Discern your future diet

  • -Carnivore

  • -Paleo

  • -Whole30

  • -South Beach

  • -Intermittent Fast

And find out which is my favorite!

Weight Loss Formula: Lose 25-40 Pounds in 90 Days

Learn everything you need to know to LOSE weight FAST without starvation diets or hard to do exercises.

Created by Artor Berisha - Health and Fitness Expert


Students: 1530, Price: Free

In it, I'll be sharing with you..

  • The single most powerful secret for weight loss – thanks to my close collaboration with top weight experts, and researchers
  • The truth about how many calories you really need per day, per week, for fat loss
  • The social and medical aspects of being overweight – How being fat is sucking the life out of you
  • How you can effectively use the system to get slim

But that's not all. I will also be going over methods of healthy living a lifestyle change which you will definitely want to know more about. Here's more on what I will cover...

  • How starving affects the body and how to eat healthy
  • Learn the art of manifesting energies for enhanced productivity when you are fit and feel energetic
  • Formulate a diet plan that will help you with weight loss
  • How to stay extremely healthy even under stress at all times.

You are about to discover how you are going to experience healthy weight loss and say goodbye to all the fat that has prevented you from living a full life

That's not all!

Here are some benefits that you are going to enjoy when you get Weight Loss with System today!

  • Reclaim your life and the respect of others
  • Keep your heart healthy and young
  • Workout like you never did before without having to spend hours in the gym
  • Never worry about counting calories
  • Eat delicious food homemade anytime
  • Get rid of all health problems related to diet
  • Fit into clothes that you thought you never could
  • Try for the football team!

ISO 22000 Foundation by Example Part1

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System

Created by Dr. Amar Massoud - Specialized in IT certfication trainings


Students: 785, Price: Free

This course is for students who want to gain foundation knowledge about ISO 22000 and those who are planning to take the ISO 22000 Foundation exam. It is also intended to people interested in making their organization compliant with the ISO 22000 standard or food specialists who are looking for a more organized approach to handle and manage food safety in their enterprise.

Sustaining Healthy Eating

Powerful realizations that transformed my eating and can transform yours too!

Created by Srikanth Narahari - Social Entrepreneur


Students: 651, Price: Free

Since February 2018, I have not touched sweets, fried foods, chocolate, ice cream, or any form of junk food whatsoever. Is this some extra-ordinary achievement? Do I have crazy will power? Am I putting myself through suffering? Am I depriving myself of the joys of the world? Is this some display of strength of character?

My answer to all of these questions is no. I am just another person. I used to fill up foam cups with peanut butter M&Ms and chocolate-coated almonds and down that stuff mindlessly. I had previously tried to eat healthier but could not sustain it for more than a few weeks and would inevitably relapse back into my old patterns. Then some profound realizations changed my entire perspective and enabled long-term success in eating healthy.

You see, in my world view, there are no easy things or hard things in this world, only things that you already know how to do and things that you don't yet know how to do. (There are also things that you know that ain't so. Watch out for those too!)

If you have been unsuccessful at eating healthily over an extended period of time, all that that means is that there are things that you need to learn, keys that you need to find in order to unlock doors. Find the keys; transform your life.

I am making this course to share with you the same realizations that have allowed me to transform my eating for good and never look back.

Best wishes for your health ambitious! And remember: If I can sustain healthy eating, you can too!

TLC DIET Transformation

what do you know about real diet ?

Created by Gold Horizon School - Top Instructor - We Care About Your Success


Students: 620, Price: Free

Lose Weight, Lower Your Cholesterol and Transform Your Life with this Video Series!

Hearing the word diet usually inspires thoughts of cutting food, counting calories, and depriving yourself. Diets tend to come in waves, and they tend to be unsustainable – many of them even go as far as being unhealthy if done over a long period of time, and can lead to lack of nutrients.

The TLC diet isn't just a diet, it's a way of changing your life style and eating healthier. TLC stands for Therapeutic Lifestyle Change. It isn't just about restricting yourself to a set number of calories per day, or juicing everything before ingesting it.

It's about making changes that are better for your body. Sometimes, the things we fuel our body on can cause fatigue, headaches and other unseen dangers and illnesses. The TLC diet is designed to make us feel better and healthier, while still providing us with everything we need to keep moving and to help learn how to be healthier while still enjoying what we eat.

The idea of the 'diet' is to help control the amount of saturated fat that a person consumes; this can mean cutting down on milk and meats. It also means cutting out nicotine, and getting in frequent exercise. All of which benefits overall health, as well as cholesterol.

