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Design Thinking for Beginners: Develop Innovative Ideas

Apply the five-step design thinking process to identify and creatively solve problems using a human-centered approach.

Created by Laura Pickel - Learning Experience Designer at Lyft


Students: 30978, Price: $74.99

Students: 30978, Price:  Paid

Think of a problem or challenge you had to solve at work recently. How did you approach it? Did you find yourself overwhelmed with the number of possible solutions? Were you unsure how to even start? Design thinking can help.

Design thinking is a five-step human-centered process for creative problem solving. It was popularized by the Stanford and IDEO, and has been used by organizations around the world to solve knotty problems. It is all about understanding your user's needs and solving the right problem. By using this human-centered design approach, you can develop products and services that truly help your user.

This course is meant to serve as an introduction to the principles of design thinking and touches on ways you can implement it in your workplace. The material is best suited for students who are new to design thinking or want a refresher on the core concepts. Luckily, design thinking can be applied to almost any field; no matter what your profession, design thinking can help you discover and implement the best solutions to problems you encounter.

In this course, you will:

  • Apply the 5-step design thinking process to a design challenge in your organization.

  • Empathize with your users through interviews and observations, in order to take a human-centered approach to a challenge.

  • Define your core problem by synthesizing and analyzing information gathered during your empathy work.

  • Ideate solutions to your problem by brainstorming using "How might we..." statements.

  • Prototype your ideas rapidly to identify the best possible solution for your problem.

  • Test your prototypes with users to gather feedback on your proposed solution.

  • Pitch design thinking to your team or organization using storytelling.

You will spend the duration of this course completing your own design thinking project, solving a design challenge of your choice. Each section contains activities that help you apply each step of the process to your design challenge. I've also provided a workbook for you to complete as you progress through this course with all the templates you need to complete your project. These can also serve as resources as you bring design thinking to your own day-to-day work!

My name is Laura Pickel, and I'll be your instructor in this course. After learning design thinking as a student at the, I've continued to both use and teach design thinking at a variety of organizations, including IDEO, Lyft, SAP, and the I love helping people learn about the power of design thinking and hope you will be one of them!

If you're ready to develop breakthrough solutions to help and delight your users, enroll in this course today!

CPE (Continuing Professional Education)

Learning Objectives

  1. Apply the 5-step design thinking process to a design challenge in your organization.

  2. Explain the value of doing empathy research with users.

  3. Compare different methods for empathy work.

  4. Critique the effectiveness of “How might we…” statements, in order to ideate potential solutions.

  5. Use scenes, props and roles to prototype a solution and bring it to life.

  6. Explain why testing prototypes with users often feels like a new round of empathy work

  7. Use the 3 principles of storytelling to pitch the value of design thinking

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Ultimate Guide to Product Design: Design Thinking Approach

Uncover the secrets of successful products for outstanding user experience. Design your unique product that users love!

Created by Susmita Dutta - Bestselling Udemy Instructor, Top Performance Coach and MBA


Students: 23112, Price: $89.99

Students: 23112, Price:  Paid

**Course Updated - Oct 2018**

World finally understands the essential role of design. Products look better than ever, interfaces feel intuitive, and companies are hiring designers at an increasing rate. But, the designer’s role has been changing over last few years. It’s no longer enough to iterate and understand your user, instead in today’s world, designers should be able to do both – identify problems and build solutions, which will increase their worth by at least 10 times for any company. When you can do both, you can do things that no one else can do and you will be a unique asset in your company.

There’s a shift under way in large organizations, one that puts design much closer to the center of the enterprise. But the shift isn’t about aesthetics. It’s about applying the principles of design for better user experience. This new approach is in large part a response to the increasing complexity of modern technology and modern business. 

Most people don't think about how poorly designed everyday interactions are until they learn the principles of good design and user experience, many of which are not intuitive. You don't need to be born thinking about this stuff in order to become a successful designer, it's a skill that can be developed like anything else. Passion often follows from knowledge and expertise.


In this course, I have explained the entire design process which when integrated into your product can create an amazing user experience. You will also learn to approach a problem in a systematic manner. Working in a series is the most important stage of the design process. The ability to experiment, to value and learn from mistakes, and build on the experience achieved is the hallmark of a the truly successful and creative individual, whatever the field.

  So, what are you waiting for?? Get Enrolled and start your journey today… Happy learning my dear friends. See you in the course

Anime Academy: Characters and Backgrounds!

Learn Character Design, Backgrounds, Illustrations, and More!

Created by Christina Wu - Character artist


Students: 21852, Price: $109.99

Students: 21852, Price:  Paid

This course is your go to for anime drawing and illustration and design making. You will learn everything from drawing the body, to learning digital painting and compositions!

This course will take you from having little to no knowledge in anime drawing and painting, to having a much better foundation so that you can build and customize your own artwork at a much more advanced level.

So what else is in it for you?

You’ll create 4 different projects in this course that will take you from not knowing how to draw anime, to drawing your own characters and putting them in illustrations!

You’ll gain instant access to all 16 sections of the course.

The course is designed to take you through step by step, the process of designing your own characters and making your own pieces and learning the fundamentals in anime art. It will equip you with the fundamentals so you can apply them to your own designs and illustration!

Don’t believe me? I offer you a full money back guarantee within the first 30 days of purchasing the course.

Here’s what you get with the course:

You’ll get access to the 15 sections of the course that will teach you the step by step process of drawing anime and digital painting from the basics. The course is supported with over 60 hours of clear and effective content that I guide you through each step of the way.

All yours instantly:

  • The course starts with the basics. I will be going over photoshop basics necessary to go through the course with.

  • Next, you will get an in-depth understanding of anime characters, starting from basic shapes, to building poses using simple shapes. You will also go through how to draw a variety of heads, facial features, hair, etc.

  • I will also be teaching you basic 1pt and 2pt perspective that will be necessary for you to build the human body as well as utilize them for backgrounds.

  • Then, you will be drawing a variety of male and female poses with clothes on. I will teach you the seven basic folds as well as how to integrate them onto the body. You will be drawing standing, sitting, and dynamic poses for each, as well as poses for couples!

  • After poses, you will learn to draw backgrounds from reference. As a mini project, you will be designing a room for your own character and use boxes to help you build it. Then, I will show you how to draw different environments from easy to advanced.

  • To create your illustrations, I will also be teaching you how to digitally paint in a simple and effective way, from light and dark, to multiple values

  • You will be painting still lifes, as well as fabric studies, and learning how to color hair, skin, clothes, etc

  • For the main projects, I will teach you how story structures work, so you can make your own stories and characters to design.

  • Then, you will design with me 2 characters. I will show you the process of design by making magical girl characters and making a character sheet for both. You will watch me how to paint step by step each of the way, from reference to sketch, linework and painting.

  • After designing the two characters, I will be teaching you composition tips and sketches to help you with putting your characters in an illustration.

Over the 15 sections you will learn:

  • How to draw anime bodies

  • How to use digital brushes

  • How to use the basics of photoshop

  • Perspective

  • Anatomy

  • How to draw and paint clothes

  • Faces and Hair

  • Color & lighting

  • Still life painting with a limited palette

  • How to digitally paint

  • Composition

  • How to draw environments

  • How to design a room

  • Character Design

  • Illustration Making Processes

What else will you get?

- Personal contact with the instructor

- Lifetime access to course materials

- Real time tutorials

- Very in depth commentary

This all comes under one convenient easy to use platform. In addition, you will get fast, friendly, responsive support on the Udemy Q&A section of the course or direct message.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and get started on your anime journey!

Design Thinking processes and Product Development strategies

Use the code: "1AUG21" to get this course for the lowest price..!

Created by Vignesh RK - Engineer | Instructor | Robotist


Students: 21130, Price: $19.99

Students: 21130, Price:  Paid

Crisp and straight to the point lectures!

This course will cover the following topics.

· Design thinking

- You will learn about the 5 stages of Design thinking process: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype & Test

· Challenges faced during successful Product development

· Characteristics of Product development

· Cost & Duration of product development

· Case study on Electronic brakeforce distribution system

· Difference between Agile, Design thinking Design sprint

At the end of the course, you will have a good knowledge on Design thinking approach that is carried out in almost all big companies and also the Product development strategies followed in there.

In this course, a case study on Electronic brake-force distribution is compared side-by-side with the explained Design thinking and Product Development topics for your easy understanding. Quizes were added to make the course more interactive and fun.

What you’ll learn

· 5 Step design thinking approaches- Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype & Test

· Characteristics of Product development process

· Cost & Duration of product development

· Challenges faced during Product development

· Industrial Case study on Design thinking (Electronic brake-force distribution system)

· Difference between Design thinking, Agile & Design Sprint

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

· No prerequisites required. Best for beginners.

· 30 mins of free time

Who this course is for:

· Students and early professionals who want to know about the Design  Approach and procedure of Product development

Modern PowerPoint Presentation: Be a Creative Pro

Design & animate 20+ professional PowerPoint presentation slides step by step. Expertise in modern PowerPoint design

Created by Arun Nagarathanam - Digital Marketing Executive. SEO expert


Students: 20728, Price: $99.99

Students: 20728, Price:  Paid

Design and Animate 20+ Unique and Modern PowerPoint presentation slides in PowerPoint 2016 or PowerPoint 2019 or Office 365, which adheres to the latest design procedures. Get into the COMMUNITY Of 19,000+ SATISFIED STUDENTS

  1. Do you feel, your presentation looks too generic, besides whatever customization you do?

  2. Are you getting troubled in choosing the best color combinations for text and other elements?

  3. Do you find it hard to get high quality royalty free stock images for your presentations?

  4. Do you know that your presentations are not modern, if you are not using Icons, vectors and Mockups?

  5. Do you think that you lack design and animation skills?

  6. Is it getting too long to create or edit PowerPoint presentations?

Then, this is the apt course for you. The above 6 are the common issues faced in modern slide designs. This course resolves that easily, quickly and also in the best organized way possible.


Erik S Carlson - "The lectures are well thought out and practical for use in a business environment.  I was able to apply the technique immediately with great success.  It truly elevated my PowerPoint game and my peers were asking how I turned a very dry presentation into something so interesting."

Ahmed Saaed Ahmed Al-maari - "This guy is amazing .. WOW No comment !!!! ... he is very expert in every single tool of powerpoint not only this , he is an artist ... he choose the best color merge it with other color to come up with unique is astonishing combination .. i would strongly recommend this course to all 5 starts in advance"


1. Discussing and Resolving common issues faced in Modern slide designs. In the first 1 hour, you'll get free access to all types of modern design elements that we will use in our course, such as editable icons, vectors, stock images, mockups and custom fonts. You'll also learn to import and edit those elements in PowerPoint

2. In the next 1 hour, you'll learn all the Essential Design Skills and Animation skills in the best practical way possible, as you'll implement all these skills, simultaneously in designing and animating your first modern slide. This 1 hour will fast forward any beginner to intermediate level.

3. In the 3rd hour, you'll master the Advanced design and animation skills in PowerPoint along with secret design tips and time saving tricks, where even an expert would become a pro-expert.

4. Next comes the Exclusive content. You will design and animate 15 more Modern slides including, 

  • 4 Advanced multipoint slides - Replace long text with just 4 modern animated design elements

  • 6 Business Process Flow slides - Shine in business meetings. Present business process flows in style.

  • 4 Timeline Slides - No more tables or boring snapshots. Present your growth with stunning animations

5. Assignment activities to master your design and animation skills in PowerPoint. The entire curriculum is crafted carefully to keep you engaged till the end of the course. 

You won’t be learning tools or design skills plainly. Once you learn them, we will immediately put them into practice in slide design and assignment activities.

Gary Perez - "I've learned new skills with this course which I can definitely apply to my future projects. It was easy to follow and definitely another impressive way to design a presentation. Kudos to the instructor!"