One of the main benefits, medically, that the TLC diet has is reducing cholesterol. It has been recommended by doctors, and by the National Cholesterol Education Programme from the US National Institute of Health.

As well as helping with cholesterol, the TLC diet can help with weight loss, too, and as it's a change in life style rather than an actual diet, it's easier to sustain, and there's much more chance of the weight staying off and little chance of the person slipping back into their own way of eating. It becomes a way of life, and eventually becomes natural.

It reduces the risk of health problems later in life, making sure that we're taking care of ourselves as we fuel our bodies. It makes sure that we're getting the right nutrients and that we're putting the right kind of food inside our bodies. Learn more inside...

How to Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Weight

An effective program to achieve and maintain a healthy weight

Created by Nicholas Cohen, MD - Primary Care Physician


Students: 490, Price: Free

Less than one in three in adults in the United States has a normal body weight.  The obesity epidemic is caused by multiple factors from lack of sleep, increased stress, too much sitting, not enough exercise, increasing consumption of  sugar, refined grains, and starchy vegetables, to name a few.  50 years of dieting have proven that dieting doesn't work.  An effective solution addresses the causes of obesity, and offers a healthy way of eating that tastes good and makes you feel good. In this course, Dr. Nicholas Cohen, MD, a primary care physician in San Francisco, provides a comprehensive plan for weight loss. You'll learn about the causes of obesity, and he'll share with you effective strategies that have worked for thousands of his patients.  The course begins with the definition and prevalence of obesity. Next, Dr. Cohen shows the evidence for the health impact of obesity, how being over weight shortens lifespan.  In the next section, he'll describe the main factors that lead to obesity. This will be followed by an overview of the impact of being overweight on health.  Dr. Cohen will then share with you tips for achieving a healthy weight.  These are tips he follows himself to maintain a healthy weight. These recommendations promote health, and are a comprehensive strategy to living healthier, not just loosing weight in the short term. Finally, Dr. Cohen will answer some frequently asked questions, and conclude with a summary of the information covered.

Fueling the Machine: What to Eat for Health | #TrainwithTMax

How do I eat for my fitness goals? Nutrition, diet, and food advice for everyone

Created by Timothy Maxwell - Don't Use Machines, Become One


Students: 482, Price: Free

It seems like everyday you hear something new about nutrition, often times something completely opposite of what you heard a few months or years ago. "Fat is essential and we eat it." became "Fat is bad for you. Don't eat it, it will make you fat." is now becoming "Oh, about fat... yeah, I guess it's not so bad after all. Sorry for the last 60 years of misguidance on that one (wink)."

Whether it's a new low-carb food craze, a quick-fix diet trick, or an even-more-vegan diet, the food and nutrition industries are constantly presenting new ideas to the public and we have no idea what to believe.

So, in this world of too many choices, how does one choose the "best" diet? Well, the answer depends on a few factors like your biochemistry, your fitness level, and your health goals.

This course won't get all sciencey, but will explain a few hot diet trends and how they work. It will also share some personal anecdotes on the effectiveness of certain diets. And lastly, it will give some tips that are universally beneficial, regardless of which diet is best for you. You'll have a clearer understanding of 'eating for fitness' and 'eating to live', versus today's rhetoric of 'living to eat' and 'eating to death'.

So, let's fuel our bodies so that we can Train with TMax!

Extreme Weight Loss Hacks for Women

Stay Fit Forever Without Restrictive Diet

Created by Grace Lim - Mind-Body Eating Coach


Students: 462, Price: Free

In the year 2000, I embarked on a journey that would last more than two decades. I didn’t know it then, but through a process of the understanding mind-body connection, I shed away 10 kilogram or 22 pounds, and keep it off for twenty-one years, even up to the extent of having the 24-inch waistline.

There are million different diets out there promising everything from quick-and-easy weight loss to everlasting youth, and the sheer amount of advice can be overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you know which ones really work, so that you don’t end up buying into a fad and wasting your time, or even risking your life trying out edible weight loss products, or wasting your hard-earned money on advanced technology such as liposuction?

This introduction course describes the 3M system I follow today, the most current evolution of a mental and physical quest that has made me 12 years younger than my chronological age. It is the approach that has transformed my life.

It works for me. And it will work for you.

Your journey to better health is not about a quick fix; it’s about a lifestyle change that works for you. It’s not about how quickly you can lose weight or how small you can become. It’s about how to become stronger and healthier. I will give you the tools you need to achieve your healthy weight or your dream physique.

Train Your Mind, Your Body Will Follow – Unknown