Diana Parsons - "Even the simple things are taught in a great way"

Taiwo Damilare - "Awesome designs with powerpoint. Always wonder how these designs are done, now I know better! Very nice."


  • Do you make presentations at your job or office or even online?

  • Have you ever wondered how to convert your boring presentations into industry standard top notch presentations?

Then this is the ultimate course that you'd need, to make stellar presentations that impact the minds of your audience.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, it doesn't matter, this course will make any beginner into an expert and will also show any expert, a completely different perspective, of how to use those expertise to design modern presentations.

This is a complete and comprehensive course, incorporating all necessary tools and resources. You just need to only one thing.

Download all the free resources as said in our course and design the powerpoint slides along with me.

Social Proof

  1. Over 19,000 Satisfied Students

  2. Over 1600 Positive Reviews

  3. Best Seller in PowerPoint

  4. 7 Hours of Video Lectures + Constantly updated

  5. The Best Course Organization + Curriculum

  6. Course Completion Certificate

  7. 30 Days money back guarantee - No questions asked

  8. Top-responding instructor - Instructor with 'Lightning speed' badge holder for his fast response time and support


Candace Cohen - "This is an AWESOME course! I have learned so much in the first 15 minutes. I am excited to finish the rest of the course! If you do any PowerPoint presentations, you have to watch the course."

Eric Nascimento - "Took me just a few hours to complete the course but I must say I'm surprised by its content. The author is very talented and can easily keep your attention throughout the course."

Marcel van Laarhoven - "I did not think it would be interesting to watch PowerPoint design, but the  presenter has some really good tips and tricks.  Good to see a professional at work."

Alex Clark - "I was prompted for a review after watching the first lesson. This course is really good so far. Easy to learn from and the tips are high quality. The instructor's hand gesture game in the intro video is level 10+ as well. Take this course if you want to learn some good Powerpoint skills. You won't be disappointed. Good course my friend!"

Gamification: Motivation Psychology & The Art of Engagement

Learn how to motivate and engage anyone by learning the psychology that underpins human behaviour.

Created by Rob Sutcliffe - UI Designer 7 Developer


Students: 19825, Price: $94.99

Students: 19825, Price:  Paid

The Art of Engagement and The Psychology of Motivation is a course that will teach you about human beings and what encourages them to do the things they do. This unique course is inspired not just from text books and science experiments, but from personal, first hand experience. Experience teaching children, managing teams and design applications.

The curriculum is designed to be studied over several weeks, with each video giving you interesting concepts and studies to take away, think about and discuss with the tutor and the other students. You'll be encouraged to bring your personal engagement challenges to this course so we can build an engagement plan together.

If you're an application designer, teacher, manager or parent, the psychology to motivate your people is the same and by the end of this course you'll have built an incredibly simple engagement plan to motivate change in any community. You'll not only finish the course with your engagement plan, but the ability to easily reproduce it any time in the future you need to motivate change in a community.

Psychology of Images – 5x your profit by image that engage

the best way to save time and increase the value of any content to 5X faster by create winner image

Created by ZUEST University - YOUR WAY TO BE RICH


Students: 14816, Price: $94.99

Students: 14816, Price:  Paid

in this course i going to give you 5 years of experiences of how to make a winner image in a YouTube or in a facebook ads

most people don't know that 50% of them money lost because the image of the ads and after i spend 1,2 million in ads i realized the more power of image you have the winner ads you gonna get

and in this short course i going to move step by step about everything about image 

This course basically boils down to developing and launching great image that customers fall in love with. It is a great addition to anyone who is make video on youtube ,make ads   ,or copywriter , or selling a product in general (it helps them develop new physcology  and teaches them how to differentiate from the competition).

Why Psychology of Images Masterclass ?
thinking is a powerful process of problem solving that begins with understanding unmet customer needs. From that insight emerges a process for innovation that encompasses concept development, applied creativity, prototyping, and experimentation. When psychology  approaches are applied to business, the success rate you get

Develop your innovation – Certified Design Thinking Bootcamp

Make your own innovation using powerful tools.

Created by Marcin Stasko - Freelance Biochemist, Chemical and Process Engineer


Students: 9823, Price: $89.99

Students: 9823, Price:  Paid

Why Bootcamp?

Problem-solving, their creative solving, and then seamlessly using the results of this process - in short, you can define the essence of Design Thinking, a method developed by the owner of the company IDEO!

The goal is to get innovative solutions by using such methods to stimulate creativity. As a result, actions are translated into the business schema. Design thinking is based on project thinking, whose task is to provide creative solutions ready to be implemented.

One of the advantages of this training is the ability to use it from start-up to corporation. The universal method is to use it in designing new products and innovative solutions for a given situation.

Bootcamp learning philosophy:

The course is divided for the phases of the design thinking process. After each step, you can follow up with your project. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Try to implement the knowledge of your project. You will able to challenge yourself with the project and the final exam. After finalizing the whole Bootcamp, you will receive the certificate.

Target Groups

1. For business and education

2. For project managers and their teams

3. For Coaches and peoples dreamed of their start-ups

4. Project Managers

5. For everyone who wants to create new products in an extremely efficient way

Learning objectives

1. Learn from scratch how to go through Design Thinking

2. Learn Design Thinking tools

3. Conduct and manage the Design Thinking process at your daily work

4. Create your real case project and implement it directly to work

Candidate Profile:

1. Can develop the innovation process at the company within the Design Thinking requirements

2. Can use Design Thinking tools not only for DT purpose

3. Know the value of feedback and how to prepare for feedback gathering task

4. Understand the end-user needs and tailor the product for them

CSS Box Model Padding Margins Borders

How to work with the CSS Box model learning about Margins Padding and Borders for HTML elements

Created by Laurence Svekis - Instructor, GDE, Application Developer


Students: 8549, Price: Free

Students: 8549, Price:  Free

Understanding the CSS Box model will help you better understand how CSS works.

In web development, the CSS box model refers to the composition of a webpage or HTML page from blocks or boxes using CSS. Specifically, the box model describes how the size of each such block and its content is determined through styling instructions.

There are 4 parameters which make up the Box Model

  • Height and width dimensions of the actual content within the element
  • Padding which is the spacing between the content and the border
  • Border line surrounding the box
  • margin the spacing around the border between various elements on the webpage.

All four of the above make up the entire dimensions of the element.

This course is designed to help walk you through what the box model is and how it works.

Fast paced get to the point training, to learn about using CSS code.  

By the end of the course you will have the skills and know how to apply CSS box Model to your web code.   

I am here to help you learn how to create your own websites and ready to answer any questions you may have.

Learning how to apply CSS to design web content will help to separate you from the crowd.

Want to know more, what are you waiting for take the first step.  Join now to start learning how you too can write your own CSS code today.

Ultimate guide to design your own machine

Practical guide to learn how to design a tailored machine

Created by Mohamed Amine Gabsi - Mechanical Engineer


Students: 7882, Price: $24.99

Students: 7882, Price:  Paid

To follow this course, you don’t have to be an engineer nor even greatly proficient in the mechanical field. All you really need is to have basic knowledge of designing on CATIA V5 and be fond of mechanical designs.

I chose catia for my designs because it is, as you no doubt know, one of the most used 3D programs by great companies like: Boeing, Bombardier Aéronautique, Michelin, Renault, LG, Thales, nokia and so many others.

I wanted to create a series of courses entitled: IMD, first to fulfill a dream I’ve always had about designing mechanical machines and second, and no less important, I wanted to share with you my know-how, and the experiences I’ve gained along quite a few years.

The first course of the series is going to be: how to design a nailing table?

This particular product is of course already on the market.

However, the object is to work on the weaknesses of the existing products and make our product:

-comfortable to use

-easy and quick to disassemble

-capable of moving the pallets

I’ll also show you how to integrate ready-designed parts found on the net you’ll be needing into your own design

In addition, this course will teach you how to turn a 2D mechanism into a 3D one certainly a very important steps in your design.

OK Enough talking and let’s get down to business.

Complete Design Thinking Masterclass | eBook included

The most complete Design Thinking course on the market. 7 easy steps to expert level Design Thinking professional!

Created by Andy Woynarowski - Creative Director, CEO of 99grit


Students: 6889, Price: $159.99

Students: 6889, Price:  Paid

ALL NEW in 2021 | Design Thinking Masterclass Book - "Design [RE[ Thinking - reimagining innovation for the new normal" |  Andy's design thinking book in PDF | this book has all the tools discussed in the course shown and you can look at the paragraphs in the book as you follow along with the course content presented by Andy. It's the best combination of theory and practice put together.


4,5 hours of knowledge packed content in a vlog format for your engagement and convenience!

30 methods fully integrated in the design thinking process

94 resources for you to download including the entire E-Book on Design Thinking worth 30 USD

In this course you'll learn everything there is to know about design thinking. This is the only course on the market that not only shows the high-level process but also goes through each one of the steps in detail. In this design thinking course you'll get to work on an actual business case example - we'll be using design thinking to create the restaurant experience of your dreams. This will allow you to fully understand how the design thinking tools work - we will not only show you the tools but also real examples of the results so that you know exactly what kind of results you should be expecting from each method. You'll learn design thinking methods focused on business requirements analysis, customer research, problem definition and ideation as well as prototyping, testing and the impact delivery. All in all 29 methods fully integrated together into one design thinking process will be presented to you - after you've finished this design thinking course you'll become a design thinking legend.

In this design thinking course you will learn:

  • how to tackle any design challenge that has been presented to you

  • how to not only do the customer research to fully understand the perspective of your customers but also how to synthesise and use the results

  • 29 methods that are fully integrated creating this unique design thinking process

  • how the entire design thinking process works so that you can use any methods you might already know or even create you own exciting methods

  • how to prepare your or your client's business for the deliver of the experience that has been designed - no other course covers these aspects

The course is taught by Andy Woynarowski - a charismatic leader disrupting the landscape of design in Europe. Andy is a determinist and an artist as well as design thinking and experience design expert - he combines the worlds of arts and processes, making it easy to understand how the design thinking process works. Everything is explained using a cause and effect methodology - every design thinking process step creates value for the next step. If you ever felt like wasting time, resources and money on a full day workshop as it didn't lead to anything meaningful and lacked purpose - this design thinking course will cover this exact aspect with diligence and focus. The presented design thinking process is the only one that covers all aspects starting with Design Vision and finishing on the Impact Delivery where the vision is being transformed into reality. If you're fed up with lack of design impact or think that it's just about glueing post-it notes to the wall - this design thinking course is the first one that changes this approach.

Andy worked for Deloitte Digital as Head of Service Design capability in Central Europe and currently is the CEO of 99grit - a creative agency combining Experience Design (UX Design and Service Design), Digital Strategy, Design Thinking and Concept Art into one powerful package making a tangible design impact in Europe. He has worked as part of Research and Development Teams, Software Houses employing north of 500 Developers where he's built the entire Experience Design Team and the design thinking approach from scratch and led the team that delivered the entire creative part of a Digital Transformation project for 25 000 000 EUR.

VSD – Physical Design Flow

VLSI - Building a chip is like building a city!!

Created by Kunal Ghosh - Digital and Sign-off expert at VLSI System Design(VSD)


Students: 6672, Price: $94.99

Students: 6672, Price:  Paid

The course is designed in the form of micro-videos, which delivers content in the form of Info-Graphics. It is designed for self-learning and will help to polish the Industrial skills in VLSI World. This course will cover end-to-end description from basic Device Physics to Chip Design.

We have contributed anonymously to this website, just to share the part of knowledge learned all these years, with the students keen to learn the basic concepts of the Chip Design. And also shared our industrial experience to give the technological exposure of current development in chip world...

Design for Humanity: A New Perspective on User Experience

Design for inclusiveness by learning to challenge your vision, testing through stress cases, and analyzing real design

Created by Eric A. Meyer - Author, Developer, Designer, Web Guy


Students: 5317, Price: $99.99

Students: 5317, Price:  Paid

Designing for humans is tough. We design for millions, but every interaction between our work and a user is personal, and we aren’t taught to take care with those interactions. I created this course because I want everything we design to meet the real needs and wants of real people. 

This course draws from my recent book with Sara Wachter-Boettcher, Design for Real Life and is best for learners who are new to design or looking to strengthen their emerging user experience design skillset.  And since design is everywhere, a wide range of professionals will benefit from this course.

If you want a set of tools for stress-testing your work to make sure it’s as human-centered, compassionate, and inclusive as possible, this is the course for you. 

By the end of the course, you will have gone through practical exercises around how to challenge your vision and design a compassionate user research process; seen how to improve interviews and talk to real people about their user experiences with your product; explored new ways to think outside as well as inside the box; and practiced ways to avoid the tunnel vision we all too often develop about our own work.

Guide to Unblock Creativity and Have Original Ideas!

Learn more than 30 tools to potentialize your creative process and have innovative ideas.

Created by Bruna Ruschel Moreira - Doutora em Design e Professora há 14 anos.


Students: 3938, Price: Free

Students: 3938, Price:  Free

Creativity is not a divine gift conceded only to a few. It is a heritage of everyone, but people lose their creative potential through life due to many different reasons.

But don’t worry, it can be turned around! With the combination of knowledge, tools, exercises and tasks, it is possible to bring back to life the creativity inside you!

For this reason, this course presents all the stages of the creative process and, for each phase, it teaches a collection of tools and techniques which aim to stimulate and guide creativity!  

In total, you will learn more than THIRTY tools and techniques which stimulate the creative process! They come from different areas and are not restricted only to the famous Brainstorming and Mind Maps.  

Of course, such tools are also explained in the course, but you will learn many others to support creativity, which will help you think outside the box and have original ideas!

To make your life easier, all these tools are accompanied by support materials that were developed exclusively for this course and that can be downloaded and printed in order to be used where and when you need them!


In this course, you will learn:

- Ways to identify opportunities and have ideias, through tools such as Convergence Map, Behavioral Tendencies Map, Popular Media Scanning, amongst others;

- Forms to cllect data that relate directly or indirectly to your idea, like Eras Map, Types of Innovation Evaluation, Sociocultural Scanning, etc;

- Tips to incubate your idea with the development of activities and challenges, based on Creative Idleness;

- Many practices to warm up you ideas, such as Tool 635, Scamper, 4 Types of Brainstorming, Mind Map, Wordcloud, amongst others;

- Practices to illuminate and evalate your ideas, like Stakeholder Evaluation, 6 Hats, Role Playing Game and Attributes Evaluation, etc.;

- Ways to elaborate your idea through Moodboaboards, Canvas, Storyboard, 5W1H, and others;

- And, finally, you will get to know tools to evaluate your idea with potential users, partners and in the market.

Profitable Ebook Production – From Concept to Market

Essential Course on how to Make Money with Information Product Publishing - Including Amazon and Payhip

Created by David Echeverri - Web - Multimedia Production Specialist


Students: 3419, Price: $19.99

Students: 3419, Price:  Paid

This course is an essential training program on how to conceive, design, produce and develop information products and eBooks while taking advantage of the multiple merchant platforms. You will engage in a fantastic modularized course where you grab what you need and apply it immediately. You will learn trough demonstrations, walk through's, step by step guides, samples, references, diagrams, visuals, exercises, slides, sketches and instructable speech. This course is build upon the principles of instructional design psychology, providing you an efficient learning experience where you will discover the mechanics of developing digital products that generate income.

At the end of the course you will be knowledgeable on:


Electrical Power Engineering Principles

Learn all the basic theories and principles of electrical engineering

Created by Stephen Brooks - Chartered Electrical Engineer


Students: 2956, Price: $19.99

Students: 2956, Price:  Paid

Stephen Brooks is a Chartered Electrical engineer who has worked in the electrical power utility industry for over 30 years as a design engineer, commissioning engineer and construction project manager.

This module has been written to teach non-engineers the basics of electrical power engineering, and will also act as a useful revision tool for electrical graduate engineers or those engineers new to the industry.

The course uses detailed illustrations & simple explanations to convey the topics involved.

Future modules will develop these basic engineering ideas further and use them to show how an electrical power utility system is designed, constructed, tested and operated.

Learn to Draw 21 Business Scenarios (Visual Thinking)

DRAW and Communicate Visually these 21 very common business scenarios

Created by Curious Piyuesh - Visual Storytelling Traine, Flip chart Storyboard Coach


Students: 2826, Price: $19.99

Students: 2826, Price:  Paid

Visualization is the new way of business communication. Visual drawings make teams creative and creative teams are more productive.  In this course you will learn to draw 21 very common business scenarios by using quick doodles. BE READY TO BE AMAZED.

You can draw while watching the video and pause it at your comfort and watch it again.

Advertising Art Direction design techniques and planning

Become an art director by learning advanced design techniques, photo manipulation and UX best practices for the web

Created by Tudor Mardar - Senior Art Director


Students: 2683, Price: Free

Students: 2683, Price:  Free


Join the first complete and real advertising design and photo manipulation course, combined with UX best practices on the web and learn how to create successful advertising design campaigns for your clients or for your products.

Learn advanced photo manipulation, art direction techniques and UX principles from more than 80 lectures and more than 2.5 hours of real-time recorded content. The course is based on more than 8 years experience in web design and art direction, with real clients and real problem solving.

  1. Do you want to learn advanced photo manipulation?
  2. Do you want to learn the advanced design techniques that art directors use?
  3. Are you interested in starting or evolving your career as a web designer or art director?
  4. Would you like to be able to create a successful advertising design campaign from the first try?
  5. Do you want to learn the best practices of UX design?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then join the course today.

This course is a complete learning experience for what design advertising design really is. The structure of the course is divided into theoretical and practical sections. All design theory lectures have practical examples and real applications.

The course contains all source materials used (Photoshop and Flash* files) and also a lot more design resources that will help you in your work.

*applies for Animate. All files are compatible with Adobe Animate.

Enroll now and start learning!

>> Join now <<

Manufacturing Guide for Mechanical Product Development

Learn how everyday physical products are manufactured with no prior experience in engineering.

Created by Swapnil Patel - Mechanical Engineer


Students: 2425, Price: $89.99

Students: 2425, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the course that will explain Manufacturing from the very basics – “Manufacturing Guide for Product Development”. Whether you are an engineer, product developer, emerging entrepreneur, or simply an Android or Java Developer who is intrigued by the world of manufacturing, this course will provide skills that will help you in many aspects of your engineering or non-engineering career.

Gain Manufacturing Knowledge without Spending $60,000 in Colleges and Universities

  • Complete overview of modern manufacturing methods
  • Video links that demonstrate these manufacturing methods to understand them visually
  • All complex industrial processes explained in the easiest manner; No unnecessary technical terms and jargons
  • Connection between manufacturing and product development
  • Understanding of how everyday products are made like bottles, grocery bags, smartphone case, pipes, metal containers etc.

Course Summary

Sometimes, even engineers who spend 4 years of college learning theories do not know enough about manufacturing. I have spent countless hours learning manufacturing theories and just as many hours practising in the mechanical engineering industry. I have compiled all the juicy and interesting things in this Udemy course while leaving out unnecessary things so this course is all you need.

Unlike computer programming, manufacturing and mechanical engineering are hands-on fields. You need to visit machine shops and factories to see the actual physical processes in order to learn properly. But, I have manufacturing-related video links in this course that will allow you to learn everything without having to visit hot and dirty factories.

The best thing about this course is that it uses the simplest language and avoids all the technical and unnecessarily complicated wording so you can understand even the most complicated topics with ease. As long as you have passion to learn amazing things, YOU MUST TAKE THIS COURSE.

Contents and Overview

This course contains over 40 lectures, 2+ hours of contents, and a compilation of the best video demonstrations for each topic discussed.

I will cover these topics

  • Materials
  • Plastic Types
  • Concept Generation
  • Casting
  • Molding
  • Forming
  • Machining
  • Powder Processing
  • 3D Printing
  • Joining

By the time you complete this course, you will feel very accomplished and look at products around you differently depending on your profession. If you are in engineering, you will be able to make great prototypes for your design projects and have more hands-on skills compared to your other classmates. If you are not in engineering, you will develop a good eye for seeing things in terms of manufacturing. you will be able to see your smartphone or your window frames and think how they must have been made!

There is a lot to learn and you will have questions along the way. Feel free to post your questions and ideas onto the discussion board of this course and I will reply with an answer within 48 hours. I encourage students to participate as much as possible.

Introducing the Value Innovation Process®

Discover THE 10-Step Innovation Process, Designed to Drive Business Growth and Proven By Fortune 500 companies

Created by Dick Lee Ph. D. - CEO, Author, Value Innovation Black Belt


Students: 2350, Price: $19.99

Students: 2350, Price:  Paid

This course introduces you to the proven 10-step Value Innovation Process® (VIP) and some enabling tools (templates, case studies, processes, etc.).

The VIP helps you to define your most important customers’ unmet needs. It guides you in the development of new products & services that align with those unmet needs. Ultimately the VIP drives sustainable business growth and profitability for your organization.

Value Innovation is defined as delivering exceptional value to the most important customer in the value chain all the time, every time and shows you how it can be used to drive structured, sustainable business growth in your organization.

The key learning objectives are:
1. Introduce you to the 10-Step Value Innovation Process®.
2. Define a project using the project definition template.
3. Define a Value Chain for your business using the provide tools.
4. Identify your most important customers using the provided template.
5. Understand the power of the Value Curve with Metrics, our quantitative tool and method for evaluating value.
6. Understand how to uncover your most important customers’ unmet needs & the tools to accomplish this.

The course is delivered in 5 sections, each accompanied by a video and slide deck.
Each lecture has “Key Points” at the beginning and “Learnings/Takeaways” at the end.

Tools Provided:
1. PDF of the Value Innovation Process
2. PDF of the enabling tools set
3. Template you can use to define your project including instructions
4. “3 Questions” template to identify your Most Important Customer
5. Instructions on how to develop the Value Chain

•The next course to view is Value Innovation Process® Success Stories and can be found here:

If you have questions, send Dick Lee an email ( or call him at +1-720-291-0758 and he will respond within 48 hours.

VSD – Signal Integrity

VLSI - Real and practical steps to build chip with minimum Signal Integrity issues!!

Created by Kunal Ghosh - Digital and Sign-off expert at VLSI System Design(VSD)


Students: 2164, Price: $94.99

Students: 2164, Price:  Paid

Performance, Power and Area are the three main pillars of the Chip Design, Crosstalk can hamper all three. 

Crosstalk is the interference caused due to communication between the circuits

Lets learn to " HOW TO REDUCE CROSSTALK ? " to achieve a efficient Chip design which give the best performance, uses optimal power and in minimal Chip area.

Course Details:
•Reasons for Crosstalk

•Introduction to Noise Margin

•Crosstalk Glitch Example

•Factors Affecting Glitch Height

•AC Noise Margin

•Timing Window Concepts

•Impact of Crosstalk on Setup and Hold Timing

•Techniques to reduce Crosstalk

•Power Supply Noise

How To Get Customers To Spend More With Your Business

Proven monetization and customer retention strategies that boost lifetime customer value (LTV) for a bigger income

Created by Alex Genadinik - Business, Entrepreneurship, SEO, Marketing, Amazon, YouTube


Students: 2102, Price: $74.99

Students: 2102, Price:  Paid

It is easier to make more money and more sales from your existing customers than to find new customers! Learn to maximize revenue from your current customers. Re-filmed for 2021.

Imagine if your current customers who just buy something from you once would buy something from you on a regular basis, maybe every month. That would mean a 1200% increase in revenue from just that same customers. And if they remain a customer the following year that would be 2400% and even more if they remain a customer longer.

How good would it be if you could make 10x or 20x from each customers? That would put your business and your monthly income on a whole new level, right? Take whatever amount you are making today and multiply it by 10. Do you want that kind of an income? Of course you do.

This is why in this course I added a number of common methods to adjust your revenue model and the way you monetize to get people to become repeat customers. Of course, not all your customers will become repeat clients, but many of them will, and you will make much more money form them.

Go ahead, sign up for the course, and let's get you on a path to make much more money from each customer.



I've been an entrepreneur for 15+ years, have coached 1,000+ entrepreneurs in person, taught 100,000+ students, impacted millions of entrepreneurs worldwide creating 6 and 7-figure businesses in the process, and I would love to help you.



* Lots of extra freebies, downloadable worksheets, and exercises to make the course more interactive and valuable

* Free 15-minute GoogleHangout coaching call (I don't sell anything and don't collect your email, just answer your questions)

* Personal invitation to my Facebook community after you complete the course

* My list of 50 business-success skills after you complete the course

* Be automatically entered to get chosen for my student of the month status and have your business featured



What really sets this course apart is the personal time I give to hold office hours with students in this course. During the office hours you can ask me any business question you want, and I will do my best to help you. The office hours are free, I don't try to sell anything. It is just another thing I do to help you achieve your goals. 



The course comes with an unconditional, Udemy-backed, 30-day money-back guarantee. This is not just a guarantee, it's my personal promise to you that I will go out of my way to help you succeed just like I've done for thousands of my other students. 

Invest in your future. Enroll now.

Design Thinking | From Zero to HERO

Learn how to unleash your power with disruptive ideas in less than 2 hours

Created by Ivan Pinar Domínguez - Director de Operaciones - Ingeniero Telecomunicación


Students: 1802, Price: $64.99

Students: 1802, Price:  Paid

Are you interested to unleash your and your team’s power to increase your capabilities and generate successful solutions in your environment?

Do you want to do it in an innovative and practical way?

If the answer is YES, then Design Thinking approach is for you.

Design Thinking focuses on creating a mechanism to respond to current market trends and demands as well as different people characteristics throughout collaborative work. Its approach tries to generate the best possible user experience from innovation and problem solving perspective.

In this course, I invite you to understand a new way of thinking, a process to create solutions to different business challenges. We need a new toolbox to solve nowadays’ issues that can be fitted to everyday changes around us, this is what Design Thinking gives us.

Here, we are not going to talk only about Design Thinking phases and its tools, we will review application areas where you can apply this approach and take advantage of it. For this purpose, course’s structure is:





In the following years, there will be a huge people demand for Design Thinking knowledge to design the solution that provides the highest possible value, so in this course, you will get the hang of all these Design Thinking tools needed for each phase and application area so that you can create the solution that best fits to the challenge you are facing.

For another hand, you have a 30 days full-guarantee if you are not satisfied with this material.

If you want to get this important knowledge and fire your imagination and power to generate disruptive products, services and processes, this is your course.

Composition for Beginning Abstract Painters

Easy steps to creating great abstract paintings

Created by Doris Charest - Contemporary Fine Art Instructor


Students: 1787, Price: $64.99

Students: 1787, Price:  Paid

If you ever wanted to paint abstractly but didn’t know where to start, this is the course for you.  You will learn that there is more to painting abstracts than most people think but this course makes it easy for you.  I will guide you through different compositions that master artists use.  At the end of the class you will have tried at least three or more of these compositional formats.  I developed this class to help my students achieve better results in their painting and now I am sharing the same information with you.  I teach adults learning art making and artists as well.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts , a Masters Degree in Art Education and many years of experience teaching.  Join my course and learn to paint abstracts with confidence.

Design 1000: A Design & Documentation Primer

Conventions, Concepts, & Best Practices

Created by Randall Nagy - Software Engineer & Educator


Students: 1725, Price: Free

Students: 1725, Price:  Free

Success in no accident. While national languages and cultures may divide us - from money & banking to the workings of common inheritance, humanity shares far more best practices than most new software design students usually appreciate.

In a like manner, while documentation standards and illustration conventions also have their particularities, from cave-paintings to modern Storyboards, and UML - what the designing-world needs now is allot less intimidation... and a lot more collaboration!

This training opportunity has therefore been designed to encourage new designers to focus upon the common, as well as intuitive, best design & documentation practices, rather than design-camp peculiarities. While core and key documentation strategies will be covered in follow-on sessions, the focus of Design 1000 is to get you started confidently & competently creating the type of documentation that your communities need to start documenting product - as well as project - ideas as quickly as possible.

When professionally documenting project requirements I have discovered that sharing a community-approved picture, can indeed save most from reading well over 1000 words. Thereafter combined with industry best-practices, cultural-specific explanations, savvy technology expertise - and perhaps a dash of humor - is a great way to ensure that our designs are understood. An amazing recipe to ensure any undertakings ultimate "Testing Success!"

So from tenured advice on how to avoid undo criticism, to industrial-savvy advice on how to manage your own documentation creation & design life-cycles, Design 1000 is written to maximize your learning experience, while minimizing the design-speak.

Masterclass in Design Thinking, Innovation & Creativity

Learn the Design Thinking process from inception to validation. Understand users, uncover insights, prototype & test

Created by Rinat Sherzer - Founder @Of Course Global, Design Thinker, Educator


Students: 1625, Price: $89.99

Students: 1625, Price:  Paid

Design Thinking is the leading discipline in the field of innovation.

In this masterclass, we will embark on a journey and discover new opportunities for innovation led by Rinat Sherzer, founder of Of Course Global, a purpose-driven innovation consultancy.

We'll go through the entire Design Thinking process from inception to validation.

It’s a process of crafting solutions while using creative problem-solving techniques. And is used by the most groundbreaking companies out there such as Apple, Capital One, and Airbnb.

It wisely navigates between wild big ideas and actionable steps.

Design Thinking is a process that not only allows you to create a validated solution but also gets you to know your users at a deep level and solve problems that really matter.

Design Thinking widely been adopted by UX Designers, product owners, entrepreneurs, and social entrepreneurs around the world.

We live in a saturated world of products and services. A world with many short term solutions that fail to benefit our society and environment. Wouldn’t you like to create the next big game-changing idea?

By the end of this masterclass, you will have deeply understood your target audience, uncovered surprising insights, came up with many exciting ideas and then prototyped and tested the chosen idea with real users.

Over the past 12 years, Rinat has helped thousands of people sharpen their creative skills and build purpose-driven solutions.

From managers in Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Capital One and Pfizer to students in acclaimed universities such as Cornell, Parsons and Columbia University all the way to emerging entrepreneurs working on their first venture.

She helped startups grow into multi-million worth companies and designed strategies for global peace movements all by using the tools taught in this masterclass.

In this masterclass, you will learn the ins and outs of purpose-driven innovation through the Design Thinking. You will learn from real case studies and top creative tools out there.

It’s going to be a hands-on experience!

You will be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone, a lot! It’s going to be messy, eye-opening, and fun!

So if value-driven solutions, collaboration, and creative thinking speak to you, this Design Thinking, Creativity & Innovation masterclass is for you!

Music used in the videos by: Bensound

Free Hand Drawing – Beginners

Let the art flow

Created by Meenakshi Sundaram - comic book writer


Students: 1507, Price: Free

Students: 1507, Price:  Free

A beginner level course to help people draw from their mind. This course help students to get friendly with pencil. They will learn all the simple techniques and concepts to let the art in them flow.  All complex ideas can be understood easily if illustrated so with that in mind this course is designed to help people draw their ideas.

Master Interlocking Shapes: Paint Your Own Stunning Art

Smart Design Concepts For Fine Artists

Created by Robert Joyner - Learn To Paint Loose With Acrylics & Watercolor


Students: 1382, Price: $79.99

Students: 1382, Price:  Paid

Do You Struggle With Starting A Painting? I know I do!

Beautiful paintings have to start somewhere. And there are many ways one can approach it from a series of sketches to a spontaneous idea. Nonetheless you need as many methods as possible to embark on a creative journey and this course delivers a perfect solution.

What Interlocking Shapes Will Do For You

With good design techniques you have the power to make any image your next masterpiece. It's easily learned and can be applied to any medium from oils to pastels. With a little knowledge and feedback you can achieve quality art. With good design the sky's the limit.

  • create unity

  • simplify your subjects

  • force you to stop copying what you see

  • use your imagination - what a novel idea!

  • create cohesive art

  • make light & shadow work for you

Who is this class for?

You! The lessons in this class will open you up to a brand new approach to interpreting your subjects with intelligent design ideas. If your art has become stagnant and you don't know why it's probably the lack of design skills.


  • 8 detailed lesson

  • 2 video critiques for correcting common issues

Supply List

  • #2 pencil, or marker and standard print paper.

  • The final project can be completed with any medium.

Recent Feedback

The tutorials and workshops are helping immensely. My work started drifting and your lessons are reminding me to concentrate and plan properly.  - G. France

The critiques really help a lot as I can see the big difference it makes when you apply your suggestions. I am really grateful to have found you. - J. Garcia

VSD – Custom Layout

VLSI - This is where design meets fabrication

Created by Kunal Ghosh - Digital and Sign-off expert at VLSI System Design(VSD)


Students: 1322, Price: $89.99

Students: 1322, Price:  Paid

Physical designers and CMOS fabrication team communicates with each other, and this course says it 'How?'

While physical designers use all the outputs from experiments performed by fabrication department, this course will demonstrate the best of both worlds and connect them through exchange of certain files in certain format

This way, custom layout designers get to know an insight how does fabrication works, fabrication engineers get to know, how layout engineers uses their information. So this course is a place where both meet, talk and connect. 

Also, the standard files needed to draw and simulate layout, are being taken, deduced and created from scratch and on the fly. This is, by far, the best way to understand layout, and I can promise you an exciting journey throughout this course

Course is structured to explain the CMOS packaging and fabrication steps in beginning, followed by software and files used to draw and simulate layout, and look into DRC rules.

Next, we will take a simple CMOS inverter and apply all concepts learned above. Finally, we will learn the 'Art of layout' using Euler's path. This is where you will solve complex functions and draw a layout out of it. 

Welcome you all to my course and Happy Learning!!

See you in class!

Introduction To Story Boarding

Learn the language of film while mastering drawing to achieve great Story Boards for the inner Story teller in you.

Created by Dalton Grant Jr - Story board artist and Producer at Red Giant Studios


Students: 1122, Price: $19.99

Students: 1122, Price:  Paid

This course is about learning the craft of storyboarding for animation artists, filmmakers, game design artists, graphic designers and people interested in learning how the storyboarding process affects the film, game and design work you may be doing.

In this course you can find lectures, video demonstrations and PDFs that will help further the information provided in each session.

You may be able to complete the lectures in a 1 week time period but I would encourage going back over the material as many times as you like until you have mastered the information provided. Plus, there will be ongoing discussions between students and myself to help build the independent animation, game and film communities.

This course is structured in sessions that consist of lectures. The students will need to watch or listen to the lectures provided and work alongside the demonstrations to help them follow the information provided. You will in some sessions be asked to read PDF materials provided in the sessions. Considering the possibility of a high volume of students, I will try my best to answer most of the questions and give feedback when I host live sessions. I also plan on scheduling live sessions with industry professionals so that you get a clearer understanding of the techniques used here.

By taking this course in Intro to Storyboarding, you will gain the foundations of a visual storyteller. The goal here is to insure that the people who sign up will learn to use industry methods to further enhance the stories they would like to tell. I would like to help create new storyboard artists for filmmaking, game design, photography for narratives, and graphic design by adding some proven creative storytelling skills to their visual work.